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tv   The Cure Revisited 2018 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  July 2, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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influence from beijing to stand up and listen to them to stand up and listen to the young people in particular of hong kong that they will not accept this apparent movement of hong kong closer to beijing so the extradition bill is very important to the people here but it's being seen as just another example of what they see as this place hong kong coming under increasing influence from beijing and there are many other examples that have come up over the past few years and of course this 50 year deal that was signed between great britain and china comes to an end in 2047 so there is a concern among this movement which is again a fairly young movement that the closer we get to that deadline and no one knows what will happen after 2047 what will the political makeup of hong kong be will there be any independence judicial independence any form of democracy left or will it just simply become another province of china no one knows what it will look like
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in the concern in the us among these protesters that the closer we get to that deadline but the worse the situation here for them is going to be that we're going to see a continuing deterioration of democracy in this country a deterioration of human rights of freedom of speech of freedom of assembly and that is why the people have come out so strongly over the past few weeks all right for the moment wayne hay live for us there in hong kong let's get the view from beijing now katrina you is standing by for us there in the chinese capital so it's an open question as to how. mainland china is going to be viewing this and how they're going to respond to this. well that is the question i mean certainly the people here in beijing with be watching this and asked this is something that they would have thought is unthinkable really from their perspective now. if so far it's you know later
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tonight after midnight and we haven't had any official response from beijing but it's it's been quiet here and in fact too quiet which is a sign that the censors here are certainly going into overdrive trying to quiet any news of this protest happening here on the main line and it's easy to see why they don't want these images seen or spread online we're seeing images that beijing considers really a direct affront to them represents a complete loss of control and it really is humiliating to beijing's authority and they would really want to see this. really quiet and down and put under control as soon as possible what is interesting is that they'll be watching this very closely and also thinking very hard about what will be the future of carry land then who government you know since these protests started in a few weeks ago in june they've continued to maintain their support for carry land and hold government even when she she suspended discussion about the extradition
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bill now seeing this they will be watching closely to see how successfully and how quickly caroline and her administration will be able to really. bring back the peace and maintain the situation on the ground in hong kong and i think they will really decide whether they will maintain their support of her they would like to push for some sort of leadership transition there also it's not outside the realm of possibility that they do itself will. play a part or will sort of come into the hall and see what they can do to clamp down on this it could be possible if they see that caroline's administration if the government in hong kong is is not able to do that that itself. but presumably the beijing government however risk the response they have to know they did this is. this is a very challenging situation for them isn't it because of hong kong's relationship with mainland china and this whole one country 2 systems principle that it didn't
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that it did its government under and hong kong's place in the world and how it's a much more open and autonomous. society than than what we see in mainland china. so whatever response whatever whatever their response is it's not something that's that they're going to be able to hide it. absolutely not so now from beijing's perspective there is no separation between hong kong and mainland china it is one country now they've said the hong kong from their perspective has been allowed to operate under the one country 2 systems policy in beijing's protective they've given hong kong a lot of freedoms you see every day in state media especially over june when resources of some of these protests really kick up over the extradition law all of these articles really of the government maintaining its position that. has all
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these freedoms what are you talking about you know mainland has given hong kong all the freedoms that they promised from their perspective so this does very much complicate they should be thinking very carefully about how to play this not only to the people in china but obviously the world as well one thing that beijing has been doing as these protests have been continuing for the past few weeks they've blamed this unrest actually interestingly on foreign interference and on the western powers. for example the u.s. or britain really using their influence to encourage these protests to encourage what they call the riots and really kick up and play out this have a given they've really tried to deny to the world that this is something very real this is very real discontent in hong kong to rule beijing beijing would love the world to believe that the people in hong are happy the people hong kong are happy with hong kong being back on to bend the rule that they're happy with this growing
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this increasingly close relationship between beijing and hong kong so this definitely flies in the face of all of that more reliably just the response of them looking at these pictures these vandalism these images of. people putting up signs in ledge her saying hong kong is not the mainland and things like that and a lot later point fingers and condemn it and try to put it down to really. a group of lawless individuals a nice group and and say that this is not really what main hall wants but indeed it would be very very challenging to try to explain how this happened and try to explain you know why in fact the people who are not happy with this going relationship. katrina you for the moment thanks very much let's go live back now to hong kong where there's a heavy police presence as there has been for almost an hour now as police attempt to clear that area around the legislative complex that huge number of protesters
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had taken over earlier in the day back to andrew thomas who is close to the lines of riot police in hong kong and. well what's happened in the last 45 minutes or so if i can get a quick summary is that the place of moved in in significant numbers they left these protesters alone almost throughout the course of monday very early on there were some riot police who were in saw 8 alleged co building and when the protesters were getting up to the windows and bashing the windows there i'm sitting at my earpiece out there and sort of put it back in when you ask another question. what they were doing with the protesters were right up against the window smashing them but the right place and so i didn't seem to be doing anything about that and then in mid afternoon those right place from inside the building seemed to disappear no
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with any place outside it's all within the last 45 minutes or so the right place that appeared in significant numbers many many hundreds possibly thousands of right place and they've come in from all the different approaches towards this building that the protesters adult keypads and indeed other protesters were in the area around now we had to move because we were in a position that put us between the protesters. there barricades on the one side and the places they marched in on the other and it took quite a lot of climbing over overpasses and so on to get the other side of the place lines behind the place lines where we felt safe enough to and that's where we are now and as we've been here from this approach to the building the place that will keep pace really over the last half hour or so i've moved closer and closer and they dismantled in a matter of minutes the barricades that the protesters took most of the day assembling more of all people are now leaving this is a metro station just to my left hand side over there and lots of protesters we've
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seen now going into that metro system to go home to get out of this area so they are taking seriously what the place is saying other loudspeakers which is this is your last chance to get out now and they place all letting those people pass them to get into metro station indeed some have been walking past us here as well the place also clearing journalists out from within what was the barricade there from where the protesters are and we just heard in the last few minutes that more and more messages are going out on some of the social media boards online that the protesters are running telling the protesters to get out now as well so even the protests now saying that enough is enough and we should leave i'm going but my earpiece back in now if you have another question because yeah. sure as you were saying and you police slowly moving through and as we're talking to you we are seeing a little a we're looking at the reuters live shots of the police are not getting anything we can bring that up right now these are the police buses that were moving
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a little bit earlier presumably part of that police operation to slowly clear all of the protesters from that area i'm not sure if and you can still. i understand you can't hear me at the moment but just to bring you up to date on what's been unfolding here this police operation began almost an hour ago hong kong police firing tear gas initially to try and disperse the hundreds of protesters there some of whom had a couple of hours earlier stormed the legislature foreseen a their way in smashing through the doors and the windows and occupying the inside of the building and door being we saw a door being graffiti taking down pictures. and essentially occupying the building for a couple of hours police have put out a statement earlier saying that they were ready to move in and that a police operation has now begun and as i say began just over an hour ago now they
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arrived by bus you can just see that the police buses there and ran into position. as the protesters gathered around that legislative complex in the heart of hong kong. going to go back to katrina you know who is live for us in beijing and katrina when we spoke earlier you talked about the relationship. that the mainland china has with hong kong as they see it. this this is. as you said 22 years now that hong kong has been part of china but it has been it's lived on the relative autonomy able to essentially govern itself through its own laws and that relationship has essentially stood but is it fair to say in the last few years since president xi jinping has come onto the scene that that relationship has a teary rated somewhat it's not it didn't just begin a few weeks ago it was before that wasn't.
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absolutely and we did see some protests from when range president xi jinping came and i was in hong kong actually when he was there and when he was there a few years ago praying to the streets and there were protests still then but president xi jinping has it's quite different as a leader he's really tightened his control over mainland china and certainly they've been various references comparing him to an emperor comparing him to to mao to dong because of the way he he rules not really he is with the face and really he wants to bring the country closer together and for him you know hong kong yes it is a place that is ruled by relative autonomy but it is still mainly. and china he would like to see hong kong and has always wanted to see hong kong come closer to mainland china not only in its government but but in other ways culturally as well since he's come into power they've been other things that have changed in the
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encourage men to move schools using mandarin for example more sort of a patriotic education as well so that the younger people in hong kong grew up with stronger ties to the mainland they've been lots of government scholarships and government projects where students in hong kong can come to china and do some internships are very big companies so really xi jinping administration is doing all they can to really try to get this new generation to feel more chinese than they are hong kong is and so we've seen on the ground here people the protesters fairly young that that strategy does not seem to be working from the perspective of beijing they've also seen that coming close to their beijing coming close to hong kong from their perspective is a good thing for hong kong that it's allowed hong kong which has been slowing down economically which is not the bustling financial center that it wasn't swas you
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know perhaps a decade ago they see this closer relationship as financially good for hong kong good for its economy good for its innovation and ultimately good for the young people and good for jobs and from that perspective they they all kind of be willed and i think they don't quite get it in some sense as to why people continue to protest continue to to really shout against this this close relationship and katrina as you saw in your earlier these protests in hong kong began over this extradition bill that the hong kong government put forward it was trying to get through that would allow. criminals who are wanted in mainland china criminal suspects who wanted in maine in mainland china to be extradited from hong kong to the mainland and of course the fear in hong kong. wrong was that this would be used to target political opponents but it wasn't clear where this originated from whether it came entirely from kerry lamb. who is the. chief
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executive in hong kong who is who is seen as pro beijing or whether it was it was an instruction that he got from the beijing government. certainly beijing has been in support of this law for as long as it has been discussed in hong kong carry lands message was that she wanted to prevent hong kong from becoming some sort of sanctuary for fugitives running from the law and this is very much been china's viewpoint as well but of course what's been so hard to in terms of convincing the hong kong people that that simply is it is that china has already sort of use other means unlawful means even to step into hong kong and really quiet or silence or remove the voices of people who are who are campaigning for democracy who are campaigning against control from the mainland any
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decision so we had a few years ago the very notorious incident of chinese officials coming into hong kong in taking away these booksellers who were who had a book store which was talking about the government and questioning the authority of beijing and they've been various incidents of the chinese officials really coming in one step closer and really that autonomy being diminished so they do have reason to fear that this rule really was not just about preventing hong kong from becoming a haven for fugitives but really allowing china to have full and legitimate power to really interfere in hong kong and really silence those who are arguing against its control. if you're just joining us here on out is it is 17 hours g.m.t. 1 am in hong kong arm has some secret headquarters in doha riot police in hong kong
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doing to crackdown on demonstrators who occupy the territories legislative council building monday marked the 22nd anniversary of the end. british rule in hong kong but it became a day when china's or thora t. in the territory was challenged in previously unprecedented ways we'll get the view from beijing again in a few moments but let's begin in hong kong itself to andrew thomas in hong kong so andrew just set tell us where you are right now in relation to this police officer ration to clear the protesters and what's happening there. about 300 metres back from the ledge co building the parliamentary building essentially here in hong kong which has been the focus of monday's protest those flashing lights you can say many of them now other place vans now this operation to
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clear the protesters began just over an hour ago now the place hadn't being seen all day there were perhaps 102-0000 protesters who had all gathered around a central hong kong alleged building a legislative parliament essentially where a few weeks ago now they were considering these controversial extradition laws the protesters in previous protests have succeeded in getting these protests take sorry these extradition laws taken off the table for now suspended but they will listen cancelled all together and that's what the protests were all about on monday monday of course the 1st of july the anniversary of the handover of hong kong from british rule to china every year there are protests but they were much much bigger than in previous years now let me give you a quick summary of the last hour the place came from all the different approaches all the different road approaches of the ledge building to the ledge building i
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should say and they slowly will say now the protests were prepared for this they had assembled barricades against all of those roads to try and stop the place from getting in but frankly didn't take the place all that long to clear. and in a reasonably swift period of time they seem to have cleared if feels the vast majority of the protesters certainly many came past us there were also a few subway stations in this area and the protesters were being allowed to go into the subway stations and take trains out of here. the sayings to be a bit of a low a half an hour or 45 minutes ago we would tasting tear gas in the air and they were back to being used i wasn't able to see anyone firing rubber bullets and sounds of the place we don't know if that happened but certainly back things were used and there was plenty of tear gas in the air and that seems to have been enough to clear the vast majority of the protesters now we haven't got all eyes on the absolute heart of this situation where the protesters predominantly was here on monday so i
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can't say for sure whether all those protesters have left that area but what i can say is we're now in sawin where the protesters were monday well inside their own barricades which have been dismantled by the place and the place and now as you can see another 3400 meters away from where i am that much closer to the buildings this certainly feels as though the momentum is on the place inside here yes i think the situation different to the huge march that went right through the center of hong kong on monday a completely different atmosphere there there were people from young children to older people and hundreds of thousands of people involved in that march which was entirely peaceful this wasn't peaceful it wasn't massively violence either although some protesters did start smashing the windows of the legislative council earlier on monday it really has got very very volatile in the last 2 or 3 hours after the
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protesters got into that building and really started smashing it up inside and that is what prompted the place to go in at that moment they've gone in and the name in big numbers yes certainly seems. to be quite a static situation at the moment and you judging by the various live feeds that we have access to from the agencies seeing as you are saying there a huge police presence police buses and long lines of riot police essentially just standing in position no no no movement really at this point and i would say that's probably a good thing at this point given as you say. about an hour ago when they started moving in with tear gas and. baton as well at one point so that's where things stand right now i'm wondering if we can go to wayne hay who is. elsewhere around in and around that legislative complex. just bring us
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up to date on where you are and what you're seeing and hearing there. yes has them i think we could probably be described in terms of location of being at one of the front lines now this is where the police have moved to not very far from the legislative council building which is where we saw those scenes just a few hours ago of the protesters storming in there in fact the building you can see in the darkness behind me is the back of that effectively parliament building in hong kong and the police as you mentioned where we are this is harcourt road one of the main arterials that runs through hong kong behind the government buildings and where we are the police are not advancing at all anymore they're done their job for the past 30 minutes i would say we have not seen any protesters in this area it seems as if they have gone completely the police again not advancing down this road they are not information for the most part they look relaxed some of them taking
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their riot gear off and in fact one of the roads beneath us beneath this overpass has been partially reopened to traffic so incredible how quickly this is how. and at 9 pm local time so 4 hours ago just over 4 hours ago was when those protesters forced their way into the legislative council building completely taking over that building doing a lot of damage inside there spraying graffiti on the walls destroying windows jaws there was water running through one of the lower levels they pulled paintings off the walls and they even made it all the way into the debating chamber itself and occupied it for a couple of hours at least from that point to now it is remarkable the streets are completely peaceful yes there was some violence as those police the riot police moved into that area they did use back in some tear gas we didn't see a lot of tear gas being used and the protesters have retreated very quickly indeed
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they could well be a bit further beyond where we are but again there is no sign of that and no sign of any tension among the police that we can see let's hope it stays that way for the moment wayne hale live for us there in hong kong let's get the view from beijing and now katrina you is there for us so katrina if if these pictures alone are anything to go by the extraordinary scenes that we've we've seen unfold over the last few hours there in hong kong the storming of the parliament building and then the police moving in to clear them this is going to be seen as the most direct challenge to mainland china thora t s so all eyes will be on beijing as to how they respond to this. absolutely and as we heard earlier from andrew and wayne many of these protesters have gone well beyond protesting against the extradition law this is much bigger for them this is about the rule of beijing
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it's control in hong kong and it's what they see as the continuing infringement on the autonomy of hong kong well from beijing's perspective hong kong is part of mainland china in that that in the be watching very closely and right now assessing how will carry land has done to contain contain what they would see as a complete mess and so far we haven't seen it's very early in the morning here we haven't seen any official response from beijing but we've just caught up now that the global times which is a state media newspaper here has very probative propaganda opinions they've come up with a way both post and the will post says here let me just read that to you we have to strongly condemn what the maldives did at ledge co hong kong should not be a heaven for violence and no matter whether it's on hong kong all the mainland no riot culture should be allowed and all disputes should be solved in legal ways and
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very strong statement it's a big sin to kidnap hong kong with violence so we already see here what we suspected earlier that beijing is going to really use this violence use this vandalism use the trashing of ledge go to to point fingers at the at the protesters they've used words like riots mauled violence to really to to really look make it look like these protesters. don't know what they're doing that they are really just out for violence that they're. they've basically just gone in and trashed the place and they're not doing anything positive so this is very much the expected response from beijing and they're also going to use the fact that the police didn't come out until much later to say look we we were very. and we let the protesters do their thing but you know they really proven that they can't be trusted and a heavy hand is needed so it's not outside the boundaries of imagination to think
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that beijing itself could also intervene if they think that the word currently being done on the ground by caroline's administration is not enough katrina for the moment thank you katrina you in beijing for so let's go back to hong kong now joseph chain joins us here has participated in the demonstrations and he joins us now via skype from there thanks very much for being with us normally when we speak to you in the past it's as a kind of casual observer as an analyst but you as you said took part. in these protests give us a sense of what unfolded as you were there and what your what you're seeing now that's happened over the last couple of hours. protest march was scared to do it is started at 230 there was a big crowd and the organizes just announced stat up to 550 people 50000 people 550000 people took part.
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there were a lot of waiting in speak because of rocks and so on but the people work very peaceful very patient and i think the participants for very proud. after more than 1000000 people came out to march on june the 9th another 2000000 came out on duty 16 and now it is more than half a 1000000 people came out certainly the people and the protesters at the dentist 30 pounds so were very disappointed and rather angry with the lack of response from the kerry and ministration their minimum demands actually were a clear cut khorasan of the live draw of the controversal legislation that he needs of.


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