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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 2, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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it was a big crowd and the organizers just announced stand up to 550 people 50000 people 550000 people took part. there were a lot of waiting in speak because of rocks and so on but the people work very peaceful very pace certains and i think the participants for a very proud. after more than 1000000 people came out to march on june the 9th another 2000000 who came out on june 16th and now at least more than half a 1000000 people came out certainly the people and the protesters he led to say the pound so we're very disappointed and rather angry with the lack of response from the carrier and ministration their minimum demands actually are
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a clear cut khorasan of the draw of the controversy over legislation and that he needs show of independent investigation into a legit police buttons on to and troll these for the very very minimum the man sent in fact shared by many people within the establishment and yet because of the face issue because so far a t. to govern issue he carried in the decision the 9 and rejected these 3 of these quotes this the man's once again at the end of last week a key young people certainly work they're angry. and they were disappointed by the lack of response from the carrier and the situation and probably they found that international support part of it would subside of the the end of the g 20 summit and not the rather good meeting between donald trump and
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seats in pain. what do you make though of what was on folded. later in the night when when a number of the protesters stormed the legislative building and and went inside and started posting graffiti all over the place and essentially occupied the building and now we have the situation that's unfolding now over the last hour or so where police have moved in to clear them in huge numbers i mean this this is unprecedented for hong kong as a home kong resident yourself do you do you fear for its future. yes well there are certainly be a number of young people's small groups of young people with speedy eve she's full of smart jurors who are not its heat anything and they would like to do something bolder something more confrontational. and at the
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moment years of all the widespread conspiracy theory at least among the very much among the group them up with see some movement support to us that this was a kind of a track this was a kind of a trap to help turned tide to popular open in the it was obvious that to put these. a lot of ample competence there and didn't handle riots of this car and of this scale and it appeared to be compared. up to about 90 9 pm of soap a certain e d's right put me disappeared allowing the radical young people brought into the suit the accounts of this war certainly subs fischer's and it's. all getting a re. picking ha ha ha ha ha it's we all
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understand the emergence of buttons we'll lose the support of the majority of people who are not what we shun parliaments and this sort of either and both skills are to carry learn an illustration to back down on the bits 1st and 3rd string incision in rejecting theory is the man for could come up with. joseph chang thanks very much for being with us. thank you for us rock reaction to tonight's events in hong kong let's cross over now to pepsi co hain in know washington so patsy has there been any reaction there to what's been unfolding in hong kong over the last few hours on president it seems. actually no part of the reason could be because it's the 4th of july holiday week washington tends to empty
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out all the lawmakers are back in their home districts and states and this really isn't getting a whole lot of coverage on american media now the question is of course how would you as president donald trump going to react to this in the past he's not shown that he is overly concerned about human rights or or this protest in particular so really when it comes to this administration he looks at pretty much everything in that region through the lens of a trade deal with china so that's what he's focused on he's focused on his relationship with president xi and really just focused on trying to get a trade deal and he is going to like what he sees the stock market is way up today after their weekend meeting so really when the president thinks about china he thinks trade he doesn't think human rights.
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will continue to keep you updated on all the latest developments from hong kong as and when they happen but right now we'll turn to some of the day's other news the un's nuclear watchdog has confirmed that iran has stopped more enrich uranium than allowed in the 2015 nuclear deal inspectors from the international atomic energy agency reporting back from iran off to the claims iran accusing european powers are not doing enough to help save the nuclear deal after the u.s. withdrawal and their actions since then what's the. a closer look at the disputes u.s. president donald trump pulled out of the agreement last year and imposed tough new sanctions 3 months later in may iran announced it would pull back on some of its commitments under the deal by increasing production of low enriched uranium and iranian and european leaders met on saturday in vienna to try and save the agreement but there was no breakthrough and iran has accused europe of not doing
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enough to protect it from u.s. sanctions or such a body as the latest from tehran the international atomic energy organization says iran has surpassed 300 kilograms of low enriched uranium at the level of 3.67 percent now this is something the iranians have said they were going to do as part of their scaling back their commitment to the nuclear deal of 2015 because they feel that the european signatories are not upholding their end of the deal of this agreement now the foreign minister has says this is the 1st step the 2nd step is coming on july 7th which is the end of the 60 day period that has been set by president hassan rouhani for the your friends to respond to the concerns the iranians have on july 7th it is believed that the 2nd step will include the increase of the level of enrichment that means it will go from 3.67 percent anywhere to up to 20 percent that is what iran is capable of and reaching so we
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have yet to see what that number will be but regardless they have decided this is the 2nd step that is coming and today's announcement is just another sign that the iranians are adamant that they're not really in this agreement with all the other signatories and that the other parties involved really must do more to uphold their end of the deal after the united states withdrew from this agreement last year and iran will continue to pursue the path that they believe is best for their country's best interests natasha butler has the really morning european reaction now from paris. over the past few weeks as tensions have been escalating between washington and tehran european powers of repeatedly called on the 2 sides for calm to do to deescalate the situation and they've also called on iran to keep its commitments under 2015 deal what they don't want to be is in a position where we're going to have paris berlin london and the e.u. suddenly being in a position where they're going to have to concede that iran has broken its
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commitments to the deal that would be a concession that their diplomatic powers of collapse would be a huge blow to their diplomatic credibility and they would be very worried indeed about the possibility of iran having a nuclear weapon is something that of course this deal is supposed to prevent the problem is that the european powers have not yet come up with some sort of method or mechanism to shield the iranian economy from the full force of u.s. sanctions they put in place something called in stakes it's a payment system that quanta was dollar payments that allows for some trade between europe and iran so far it can only be used for humanitarian goods or some medical goods food and aid it is not enough though to try and persuade big multinationals like the french oil giant total to do trade with iran again and risk u.s. penalties and that really is the problem because european powers simply haven't managed to come up with something to shield the iranian economy from the full force
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of u.s. sanctions and in a way iran is certainly turning up the pressure on european powers to do more of forces loyal to libyan a warlord khalifa haftar have launched heavy airstrikes targeting the u.n. backed government in the capital tripoli a number of people have been killed and injured and has more from tripoli. 5 government fighters dead and 8 others wandered also there are people fighters are still under the rubble has them that as part of the airstrike launched by war plane loyal to the warlord safe or have to the targeted location overnight insula had been able heard in southern tripoli military sources with the government say that most probably that fighter jet is an f. 16 and it's either egyptian or immorality fighter jet they tell us that
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those same fighter jets 16. targeted several locations in tripoli in 2014 during the military campaign known then as operation dawn also we know that have to his forces announcing that they're going to intensify airstrikes in tripoli also the military commander of the air force commander would have to his forces general mohammed among 4 and i said last night that they're going to intensify in the strikes in and around tripoli calling on residents to stay away from confrontation areas we're also getting reports from the city of that again that have the fate of jet targeted that sort of a military camp known as the 8th brigade headquarters we know that after have to the forces lost this strategic city of their yann on wednesday they have they have tried to transfer their military confrontations to other locations including
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southern tripoli and also the targeting of airport the only operation airport in tripoli yesterday we know that they have to the forces have to disclose that are accusing turkey of providing coverage to the rival groups led by the backed government of national accord but the government measure called is just fighting this saying that it's the only institution entitle to use foreign weapons or cloudier because eenie is the senior libyan analyst for the international crisis group she says turkey's involvement has increased tension in the ongoing conflict. libya has been engulfed by this new conflict since last april which has pitted the forces allied to the internationally recognized government based in tripoli against the forces of under the command of field marshal. turkey plays a strategic role in supporting the tripoli based government and its forces and in
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the past few months has agreed to transfer some equipment to these forces in particular we have evidence widely reported on social media of the transfer of armed personnel vehicle and some drone equipment and there were some actually turkish engineers in tripoli perhaps they're still there training government aligned forces the government in tripoli says this is completely legitimate support that turkey is offering from upon their request because they're fighting against the siege of general half there and his forces against tripoli so the latest escalation of narratives and rhetoric against turkey. lambasted by the commanders of the libyan national army which is half there is controlled military equipment against military force against turkey comes in the wake of
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recent defeats suffered by ellen a force is in and around tripoli so it's only natural that they are sort of trying to deflate the tension of their recent. setbacks in the in the tripoli area accusing turkey of supporting what they what they're considered is a government that fuels militia power and does not want to succumb to l.a. and they control a gun battle between security forces and talabani fighters in the afghan capital has ended up falling huge. they killed at least 16 people and injured over 100 in carmel smoke was seen billowing from an area near the u.s. embassy in the city. is in kabul with the details. it was already heavy explosion in kabul this morning on one of the busiest streets of kabul during the rush hour when number of attackers attacked
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a logistic department of the one defense ministry out of the abilities building that exploded i mean a truck full of explosives and the rest of the attackers managed to take a position on the rooftop of the nearby buildings one security forces arrived at the scene they cordoned off the area and they were engaged with the follow on attackers taliban are claiming that responsibility for this attack and at a time when they're holding be stuck with a u.s. official in the house at the moment the president of the democratic republic of congo has visited an eastern province where hundreds of people have been killed in commune of violence in recent weeks the fighting between ethnic groups has forced hundreds of thousands of people to leave their homes but the president says a large scale military operation will root out. we need to do everything in order to bring peace as soon as possible and this is why i am sending a top army officer together with soldiers on the ground in order to resolve the ongoing insecurity in the tory region and that's also why i'm here. all producers
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are deciding whether to continue with restrictions on supply in order to prop up prices opec is meeting in vienna along with fellow produces russia and saudi arabia the 2 biggest oil exporters reached a deal on the sidelines of the g 20 meeting in a socket on saturday to continue production curves for 6 to 9 months. e.u. leaders have failed to agree on a new president for the bloc despite more than 20 hours of negotiations they're divided over who should succeed john claude younker as head of the european commission eastern european countries are objecting to dutch socialist fran tenements who is backing from germany spain and france meet again on tuesday to try to find a consensus on who will lead the european union for the next 5 years stephen ireland jr is the chief diplomatic correspondent for europe with the new york times he explains why the leaders are having such a tough time picking younger successor it's always difficult to be honest but what
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made it more difficult was the european elections produced a much more fragmented parliament and parliament house to approve these jobs basically and the jobs have to be balanced between ideologies and gender and region and it became very very difficult when it became clear that the main the largest party which was the center right collection called the european peoples party and not only had lost seats but had put up a candidate who almost everyone agreed and wasn't really up to the job so it's it's been a very very difficult battle. until america. among your mccrone chair germany and france with some help from spain came up with a proposal that would put a socialist fronts to romans who's currently a vice president of the commission in charge of it but the e.p. p.
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the center right party the country's really disagree with that they're very worried about losing that job so the game continues it's very frustrating the europeans are used to dealing with coalition politics so i guess they're used to negotiating and sleek and it will continue. as always there's lots more on our website c.n.n. dot com get the latest on all the stories we're following there al-jazeera dot com . all right let's get a roundup now of our top stories police in hong kong are advancing towards the legislature after it was occupied by hundreds of protesters they fired tear gas and warning demonstrators to leave immediately after a 1000000 protesters had turned out earlier in the day on the anniversary of britain's handover of hong kong to china 22 years ago there the latest in protests
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that began we saw go of the opposition to a controversial extradition bill. iran has exceeded the threshold for enrich uranium stockpile said under the 2015 nuclear deal but its foreign minister says the decision is reversible the united nations nuclear watchdog says it's inspectors in iran are trying to verify the claim and report back iran is again accusing european powers of not doing enough to help save the nuclear deal after the u.s. withdrawal and actions later. forces loyal to libyan war police for half that have launched air strikes targeting the u.n. backed government in tripoli a number of people have been killed and injured and turkey's government has announced 6 of its citizens held hostage in libya have been released earlier turkey warned of what it called serious consequences for rule 24 after whose forces were holding them after cut all ties with turkey on friday accusing it of supporting the rival u.n.
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recognized government in tripoli. oil producers are deciding whether to continue with restrictions on supply to prop up prices opec is meeting in vienna along with fellow producers russia and saudi arabia the 2 biggest oil exports has reached a deal on the sidelines of the g 20 meeting in a socket on saturday to continue production curbs for 6 to 9 months or prices have been hit by slowing demand and competition from shale oil in the u.s. e.u. leaders of failed to agree on a new president for the bloc despite more than 20 hours of talks they're divided about who should succeed john claud younker as head of the european commission then meet again on tuesday to try to find consensus on who will lead the e.u. for the next 5 years protesters marched in mexico city to demand the resignation of the president. under this manuel lopez obrador won the election by a landslide in june last year he's promised to end corruption and inequality but
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some of his decisions like the cancellation of a partially built airport for mexico's capital have been criticized by his opponents and supporters those are the headlines you're up to date we're back with more right now it's inside story. pushing for civilian rule in sudan several people have been killed and hundreds more injured in the protest organizers cold a 1000000 man march but all the generals prepared to share power and put the country slide into further turmoil this is inside story.
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hello again welcome to the program i'm peter dalby it was the biggest protest sudan has seen since the military joins of violently broke up a sit in khartoum nearly a month ago tens of thousands of people protested on sunday once again calling on the military to hand over power to civilians several people were killed and hundreds more were injured the military council and the opposition have failed to reach an agreement over who should be in charge ethiopia and the african union working to bring them to the negotiating table saddam's military now says it's ready to resume talks really will get the thoughts of our guest in just a moment but 1st this report from. the message remains the same as it has for months demanding sudan's military rulers hand over power to a civilian that government. tens of thousands of protesters march towards the
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presidential palace in khartoum opposition leaders called for similar mass demonstrations nationwide dubbed the 1000000 strong march. we doubled to feel like we stopped we want people to feel like we will continue continue no matter what everyone is out so we encourage each other. in some cases police fired tear gas at protesters the rapid support forces patrolled the streets with machine guns they were accused of the crackdown at a sit in at army headquarters in khartoum on june 3rd around 100 protesters were killed. in the eastern town of gunfire was heard the military gentle says it's not to blame for recent violence. the military is here to protect protesters but we can't do anything when it comes to infiltrators 5 or 6 people have been hit and we need to go there to sort out the
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problem you have to know that there are infiltrators people who want to change the current situation but god willing if we reach an agreement and if you understand the situation we will get rid of the snipers who are killing the people right now. sunday's mass marches with the 1st since the killings in khartoum 4 weeks ago and internet and media blackout has been enforced since then the protests coincide with the end of the african union deadline for the ruling military junta to hand over power to a you and ethiopia have led mediation efforts to find a political solution the opposition has accepted a plan to form a transitional government for the next 3 years the transitional military council says it's willing to negotiate. sunday was also the 30th anniversary of the military coup led by omar al bashir sudan's present. it was overthrown by another military coup in april and is in prison charged with corruption activists arab countries to stop supporting saddam's military rulers they will never want to
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flower not because they are noisy but also because they're going to be implicated if they are out of power so that's very normal very natural to what we are forcing them so unless we do that by that mainly i'm speaking about saudi arabia the u.a.e. then it's going to be really hard for us to meet them come to succumb or be able to wait and i think this is changing now. the protesters say their chance of defiance will continue despite threats to their lives until their demands for civilian rule on met for him mohamed al jazeera. there we are here we go let's bring in our guests joining us today and that adam a research associate at the school of oriental and african studies part of the university of london and joining us from nairobi alan boswell senior analyst with the international crisis group welcome to you both alan boswell the nairobi 1st can
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the protesters in sudan ever get what they want. well generally protesters don't bother going out on the streets if they are completely hopeless everyone was doubting the sudanese people in december when they started this people were doubting them in april before they toppled bashir from power and then also after the crackdown on june 3rd there was more doubting that they could continue these after the violence and the internet shut down a so i think at this point everyone needs to recognize that while the military council you know does have some form of power in terms of their their guns on the street and the violence they can they can wield and the deep state the protesters also have a real form of street power and they've proven over and over again basically that they can make sudan ungovernable until their demands are also met.
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here in doha has the regime really gone away. no of course i think the beginning to sylvia and i think the devious state and the counter you know devolution is in full fledged there is no question about that hymn it out of the the sheet of men actually that is. and let's not forget actually just people actually that i would of that what you call the high supreme committee which she i mean security committee which was established by bush if they just replace bush it because you for them was a liability actually a head to the head of a political ambitions and then when they removed him and they took power and they supported actually that moment of revolution which of us actually could i would buy the danish people i'm peaceful demonstrators but this that forget that you know if there is any doubt that this is that his people are not going to get action of their demands an aspiration for a democratic transformation
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a civilian rule actually yes that there was a clear answer to anyone who doubted that alan you mentioned the internet how could well the protesters the demonstrators when that was blocked. well clearly it took them a while of course the the crackdown was on june 3rd these these protests happened yesterday so it took several weeks but they have managed to find a number of ways of of continuing to communicate of course they're still s.m.s. and phone network where they can communicate and then others have found ways of using international roaming phone networks basically to continue using internet and they've also gone back to just old school organizing methods. to continue organizing these protests i actually i was in khartoum in the protest in early 2011 and there was a crackdown then and actually young activists started mobilizing basically with small cells and cell groups because the because they realize the regime was using
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the electronic communications basically against them to to tap in and infiltrate their networks so there's a so it did force them to go underground and change their tactics but i think you know the proof is in the putting these are these protests yesterday's were huge they were across the country and it's shown that this uprising even if you cut off the internet is going to continue because it has that large of a broad base of support among the sudanese people i think it's really important to recognize that the military council. you know their power can be overstated and i think often has been overstated by by many who just assume that they can just crack down on everyone and continue ruling that way you know they have a very limited political constituency especially in khartoum in some ways they're their largest but a constituency is actually outside sudan in egypt the u.a.e. and saudi arabia so you know they whether or not they can move forward without having really a popular basis i think is the key question and they've been trying to wiggle their
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way back and forward to hang on to power but i think you know these continued demonstrations from the sudanese people just show the you know what. we're going up against in that shouldn't be underestimated both in terms of sunni's resolve but also just in terms of the real power and strength that the sudanese people have at the moment we've also now been joined from shanghai by early verjee visiting researcher at the united states institute of peace welcome to you early verjee there is in theory the beginnings the name an embryo of some sort of framework that's been put together by the african union and ethiopia the ethiopian prime minister is front and center in this he's local he's there he's next door almost is there anything in there that would suggest to you there is a grain of positivity. well actually prime minister he is not as front and center as we might always hope that he has an envoy who is largely doing the work and
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that's an indication of just how much has to do himself both at home and abroad but i think the proposal that has been developed by the african union and the european mediators in some sense it's positive because it demonstrates that there are things that can be negotiated agreed in no sense is a sideshow because it hasn't fundamentally changed the structural realities of both the protests and of the council the military council's response so there are some good principles in there but it doesn't necessarily address how the military and security sector will be removed from state control not only in khartoum but also in all of sudan's states which are led by military governors at the moment and where most of sudanese lives and that's really therefore in some sense a much more important question for the future governance and so far the ethiopian african union mediation hasn't really been able to get beyond the structures and
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the powers and the numbers of any transitional authority is in khartoum and it's also remember that this is only a means to an end the transitional administration is not supposed to be there for a very long period of time we're talking about 2 or 3 or 4 years as the numbers that have been tossed around but that is a transition to something and that's really again a question of can that really be achieved and what does that transition look like and maybe the mediation isn't there now but certainly for most unease it's not simply about having a long period of uncertainty leading to more misgovernance and mismanagement but something that looks a lot more positive and a lot more in terms of the future aspirations of all of sudan citizens. i met adam here in doha is what we're seeing just over the past 4856 hours or so could it be the beginnings of the country sliding back to where it was not just at the
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beginning of this year when when the protest initially kicked off but further back than that. i think i'm a bit optimistic actually you know because this is the nice between of very aware of the consequences of any kind of confrontation or any kind of you know chaos in their country and i think they're in also you know from the mistakes and from the cases in seguin like you know in yemen and also a leader in all of this kind of cases so that's why they stick to the issue and the stick to the method a means of you know peaceful demonstrations all the way that gets to stick to that you know slogan and stick to that actually behavior and practice on the ground regardless actually and despite the bloody crackdown from the military against them and i think sudan is are very aware and i would say i would like to shoot with that actually you know this is the nice people out of but if you care i mean actually to achieve and to realize their devotion it is a spirit and i feel for them out to craft an information and force video route you
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know yesterday also us many messages actually there was a message actually to the military again that they cannot actually you know continue in power and the people of sudan they would never surrender after that to the you know bloody crackdown and bloody tactics and also it was a real you know pressure a message or also to the forces of freedom and king they tell them that you will never surrender to live also any kind of position which you know you know is to empower the an emboldened the military and their counter volution also it was very clear and but it could be a message to the you know if you've been an african mediators that actually you know their frame where it's not going to work after yesterday because expeditions are very high and that's pressure of people so that are very high and they would never accept any kind that you know frame we had or any kind of initiative that actually want to strengthen the state the school and the counter-revolution led by him it so the message by very clear as that is people are so chairmen to go ahead
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with that they got a list of the bloody crackdown and if you. i'd say that you know it's that he made and others are sawyer scared actually of one of the poll did of russia and the poor people of sudan alan do you share that optimism because it occurs to me if you've got a percentage of what you might call the administration at the moment a cornerstone of the administration a percentage of that is made up of what used to be the genuine militia they are notorious how can the country ever truly come down if those people ok it's just a clutch of people is to hand for if they're still there doing their thing and wanting to do their thing the direction of travel here is wild. i mean without question the head met the problem as i call it in terms of the militia that he now controls that used to be the jonjo eden is now the rapid support for rapid support forces this is now the biggest obstacle to moving forward i mean it's
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difficult to see how you move forward with him at he given his background given that he's basically seen as a thug is preventable warlord by many even in khartoum but also just the violence he's already used against civilians and the fact that he really doesn't have a political constituency in khartoum but then again it's difficult to see how you move on without him because he is right now the strongest force on the ground in the streets and there's still no clear pathway towards just getting him but not only him but all the guys who he hasn't anything to simply go away i mean per all these points that you know the mediation efforts you know how are producing a draft agreement that leaves a lot wanting which is of course true i mean i think everyone has to acknowledge that this is you know this is going to be an incredibly messy transition in a best case scenario and we've already mentioned the you know how strong the sunni's people have shown themselves to be but that you know bashir has left this
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country and really dire straits not only with the economy but also the security services were taking up something like 60 percent of the budget you know he counterbalance them against each other this is something that will need to unwinding i think it's you know it's unreasonable probably to expect that you know you flip a switch and everything changes and the militias completely demobilize all at once so i think there is a path forward but it's going to be one that likely includes many of the actors for a transitional period and i think that's you know in many ways the just the clear path forward but also really about the only clear path forward anybody in shanghai why is the. military council done a deal with a canadian lobbying company they've given them we understand reportedly $6000000.00 u.s. dollars because they want to low be particularly with the trumpet ministration we understand i.e. they want to implicitly legitimize themselves and also get access to diplomatic
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boom and maybe arms as well that is not signaling we are going to hand over to a civilian administration any time soon. no it certainly isn't and the point i would make about the transitional military council is own some respects it also represents generational change there's been a lot said about the use of the protestors and the movement of sudan's young people that is to some extent matched by people like committee who is in his forty's young man if you compare the sheers generation in their mid seventy's and early eighty's some of them so this transition of generational rule is also something where a lot of these people have been waiting their turn so to speak to take over and i agree that signing these kind of contracts and contracting these sorts of lobbyists is indicative of that aspiration i'm not sure the actual substance of the agreement
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is really what matters because of course it's debatable whether any lobbyist could deliver arms and normalization with trumpet ministration and so on it's much more revealing for me in terms of what it indicates about the mentality and the aspirations of the military council that set of course there is a very clear knowledge amongst the military council that the bashir is she had been engaged in this normalization process for the united states and although it might seem inconceivable now where there are large scale crackdowns and other mass protests going on. where the regime that's in place now is perpetrating this widespread violence there is again in the longer term or the medium term that aspiration to resume some sort of normalization both of the united states and more broadly but as met here in doha when you get a former u.s. congressman james morone i think was his name who made a trip to sudan he left that trip saying he'd had many positive conversations with
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everyone involved in this this low level rumbling conflict that's now in this current sort of form has been going on since the beginning of this year he either has had genuinely positive conversations or he doesn't understand what he's dealing with it can't be both. now maybe both and maybe also his advancing his own personal interest but let's not forget that actually he's not like a heavy with care of one congressman or something like that we know the real congressmen actually at the u.s. congress they're doing great job in supporting the the revolution and democratic transformation and the peaceful devotion in the country and i think our people they have their eye for that actually they present their effort you know a great deal but also yes i would like to get back to the issue of humidity and the militia can get peace when we discuss you know humidity and discuss actually his militia militia let's not forget actually the security council resolution which action issued you know to address you know the issue of gay we let's not forget it
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was a 5056 and the chapter 7 which you demand to government of sudan at that time to disband that is out of and to bring the good militia to guest is so in a state of appealing them i think we should the international community and the peace loving countries actually they should impose the security council the solutions about the can go it and and i think that right now they have the sudanese people are you know they are changing the equation of power in the ground that actually you know protesting in in in millions actually peacefully you know and that are actually you know confronting and defying the militia and their rule i think the international community should stand with the danish people because that is people they will never accept and they will never surrender to committee and his people and also that is another thing also we are out of this i think the international community especially the african and other of the should pressure on the council and humidity but that's indeed legal you know that actually has to the abia is supporting him it to you know united arab emirates and other countries i
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think the international community should have sustained pressure on him a tobacco so that you know to behave in a way that the heart of the quarter civilians committee can you know country can respond to sustained pressure definitely because understood me i'm going to interrupt you because we're kind of trusting swards the end of our time alan on that idea of the arab countries point number one is it possible to get those arab countries that. are here in the house talking about to dial back on their involvement and if it is possible with take some of the temperature of where we are at the moment. without question the key point of leverage that we at crisis group have identified with the military council involves their outside backers and that's cairo but it's more importantly the. and the saudis and we do think it's incredibly critical that those countries pressure the military council including him. to strike a deal with the with the opposition for
2:43 am
a path forward the the the gulf countries claim that what they want in sudan is stability and if they think they're going to get stability by the military council cracking down and the trying to hold on to power through oppression. we think they'll be sorely mistaken so you know there's been some efforts at trying to to talk to the gulf more closely about this and strongly about this and those efforts need to be increased and they need to continue but i think this is you know this is clearly one of the most important routes moving forward any virgin shanghai to flip around something you were saying at the top of our discussion is there a sense in which the military a still calling all the shots because can i suggest to the protesters have to by definition keep the military invested and didn't gauged in what may yet become a peace process because if they walk away nothing changes nothing will change. well
2:44 am
i think the protesters feel they can pressure the military through nonparticipation as well and as you know at the moment there aren't direct talks between both sides so it's a bit of brinkmanship on both sides because on the one hand you have the protesters saying you know we these are our demands and we will accept nothing less the military saying well these are infiltrators and that serve vandals and all the nonsensical things that they've said and continuing as they are and i think the difficulty for the protesters is that if you have a counterpart in the military council that is not responsive to. violent civil disobedience then what do you do and the variety of tactics that protesters have employed over the last months have been varied and i'm sure they will continue to be varied but are they putting pressure on the military council or in the sense of
2:45 am
feeling we need to do something to stop this happening again ok i'm going to stop you there last point to ahmed adam here and ahead here in doha. in 30 seconds no one can question the commitment of the protesters your clear in your own mind that they are still committed but are they in effect back at square one are they back to where they were in january february yes definitely i think now there is a new fear is of this you know protest and i think there are some plans actually especially from the grassroots you know can be peace action or over the country and you can see the constant that across the country that despite the internet you know disconnection or this kind of thing but it's still people have the temperament and they stop or some stop some sort of harm when i dish and to point you know this protest to the end because they don't want half of allusion and counter to that is countable which actually refers to succeed and that but it beyond that and if you can see that he made yesterday and you know and one hand you know after this you
2:46 am
know the oceans. because they demanded and they can talk to the mediators to intervene because for fact to get it or they want to ease dictation and to ease actually the the protest yesterday but i think people have said that out of the 10 men to go ahead with that evolution definitely gentlemen thank you all for an informative debate we do appreciate your time thank you to our guests they were as well and verjee thank you to you too for your company you can see the show again on the on the websites that's al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also talk to us on twitter at age inside story of tweet me else we're back at peter don't be one for me peter dhabi and everyone on the team here in doha thanks for watching i will see you very soon.
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new leaders place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year olds the work his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. jordan's native tribes concepts
2:48 am
are to roughly hof the population in a country with more refugees per capita than any other nation. with an ailing economy and concerns over the trumpet administration's anticipated plans for the region tensions are running high. people in power investigates increasing calls for reform as the state endeavors to control political dissent within the hashemite kingdom jordan and retried on a just 0. this is al-jazeera. i'm has i'm seeking this is the news hour live from dakar coming up in the next 60
2:49 am
minutes. riot police charged hong kong's legislative council with a ton sent to gas to clear away protesters occupying the building. iran says it's stockpiled more enrich uranium than it's allowed under the 2015 nuclear deal. civilians killed us forces loyal to libyan war after launching airstrikes on the capital tripoli. in london with the top stories from europe including american talks in brussels and with the e.u. leaders no closer to deciding who will take the blocks top jobs. riot police in hong kong are moved into a crackdown on demonstrators who would all keep either the territories legislative
2:50 am
council building a monday march the 22nd anniversary of the end of british rule in hong kong but it became a day when mainland china has authority in the territory was challenged in previously unprecedented ways we'll get the view from beijing in a few moments but let's begin in hong kong and andrew thomas who's live for us there so andrew this all unfolded about 3 hours ago when police initially moved in but it certainly looks the things of calmed down quite a bit now. i think the place would say this operation is now over. the legislative council building that was the focal point of the process throughout the course of monday and the full call was thronging with thousands upon thousands of young for most of the day this was dead to maine and as you can see behind me they smashed all the windows of this building and about 5 hours ago now
2:51 am
many hundreds of them still be inside the building actually occupied the legislative chamber itself as well as the rest of the building and really that was the point at which the place felt things have gone too far and initially there was statements puts out warning protesters but they were going to come in the place and about an hour and a haul off of those warnings were put out of social media over the hong kong media as well the place did indeed come in big big numbers we saw them approaching from every different road that aids leads in to this alleged kobe building as it's called here and they came in there hundreds if not thousands the right place advancing at a walking pace but very determinedly and they took away the barrier is the. barricades that the protesters had been making all day in a matter of minutes to be honest and then continued walking in and at the same time telling the protesters to leave or they would be well certainly take us to many was
2:52 am
certainly some had batten's used on them as well but they also wouldn't be arrested if they stayed on the vos the majority of protesters did leave over the space of 20 minutes often out in the end it was all pretty and now really the place a clearing out and the protest as well they're long gone. indeed in angie these are extraordinary scenes that we've seen play out in hong kong throughout the day that began of course with those very large protests out in the streets of central hong kong marking the 22nd anniversary of the handover from british rule then the occupation by a number of protesters of the legislative council and then of course the last operation by police to move in. that's right well it was a dramatic day from the very start as you say today marks the 22nd anniversary of the handover from british rule to china and it's always
2:53 am
a day of celebration for some people here in hong kong who celebrate that day becoming parts of china but also protest for those who don't like the idea of chinese rule so that they started with a flag raising ceremony by the chief executive and by legislators here in hong kong but even that event at 7 o'clock in the morning so most well it was 18 hours ago now even that's events have lots of protesters shouting at it and those procession just grew as the day went on now there were 2 very distinct protests there was one that's been around this building all day long this focal point for these demands that these controversial extradition laws be completely dropped not just suspended but dropped it was in this legislative building legislates is considering these laws a few weeks ago now they put them on hold the protesters wanted them dropped in this building bethel became a focal point of the many many thousands of mostly young protesters but kitted out as if they were expecting violence the vast majority came with helmets they came
2:54 am
with mosques in some cases gas mosques anticipating tear gas which had been used to clear previous protests they came prepared completely separately to that was the huge march and we're having a figure now put on that at 550000 that's how many people the organizers about march say came out to take part in it and that was a very different scene completely peaceful young children older people as well a real mix marching through the streets later in the day in a sense the 2 combined so some of the people that march did end up here that really swelled the numbers here to well over well over 10000 protesters right outside this building that peaceful march ended and it was in the. off the dark hours that the tension really really ramped up by now the windows of this building had already been smashed but there was a period of time where there were riot police in sawyer building standing behind
2:55 am
the broken glass and the protesters despite being able to go in didn't go in and at some point the right place inside cleared away even now we're not quite sure where they went they must have found another way out of this building and at that point hundreds of protesters streamed in and occupied this building and as i say that is when the police put out these warning saying that these trespass is. broken many many things inside this building they were going to come in and arrest whoever they found and about an hour and a half after that that's exactly what the police did so a day with a lot of tension and a lot of drama ended with this confrontation but confrontation as far as we know it didn't cause too many injuries at least not long term injuries and certainly nothing worse than that that we've heard as yet the police used tear gas they used battens but we haven't seen that many people with injuries and as you say ended today's protests were there the latest in
2:56 am
a number of demonstrations that we've seen in hong kong over the last few weeks over this controversial extradition fail but after what we've seen on unfold today in hong kong things are moved well beyond that now haven't they and it's an open question as to as to where they go from here. yeah the view of those on the march and i spoke to a few they were mostly focused still on this relatively narrow issue the distinction between what the government here chief executive carol lam has announced she will do which is essentially shelved for now the extradition laws with no prospect of them coming back anytime soon and getting rid of them saying they're never going to come back and that might sound like a semantic difference but people marching it's a very important one they need to feel that they had achieved a proper victory they still don't feel that quite got that that was the narrow issue that was being focused on by those on the march people around this building they wanted that as an absolute minimum if they wanted far far more they wanted the
2:57 am
resignation of the chief executive kerry lam they wanted a full investigation into the placing of the previous protests that have been it was another one of a couple 2 or 3 weeks back now it's out of this building by the police used tear gas and rubber bullets and they thought that was excessive the protesters and they want a full investigation into that they also wanted those arrest stayed during those protests a couple of weeks but now to be released and not charged with rioting because that carries a 10 year prison and they said they were protesters so they wanted all of those demands met and many people here as well informally to me said in fact really their aims are much broader still they want to rekindle the spirits of the occupy movement dominating the center of hong kong for a few months back in 2014 when people were calling for democratic reform say it's a make hong kong a more democratic society and push back at what many people feel is encroachments
2:58 am
from beijing and many of those around this building say that given the scale of these process now given the quantity of media international media like ourselves but also maybe a from hong kong and from asia more broadly they wanted their message to be not just that they wanted complete taking off the table of the extradition laws but they wanted more democratic reforms overall they felt that they got a foot in the door some minor excesses in the successes and they wanted to take that further andrew thank you andrew thomas live for us in hong kong. or katrina you has more on this now from beijing. beijing also only watching the situation in hong kong very closely from their perspective what has happened in ledge co is unthinkable it's a direct affront to beijing's power and it's pretty much a humiliation to beijing's authority and they're very keen to see it put under control very quickly and it's also put into question their support for kerry lam of
2:59 am
the past few weeks in june as people have protested against the extradition law beijing has maintained their support of carolan but seeing what they've seen tonight that may not be the case moving forward now so far here in beijing it's been very quiet in the early hours of the morning which is really seeming to say that the senses here in beijing are really in overdrive trying to really clamp down on any pictures of what's happening in hong kong these are pictures that they don't want to be seen here in the mainland they want to maintain this position that everything is is homeowners that the people in hong kong are in fact celebrating what's happening. in terms of this anniversary of hong kong's return to the to the mainland so they definitely do not want this to get out too quickly but we already started to see some formulation of a response no official response from the government yet but a response from global times which is
3:00 am
a state media newspaper here and what this global times has said on their way ball count which is a chinese twitter they've said that they've this has been really nothing more than more violence why it is who've gone out of control and they've really just put this protest down to troublemakers outlie is and people who really are not part of the mainstream hong kong here but certainly we're going to see a very strong response from beijing come the morning when beijing wakes up they're not going to want to see any sort of weak response they want to make sure that a message gets sent to those in hong kong that this is unacceptable and this cannot happen again. well let's me now to. he is the author of the struggle for democracy in mainland china taiwan and hong kong he's also a senior fellow at the university of nottingham asia research institute and he joins us from there thanks very much for being with us so what's your view then of what you've seen unfold in hong kong over the last few hours in full view of the
3:01 am
world which is of course not the picture as we've just heard that people in mainland china are going to be getting.


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