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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 2, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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getting to the truth is that i will that's what this job. hong kong cleans up after a night of mass protests that turn violent. nothing is more important than the rule of law in hong kong the chief executive carried condemns the violence and defends the police response. hello i'm don jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the un's nuclear watchdog confirms iran isn't rich in more uranium than agreed to the u.s. president donald trump says is playing with fire. 6 months out for a stunning electoral victory we'll look at the challenges facing brazil's far right
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president. a massive cleanup operation has begun the day off to hundreds of protesters stormed the city's legislature monday as violence left baby scattered all over the building at least use tear gas to clear the area of the demonstrators smashed windows and splashed graffiti on its walls all this on the day the government held ceremonies to mount 22 years since the end of british rule and hundreds of thousands joined a peaceful march when hate begins our coverage. after another day of protests in hong kong police ran out of patience with tear gas and battens they moved in to clear the area around the legislative council hong kong's parliament it's become the focal point of anti-government rallies over the past 3 weeks because protesters believe it's now largely controlled by mainland.
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china this time they had little choice but to flee and quickly disappeared into the night. the catalyst for the police action was a decision by the protesters to seize control of the legislative council after hours of smashing windows and doors they went inside vandalizing the building as they went after several protests over the past 3 weeks some of them turning violent in clashes between protesters and police this group was able to force its way into the debating chamber in the legislative council facing very little resistance along the way they say they had no choice but to escalate the situation after becoming frustrated that the government wasn't listening to them and i think for many many young people. they didn't expect that it took so long for the government. to respond there are rallies every year on july the 1st which is the day 22 years ago that hong kong was handed back to china by great britain but there were much larger
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numbers this year because of a proposed extradition law it would allow suspects in criminal cases to be sent to mainland china to face trial in the justice system that critics say is deeply flawed. the bill has been suspended but opponents want it scrapped altogether and the resignation of hong kong's chief executive who spoke earlier on monday at a ceremony to mark the anniversary of all daniel for us the incident that happened in recent months has led to control of the free and disputes between the public and the government this has made me fully realise that i as a politician i have to remind myself all the time of the need to cross a public event missing accurately. the system agreed between great britain and china 22 years ago was one country 2 systems for 50 years but protesters believe that deal is being pushed aside by kerry lamb and 2 governments who they say are increasingly being dictated to by beijing. soon after police moved into the latest
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rally it was over the streets and the legislative council empty their defiance dispersed but they left their mark on what's supposed to be the center of power in hong kong they will no doubt be repercussions but they're vowing to continue a fight that they say has become about much more than a proposed law it's about the future of the city wayne hay al jazeera hong kong hong kong condemned the actions of protesters the storm the legislative council on monday evening. the extreme use of violence and vandalism by protesters who stormed into the legislative council building. over a period of time so this is something that we should seriously come down because nothing is more important than the rule of law in hong kong so i hope community. will agree with us that with these violent acts that we have seen it is right for
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us to condemn it. hong kong's police chief justified the temporary retreat which some say created a gap for protesters to storm the legislative council we found that there were some protests tampering with the electricity i only find that some of the lights have gone out. and in fear of a total dark out that the protester was charging in someone turn off the light i'm afraid that there will be people stepping people there were already a toxic powder. attack on my office in the afternoon so without knowing whether this is an other toxic powder tech we have no other choice but to temporarily retreat from let's call. well let's go live now to sarah clarke in hong kong sent us the cleanup operation is now underway just bring us up to date
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with what's been happening there though. i must say the cleanup operation around where we are which is that the government headquarters and led to the council building it's been very efficient there being clean is here and police deployed around this area to clean up from before daylight we're talking about lots of large piles of rubbish and want to rubbish which about these big steel mental barricades that we used yes they during the protests to cordon off areas that were picked up and then used as devices to stall i should say this if there's a cleanup underway but now there's also a criminal investigation and i'm also joined by joshua long who was the face of the occupy hong kong a bit back in 2014 and also with the political party just announced yesterday's movement the storming of ledge did i go too far into the legislative council because the bill has not withdrawn yet and will be terminated on next year if you like which means in the next trophy once hold on council and the reactivated the
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game at the same time if the long occur of hong kong people credit the fact that to be able to receive the fees illegal but now. it's just beijing do you think though that the storming in there and the bonnet it was used and the damage that's here now do you think that kerry land the chief executive of hong kong can use that to increase its clampdown on say the pro-democracy movement. i would say that. it was hard for us. i would say to. be sure and courage people to face the 10 years jail terms where a certain progressive action is also hard for everyone agree on every behavior has of protestors and i don't think people have really calling for a backfire on how protester physically exists inside and occupy the chambers of legislative council bud's people might have sort of hesitation underclass being
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wrecked i wonder compared to the glass being brick how much of us really cleaned them on the phone and off the institution i hope people. it is hard to fully agree and it is not true to anchorage people pay their life but i hope people can have understand understanding because when hong kong only is safa millions of population to mean as of then the deferred people are settled down peace foti parents hold the baby costs bring their children join the rallies sure to watch the show the voice of people beijing do you keep silence and caroms say that well we will suspend a bill but we could just suspend and the bill will only be terminated tro once later so what would happen in this trial for months if largely totally peaceful demonstration i used how come youngster high school student younger than me they
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paid a lot at recess and might face 10 years general terms of any type the leader of a rather movement and i just face the sentence full feel as all mass of a one year even people might disagree i think that blame on them is not the way our it's the future of this beyond she's she's been stood resistance to dump this bill completely for some time already on the issue going to eventually dump the billboards and you think she's going to be easy to continue to use these things terminate a withdrawal of you is the way out i strongly curious and run one there and votes when 2000000 people surveyed announced that my universe is say that small is safe and the percent of people are not accept suspend the us to ask him to withdraw it because people have no trust on beijing and hong kong government so why not with george to be able to solve the political crisis generated by caroline.
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i hope people can have more understanding on those youngster join the action is an i myself has a patient on 10 just general terms thank you very much for joining us and i should say that carrie lam is holding an executive meeting has held her executive council meeting this morning at government house is the 1st time she's held this meeting at the cabinet meeting in about 3 weeks so they're progressing crisis talks to see what they can do next or to sort of claw there in hong kong sarah thank you well katrina who is in beijing with the latest on how the chinese government is reacting to events in hong kong. well so far here in beijing it's been very quiet we haven't heard an official response from beijing we are still waiting on that but we can assume that the chinese censorship agency has here has been on overdrive from what we've seen we haven't seen any tourist on social media about these riots is very little recent online and this is because the chinese government is very cute to
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sort of take down any post that they think would stir discontent i'm going to show you some headlines from some 2 state media newspapers quite different to what we would have seen in hong kong we've got here the global times and we'll have china daily no pictures of protests and so we've got pictures of celebrations in hong kong got another thing people are saying i love hong kong and and really having a good time here all yesterday so according to state media at least to these papers nothing happened it was all happy there was a big celebration but of course we did see from the global times online not on the front page but online and editorial which really struck back at the protesters he mentioned that these were nothing short of of mobs and they were only acting out of blind arrogance and rage with a complete disregard for law and very interesting this line who says those who love the city must be sad and frustrated so we're seeing
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a real attempt at least by state media to divide the people of hong kong. this president donald trump says iran is playing with fire for the un's nuclear watchdog confirmed to turn around a stockpiling more enrich uranium than allowed by the 2050 nuclear deal washington warned it will never allow iran to develop nuclear weapons that it will continue its maximum pressure campaign until terror on changes course here's what trump told reporters at the white house. to iran they know what they're doing they know what they're playing with and i think they're playing with fire so no message to iran whatsoever clearly iran's foreign minister said does the right to exceed the limit because the 2050 nuclear deal has not been upheld. as i've been informed iran has exceeded the 300 kilogram limit to enrich uranium we had previously announced they simply were transparent in saying that what we are going to do reconsider our right
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reserved in the nuclear. coffee and. actions by the europeans have not been enough so we will move ahead with our plan we are in the process of doing our 1st phase of action increasing our stockpile of enriched uranium as well as our heavy water reserves we have already announced a 2nd phase which would be supporting the rhenium enrichment limit of 3.6 percent this will be our next step john hendren has more now from washington d.c. . president donald trump says iran is playing with fire that is after iran announced that it is violating the 2015 nuclear agreement the multi-national agreement in which it set levels at which it could store stockpiles of uranium before that happened the white house put out a statement saying in part maximum pressure on the iranian regime will continue until its leaders alter their course of action the regime must end its nuclear ambitions and its malign behavior but responses have also been pouring in through
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the 280 character format of twitter from the administration we have secretary mike pompei oh the u.s. secretary of state saying the world's top sponsor of terrorism can never be allowed to enrich uranium at any level john bolton the national security adviser for the u.s. says there is no reason for iran to increase its enrichment unless it is part of an effort to reduce the breakout time to produce nuclear weapons there have also been responses from the democratic presidential candidates bernie sanders says he's pushed us to the brink of war with iran and kept us in the horrific saudi led war in yemen we need real diplomacy any club which our centrist candidate says now iran is closer to a nuclear weapon than before trump took office this did not need to happen and we should negotiate back into the agreement that's the 2015 nuclear agreement the us has bailed out of n. joe biden the former vice president and leading candidate in the democratic
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presidential race says trump's iran policy has alienated us from our allies and taken us to the brink of another war in the middle east everything this president does is backwards this could end in a number of different ways with an agreement possibly between the u.s. and iran with a military conflict like the one that only days ago president trump said he was within 10 minutes of ordering or we could have the kind of prolonged standoff that we have right now. time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back a report on the conflict in libya and the increasing involvement of 2 foreign players and we meet the stargazers under strong of a lot as flocking to a small chilean town to watch a rare eclipse more on that stay with us from. the weather sponsored by cattle and ways. there are still some storms rattling around
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in places like tajikistan will be further east just off the edge of your chart there and what was forming round baku you can see him for the caspian as disappearing too so we should see now a dry picture all the way from the caucasus right across the western himalayan plateau and to the south it's as you expect you follow the breeze as are the dusty or not and it's always hot there's nothing much in the sky it goes right way back to the eastern side of the mediterranean so it's hot inland reliably so middle or high forty's for iraq down to kuwait and same is true on the arabian peninsula at some time soon we'll probably see celibacy pick up the southwesterly and be increasing the humid in cloudy but it's pretty jittery and unreliable a moment ask for showers for many of the mountains doesn't very likely more of an increase in the breeze maybe coming off the go towards darker and back rain which could be an increase in humidity it's about right time the year for it that's
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pretty unpleasant weather. then we jumped out of southern africa where at this time the it should be reliably sunny by day for the most part and cold barnard we've seen rain coming from the western cape is just going through cape town on tuesday it's off shore super quiet was 16 degrees for wednesday. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. this is a dialogue meeting about if we want to get on international media and on t.v. a question stop this comes with skepticism because there's a lot of it on my everyone has a voice we are being taken advantage of just because we are small community without any network to seek help join the global conversation announces iraq all they want to do is start the debate the same kind of debate that we have here in st.
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welcome back about top stories here this hour clean up crews are at work outside of hong kong's legislative council after it was stormed by protesters on monday police have to use tear gas to clear the area of violence full of the peaceful protests earlier on the day the territory mots 22 years since the 100 over to china. hong kong's beijing backed chief executive talent condemned protest as a being what she says extremely violent she said it's heartbreaking to see so many young demonstrators break the law and once again rejected calls for her to resign. and u.s. president donald trump says iran is playing with fire and warn that washington will never allow it to develop nuclear weapons he would watchdog confirm that iran has stockpiled more enriched uranium than allowed under the 2015 nuclear deal. with the
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rebels in yemen say they've launched another attack on an airport in saudi arabia 9 people were injured when a port in the syrian region was targeted that's not far from saudi arabia's border with yemen but yemen's who the rebels have launched repeated a strike on saudi arabia which is not a coalition against the group for almost 4 years. forces loyal to the libyan warlord anything more airstrikes targeting the u.n. backed government in the capital tripoli a number of people have been killed and injured in monday's attack the strike also damaged several buildings after us forces launched a campaign to take the capital in april but u.n. backed government forces in tripoli say the jets that carried out the strikes were from the u.a.e. the accusations come just days after its troops recapture the city of gary and from our forces and found boxes of u.s. made weapons stamped with the u.a.e. logos. today there were airstrikes by foreign jets these are not have targets such jets are owned by the u.a.e.
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who attacked more than one place in tripoli before the airstrikes targeted a 3 story building and the building collapsed fully half toward doesn't only kind of missiles they are owned by the u.a.e. we said this before the jets that have attacked tripoli are the same jets that attacked 30 and after have torched forces were defeated iraq's prime minister abdul mahdi has ordered the country's powerful paramilitary groups to be integrated into the armed forces they've been ordered to comply with the orders by the end of the month the prime minister says offices and checkpoints operated by militia groups must be shut down currently most of iraq's paramilitary groups i believe to be bought by iran. finra possessions have been taking place throughout sedan after 11 people were killed during mass protests on sunday hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets demanding an immediate 100 over of power to a civilian led government the military says security forces responded after being attacked by protesters the main opposition coalition is calling for an independent
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inquiry. international observers of albania's local elections say they were held with little regard for the interests of the electorate the main opposition parties boycotted sunday's poll with claims of corruption al-jazeera as john psaropoulos reports from skoda in albania for. the mayor of chicago is tallying voter turnout in sunday's local election it is pitifully low which is good news for the incumbent then me because the democratic party she represents boycotted this election so she wasn't a candid it people. it is and this is wonderful this is not political this is being a citizen so because of that i think that it is there and because of what they feel happy to be the democratic party accuses the socialist government of corruption it is demanding the resignation of prime minister and the general election president
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who is sympathetic to the opposition claims declared the local elections cancelled and rescheduled them for october to give the parties a cooling off period but the government under held them anyway. has been a democratic party stronghold since the fall of communism in 1998 but on sunday a socialist party candidate stood here unopposed according to the municipal tally fewer than 7 percent of registered voters turned out to vote and many of those apparently in protest. and some of those are workers in state services who told me a dummy they were ordered to vote in resulting political disagreements international monitors blame the 2 main parties this earth of june collections held with little regard for the interests of the electorate in the climate of the political standoff and polarize ation thirty's did not have
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a meaningful choice between political options. in february the democratic party opposition walked out of parliament this polarization has left voters confused and disillusioned. with politics last year so it's very very confused you know for all the people and the people are so so tight honestly we need an opposition even if it's maybe bad without any organization or anything like that. a demi's term officially ends in august since she doesn't recognize this election as legal she is refusing to give up hope post as a 23 other opposition mayors prime minister rama has invited the opposition to talks unless the political parties reach agreement it will be up to rubber whether to initiate legal proceedings that will put a demi and the other opposition mayors in jail jumpsuit al-jazeera. the german foreign minister high kamaz as one the arrest of
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a german ship's captain in italy could lead to considerable aggravation and call for her immediate release counterattacks he has appeared before a sicilian court after being detained on saturday when she illegally dr vestal on the island of lampedusa was carrying dozens of migrants the 31 year old has been accused of deliberately running the sea which 3 rescue ship into a police boat was trying to stop and from the fore. to brazil now where 6 months ago. on a wave of bold promises he said he would tackle brazil's soaring crime rates and overhaul the economy his campaign was also peppered with attacks on women and minorities done osama reports now from rio de janeiro and sao paolo to see you both a narrow escape his promises for. a year ago. it was just another candidate with an outside chance of becoming the next president of brazil but his firebrand rhetoric is simple solutions struck
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a chord with the electorate and with his main opponent former president luis in. jail for corruption he was the runaway winner some are delighted with the results so far while others already having 2nd thoughts. about this i think the country's economy's better now i know a few people better who are in employed and managed to find jobs recently the crisis was pretty bad so i mean i'm going to be regretting voting for him to be honest i shouldn't have done it but i didn't like the opposition candidate for others balsa nardo in office is as bad as they feared he might be so. i'm not surprised in my opinion he governs for the rich and not something i was expecting from the beginning. or a promise to tackle the drug gangs a rise in crime by allowing more people to carry weapons he would revitalize a sluggish economy with radical pension reform he said it promotes what he called family values he promised simple solutions to complex problems and millions of
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brazilians had faith that he would deliver his finding out something about the realities of life in office while he's certainly been taken this stick and controversial as his critics are expecting. perhaps his biggest task is implementing the pension reform in the face of strong opposition especially from the trade unions. in order to to approve the contrary for. and most in there will have to be much more moderate then most of his voters expect him to be so that's the big challenge how to equate these 2 things he's very conservative agendas on the one here in his need to pass and we can all make reforms on the other he blames the formal left wing president lula da silva for many of brazil's problem is that questions about the way lula was imprisoned last year on corruption charges continue to haunt bolton are as presidents see who he wants to keep. as
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a symbol of everything he promised to fight against so corruption. left wing ideology communism as he often calls it president bush has so far done little to placate his opponents while his supporters wait impatiently for him to deliver what he promised and there are jews here rio de janeiro now on tuesday a dramatic total solar eclipse will darken the skies over south america eclipse will travel across parts of chile and argentina and a journey lasting about 6 minutes or latin america at its in the sea and human travel to like get in chile the best place to see the event. the transparent skies of northern chile especially the region have turned this into the world's astronomy capital. but scientists aren't the only ones rushing to witness a cosmic event that is drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors here to see a total solar eclipse or new people say well what's question without
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a why would you want to travel so far to see it. after you see the eclipse you will know that this would be the american couples 16th have been chasing solar eclipses the world over in a full solar eclipse the position of the moon appears to fully cover the sun turning day into night it occurs somewhere on our planet roughly every 18 months but they're all different depending on the notation the position of the sun and the clarity of the sky on the this fringe family just arrived from paris and says they expect this their 5th eclipse to be the best one yet yes it's an expensive hobby but once you see a full eclipse. you get addicted actually you want to see the next one. accommodation in tickle kimball and at the comma regions have been sold out for more than 6 months this is like get up population $4000.00 where almost everybody
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is renting a room or their home or even just a little piece of land where people visitors can camp out and the reason is that this remote place has some of the best views of the stars of anywhere in the world and which according to astronomers will also give you some of the best views all the eclipse. but for astronomers and physicists who've also camped out here it's an opportunity to see elusive stars gather data or demonstrate the theory of relativity through these telescopes so you wouldn't know it at the bottom if you're ibu to see weak stars doing a total eclipse we will be able to determine. a lot to displace them and demonstrate once again on stein's general theory of relativity and they said it's wonderful it's one sharon and byrne are bull cults have less ambitious expectations so i'm hoping to see stars in the daytime. if the weather cooperates as meteorologists predict she will more than likely get her wish to see in human light
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get at chilly don't forget you can catch up on all the news on my website there it is on the screen all the latest from hong kong the address al-jazeera dot com that's not a 0 dot com. talk a quick check of the headlines here and al-jazeera cleanup crews are at work outside of hong kong's legislative council after it was stormed by protesters on monday. at least have to use tear gas to clear the area the volunteers followed a peaceful protest only on a day the territory 22 years since the 100 over to china. hong kong's leader condemn the actions of the protesters the extreme use of violence and vandalism by protesters who stormed into the legislative council building over
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a period of time so this is something that we should seriously come down because nothing is more important than the rule of law in hong kong so i hope the community at large will agree with us that with these violent acts that we have seen it is right for us to condemn it if u.s. president donald trump says iran is playing with fire to the united nations nuclear watchdog confirmed the terror on a stockpiling more enriched uranium than allowed by the 25th a nuclear deal. washington warned it will never allow iran to develop nuclear weapons and that it will continue its maximum pressure campaign until terror run changes course. to the rebels in yemen say they've launched another attack on an airport in saudi arabia 9 people injured when a port in the a series in was targeted not far from saudi arabia's border with yemen humans who the rebels have launched repeated it strikes on saudi arabia which
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is led a coalition against the group for most 4 years. forces loyal to the libyan war delhi for have to have launched more air strikes targeting the u.n. but government in the capital tripoli a number of people have been killed and injured in monday's attack the strike also damaged several buildings after us forces launched a campaign to take the capital in april. under rounds prime minister mufti has ordered the country's powerful paramilitary groups to be integrated into the armed forces they've been told to comply by the end of the month the problem is just says offices and checkpoints operated by militia groups must be shut down currently most of iraq's paramilitary groups are believed to be bought by iran but those are the headlines that use continues on al-jazeera after the street statement that so much about the.
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the difference is. and this in the analogies of. al-jazeera. i mean ok and you're in the stream today have the fiji islands become a highway for drug traffickers we explore how locals are bearing the brunt of the surge in pacific trafficking routes send us your thoughts by tweeting at a.j. stream or you can leave a comment in the you tube chat and we will do our best to get you into the conversation. minus tracy help then i'm an overdose prevention warrants are in the. it's a drug wrote far from international headlines about increased trafficking through the pacific region is creating a david and goliath like problem for police in several cars.


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