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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 2, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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and interview tan the people and a nation crippled by recent history. part 2 of a 2 part series on al-jazeera. china condemns the storming of hong kong's parliament as a blatant challenge to the way the territory is run. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. president calls on iran to reduce its stockpile of enriched uranium to save the 2015 nuclear deal. still may continue says european leaders struggled to agree on who gets the 5 most important jobs. at least 21 people are dead as monsoon rains western india bringing flash flooding and widespread disruption.
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china has condemned the actions of protesters in hong kong and its harshest words since huge crowds began taking to the streets one month ago it called the storming of the legislative council building a blank and challenge to the one country 2 systems bottom line and said we express our hit condemnation against this once inside the legislative chamber protesters unfurled a british era clone your flag over the speakers podium and to face the territory's official seal anniversary was marked by yet another huge march the 3rd and as many weeks around half a 1000000 people packed the streets protesting not just against the controversial extradition bill but also the government's response begin our coverage with this report from katrina you and beijing. this is the hong kong the chinese government wanted the world to see celebrations marking the 22nd anniversary of its return to
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the chinese motherland instead piece with the scenes broadcast around the world dismissed by beijing as little more than violent mobs pursing but it says is a blatant challenge to the one country 2 systems rule its strongest words yet. what happened in hong kong violently striking in. and damaging facilities is an act of troubling rule of law and violating social order is a serious to law breaking behavior. the communist party has condemned the storming of hong kong's legislative council and its full support behind chief executive kerry land government it's backing a police investigation into the criminal responsibility of those involved on monday night saying offenders will feel the full force of the law. the chinese government are continuing to play down the takeover of hong kong's column and calling it the illegal behavior of
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a group of radicals but the intensity of the protest have no doubt such time as leadership and pundits and questions as to why so many homes are resisting they jews control they see or perceive that somehow beijing is over reaching that it's violating what they perceive as the spirit or the agreement that was in the handover from beijing's point of view they're protecting their people and their country for now from chinese state media a familia party line continuing to protest will only undermine social order and harm hong kong. beijing is watching closely waiting to see of hong kong government is able to stamp out the unrest if not it may bring with these protesters fear the more stuff more controlled from the mainland catrina you al-jazeera beijing meanwhile hong kong is coming to terms with the events of the past 24 hours as wayne hay reports. the center of power in hong kong is now
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a crime scene the legislative council of its parliament is in disarray after anti-government protesters broke in on monday night's the morning after the violence police began investigating the incident which may result in protesters being charged for trespassing and vandalism those who usually work here and still coming to terms with what happens. this is a place for hong kong people it is a symbol of legislation even though people including the youngsters have different opinions they have no right to cause damage to the legislative council i think we should all protect this council it's a place to discuss politics not a place for fighting hours after the riot police dispersed the rally a cleanup operation also began work is cleared piles of debris left behind as protesters made a quick retreat the latest rally came to an end amid clouds of tear gas and charging police the catalyst for the crackdown was the decision by protesters to
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force their way into the government building it came after a much larger peaceful anti-government march earlier in the day organizers said more than half a 1000000 people came out on the 22nd anniversary of the handover of hong kong from great britain to china they want hong kong's chief executive to resign and for a controversial extradition bill to be withdrawn. they see the bill which would allow criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china for trial as another sign of beijing's increasing control over hong kong as the police investigation continues here the debate is only really just beginning about the decision by protesters to burst into this building causing so much damage along the way and whether it will turn public opinion against the anti-government movements even some supporters of the protesters believe it was a mistake but they say it has to be viewed in a broader context of what they're trying to achieve why this down people. are so
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disrespectful to the rule let's just make sure it is because it cannot represent the voice of the people the people of hong kong is still trying to digest what happened here the protesters grab everyone's attention with directions but they still haven't achieved their goals increasing the possibility of violence on the streets when hey al jazeera hong kong russia's defense minister says 14 sailors have died in a fire on a navy submarine that they say vessels bases in russia's northwestern region the defense ministry says the deaths were caused by poisonous gases from pew there are reports that ansett and happened onboard a nuclear powered research submarine. and she's been gathering more information. well the ministry of defense has only today announced this accident has happened on a monday it's called a deep sea mercer who was actually on
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a research missed mission sort of measuring on the sea bottom basically that's what the ministry has confirmed it also has sat that these 14 people have died because of the toxic fumes after the fire broke out but we don't know the type of the submarine and also we don't know the name of the submarine so the information that has been given is very sketchy but website here in russia are because busy named is saying that they quote a military source that says that basically the type was it a as 12 deep sea nuclear powered submarine which is basically in the united states and europe called spies submarine it's not very clear what exactly it can do but it's sad that the united states is the super specifically very worried about this submarine because it can basically cut off a very important information streams and the internet in case of a global conflict we still don't know if if this is exactly the type it's not come
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from officially but this is what this website is reporting right now. on my breasts in moscow step thank you france's president mental knock on is calling on a rant to immediately reduce its enrich uranium reserves un's nuclear watchdog confirm tehran a stockpile and more and ridged iranian then that it's allowed under the 2015 nuclear deal atocha bottler has more from paris. now according to european diplomatic sources britain france and germany the 3 european signatories to the 2015 iran deal are really intent on trying to diffuse the situation after iran exceeded its uranium limits these diplomatic sources also say that these 3 powers are not going to trigger a special mechanism that was in shrine in the 2015 a deal which would lead to the reimposition or u.n. sanctions on iran the focus clearly for european powers is to try and
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persuade to tehran to continue to comply with the deal earlier in the day we heard from the french president amount of virus statement that was released by the elise a in which mark was calling on iran to reverse the steps it's taken to exceed its uranium limits it's also urging tehran to comply with the deal saying that president bankroll really focus on the next few days on doing everything he can to make sure that this deal survived is something we also heard from the british foreign minister there is a clear desire on behalf of the europeans to continue to fight for this deal as they have done so ever since the united states pulled out and we impose sanctions last year. has more from tehran. iran's speaker of parliament johnny speaking during a ceremony to mark the 988 u.s. shoot down of an iranian passenger airliner flight 605 the remarks that he made really reflected the frustration of the iranian leadership now 290 people died in
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988 when a u.s. missile cruiser fired at the passenger airliner but when the 2050 nuclear deal was signed the trust gap that exists between iran and the united states from years of conflict and incidents like this shoot down a lot of that trust had been bridged by moves made by the administration of u.s. president barack obama the latest remarks today from mr larijani illustrate how much of that trust deficit being built up that trust deficit being done away with during the obama administration much of that has been undone by the administration of u.s. president donald trump more should. america's problem is that they don't know the middle east and the iranian nation and they think if they deploy some warships to the region they can suppress the determination of a nation but iranians have shown they have unified should realize that a civilized nation will get more united when they're bullied if they understand that many problems will be so understanding it needs wisdom on monday the u.n.
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nuclear watchdog agency the i.a.e.a. confirmed that iran had breached a stockpile limit agreed upon in the 2015 nuclear deal of 300 kilograms of an restrain him the white house issued a statement saying that iran had been violating the wording of the way they had been violating the nuclear deal much before now iranian government officials have refuted that claim by the united states routinely and in the tweet from foreign minister zarif he simply said seriously question mark and that one word question really illustrates the frustration the ongoing frustration of iranian leaders many iranians here have said that they are caught between the republican party and the democratic party that the republican white house under u.s. president donald trump is simply trying to undo a major landmark foreign policy milestone achieved by the obama era government and iran's nuclear deal is simply caught in the middle. a singer u.s.
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senator is demanding an investigation into reports that the u.a.e. illegally transferred american weapons to libyan fighters. appearing to show the u.s. may javelin missiles in the hands of forces loyal to eastern warlord clay for half tar a member of the senate foreign relations committee bob menendez says if confirmed the transfer would be a gross violation of the u.n. arms embargo on libya. still ahead on al-jazeera about a foreign invader choking in nigeria's rivers. and me the stargazers walking to a small town in chile to watch a rare eclipse. starting really wet across southern parts of china lots of fun behaves showing up here in this little cluster of storms my you will develop into
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a tropical storm over the next few days we want to keep an eye on across the far south west of china see the deeper shading on acha southern parts of china all the way through hong kong murat ups was that southeast of kona seeing some really heavy rain through wednesday and lastly continuing as we go on through a good part as well that's where the other states this tropical development that's going to push its way up towards more than postle vietnam a fast southwest off china sea some flooding rains to ensue in there her recently particularly around the western u.s. mumbai has seen widespread flooding deadly floods in fact quite a rash of storms the monsoon rains setting in across many parts now coast to the sea the latest pulse of haiti way will push in across central plains new delhi on the other hand stays hot and dry temperatures getting up to 40 maybe 41 degrees for the midwest to get still seeing some heavy showers every show is to into myanmar the final feast of india and into much obama today not too many showers across the
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right in place hot dry and sunny sums it up here in doha the 42 degrees. let me take you. like no please son. west rain. until the storm gets to fall stay stuck on most skilled. nation the consequence that. stadiums that are wrong. just a news destination to see the women's world cup 29 t. .
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watching al-jazeera let's check out the top stories right now china is calling overnight protests in hong kong a challenge to the one country 2 systems principle that has the strongest condemnation from beijing since protesters stormed the city's main government building. france's president is calling on iran to immediately reduce its enriched uranium reserves and its nuclear watchdog confirms tehran is stockpiling more enriched uranium that allowed on the 2015 nuclear deal. russia's defense ministry says 14 sailors have been killed in a fire on a navy submarine in the deep sea vessels bases in russia's more western region reports say the incident happened on board a nuclear powered research submarine. please ensure longa have a rest of their top commander over his failure to stop the easter sunday bombings which killed 258 people. in daraa and former defense secretary in the syria
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fernando have been charged after prosecutors said their neck will just amounts to crimes against humanity no fernandez says more from colombo. the arrest of the former defense secretary and the police chief comes as no major surprise even though people are still grappling with the fact that under the president's direction the law enforcement have gone this far north that both these individuals appeared before the parliamentary select committee on the easter sunday bombings and had some pretty damning things to say basically the former defense secretary had said that he hardly had the opportunity to sit down with the president the police chief also talking about the fact that he had been locked out of national security council meetings but basically yesterday we had a pointer when the attorney general wrote to the acting police chief bearing in mind that the police chief himself has been sent on compulsory leave by the
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president who couldn't remove him given the constitution but that letter from the attorney general did talk about the fact that negligence on the do do is part which would lead to the easter sunday bombings he said they could be considered under international law as having committed grave crimes against humanity the attorney general also listed a whole series of the clauses under the penal code where they could be charged or that they had violated including sort of committing murder committing sort of death through negligence and a number of such basically crimes urging the criminal investigation department to arrest them so both of these individuals early this morning admitted themselves into different hospitals the standard operating procedure interlochen politics when you're wanted by the police or the courts. and despite them being admitted you have
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the criminal investigations department of dispatching teams to the hospitals placing both of them under arrest the magistrate visited both of them and they have been arrested potentially they're produced in court. to select the european union's top officials are underway again after repeated attempts to reach a consensus of president of the e.u. council donald tusk said that agreement could be close it's the 3rd meeting to pick to block the top jobs including the president of the european commission a marathon 20 hour negotiation on monday broke down over eastern european opposition to france temperament its a dutch socialist politician who has the backing on germany spain and france all europe's national leaders struggled to agree on their choice for the continent's top job the rifts in european politics have been on full display there was tension in the chamber as the new intake members of the european parliament were sworn in or and. here comes trouble and its name is the brics it policy it
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is now the biggest single party in the european parliament and as such is the best representation of how this institution is in flux as just one example has already threatened to help vote down the e.u. budgets and it doesn't like the way that europe does deals the whole way the group systems work again very undemocratic you know you have to tie up with people in 7 other countries and you know if you were leaving and everybody else wants to stay then there's no sense in that sort of britain says. they suddenly started as they mean to go on turning their backs in the chamber during the inauguration ceremony as the european anthem was played. so there are new fault lines everywhere outside a big castle and demonstration in protest against spain for blocking their leader. from taking his seat inside. and across the floor of the chamber new right wing populists viewed with fear and suspicion by the establishment sent to rights while
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over on the left surging greens and liberals many wearing yellow stock bricks it t. shirts are just as keel with lights this is not politics as usual we're all out there doing our social media and. getting a lot more attention than it did before and we've got more journalists coming here as well and everything that raises the profile of european politics and helps people to understand how crucial it is to be part of the legal changes that are made here which is really we're leading the world in terms of legislation that protects people on the planet everything that can help that is a good thing so by the traditionally been the standards of strasburg this promises to be an argumentative european parliament with little sign the politicians are prepared simply to rubber stamp decisions that have been made by the european commission in brussels proponents of political stability in europe will say that that's messy you could just as well argue that it's democracy in action. ask most europeans who they're any p.s. and usually you get a shrug of the shoulders many of them are accused of using this place as
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a get rich quick vehicle making alliances for political expediency as much as for progress maybe the angry mood among the europeans will add a level of transparency and relevance to this place lawrence li al jazeera in strasbourg. so that's our test leaders are bowing to step up demonstrations they call for nationwide civil disobedience later this month as the ports they blame the military leaders for the 11 deaths during sunday's rallies i'm going to manipulate you i mean you're going to be naming the latest victims of the fight for civilian rule in sudan killed as security forces broke up some of the largest demonstrations in weeks. but once the funeral processions began some cried out blood for blood and down with military rule. despite an internet blackout that curb their ability to organize hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets in the capital khartoum and other cities demanding
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an immediate handover of power to a civilian led government. so. we don't trust the military council this is something we're not hiding we have doubts about them and we will not put down our weapons which is the crowds of people to just follow the road of negotiations alone and move. the african union and ethiopia are mediating between the 2 sides last week the military junta said they were ready to resume talks on a transition but there are already plans for more street protests next week. 3 months after the fall of president omar al bashir after nearly 30 years of rule those calling for complete change in sudan say there is still a long way to go and a chapell al jazeera at least 23 people have been killed and 300 are missing after attacks on 3 falana villages in central mali they assault comes amid a string of violence between filani herders and ethnic doggone farmers who have
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long fought over land and resources rivalry was stoked earlier this year by the growing presence of armed groups. at least 21 people have been killed and dozens injured during monsoon rains in western india flash flooding caused chaos in the fight financial capital surrounding areas reports. it's the heaviest rainfall people in mumbai have seen in a single day in more than a decade. more than 350 millimeters of rain fell in just over 24 hours in the city of 20000000 people cars were submerged and main roads flooded at the city's airport there was major disruption with a plane skidding from the runway and 100 flights affected. with millions prevented from getting to work and school officials declared a public holiday and there is no train and they are not making any announcements either there is water logging everywhere the stream is here in the next block but they're not allowing that to leave either. the heavy downpour forced water levels
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to rise. commuting is a big problem how does a man go to work. they have to get down in need deep and sometimes waist deep water on waterlogged roads to get from one place to another. in the western part of mumbai a wall collapsed on homes in the shanty town workers scramble to rescue survivors and several people were killed and dozens injured in the search with 3 methods victim locating cameras dog searches and physical searches we've handed over all the bodies that we found and all the searches we're not getting any more information or extra signals so we'll ask the local authorities to conclude the rescue operation the indian navy has been called in to provide relief to other areas affected by the heavy downpour. india has its monsoon season every year but this storm has already brought the 2nd highest rainfall in 44 years and with 3 more days of heavy rain expected people in mumbai are being told it's better to stay at
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home for healing mohammed al jazeera. as human in nigeria say a non-native plant species is choking reverse and restricting trade water hyacinth is native to the amazon basin in south america but it started appearing in nigeria in the 1990 s. and quickly spread your supports unlike us. on land hundreds of thousands of cars and trucks clog the streets of lagos and for those people who have increasingly turned to the water for transport an invasive weed is making life difficult there. because of how enormous it is is the governments the us will kill more machines to show that we're able to tackle it appropriately the spread of water hyacinth is heading inland covering small streams and rivers at least 26 out of nigeria's $36.00 states affected it is accelerating the buildup of silt at the bottom of rivers and choking about aquatic plants by blocking sunlight and oxygen
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water herself or frost noticed in nigeria in the early 1990 s. since then the invasive plant has disrupted not only transport but also hydro electric generation and fishing in several regions efforts to control it have so far field. you mean a model who's been a fisherman all his life says the job is now getting harder going through mind to stop a presence of the plants makes it difficult to parse out and cast or net the catch is decreasing in fact the work is becoming shallow. but what he sees as a nuisance others see an opportunity they have is the plan to create an artwork out of it for sale. but importantly scientists say there is a lot of potential of water hyacinth including electricity generation. scientists at. the water and longer process of my research using the educational metal of.
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plants or what i see sentencing what i'm missing this last 4 months i'm now using it for their research work. and using it for. something that might prove beneficial to nigeria as it struggles to generate electricity to power its factories and homes. back on the river you mean a model which is the weed will just disappear so the fish can return in numbers how much research al-jazeera lagos stargazers are flocking to a small town in chile to get sight of a total solar eclipse set to darken the skies or. on tuesday the last for just 6 minutes over parts of chile and argentina a lot america will see new men travel to gather and chile where the clear skies make it the best place to see this rare event. the transparent skies of northern
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chile especially the called kimball region have turned this into the world's astronomic capital. but scientists aren't the only ones rushing to witness a cosmic event that is drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors here to see a total solar eclipse people say well what's question would be better why do you want to travel so far to see it after you see the eclipse you will know that this will be the american couples 16th we've been chasing solar eclipses the world over in a full solar eclipse the position of the moon appears to fully cover the sun turning day into night it occurs somewhere on our planet roughly every 18 months but they're all different depending on the location. in the position of the sun and the clarity of the sky on the this french family just arrived from paris and says they expect this their 5th eclipse to be the best one yet yes it's an expensive hobby
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but once you see the full eclipse. you get addicted actually it's like you're you want to see the next one. accommodation in tickle kimball and i think karma regions have been sold out for more than 6 months this is like a get up population 4000 where almost everybody is renting a room or their home or even just a little piece of land where people visitors can camp out and the reason is that this remote place has some of the best views of the stars of anywhere in the world and which according to astronomers will also give you some of the best views all the eclipse. but for astronomers and physicists who've also camped out here it's an opportunity to see elusive stars gather data or demonstrate this theory of relativity through these telescopes so you will go to the better if you are able to see weak stars doing a total eclipse we will be able to determine if the light is displaced in it and
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demonstrate once again on stein's general theory of relativity and they said it's wonderful it's one sharon and burn our book cults have less ambitious expectations so i'm hoping to see stars in the daytime. if the weather cooperates as meteorologists predict she will more than likely get her wish to see in human light good at chile. look at the headlines right now on al-jazeera china as calling protests in hong kong a blatant challenge to the one country 2 systems principle on monday demonstrators stormed the city's main government building and the police fired tear gas but protest leaders and says the valley. majority of people are peaceful. is hard to fully agree and it is not good to anchorage people pay to. live and
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raise but i hope people can have understand understand because when hong kong only is 7000000 population tuman as of then the deferred people are settled down ps throaty parents hold the baby costs bring their children join the rallies sure to watch the show to voice of people beijing so do you keep silence russia's defense ministry says 14 sailors have died in a fire on a navy submarine in the country's far northwest the defense ministry says the deaths were caused by poisonous gases from the reports that this happened on board a nuclear powered research submarine as its president is calling on iran's him immediately reduce its enriched uranium reserves the nuclear watchdog confirmed her on a stockpile and more enriched uranium than is allowed under the 2015 nuclear deal a senior u.s. senator is demanding an investigation into reports that the u.a.e. illegally transferred american weapons to libyan fighters video emerged appearing to show the u.s.
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may jabal and missiles left behind by forces loyal to eastern warlord clay for half tar ranking member of the senate foreign relations committee bob menendez says that if confirmed the transfer would be a gross violation of the u.n. arms embargo on libya place in sri lanka have arrested their top commander over his failure to stop the easter sunday bombings which killed $258.00 people he's been charged alongside the former defense secretary prosecutors are accusing them of negligence amounting to crimes against humanity a new european parliament has opened with renewed signs of division members who supported bracks it turned their backs on the session and those in favor of cattle on independence rallied outside talks of continued for a 3rd day on who should fill the blocks top jobs. as are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera more to come soapbox mexico is next.
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