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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 2, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter is iraq. after 3 days of deadlock european leaders agree on who should take the top jobs this after protests mark the opening of the new european parliament. in our intake this is al jazeera live from london also coming up china condemns the storming of hong kong's government building as a challenge to the city's one country 2 systems formula. russia says 14 of its sailors have died in a fire on a deep water research submarine. and it's only valid to expel a german captain of
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a migrant rescue boat docked in lampedusa after a court releases her from house arrest. after one failed summit and another 3 days of talks european leaders a finally agreed on who should get the top jobs germany's also the founder lyon has been proposed as the next european commission president belgian prime minister sharon michel is nominated to be the european council president spain's for mr jones at boorowa has been chosen to be the e.u.'s top diplomat a high representative for foreign affairs and i.m.f. chief christine lagarde has been proposed for president of the european central bank. are now have to be endorsed by the e.u. parliament european council president donald tusk warned that there's a huge question mark over whether they will be but said he's hopeful they will. this is right we have parliament i mean to debate or discuss to argue. and then to
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decide to run. but i hope that if the political leaders are not on the prime minister prime ministers will do everything to do to convince our colleagues in the parliament to. support this this. project. is going to identity in brussels so they had to compromise to reach these their these various names how popular are they. well there certainly well known figures that's for sure the nomination for the what some see as the jewel in the crown of the presidency of the european commission going to have on the lie and she's very well known across the continent as germany's foreign minister she of course is from chancellor merkel's own c.d.u. party and as such she is a representative of the european peoples party the center right group in the
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european parliament to these factions have really been lobbying for influence in the last few days as you were saying originally the frontrunner for that job was from the center left the dutch labor leader france to moments but he was seen as a toxic candidate by countries such as poland and hungary who he's been sharply critical of the other nominations will shall michel the belgian prime minister donald tusk in his press conference was suggesting that mr michel was ideal because as the leader of belgium a country which is of course so divided itself he would be a good person to get sides talking to each other and christine legarde very well known internationally managing director of the international monetary fund the press conference also saw mr to askand chancellor merkel welcome the fact that there was another woman so 2 big nominations for women but it's still not
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clear either whether the the the center left of the socialists and democrats are going to get any joy coming out of this because $11.00 nomination that we don't know or perhaps too is the who's going to be the president of the european parliament but also whether the parliament will actually ratify this package as you were just hearing from donald tusk it's not a foregone conclusion and there is a lot of unease let's say from some in the parliament the view. greens leading candidate has denounced this outcome as old europe at its worst calling on. the parliament to reject the nominations and i like the way it is that that's an option i suppose if they reject them but how likely are they in reality to do that. well it would be quite quite a departure from what's happened in previous rounds where where once the leaders
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have come to a coup some kind of compromise then the. respective blocs in the european parliament fail to to approve but it's it is possible i mean there are there is probably quite some. some disappointment among for example the social democrats and the people that make gains in may european elections such as the the the greens and of course those nationalist or populist parties such as for example the brics it party in the u.k. they're all they're all trying to have their say so it's going to be interesting what will happen in the next few days is the european parliament. starts to vote on wednesday but the mother thank you very much indeed. meanwhile the new intake of members of the european parliament have been sworn in that includes the brits at party who turned their backs as the european anthem was played during the opening
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ceremony maris li has more back. here comes trouble and its name is the brics it party it is now the biggest single party in the european parliament and as such is the best representation of how this institution is in flux as just one example has already threatened to help vote down the e.u. budgets and it doesn't like the way that europe does deals the whole way the group systems work again very undemocratic you know you have to tie up with people in 7 other countries and you know if you were leaving and everybody else wants to stay then there's no sense in that sort of britishers. they certainly started as they mean to go on turning their backs in the chamber during the inauguration ceremony as the european anthem was played. so there are new fault lines everywhere outside a big castle and demonstration in protest against spain for blocking their leader. from taking his seat inside. and across the floor of the chamber new rights wing
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populists viewed with fear and suspicion by the establishment sent to rights while over on the left surging greens and liberals many wearing yellow stop bricks it t. shirts are just as keyless lights this is not politics as usual we're all out there doing our social media and it's getting a lot more attention than it did before and we've got more journalists coming here as well and everything that raises the profile of european politics and helps people to understand how crucial it is to be part of the legal changes that are made here which is really we're leading the world in terms of legislation that protects people on the planet everything that can help that is a good thing so by the traditionally been the standards of strasburg this promises to be an argumentative european parliament with little sign the politicians are prepared simply to rubber stamp decisions. that have been made by the european commission in brussels proponents of political stability in europe will say that that's messy you could just as well argue that it's democracy in action. ask most
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europeans m.e.p. is and usually you get a shrug of the shoulders many of them are accused of using this place as a get rich quick vehicle making alliances for political expediency as much as for progress maybe the angry mood among the europeans will add a level of transparency and relevance to this place lawrence li al jazeera in strasbourg. beijing has strongly condemned protestors who ransacked hong kong's parliament accusing them of trampling on the rule of law a group of activists stormed and occupied the legislative council building for several hours after breaking away from a peaceful protest the disorder follows weeks of huge demonstrations calling for a bill and larry extraditions to china to be scrapped the treaty you in beijing reports on the reaction from china. this is the hong kong the chinese government
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wanted the world to see celebrations marking the 22nd anniversary of its return to the chinese motherland instead bs with the scenes broadcast around the world dismissed by beijing as little more than violent mobs pursing what it says is a blatant challenge to the one country 2 systems rule its strongest words yet very few 1000 look what happened in hong kong violently striking in. and the damaging facilities is an act of troubling rule of law and violating social order is a serious the law breaking behavior. the communist party has condemned the storming of hong kong's legislative council and its full support behind chief executive kerry land government it's backing a police investigation into the criminal responsibility of those involved on monday night saying offenders will feel the full force of the law. the chinese government
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are continuing to play down the takeover of hong kong's column and calling it the illegal behavior of a group of radicals but the intensity of the protest have no doubt such time as leadership and pundits and questions as to why so many homes are resisting they jews control they see or perceive that somehow beijing is over reaching that it's violating what they perceive as the spirit or the agreement that was in the hand-over from beijing's point of view they're protecting their people and their country for now from chinese state media a familia party line continuing to protest will only undermine social order and harm hong kong. beijing is watching closely waiting to see of hong kong government is able to stamp out the unrest if not it may bring with these protesters fear the more stuff more controlled from the mainland katrina you al-jazeera beijing
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and hong kong itself have been mixed reactions to the protests not everyone agrees with the actions of some of the protesters despite the anger by the extradition bill for int he reports from hong kong. the center of power in hong kong is now a crime scene the legislative council its parliament is in disarray after anti-government protesters broke in on monday night's the morning after the violence police began investigating the incident which may result in protesters being charged for trespassing and vandalism those who usually work here still coming to terms with what happened. this is a place for hong kong people it is a symbol of legislation even though people including the youngsters have different opinions they have no right to cause damage to the legislative council i think we should all protect this council it's a place to discuss politics not a place for fighting hours after the riot police dispersed the rally a cleanup operation also began work is cleared piles of debris left behind as
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protesters made a quick retreat the latest rally came to an end amid clouds of tear gas and charging police the catalyst for the crackdown was the decision by protesters to force their way into the government building it came after a much larger peaceful anti-government march earlier in the day organizers said more than half a 1000000 people came out on the 22nd anniversary of the handover of hong kong from great britain to china. they want hong kong's chief executive to resign and for a controversial extradition billed to be withdrawn. they see the bill which would allow criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china for trial as another sign of beijing's increasing control over hong kong as the police investigation continues here the debate is only really just beginning about the decision by protesters to burst into this building causing so much damage along the way and whether it will turn public opinion against the anti-government movements even some supporters of
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the protesters believe it was a mistake but they say it has to be viewed in a broader context of what they're trying to achieve why this down before. so this is respectful to the old legislature that is because it cannot represent the voice of the people the people of hong kong is still trying to digest what happened here the protesters grab everyone's attention with directions but they still haven't achieved their goals increasing the possibility of more violence on the streets when hey al jazeera on call still to come this half hour heavy monsoon rains caused walls to collapse on the huts and shanty towns in and around them by killing at least 31 people. and sky gazers gather in northern chile one of the world's best locations to watch the solar eclipse that stu to begin shortly.
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hello the weather is freshening up nicely now across northern parts of your falling on from a severe heat wave this law of cloud here represents a line of thought to be downpours as produce producing some really heavy rainfall some some localized flooding you see the cold we're talking in behind 1920 celsius there for berlin and also for warsaw near 22 in london fine and dry here at 25 for paris the showers they do they stand across the far south of france i'll try to slide a little further south was that certainly the case over towards the black sea just around rumania pushing down into bulgaria bucharest falls back to around 28 degrees celsius quite breezy you notice just around the black sea pushing up towards the baltic states at this stage as we go on through thursday so temperatures really 40 when it really will freshen up quite nicely more the parts of the british isles
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we'll see a little more the way of cloud it does stay dry having said that long as you drive to northern parts of africa are we getting up to 37 in tunis a similar value there for cairo as well as more of the same as we go on through thursday further south some lively showers just around the gulf of guinea with big downpours for a good part of nigeria this week. because in 1999 a boeing 767 took off from. the back. of a good point but the. operator will get everybody no one survived the journey. 20 years on al-jazeera world revisits the case of the fatal egypt air crash flight's 990 what really happened on al-jazeera.
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among the top stories here on jazeera european leaders have agreed on who should fill the top jobs of the main institutions for the next 5 years german defense minister also left on the lion has been nominated to be the 1st female european commission president. they now need to be endorsed by the european parliament is opening session earlier it was marred by protests over the u.k.'s brics it party turning their backs as the european anthem was played. and china has strongly condemned protestors who ransacked hong kong's parliament on monday accusing them of trampling on the rule of law. to wrench
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a long scene rains have led to flash flooding in western india it's caused chaos in the financial capital mumbai and its surrounding areas walls have collapsed on to huts and shanty towns killing at least 31 people and injuring dozens more are you mohammad reports. is the heaviest rainfall people in mumbai have seen in a single day in. more than a decade more than 350 millimeters of rain fell in just over 24 hours in the city of 20000000 people cars were submerged main roads flooded and at the city's airport there was a major disruption with a plane skidding from the runway and 100 flights affected with millions prevented from getting to work and school mumbai officials declared a public holiday. and there is no train and they are not making any announcements either there is water logged everywhere the stream is here in the next block but they're not allowing that to leave either. the heavy downpour forced water levels
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to rise. commuting is a big problem how does a man go to work or reach home they have to get down immediately and sometimes waist deep water on waterlogged roads to get from one place to another. in the western part of mumbai a wall collapsed on homes in the shanty town workers scramble to rescue survivors several people were killed and dozens injured in the search with 3 methods victim locating cameras dog searches and physical searches we've handed over all the bodies that we found and all the searches we're not getting any more information or extra signals so we'll ask the local authorities to conclude the rescue operation the indian navy has been called in to provide relief to other areas affected by the heavy downpour. india has its monsoon season every year but this storm has already brought the 2nd highest rainfall in 44 years and with 3 more days of heavy rain expected people in mumbai are being told it's better to stay at home for healing
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mohammed al jazeera at least 14 people have been confirmed dead and 13 more missing after severe flooding in southern russia a cleanup is now underway in siberia is a region where torrential rain last week caused already 4 rivers to breach the water levels since dropped by 4 meters or than 4000 homes were flooded and 200000 people evacuated. russia's defense ministry says 14 sailors have died in a fire or a navy submarine and a deep sea research vessels base is in several mosque but it was carrying out a survey of the sea floor near the arctic at the time russia's president summoned the defense minister for a briefing on the fire and expressed his condolences to the relatives of the sailors the defense ministry says the deaths were caused by poisonous gases from fumes steadfast and has more from moscow. the ministry of defense announced that this accident happened on monday one day earlier and soon after that president
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putin rescheduled his appointment and met with the minister of defense. who he actually ordered to go immediately to the base over a mosque where the northern fleet is based and also with his deep sea water vehicle that basically was object of this accident has been taken back to the minister is ordered to oversee the investigation and give the president for us hand reports on how that is going it's still not clear what type of submarine was in that area and was having this fire reports here in the russian media have sat it wasn't a as 12 it's called the lasher rick it's a deep deep sea water nuclear submarine which is also used as a spy submarine it's not very clear it's very secretive submarine it's not very clear what it can do but it's sad that it can also disrupt a very important internet traffic and all kinds of communications between countries
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in case of a global conflict the united states has expressed its concerns of the use of this kind of sop and rain again we don't have any confirmation that is this is was the exact type where the accident has happened the investigation is now ongoing it's being led by the navy commander showing the importance of the urgency of this accident the president also expressed his condolences and sad that it's a great loss for the nation. italian court has lifted the house arrest order on the german captain of a sea watch rescue ship golar kater was arrested on saturday after forcing her way into lampedusa port with dozens of rescued migrants on board and hitting a police boat sea watch says it skipper acted in accordance with international law italy's interior minister taro salvini said he expected a tougher response from the justice system and will expel or hit or it accused her of smuggling people into the country but supporters have pledged almost $2000000.00
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to see watch in recent days to pay for her legal costs. 1000000. the blame for the current situation lies 1st and foremost with salvini who close the ports equally to blame is the german government and all other european states which for more than 2 weeks did not take on responsibility. a group of u.s. democrats say migrants have been subjected to systemic cruelty at a texas detention center politicians toured the facility after reports of overcrowding and unsanitary conditions some water patrol agents are also under fire for allegedly posting offensive comments online and fisher has more. we told them to leave cell phones at the door but one congressman ignored that and what he posted on twitter reveals immigrants living in basic cramped conditions at this border station in texas the members of the congressional hispanic caucus all
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democrats too and several migrant detention centers they call conditions horrific they still rule. should it. be leaders again there was a media people. we know writing. in these we mean we're being told by c.b.p. officers to drink. border officials say that's not true saying there are ample supplies of water the visit came just hours after it was revealed a private facebook group allegedly run by past and present border patrol agents threatened lawmakers visiting the sites it also made crude jokes and posted have seen pictures of the delegation al-jazeera hasn't independently viewed this site called $1015.00 border patrol called for aliens in custody but it's claimed the even more the picture of the father and daughter who drowned last week trying to get to the u.s. the main c.b.p.
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union condemned the page while customs and border protection called the posts completely inappropriate and added any employees fighting to have violated our standards of conduct will be held accountable for the border patrol the patriots are great people they love our country they know what's coming in and you know who knows it better than anybody hispanics hispanics love what i'm doing. well customs and border protection has dismissed reports of overcrowding in dangerous conditions unsubstantiated allegations last week regarding a single word for facility in client station in texas created a sensation more protests are planned congressional offices around the us demanding the closure of the border detention centers alan fischer al-jazeera hundreds of thousands of people in northern chile are now witnessing an event that happens there once in about every $360.00 is a total solar eclipse has just begun tourists have flocked there to witness the
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event these are live pictures coming to us now northern chile along with parts of argentina new zealand is one of the few places in the world directly facing the sun right now if you just will see the moon passed right in front of a song blocking out the light for a few minutes while strong as based in northern chile say this so no eclipse holds particular significance it is a special compared to the previous ones is because it's a very rare occasion where we have a solar eclipse complete solar eclipse a total solar eclipse that passes over a major observatory so we actually here have the facilities to really analyze and study the eclipse of it with big telescopes and sophisticated instruments where you see an human not joins us live from valley why does this particular eclipse drawn so much attention. how long well you know people who are in love with eclipses apart from astronomers of course search or chase as they call it
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totality totality means being in what is called this very very narrow path of total darkness when the moon goes over a certain part of the planet earth and appears to totally covered the sun now that is a very narrow path as i say it's only 200 kilometers wide this year and it's and we're right in the middle of it right here in the l.t. valley but it's not enough as we've been seen as we've heard from those who have gone chase all over the world to see total eclipse isn't going to as many as 16 or 17 of them they say sometimes it rains or it's polluted or just too much light pollution as well and they can't see it properly but here the skies are absolutely pristine which is why you have some of the world's most important observatories and it's also why we have been seeing helicopters going back and forth shuttling the rich and famous to a camp that's just over the hill behind me where i'm talking about leonardo dicaprio. richard branson brian many many people that you've heard of and they're all here paying a lot of money to see it from that glam campus it's called ordinary people also are
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deployed all over this valley with their little glasses and to see here just waiting to see this phenomenal andalusia as we talk to you watching the live pictures there we see the kind of the edge of it looks almost looks like the sun is being nibbled away that the edge it was new is that way that to people could come and watch these things. well more than that they couldn't watch the new didn't want to watch them because in the medieval days in ancient times people thought it was a bad omen the the ancient greeks thought that it meant that the gods were angry with human beings and in medieval times some people said that it meant and mystical figures like dragons were either eating or stealing the sun away from them and and the list goes on and on wolves are we eating the sun in taking it away and so people didn't understand what was going on now we can predict exactly when there is going to be a solar eclipse and that is bringing people from all over the world here to chile
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some 300000 people are have come here for this particular eclipse where as i say we should be able to really see it completely and it's and should be a fascinating experience when the only real danger now is you're the retina of your eyes unless you're wearing these very same very nice filters to be able to look directly at the sun lauren and how long will it actually last. well it's already let me see it's starting this now but it's a long process the whole thing takes about from from start to finish 2 hours but the real important part is 2 minutes and 39 seconds that's when the moon will appear to completely cover the sun and you'll see a range or as it's called a solar corona or crown around the sun peeking out and this of course is what astronomers are looking for but for ordinary people like mortals like us it's just going to look like an amazing experience. is in human thank you very much and i'm quite envious now you can go in put on the special glasses and have
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a look. from nasa has carried out a successful test of its arayan spacecraft which will carry the next humans to the moon the unmanned vessel blasted off from the kennedy space center in florida and launched a place to test the spacecraft's abort frost is which i'm sure the crew capsule can pull away if there's an emergency at the u.s. space agency is aiming to return astronauts to the moon by 2024 no humans have launched from american soil since nasser's shuttle program was retired in 2011. now as this one epic journey a young arctic foxes crossed the ice from norway all the way to northern canada in just $76.00 days researches at norway's polar instituted fit this box with a tracking device it left the norwegian island of spitsbergen in march 2800 and arrived in canada just over 2 months later the journey is more than 3 and a half 1000 kilometers scientists were so astounding they 1st thought the animal had died and somehow been carried to canada by ship. just
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a quick one you can always catch up with all the news we're covering on our website the address of that is out there dot com and you can also have many of you already do i know but if you don't you could try it or you can watch us live by clicking on the orange live icon al jazeera dot com. thank you. and one of the top stories on our 0 e.u. leaders have agreed on who will get the box top jobs after days of stalemate and negotiations european council president donald tusk made the announcement a short time ago in brussels germany's also or from the lion has been named as the next european commission president a belgian prime minister sharon michel is the european council president spain's foreign minister those that borrow has been chosen as the used top diplomat a high representative for foreign affairs and i.m.f. chief christine lagarde has been proposed for president of the european central
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bank. well decision comes after days of talks in brussels but don't trust because warned the names may not be endorsed by the e.u. parliament this is right we have parliament only 2 to debate to discuss to argue. and then to decide certain. but i hope that because the political leaders not only prime minister prime ministers will do everything to do to convince our colleagues in the parliament to. support this. project. meanwhile the new intake of members of the european parliament have been sworn in the headquarters that includes the brics it party who turned their backs as the european and from was played during the ceremony many of the greens and liberals wore stop breck's it t. shirts to the inauguration. beijing has strongly condemned protestors who ransacked
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hong kong's parliament accusing them of trampling on the rule of law a group of activists stormed and occupied the legislative council building for several hours after breaking away from a peaceful protest or disorder follows weeks of huge demonstrations calling for a bill allowing extraditions to china to be scrapped. at least 14 people have been confirmed dead and 13 more a missing after severe flooding in southern russia a cleanup is now underway in siberia it could screech but your initial rain last week caused already full rivers to breach water levels have since dropped by 4 meters or the 4000 homes were flooded and 2 and a half 1000 people evacuated. those are the headlines at the stream is up next hour more news for you straight after that the same as you can live now.
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there are 2 men remaining in the race to be both a leader of the u.k. conservative party and prime minister but with only a tiny fraction of the public getting a vote what impact will the outcome have on an already divided country are some latte send your thoughts to twitter and you to give or try to get them into the show. an estimated 160000 conservative party members will choose between bush johnson and john the hunt to succeed to resign my as party leader but because a general election isn't due the winner will also get the keys to 10 downing street
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