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al-jazeera. where every. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm lauren taylor this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up after days of deadlock european leaders picked germany's defense minister also. for the top job she now needs to be endorsed by the european parliament is opening was marked by protests. russia's president orders an urgent inquiry after 14 sailors a killed in a fire on a deep water research submarine. turns tonight in chile one of the best places
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in the world to witness a total solar eclipse. and in sport india but there's a spot in the semifinals of the cricket world cup a security $28.00 run win against bangladesh is world dreams are now also was. after one failed summit and another 3 days of talks european leaders have agreed on who should fill the top jobs of the e.u. whose main institutions for the next 5 years they want german defense minister. to replace as european commission president belgian prime minister show me show that would be european council president taking over from dawn to dusk. spain's foreign minister transit bro has been nominated to be the top diplomat he would replace for
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that he can will get any as high representative for foreign affairs and i.m.f. chief christine lagarde has been proposed for president of the european central bank taking over from mario draghi 1st though they all need to be endorsed by the european parliament and in baba reports brussels. after days of wrangling it's a close ally of german chancellor angela merkel who's got the nod for what many see as the most important job of underlying germany's defense minister and a self-proclaimed federalist is the leader's nomination for the post of european commission president even if germany up staying on the commission president. is in the government coalition personality chancellor merkel supported the whole book which 1st and foremost we have chosen to women and to men for the 4 peoples issues a perfect gender balance. i am really happy about it after all europe as
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a woman child michelle the belgian prime minister is nominated to be the next head of the european council with spain's foreign minister josep burrell as the e.u.'s foreign policy chief while the international monetary fund boss christine lagarde is nominated to head the european central bank you know had 6 in a tired of course we all had to give a bit we all had to move but once again the european council has approved the fact that it is capable of doing so and given the disparate conceptions in europe and amongst the various party groups and families and the various prime ministers i believe it to be an asset. the dutch labor leader from his timmons had been seen as the front runner for a commission president as the talks started on sunday but there was a big push back from countries including poland hungary the czech republic and slovakia the so-called visit for the hungary in some polls have been strongly criticised by symonds over their record on the rule of law throughout these negotiations donald toast the president of the european council has been wary of
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putting things to a vote prefer him to reach consensus however slowly the process is highlighted not just national divisions but the struggle for influence between europe's political families the top appointments are meant to take into account the results of the recent european elections the group that did best the center right the p.p.p. insisted one of its candidates should head the commission but the lead candidate of the greens has denounced the package as a backdoor deal and old europe at its worst is not a certainty that the parliament will approve the names. i'm going to merkel says the e.u. could explore new rules to avoid repeating the squabbles we've just seen for example direct elections and transnational lists whatever happens the calls for greater transparency are likely to get louder nadeem barber al-jazeera brussels. meanwhile a new intake of members of the european parliament have been sworn in that includes the bricks at party who turned their backs as the european anthem was played during
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the opening ceremony there and has more from strasburg. here comes trouble and its name is the brics it party it is now the biggest single party in the european parliament and as such is the best representation of how this institution is in flux as just one example has already threatened to help vote down the e.u. budgets and it doesn't like the way that europe does deals the whole way the group systems work again very undemocratic you know you have to tie up with people in 7 other countries and you know if you're leaving and everybody else wants to stay then there's no sense in that sort of bridges. they certainly started as they mean to go on turning their backs in the chamber during the inauguration ceremony as the european anthem was played. so there are new fault lines everywhere outside a big castle and demonstration in protest against spain for blocking their leader.
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from taking his seat inside. and across the floor of the chamber new rights wing populists viewed with fear and suspicion by the establishment sent to rights while over on the left surging greens and liberals many wearing yellow stop bricks it t. shirts are just as kele the flights this is not politics as usual we're all out there doing our social media and it's getting a lot more attention than it did before and we've got more journalists coming here as well and everything that raises the profile of european politics and helps people to understand how crucial it is to be part of the legal changes that are made here which is really we're leading the world in terms of legislation that protects people on the planet everything that can help that is a good thing so by the traditionally been the standards of strasburg this promises to be an argumentative european parliament with little sign the politicians are prepared simply to rubber. stamp decisions that have been made by the european commission in brussels the proponents of political stability in europe will say that that's messy you could just as well argue that it's democracy in action. ask
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most europeans who they're any p.s. and usually you get a shrug of the shoulders many of them are accused of using this place as a get rich quick vehicle making alliances for political expediency as much as for progress maybe the angry mood among the europeans will add a level of transparency and relevance to this place lawrence li al jazeera in strasbourg. joining me on set is an uninvited so who's a research and communications associate for the policy think tank open year of thanks very much for coming structures just to go back to these top jobs to women in the top positions yes that's a great improvement a great message to send from the you from the beginning gender balance was an important criteria and the fact that they come up with this package of leadership in the missions shows that you need or is work through clearly committed to a goal and what about the parliament how likely is it really to to stand in the way
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of this this kind of grouping of top jobs that they managed to come up with that's very good question and something to watch out for because we've seen already much opposition from certain groups including the socialist is the 2nd largest group and the greens the 4th largest group in the parliament specifically against the whole process of nominating the commission president and the fact that she was not and i mean she did not complain for elections she was just nominated by e.u. leaders so they might see this as an undemocratic process so to what extent they will be willing to actually block her nomination we will see that but it's not it's not for sure that they will accept it so this is sort of on the line and i suppose people who. also say kind of say that she's a federalist and they use the word in a kind of negative way whereas some people are federalism is a good thing within europe why how much of a an issue is that going to be surrounding her it's interesting that actually. countries in the central eastern europe who have supported her nomination because
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usually they're the ones the ones that are against more pro integration as candidates so we'll see how that plays out but actually i am not sure how definitely there will be opposition to her full federalist position so that's why also if we can remain skeptical of her being approved or not and what about the i mean if the candidates if these particular candidates are approved what kind of do . do you see the e.u. going in the next 5 years so it's. brought you there action and definitely that's was one of the goals is to avoid having euro skeptic people at the top also the fact that it's quite a western for a western this explicit specifically of this. in these nominations we don't see anyone from the essential eastern europe which. kind of goes against the whole regional balance that leaders are also focusing on so. definitely
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in that direction as well what about the main challenges to who all these i mean all these jobs they're big they're big jobs and what would you say the biggest challenges are well we have very a much more fragmented european parliament right now it's going to be quite difficult to come up with. proposals that would gain the majority of the support of any piece we have a fragmented european council as well we saw that leaders could not agree they were there for days for hours trying to reach an agreement and that will happen not only for this summit but for any other issue on the budget there are difficult negotiations ahead especially with the u.k. leaving on migration as well it's very difficult to reach an agreement so. really monitoring these negotiations and coming to some kind of consensus that will be the great challenge for these leaders and in a bit not everything i say thanks very much indeed for computers thank you. coming
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up on this news from london heavy monsoon rains cause walls to collapse on to hopsin shanty towns in and around mumbai killing at least 31 people. china condemns the storming of hong kong's government building as a challenge to the city's one country 2 systems formula. and sport the world number 2 searches for a 3rd in berlin. russia's president has ordered an inquiry after 14 sailors died in a fire on a navy submarine of defense ministry says it was a deep sea research vessel based in several more sc which was carrying out a survey of the sea floor near the arctic at the time about to be putin's someone the defense minister for a briefing on the fire and ordered him to fly to the naval base defense ministry says the deaths were caused by poisonous gases from fumes it's the deadliest
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incident involving a russian naval submarine since 2000 when 2 explosions on a nuclear powered kursk killed all 118 men on board steadfast in has more from moscow. the ministry of defense announced that this accident happened on monday one day earlier and soon after their president putin rescheduled his appointment and met with the minister of defense. who he actually ordered to go immediately to debase over a mosque where the northern fleet is based and also with his deep sea water vehicle that basically was object of this accident has been taken back to the minister is ordered to oversee the investigation and give the president for us hand reports on how that is going it's still not clear what type of submarine was in that area and was having this fire reports here in the russian media have sat it wasn't a as 12 it's called the lasher rick it's a deep deep sea water nuclear submarine which is also used as
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a spy submarine it's not very clear it's very secretive for a submarine it's not very clear what it can do but it's sad that it can also disrupt a very important internet traffic and all kinds of communications between countries in case of a global conflict the united states has expressed its concerns of the use of this kind of sop and rain again we don't have any confirmation that is this is was the exact type where the accident has happened the investigation is now ongoing it's being led by the navy commander showing the importance of the urgency of this accident the president also expressed his condolences and sad that it's a great loss for the nation marcus makowski is a senior fellow at the atlantic council's eurasia center he joins us live via skype from washington d.c. thanks for being with us can you tell us a bit more about this sub sub in question. yes and there's actually potentially 3
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some sorcery platforms in question one is the d.s. 64 the ohia or the or unburned which are them to scripting as the mothership subsidies of the subs that the 12 the asharq which is a smaller submarine holds about $25.00 people that that some ring would attach to so that smaller summering would attach to a larger mothership and we deploy on you know super secret covert missions. to further support russian interests and the one piece of additional confusing is the less shark also has a mini submersible that can hold usually up to 5 russian navy personnel perhaps up to 20 so it's an identifying which one of these specific platforms as the cause of the incident and then people are pointing to they as total shark this is a submarine that is made up of a series of which makes the submarine even more impenetrable to the heavy pressure
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of the sea so go down even further and has less they so any fire on they asked what was shark would be devastating because the crew and the equipment usually is and much more can find spaces and so as a result i think this potential capability both in terms of its design and its sensitivity it has some of the most sensitive missions covert missions that there are survivors and we have an undersea round because of its ability to dive so low is why there's such great interest in this potential disaster yeah i mean you use that with the expression i think super secret covert missions i mean in this case is it likely to have been on one of those would it have been spying or could it genuinely have been you know into the seabed again we are all speculating but the russian ministry of defense statement claimed that it was operating within russia's territorial waters that again may not be factual so if it was operating within russia's territorial waters it was likely an exercise for future missions. again i
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think part of the questioning is the fact that this statement occurred a day later but in an operational environment this would be one of the 1st platforms of the russian federation deployed for a range of missions both in terms of cutting undersea cables as well as at its ration as well as disrupting but until communications in the transatlantic space but so far we just don't know enough to understand whether it was actually on an operation potentially in the arctic sea would naturally be where this would have taken place in terms of ringback how long it took for the crew to bring these injured sailors back to center most and not because he mccluskey thank you very much indeed to fill you in on this is appreciate your time thanks for time. and he's 14 people have been confirmed dead and 13 more missing off to severe flooding in southern russia a cleanup is now underway in siberia is it could screeching where trench rain last
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week caused already full refers to breach water levels have since dropped by for me to form 4000 homes were flooded and 2 and a half 1000 people evacuated. tarantula monsoon rains have led to flash flooding in western india it's caused chaos in the financial capital one by and its surrounding areas walls have collapsed on to huts and shanty towns killing at least $31.00 people and injuring dozens more were the mohammad report. is the heaviest rainfall people in mumbai have seen in a single day in more than a decade more than 350 millimeters of rain fell in just over 22 hours in the city of 20000000 people cars were submerged main roads flooded and at the city's airport there was a major disruption with the planes getting from the runway and 100 flights affected with millions prevented from getting to work and school mumbai officials declared a public holiday yeah but there is no train and they are not making any
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announcements either there is water logged in everywhere the stream is here in the next block 20 but they're not allowing that to leave either. the heavy downpour forced water levels to rise. commuting is a big problem how does a man go to work or reach home they have to get down in need and sometimes waist deep water on waterlogged roads to get from one place to another. in the western part of mumbai a wall collapsed on homes in the shanty town workers scramble to rescue survivors several people were killed and dozens injured in the pentagon with search with 3 methods victim locating cameras dog searches and physical searches we've handed over all the bodies that we found and all the searches we're not getting any more information or extra signals so we'll ask the local authorities to conclude the rescue operation the indian navy has been called in to provide relief to other areas affected by the heavy downpour. india has its monsoon season every year but this storm has already brought the 2nd highest rainfall in 44 years and with 3 more
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days of heavy rain expected people in mumbai are being told it's better to stay at home for healing mohammed al jazeera. beijing has strongly condemned protesters who ransacked hong kong's parliament accusing them of trampling on the rule of law a group of activists stormed and occupied the legislative council building for several hours after breaking away from a peaceful protest the disorder follows weeks of huge demonstrations calling for a bill allowing extraditions to china to be scrapped katrina you in beijing reports on the reaction from china. this is the hong kong the chinese government wanted the world to see celebrations marking the 22nd anniversary of its return to the chinese motherland instead these were the scenes broadcast around the world dismissed by beijing as little more than violent mobs pursing what it says is a blatant challenge to the one country 2 systems rule its strongest words yet.
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what happened in hong kong violently striking in. and the damaging facilities is an act of troubling rule of law and violating social order is a serious the law breaking behavior. the communist party has condemned the storming of hong kong's legislative council and its full support behind chief executive kerry land government it's backing a police investigation into the criminal responsibility of those involved on monday night saying offenders will feel the full force of the law. the chinese government are continuing to play down the takeover of hong kong's column and calling it the illegal behavior of a group of radicals but the intensity of the protest have no doubt such time as leadership and pundits and questions as to why so many homes are resisting they jews control they see or perceive that somehow beijing is over reaching
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that it's violating what they perceive as the spirit or the agreement that was in the handover from beijing's point of view they're protecting their people and their country for now from chinese state media a familia party line continuing to protest will only undermine social order and harm hong kong. beijing is watching closely waiting to see of hong kong government is able to stamp out the unrest if not it may bring with these protesters fear the more stuff more controlled from the mainland catrina you al-jazeera beijing. in hong kong itself have been mixed reactions to the protests not everyone agrees with the actions of some of the protesters despite the anger stirred up by the extradition bill when her reports from hong kong. the center of power in hong kong is now a crime scene the legislative council of its parliament is in disarray after anti-government protesters broke in on monday night's the morning after the violence police began
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investigating the incident which may result in protesters being charged for trespassing and vandalism those who usually work here still coming to terms with what happened. this is a place for hong kong people it is a symbol of legislation even though people including the youngsters have different opinions they have no right to cause damage to the legislative council i think we should all protect this council it's a place to discuss politics not a place for fighting hours after the riot police dispersed the rally a cleanup operation also began work is cleared piles of debris left behind as protesters made a quick retreat the latest rally came to an end amid clouds of tear gas and charging police the catalyst for the crackdown was the decision by protesters to force their way into the government building it came after a much larger peaceful anti-government march earlier in the day organizers said
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more than half a 1000000 people came out on the 22nd anniversary of the handover of hong kong from great britain to china. they want hong kong's chief executive to resign and for a controversial extradition bill to be withdrawn. they see the bill which would allow criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china for trial as another sign of beijing's increasing control over hong kong as the police investigation continues here the debate is only really just beginning about the decision by protesters to burst into this building causing so much damage along the way and whether it will turn public opinion against the anti-government movements even some supporters of the protesters believe it was a mistake but they say it has to be viewed in a broader context of what they're trying to achieve why this down people are so disrespectful to our legislature that is because they cannot represent the voice of the people the people of hong kong is still trying to digest what happened here
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the protesters grab everyone's attention with directions but they still haven't achieved their goals increasing the possibility of more violence on the streets when hey al jazeera hong kong. over the last 2 hours hundreds of thousands of people in south america have been witnessing a total solar eclipse this was the view from northern chile as the moon passed directly in front of the sun blocking the light for a few minutes tourists have flocked to the kokomo region for the cosmic spectacle as it has on the clearest skies or seen human joins me live from l.a. so do see it's coming to an end now what's been happening. yes there's not very little of the moon covering the sun now it's almost all back although curiously enough at this moment it's beginning to these times that this is been a very very unusual type of an eclipse precisely because the sun is so low and it happens and it's it's in exactly what they call here the past all the obscured you
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know where it's where the light just disappears gay turns tonight and we're going to make things spectacle are and i have to tell you suddenly the moon or rather the sun seem to disappear and it then becomes lit completely as though it were a full moon and so no wonder in medieval times people were very very frightened of this image of not knowing what was going on the temperature dropped dramatically turned the green so it's now extremely cold here at the sun was bright and warm right before the eclipse and so it is coming to an end hundreds of thousands of people claim here to the cooking when i program a region from chile to see it because of the clear skies here which enabled them to see this completely as a total solar eclipse without any interference of small or or light pollution to go on their view and so that's another reason why of course astronomers and physicists have been watching with a lot of attention because it tells them a lot about really what is happening out there in our solar system mars and you may
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have touched on some of the elements this but why is this particular eclipse drawn so much attention. i think because we're this is happening this whole area of chile will very very shortly home to 70 percent of the world's astronomical infrastructure we're talking about observatories the world's most extraordinary and most modern state of the art telescopes they're all in this area because all the conditions here allows you to see the stars better than almost anywhere else on in the world and that's a brings the scientists and the astronomers but also a lot of celebrities bill gates is here not far away leonardo dicaprio and a whole list of others very well known people who knew that they would be able to see this total eclipse as i said before without any interference and it won't be new happening certainly here again in the b.n.p. valley inconceivable for another 212 years so this was the time to see it and see
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in this instance huge enthusiasm but it wasn't always like that was it. generated a lot of enthusiasm you know i was amazed this is my this was my very 1st eclipse i brought my little glasses along in order to look at the sun i think everybody was cheering the people over surrounded me here people have come and they're staying in in that tent sleeping up on the hill behind me but one of the things is that there are people that come from all over the world and they chase. clips choices are called and then a man who's been to 16 different countries around the world chasing the truth which of course somewhere on our planet about every in teen months but then you can always see them another man from france and he was disappointed last time because you know the way to china and it rained the whole time so he wasn't going to be able to do it so it becomes apparently something the experts get addicted to or need some people get addicted to and they go all over the world to see that and i'm sure they weren't disappointed with what they saw here just now you see in human
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thank you very much indeed. still to come this hour italy's interior minister vows to expel the german captain of a migrant rescue boat you don't introduce after a judge releases her from house arrest. we'll tell you about the foreign invader that's choking nigeria's waterways. and bangladesh's world cup hopes slip through their fingers action from their match with india in school. how the weather is freshening up nicely now across northern parts of you're following on from a severe heat wave this law of cloud represents a line of fun re downpours that's produced producing some really heavy rainfall some some localized flooding you see the color we're talking in behind 1920 celsius
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there for berlin i also for warsaw near 22 in london fun to drive here at 254 past the showers they do they stand across the far south of france i'll try to slide a little further south was that certainly the case over towards the black sea just around remain here pushing down into bulgaria across falls back to around $28.00 degrees celsius quite breezy unitas just around the black sea pushing up towards the baltic states at this stage as we go on through thursday so temperatures really 40 when it really will freshen up quite nicely more the parts of the british isles we'll see a little more the way of cloud it does stay dry having said that mostly dry to northern parts of africa are we getting up to 37 in 2 days a similar value for cairo as well as more of the same as we go on through thursday for the south some lively showers just around the gulf of guinea with big downpours for a good part of nigeria this week. venezuela
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colombia has become a stomping ground for trespasses. as desperate people transgress an illegal passage . to feed an emerging field trafficking markets. we follow that paris johnny unguarded for the line of fire. risking it all. venezuelan colombia. on al-jazeera. examining that scientists are telling us that we have just 12 years to make one person any changes unflinchingly journalism i do believe to believe in the absolute sharing personal stories with a global audience we see people making sacrifices this is what i want to see explore in abundance of world class programming the world is watching on al-jazeera
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. and we're going to remind of top stories here on our syria after days of deadlock european leaders have agreed on who should fill the e.u. is top jobs for the next 5 years german defense minister also for the lion is the 1st woman to be nominated to be european commission president but 1st you must be endorsed by the parliament. russia's president has ordered an inquiry after 14 seders died in a fire on a navy submarine the defense ministry says the deaths were caused by poisonous gases and fuse. and china has strongly condemned protesters who ransacked hong
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kong's parliament on monday accusing them of trampling on the rule of law. european states say they won't seek to reimpose un sanctions on iran over its nuclear program for now despite it breaching the 2015 nuclear deal but french president emanuel mccoll has urged tehran to reduce its enriched uranium reserves immediately the un's nuclear watchdog confirmed on monday that iran is stockpiling more enrich uranium than it's allowed under the deal this is a year after u.s. president donald trump withdrew from the accord. iran's parliamentary speaker says pressure from the u.s. is only making his country stronger. america's problem is that they don't know the middle east of the iranian nation and they think if they deploy some warships to the region they can suppress the determination of a nation but iranians have shown they have unified go from should realize that a civilized nation more united when they are bullied if they understand their
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problems will be solved understanding it needs wisdom. and treasure butler's following the reaction in europe and this report from paris now according to european diplomatic sources britain france and germany 3 the 3 european signatories to the 2015 iran deal are really intent on trying to diffuse the situation after iran exceeded its uranium limits these diplomatic sources also say that these 3 powers are not going to trigger a special mechanism that was in shrine in the 2015 a deal which would lead to the reimposition or u.n. sanctions on iran the focus clearly for european powers is to try and persuade to tehran to continue to comply with the deal earlier in the day we heard from the french president amount of virus statement that was released by the elise a in which mark was calling on iran to reverse the steps it's taken to exceed its
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uranium limits it's also urging tehran to comply with the deal saying that president bankroll really focus on the next few days on doing everything he can to make sure that this deal survived is something we also heard from the british foreign minister there is a clear desire on behalf of the europeans to continue to fight for this deal as they have done so ever since the united states pulled out and we impose sanctions last year. iraq's prime minister is trying to rein in the powers of iranian backed militias in the country. issued a decree ordering groups to integrate into iraq's formal military is under pressure from washington to curb iran's influence when i'm in jenin june has more from the capital baghdad. similar a bold new decree from the prime minister are that i've been mattie ordering the country's popular mobilization forces to integrate fully into an office military more than 60000 fighters are part of the main mobilization forces some of whom are
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backed by you don't they have been highly effective in the fight against eisel in iraq and syria they also have brought influence in iraq and politics monday's decree came in the wake of several recent unclaimed attacks against bases in iraq hosting u.s. forces and a site used by u.s. oil giant exxon mobil local officials blamed a faction of the mobilization forces for one of the attacks but you don has not commented. in june the u.s. moved hundreds of diplomatic staff from its embassy in baghdad citing unspecified threats from iran the u.s. has also deployed thousands more troops to the middle east since may. it is a critical timing across the region that is why it prompted the iraqi prime minister to issue such decree given the fact that there are fears from these military factions that might not abide by the iraqi military hierarchy there are also regional and international fears that iraq could not grab hold of the entire
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military establishment on top of it the popular mobilization forces according to the prime minister it is vital for the security of iraq to have the popular mobilization forces entirely under the military structure will as tensions continue to mount between the u.s. and iran many worry or iraq could turn into a staging ground for confrontation between its 2 biggest allies according to the prime minister's decree those who choose to integrate into the military must abandon their old names and sever ties to political organizations the decree adds that those who trust politics will not be allowed to carry weapons the government is also shutting down the mobilization forces headquarters economic offices and checkpoints manned by its factions. influential or at afi she are clearing a souther was quick to declare his support for prime minister abdul mahdi announcing he was cutting ties with his own armed group and urging them to integrate into the military and i thought that aside and look over here i believe
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that the armed factions do in fact consent to what the decree and the proof for that is we are not seeing any chaos or security breaches that is why we can sense of these armed factions from the pm would willingly be under the control of the iraqi military and the prime minister of iraq and will not go rogue regardless of any internal or external influences. or reaction to the decree has so far been mostly positive it's unclear if that will remain the case the prime minister says groups like the popular mobilization forces will be considered outlaws if they don't comply with his decree by july 31st. but that. protesters in northern israel are burnt tires and blocked roads calling for justice over the death of an israeli ethiopian teenager 18 year old son of manteca was shot dead in the city of haifa on saturday by an off duty policeman the officer said he drew his gun while trying to intervene in a brawl between 2 groups who ended up turning against him the officer has been
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arrested while investigation takes place. a group of us democrats say migrants have been subjected to systemic cruelty at a texas detention center politicians toured the facility after reports of overcrowding and unsanitary conditions some border patrol agents are also under fire for allegedly posting offensive comments online and official has more. we told them to leave cell phones at the door but one congressman ignored that and what he posted on twitter reveals immigrants living in basic cramped conditions at this border station in texas the members of the congressional hispanic caucus all democrats several migrant detention centers they call conditions are. thick. believe there's again there is even if the media people. keep
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writing. in these remember being told by c.b.p. officers to drink if we border officials say that's not true saying there are ample supplies of water the visit came just hours after it was revealed a private facebook group allegedly run by past and present border patrol agents threatened lawmakers visiting the sites it also made crude jokes and posted have seen pictures of the delegation al-jazeera hasn't independently viewed this site called 1015 border patrol called for aliens in custody but it's claimed the even more the picture of the father and daughter who drowned last week trying to get to the u.s. the main c.b.p. union condemned the page while customs and border protection called the posts completely inappropriate and added any employees fighting to have violated our standards of conduct will be held accountable the border patrol the patriots are great people they love our country they know what's coming in and you know who
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knows it better than anybody hispanics hispanics love what i'm doing well customs and border protection has dismissed reports of overcrowding in dangerous conditions unsubstantiated allegations last week regarding a single word shaw facility and clint station in texas created a sensation more protests are planned congressional offices around the us demanding the closure of the border detention centers alan fischer al-jazeera. and italian court has lifted the house arrest order on the german captain of a sea watch rescue ship holer kato was arrested on saturday after forcing a way into lampedusa port with dozens of rescued migrants on board and hitting a police boat see watch says it skipper acted in accordance with international law it is interior minister matteo salvini said he expected a tougher response from the justice system and will expel how kater he had accused her of smuggling people into the country but supporters have pledged almost
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$2000000.00 to see watch in recent days to pay for her legal costs. 1000000. the blame for the current situation lies 1st and foremost with selvi who closed the ports equally to blame as the german government and all other european states which for more than 2 weeks did not take on responsibility you know by a venezuelan opposition politician is to face trial for allegedly trying to kill president nicolas maduro last year on kansas was arrested 3 days after 2 drones carrying explosives blew up at a military parade in the capital caracas they were flying towards madeira as he was giving a speech and caused panic among the crowds when they detonated because this faces 30 years in prison if found guilty he denies the charges. as well as government says it will investigate the death of a navy captain who died in military custody last week rafael acosta had been arrested for allegedly plotting
12:42 am
a coup against murderous government acosta's wife and rights groups say he was tortured. that's what does it work on that i'm a little we condemn any activity where ideas are imposed through violence so we have following through with the investigation as requested by the president of the public ministry about the events that occurred involving mr f.a.l. acosta so that the events can be clarified so that it's cleared up before the country and before the world the position of ag government has nothing to do with using such methods. if you mediator in saddam's political process has urged the ruling military council and opposition alliance to hold direct talks on wednesday there says protest leaders say another nationwide civil disobedience campaign has been set for later this month they blame the military for 11 deaths during sunday's rallies in khartoum anderson a report. to manipulate your i mean you me not going to naming the latest victims of the fight for civilian rule in sudan killed as security forces
12:43 am
broke up some of the largest demonstrations in weeks. but once the funeral processions began some cried out blood for blood and down the military rule. despite an internet blackout that curbed their ability to organize hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets in the capital khartoum and other cities demanding an immediate handover of power to a civilian led government. saying that they know. we don't trust the military council this is something we're not hiding we have doubts about them and we will not put down our weapons which is the crowds of people to just follow the road of negotiations alone and move. the african union any theo p a r mediating between the 2 sides last week the military junta said they were ready to resume talks on a transition but there are already plans for more street protests next week. 3 months after the fall of president omar al bashir after nearly 30 years of rule
12:44 am
those calling for complete change in sudan say there is still a long way to go and are shipping. al-jazeera. and medical workers in libya's capital say they've been targeted by forces loyal to the warlord holly for have to several have been killed and many injured in fighting as have to as forces try to take control of tripoli from the un recognized government went under one head has more these ambulances are on their way to the front lines of southern tripoli. a tough task for medical workers here who face gunfire while trying to do their job . the 3 months battle for control of the libyan capital has taken out all. forces are allied with the you and recognize the government in tripoli accuse those loyal to the warlords for have to of targeting healthy facilities as well as residential areas this new field hospital in solid in neighborhood in
12:45 am
southern tripoli is one of 4 health facilities hit by airstrikes or shelling 1000 ambulances were struck by rockets and 2 health facilities had to be fully evacuated medical workers have moved here to this new field hospital to treat those who have been injured but they're worried that their location could be targeted by have to those warplanes at any time was the military minister said will be human. several of our colleagues were killed and several others lost their limbs or were injured this left us in a panic that could derail our work. it is very tense here in this field hospital which is not far from the front line doctors here say they continue to receive cases although there is a shortage of a staff and medical equipment medic middle seat leads a team of red crescent workers some of them work on the front lines while the other
12:46 am
assistant here ready for casualties he's calling on the warring factions to go into the safety of his staff. we've confirmed to the rival factions several times that we are providing humanitarian services to everyone equally we have no political affiliations the battle for control of tripoli has killed more than 700 people 41 of them were civilians including several medical workers the world health organization has warned against targeting health workers and facilities it says it's a violation of international humanitarian law the medical workers here say in some cases have those forces have deliberately fired towards their ambulances and as the fighting goes on they'll continue to put their lives at risk to save others. tripoli fishermen in nigeria say
12:47 am
a non-native plant species is choking rivers and restricting trade the water hyacinth is native to the amazon basin of south america but it started appearing in nigeria in the 1990 s. and quickly spread many dress reports from lagos. on land hundreds of thousands of cars and trucks clogged the streets of lagos and for those people who have increasingly turned to the water for transport an invasive weed is making life difficult there. because of how enormous it is is the governments the us will kill more machines to show that we're able to tackle it appropriately the spread of water hyacinth is heading inland covering small streams and rivers at least 26 out of nigeria's $36.00 states affected. it is accelerating the buildup of silt at the bottom of rivers and choking about aquatic plants by blocking sunlight and oxygen
12:48 am
water herself or 1st noticed in nigeria in the early 1990 s. since then the invasive plant has disrupted not only transportation but also hydroelectric generation and fishing in several regions efforts to control it have so far field. you mean a model has been a fisherman all his life says the job is now getting harder through mind to stop our band presence of the plants makes it difficult to part of it and our net the catch is decreasing in fact the water is becoming shallow. but what you see is a nuisance others see an opportunity they have as the plant to create an artwork out of it for sale but importantly scientists say there is a lot of potential of water hyacinth including electricity generation. scientists like me at. the what i see and the long process of my research using the
12:49 am
educational metal and. plants of what i sing. in water and this is. dislodged from me and we now use it for their on their research work innocently years into production of mountains of something that might prove beneficial to nigeria as it struggles to generate electricity to power its factories and homes. the weed will just disappear so the fish can return in the. common. to head. in sport the reigning wimbledon champion. fox with. the scientists monitoring her.
12:50 am
business updates. going places together. business updates. going places together.
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from. a home. with the sport. india beaten bangladesh to book their spot in the semifinals of the cricket world cup it's a result that sees bangladesh crash out rohit sharma star with his 4th century at the tournaments had a little luck on the way so how malik reports. this was a must win game for bangladesh. but they got off to the worst possible start as rohit sharma was dropped early. he went on to put on $180.00
12:52 am
together with cale room and score $100.00 for himself. the bangladesh bowlers did slow india down but the men in blue still posted 314. bangladesh for the opening stand of 39 for the batsman struggled to turn stocks into big totals. shockey but her son did manage to get 66. however they lost wickets as they try to keep up with the run rate. in the home a safe with team didn't give up with an unbeaten half century it wasn't enough the . bangladesh for ensure their victory target by 29 runs. they crush out while the indians advance supremely al-jazeera. so india confirm their spot in the semi's with australia each team plays each other once for the top 4 progressing big game on wednesday england play new zealand
12:53 am
whichever team wins will be guaranteed a spot in the last 4. the united states beat england to book a spot in the final the women's world cup the reigning champions ran out 21 winners in england missed a late penalty blowing the chance to force extra time the u.s. now have the chance to win the title for a 4th time. the 2nd semi takes place on wednesday sweden are hoping to reach their 1st final at the tournaments for 16 years when they face the netherlands are confident after knocking out 2 time former champions germany and the last states i think was surprising you a lot. i think we always been having this year that we believing in are simply we have believe that we can we can be here today and we consented to do so really happy about that. still more hungry. to go to the final not surprised but we are really proud gonna have picked up their 1st win of the
12:54 am
africa cup of nations to book a spot to the round of 16 black stars beat guinea-bissau out you know in their final group game follows a slow start for ghana they drew their opening 2 matches they're looking to win the competition for a 5th time that result sees them top group ass cameroon take the 2nd automatic spot after a surprising goalless draw with binning to qualify as one of the best 3rd place teams mali finished top of group they beat angola on choose day cinesias draw with mauritania sees them progress in seconds. tennis world number 2 rafa nadal made a dominant start to his wimbledon campaign 18 time grand slam champion b. japanese qualifier used. in straight sets the spaniard is bidding to claim the french open and wimbledon titles in the same year for a 3rd time the dow will next face australia and curios. and i play against.
12:55 am
player very dangerous players when when he wants to play tennis i'm normally against the best players he wants to play tennis and when that happens. he's very down to his opponent and of course like a 2nd round he's so but the one i know that i need to be on my 100 percent and i want to fight for it carious had a bit of fun with the crowd on his way to victory against jordan thompson and the dow and the australian has traded some heated exchanges this year one of which was curious describing. salty and defeat. the reason barriers do not like the form is easy to talk to other people rather than 100 percent but that's just how it is not get along with people and so on they will. i mean. i mean we have a mutual respect but that's about it i think. roger federer has started his quest
12:56 am
for a 9th wimbledon title so his world number 3 had to come from a sat down to be tournaments debutant boyd harris 37 year old shuck off a slow start to defeat the south african. or world number one serena williams has renewed her bid for a 24th grand slam title american won her wimbledon opener but the 7 time champion was put through the paces by gatto monty connie of italy but eventually completed a 6275 when. i'm glad i was you know i think just. from there you know i have friends now have to have every match count like 10 matches because i haven't had a ton emerges this year so i learned a lot from that match and just going to keep the momentum going and that's all your sport for now it's now back to laurin in london. thank you and nasa has carried out a successful test of its arayan spacecraft which will carry the next humans to the moon the unmanned vessel blasted off from the kennedy space center in florida the
12:57 am
launch was to test its abort thrusters which ensure the crew capsule can pull away if there's an emergency u.s. space agency wants to return astronauts to the moon by 2024 no humans are launched from american soil since the last us shuttle program was retired in 2011. and how's this for an epic journey it's just been revealed that a young arctic fox crossed the ice from norway all the way to northern canada in just 76 days researches that noise polar institute that fitted the folks with a tracking device she left the norwegian island of spitsbergen in march 2800 and arrived in canada just over 2 months later the journey is more than 3 and a half 1000 kilometers covering huge expanses of sea ice and last years scientists were so astounded it 1st thought the animal a died and somehow been carried to canada by ship. and that's all for this news hour i'll be back in a few minutes with an on
12:58 am
a full run of the day's news thanks for watching. jordan's native tribes called secure to roughly half the population in a country with more refugees per capita than any other nation. with an ailing economy and concerns over the trumpet administration's anticipated plans for the region tensions are running high. people in power investigates increasing calls for reform as the state endeavors to control political dissent within the hushed my kingdom jordan and retry on
12:59 am
a just 0. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than 12000 structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. i'm victoria my childhood was not always easy my mother was suffering from severe depression through making this film i hope to understand my mother's mental illness and to find out the conditions for the mental. have improved literally millions of people can be treated to
1:00 am
receive no help mccain we all have a duty to change. mental illness breaking this sign on al-jazeera. after days of deadlock european leaders germany's defense minister for the lion for the e.u. is top job she now needs to be endorsed by the european parliament is opening was marked by protests. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up russia's president orders an urgent inquiry after 14 sailors die in a fire.


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