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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 3, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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not going back to sudan just to go to europe and the proceed to libya describe the situation there ok i did just joining us live from a bridge thank you very much indeed well charles e.x.e.'s a spokesman for the mediterranean and africa at the u.n. high commission for refugees he says the situation is dire and migrants in tripoli need to be evacuated immediately this is a horrific tragedy the should never have happened around 2 months ago you're an a.c.l. warned that these people in side the sentence and to needed to be evacuated that was after an airstrike badly damaged the roof and injured 2 of the detainees we called for that urgent evacuation then that didn't happen they remains detained inside the center and sadly people have paid the tragic consequence price of that with their life last night. these are refugees many of them who left behind warm
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persecution and have fled to neighboring countries in the hopes of finding safety and if instead found themselves held in terrible conditions inside these detention centers but also now are no longer have their physical safety guaranteed either we need to evacuate people in these detention centers out as a matter of urgency the problem we've been having in recent months is that people are being brought to the detention centers faster than we can evacuate them they're being brought to libya after being rescued or intercepted by the libyan coast guard a rate that's quicker than we can get people out so we need a new policy there we need to see a renewed effort the season ends to people being returned to libya no refugees should be returned to libya at this time. well i accept the mascaras there james bain stories where i live on sat said james a fierce escalation of violence very hearing some orrible 1st hand accounts there was sort of response a real
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a plea to see from the ensor national teensy i've been working the phones and clearly this has shocked people been busy already in new york i'm told by diplomats on the u.n. security council they've been trying to get information so far they have no firm information as to who was responsible some of the security council countries have already been meeting i'm told it's only 9 am in new york the u.k. the u.s. and france the so-called peace 3 the permanent members who are the western countries have been meeting with 3 other key countries italy the u.s. and egypt they've been trying to come up with a common position a common statement but i'm told it's difficult to get the u.n. in egypt on board for something that the others would all agree on and the idea is if they could come up with a statement then that statement could perhaps form the basis of something to take
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to the entire 15 member security council to try and come up with something because i think they are keen that the security council finds a way to speak on this as soon as possible given the large death toll the other thing i'm detecting from speaking to diplomats is that they do believe that maybe soon not as a result of this incident but there needs to be a more energetic response from the u.n. and maybe. who is the u.n. envoy who who has been widely praised for his work there is a feeling that the wind has been knocked out of him ever since have offensive in april he's not been in great health the u.n. mission in libya its mandate needs renewal in september there is a suggestion perhaps that the. un should seek someone new to lead the mission from september the seder does seem to be signs of movement given what we're seeing a detention center housing migrants who have been captured at sea and taken back to
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libya that be and you would think there would be some kind of swift response to this but as ever with libya there seems to be competing interests at stake are there not absolutely everyone will publicly say they support the international position but behind the scenes there are some who have clearly been supporting general huff. we have a situation where you have. the flow of people from the south into libya continues and yet they've got nowhere to go because they used to get on boats and head towards europe europe has empowered the libyan coast guard to lock them up so you have the sort of pressure cooker atmosphere and added to that you know have a conflict around tripoli and they are caught in this environment getting a more and more dangerous environment by the day but what does this signify in terms of international policy toward libya because this is
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a conflict that is spiraling we have a u.n. back another side which appears to simple to knisley have the backing of external axis and then it's you describe this pressure cooker situation which as we speak into the u.n.h.c.r. earlier they were very much set critical of europe stance in this what would you say this this says about international policy towards the situation there well they had a plan and in fact the u.n. secretary general and tony good terrorist was saying at the end of last year of all the conflicts in the middle east libya was the one he was most hopeful about the idea was to have a national conference and then lead to elections it was to get everyone together to work together and of course ones. figure in fact while antonio terrorist was visiting tripoli decided no i'm not going to go with a united solution i'm going to try and take tripoli on my own and that's general
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haftar they now need to either go back to that original plan or find a new one ok james space thanks very much for bringing us your thoughts. james bass so the gears now on iran's president says if its partners in the 2050 nuclear deal do not fulfill their promises its nuclear reactor will return to its previous activities rouhani says after july the 7th they'll go see whatever level is needed european foreign ministers say they are extremely concerned iran has exceeded limits on its stockpile of low enriched uranium despite this recent france and germany say they won't be imposed u.n. sanctions more are sat here and he saw. from july serve in the level of uranium enrichment won't be 3.67 anymore we will put aside this commitment and will enrich as much as we want and as much as we need. well let's get more on this
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from saying best ravi in teheran. how that deadline came about is 2 months ago iran's president hassan rouhani said that since the united states unilaterally pulled out of the nuclear deal in 2018 since other signatories to the deal have been unable or many iranians say unwilling to feel for their sides of the bargain saying that iran has been patient enough mr rouhani said that iran will begin rolling back parts of its commitments to the nuclear deal because it can't be the only country fulfilling its commitments because it wasn't the only country that signed the deal now this breach of the 300 kilogram stockpile limit was the 1st step on july 7th iran's government said it will take yet another step and it's all designed to retake control of the nuclear program really expand the scope of its nuclear activity here inside the country what iran's president said this morning was again this was during a weekly cabinet meeting to members of his government he said that iran will be able to possibly enrich uranium beyond the purity level agreed to in the nuclear
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deal more highly enriched uranium as well as expand the work of nuclear activity nuclear facilities including iraq and ford though now we're what world leaders are hoping is that iran decides not to do so iranian leaders have said over and over again they've been patient enough and it's now time for them to do what they think is best for their country. bunch of ourselves come on the news our including the un investigator calls on the g. 20 to reconsider holding its next summit in saudi arabia. russia investigates a fire on a navy submarine killing 14 sailors 7 of the deaths were senior officers. and the l.a. angels pay tribute scene pictured tyler skaggs from her will have all the details for you in sports.
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leaders have a green zone he will get the blocks top jobs after days of stalemate on the go see ations european council president to scale the nominations a perfect gender divides the team barbara has war from brussels. after days of wrangling it's a close ally of german chancellor angela merkel who's got the nod for what many see as the most important to you joel who should have on the law and germany's defense minister and a self-proclaimed federalist is the leader's nomination for the post of european commission president even if germany up staying on the commission president due to some issues in their government coalition personal knowledge of the local support of the whole book which 1st and foremost we have chosen to women and for the for people's issues a perfect gender both. i am really happy about it after all europe as a woman child michelle the belgian prime minister is nominated to be the next head
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of the european council with spain's foreign minister josep barrel as the e.u.'s foreign policy chief while the international monetary fund boss christine lagarde is nominated to head the european central bank you know had seen in the tide of course we all had to give a bit we all had to move but once again the european council has proved the fact that it's capable of doing so and given the disparate conceptions in europe and amongst the various party groups and families and the various prime ministers i believe it to be an athlete. the dutch labor leader france timmons had been seen as the front runner for a commission president as the talks started on sunday but there was a big push back from countries including poland hungary the czech republic and slovakia the so-called visit for the hungary in some polls have been strongly criticised by symonds over their record on the rule of law throughout these negotiations donald toast the president of the european council has been wary of
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putting things to a vote prefer him to reach consensus however slowly the process is highlighted not just national divisions but the struggle for influence between europe's political families the top appointments are meant to take into account the results of the recent european elections the group that did best the center right the p.p.p. insisted one of its candidates should head the commission but the lead candidate of the greens has denounced the package as a backdoor deal and old europe at its worst is not a certainty that the parliament will approve the names. i'm going to merkel says the e.u. could explore new rules to avoid repeating the squabbles we've just seen for example direct elections and trans national lists whatever happens the calls for greater transparency are likely to get louder nadine barber al-jazeera brussels. well i say with this salvato amano is a european union analyst and joins us now live from geneva by skype thank you so much for speaking to us today on al-jazeera. let's take these these nominees are
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not exactly household names why do you think they've been put forward what does this tell us about the power plays at work in the. well i think it's pretty clear that those names were not those that originally floated in any particular known of the names that were put forward to the european citizens during the elections as a candidate for the european commission presidency where confirmed so they resign as of men there is some surprise because of the old package that really comes out as a compromise a compromise that was very difficult to hammer down by the european leaders and that they raises concerns concerns because this is not a done deal this is a mere proposal dead the head of state and government has to do to be the european parliament the new european parliament just being elected in which as
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a radio express some concerns in relation for instance today candidacy of mr all sort of on that let me and ask laws are like one get america in the car and minister of defense in our own government the master surprising aspect of it is that in a way it is a bit of a sloppy to face the european parliament by the other state expecting the parliament to rubber stamp a decision that has been taken basically in in closed doors it is problematic because busy there is an expectation by european citizens who actually show up in a record number to have a say in to be more included into decision making dizzying in a show of these european leaders so i expect in the next few hours a lot of negotiations within the european parliament the socialists are unimpressed as well as the greens and they're going to make difficult life of this country to survive this is also true in relation to the candidacy of madame lagarde but we
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have to highlight the fact that she doesn't need a vote by the european parliament that would be legally a binding on earth future so is more like an advice of the european parliament but the last word will belong to the state and government. as you might have seen in the current crisis the major argument against my the guard of the major concerns seemed to do we have little experience when it comes to the monetary policy but this could easily be overcome by early experience id m f i think there is a stronger and deeper argument that might be raised and we're going to be hearing more about this is the role that by the end regard playing busy during the great prizes in her being or being perceived as responsible for the austerity policies that cost reduction in the quite the like for many greek people and overall european citizens absolute this is the sunday a lot to drill down there in syria but let's just start with the simple the simple question do you think these nominees are likely to get through the european
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parliament given the concerns with some of the candidates that you've highlighted but also the fact that you know how democratic is this. nor the previous splits and candy that in system at least you knew it was the parties that had gained the most thought see were getting a nominee through he was vetted these people have been vetted by anyone. absolutely regardless of the identity of those candidates they might be excellent candidates the process that there's been follow to identify them is very problematic specially in relation to the expectations that were created during these elections during these long campaigns during which a few candidates have been opposing one another presenting different visions of your own well all those kind it is they've been set asides for and your candidate in this case all sort of really falls from the sky nobody knows or political agenda nobody really knows where she is then she has never been a prime minister says never been
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a head of state and government in therefore there's a lot of hasn't a class or political record is not be clear when it comes to him her mentally says when it comes to sausalito as they really are the heart of the political debate in europe so we understand why some political leaders like mr micron they raise their point about where these european politics today how we can translate the will of the political will of european citizens at the european level if we don't have a proper and mature european political system capable of representing european citizens such a level of intelligibility is not guaranteed by the current process forward 2024 the big question will be how we can create transnational east meaning allowing one political offer to be presented to all european citizens and having that decision to be presented to all citizens in translating this into the decision making process we are far from it but the discussion as a cur and i think a lot of the bed that we hold there as
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a result of these negotiations will app potentially as an accelerator towards the europeanization of the political process which today is currently flawed. we will have to leave it there thanks very much there for bringing us your analysis there live from geneva. sidebar for the weather here is adverts and you're going to bring us news of the flooding in japan yeah that's right so how we've had huge amounts of rainfall across the southwest of japan in particular some parts of say near the a meter of rain since last friday so a little one over here we do have problems with the satellite picture you can see there's still plenty of cloud on the chart there plenty of very heavy rain particularly into q.c. around 800000 people 800000 people maybe many people have been evacuated from their homes as a result of the steady and persistent rain that has been occurring in this particular part of japan you can see this weather system here this is
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a stationary weather front which has been stuck here for all of that time then this is known as the my you buy you front says the seasonal rains but it does normally move it waves about rather more than it has done recently hence we've seen some significant problems in the last 24 hours in $207.00 millimeters of rain have come down and to far away from here 160 millimeters of rain there in the shockey we are going to see further spells of rain over the next 12 to 24 hours hopefully not quite as heavy but still plenty of wet weather to come you can see this is the situation in the key issue of the moment then vast amounts of rainfall really really heavy rain causing widespread flooding and widespread destruction and of course it is something that is going to continue over the coming hours it will tend to sink its way further south where it's so as we head towards the weekend i'm hopeful things will slowly improve. thank you very much adverts and lots more so
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it's a column on al-jazeera including trying to find a home comforts life for syrian children in opposition held areas as bombs drop all around them and eyeing up historic patrick can chill a stay on course a coke for america the whole house the sports. the venezuela colombia border has become a stomping ground for trespasses. as desperate people transgress an illegal passage . to feed an emerging field trafficking markets. we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking it all. venezuelan colombia. on al-jazeera. in the ghetto
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71 a deep thinker on the telly and set out on an extraordinary journey marco polo followed the silk road design into the heart of the cards empire. retracing his steps our modern day explorer discovers the descending distance echoes of last words and the reminder of what and who survives history. marketed on al-jazeera. thanks for staying with us here on al-jazeera a quick reminder of the top stories for you this hour france has condemned the air
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strike on a detention center in libya's capital tripoli at least 44 people were killed 130 others have been injured the u.n. recognized governments has blamed the strike on forces loyal to the warlord of the faster. iran's president says of its partners in the 2815 year clear deal do not fulfill their promises its nuclear reactor will return soon previous activities passed on rouhani says after july the 7th it will go to whatever level is needed. well let's get more on our top story that airstrike on a migrant center in libya joins know by some a cobar a political and defense analysts from a strategic sense study center in doha thank you so much for talking to us here on al-jazeera we've been talking about this shocking turn of events we're seeing almost a shift from military targets see what is now essentially
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a civilian target what do you think this says about the state of the conflict in libya currently it is a lot. what happened last night is basically part of the military operation the loss in ground for have to really massive losing the city of gori and it was a major. in addition of that losing delay the casualties in his army. also the type of weapons that were confiscated the key thing here was the americans kind of visual. that was really found and confiscated ingreat those weapons were only relieved or sell to very strategic partners not only to everyone and these ones were really the. olds were sold to
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in 2008 so all this is the commented and this is that image of scandal and the congress and us is making a big fuss out of this so to shift the spotlight from this story is basically hitting a civilian cam and making the international media focus on something completely different than what is really happening in ground in terms of military operations so it's really this is bought of the tactics that they play in the media to shift the focus of the international community from the real. cause that would seem to be rather a rather drastic step because now we're hearing we were speaking with carolyn. moments earlier he was saying the security council will be gathering together we're hearing accusations of war crimes calls from the african union for intervention it seems like a rather drastic step to try turned attention away from. from from the weapons
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discovery not so well you know it's not giving that france is is a providing the political cover for have there the international community until now for 4 years have to is committing major crimes until now they filled 2 point the fingers to have to leave because france and russia are preventing any u.n. security resolutions that comes out. unfortunately europe is dominated by financial the european union failed to produce a statement that really condemning have to when he really attacked tripoli is very clear like someone who is not at all who's really going to be the official government that was abroad and was granted a security resolution supporting it from the from the u n yet have that is attacking that on the day when mr. it was wasn't tripoli was visiting tripoli have to. attack to tripoli in the same day so when the when the. security wasn't
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terribly bored here that have those providing the political cover it's providing military assistance for the african union is basically dominated also where france the softball of saudi arabia and the united arab emirates is a cure all on the on the on the english there was the. person from the amnesty international also the feel short to really to point the fingers even to that there was an airstrike she said well it looks like an airstrike but they don't really have a. strong evidence of what it's like so we are seeing really traces of a softball world that is really manipulating the stew asian either in the international organizations or at the u.n. level as well ok thank you very much indeed. there from the strategic studies center in doha really appreciate your analysis there a little. so the news now and raul gandhi has resigned as the leader of india's main opposition party the indian national congress the 49 year old led his party's
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campaign juror in this year's general election but faced major faiths against the ruling b j p well he was bidding to become the 4th member of his family to be n.d.'s prime minister on this says he's morally responsible for his party's poor electoral performance and has left it to others to nominates the next presidents of what is india's oldest party well pretty capello is a lecture on the faculty of history of the university of cambridge she joins us now live from new delhi at this hour significant would you say this resignation isn't terms of india's general politics. i think it is highly significant because though mr gandhi had resigned almost immediately after the election result came out it hadn't been accepted by the party
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which of course has been accused perhaps rightly so for holding on to dynastic power so the election campaign which had been highly vociferously between the 2 parties was staked on the fact that the indian national congress was in a way a declining or was indicative of all that was dynastic in and bad in indian politics and i think gandhi has actually done something remarkable because i think he's one of the few politicians who has actually personally taken responsibility for that defeat and in so doing i think he's trying to kickstart jump start the kind of stupor that has fallen on the entire opposition after the staggering mandate motive received a month ago so i think it's significant for that reason but if you look at his statement which is quite long he also accuses institutions for losing particularly the election commission for losing its neutrality and so in so doing he say well there's an ideological fight now. here to be had between as it will a much more right wing exclusivist agenda of the current party and
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a different kind of agenda that he wishes to channel by by starting with this sort of sacrificial move by resigning from the party mood state do you think this will leave the indian national congress in because as you mentioned there he tried to resign and the party wouldn't let him. do succeeds and what happens next. well i think this is a productive moment now for the congress to rethink and reshape itself because the parties structure has been dominated by highly unpopular leaders if i may say so because the main body the main decision making body which is about 30 or 40 people the working committee a less than 4 m.p.'s doesn't 4 people in that committee are actually members who have won their elections so i think there's a crisis at not just the level of a final leadership a but actually at the into immediate a level as well and by resigning mr gandhi you
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saying well now it's up to you if the narrow gandhi family has been accused of dynastic cism i remove myself out of it and now it's up to you to sort of do something with it with the legacy with the party but if he does this is this not shifting the brain. a tip i beg your pardon of sorts of your thread but with that move if you say ok hands up we'll say the dentist they are it's a vote now you get on with it has an indian politics a self moved on i mean this is the 2nd time the be j.p. and the oh the nationalist policies of the b j p have been have been pushed forwards and the electorate is responding to them. yes you're quite right but it is a catch 22 for the indian national congress it is highly identified by the narrow gandhi family and yet most people most indian in the indian electorate has reacted badly to the dynastic nature of leadership in it so i think now the party faces
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a crisis as in terms of who to make responsible of to make the leap in the face of leadership in this party i don't think that mr gandhi or his sister or even his mother leaving the political scene but i think what they're trying to do is to actually sort of come up with a sort of 2nd tour of leadership for 4 and this shows that actually rajaraman gandhi himself wants to take on the fight in terms of ideology that is incredibly clear from his statement this is the resignation letter was not simply about a hands up but was actually saying well india needs to be careful it is entering a dangerous era where institutions are being taken over by a so-called authoritarian government and the congress needs to fight that system so i think in a way he's saying well i think he's going to be the as it were a moral or an ideological force but he's not going to leave the day to day running of the party to someone else ok she's joining us from new delhi thank you very much
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indeed. the united nations special investigator examining the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi wants world powers to reconsider holding the next g. 20 in saudi arabia i ask of them are unknown sir findings last month telling al-jazeera she wants the un investigate further andersen's such reports. is putting more pressure on saudi arabia to make it accountable for the killing of jamal khashoggi as lead investigator for the united nations inquiry into his death she's expressing frustration with what she says is a lack of international action a report released last month didn't determine who authorized the killing but it did find credible evidence she said pointing to saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man's involvement calmar believes rich countries have done little to pursue justice one way of pressuring the saudis she says is depriving them of hosting the next g.
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20 summit in riyadh in 2020 politic or accountability for mr khashoggi will mean that it doesn't happen or it's morse elsewhere or something is being done to ensure that the police to call as system in the u.s. and in other countries does not become complicit and she's calling for a restriction on saudi access to surveillance technology there should be a moratorium on the sale of surveillance technology to saudi arabia because time and time again that country as demonstrated that it can meet cannot be trusted but us president donald trump is the key to making effective moves over saudis who have rejected reports and maintain the cause shock g.'s killing was a rogue operation by officials the u.s. has put sanctions on individuals while keeping warm ties with the saudis state
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partly be. because it buys us weapons that is hostile to iran caliber comments don't reflect official u.n. policy she says the u.s. has power lies down sure of what to do next even though she says it should be clear justice should come as an international level with the un and the f.b.i. ordering cruel inquiries andrew simmons. people have been paying tribute see 14 russian sailors killed in a submarine far russian defense ministry says the creek also a civilian i speak for causing the hatch to contain the fire is it see research vessel was based out of the northern town of several mosques and had been studying the arctic sea for some crewmember survives but the rest were killed by toxic fumes stepped fast and has more now from moscow the ministry of defense announced that this exit.


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