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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 4, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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100 migrants in detention centers just like the one that was attacked last night. in extreme case state of vulnerability but also i'm reminded of the wider impact on the population in the tripoli area there have been now over 100000 people who've been displaced by the conflict over the last 3 months and oversee migrants who are in detention are the most vulnerable because they not only are living in incredibly difficult conditions but they also don't have the possibility to flee to safety areas of the city and there are those notably among them the u.n.h.c.r. the high commission for refugees the u.n. body which is calling for an end to migrants and refugees being sent back to libya which is the cornerstone of course of policy would you agree with that. absolutely a new policies have to change we have to recognize that the situation libya is dramatically different given the events of the last few months and search and
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rescue operations on the mediterranean have to restart i think as your correspondent from tripoli was saying libyan coast guard intercepting people who are attempting to flee across the sea take people back directly to detention centers like the one that was attacked last night we need to have say from where this search and rescue operations are back in action across the mediterranean sea to make sure that people who are trying to flee the insecurity and conflict in libya have the ability to do so do you feel generally that there is a bit of an erosion if you like of the rules of war. we heard that we heard it said that the coordinates of this particular facility were given to all those involved and yet it was bombed and we lost maybe 44 people similarly there are accusations of the same kinds of atrocities being carried out in the province in syria for instance where the locations are given to all those involved yet still medical facilities and civilian facilities are being bombed i mean do you think
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that this is an area that really really needs some attention. i think that's right i think that we are increasingly living in what feels like an age of impunity i think that there have been an indiscriminate asterix in the tripoli area even before last night's killing dozens of civilians and injuring one injuring hundreds and you know the i.r.c. has mobile teams on the ground in tripoli delivering health and protection services to areas where displaced communities have fled to but it's incredibly difficult to have access across the city and to areas closer to the front lines where people are in grave danger and migrants who are stuck in detention and have no access and no freedom of movement. really in a in an impossible situation right now and what's your understanding then of the potential there of of a crime having been committed a war crime in specific it's far too
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early to say with any degree of certainty exactly what happened yesterday but what we do know is that there are thousands more migrants exactly like the ones that were killed and injured last night that is still in detention and we need to see efforts ramped up to make sure that all of those people can be evacuated to safety in short order we need humanitarian corridors to open up so that we can evacuate people to safety we need european union member states to redouble their commitments to resettle evacuees into europe so that so that people can can be brought to safety and what happened last night just shows how urgent it is that that's done over the regs of the international rescue committee thank you very much indeed for talking to us live from paris that is thought that many of those killed and injured were nigerians our correspondent dominatrices been speaking to the authorities in buddha about just how many may have been affected by this attack. the officials
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here are actually at a loss of. how many people how many nigerians were involved how many nigerians were dead or injured in that particular attack but it's certain that a lot of nigerians were involved among the casualties and one official described to me that it's shocking it's barbaric it's condemn a whole and outrageous whether or not this attack from yesterday will sort of push the nigerian government to accelerate its repatriation program voluntary partition program of stranded migrants nigerian microstrip in libya it's not clear at the moment but we know thousands of them have been returned home since december 2017 till date and the nigerian government is continuing with that peroration according to one particular official well michelle is the u.n. high commissioner for human rights she's issued a statement about the bombing and she said that this attack may depending on the
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precise 2nd senses amount to a war crime she said i have repeatedly called for the closure of all migrant detention centers in libya where un human rights stuff is documented sivia is a crowding torture ill treatment forced labor rate and acute mouth nutrition and charlie at sea is the spokesman for the un a.c.l. that sea united nations high commission for refugees. this is a horrific tragedy the should never have happened around 2 months ago human h.c.r. warned that these people in side the sentence and to needed to be evacuated that was after an airstrike badly damaged the roof and injured 2 of the detainees we called for that urgent evacuation then that didn't happen they remains detained inside that center and sadly people have paid the tragic consequence price of that
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with their life lost my. these are very few g.'s many of them who left behind warm persecution and have fled to neighboring countries in the hopes of finding safety and if instead found themselves held in terrible conditions inside these detention centers but also now are no longer have their physical safety guaranteed either we need to evacuate people in these detention centers out as a matter of urgency the problem we've been having in recent months is that people are being brought to the detention centers faster than we can evacuate them they're being brought to libya after being rescued or intercepted by the libyan coast guard a rate that's quicker than we can get people out so we need a new policy there we need to see a renewed effort that sees an end to people being returned to libya no refugees should be returned to libya at this time well the air strike on the libyan migrant detention center is he had more scrutiny on european immigration policy to marry in
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the mozzie now with more from our european broadcast santa maria. yes thanks very much martin well it comes in a week in which is a nice hard line rejection of rescued migrants has been grabbing the headlines here the captain of the sea watch 3 rescue ship that brought 40 migrants to lampedusa has gone into hiding after receiving death threats she had defied the italian coast guard to bring in the migrants and rammed a police boat in the process of saving them from the seas off libya brennan reports the carnage of the detention center strike vividly highlights the danger thousands of migrants face in camps all across northern libya and coming at the same time as the ongoing dispute between its lee and the n.g.o.s group see watch there is intense pressure for a new approach that needs to be an end to the toxicity of the political debate around what to do with refugees and migrants there needs to be an end to politicians seeing this as
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a political trophy to win and it needs to be reframed as a primarily humanitarian issue carol or a kept ship she watched 340 migrants on lampedusa in defiance of the italian government last weekend has now been released from house arrest but she's gone into hiding after threats to his safety and she may yet face charges a prospect strongly criticized by the n.g.o.s she works for. and of the money that she gave you a humanitarian ship carrying people rescued at sea which just wants to bring them safely to harbor as the biggest most urgent threat security and public order makes italy look ridiculous libya and strike can see watch disputed given fresh impetus to humanitarian campaign as across europe in paris on wednesday protesters showed their solidarity with carroll iraq after she was just a pain in the overflow on cd and she still victor pulls out of that's a little and in strasbourg demonstrators from the spanish group open arms more to
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rescue boat next to the european parliament building. used to end the criminalization of the n.g.o.s who operate in the mediterranean but the architect of italy's closed ports policy has issued an angry and sarcastic reaction to carla records his release it was a series all over europe back us what was the outcome apart from the battle to build up wouldn't be made to the judge drank a glass of wine of young lady she said she was ripped white german had even a little bored cream and therefore legitimize not to care about the laws of a state if someone thinks i will give up they're wrong which if someone thinks i will stop them they're wrong that is another hot and tense summer is looming on europe's southern front here paul brennan al-jazeera china's ambassador to the u.k. has been summoned by the foreign office after he made inflammatory comments about britain's response to the unrest in hong kong they are charming accuse the u.k. of interfering in hong kong affairs and said it should keep its hands off the
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territory ambassador criticized the british government for its support of the protests as it has to be pointed out that this very important issue of a principle but you'll keep the government chose to stand on the wrong side it has made in appropriate remarks. not only to interfere in the internal affairs of income but also to back up a violent law because it even attempt to upstart hong kong as our government form from bringing the criminals to justice. let's get more now from charley angela who joins us in the studio now appears to be an escalating dispute here between the u.k. foreign office yes i mean there were very strong words about press conference genuine anger it seemed at times and it is
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a reiteration of the same message that we've seen from the chinese foreign minister queues in britain of interfering in affairs in hong kong and that press conference is very rare for press governments to be held by the chinese investor in london seemed to be directed at foreign secretary jeremy hunt who later responded with a tweet saying my message to the chinese government good relations between countries are based on mutual respect and honoring the legally binding agreements between them that agreement is the 90 day for joint declaration between britain and china guaranteeing freedoms for hong kong but on enjoyed on the mainland the protesters see that being eroded and the u.k. ministers say it is the duty to uphold them but the fundamental issue here is that china doesn't view that agreement in the same way they have dismissed it as a historical document with no practical significance and the fallout has been the chinese ambassador was then summoned to the foreign office here in london and given
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a bit of a dressing down by the head of the diplomatic service assignment donald he was told that his comments were unacceptable and in accurate so you could say we are seeing the beginning of a diplomatic rift really between the 2 sides with china threatening that there is damage to the relationship with britain and britain threatening serious consequences if that agreement is not respected and it comes at a very interesting time doesn't it with rex it for now thank you very much charlie angela. all island is concerned about the brics it has been put forward by the 2 contenders to be the next british prime minister a senior irish politician say they don't know how the country can maintain an open border without a deal they fear the peace process could be under threat reports from the european parliament in strasburg. they've been choosing the new president of the european parliament very soon breck's its will go right back to the top of the agenda one of either boris johnson or jeremy hunt's will become the u.k.'s new prime minister and
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both men say they're prepared to take the u.k. out of the european union by the end of october without a deal as it stands the european position remains that everything will be done to protect the islands from being destabilized in that event we have very firm in supporting the fact that we want to see osis or want to avoid it in order and we want to respect the safeguard for something they could be overseeing the market. but how hunt and johnson both suggest they would get around the issue of customs checks at the irish border by simply waving goods through towards the u.k. but things like food travelling into the e.u. the other way would have to be checked to ensure all meets european standards is only some which it can do and that's puts ireland in an impossible position it cannot carry out those checks without customs posts that means a closed border potentially instituted by ireland and in breach of the peace
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process it's a sworn not to destabilize and you're going to be leverage in a chaotic situation or because you're going to have a border region under crossings with chand demand who want night and secondly aren't consequences og peace process what's the consequence of us trade there it is france is very products we're going down 6 or 7 times the border before the export market. happened for instance so as a consequence of that i don't know of all the realisation of this is dawning here with several european countries now asking ireland how it plans to square the circle there is no answer there is a genuine and growing concern both here and in brussels of the language being used by both boris johnson and jeremy hunt is having. the effects of forcing our land into a corner the u.k. can say all it wants about having a no deal brick sets and keeping the irish border open but that is not
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a luxury available to all and i think a tricky position taken by both huns and johnson is echoed by the brics it party which maintains a simple insistence that everything will be ok it is now setting the agenda for the ruling conservative party nobody votes for one thing which i guess just to get in the white trash. unless the u.k. parliament stops them the position taken by either hunch or jones she puts the european union against the wall on and will soon find out if it still has the unswerving supports all the food going to the al-jazeera in strasbourg. as it from london for now i will see you in about half an hour's time let's head back to martine. marin thank you very much indeed lots more to come on this hour it is their news hour including the pope's poverty on the rise in argentina some family is a force to travel for alice to ensure their children get a male. fisherman in gaza have their boats returned after an israeli cold rules in
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their favor. and in sports and some of that the corporate america is brazil see a private argentina from home will have all the. we've got the usual wide spread hot sunshine across see a middle east a little more cloud you can just see making its way it was east inside of pakistan but i think even here generally staying dry up to was to stand into a stand you could catch want to shout is essentially looking at the time it is getting into the low to mid thirty's then mid thirty's to 4 to run hot sunshine once again for back that i'm for kuwait city we could touch certain degree celsius him by roopa simply isn't sunshine and on the shells of the mediterranean sunshine
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across the reagan peninsula they have and temp just touching 42 celsius to get up there are $44.00 as we go on into where friday the heat is starting to build once again southern parts of the peninsula southern areas of amman could just catch one or 2 showers so keeps it great along the coasts of salada for example once or showers a possibility into the far south of africa but for much of the region southern africa is looking lossie dry temperatures in capetown at around 15 celsius or 22 the minimal cloud tonight is just pushing up towards the coastal fringes of the mozambique but it should stay dry for the showers continue for central africa the heaviest of which around the gulf getting. they wanted 43000000000 pounds worth of weaponry that was 6000000000 pounds
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income if. there is no anymore because there's always a small. really really good business. in absence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function more. shadow on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks communities may be in disagreement accusing the other for these attacks 10 a chilling with details coverage thousands of protesters have been streaming away from here to go house but rounds of ball have been staying on from around the world sacrificed he said quote how to become a bear the brunt of those sacrifices is what this is all about.
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scientologists take a look at the top stories here on the outs their needs are the un security secretary general has called for an independent investigation into the attack on a migrant detention center in libya which killed 44 people the security council is due to hold an urgent meeting only be able to incoming now also the un recognized government in libya has blamed the strike on forces loyal to the war not only for half the but a spokesman for half that has denied targeting the migrant camp. as an international condemnation of the attack the european union called it shocking and tragic and has called on libyan authorities to better protect migrants. now european leaders say they will not disciplinary measures against iran after the
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u.n. nuclear watchdog confirmed it had breached a stockpile they met agreed under the $215.00 day old pots they were edging terror on not to go any further with a plan to reduce even more it's compliance under this agreement there is a mess ravi has more from tehran. with just days to go before iran is expected to take another step in its plan to reduce cooperation with the 2050 nuclear deal president hassan rouhani had an angry rebuke for the united states. over the past 20 years it is then was started to light the fire extinguisher if you say it is dangerous to play with fire why did he start it. rouhani was responding to comments by president donald trump after the international atomic energy agency or the i.a.e.a. on monday confirmed iran had breached an agreed stockpile limit for enriched uranium they know what they're doing you know what they're playing with and i think
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they're playing with fire the u.s. pulled out of the deal last year imposing ever widening economic sanctions including stopping iran from exporting excess nuclear material another example iran says that illustrates the u.s. is to blame for how fragile the 2015 deal or joint comprehensive plan of action has become caught in the middle attempts by europe to salvage the j.c. have not worked iran sees europe's lack of stronger public condemnation of american sanctions as a weakness the instrument in support of trade exchanges or in sticks a banking bypass to mitigate u.s. sanctions essentially an oil for good scheme iran's president says is tokenism. so fiery in texas been showing off it could be an acceptable action if there was real money in it now it's like a bank without money so why should people come to this bank. this is a critical time for the nuclear deal if nothing changes by sunday july 7th iran
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says it will start enriching uranium at higher purity levels and will expand the scope of nuclear activity stopped with the signing of the deal. with you don can see there is no way in the interest of the region and the world the best thing for america to do is return from their mistake. but as to her own runs out of patience world leaders are running out of time. rolling back on the deal is meant to be a way for iran to take back some autonomy with regards to its nuclear program something it gave up for economic relief that iranians say they have yet to fully experience it's also meant to call into question the commitment of the remaining signatories to the 2015 deal who no doubt worried that this diplomatic stress test might be the thing that breaks it. down. fire fighters in iraq of put out a blaze of the strategic oil pipeline south of mosul after 6 explosive devices
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went off in. a village 70 kilometers south of missile a pipeline links coke to turkey ports. the un has condemned the deaths of hundreds of syrian civilians living in areas controlled by rebels the syrian government and its russian allies have been bombing areas in the provinces of it les abend hama for more than 2 months activists say on average 2 children are killed every day there are hoarders been monitoring developments from neighboring lebanon. constant fear is etched in the faces of these children a fighter jet is close by. a 1000 and it's also so so. so so that it so often and don't be afraid their grandmother tells them. this is what life is like in northwest syria of. power. i try not to get scared so that the assad regime doesn't achieve its objective i won't
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let them win we have been living under bombardment for 9 years but the children can't help it they get scared but i try to do is comfort them help them forget what is happening outside i try to make them laugh and give them emotional support. the family lives in moderate of normal the town in southern adlib has been repeatedly targeted and the russian backed syrian government offensive in recent weeks says she is worried about the safety of her grandchildren but a life of displacement is not an option and one parliament rather we have taken a decision not to leave god willing we won't we did it once and life in exile is difficult we want to live in dignity in our own homes. but it's not safe moderate or no man was home to more than 100000 syrians some displaced from other parts of syria neighborhoods have been flattened hospitals hit ambulances targeted and the united nations says more than 100 children have been killed while
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at home at school or playing in the streets. the air strikes follow us wherever we go. no matter where we go to hit everywhere. i get scared when i hear a plane i can hear it passing by so i immediately height. that is what family does when a plane is spotted. they receive early warnings over walkie talkies. and they wait. but. they survived at least until the next attack. jennifer there beirut. israel has returned several fishing boats it had confiscated from palestinian fishermen in gaza it was ordered to do so by an
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israeli court after human rights organization said the boats were seized illegally some reports from gaza city. this is one of dozens of boats which the israelis confiscated from the gaza fisherman it's here because back in may an israeli court said that the boat should be returned this one had to come back by land because it's so badly damaged it can't float the owner says he's going to need about $70000.00 to repair it. 13 families worked on this boat everyone ended up without a job if we can rebuild the boat we can fish again and we can repay our loans to get the boat repaired and ready for fishing needs thousands of dollars confirmation that the boats were going to be returns came in as part of an agreement that was reached at the end of june and the everyman thomas said it was going to stop people in gaza flying balloons carrying incendiary devices over the border into israel and it said it would also control the protests that it really happening at the border
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every friday as part of what's called a march overturning for its part israel said that it would continue to a lot of fuel. into gaza for gaza's only power station and it would extend the fishing limits for gaza for shipment and it would return the calls since that agreement in june the protests on the gaza side are border how things quiet but has threshold truces cease fires and agreements like this can be very fragile particularly in this region people on the israeli side of the border as well as the gazans are on the border are waiting to see if this agrees holds. right we have breaking news coming from sudan where talks are resumed between the opposition and the ruling military genter in the capital khartoum earlier the opposition had said it would only resume negotiations once their conditions were met they say they want an independent investigation into the killing of protesters the release of
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political prisoners and the restoration of the internet for those mediation efforts led by prime minister ahmed with the backing of the african union. his sentence one man to life in prison and 2 others to 41 years in jail after they were found guilty of helping to carry out an attack on a university in kenya where 149 people mostly students were killed catherine sawyer has more now from the kenyan capital. when the chief magistrate made his ruling 2 weeks ago to skeer that the convicted get hefty sentences 41 years for 2 of them and life in prison for us that is believed to be from tanzania and according to the contract codes he is say to have been more connected to the gunmen he was found at the premises of the university after the attack was found hiding under a bed and when he was asked his explanation was and create he was also found with
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powerful nelia that suggested he would carry out an atrocity now this is a case that many kenyans have been following and it is the. inclusion of the 1st case involving a major terrorism incident and it really sets the pace at the president to other such related cases that are still in court for example we're waiting for the ruling of another case involving an attack that was carried out back in 2030 in the westgate mall attack that happened in our market area here in the city 67 people were killed so it's really going to be interesting to see how all that plays out going forward we've also been talking to relatives of those who died of the car is a university and survivors as well and it really is a mixed bag bag of emotions some are saying that well we're happy because justice has finally been served even if it has taken a long time but others are saying we don't have that closure that we thought we'd get we spoke to one woman in particular who lost her daughter and say that she
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feels that and she blames the government for failing. and everyone who died everyone who was affected in that attack so she says that apart from this people who are in the dark apart from these people who have been sentenced she also wants to see government officials who she believes filled have dos and others she also wants to see them held to account. now in argentina as president. took office in 2015 he said his main priority would be to reduce poverty faster almost 4 years on and the new study shows that around 3000000 argentinians of fallen into poverty within the past year alone there is a bird report from. its leader at night in this neighborhood and when a society is the cold weather doesn't make it any easier for those who live in poverty in argentina capital. comes all the way to the city with her 3
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children she says life is getting harder every day and every one don't feel that we get a pension for the children. and we try to work in what we can but it's not enough we have to pay rent and we cannot feed our children people come to this location 3 times a week to get some food and warm clothes from an ngo that is helping the poor. to fight him the is a lawyer who has been working on the streets for years look at. what worries arse are the new poor people who had a job and lost it and now they have to choose between renting a room or eating we are seeing more of that when we go out and it shows how difficult the situation is last year after a loss of investor confidence in emerging markets argentina was forced to request an emergency loan from the international monetary fund and even though the government has continued to spend on social programs the austerity measures
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implemented are having an impact on people's lives some of these people have to travel for hours to be able to come here and find meal this is an example of what is happening in argentina where poverty rates have increased in the past year because of the devaluation of the fish so currency and the double digit inflation that exists today that inflation has a direct impact on basic food items prasanna for a man this has been trying to find a job for over a year but she says it's been an impossible task. there's no work and in fact people are being laid off that's why we need to come here i have my 2 kids to care for meanwhile government officials say they're doing everything they can to deal with a situation that. we are not indifferent to what is happening economically in the country and we are doing everything so the situation will improve we have subsidies meant to help people in need food security programs cards with money where people
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can go and buy food and many other things we have several programs to help out. the problem is that as long as the economic situation is dire it will be difficult for people like jessica to improve their lives in the meantime look for a meal and some clothes that will help their children get by. more than a 1000000 people in japan have been ordered to leave parts of the island of cuba shu because of warnings of landslides and floods caused by to wrench rains officials have been urging locals in the cities of kerosene and mia zaki to move immediately to safety after one resident was killed in a mudslide prime minister shinzo of these ordered the military to prepare for rescue operations. we want people to take action to protect their lives by evacuating early in accordance with the evacuation advisory. gandhi has resigned
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as leader of india's main opposition party the indian national congress the 49 year old led his party's campaign during this year's general election.


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