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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 4, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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example 4 resolutions that will call for an immediate cease fire for the fighting in tripoli plus what we always need follow up actions that actually measure amends to hold people and forces accountable because 2 big questions that will measures be taken to trial and cliff after is offensive on tripoli. so what we've been seeing so far like as we said earlier this attack is really embedded in this offensive he started in early april we are now 3 months into the fighting and. his rationale to take over tripoli quickly has not materialized so if we look at the countries that we counted as siding with khalifa haftar among them for example france has been supporting it there is a question mark if maybe france now seeing that as a fence the stalling that he might not be the strong man that the trade himself it might be shifting however there are very very strong regional allies who back half
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to and see in him the vision that they also see for libya that's what's really fueling the conflict in libya right now you mentioned france's position how can your a play a constructive role in terms of pressuring countries leverage inside libya so i think actually of picking up a really important point because i see you up in a very crucial role in this what god. has been responsible for cooperating with forces in libya who were not alleviating the situation for the microbes in libya but quite the opposite there's no way for no improvement for controlled migration into europe instead microbes antiseptic and sent back to libya and so europe should really take on a leading role here and individually and together try to put on pressure under reagan the regional powers who have like it's well documented by the u.n. panel of experts that have been violating the arms embargo and that cannot continue
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of militias fueling the conflict and leading to more civilian thank you very much for joining us in that try to take a research fellow at the international center the study of radicalization thank. you know at the news hour live from london more still ahead a u.n. investigator looking into the murder of jamal khashoggi calls on the g 20 to reconsider holding its next summit in saudi arabia. a family defiantly meet one syrian grandmother refusing to leave the country's last rebel held stronghold despite almost daily bombardment. and there's action from wimbledon coming up in sport including an upset for the real time grand slam champ. hong kong police arrested 12 people of a violence which broke out during pro-democracy protests on monday probating
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politicians say that it could cost around $1300000.00 to repair the legislature building which was ransacked a special task force has been set up to look into the mass protests most of which were peaceful they were triggered by a controversial bill which would allow extradition to mainland china adrian brown brings us the latest now from hong kong. where behind me the massive cleanup and repair operation outside and inside the hong kong parliamentary complex continues throughout the day work would have been boarding up windows were smashed during monday night's violence in other developments on wednesday a newspaper on the mainland published pictures of an exercise involving members of the people's liberation army based here in hong kong where the pier lay has several garrisons now it's not unusual for the pillay to carry out exercises in hong kong but it's the timing of this one which of course seems so suspicious coming just
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several weeks after the protests began here in another development on wednesday the chief executive kerry was forced to deny a report. that she consulted with the leadership in beijing on monday night as to whether the pillay should in fact be called and she said that report is erroneous but a key advisor of hers ronny tome has said that the violence that we have seen in hong kong during the fast few days does raise the risk and the prospect that one day the pier lay might actually have to be called in for the moment hong kong remains calm but there's also plenty of acrimony and also plenty of unease. the british foreign secretary jeremy hunt says if china fails to honor its agreement over hong kong and be serious consequences he made these comments in a t.v. interview shortly after china's ambassador to the u.k. had been summoned by the foreign office lew charming made inflammatory comments
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about britain's response to the unrest in hong kong excuse the u.k. of interfering in hong kong and said it should keep its hands off the territory ambassador criticize the british government for its support of the protesters it has to be pointed out that on this very important issue of a principle the you'll keep the government chose to stand on the wrong site it has made inappropriate remarks not only to interfere in the internal affairs of hong kong but also to back up the violent law because it even attempt to obstruct hong kong as a our government form from bringing the criminals to justice. iran's president has warned that teheran will begin enriching uranium to any amount it wants from sunday but has done rouhani says any actions taken can also be
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quickly reversed if washington returns to the 2050 nuclear agreement u.s. president donald trump took to twitter to warn iran to be careful making threats in case they come back to bite you like nobody has been before they must ravi has more from tehran. with just days to go before iran is expected to take another step in its plan to reduce cooperation with a 2050 nuclear deal president hassan rouhani had an angry rebuke for the united states. over the past 20 years it is them who started to light the fire while extinguishing if you say it is dangerous to play with fire why did he start it. rouhani was responding to comments by president donald trump after the international atomic energy agency or the i.a.e.a. on monday confirmed iran had breached an agreed stockpile limit for enriched uranium. and i think they're playing with. the u.s.
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pulled out of the deal last year imposing ever widening economic sanctions including stopping iran from exporting excess nuclear material another example iran says that illustrates the u.s. is to blame for how fragile the 25th or joint comprehensive plan of action has become caught in the middle attempts by europe to salvage the j.c. have not worked iran sees europe's lack of stronger public condemnation of american sanctions as a weakness of the instrument in support of trade exchanges or a banking bypass to mitigate u.s. sanctions essentially an oil for good scheme iran's president says is tokenism. showing off it could be an acceptable action if there was real money and now it's like a bank without money. people come to this. this is a critical time for the nuclear deal if nothing changes by sunday july 7th iran says it will start enriching uranium at higher purity levels and will expand the
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scope of nuclear activity stopped with the signing of the deal. with. the interest of the region and the world the best thing for america to do is return from their mistake. and runs out of patience world leaders are running out of time . rolling back on the deal is meant to be a way for iran to take back some autonomy with regards to its nuclear program something it gave up for economic relief that iranians say they have yet to fully experience it's also meant to call into question the commitment of the remaining signatories to the 2015 deal who no doubt worried that this diplomatic stress test might be the thing that breaks. talks have resumed between sudan's opposition and the ruling military genter over transfer of power to a civilian led government the gauche ations between the 2 sides collapsed a month ago after security forces violently raided
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a protest sit in killing dozens of people the talks in the capital hard to move be mediated by african union and ethiopian officials the opposition had said it would only resume talks once their conditions were met including an investigation into the killing of protesters. 3 men in kenya have received separate prison sentences for being involved in the massacre of $148.00 people at caressing university in 2015 last month the defendants were found to be members of the group al-shabaab based in neighboring somalia which claimed responsibility for the attack one of them has given one of them has been given a life sentence while 2 others will be serving up to 41 years for being accomplices . the u.s. special investigator examining the murder of jamal khashoggi has called on world powers to relocate the next g. 20 summit from saudi arabia i miss kalamazoo investigation into the journalist death found credible evidence of the involvement of the crown prince andrew simmons
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has our report. it is putting more pressure on saudi arabia to make it accountable for the killing of jamal khashoggi as lead investigator for the united nations inquiry into his death she's expressing frustration with what she says is a lack of international action a report released last month didn't determine who authorized the killing but it did find credible evidence she said pointing to saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon's involvement calmar believes rich countries have done little to pursue justice one way or pressuring the saudis she says is depriving them of hosting the next g. 20 summit in riyadh in 2020 political accountability for mr cashel he will mean that it doesn't happen or it's morse elsewhere or something is being done to ensure that the pulley to call our system in the us and in other
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countries does not become complicit and she's calling for a restriction on saudi access to surveillance technology there should be a moratorium on the sale of surveillance technology to saudi arabia because. time and time again that country has demonstrated that it can mitt cannot be trusted but us president donald trump is the key to making effective moves over the saudis who have rejected reports and maintain the cause shock g.'s killing was a rogue operation by officials the u.s. has put sanctions on individuals well keeping warm ties with the saudis state partly because it buys u.s. weapons and is hostile to iran. comments don't reflect official u.n. policy she says the u.s. has power lies down sure of what to do next even though she says it should be clear justice should come as an international level with the un and the f.b.i.
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ordering cruel inquiries andrew simmons. to algeria now where the interim president says elections remain the only democratic way to end the country's political crisis as months of anti-government protests show no signs of letting up. called for a national dialogue over how to hold presidential elections but did not set a date for the vote he says the military will not be involved in those discussions anti-government demonstrations began in algeria in february they led to the resignation of longtime president addresses beautifully in april. the un has condemned the deaths of hundreds of syrian civilians living in areas controlled by rebels syrian government and its russian allies have been forming areas in the provinces of it live and however for more than 2 months activists say on average 2 children are killed every day in a hoarder has been monitoring developments from neighboring lebanon. constant fear
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is etched in the faces of these children a fighter jet that is close by. the coffin and it's also so so. so true that it so often and don't be afraid their grandmother tells them. this is what life is like in northwest syria that's awful and i would miss the power in the my heart i try not to get scared so that the assad regime doesn't achieve its objective i won't let them win we have been living under bombardment for 9 years but the children can't help it they get scared but i try to do is comfort them help them forget what is happening outside i try to make them laugh and give them emotional support possible the family lives in moderate of normal the town in southern adlib has been repeatedly targeted in the russian backed syrian government offensive in recent weeks. she is worried about the safety of her grandchildren but
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a life of displacement is not an option and not hung parliament rather we have taken the decision not to leave or god willing we won't we did it once and life in exile is difficult we want to live in dignity in our own homes. but it's not safe moderate or no man was home to more than 100000 syrians some displaced from other parts of syria neighborhoods have been flattened hospitals hit ambulances targeted and the united nations says more than 100 children have been killed while at home at school or playing in the streets. the airstrikes follow us wherever we go no matter where we go they hit everywhere. i get scared when i hear a plane i can hear it passing by so i immediately hide. that is what family does when a plane is spotted. they receive early warnings over walkie talkies. and
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they wait. but. they survived at least until the next attack. because. of the film jennifer there beirut. for you with the news out live from london there is much more still ahead irreversible damage that di a warning from environmental groups of a plans to mine the ocean floor. the u.s. women working to expose the risks of living at oil and gas fields with a so-called toxic tor of hell. and that is for we'll tell you about the teenager who's just become the 5th most expensive player in the history of football.
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hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast we have seen plenty of weather here across parts of central europe we do have a lot of thunderstorms that are rolling across parts of france italy as well as over towards hungary now some of these storms did cause problems in terms of large hail as well as gusty winds so we're going to still monitor these in the next few days up towards the north though it is going to be quite windy across parts of northern and north eastern europe we do have a system that's pushing through we're not a lot of clouds so a rain it will be the winds in some of those winds could cause trees to fall as well as power lines to come down as well down. but imagine c. meeting on the attack on a migrant detention center in libya proving ambassador to the u.n. security council president assad them as a quandary speaking now that an important urgent meeting was needed souls who were
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these and we're going to know we're going to leave this file of you know that and be shown meeting on libya because here in our program a 5th things evolve in a new id we will have a new medium before that because the media we've already agreed. that house until now of the s. g.'s statement calls for a. for investigation independent investigation we fully agree on a statement serial delegations also called to get a unanimous. condemnation of the for the issue an old saw demand for a new b.c. asian and accountability civil rights era most of that is also likely given to the . security council was unable to agree press on its because one member is still waiting on instruction make sure i would work but we are still working on
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that i think you would like to. come here. we can result in a special session of their united nations are waiting on libya appears to be inconclusive the representative there was asked about 2 key issues the matter of justice and accountability for the killing of 44 migrants mostly african migrants at a detention center in tripoli of course have been calls for an independent investigation so we have to see what emerges from vast and then no indication as to what will happen in terms of the un security council uniting on a common position on libya of course as there are calls for deescalation of that 3 month offensive by $35.00 to on tripoli but of course as we know libya is a main transit point for refugees and migrants from africa and the middle east trying to reach europe there are an estimated 670000 of them in libya or than
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5000 kept in 60 government detention centers across the country many are from countries like mali sudan somalia and eritrea and mostly trying to reach italy by crossing the mediterranean but thousands have been picked up by the libyan coast guard which is supported by the e.u. and sent back to tripoli but the airstrike on this a migrant center has really heaped yet more scrutiny on european immigration policy after a week in which italy's hard line rejection of rescued migrants has grabbed the headlines paul brennan reports. the carnage of the detention center as strike vividly highlights the danger thousands of migrants face in camps all across northern libya and coming at the same time as the ongoing dispute between italy and the ngo group c. watch there is intense pressure for a new approach that needs to be an end to the toxicity of the political debate
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around what to do with refugees and migrants there needs to be an end to politicians seeing this as a political trophy to win and a means to be reframed as a primarily humanitarian issue carol or a kept ship at sea watch $340.00 migrants on lampedusa in defiance of the italian government last weekend has now been released from house arrest but she's gone into hiding after threats to his safety and she may yet face charges a prospect strongly criticized by the n.g.o.s she works for. and every minute that she view a humanitarian ship carrying people rescued at sea which just wants to bring them safely to harbor as the biggest most urgent threat security and public order makes italy look ridiculous libya and strike can see watch disputed given fresh impetus to humanitarian campaigners across europe in paris on wednesday protesters showed their solidarity with care all around she was just appalling. and she still
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because of that and that's a little and in strasbourg demonstrators from the spanish group open arms more to rescue about next to the european parliament building edging any police to end the criminalization of the ngos who operate in the mediterranean but the architect of italy's closed ports policy has issued an angry and sarcastic reaction to carla records his release it was a series all over europe back us released but what was the outcome apart from the battle maybe the judge drank a glass of wine a young lady who said she was raped white german even a little bored and therefore legitimize not to care about the north of a state if someone. things i will give up they're wrong which if someone thinks i will stop them they're wrong that it's another hot and tense summer is looming on europe's southern front here paul brennan al jazeera. extreme poverty is on the rise in argentina a new study shows 3000000 people have fallen below the poverty line in just the
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past year and residents in the capital say conditions are getting us a president took office 4 years ago but using poverty was one of his main priorities now many say that's a distant train to rise above has more from one of our us. it's late at night in this neighborhood and when a site is the cold weather doesn't make it any easier for those who live in poverty in argentina's capital you know jessica will be at risk comes all the way to the city with her 3 children she says life is getting harder every day and the one down they are seeing that we get a pension for the children and we try to work in what we can but it's not enough we have to pay rent and we cannot feed our children people come to this location 3 times a week to get some food and warm clothes from an ngo that is helping the poor. is a lawyer who has been working on the streets for years. what worries us are the new
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poor people who had a job and lost it and now they have to choose between renting a room or eating we are seeing more of when we go out and it shows how difficult the situation is last year after a loss of investor confidence in emerging markets argentina was forced to request an emergency loan from the international monetary fund and even though the government has continued to spend on social programs the austerity measures implemented are having an impact on people's lives some of these people have to travel for hours to be able to come here and find meal this is an example of what is happening in. argentina where poverty rates have increased in the past year because of the devaluation of the official currency and the double digit inflation that exists today that inflation has a direct impact on basic food items prasanna for man this has been trying to find a job for over a year but she says it's been an impossible task in the world there's no work in
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fact people are being laid off that's why we need to come here i have my 2 kids to care for meanwhile government officials say they're doing everything they can to deal with a situation that. we are not indifferent to is happening economically in the country and we're doing everything so the situation will improve we have subsidies meant to help people in need food security programs cards with money where people can go and buy food and many other things we have several programs to help out the problem is that as long as the economic situation is dire it will be difficult for people like jessica to improve their lives in the meantime look for a meal and some clothes that will help their children get by. more than a 1000000 people in japan have been ordered to evacuate parts of the island of cuba shoot following warnings of landslides and floods caused by heavy to wrenshaw rain
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officials have been urging locals in the cities of. to move to safety immediately transpire ministrations has ordered the military to prepare for rescue operations although no injuries have been reported so far. raul gandhi has resigned as the leader of india's oldest political posse the indian national congress the 49 year old led his party's campaign during this year's general election but face major defeat against the ruling b j p he was hoping to be the 4th member of his family to be india's prime minister gandhi says he's morally responsible for his party's poor electoral performance. and has now left it to others to nominate the next party president. island is concerned about the brics it plans being put forward by the 2 contenders to be the next british prime minister senior irish politicians say they don't know how the country can maintain an open border without
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a deal they fear the peace process could be under threat aren't the reports now from the european parliament in strasburg. they've been choosing their new president at the european parliament very soon breck seats will go right back to the top of the agenda one of either boris johnson or jeremy hunt's will become the u.k.'s new prime minister and both men say they're prepared to take the u.k. out of the european union by the end of october without a deal as it stands the european position remains that everything will be done to protect islands from being destabilized in that event we have very firm supporting the fact that we want to see most of them want to avoid a hard in order and we want to respect them see forgot those things they could be overseeing the market. but how hunts and johnson both suggest they would get around the issue of customs checks at the irish border by simply waving goods through towards the u.k. but things like food travelling into the e.u.
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the other way would have to be checked to ensure all meets european standards is only some which it can do and that's puts ireland in an impossible position it cannot carry out those checks without customs posts that means a closed border potentially instituted by islands and in breach of the peace process it's a sworn not to destabilise you're going to be left with a chaotic situation because you're going to have a border which is going to crossings with chand imagined before night and secondly are the consequences of our peace process what's the consequences trade there is france is the only part of more pronounced 6 or 7 times past the border before the export market. happened for instance so as a consequence of that i don't know of all. the realisation of this is dorling here with several european countries now asking ireland how it plans to square the circle there is no answer there is
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a genuine and growing concern both here and in brussels of the language being used by both boris johnson and jeremy hunt is having the effects of forcing arland into a corner the u.k. can say all it wants about having a no deal breck's it and keeping the irish border open but that is not a luxury available to our limbs. during a trip to positions taken by both huns and johnson is echoed by the brics it party which maintains a simple insistence that everything will be ok it is now setting the agenda for the ruling conservative party nobody wants. to try to whole thing was a hoax just to get in the white race of the top. of. the list the u.k. parliament stops them the position taken by either hunter or johnson puts the european union's back against the wall erland will soon find out if it still has the unswerving support of the. sleeve of his era in strasbourg. the kremlin says the details of a fire that killed 14 russian sailors on
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a submarine will not be made public because they include classified information people have been paying tribute to those who were killed russian defense ministry says the crew were able to evacuate a civilian on board before closing the hatch to contain the fire the submarine was based out of the northern town of several more risk russian officials say it had been studying the arctic sea floor at least one person has been killed after a volcano erupted on the island of strong bali in its early eruption and vallet a popular tourist destination in ash and sent many people fleeing the victim is thought to be a male hiker who was hit by a falling stone the stromboli volcano is one of the most active on the planet and has been under an almost constant state of eruption since 1932. now greenpeace is calling on the u.n. to create a new global ocean treaty to protect international arena environments from deep sea mining a new report by the group warns deep sea mining could cause irreversible damage to
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sensitive marine ecosystems it also says it could worsen climate change by releasing vast quantities of carbon dioxide the high cost of operations of so far prevented deep mining projects from international waters but advances in technology could change that only about 5 percent of the sea floor has been mapped and a growing number of countries on now eyeing it as a possible source of wealth or mccallum is head of oceans at greenpeace u.k. he says the un's regulatory body has shown itself to be irresponsible in managing the seabed. we don't know very much about the deep ocean this is why quantifying the damage is a very tricky task and is why scientists have one that you know irreversible damage could mean loss of species that live only in tiny parts of the deep ocean and once they're gone they really are gone there's no bringing them back it could mean pollution being taken up through the water column and spread throughout the oceans there are number of ways that deep sea mining could really impact on the ocean and
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as i said we are still understanding the value of your devotion we know that it stores a lot of carbon source so at a time when we should be doing everything we can to make sure that we're prepared to tackle climate change and mitigate against the worst impacts of climate change to disrupt carbon stores on the deep sea but it seems a complete folly the international civil authority who manage the seabed and in theory regulate deep sea mining they've been selling off licenses to explore the seabed they've even sold a license for the lost city which is a unesco world heritage recognised site and one that greenpeace are going to with our ships be esperanza in the coming weeks so they're just proving themselves to be irresponsible that managing the sea but i'm way worried that the deep sea mining industry are going to be going to these places and like the scientists of one causing irreversible damage to them or oil and gas production in the united states is booming in is really to say that means more jobs and less reliance on foreign
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supplies an environmentalist argue the risks outweigh the benefits the state of new mexico is a major contributor to the oil and in a small community that one woman has spent years campaigning for a cleaner industry and gallagher brings us more now from aztec. the san juan basin in new mexico has been producing oil and gas since the early 20th century this region is home to more than 300 oil fields and 40000 drilled wells and business is booming but the communities like ours take that means living alongside an industry that some say as a dark aside the smell is so bad i totally lost my voice down there but there are people just here right yeah right over here and a lot of people living in these trailer park 74 year old chili mcnall is a lone voice in as take for the past 13 years this grandmother has been running what she calls a toxic tour of hell exposing the health risks of living so close to gas wells
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their manager industrial sites in our neighborhoods and were subjected to the a mission flitter toxic hydrogen sulfide run in pretty high in this area i personally was hit with hydrogen sulfide christmas eve 2005 and it almost killed me many of the wells in asked take it just meters from homes schools and hospitals but no laws of being broken some residents know the risks all too well for leave it tells us that while next to his home caught fire 20 years ago he says shirley's work is helping make things safer and preserving the landscape and i've been on well sites that there's a ruined obvious rain in the well site itself to where they've disturbed stuff in the past which doesn't happen anymore because of what surety and people like her doing good to bring into people's attention just the way things were and how they really ought to be chile's claims about by scientists who say oil and gas explore.


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