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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 184  Al Jazeera  July 4, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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and resulting in ops being detached from the. 7 months into the investigation the if i received a detailed safety recommendation from the egyptian civil aviation authority urging an examination of the procedure checking elevate a bell cranks and they were the newest directive was issued by the f.a.a. to check the shared rivets or possibility of shared rivets in the bellcrank system in the elevator control system of the back of the airplane. so a directive was put out to look at the operators around the world and out of $152.00 that were found defective $52.00 of those were replaced and consequently boeing actually bought out a completely new system to replace the the bellcrank system at that time. these airworthiness directives were released in november 2000 and ordered that all 767 operators to perform
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a one time functional check of one shear rivet in all 6 elevator pca bellcrank assemblies within 30 days reworking or replacing the bellcrank assembly if needed. failure of 2 of the 3 bellcrank assemblies on one side can result in that single elevator surface but not both surfaces moving to a hard over position independent of the pilot command resulting in a significant pitch upset recoverable by the crew. failure of all 3 bellcrank assemblies on one side can cause an elevator hard over that may result in loss of control ability of the airplane. most people remember this case now to see one of happenstance agree with us it was about. the n.t.s.b. report shows that it relied heavily on dot who supplied by boeing well if you know you're going to look to the manufacturer who knows more about the vehicle. than the
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manufacturer of the vehicle and. so we have in. whether it's air bus whether it's embry or whether it's a russian not a faction aircraft you know we under the party process include the individuals that have information that factual information that would help the investigators in terms of putting together the facts it's worth noting that the n.t.s.b. had previously stating that boeing had withheld an important report that could have explained the cause of the crash of t.w.a. flight 800 in 9096 that statement was issued just 2 days before the crash should be debated now and. that is the case then i've seen
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situations where manufacturers for their own economic interests are not forthcoming with the factual information when that happens it's extremely disappointing but it does happen and it is happened. on numerous occasions but good investigative work usually if there is a situation will will determine. where someone is acting out of their self interest rather than trying to act out of the incentives interest of worldwide aviation safety. we asked buying twice to participate in this documentary they refused saying their comments are included in the final accident report they said none of the mechanical failure modes examined during the
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investigation were consistent with the f.d.r. data because the f.d.r. elevated positions did not displace to the positions predicted by the failure mode and effects analysis during the initial pitch over and the elevator motions after the initial pitch over indicate that both surfaces were functioning normally. a member issued in december 2000 by the chairman of egypt air mohamed fire mariah on explains how egypt air managed to reduce insurance premiums on the slate because of evidence absolving the company of responsibility for the accident it effectively how bowing responsible although the government and egypt there arrived at this conclusion it did not knowledge and lawsuit against boeing instead the egyptian government lodged a case in the name of the agent insurance company accusing boeing of being responsible for the crash because of
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a malfunction in the tail elevator assembly however the case was lost because the original contract for the purchase of the plane registered as soup gap stated that boeing could not be held responsible for any injury or death of any person or loss or damage to any property including the aircraft is that we miss. an. what that that if. i began to be meek. meek it's an empty net and he said it get that mean. or should it get added it didn't mean. and now i have to look at it and now i'm a school that we'd rip caballe thaw it up before. a young kid said that it had thawing the boy and kind of pioneered this on these complex cases where you've got a product issue and you've got
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a aviation issue. and boy really would take the lead they would go reach out to the other syndicates you're defending terror they might be and say here let's make a deal right now before we get started on this. we have some exposure you have some exposure we don't know how those who are going to play out but we do know that it's in our common interest to get these cases resolved sooner not later and with less money and they put together a working package an agreement with arbitrary percentages to be adjusted later by arbitration and out of the light of day and someone has picked as stalking horse that's generally the airline because they have the correct relationship for the families and they are given a bag of money as they already have made up of these various participants very secret so you're saying that even though it looks like bowing never applied to the would have been a contribution from boeing i would say that there was contact we know there was reduced in how much. this contention seems to be supported by the records of
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a case heard by a new york court on the 18th of october 2001. the records show that at the hearing egypt is lawyer conceded the ilads right to sue bowing he told the judge that egypt it would pay for compensation and that boeing should not be asked for any financial commitments in the aftermath a. that settlement even of power and well like a proven to have been responsible for the acts of a. communist well i'm. back on our destiny i know i can then but then as i'm hot coffee at that hour when it is steamy if you're game and serious he has a. lot of ls he and i again and maybe i like i said and walked in and missed. in january
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24th take more than 14 years after the crash the federal aviation administration issued a new air worthiness directive that shows that the problem did exist was 767 elevators . all of the replacement of all bellcrank that still had share rivets with newly designed belt cranks that did not the if i only said we are showing this 80 to prevent continued operation with the yielded or failed share rivets in the elevator p.c. a bell cranks assemblies and to prevent certain failure or jams in the elevator system from causing a hard over of the elevator surface resulting in a significant pitch upset and possible loss of control of the airplane. that's after the fact fix and you're going to you're going to discourage people from from correcting mistakes if you hit them with that or the fact you had to prove what was wrong and. as we were finishing this film there were 2 crashes involving boeing 737
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max aircraft the 1st was on the 29th of october 28th payne 12 minutes after takeoff from jakarta indonesia the 2nd was an ethiopian airlines flight which came down on the 10th of march 2019 killing or $157.00 passengers on board the similarities between the 2 crashes caused several countries to ground or ban them excite aircraft from their yes buys. boeing is an incredible company they are. working very very hard right down. and totally they will very quickly come up with the answer but until they do the planes are grounded. these incidents prompted the u.s. department of justice to investigate the licensing and marketing certification of buying 737 max aircraft issued by the federal aviation administration meanwhile
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boeing has said it does not respond to comment on questions concerning legal matters with internal litigation or governmental inquiries is it right to say that i didn't see like the federal aviation administration and the n.t.s.b. are frightened of companies like boeing. most definitely. they have to be the. the manufacturer the larger it is the larger the arms and the reaches are to it i mean he just if you look at boy look at how far reaching their capabilities are to they have more government. solicitors in washington d.c. that help him get their products approved there jordi of their companies to united states government. the inquiries into the 273 max i crashes will no
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doubt continue for months even years to come borrowing has already conceded that it might some mistakes with releasing this do model airplanes but there have been no concessions from anyone involved in the investigation of flight 90. 8 it's a very sad situation that the or far it is have pointed the finger at a man who is trying to save himself and consequently all the passengers behind him . after almost 20 years this may come as cold comfort for the families that lost loved ones in the crash of egypt and 990 especially for the family of 1st officer john i out but 2.
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traditional wrestling in senegal hundreds of villages festivals. now it's a national male and female school board to log arenas for the big prize money. to their love the purpose unifying cultural fold. and a way out of poverty from. senegal wrestling with reality on al-jazeera.
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hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts well we are still looking at some very hot air across much of central and eastern parts of night states and a lot of that warmth is making its way into canada as well so we do have some thunderstorms here on our map and that's going to cause some often on rain showers as well as gusty winds maybe a few hail storms coming in out of this but from minneapolis you're going to be seeing a hot day for you at 30 degrees kids a city of 31 and washington it is going to be sweltering at about 34 degrees there well as i make a way down here across parts of the caribbean we are looking at often on rain showers across much of the east as well as the north some of those rain showers could be a little bit heavy particularly up here towards the bahamas but out here towards the east we are seeing some rain showers but no tropical development at this time as we start the beginning of july across much of central america it is much calmer than it has been a lot drier as well with guatemala seeing attempt to there of 26 degrees and then very quickly across parts of southern brazil heavy rain is going to be a problem that is making its way toward cell paulo as well and for rio expect to
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see that rain as we go from thursday as well as into friday but for what it is going to be a chilly day with overnight lows getting down to near freezing attempted there are 10 degrees and la paz at 18. minute you need. they were all right and. then you're. saying you know better than those i knew you know you may. remember you know you're going to be. easy.
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when i. went in when. i don't i don't i don't i don't. always. going to.
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sit on your clothes or. help me. alone welcome i'm difficult policy this is the news hour live from doha it's good to have your company coming up in the next 60 minutes. a divided u.n. security council fails to agree on how to respond to an attack on
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a migrant detention center in libya that killed 44 people. many of the victims came from sub-saharan africa hoping to cross the mediterranean sea and start a new life in europe. also ahead just days after donald trump historic handshake with north korea accuses the u.s. being held hostility. bus climate change rising salinity and now a new power plant we'll look at the threats stacking up against one of the world's largest mangrove forests. so the un security council has failed to agree on a course of action in libya following emergency talks on the bombing of a migrant detention center that killed 44 people well earlier the u.s. mission in libya said the attack could constitute a war crime while the u.n.
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chief through a spokesman said and he demanded a full independent investigation. he condemns this horrendous incident in the strongest terms and he expresses his deepest condolences to the families of the victims and wishes the request will cover each of those injured the secretary general calls for an independent investigation of the circumstances of this incident to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice it is important to note that the united nations had provided exact coordinates of the detention center to the parties well the un recognized government says forces loyal to warlord hit the detention center with an air strike for the ministry of interior for the government of national accord denounces the horrible crime that's being committed against a detention center for illegal migrants into giora that took place last night carried out by criminal aircraft this is a definite crime in every respect which has led to a humanitarian tragedy the interior ministry affirms that it will take all legal
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measures to pursue and catch the war criminals both domestically and internationally. rejects that allegation has spokesman says they were targeting a weapons depot controlled by an armed group allied to the tripoli government and that. we were surprised to see the false claims that the migrant camp was targeted the syria houses no migrants and no libyan civilians. the weapons supply coming from misrata came through this point therefore we destroyed a legitimate target of our enemy. if the claims are true they brought those illegal migrants to that area on purpose therefore we are innocent and it was a legitimate target and 17 minutes later the migration center was destroyed 17 minutes later. well here from the proceedings at the u.n. shortly but 1st mahmoud up the way ahead went to a hospital in tripoli where the survivors are being treated. these are the my
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gran's who were injured yesterday by the air strike in the migrant detention center in those order neighborhood in eastern tripoli they are from. and also there are from some of them are from roll call. is very bleak here and there they say that they have lost friends in there they say if it's their choice they want to be sent back to their countries. but. we've been promised to be sent back to our countries for more than a month but they kept us in that detention center into jura they promised to let us go this week but we were hit by the airstrike some of them said that they wanted to or they were planning to cross the mediterranean to woods europe others said that they were just a regular wager as workers here in tripoli like construction workers and they were detained with forces just because they don't have proper residency
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documents in all cases these wanted migrants are among. dozens of wanted migrants who were transferred to other medical centers in the capital tripoli some wanted migrants who were released those who have only minor injuries but these migrants will most probably have to stay longer millis than most years of the year. for those who finish medical treatment there will be sent to deal eagle migration authorities as for the dead the interior ministry and the general prosecutor can decide whether to bury them here or send their corpses to their and the seas and they're all worried that they could be transferred to other of detention centers. and that rob reynolds takes us through the un security council's emergency meeting. the security council met for more than
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3 hours on wednesday discussing the airstrike on the detention center on the outskirts of tripoli but they were unable to reach any conclusion on whether to take action and in fact unable even to issue a joint statement here is the president of the now of the security council the prove e.-n. ambassador gustavo mesa quadro. i think that these guys from sweating in what seemed really good terms the combination of all these he knows. that the key. and the. compound were there were a few do you think many migrants and we all condemn that we have agree or now and then are meant for their brains maybe we'll have a priest a member too we are still discussing it earlier secretary general young tony of
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good generous decried the events in tripoli in strong terms saying it was a horrific act and saying that he himself was outraged by it he called for an independent investigation could terrorists also noted that the un had some time ago advised all of the belligerents in libya of the exact coordinates of the detention center housing those refugees and migrants in an effort to make sure that this type of event did not take place by accident he wants to have an independent investigation now that will be in the hands of the government in libya that is recognized by the united nations it's worth noting that embassador maser quadro said there could be some statement coming out later at an unspecified time also the u.n. in the security council is expected to take up the issue of libya again but not
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until july 29th. and let's start taking a closer look at the migration routes that are made libya a main transit point for people trying to reach europe there are an estimated there are estimated to be around $670000.00 refugees and migrants in libya right now more than $5000.00 of them are held in 60 government run detention centers across the country and mostly from chad mali nigeria is to done somalia and eritrea. provides assistance to the libyan coast guard to help intercept migrants at sea and stop them from reaching european shores well the attack in libya has put the u.s. immigration policies under more scrutiny after a week which saw italy in a standoff with the crew of a charity rescue ship paul brennan has this report. the carnage of the detention center as strike vividly highlights the danger thousands of migrants face in camps
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all across northern libya coming at the same time as the ongoing dispute between italy and the ngo group c. watch there is intense pressure for a new approach that needs to be an end to the toxicity of the political debate around what to do with refugees and migrants there needs to be an end to politicians seeing this as a political trophy to win and a means to be reframed as a primarily humanitarian issue kerala rocket ship sea watch 340 migrants on lampedusa in defiance of the italian government last weekend has now been released from house arrest but she's gone into hiding after threats to his safety and she may yet face charges a prospect strongly criticized by the n.g.o.s she works for. the 90 minute that she view a humanitarian ship carrying people rescued at sea which just wants to bring them safely to harbor as the biggest most urgent threat security and public order makes italy look ridiculous libya and strike can see watch disputed given fresh impetus
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to humanitarian campaigners across europe in paris on wednesday protesters showed their solidarity with carroll iraq after she was just a pain. and she still because of that and that's a little and in strasbourg demonstrators from the spanish group open arms more to rescue boat next to the european parliament building urging any peace to end the criminalization of the ngos who operate in the mediterranean but the architect of italy's closed ports policy has issued an angry and sarcastic reaction to corolla records his release it was a series all over europe back us to look at what was the outcome apart on the battle maybe the judge drank a glass of wine with the young lady who said she was rich white german even a little bored and therefore legitimize not to care about the laws of a state if someone. thinks i will give up they're wrong which if someone thinks i will stop they're wrong another hot and tense summer is looming on europe's
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southern front here pull brennan al-jazeera. north korea is accusing the us of being hell bent on hostility towards it and of being obsessed with sanctions responding to allegations that it breached a cap on patrol in imports north korea's mission to the u.n. issued this statement the united states is practically more and more a hell bent on hostile acts against the d.p. r. k. c. ackerman acronym referring to the country's official name then goes on to say it's quite ridiculous for the us to continue its pressure campaign considering sanctions as a panacea for all problems well this is a sharp turn of events from these scenes just days ago when donald trump became the 1st sitting u.s. president to visit north korea he met kim jong un at the demilitarized zone between north and south korea and they agreed to resume denuclearization talks how does your castro has more from washington d.c.
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. some experts have called trump's impromptu meeting with kim jong un and his steps into north korea as the 1st sitting u.s. president to do so a gift to north korea because the us got really nothing in return while north korea was bestowed with a certain legitimacy well this statement from north korea's u.n. mission is essentially saying it's not going to say thank you for this shift its statement is accusing the u.s. essentially of talking out of both sides of its mouth while president trump was initiating these peace talks with the north north korean leader members of his ministration at the urging of the u.s. state department was leading an effort at the u.n. to try to get member countries to send north korean foreign workers home with this was in response to u.s. allegations that north korea is violating saying sions against oil imports.


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