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countries are support them that are more in favor of military rule because it supports their and then the sudanese people who are protesting wouldn't really have a chance but i think that they do i think that people have been you know focusing on what's been going on sudan more. than they had and then they had before and that i think it's a pretty easy argument that folks are making around the world that there should be civilian led. transitional government especially after this years 30 years in power so i do think that it's going to be a hard call i'm for the protesters but i don't think the military has any choice because as they see the protests of only increased even after they tried to clamp down while still ahead on al-jazeera. a new warning as iran telling its leaders their threats will come back to bite them. their president promised things would get better but families still have to travel for hours just to find a hot man.
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the weather sponsored by cattle and ways. hello again it's good to have you back well across all of our we are looking at fairly dry conditions across much of the area really not much in terms of clouds here on our satellite you really have to go out here towards the east into india to really see any clouds that will be affecting anyone but for crouchie we do expect to see a partly cloudy day for you at $34.00 degrees in parts of quite city though you are coming down even though that's a very warm temperature 46 earlier in the week you are seeing about 48 to 49 degrees there so a little bit of a break for you to the north though across the caspian we could see some coastal rain and from that means about $32.00 degrees there here across the gulf unfortunately over the next few days humanity will be an issue we were so dry over the last few days but that is now ending for doha it's going to feel quite
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uncomfortable with the temperature of $42.00 degrees abu dhabi at about $39.00 and so low we do expect to see some clouds in your forecast maybe a little drizzle too with a temperature of 30 degrees and then very quickly as we make our way down here across parts of southern africa we do have one funnel boundary that is making its way towards cape town so by thursday evening into friday maybe a cute front will be pushing through causing some winds as well as rain there but durban is going to be a nice day at about 22 degrees johannesburg at 18 and harare at about 23 for you. the west front center line cateye always.
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again. a reminder of our top stories the u.n. security council has failed to agree on how to respond to an attack on a migrant detention center in libya that killed 44 people who are cliff i have to has denied allegations by the tripoli government that says his forces are responsible. north korea has accused the u.s. of being hell bent on hostility and obsessed with sanctions and comes just days after a landmark meeting between donald trump and kim jong il in north korea. and talks
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have resumed between sudan's opposition and the ruling military jointer on transferring power to a civilian led government the opposition had said it would only restart negotiations once certain conditions were met including an investigation into the killing of protesters. now donald trump has posted another forceful tweet about iran after its president hassan rouhani said they would increase uranium enrichment beyond the limits set in the 2050 nuclear deal the us president writers iran has just issued a new warning for honey says they will enrich uranium to any amount we want if there is no nuclear deal be careful with the threats iran they can come back to bite you like nobody has been bitten before european leaders meanwhile say they are looking to punish iran yet the reports from tehran. with just days to go before iran is expected to take another step in its plan to reduce cooperation of the 2050
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nuclear deal president hassan rouhani had an rebuke for the united states. over the past 20 years it is them who started life before you're well extinguished if you see it is dangerous to play with fire why did you start. rouhani was responding to comments by president donald trump after the international atomic energy agency or the i.a.e.a. on monday confirmed iran had breached an agreed stockpile limit for enriched uranium. playing with and i think playing with. the u.s. pulled out of the deal last year imposing ever widening economic sanctions including stopping iran from exporting excess nuclear material another example iran says that illustrates the us is to blame for how fragile the 25th or joint comprehensive plan of action has become caught in the middle attempts by europe to salvage the have not worked iran sees europe's lack of stronger public condemnation of american sanctions as a weakness. the instrument in support of trade exchanges or
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a banking bypass to mitigate u.s. sanctions essentially an oil for good scheme iran's president says is tokenism. been showing off it could be an acceptable action if there was real money now it's like a bank without money so why should people come to the bank this is a critical time for the nuclear deal if nothing changes by sunday july 7th iran says it will start enriching uranium at higher purity levels and will expand the scope of nuclear activity stopped with the signing of the deal. in the interest of the region and the world the best thing for america to do is return from their mistake. but runs out of patience world leaders are running out of time. ruling back on the deal is meant to be a way for iran to take back some autonomy with regards to its nuclear program something it gave up for economic relief that iranians say they have yet to fully
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experience it's also meant to call into question the commitment of the remaining signatories to the 2015 deal who no doubt worried that this diplomatic stress test might be the thing that breaks it. down. israel has returned several boats had confiscated from palestinian fishermen in gaza the government was ordered to do so after a long legal battle with rights groups he said the boats with illegally from madison reports from gaza this is one of dozens of boats which the israelis confiscated from the gaza fisherman it's here because back in may an israeli court said that the boat should be returned this one had to come back by land because it's so badly damaged it can't float the owner says he's going to need about $70000.00 to repair it not sure 13 families worked on this boat everyone ended up without a job if we can rebuild the boat we can fish again and we can repay our loans to
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get the boat repaired and ready for fishing needs thousands of dollars confirmation that the boats were going to be returned came in as part of an agreement that was reached at the end of june in the agreement hamas said it was going to stop people in gaza flying balloons carrying incendiary devices over the border into israel and it said it would also control the protests that is really happening at the border every friday as part of what's called a march of return for its part israel said that it would continue to alot of fuel into gaza for gaza's only power station and it would extend the fishing limits for gaza fishermen and it would return the boats since that agreement in june the protests on the gaza side of the border how things quiet. truces and cease fires and agreements like this can be very fraught. particularly in this region people on the israeli side of the border as well as the gaza sort of the border waiting to
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see if this agreement holds. the future of world heritage sites is being discussed in azerbaijan the annual meeting of the un's cultural and scientific agency unesco a 3rd of the $166.00 sites are considered to be under threat they include the mangrove forests in bangladesh it's facing several dangers both natural and manmade can be reports. a complex network of waterways mudflats and islands makes the sunderbans unique one of the world's largest mangrove forests forms a natural wall protecting both bangladesh and neighboring india as well as nearly 4000000 people to live near the coast. the effects of climate change and industrialization of becoming increasingly visible like millions of fisherman and women seem howlett relies on the sunderbans for his livelihood but fears that could end soon much of bangladesh is less than 5 metres above sea level and global
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warming is causing sea levels to rise further the mangroves face various threats such as pollution and changing levels of salinity cyclons in the building of a new power plant or additional dangers. we're dependent on the sunderbans because it will be the ones most impacted by the harmful effects of a coal fired power plant they will stop us from entering the mangroves to catch fish or collect honey. fatema back and also relies on fish in the mangroves to feed her family as well the older the latter the muscle how will the sun the past people live if the fish are gone we're already struggling to survive there are few afficionado last year. run power power plant is a joint venture between india and bangladesh the bangladeshi government says the one and a half $1000000000.00 project poses no threat to the sunderbans environmentalist's disagree. or alter the sources of energy rather than.
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we have to really explore other options. for some villages a power station nearby could transform their lives with a bag of his life is a daily struggle that says it could be easier if you had electricity what the numbers as a letter would be about and the 1st problem is my children can't. dark the 2nd is the hassle of cooking on firewood especially during the unbearable hot summer we need electricity you know excuses the sunderbans home to endangered tigers and hundreds of other animals and rare plants is of universal importance with its own unique ecosystem scientists and many others say it's vital that it isn't destroyed during a gate and b al-jazeera. mexico's national guard has been deployed to the southern border with quote a modern for the 1st time as part of a deal with the u.s. to curb the flow of migrants about $120.00 central american and bangladeshi
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migrants of already been detained according to local media mexico agreed to deploy its security forces to the border after the u.s. threatened to impose tariffs president on trump has since praised mexico's efforts to stop undocumented migrants from reaching the u.s. . well with argentina's general election just months away president merits record is under growing scrutiny when he took office in 2015 reducing poverty was his number one priority but he has failed to deliver a new study shows as many as 3000000 argentinians have fallen on hard times during the past year alone to raise a by reports from what is aries. it's late at night in this neighborhood and when a site is the cold weather doesn't make it any easier for those who live in poverty in argentina capital you know jessica will be at risk comes all the way to the city with her 3 children she says life is getting harder every day and it one don't you
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know we get a pension for the children and we try to work in what we can but it's not enough we have to pay rent and we cannot feed our children people come to this location 3 times a week to get some food and warm clothes from an ngo that is helping the poor. but i fired him the lee is a lawyer who has been working on the streets for years look at. what worries arse are the new poor people who had a job and lost it and now they have to choose between renting a room or eating we are seeing more of that when we go out and it shows how difficult the situation is last year after a loss of investor confidence in emerging markets argentina was forced to request an emergency loan from the international monetary fund and even though the government has continued to spend on social programs the austerity measures implemented are having an impact on people's lives some of these people have to
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travel for hours to be able to come here and find meal this is an example of what is happening in argentina where poverty rates have increased in the past year because of the devaluation of the best currency and the double digit inflation that exists today that inflation has a day. him backed on basic food items prasanna for the man this has been trying to find a job for over a year but she says it's been an impossible task. there is no work in fact people are being laid off that's why we need to come here i have my 2 kids to care for meanwhile government officials say they're doing everything they can to deal with a situation that. we are not indifferent to is happening economically in the country and we're doing everything so the situation will improve we have subsidies meant to help people in need food security programs cards with money where people can go and buy food and many other things we have several programs to help out the
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problem is that as long as the economic situation is dire it will be difficult for people like jessica to improve their lives in the meantime look for a meal and some clothes that will help their children good bye. and now a football stadium in argentina is providing shelter to the homeless as the country braces for a cold snap river plate one of the country's biggest football teams opened its doors after several people living on the streets were found dead freezing temperatures have renewed concerns over rising poverty in argentina now ireland is getting more concerned about the plans being put forward by the 2 men who want to be britain's next prime minister forrest johnson and jeremy hunt are both talking about leaving the e.u. without a withdrawal deal lawrenceville reports from the european parliament that could threaten the irish peace process. they've been choosing their new president at the
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european parliament very soon breck seats will go right back to the top of the agenda one of either boris johnson or jeremy hunt's will become the u.k.'s new prime minister and both men say they're prepared to take the u.k. out of the european union by the end of october without a deal as it stands the european position remains that everything will be done to protect islands from being destabilized in that event we are very firm in supporting the fact that we want to see osis want to avoid hard in order and we want to respect the safe got those things to be of a single market. but how hunts and johnson both suggest they would get around the issue of customs checks at the irish border by simply waving goods through towards the u.k. but things like food travelling into the e.u. the other way would have to be checked to ensure all meets european standards is only some which it can do and that's puts ireland in an impossible position it
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cannot carry out those checks without customs posts that means a closed border potentially instituted by islands and in breach of the peace process it's a sworn not to destabilise you're going to be left in a chaotic situation because you're going to have a border which are going to crossings with can't be manned before night and secondly part of the consequences of the peace process that's the consequences trade there is france is very products more pronounced 6 or 7 times asked about it before the export market and when we know happened for instance so the consequences are an awful. the realisation of this is dorning here with several european countries now asking ireland how it plans to square the circle there is no answer there is a genuine and growing concern both here and in brussels of the language being used by both boris johnson and jeremy hunt is having the effects of forcing island into
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a corner the u.k. can say all it wants about having a no deal bricks it and keeping the irish border open but that is not a luxury available to all and i think the position taken by both huns and johnson is echoed by the brics it party which maintains a simple insistence that everything will be ok it is now setting the agenda for the ruling conservative party nobody wants a bold and therefore when i try to take the whole thing was a hoax just to get in the right place of the book to read the. list the u.k. parliament stops them the position taken by either hans or johnson puts the european union's back against the wall and will soon find out if it still has the unswerving support all the new. era in strasbourg. with the headlines the un security council has failed to agree on how to respond to
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an attack on a migrant detention center in libya that killed 44 people there are reports that u.s. diplomats refuse to approve a joint statement proposed by the u.k. without having further consultations with the white house earlier the un's libyan mission said the attack could constitute a war crime the government in tripoli is blaming war outcome if i have to that his forces say they aren't responsible for the ministry of interior for the government of national accord denounces the horrible crime that's been committed against the detention center for illegal migrants into giora that took place last night carried out by criminal aircraft this is a deaf. crime in every respect which is led to a humanitarian tragedy the interior ministry affirms that it will take legal measures to pursue and catch the war criminals both domestically and internationally now. we were surprised to see the false claims that the migrant
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camp was targeted the syria houses no migrants and no libyan civilians lost. the weapons supply coming from misrata came through this point therefore we destroyed a legitimate target though in the me. if the claims are true they brought those illegal migrants to that area on purpose therefore we are innocent it was a legitimate target and 17 minutes later the migration center was destroyed 17 minutes later. now north korea is accusing the united states of being hell bent on hostility towards it and of being obsessed with sanctions it's a big change from just days ago when donald trump became the 1st sitting u.s. president to visit north korea and south korea is threatening to hit back against japan's new trade restrictions on materials used to make smartphones and other high tech gear it's now feared that a dispute which began over compensation korean labor is forced to work in imperial japan could evolve into
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a trade feis well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the strain stay with us. the latest news as it breaks communities may be in disagreement accusing the other for these attacks and the chilling with details coverage thousands of protesters have been stripping away for years ago house grounds and the stand dogs from around the world sacrificed. to be. wrong to avoid is what this is all about. i am for me ok and you're in the stream today in hong kong have antigovernment protests taking a turn for the worse we will discuss the controversy surrounding a proposed extradition bill and the movement to help spark and you can also join in
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our conversation we are live on twitter or on i checked. because i've been answering i just have very little idea maybe you are people are going to want to know how funny that you can't sleep yes no no no no. no no no no no no no matter i mean everybody uses the device and i'm very prepared to ok same polling on monday one thing. that i wore my soldiers have come. forward to say. that was all happening as hong kong mollett the 22nd anniversary of its 100 over from british to chinese rule anger over proposed actions reached a new high as protesters broke into the city's legislative council chambers on monday demonstrators occupy the building for several hours leaving graffiti on its walls and defacing portraits of the city's political leaders the incident marks
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a new phase in the movement where weeks of mostly peaceful marches have drawn more . other than a 1000000 people to the streets the bill in question would allow hong kong criminal suspects to be tried for crimes in mainland china protesters view the proposal as a threat to the one country 2 systems principle that allows a city to have an independent judiciary and greater civil liberties. carry lab said that she will let the bill expire but stopped short of demands to scrap it entirely so with us to talk about these issues in hong kong pro-democracy activists joshua wong nixie lamb a district councilor and member of the democratic alliance for betterment of progress of hong kong and also al-jazeera correspondent andrew thomas who's been covering the protests this week from hong kong good to have you with us everybody i am going to start with an op ed piece from china's global times on looking at the opec now i'm going to just show you
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a little sense of how angry the china global times actually were so i'm going to read it for you we're just going to put it up on the screen say then you can see it as they said about the protests let's go to that control room so you can see it this brand of our reagans that has challenge hong kong's rule of law must strongly be condemn the city should not be turned into a haven for violence using violence to hijack a society like hong kong's is the greatest evil of the modern era joshua when you see that when you see that response to the protesting what's your response. how come people believe in rule of law and beijing believe in rupiah law and with the suppression of beijing was hong kong eroded the one country 2 system to be one country one in a half system people in hong kong might be extradited to china the place with
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a fair trial and rule of law is to show that how beijing you know it was of people when 2 out of 7000000 people took to the street and government a septa request to terminate it to be immediately the leader of hong kong carol i'm say that's we will pass the legislation toss says the suspension but the bill we will not terminate it immediately and a bill will just terminate months later which just acknowledge it was some people in that this contents of hong kong this mix a. constituent stuff they're watching us they're following the story as it unfolds in hong kong if you could kind of poll them what do you think they would say about what happened on monday. well what happened on monday we need that i mean when you indicate that the amount of violence will be used i mean if you if you could get any coincides in might be not feel violent because there any breaking is beating
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and but and then if you look at brought home close always being that amount of volunteers nexus in the end 7 we will do a chinese all realize this sort of like the city so we have this. ideology that we should be places like that when we should have a certain amount of people and not to use too much violence against things and we just we need people in cocoa are always great things we sold them for testing and things like that but not looking stuff like that a lot of people were very still including myself rather shocking to see what a break mean and breaking things then bring bring down the would be getting into and at the moment i think a lot of people very 1st rate is not meeting an army in the city like people like
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coming very angry with. some of the family members have been ideas they were fighting and some of them not talking to their parents anymore old friends what dropping out unfriending friends on facebook and dropping out all of that through because they have different ideas and right on this and for us i'm also i'm too i'm looking at you know twitter feeds here because you know i mean when you were posting for al-jazeera news you also documenting some of this on your twitter feed so looking white that back a few days ago hong kong protests right now and you follow the protests from the outside of the legislature of council building all the way from inside and then all waiting for things and but next got here when you outside the building did you feel that there was a sense of pappas with the protests. they got rid of this didn't come out of a vacuum being these big east a lot she's in june 2 of them both of them are green 1000000 people there's a real sense among the protesters that they haven't achieved their aims to these marches and that july 1st the anniversary of the handover from british colonial
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rule see china worse a climax for them but also a climax for those they were trying to target they couldn't get their way on that they had all day someone was going to happen and during the course of that they are going to spend 18 hours it's it may be a sincere but let's go to the listed building right in the heart of the hong kong there was a growing sense of trepidation anticipation as that day went on it was a hot dry day and the excesses were out there for a long long time before they finally broke into that building what the strength of the day was for the vast majority that the police were nowhere to be saying the protesters had been area it's hard to themselves they broke into the building and they then paused for a couple of hours or must. decide what to do go well then go again and it was about an hour after that these paving of the confrontation 3 again but it was an incredible atmosphere out to the street one with a new pending sense of x. do is too strong a word but something big was going to happen everybody knew that people have come
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prepared to say there are no shops there are the hard hats and the gas mask leases used to cast the rubble it's the previous protests all that's well and good and the protests were expecting him to do the same or worse this time around so people knew it was going to come to a head and when they finally got these that building i think a lot of the violence you saw in the banner is and was about an emotion just spilling over easy young people who just wanted to really make their voices heard but in hong kong there's a lot of debate about whether they want to. one of the most extraordinary pictures that i've seen if i if i made a shot and then you go head west nile hong kong to see now and they showed a picture of the protesters when they were in sight the next of cats what changes. they drank some of the soft drinks and then they put some money in the fridge to pay for them these are not your regular kind of protesters are they they show something a little bit different here even if you're mad about what they did this is how
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they're behaving inside the chamber it's not all graffiti your thoughts. yeah well it's social media or i would be a lot of different photos from different angles with the post that was showing that they're protecting some of. the historical hakim's there's been the view that in that and then we also see the other photos that they were actually got the steroid and you see photos like that was that it was showing that while we have paid for what was in the bridge but and then you also see that with the whole ritual played out that amount of money doesn't really pay well what is that i mean we get this time is very different from the p.p. is. that what was happening including the alcopops central with a lot of optical lated commotion that they were it's a very good marketing can bring i could say if you if you could get past that skewed a lot of the time if you can listen and information that was going on play it out on facebook what's that word on hologram with but
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a lot of we the thing that was untrue from both thought on not only talking about from your profile but and also from. from the government thought of life well government united well let me pull up people are making fake photos and fake news and this and that and in fact your rhetoric concentrating i mean it's the next prime minister. but you're also not protesting this late you sometimes get who we just exhibiting random but it's i mean the only building that was attacked was that what i'm going to do next you know i was in the building right next door it was completely up to the on touch so they were i was not going to get on the symbolism . of that instance and i was. i think the whole time from i'm just just just how tight from we can include just when in the conversation is it an important element of this conversation obviously just go ahead yeah i was that one
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should buy tear gas so i also legislative comes. 2 days ago i was saying that none of the violence exist during the action to storm into the beauty of course people might have different understanding on the differing mission of followers but the fact is none of the staff of the legislative can so and police force have been physically assaulted by a protester and the reason for protesters that already did have been there is because you might be reactivated but again in the legit. at the same time i hope people could aware that hong kong people more than 70 per cent of them urged the government to terminate it immediately but governments do acknowledge their worst and the legislative council of hong kong now for all of the lawmaker practically lacked i say let me share this with you nixie and joshua this is from donkey kong on twitter and she says opinions among pro-democracy people might be
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divided and you can hear that between our 2 guests here as some insist on peaceful actions but many including myself never blame the protesters but i understand that in despair and suicidal after all the peaceful ways were attempts joshua this is not hyperbole here they are happening protesting this who have taken their own lives can you tell us what is really on the line why would they go so far. to expected everyone around the world could order behave fields of protest or especially during the storming action to the largest it comes to beauty but why is free activists suicide because they are out and depressed and cannot see the future of hong kong i hope people can understand that. for 10 percent of the population of hong kong joined the rarely last month to show the power of people
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which means 2 or $7000000.00 people just imagine if in washington or in new york or london sorority per cent of the population joined are rarely with in the same day and governments do not it was even the chairperson of the a.b.a. the parties that we slam belongs to the chairperson also claim that she she agree to the largest probation party agree to withdraw this extradition julia i'm going to her so how do i know it was just a how tight from my mic i'm just going to take baby steps for this because you want to be deep deep into the politics of hong kong and as an international community we're trying to stay out with you but this idea of the protesters may be disagreeing with each other is really important and i know you spoke to protest as after monday just to get a sense of how how was
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a feeling after they stormed that actually council chambers and that divided feeling amongst all the people in hong kong about whether what they did was justified i'm just got played a clip from them and you can pick out from the clip as let's have a look another older protester thinks that by not intervening earlier police deliberately allowed violence knowing it would reflect badly on the protesters even so he too feels ballance against property was justified high all the treating are you coming my generation failed to do enough for the last 20 years i've got children i feel for them there was violence it was against property not people we need to keep the protests on them. go ahead. well the professors are split to be honest and most of those are spoken to since say that the procedure was justified they make this very important distinction between damage across you down to neutral they said that they had
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a strategy that it's all keen on social media beforehand to not hurt anybody even if it's come after us to make them the bad guys we're not going to hurt anybody and then they got into the building busy and they were being stopped and i think some of them now feel that once they were inside they went to fox they should have broken the windows yes got into the legislative chamber symbolic room and perhaps sat down but not done as much damage as was done and even some of those frankly who did some of that damage feel that in a while this perhaps got the better of them and then there are these conspiracy theories that this was all intended by the government that the government wanted to get whipped up what's there to get in because if they did what they did then that would reflect badly on them and them in the battle of public opinion which of course is all important in hong kong they would lose some of that support and certainly some of the us claims in hong kong do think back to that which you are and are now more suspicious of the post of their range than the sort of people that they would be campaigning alongside where they are to the pseudo savings how they
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say that that's not a majority by the professors and most of them say even if we have lost at the margins some of the mainstream's of course it was worth it it was worth it partly for the symbolism of that building but also they're not naïve they know the true cost is out of there c.n.n. b.b.c. the new york times all of them will not be paying as much attention to the protests on monday it is just they need another peaceful march remember that are already being too and you channels were rolling us by the hour 6 hours 7 hours in some cases all of those marches but they were rolling news on those protests when they turned violent riots and now that we've seen comments from world leaders all over the place talking about what happened in hong kong they don't think the nickelback kind of attention how to clean up here early on. yeah. exactly joshua was talking about the chief executive talking about the extradition
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bell this is the spot top these are new protests i want you to hear carol on what she said about this extradition bail a few days ago have a listen. just not true to say the government has not responded. we have not responded to every demand. asked because of. good reasons now 1st of all if the cause of the so-so tensions that we have seen is a bill to amend the fugitive often this ordinance on the 15th of june i have announced the suspension of the bill. and subsequently we have explained and elaborated by suspending the bill at this point in time with no timetable and no plan to resume the debate of the bill in the legislative council i'm reading between the lines that just sounds like harry this vote is going to be allowed to die out is just going to die but she doesn't want to say it at and i want to share
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this with you because we have 2 questions in for you specifically so kagan pressing she tweeted in spanish what we translated to everyone in the world is watching hong kong and the radical youth are learning from you and that's you joshua i have a question what is the final objective of the demonstration the resignation of independence i hope that the young people of hong kong get it ahead i'm not the ones for independence for free election is a must for people. he just lost that let me just go back to another question trying to get him back for the end of the show is a true legend by just want to ask him why the chief executive is still in power they need to change that she has some influence and support in a foreign country's nixie will she take on terry lamb still being in power after all of this chaos that's happening in hong kong right now. basically she created
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the mess used to really do with it's not really that right now and or. and. that it's my view on. that but then then i want to go back to the earliest earlier part of the show or thing that nobody were into that was the 1st building that was damaged or thought of the headquarters of the police who would actually go back to new day or be the person to lie. that. they were badly injured to spray paint and they were there were there a lot of policemen were locked down we've met of days and also a heroes in there and they're not letting that the police cannot even get out of there have been injured and at the same day early morning all order a violent break in in the lead. up a lot of people are actually attacking the well we need
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a lot of the police across the what a lot of boeing. makes a decision change the way that you fill the public and your constituents looking at the protests this. is influencing them. a lot of people well there's a lot of there will. i really respect them big big going and they've been and what you. mentioned earlier big ben and big big what about him now and i hear yeah i hear you play if you have a home really well one of the things that we're always curious about on the string the recovering protests is what do the protesters want this is what we gathered as we were listening to their demands in the election of council chamber we listed them and i'm just really intrigued andrea just go ahead just put them up there control room so that we can read them for so we've got the full withdrawal of at the extradition where we've talked about that the retract the riot characterization
1:42 pm
so this is seeing these protesters as rioters while other than as peaceful protesters they want to also have the release of the arrested protesters investigate police brutality of own nixie will maybe not agree with that one and the resignation of carry law would have tweets in about that and she was a very clear as you were covering the protests what the protesters want though they all as one working together look. demands if you like that they just put up on the screen are what they were asking for and they were they were also right that a sense going further and they were saying these are symbolic things that we want to achieve at this stage but this movement has got lex's governments remember in hong kong what 5 years ago now the slowdown brotherhood you know which school but much rooted democratic on call and there were months of sitting around st central area of hong kong that frankly didn't achieve very much especially they ended up
1:43 pm
this late now that's what the protest is now feel is that they have to start with a state some of them publicly they have achieved something these extradition proposals are going full steam ahead and now that be taken off the table and to the honest it's almost a matter of semantics this difference between those proposals expiring as carrot and says they will happen next time in about a year from now and they formally with moment in all honesty that hind of could amount to the same thing but all the protesters they want the symbolic victory of a formal withdrawal but of course the 2nd reason they carry lamb is exact it isn't going to give them that will draw because that would be a full defeat but they protest as how to achieve something they've got these expeditions they are both was taken off they would if not forgive them certainly for the long term but they feel like they're on a roll and a lot of the other them aren't really us doing the previous protests the investigation these groups ality for example the characterization of the previous protests as a protest and not
1:44 pm
a riot riot carries the significant presence that if you're accused of being a writer and prosecuted and go to prison for that let's a 10 year presence out that's why the protesters don't like that characterization but is that a quarter of let's who demands it's yet mr bill but then that's sort of put in the door of a group of democratic reforms that scott got so what has he got just 2 at bat which is really just in time to address something that yuen chan chan who is a senior lecturer. the city university of london wanted to bring up to you joshua and she was talking about the way that the protesters may have to for a few point and maybe the authorities in hong kong are using that to break up the movement have a listen to what un had to say some far i think the strategy is failing because on the whole a lot of callers are supporting these young people even if they don't condone their actions so i think going forward the most important thing is going to be how to
1:45 pm
preserve the unity is the reason that. joshua how do you philocleon well the movement is doing right now is it in a healthy state or not just beijing look to move to erode on a star or poll course we are not satisfied on suspension of bill because hong kong government could easily reactivated to be you inside good legislative cum soda butin being stalled by protester 2 days ago that's the reason for youngster to took action i understand it's hard for everyone to a step or busy the behaviors of protesters so just i mean i hear that and also i want to point people to your twitter feed because you clarify you put into context what it is that you did and why you did it let me just show people here so they can actually look at it and you say to a world i want to say a few words about what happened yesterday but in a word because people are going look at that threat because it's
1:46 pm
a very impressive in a word what is the healthy state or what is the state of the movement in hong kong . state of movement is we will continue with our with spirit and determination of the world the long term goal is to fight for free election but in a short while here we're still have peaceful s. just go along with draw down you so much for joining us nicking mixing lad and also andrew thomas as well we appreciate you being with us more online at a.j. stream thanks for watching everybody. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. provided a glimpse into someone else's world. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers i'm at the front lines i feel it i know it i have the data to prove.
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brianna witness on al-jazeera. july on al-jazeera will the conservative new democracy be victorious in the snap elections we bring you the latest as greece votes a new documentary examines the use of modern technology and policing its impact on individual rights and civil society on the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 lunar landing we look back at the 1st human steps on the moon and an ancient statue of apollo disappears in gaza a stunning archaeological mystery unfolding witness the 2nd round of democratic presidential candidate debates in the u.s. will be mine been detroit july on al-jazeera. talked to al jazeera. we earth problems and besides the instability is corruption we
1:48 pm
listen. who are pushing the united states and president trump into conflict we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter does era. and this is different whether someone is going for some of those very reds does matter we think it's how you approach an individual and if it is a certain way of doing it you can't just barge in and get a story and fly out. the u.n. security council failed to agree on how to respond to the bombing of a migrant detention center in libya that killed 44 people. and i mean stop the attack and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up
1:49 pm
just days after donald trump crossed into north korea and accuses the u.s. of being held bent on hostility. south korea threatens counter measures after japan restricts high tech exports has a dispute over wartime forced labor evolves into a trade fight. and mexico's show of force on its southern border with guatemala the newly formed national guard is deployed to curb the entry of migrants. while the un security council has failed to agree on a course of action in libya following emergency talks on the bombing of a migrant detention center that killed 44 people there are reports that u.s. diplomats refuse to approve a joint statement proposed by the u.k. without having further consultations with the white house earlier the un's mission in libya said the attack could constitute a war crime while the un chief there was spoke some and demanded
1:50 pm
a full independent investigation. he condemns this horrendous incident in the strongest terms and he expresses his deepest condolences to the families of the victims and wishes are equipped recovery to those injured the secretary general calls for an independent investigation of the circumstances of this incident to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice it is important to note that the united nations had provided exact coordinates of the detention center to the parties well the un recognized government says forces loyal to war cliff i have to hit the detention center with an air strike for the ministry of interior for the government of national court denounces the horrible crime that's been committed against the detention center for illegal migrants and to giora that took place last night carried out by criminal aircraft this is a definite crime in every respect which is lead to a humanitarian tragedy the interior ministry affirms that it will take all legal
1:51 pm
measures to pursue and catch the war criminals both domestically and internationally and have to rejects that allegation his spokesman says they were targeting a weapons depot controlled by an armed group allied to the tripoli government that . we were surprised to see the false claims that the migrant camp was targeted this area houses no migrants and no libyan civilians. the weapons supply coming from misrata came through this point therefore we destroyed a legitimate target of the enemy. if the claims are true they brought those illegal migrants to that area on purpose therefore we are innocent and it was a legitimate target and 17 minutes later the migration center was destroyed 17 minutes later. correspondent head went to a hospital in tripoli where survivors are being treated. these are the my gran's who were injured yesterday by the air strike in the migrant detention center in his
1:52 pm
order neighborhood in eastern tripoli they are from. and also there are from some of them are from roll call the situation is very bleak here and there they say that they have lost friends in there they say if it's their choice they want to be sent back to their countries. but. we've been promised to be sent back to our country for more than a month but they kept us in that detention center into jura they promised to let us go this week but we were hit by the airstrike some of them said that they wanted to or they were planning to cross the military and woods europe others said that they were just regular wages workers here in tripoli like construction workers and they were detained with forces just because they don't have proper. residency documents in all cases these wanted migrants are among.
1:53 pm
dozens of wanted migrants who were transferred to other medical centers in the capital tripoli some wanted migrants who were released those who have only minor injuries but these migrants will most probably have to stay longer millis venomously the value. for those who finish medical treatment there will be sent to the legal migration authorities as for the dead the interior ministry and the general prosecutor can decide whether to bury them here or send their corpses to there and says and they're all worried that they could be transferred to other detention centers. now talks of resumed between sudan's opposition and the ruling military genter on transferring power to a civilian government negotiations between the 2 sides collapsed a month ago after security forces raided a sit in protest killing dozens of demonstrators the talks in the capital khartoum
1:54 pm
are being mediated by african union and ethiopian officials the opposition had said it would only resume talks once certain conditions were met including an investigation into the killing of protesters while algeria's interim president insists that elections are the best way to end of that country's political crisis as the months of anti-government protests show no sign of letting up have been solid called for a national dialogue over how to hold presidential elections but did not set a date for the vote protests began in february and led to the resignation of longtime president bush a frica in april demonstrators now want to everyone involved with his government to go as well now north korea is accusing the united states of being hell bent on hostility towards it and of being obsessed with sanctions responding to allegations that it breached a cap on petroleum imports north korea's mission to the u.n.
1:55 pm
issued this statement the united states is practically more and more hell bent on hostile acts against the d.p. r. k. it goes on to say it's quite ridiculous for the u.s. to continue its pressure campaign considering sanctions as a panacea for all problems it's a sharp turn of events from these scenes just days ago when donald trump became the 1st sitting u.s. president to visit to north korea he met kim jong un at the demilitarized zone between north and south korea and they agreed to resume denuclearization talks earlier we spoke to use a professor at south korea's cookman university and specializes in north korea he says pyongyang is recent statements or they're becoming increasingly desperate to have sanctions against them lifted. the current situation is a kind of very for a jail stability and here it comes don't talk about a possible strike a good year there and he keeps sanctions by the do little else and not scared ians don't have nuclear tears the dog lunch long and me your marriage and the like
1:56 pm
and there a.g.'s the most scary and see if you don't give us malls there is sensuous relief we will probably start doing something you are not going to like like see nuclear test or missile launchers and differently view but more anytime soon right now it's a part of if you are a diplomatic game to increase pressure on the americans to make sure that americans feel more direct their feet and if you give us some proposal as soon as possible because most counties under pressure from the central us it's not a disaster economy stuart curation well nothing is falling apart but in the long run sanctions make impossible economic growth in the it used to be quite large and contrary to what many people believe in the recent few years most korean economy was growing very fast and they want to do it is your goals they want to have sanctions lifted they emphasize it and they sort of human that if you dong real big
1:57 pm
trouble. and now in australian student that was detained in north korea has been released alex simply arrived in beijing on thursday morning he went missing in pyongyang over a week ago earlier straightly and prime minister scott morrison confirmed that the 29 year old is safe and well and is on his way home. while south korea is threatening to hit back against japan for cutting exports of materials used to make smartphones and other high tech gear it's now feared a long running dispute over wartime forced labor is involving into a trade fight bribe reports from seoul. ironically this dispute comes just days after japan hosted the g. 20 summit of world leaders meant to foster good neighborly relations and promote free trade and it could harm south korea where it hurts most in its production of semiconductors. the restrictions mean it will be harder to export essential
1:58 pm
materials from japan to korean manufacturers as one of the world's leading produces of chips especially for use in smart phones it could have a knock on effect in other countries and industries if they are at the top in a thread be smart to allies about the really big brought to the industry and they're not only through the korean industry and they have a disruption of our value chain south korea has long been angered by what it sees as japan's failure to take responsibility for atrocities committed during world war 2. japan maintains that the issue was settled when the 2 countries normalize diplomatic relations in 1965 but courts here recently ruled in favor of former workers used to slave labor by japanese companies ordering them to pay compensation. japan denies this is in retaliation for that.
1:59 pm
this is not a counter measure but a review of operations from the point of view of appropriately implementing export controls for national security reasons if citing national security as a reason for trade control sounds familiar that's because it is the administration of u.s. president donald trump has often used the same excuse its trade disputes with neighboring countries and many people here believe japan is resorting to tactics drawn straight from the front playbook i think they copied it from trump of course trump. makes. toys much easier so i think. they're using. measures seemingly new norms being adopted in international trade with in this case south korea losing out robert bright al jazeera so
2:00 pm
at least 6 people have died and over 190 others have been injured after a strong tornado hit the northeast china's the our neighboring province the tornado struck the city of rampaging through an industrial park before moving further south dozens of factories were destroyed and some residential areas were also heavily damaged the city government said about $120.00 people have been rescued from the area and now hong kong police have arrested 12 people over violence which broke out during protests on monday prohibiting politicians there say it could cost around one point $3000000.00 to repair the legislature building which was ransacked a special task force has been set up to look into the mass protests most of which were peaceful they were triggered by a controversial bill which would allow extradition to mainland china. now still ahead on al-jazeera the 4th of july usually unites america but we'll tell you why this year's celebration is dividing opinion.


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