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implemented and to move on to disaster started in 2011 but its use later is still going on you'll see metal bag thank you very much indeed for talking to us now 2nd day of talks are to resume between sudan's opposition and the ruling military genter on transferring power to a civilian led government the military's agreed to demands from the opposition to release prisoners and to restore the internet negotiations collapse a month ago after security forces raided a sit in protests killing dozens of demonstrators the u.n. human rights chief michelle said on wednesday that she was again distressed by reports of attacks on hospitals during the raids. any negotiation has to start from the points that we cannot agree on and it is one main point the transitional council it is the point regarding the head of the council because both sides agreed to a civilian majority and it was suggested
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a to serving and it was then adjusted to $5.00 and $5.00 plus one and that would be 6 civilians and 5 military. we also said that there has to be a deadline to these negotiations we suggest 72 hours the sudanese people and we don't have the space to keep dragging these and listening goshi asians there north korea has accused the us of being hell bent on hostility towards it and of being obsessed with sanctions responding to accusations it breached a cap on petroleum imports north korea's mission to the un issued a statement saying the u. knighted states is practically more and more hell bent on hostile acts against the d.v.r. k it's quite ridiculous for the us to continue its pressure campaign considering sanctions and as a panacea for all problems well that's a marked change of tone from these scenes just days ago when donald trump became the 1st sitting u.s.
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president to cross into north korea he met kim jong un at the demilitarized zone between north and south korea and they agreed to resume denuclearization talks robert kelly is a professor of international relations at who send the national university in south korea and he says the latest statement may be the north's way of exerting pressure on the u.s. to make concessions on sanctions before returning to talks. the trumpet ministration has been pretty clear for a while that sanctions are in place until the north koreans actually make some kind of meaningful concession on either nuclear warheads or missiles. i think the north koreans kind of knew this was coming i think what they're hoping to do is sort of turn all the sort of media events the spectacles into some kind of movement on sanctions it's pretty clear the north koreans want sanctions removed they've really been banging the table on this now for a while and they're kind of hoping that you know hey we had his meeting with trump and then you know a day later we're getting this we're getting slapped with new sanctions what's going on and this is their way of telling us that you know that the summit was more
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important than these sanctions i do think the north koreans actually want to negotiate there's a debate out there i think some hawks think this is all the sort of a game by the north koreans i do actually think they're willing to negotiate away some of their program but they're going to try to ask for a lot they want the white house meeting for example that's going to be great for legitimizing the regime and making it look like a real country they want sanctions relief they want aid they're going to ask for a lot and you know trump is kind of in a weak position as the reelection is coming up at the north koreans use that as a lever to get more out of him. a program pro-democracy legislator in hong kong says the police have been rounding up protesters on the orders of beijing this follows monday's trashing of the legislative building after a largely peaceful demonstration. very worrying because it's so obvious by now that hong kong police have started to conduct a massive roundup of the hotel still around the world the fairly obviously also at the border of. making such a statement. yesterday and. the this is very saddening
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and you know forces like the police would say technically they have broken the law but then we have always been there since july the 1st that people not just in hong kong that the around the world tried to understand the desperation of the recent the frustration and anger on the part of our hong kong. china as will the united kingdom to keep out of hong kong's affairs and not to meddle in the protests the british foreign office summoned the chinese ambassador over concerns that china was breaking its commitment to the 997 handover agreement the prime minister to resume a had this to say on wednesday it's vital that hong kong's high degree of autonomy and the rights and freedoms set down in the sino british joint declaration
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are respected i have raised my concerns directly with chinese leaders as has my right under from the front section of the ministers and we will continue to do so. well in response china's ambassador to the u.k. condemned britain's government for supporting protesters. it has to be pointed out that on this very important issue of a principle the u.k. government chose to stand on the wrong sort of us made in appropriate remarks not only to interfere in the internal affairs of hong kong but also to back up a violent law because it even attempt to upstart hong kong i see our government form from worrying the criminals to justice. still to come here at
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al-jazeera we examine why some families in argentina are travelling phallus to get a hotmail. or whether sponsored by cattle and ways. however gone are the days of heatwave for most of europe this rocky band of white cloud which is largely thunderstorms is the cutoff point above that there has been coming has been much cooler so the only places about 30 now it's really crossed the adriatic and more or less throughout brainier greece and western turkey still high thirty's here it is for most the rest it's below 13 so it's a much cooler feeling in spain and portugal still quite warm you'd expect spain to be a bit off the coast of portugal it's a very windy low and these white trails indicate not exactly settled weather only
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$21.00 in berlin $25.00 in london in the sunshine and the shows that are wondering around here probably thunderstorms are contrasting with what's rather more persistent rain in the baltic states not far away from stocker moscow's warmed up but still we're talking teens so the heat has gone at least for most of europe is still there in the central eastern mediterranean and these showers that come across into the northwest of africa result of what's happening in the atlantic have kept temperatures down in morocco but there's more of a feed of warmth coming out to algiers now as we approaching the 30 market here has been fairly typical in tunisia the capital itself is in the heart of thirty's once again. the weather is sponsored by qatar airways. this is a dialogue reading about it for want of an international. competition with skepticism because there's a lot of it on my everyone has a voice we are being taken advantage of just because we are small community
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without any network help join the global conversation on our desire all they want to do is start a debate the same kind of debate that we have here in st. take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera the u.n. security council failed to agree on how to respond to the bombing of a migrant detention center in libya officials in tripoli say at least 60 people were killed in the airstrike they blame a warning after. talks are to resume between sudan's opposition and the military on the transfer to civilian led government they've agreed to release prisoners and
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restore the internet. collapse last month after security forces raided protests killing dozens of demonstrators. north korea has accused the u.s. of being hell bent on hostility towards it its u.n. envoy in new york was responding to accusations that pyongyang had breached a cap on petroleum him or. south korea is threatening to hit back against japan for materials that are used to make small phones and other high tech equipment its fit a long running dispute over wartime forced labor is evolving into a modern day trade fight but mcbride reports from seoul. ironically this dispute comes just days after japan hosted the g. 20 summit of world leaders meant to foster good neighborly relations and promote free trade. and it could harm south korea where it hurts most in its production of
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semiconductors. the restrictions mean it will be harder to export essential materials from japan to korean manufacturers. as one of the world's leading produces of chips especially for use in smart phones it could have a knock on effect in other countries and industries if they are at the top in a thread be smart to allies about the really big blow to the industry and they're not on you to the korean industry and they have a disruption of their global value chain south korea has long been angered by what it sees as japan's failure to take responsibility for atrocities committed during world war 2. japan maintains that the issue was settled when the 2 countries normalize diplomatic relations in 1965 but courts here recently ruled in favor of former workers used as slave labor by japanese companies ordering them
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to pay compensation. japan denies this is in retaliation for that under this is not a counter measure but a review of operations from the point of view of appropriately implementing export controls for national security reasons if citing national security as a reason for trade control sounds familiar that's because it is the administration of u.s. president donald trump has often used the same excuse in its trade disputes with neighboring countries and many people here believe japan is resorting to tactics drawn straight from the from p. and playbook i think a copy from trump of course the trump tactic makes toys much easier so i think that's right that. they are using this economic measures seemingly new norms being adopted in international trade with in this case
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south korea losing out robert bright al-jazeera so russia's defense minister now says that the naval submarine that caught fire on thursday was nuclear powered despite an earlier insistence from the kremlin that the details of the vessel would remain classified meanwhile tributes have been paid to the 14 sailors who were killed in the fire started inside a battery compartment defense officials say the submarine had been studying the arctic sea floor and all tanker is being held in gibraltar on suspicion that its cargo was bound for a refinery in syria which is subject to e.u. sanctions british marines and local officials stop the ship in the u.k. territory along spain's southern coast the e.u. imposed an oil embargo and several other sanctions against syria's government last month. a football stadium in argentina is providing shelter to the homeless as
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millions brace for a cold river plate is one of the country's biggest football teams and it opened its doors after several people living on the streets were found dead freezing temperatures have renewed concerns over rising poverty in argentina in addition to their knowledge in these 11 days of winter there have been 5 deaths of people living on the streets due to the cold which is prompting a big call to pay attention to people living on the streets in all of the country well reducing poverty was president. number one priority when he took office in 215 fart a new study shows as many as 3000000 argentinians of fallen on hard times in the past year or today's a bow has law from. it's late at night in this neighborhood and when a society is the cold weather doesn't make it any easier for those who live in poverty in argentina's capital. risk comes all the way to the city with her 3
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children she says life is getting harder every day in the mine don't you know we get a pension for the children and we try to work in what we can but it's not enough we have to pay rent and we cannot feed our children people come to this location 3 times a week to get some food and warm clothes from an ngo that is helping the poor. is a lawyer who has been working on the streets for years looking like what worries us are the new poor people who had a job and lost it and now they have to choose between renting a room or eating we are seeing more of that when we go out and it shows how difficult the situation is last year after a loss of investor confidence in emerging markets argentina was forced to request an emergency loan from the international monetary fund and even though the government has continued to. spend on social programs the austerity measures
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implemented are having an impact on people's lives some of these people have to travel for hours to be able to come here and find meal this is an example of what is happening in argentina where poverty rates have increased in the past year because of the devaluation of the fish so currency and the double digit inflation that exists today that inflation has a direct impact on basic food items prasanna this has been trying to find a job for over a year but she says it's been an impossible task. there's no work and in fact people are being laid off that's why we need to come here i have my 2 kids to care for meanwhile government officials say they're doing everything they can to deal with a situation that. we are not indifferent to is happening economically in the country and we are doing everything so the situation will improve we have subsidies meant to help people in need food security programs cards with money where people can go
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and buy food and many other things we have several programs to help out the problem is that as long as the economic situation is dire it will be difficult for people like jessica to improve their lives in the meantime they look for a meal and some clothes that will help their children get by. so the tour de france starts this weekend it's known as one of the toughest events in sport but when it comes out there's a race in the mountains of pakistan that can certainly give it a run for its money. for the 2nd year running northern pakistan played host to one of the highest cycle races on earth the tour. over 4 grueling days competitors pedaled their way up the mountain roads to an extraordinary altitude of 16000 feet above sea level more than double the highest point of any tour de france in history the. many places.
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that high. strict security and road closures were in place along the 280 kilometer route it started in gill get unfinished pyatt the could pass on the pakistan china border hard work but the locals were out in force to cheer on the riders. very i've never been to this place when i came here i thought i won't make it but with people's love and encouragement i'm lucky that i reach the finish the region has been plagued by violence for centuries but races like this along with skiing events in the winter a part of a recent push to boost adventure tourism 11 pakistani teams took part in 2 international outfits from afghanistan and sri lanka. despite the fact that afghanistan is a war torn country where every day there is bloated through this cycle race we want
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to send a message across the globe we want peace in afghanistan we have loved in spirit not bombs. are welcome to ride behind the main race if they pass a fitness test but it's the pros that organizers want to attract decent medical facilities and certified cycling officials all part of a bid to draw in higher profile riders in the future. the video and i say it's a very organized event and we're proud that we are competing in pakistan 5 cyclists from sri lanka took part in this race. the winner of the tour de france takes home more than half a $1000000.00 could europe's victor just $6000.00 but it 2 years old this race is still very much in its infancy and gathering pace all the time david stokes al-jazeera. let's have a look at the top stories here at out of the u.n.
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security council has failed to agree on how to respond to the bombing of a migrant detention center in libya officials in tripoli say at least 60 people were killed in the airstrike that they blame on warlord after but he says the target was a weapons stepha not a detention center talks are to resume between sudan's opposition and the military genter on a transfer to a civilian led government they've agreed to release prisoners and to restore the internet the guess ations collapse last month after security forces raided protests killing dozens of demonstrators. any negotiation has to start from the points that we cannot agree on and it is one main point the transitional council it is the point regarding the head of the council because both sides agreed to a civilian majority it was suggested $8.00 to $7.00 and it was then adjusted to $5.00 and $5.00 plus one and that would be 6 civilians and 5 military.
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we also said that there has to be a deadline to these negotiations we suggest 72 hours the sudanese people and we don't have the space to keep dragging these endless negotiations. north korea has accused the united states of being hell bent on hostility towards it is responding to accusations that it breached a cap on petroleum imports and follows donald trump's visit on sunday china has warned the united kingdom to keep out of hong kong's affairs and not to meddle in ongoing protests britain's foreign office summoned the chinese ambassador about concerns that china was breaking its commitment to the 1997 handover agreement. russia's defense minister says an naval submarine that caught fire on thursday was nuclear powered. tributes have been paid to the 14 sailors who were killed in the fire which started inside
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a battery compartment right up to date those are the latest headlines coming up next here at al-jazeera it's the stream. swear every excuse. i have for me ok and you're in the stream today in hong kong have antigovernment protests taking a turn for the worse we will discuss the controversy surrounding a proposed extortion bill and the movement it helped spark and you can also join in our conversation we are live on twitter or on our you chats.
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because i've been answering for you just as there is like the 90 days you are going to want to know how it is that you can't sleep yes i. know many many of them answered only by using the device and i'm serious if you're trying to. claim holding on monday one thing. i saw this. morning. that was all happening as hong kong mocked the 22nd anniversary of its 100 over from british to chinese rule and go over proposed action reached a new high as protesters broke into the city's legislative council chambers on monday demonstrators occupy the building for several hours leaving graffiti on its walls and defacing portraits of the city's political leaders the incident marks a new phase in the movement where weeks of mostly peaceful marches have drawn more than a 1000000 people to the streets the bill in question would allow hong kong criminal
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suspects to be tried for crimes in mainland china protests as few the propose. so as a threat to the one country 2 systems principle that allows a city to have an independent judiciary and greater civil liberties. carry latham say that she will let the bill expire but stop short of demands to scrap it entirely so with us to talk about these issues in home call pro-democracy activists joshua wong nixie lamb a district counsellor and member of the democratic alliance for betterment of progress of hong kong and also al-jazeera correspondent andrew thomas who's been covering the protests this week from hong kong good to have you with us everybody i am going to start with an op ed piece from china's global times on looking at the opec now i'm going to just show you. a little sense of how angry the china global times actually were so i'm going to read it for you we're just going to put it up on the screen say then you can see it as they said about the protests
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let's go to that control room so you can see if this brand of our against that has challenge hong kong's rule of law must strongly be condemn the city should not be turned into a haven for violence using violence to hijack a society like hong kong's is the greatest evil of the modern era joshua when you see that when you see that response to the protesting what's your response. how come people believe in rule of law and beijing believe in rupiah law and with the suppression of beijing was hong kong eroded the one country 2 system to be one country one in a half system people in hong kong might be extradited to china the place with fair trial and rule of law is to show that how beijing know it was of people when 2 out of 7000000 people took to the street and government
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a septa request to terminate it to be immediately the leader of hong kong carol i'm say that both we will pass the legislation toss says the suspension but the bill we will not terminate it immediately and a bill will just terminate months later which just ignore the warsaw people in that this contents of hong kong this mix a. constituent stand there watching us the following the story as it unfolds in hong kong if you could kind of poll them what do you think they would say about what happened on monday. well what happened on monday we knew that i mean when you indicate that the amount of violence will be used i mean if you if you could get any coincides in might be not feel violent because there any breaking of beauty. but and then if you look at home call it always seems that amount of volunteers nexus in the end we will do
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a chinese on reemphasized of like the city so we have this. ideology that we should be places like that when we should have a certain amount of people and not to use too much violence against things and we just we need people in whole color always great things peaceful that was passing and things like that but not not like the one that a lot of people were very just all including myself really shocking to see what i mean a break meaning and breaking things and praying writing down be a good beating in the end at the moment i think a lot of people are very frustrated not meeting of our indians in the city like people like i'm very angry with. some of the family members have been ideas they were fighting and some of them of the libyan uprising to their parents and of all
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friends that was dropping out unfriending friends on facebook and dropping out all of that through because they have different ideas and right on this and for us i'm also i'm just i'm looking at you know twitter feeds here because you know i mean when you were posting for al-jazeera news you also documenting some of these on your twitter feed so looking white that back a few days ago hong kong protests right now and you follow the protests from outside of the i just the chief counsel building all the way from inside and then all waiting for things and but next got here when you were outside the building did you feel that there was a sense of pappas with the protests. we got rid of this didn't come out of a vacuum being these big beasts the last years in june 2 of them both of them are growing 1000000 people there's a real sense among the protesters that they haven't achieved their aims through these marches and that july 1st the anniversary of the handover from british colonial rule she china was a climax for them but also a climax for those they were trying to target they couldn't get their way on that
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they had all day someone was going to happen and during the course of that they are going to spend 18 hours it's in the media since the about let's go to the listed building right in the heart of the hong kong there was a growing sense of trepidation anticipation is that day went on it was a hot dry day and the excesses were out there for a long long time before they finally broke into that building what was strange today was for the vast majority of it the police when they were actually saying the protesters had been area it's hard to themselves they broke into the building and they then paused for a couple of hours almost. decide what to do well then going in and it was about an hour after that these paving of the confrontation through again but it was an incredible atmosphere out in the streets one with a new pending sense of i'm stupid is too strong a word but something big was going to happen everybody knew that people have come prepared to say there are no shops there were the hard hats that gas mask leases used to cast the rubble it's the previous protests of the 12 june and the protests
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were expecting to the same or worse this time around so people knew it was going to come to a head and when they finally got these that building i think a lot of the violence you saw and vandalism was about an emotion just spilling over easy young people who just wanted to really make that their voice is heard in hong kong there's a lot of debate about whether they want to. one of the most extraordinary pictures that i've seen if i if i made a shot and then you go head west nile hong kong democrats see now and they showed a picture of the protesters when they were in sight the next of cats what changes. they drank some of the soft drinks and then they put some money in the fridge to pay for them these are not your regular kind of protesters are they they show something a little bit different here even if you're mad about what they did this is how they're behaving inside the chamber it's not over 50 your thoughts. well it's social media or i would be a lot of different photos from different angles with people of those that was
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showing that they're protecting some of. the historical are pieces but in the being within that and then we also see the other post that they were actually got the steroid and you see photos like that was that it was showing that while they have paid for what was in the bridge but and then you also see that with the whole ritual played out that amount of money doesn't really pay well what is that i mean we get this time it's very different from the p.p. is. that what that was happening including occupy central with the a lot of optical lated emotion that they were it's a very good marketing can bring i could say if you if you could get at that skewed a lot of the time if we could listen and information that was going on play it out on facebook what's that word on hologram with but a lot of be the thing that was untrue from both thought on not only talking about from your profile but and also from. from the government thought of life well
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government you know the ball like you pull up making fake photos and fake news and this and that and in fact you're very frustrating i mean it's the next i know you don't like me but you usually are also not protesting this late you sometimes get who we just existing random but it's i mean the only building that was attacked was that what i'm going to do next you know i was in the building right next door it was completely up to the on touch so. it was not going to get on the symbolism of the. demonstrators and i was. i think the whole time from i'm just just excited here just how tight from we can include in the conversation say an important element of this conversation obviously just that head yeah i was the one being shipped by tear gas so i also legislative comes. 2 days ago i was saying that
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none of the violence exist during the action to storm into the beauty of course people might have different understanding on the differing mission of followers but the fact is none of the staff of the largest city have come so and police force have been physically assaulted by a protester and the reason for protesters that already did have been there is because now you might be reactivated again in the legit at the same time i hope people could aware that hong kong people more than 70 percent of them urged the government to terminate it immediately but governments do acknowledge their worst and the legislative council of hong kong now for all of the lawmaker practically lacked i say let me share this with you nixie and joshua this is from donkey kong on twitter and she says opinions among pro-democracy people might be divided and you can hear that between our 2 guests here as some insist on peaceful actions but many including myself never blame the protesters but i understand that
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in despair and suicidal after all the peaceful ways were attempts joshua this is not hyperbole here they are happening protesting this who have taken their own lives can you tell us what is really on the line why would they go so far. to expected everyone around the world could agree on all of the behaviors of protester especially during the storming action to the legislative council building but why is free activists suicide because they are hot and depressed and cannot see the future of hong kong i hope you can understand that for a team percent of the population of hong kong.


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