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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 4, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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but this should have been done at some point at an earlier point but we know we like the likelihood that. if the us forces are responsible for this massacre the worst in this if it in case you had it in since 2011 is very very high at the moment and if it if they were implicated their backers as well who violated the u.n. arms embargo. more or less spoiled the un peace deal that was going on since. 232-030-3040 now all these efforts are destroyed all of these backers will be implicated in this and now in this you made in disaster that this human tragedy so far probably a crime against humanity that took place that detention center and that we're all right tom and i'm sure there thanks for your analysis. for you some breaking news just coming into us now on the boat has capsized off the coast of tunisia we're
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told dozens of migrants and refugees were on the boat there now feared dead set of hierarchy is in that aziz close to the to musial libyan border what can you tell us about this. well actually out the red crescent camp is one of many in zones these and 4 individuals for males 3 from mali one from the ivory coast turned up here they were handed over by the authorities to the red crescent on wednesday night they said they were on a boat that capsized just off the coast it was heading from the west of libya to europe now 86 people were on that boat 4 turned up since last night and while we've been here one of those people died he was from the ivory coast 2 of them are in hospital and one is here in the camp at the moment from mine and we spoke to him earlier here obviously is quite shaken and the situation here is that there are a few migrants they say they've been increasing in numbers especially after have started tax on tripoli back in april i also spoke to someone earlier who's from
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morocco he was on one of the boats that was in may that capsized as well off the coast of tunisia and at that time most of those that were on board 60 plus had died as well so it's quite a few deaths that have been recent and it's the summer coming up which means there are going to we're going to be seeing even more boats trying to get across with migrants mainly from africa going via libya it's the easiest way they can get to italy even though that is in peninsular is closer to italy they're actually choosing to go via libya because they it's easier for them to do so and be smuggled on to boats so 86 people on a boat capsized wednesday night only 3 survivors thank you so much sort of how about the talks are to resume between sudan's opposition and the ruling military jointer on transferring power to a civilian government and the military has agreed to demands from the opposition to release prisoners or restore the internets. collapse last month after security
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forces raided a sit in protest killing at least $100.00 people un rights chief michel said on wednesday she was again distressed by reports hospitals were attacked during the race so the opposition leader. outlined the conditions of the talks. any negotiation has to start from the points that we cannot agree on and it is one main point the transitional council it is the point regarding the head of the council because both sides agreed to a civilian majority it was suggested $8.00 to $7.00 and it was then adjusted to $5.00 and $5.00 plus one and that would be 6 civilians and 5 military. we also said that there has to be a deadline to these negotiations we suggest 72 hours the sudanese people and we don't have the space to keep dragging these endless negotiations. well late
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medieval is the founder and president of the sudan policy forum joins us live here in doha good to have you with us thank you talked to resuming are you optimistic not optimistic at all why. let's just start with disruptive techniques that t.m.c. the transition and military council has been. applying i mean the adopted soft and hard techniques the soft techniques included changing their minds have all the. power i mean. at the beginning they were supposed to have 7 plus 7 in the supreme council 7 civilians 7 military officers and that's not a good sign of compromise of the spirit of compliance and they came to mind about that and they said we need to reduce the number to 5 plus 5 and we want. i mean informally speaking they still haven't made it formal they said they wanted have of
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the prime minister's office so if if if they were to 70 ministers they wanted to have so on what basis what constituency do the present in order to demand have of the prime minister's office so that sense the very wrong signal distance the signal that they would want to be part of tennis they want to be have their own political ambitions that's speaking about the transition and military council if you speak about the forces of freedom and change then he is one of the credible individuals working in this group but i don't think that they realize the technical challenges that they are they are about to face i mean the choice of the prime minister i mean it took them like 4 on have months and they stand to have in i mean appointed or at least know many 80 to one individual needs is going to say you're 17 individuals. so there are real challenges the forces freedom and change
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they are besieged by a public that is angry because recently only 2 days ago the transition and military council said. snipers you know assassinated of all 10 civilians we came you know these are not only civilians that are activists questions about trust breaking down in this whole process a lack of trust there is no conflict the way negotiation process go forward there are $22.00 schools here that is the ball to fit the school which is totally dismantling the state and this this doesn't seem to be a viable option here at all you do have you know the military council given in to the demands of the civilians in between these 2 extremes you have the chicago boys it's called which was adopted entirely and which i mean which implicates that you
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accept i mean the partnership was these military offices and you wear gradually changing the formula or if you need a governance system in place you need. a system by which you can arrange a relationship between the prime minister's office the suffering council illustrated by the hope they can find that thanks so much for a long. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including we'll examine why the protests in hong kong are putting a strain on relations between britain and china. protests against police brutality in israel we have a development from ethiopian community leaders. and how peru set up a couple americas showdown with host brazil because it is. russia's defense minister says
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a naval submarine that caught fire on thursday was nuclear powered that's despite earlier insistence from the kremlin that details of the vessel would remain classified people have been paying tribute to the 14 sailors who were killed in the fire that started inside a battery compartment defense officials say the submarine have been studying the arctic sea floor. north korea has accused the u.s. of being hell bent on hostility towards it and of being obsessed with sanctions sponsoring 2 accusations breached a cap on petroleum imports north korea's mission to the un ish issued this statement the united states is practically more and more hell bent on hostile acts against the d.p. r. k. it's quite ridiculous for the us to continue its pressure campaign considering sanctions as a penny a share for all problems. it's a marked change of tone from these scenes just days ago when dog became the 1st
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sitting u.s. president to cross into north korea he met kim jong un at the demilitarized zone between the north and south read to resume denuclearization talks. a pro-democracy legislator in hong kong says police have been rounding up protesters on orders from beijing this follows monday's trashing of the legislative building after a largely peaceful demonstration. how this very worrying because it's so obvious by now that hong kong police have started to conduct and massive round of protests against the will of the fairly obviously also at the border of paging poking some stake in their problems yesterday and. this is very saddening and i mean of course if the police would say technically they have broken the law then we have always been. since july the 1st
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that people not just in hong kong and around the world should try to understand the desperation in the recent view and the frustration and anger on the part of our hong kong. china is warning the united kingdom to keep out of hong kong's affairs and not to meddle in the recent protests britain's foreign office had summoned the chinese ambassador over concerns china was breaking its commitment line 997 handover agreement is what prime ministers reason i had. it's vital that hong kong's high degree of autonomy and the rights and freedoms set down in the sino british joint declaration are respected i have raised my concerns directly with chinese leaders as has my russian and befriend the transect and other ministers and we will continue to do so. china's ambassador condemn britain's
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government for supporting protesters. it has to be pointed out that on this very important issue of a principle the u.k. government chose to stand on the wrong side yes it made inappropriate remarks not only to interfere in internal affairs. but also to back up the violent law because it even attempt to obstruct the hong kong government. from bringing the criminals to justice leaders of the theo paean community in israel have agreed to end the recent violent protests against police brutality demonstrations began in response to the killing of an 18 year old ethiopian israelis who was shot by an off duty police officer on sunday the officer said he was trying to break up a fight but witnesses said he started the altercation been days of protests and
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violence from police across israel the officer has been arrested the parents of the victim solomon teka say they want peaceful protests to continue and i was wonderful i want the demonstrations to keep going but not violently until they charge the policeman who shot him. violence should be solved with violence i only support there and nonviolence demonstrations because we are all demonstrating to stop the violence. bernard smith is live in let's just south of tel aviv so more can you tell us. some of the police investigation continues the police say that the officer who shot solomon teka is under house arrest actually being held in a hotel of his own protection but that's one of the main problems that ethiopian activists will tell you is that the police investigating themselves will not
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produce any result they point to figures that in the last 5 years 10 people have been shot by israeli police not just ethiopians and no police officer has ever been charged in connection with those shootings a lot of frustration of the way the police investigation is going but barry interesting leads out in the last half hour or so israel's minister of interior security gilad ad down easy visited solomon take his family his mother and father and after speaking to them he said they see that israel has a racism problem and it's not just with the police it's inside every person in all of the ministries and it's the job of every person to work on the racism inside and that's a very interesting thing for this guy to say because he's a minister likud party member in one of the most right wing governments that you have in israel and so it's really particularly surprising to hear someone like him say this and perhaps an indication of busy how over of the sort of raw nerve that
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has been touched by the killing of solomon teka sami is the government addressing the broader complaints of the community because this goes back a while and into various issues right. well there was a commission called 3 years ago after similar widespread national demonstrations over the killing of an ethiopian and that commission came forward with a whole raft of recommendations as how to improve the relationship with the ethiopian do. community now they'll say that 3 years on the official figures are that 84 percent of those recommendations have been implemented this is things like having somebody in the ministries who can monitor for racist behavior it's tightening the regulation of the police but while on paper this has been done many of the ethiopian activists we've spoken to will say look it's on paper but in practice they haven't changed institutional racism remains the police as one
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example was supposed to be wearing body cameras on interactions with ethiopian jews that hasn't happened and the police service hasn't published wreck chords of how they deal with racist incidents over the last 23 years so why our recommendations the government says have been in place they aren't really being put into practice sammy paul ryan smith thanks for that 19 years after haiti was hit by devastating earthquake 50000 people are still displaced now it's the horror concedes no again. i was looking well haiti's not been hit for 5 years by hurrican so about the old sense to 2 sticks. this season but so far we're ok however it's prior to the hurricane season big showers season and haiti's not even prepared for that the infrastructure is still not repaired so when you see these white blobs forming over hispan you're using a there's no good and it wasn't 5 people killed jews you know into wednesday
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because of the heavy rains that brought then landslides from what is unstable ground and the appropriate infrastructure the as you see the houses aren't exactly well built anyway but this is haiti for you at the moment now the picture over the next couple of days still keeps haiti in the shower band but it's don't particularly vulnerable moment much of the heaviest of the going up towards cuba and the bahamas for the next day could see is another band form i did mention how it can season from the atlantic point of view it hasn't yet done a thing on the start of his to look at just big showers so that's a good thing however in the pacific it's a different story here the hurricane season is up to the let it be and we have barbara that barbara's very obviously a hurricane with an eye in the middle pushes also very obviously in the middle of the pacific a long way from cabo san lucas a long way from the how why and islands but still it's
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a hurricane sandy. thanks so much well still ahead on al-jazeera the pope and. we've more on the russian president's visit to the vatican city. and will explain why some families in argentina are travelling hours for a bowl of hot soup. and it's was a former player returns to kick start the new era english premier league team chelsea. in the final.
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examining the scientists i think that we have just 12 years to make i'm past any changes unflinching. told to. sharing personal stories with a global audience we've seen people make the sacrifices this is what women want to see explore in abundance of world class programming the world is watching on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines the u.n.
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now says there were 2 airstrikes on a migrant detention center in libya which killed at least 60 people it also says there are reports guards shot at fleeing migrants and refugees after the 1st attack about carrying migrants capsized in the mediterranean near the tuna xeon town of service see at least $82.00 people are feared missing the tunisian red president says 4 people survived but one person died in hospital. talks are set to resume between sudan's protest groups and military joint on the transfer to a civilian government over greed to release prisoners and restore internet services . south korea is threatening to hit back against japan for cutting exports of materials used to make smartphones and other high tech gear it's a long running dispute over wartime forced labor is evolving into a trade fight problem brought reports from seoul. ironically this dispute comes just days after japan hosted the g.
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20 summit of world leaders meant to foster good neighborly relations and promote free trade. and it could harm south korea where it hurts most in its production of semiconductors. the restrictions mean it will be harder to export essential materials from japan to korean manufacturers. as one of the world's leading produces of chips especially for use in smart phones it could have a knock on effect in other countries and industries if they are at the top in a thread be smart to allies about the really big brought to the industry and they're not on you to the korean industry and they have a disruption of our value chain south korea has long been angered by what it sees as japan's failure to take responsibility for atrocities committed during world war 2 japan maintains that the issue was settled when the 2 countries normalize
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diplomatic relations in 1965. but courts here recently ruled in favor of former workers used as slave labor by japanese companies ordering them to pay compensation. japan denies this is in retaliation for that and there was your this is not a counter measure but a review of operations from the point of view of appropriately implementing export controls for national security reasons if citing national security as a reason for trade control sounds familiar that's because it is the administration of u.s. president donald trump has often used the same excuse in its trade disputes with neighboring countries and many people here believe japan is resorting to tactics drawn straight from the from p. and playbook i think they copied it from trump of course a trump tactic makes toys much easier so i think
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a better right therefore they are using this economic measures seemingly new norms being adopted in international trade with in this case south korea losing out robert bryant al jazeera so. russian president vladimir putin has arrived in italy he's meeting pope francis in the vatican city they're expected to discuss the situation in syria and catholic orthodox relations who will also meet members of italy's populists government he told an italian newspaper deputy prime minister mathias salvini was a quote welcoming attitude to russia and is pushing for sanctions to be dropped. for more on dean's visit jonah hall joins us now live from rome still unusual to see putin on e.u. soil is this the sign of the changing political situation in europe especially with populism. what is probably quite opportunist
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really on president putin's behalf it doesn't have many friends in the e.u. italy is certainly one of them the populist government here is indeed welcoming to putin sympathetic to the kremlin's concerns over things like nato native's eastward expansion and of course sanctions that have been in place ever since 2014 and the annexation of crimea you mentioned vini there the far right leader he's now the deputy president he's spoken of his admiration for putin he's called the sanctions madness. the prime minister mr putin will be meeting behind me a little later this afternoon has been lobbying for russia to be readmitted to the group of industrialized nations now known as the g. 7 previously of course the g. 8 until russia was expelled so it's an opportunity if you like to kind of exploit divisions within the european union to bolster ties with a key economy within the e.u. and in the hope of course president putin's hope of finding some way to relax those
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sanctions also another dimension to this visit of course the meeting with pope francis at the vatican that's now over and we haven't heard yet what's come out of that meeting but the 3rd meeting between the 2 men significant of course president putin positions himself closely to the russian orthodox church and despite splits in orthodoxy that schism has existed with the catholic church for a 1000 years there was a tantalizing suggestion that an invitation might be extended for the pope to visit russia for the 1st time ever as i say we don't know whether that has indeed happened there were probably talks about things like war in ukraine we know pope francis is very concerned to pressure uproot putin to try and end that war and and the suffering of civilians. and of course also in syria and the pope under quite considerable pressure from activists and campaigners to impress upon putin the suffering of civilians in the syrian conflict where russia has is of course a not insignificant player and that was jonah from rome. australia is now
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considering new laws that would bad leisel supporters from returning to the country for up to 2 years as many as $230.00 astray dns traveled to syria and iraq to fight with armed groups in the past 6 me is if the government says the laws would give authorities time to manage any risk posed by the fight says return. an oil tanker is being held in gibraltar on suspicion its cargo is bound for a refinery in syria which is subject to e.u. sanctions british marines and local officials stopped the ship in the u.k. terror trail along spain southern coast the e.u. imposed an oil embargo and several other sanctions against syria's government last month. it's usually a day for picnics and fireworks but in the u.s. capital this year's 4th of july celebrations will be different president dollar trump is putting himself front and center along with a display of military might critics say he's hijacking the day for political gain i
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think al haynes has more from washington. this is not normal this is not something people usually pass in the nation's capital now the sight of tanks and assorted military equipment here for a celebration created by u.s. president donald trump. on thursday there will be fly overs of some of the country's most sophisticated planes and the president will break with what has been routine and he will speak in washington as the country celebrates its independence taking part in an annual celebration that almost all modern presidents have avoided afraid it would appear they were putting the spotlight not on the country but its leader. but ever since he witnessed this in france in 2017 trampas wanted his own parade he tried before but when he came out it would cost $90000000.00 he changed his mind but the desire didn't go away so now this on the 4th of july and this time
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no one. say how much it will cost taxpayers it is starting without precedent professor allan lichtman says it's not just breaking precedent that concerns him it's the broader message he sees the president sending trump has learned a big lesson that there are no consequences for anything that he does no matter how outrageous we have a democratic party with absolutely no spine that has done virtually nothing to check the excesses of donald trump it's also controversial because for the 1st time the republican party is handing out tickets to the event this is a public event it's open to the public the public is welcome economy and celebrate our great country the greatest democracy. the constitution all the members not just the 1st amendment seems to only interest you only it is true it is open to the public they can attend back there but this is the v.i.p. section of the republican party is giving out many of the tickets to their top
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donors and fundraisers. and the president is promising a speech that will promote what he's done as president if that happens it will be seen as politicizing what has always been a nonpolitical holiday. that will be as controversial as rolling military equipment on to the streets of d.c. but this is a president who doesn't mind upsetting the norms especially if it is unlikely to cost him support with his base. al-jazeera washington. greg swenson is a spokesman for republicans overseas u.k. he joins us live from london good to have you with us what do you make of the the perspective that says by introducing a military parade this kind of minutes rises the presentation of american values to the world is that the message the u.s. wants to send. no i really i really don't think it's a big deal look i think the president you know patti mentioned that you know he's he he doesn't do things necessarily like everybody else before you know like his
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predecessors and that's true and this is a president who likes to do things his own way but i don't i don't agree that it's been politicized he's celebrating the great military and keep in mind it's one of the last institutions that's very well trusted in the u.s. still a very trusted institution so look i think this is great for the military it's great for the country it's just it's just patriotic that's not well this is what american media is saying they're saying that some figures military figures are not attending for fear of violating the prohibition on uniformed officers or troops participating in political activities while it's being termed is there some concern there whether it's justified or not you know is there that concern among some members of the military. no i don't think so and in fact the i'm not surprised that a lot in the mainstream media would be critical of the president because they often
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hard i mean no matter 3 what this president does he's criticized and look i'm happy to criticize him when he does things that i don't agree with or that i think are mistake but you know in this case he's he's just being patriotic he's very proud of the military campaigned on se he you know he said he wanted to rebuild the military or you know beef it up so to speak and he has and i think this is a celebration and i think patti also mentioned that you know he was inspired when he went to paris for best deal day with president mccrone and and i think he wants to add a little bit of excitement to the 4th of july celebration look there were tanks in the inaugural inaugurations of eisenhower as well as democrats roosevelt and kennedy you know there's no great there's this is not meant to be controversial and i think it's a great moment and also look the air force in the navy consistently have flyovers in any number of vents including you know sports events in the u.s. it's good for the army to get some tanks in there and i think it's
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a good day for them explain to me then from your perspective and those you know who are excited about this. what is it do you think that is being celebrated by introducing a military parade. well look even with that they spent 1212000000 back in 91 for for the parade after after desert storm and you know inflation adjusted that's 22000000 you know it's not unusual for for the governmental sort of run here little things that are just nations that message now of course but no i think this is another of another occasion to celebrate them the military and the men and women who sacrificed so much to defend the constitution this is not a threat to the constitution this is demonstrating that the military is there to protect the constitution i think it's a great moment and look this is a very patriotic country i think that the visitors in washington will be thrilled it's also a great recruiting tool i think when young men and women see these tanks they might be inspired to enlist and that's that's also
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a good thing but these tanks are not going to be rolling down the streets like that like the left and some in the media are saying i mean they're going to be on display there will be flyovers that's a very popular and and consistent activity in america both during celebrations like this as well as a big sporting event so it's really no big deal but of course the left and the media are making it a big deal thank you for coming in explaining your perspective critics once and. for reducing poverty in argentina as president of my crew is number one priority when he took office in 2016 but a new study shows as many as 3000000 dollars insouciance a fall on hard times during the past year alone to raise a boat has more than one desires. it's late at night in this neighborhood and when a site is the cold weather doesn't make it any easier for those who live in poverty in argentina as capital. d.c. can be at ease comes all the way to the city with her 3 children she says life is
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getting harder every day and it was fine. thing that we get a pension for the children and we try to work in what we can but it's not enough we have to pay rent and. we cannot feed our children people come to this location 3 times a week to get some food and warm clothes from an ngo that is helping the poor. in dealy is a lawyer who has been working on the streets for years looking like what worries us are the new poor people who had a job and lost it and now they have to choose between renting a room or eating we are seeing more of that when we go out and it shows how difficult the situation is last year after a loss of investor confidence in emerging markets argentina was forced to request an emergency loan from the international monetary fund and even though the government has continued to spend on social programs the austerity.


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