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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 5, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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u.s. pressure however this oil shipment was heading to syria which the e.u. definitely does have sanctions against iran being under pressure and the united states believes her and trying to twist the arm of of iraq of course the army and try to find the ways and means to bypass it and export their oil and the fact that they did not go through so as cairo and went around from africa around the good hope south of africa and coming back it may be just guessing it way to avoid being tracked iran has reacted angrily to the seizure summoning the british ambassador to the foreign ministry in tehran and stuck in the middle of all of this is the gray swan paul brennan al-jazeera also bar is our correspondent in tehran joins me now and also it seems the foreign ministry now reacting to this what are they saying. well so while they're saying that this is an
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act of piracy they are demanding the immediate release of this vessel and its contents they have foreign ministry spokesperson met with the british ambassador late last night and they are they provided documentation to the ambassador for him to take back to london the document documentation apparently pro proves that the iranians were acting illegally according to them and that the shipment was not illegal now the iranian position is that because these are sentient on syria they are they have not been indorsed by the united nations that is why they are not binding the iranians don't recognize them as a legitimate they are saying that this has been an act of piracy in international waters and it is an example of how the united states government is pressuring other european countries to put more strain on iran and its economic lifeline which is its oil supply and of course the door so you know we have this ongoing war of words
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and we now have iran blaming the british and the e.u. as you've said but the boarding of this boat seems to have happened sort of under a sort of nato scenario the u.s. operation sort of giving it an impression of an international parade of the war just by the u.s. or the e.u. alone i mean so one doesn't we want to know really how to iran will react as they wake up really and have more chance to analyze exactly the situation that they find themselves in as does the tanker with the oil in. yes well i think the iranians will see this as a unified front as a unified effort by western powers to put more pressure on iran because of its nuclear activities and the 9 fallout with the nuclear deal of 2015 and the united states withdrawing last year and putting wide range sanctions on iran the iranians will see this as another effort backed by the u.s. government pushed by the u.s.
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government to try and put more strain on the iranian economy and its relationship with european countries when they've been trying to salvage this deal from 2015 and it's really on its last leg a lot of people here are not confident that they this deal will actually stay in place the nuclear agreement that is and we've got only 2 days left before the 60 day period that was issued by iranian president hassan rouhani for the european countries to respond to iran's concerns about their lack of commitment to this deal so this will certainly increase tensions and it comes at a very very fragile time between iran and western countries well for the moment to do so we'll leave it follow events with you closely through the day thank you know student protesters in hong kong say they won't hold talks with the government unless in public leaders of the city's largest student unions were responding to
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chief executive kerry lamb's offer to meet in private a small number of demonstrators runs out to vandalize the legislative council building on monday hundreds of thousands of largely peaceful protesters have been calling for loan to scrap a controversial bill that would allow extradition to mainland china. she actually has plenty of opportunities to communicate with the general public in the whole june but she did not and then she certainly far. too as a student union to have a communication and but show no sincerity and so that we thing that she has it is just a public show so we don't see why we should immediately be. a sap is the invitation well still ahead here on al-jazeera the un says it's been told libyan guards shot at refugees and migrants as they fled and strikes on
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a detention center. and another rescue mission pregnant women and children are among those saved off the coast of libya their stories on the other side of the break. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast well in the coming days we could be seeing some very windy conditions here across much of northern and north eastern europe we do have a weather system that's coming in across scandinavia right now and where that we are going to see a drop in temperatures for some cities as well as winds and also some rain here so we're going to talk about warsaw up here toward stockholm as well there's the area of low pressure you can see the circulation associated with it now just to the south you're going to be noticing a big difference in temperatures we do have a cold front that's a lingering right here across parts of belarus as well as into germany and below
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that temperatures are warm we're talking vienna at about 30 degrees down here towards the south it is going to be quite warm as well rome at about 33 and madrid at $34.00 on friday now as we go towards saturday still quite warm out here towards the west actually temperatures will be on their way up you can see paris is going to be reaching about 3. we want to grease there with some rain down here towards zurich at about $32.00 and also still very nice across much of the southeast with athens seeing a sunny day at $33.00 degrees while the heat is on here across parts of northern africa as well tunis your friday high is going to be 38 now we have seen a couple days of very warm temperatures there in algiers a 30 degree day for you there but here towards cairo how about $37.00 degrees as you fire the high. jordan's native tribes constitute roughly half the population in a country with more refugees per capita than any other nation. with an ailing
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economy and concerns over the trumpet administration's anticipated plans for the region tensions are running high. people in power investigates increasing calls for reform as the state endeavors to control political dissent within the hashemite kingdom jordan and retry on a jersey. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera being so robin a reminder of our top stories sudan's ruling military junta and a coalition of opposition and protest groups have reached a deal to share power during the transition period leading to local elections a mediator from the african union says a new rotating council will be set up also an international round is erupted on the
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seizure of the reigning oil tanker by the u.k. on the spanish coast britain suspects the ship was trying to deliver oil to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions to iran describes the move as illegal. and hong kong student protesters say they won't hold talks with the government unless they're held in public leaders of the city's biggest unions are responding to chief executive kerry lamb's offer to meet them in private. but the un says the migrant detention center in libya was hit by 2 airstrikes and there are reports the guard shot at people trying to escape the ministry of justice in tripoli says 60 people died and 77 were injured in choose days attack mahmoud of there had reports of tripoli. only meters away from the detention center that was bombed migrants and refugees have been sleeping on the ground since the detention center was hit on tuesday night they have remained
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here scared then traumatized local libyan authorities are worried if they move them to a nearby facility it too could be targeted by warlords relief or have to his forces and says there are reports guards shot at migrants as a try to escape the bombing this acuity personnel here deny that accusation but they refused to let the migrants to speak on camera. immediately after the 1st strike the migrants pushed against the door trying to escape the guards tried to open the door but couldn't they were soon enough some migrants jumped over the walls to escape the 2nd day strike hasn't side. it's been revealed that 2 airstrikes targeted the detention center the 1st hit a garage the 2nd a holding cell with about 120 men the u.n. back to government in tripoli blames have those forces for the attacks since have
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there is launching a military campaign to seize 2 police back in april his fighter jets have targeted several residential areas this detention center was also hit by an air strike back in may those who survived tuesday's bombing now rely on aid organizations and local donors for food humanitarian workers say they're helping them as much as they can. that we're trying to alleviate their suffering by raising their morale especially those who are still in shock we're also trying to connect them with other organizations that can help them. these migrants are grateful to have survived the airstrike though some of them lost friends supervisors here say children women and their husbands are due to be transferred to other detention centers but the others will have to stay here until the you and agency are decides where to put them the injured have been receiving medical treatment in several
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hospitals in tripoli those with minor injuries have been relieved others lake these victims here will have to stay longer they are worried the authorities might transfer them to other detention centers the migrants here are from african asian and arab countries many of them were intercepted and detained while trying to cross the mediterranean to reach europe they say their embassies have not reached out to them yet and they don't know what is going to happen next. and jazeera tripoli will stay in the region the boat carrying at least $86.00 refugees and migrants are sunk off the coast of tunisia just 3 of the 4 people rescued survive so it spoke to them in close to tunis its border with libya. edriss has severe stomach pains he's just been rescued after his boat capsized in
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the mediterranean sea on monday he's one of 4 african migrants brought to a 2 new zealand shelter while waiting to be taken to hospital news arrived that one of them from ivory coast had just died. dazed and confused 22 year old ass man from mali told us how the boat they were travelling on sank just hours after leaving libya he says there were $86.00 people on board including women and children 83 are now missing feared dead. for at least what the board and the boat split into 2 people a panic and drown i held onto a part of the boat for days every migrant at this shelter near the border with libya has a story to tell some told us about how they survived a boat capsized in may when 60 people drowned others from sudan say they were held in libyan detention centers and made to fight for different warring factions since
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april's assault on the libyan capital tripoli by forces loyal to warlords honey for half the are the red crescent says the number of those arriving has increased. and that all shelters are full what we're concerned will be an influx of migrants and refugees the recent fighting in libya is forcing more of them to cross into tunisia which has an open border policy europe doesn't the number of people trying to reach europe from libya increases jury in this time of the year 2 it's a beautiful day to see some plane see it's a busy and families are enjoying the weather and the beach as well but somewhere out there in the mediterranean hundreds of migrants have died and have gone missing just this year alone all in the attempts to build a better future they say in europe earlier this month doctors without borders criticized an easier for its lack of an asylum system. making it unsafe for migrants and refugees
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a draft law to process asylum seekers was put together in $24.00 that it is yet to be adopted on thursday prime minister yousuf shah had called for a meeting to discuss the migrant issue fishermen's i believe the government isn't entirely to blame but they have. the european union needs to take more responsibility for those people they once got in the middle as fisherman will always try to rescue migrants at sea even if criminalized the latest victim will be buried at this new cemetery behind. his family will never get to see him again but despite that many at this camp say they'll keep trying to reach europe until they succeed. al-jazeera goes east on the tunisian border with libya. more than 50 migrants trying to reach europe in a rubber dinghy you have been rescued off the coast of libya the grouping do 3 pregnant women and 4 children they were saved by the italian charity yacht it's
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taking the migrants to the nearest italian port rather than libya because of the fighting in tripoli. but syria's government is understood to have lost hundreds of troops so they threw him a battle in the northwest the rebels are putting up a fight but the absence of iranian backed troops and challenges faced on other fronts have played a role in drawing out the conflict has more from neighboring beirut. there is a stalemate on the front lines in northwest syria syrian government forces backed by the russian military have not been able to break the opposition's defensive positions after weeks of fighting it has been a costly battle war monitoring group say more than 700 government troops have been killed since late april but. we tell the a sad gangs on the russian occupiers whoever comes to the hama or latakia fronts will fail hundreds of bodies of regime mercenaries are rotting. the rebels to last hundreds of men defending their territory but they stop the advance their ally
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turkey did play a role by providing sophisticated weapons capabilities it doesn't want to lose its leverage in the province of idlib another means stakeholder iran however has been absent from the battlefield. iran's participation would provoke negative reactions from the western countries especially the united states in terms of kind of military action against syria or something like that and another reason is that iran does not want to prolong the sensitivities because they are working with each other in terms of venting do you reconcile actions against iraq. others say iran is sending a message to its russian allies who have not started israeli strikes against iranian targets in syria whatever the reason the syrian government is struggling and iran is proving its value in the war effort is not the only after front line i still remains a threat in central syria major problem. from such. even
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so we. all sort of basically every day i look at it it's. like a. syrian president bashar and i thought has restored control over more than 60 percent of the country but his army is exhausted overstretched and it seems too weak to recapture remaining rebel held areas without the help of iranian backed militias many of the fighters on the frontline fighting on behalf of the regime have been recruited forcefully from cound across syria they do not actually want to serve and many of them do not like the assad regime some of them live in fight against rebel ranks and therefore their morale their terminations to continue fighting is very low i said repeatedly says he will recall cricket libert the battle for the
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opposition's of last stronghold is proving to be difficult to. beirut. know who the rebels in yemen say they've carried out more drone attacks on jews are not ports in saudi arabia stopping all air traffic a saudi amorality coalition spokesman says its forces intercepted and shot down a drone. port. trump called kit his salute to america but his independence day parade in the capital featuring tanks fighter jets and military demonstrations is divided opinion opponents say it's aimed at boosting the president's reelection campaign and it's a waste of taxpayers' money the cost is unclear but there are reports the national park service is diverting nearly $2500000.00 for part of the expense. with the whole robin a reminder of our top stories sudan's ruling military the coalition of opposition
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and protest groups have reached a deal to share power during a transition period leading up to elections i mean data from the african union says a new rotating council will be set up. here we would like to reassure all the political forces and military movements as well as all the youth the men and women involved in this transition that this is a comprehensive agreement that doesn't exclude anyone and reflects the aspirations of the entire sudanese people. in this agreement paves the way for the creation of transitional authority to choose sions that will implement political economic and social reforms one of the most important priorities of this government will be to ensure pace and conduct a thorough and transparent investigation into the killing of protesters and bringing the killers to justice. and international rumors are updated on the seizure of an iranian oil tanker off the by the u.k.
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off the coast of spain britons suspects the ship was trying to deliver oil to syria and e.u. sanctions to iran describes the move as a legal. more than 50 migrants trying to reach europe in a riveting d have been rescued off the coast of libya the group includes 3 pregnant women and 4 children they were saved by an italian charity yacht it's taking the migrants to the nearest italian port rather than libya because of the fighting in tripoli who the rebels in yemen say they've carried out more drone attacks on desire than other airports in saudi arabia stopping all air traffic a saudi amorality coalitions and says its forces does that didn't shut down the drone. port. and student protesters in hong kong say they won't meet the government unless it's in public the city's largest student unions have rejected offers to talk in private protestors want chief executive caroline to scrap a controversial extradition bill and you can follow all of those stories of course on our website at al-jazeera dot com i'll be back with more news in half an hour
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here on our desire next it's inside story do stay with us. after 25 years of importing the world's waist china through the global recycling industry into chaos. the growing pressure for greener skies eves resulting in change we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. a party in crisis or who gandhi quits as leader of india's main opposition following a heavy election defeat is this the end of the dynasty that's dominated the country's politics for generations and can the fractured congress party survive this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm sorry you mention politics in india and the name gandhi would almost certainly come up the family has been at the center of public life for decades but the latest member of the gandhi dynasty is looking to step away from the spotlights role gandhi has resigned as leader of the main opposition party the indian national congress the 49 year old took responsibility for big losses in this year as a general election against the b j p of prime minister narendra modi gandhi called for the congress to make hard decisions to rebuild the party saying he does not support modi's vision for india he put in enormous effort norma safford and i believe that there was appointed which we all felt that he had got the pulse and we would be would be. we would see.
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coming back with the congress it didn't happen we all of history disheartened but it is sad that he feels so strongly about leaving we felt very strongly that he shouldn't leave so the congress party was founded in 885 and played a leading role in india's independence from britain in 1947 since then the party has formed most of india's governments the gandhi family has led the congress for 4 generations in 2014 the party suffered a major electoral defeat when prime minister narendra modi's b j p won 92 percent of the seats in the lower house role took over the party's leadership from his mother sonia in 2017 and has long sought to become prime minister just like his father ron mother and great grandfather but the congress suffered a 2nd major loss in this year's general election critics blame the defeat on corruption scandals and
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a lack of vision. let's bring in our guests who are joining us from new delhi we have a child the i he's a professor and dean of the gentile school of international affairs of india surat how many i am as a journalist and senior fellow at the hindu center for politics and public policy and rounding out our panel is a man and run off the current associate professor at the center for political studies joel harlow not really university welcome to you all to inside story in orange or if i may starts with you gandhi he had been talking of quitting since the results of the elections were announced in may party officials at the time urging him to stay but now he's officially resigned on twitter posting his resignation letter what do you make of it. this is you know this is a great of a system the moderates i don't. why do you feel no longer remain
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a great party and you know has been a certain kind of insight so there's this is an image younger people to get into politics and also help them in getting the right kind you should it's not something robin more straightforward. when they're quoting the people is you know being on the i'm in the focus of the camera and i'm sure this kind of action will generate a kind of sympathy towards him one of the country already in the last of the journey to get very better has been out there to get out really who they had and this accident really will reply that road is not nearly far or in the country and are being the president of the party but before he might end up i.v.s. now says that just like the oxford party that was to be has declined a visit later what if the guy knows what an office assistant of the border looks at
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if the government is doing and i find it very very interesting and parcel of video dealing agree with that assessment and that people now will be sympathizing with a whole gone gandhi in your opinion how significant is his resignation in the context of the state of indian politics right now. actually nina in the new speech had a lot of respect always for noonan ph d. and in the minutes he was here nonces that position be kind of. a big gun because you don't drop a distance and then you know he's in the cockpit and the same thing happens with sonia gandhi's or me as i am he has an opportunity to the brand that is still weak . and that's happened with gary condit and most of the congressman's because you give the longest space and that has a battery established that she is model to follow. and i think around the
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beazley something very similar in the sense that all the see them are 3 to. bike but he's moving a really it's not all for him that was a decent blocky to win but then to be skipper lee if you can give you an example of what happened with the b.g.p. to be given without a follow up with gagne or between 2004 is the forty's and at that time in fact last seen in a good group of sicily the can get a lot happens that's a that they may look at the if but if he can be good really bad and the from your as sexy as a bomb is a lot like well i'm going to seeing that the beatles and would do best cover from that defeat but it's really just did not sit down based works if only and if you had won me was that the general who gets the floppy to defeat to get to the defeat in 2009 had to be literally carried away meaning the peeking is screaming for them
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to find your pharmacy we haven't in the way of well national health and me going to do this or that issues i'm going to get up there for her to have to do some of this is so when you look at it still to get someone well into this is the reason it do is probably the 1st and that is the absence of meaning in. the talk about what this means for the party in just a moment but 1st through all your initial thoughts on the gandhi's resignation and so what this means for him. well daryn i must say that one intriguing east simply on paper because even in 2004 then in our ongoing these mother sonia gandhi court on court sacrifice the prime ministerial position she was didn't you know the public here behind the scenes and got them on we want to see who was a prime minister from 2004 to 2040 was pretty much taking his artist from sonia gandhi so the same i am afraid is going to repeat because even though round
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gandhi's family stepping aside he has to because you know they have suffered a major to mco and it would look like these who take skin if he is at least not according in his papers as the congress party proceeded but that that aside i fear that the culture of psycho fence easy and the percent of the country and the dynasty you know and the notion that anybody from the new family easy enough for us are to be a lot neater than be so pervasive in the congress party that i think he will continue to run it from behind the scenes and in fact if you will not be found the party in the last 70 years he and his mother if they can turn it around and give you know we need. them how can they do it outside the office so i think it shows the quandary that in on one hand they want to show that they had accountable and that this is not a kind of a head of the tree monarchy but on the other hand they are really struggling to
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really ever get the party to parties broken at the grassroots fell through on the idea well and his resignation letter the gandhi did say rebuilding the party requires hard to says ends and it is important for someone new to lead our party you don't agree that that is the parties want to follow that and i think this someone new is going to be a lie the stuff the new family demand on the family if they will never accept that a true outsider remember i go back in history in 1991 there was a prime minister got another similar out. well he was one of the few people who was not a cycle find of the gandhi family who had become the communist party president and believe me in 5 years the undermined you so much from within the party the brought the drag so i think it's impossible for them to let go of the finances of the party the treasury's the hands of the new families and they will continue to be you know what use is in this letter public to from behind the scenes ok i'm not recommending a drug that's not meant to us he may have quit its position or hold on to him but
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do you believe that he and his family are willing to let go of powers who on doesn't seem to think so i mean i think that you know even if the dynasty down is your objects when as remember there. was a new beginning part of it had to undergo as you're just seeing it i mean it was due to go back to. the very back of the people well that was because the people in the back of the car similarly i think one has had this kind of problems are very diverse already but this time i think it's at the bottom of this bybee the barking and therefore somebody is actually finding it is you can become the party sure if it works or work i don't think it matters i don't fancy i think. so how do you know it's not fair we are going to be remembered as the doer of their members we're good by the minute don't really mean to give up so there's something that people are
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good about i think that the need to have a baby independent now does this are what is going on in the party by it is that outgunned is not is going to be people the people going to masses will be invited by b.p. and the bite that younger sisters in the body has i guess this is right kind of thing you know he's deciding i think very big problems from that men are being really the case yes there's a bit of a go but it has to be big of a stretch i don't know about defenses if rb is getting the finances but they're not exactly abu idea but going to get that after being. outside the party out of the pile up why he may not have enough resources at this time so it now or is that we are testing that out for the party and whether you can reduce sources from the fever or not read their words if wright's vidia over to you and if you look at his
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statements in the letter he wrote it is a habit in india that the powerful cling to power no one sacrifices power but we will not defeat our opponents without sacrificing the desire for power and fighting a deeper ideological battle when he talks to people clinging to power who is he referring to here. well i think he's still it's a general statement that says the people do they worry there is no peace what we are seeing anyone that would use their position even as a defeated there's always the hope that extend they can come around and you can win . well before he means probably you've got to engender in the bob politicians and also we're going to watch the he's made it very clear that the spectre's you will get your responses from his own back in such groups on the basis that rock and noodles are trying to exert more pressure playing quickly and i think he thought
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that the. some kind of pressure or the other. gave a little speech that really does another significant lead is to follow through with all all do something drastic because if a lucky thing to say is that love the time to beings will follow this is that guys that's advice but i wish he hadn't used the word sacrifice and sacrifice sounds as if he's doing something that he threw the gun or it was a he's doing something lofty and great for the last transcend does this is a video throw the party interest her morrow or a visit really help in restructuring. you know the problem here is i mean i was going to eagle eye as the director of the 1st one is when in fact the king i was i said you know they ran for a politician in that position to resign and if that's with a response with me and say that you know i was just a little step away but but but the point i was going to make after that was this is
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they want to get the leaks if the one of the mean by thing that i'm one of their witnesses for advice but not the celebrity dangerous statement because when you say that was no real reason for a dry retreat that then look reading a fire is public think the members view that a new president they will and and round on these are the always open for consult the issue in the next life does he not become a world that does follow center like a great mother walls is for me a gun the last resort of all of the public prime minister manmohan singh and be called the sheet of the gun be sure to get them all because they did follow the same for the before didn't have this gentleman's does he. then one day i'll just tell you to quit all of the decision making while these guys the congress working committee and then actually go out and travel and connect with the that you have to cement with the people i don't know the ideological lessons to be stressing the judge because the. gap between the ear is considerable gap between the congress who
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believes in the give the irises and the honesty not now this industry has sure that the people puzzles me up quite removed by the i.r.s. as you do on and says that although you didn't bring people back to the congress's ideals of seeking to resume the goals of move move move some respect for minorities all of that how do you do that how do you. need to do it is like grabbing like it but by being connected to the people and scientists say that i will really and i will not. i mean i will be a rule for a. while ok let's put this to throw around what do you think this means that for the national congress what state does that leave it and. i am afraid that the congress party easing a commoner decline i don't see who could revive it in any major way they have
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suffered to you know significant blows in 2014 and again in 200-1000. videos right in the sense that the i'm able to find the right ideological pitch and the conviction of values and ideals with which they can bring back call or even you know do significantly better than last time so i think it's a long climb for them i have the pattern of the concert in mind is the people's party in pakistan. which is which is a similar dynastic farty that goes back a long way and it was a difficult only window he started being deceived will go and now it's a period shadow of this form which said if i'm going to the 3rd generation of been i want to talk and i fear that you know whether prahu least formally there are eastern running it. as a puppet master from behind the scenes he and his sister priyanka i'm afraid lack the basic leadership qualities that he just looking for so that if you look at from the electorate find a few the congress is not able to suffer like the kind of visionary leadership that
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they expect and that they're getting from an interim or the so i think it's a tall ask for them ground have been groomed been part of it's for nearly 15 years now and he i'm afraid to personally lacks the coherence and the competence that people bring expect in a national leader in a big country like india or man so i don't promote him just a moment ago surat how do you think the b j p is looking into this i think they'll be quite pleased that the congress isn't going to be setting in fact the joke is that you know they're going to miss their star campaign their hold on the east because he was a lie bit before them in. they headlamp believe as possible which is a kind of a sign for someone who's a fool and the public generally as what that humanity is that there is a high level of personal incompetence and inability of robin to even argue or speech are easy because the national language which makes sense so i think there are a lot of soft liabilities that he brings to the table so it's good in that in one
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way that he's stepping back may be good for democracy but it's to have a better opposition but from the public point of view when they look at did they think this is just a revolving door and sooner or later they would again place the guy on the some guy on the back of power maybe they want to find a place holder for a few years and then you know around dogs on a 49 he's going to join the site if nothing else at least yes and you know sooner or later he might come and do me again bring him back so this is the kind of our you know game had a gimmick as many people suspect and i'm afraid that the sincerity that one looks for you know national parties missy and that's why they're struggling so much my mentor and his resignation letter gandhi did criticize the ideology of the ruling b j p and he said that every living cell in my body resists their idea of india and then he went on to say that he will fight more he wants to take on an ideological fight he will engage in the aisle ideological fight with
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a b j p and are assessed with 10 times more vigor he said that he did during the last 10 years how do you see him doing that you know i think there's a crisis or. so when you years back. and you know you don't it was not led by others that is why i'm back here for what it's not what it is that i didn't want it and i got it happens. and we didn't want to have understand it and i think not only why don't we understand it is really what remember is this idea of having standards apply what it never knew what it might bite out of him so you. to be a center of power and the governor used to be so number 11 all of the students. what it was more connected with the b.p. has always been one of those and does on this then is the give the i'm sure there can be to the also the audience's chief is kind of egg my about the big if you like of so much that you can order it in the premise or not to do something with
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something so that's kind of snotty. more going to some of the people who can directly communicate to the people because we're in the budget that the mill that it got the lettuce and that is are gonna be actually dr of divinity that i'm sure you'll be able to revive the planet i guess but it is contemplating our dogs but this is not what is sort of the critical part is not i think it is a struggle for india there are 2 ideas of india and one was dominant for 70 years the other is becoming donors not given these 2 ideas of these ideas there's the biggest struggle and this is just going to be the grassroots level one it just has to light up on back to bring them together you'll see that none of these other parties are going to the largest read a lot of people are being too hard on what it is that it really is like as a because i do it by going to be the india the office it's an a.v.r.
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there are. our ports that will never go down the school has this kind of access and too is what c.d.'s affords to. but believe me but that point to radio because video clearly he has not been able to do that and connect with the people and as a result his party has suffered heavy electoral losses in india what do you put down the setback to is that the gandhi power and leadership and dynasty as some people call it or is the party brewing something else that's clearly not working with the electorate. i mean diana he was goddess of the from the law just because dynasty the 1st generation doesn't but but having said that the new policy for the slogan every state leader but then this body of you and so therefore you know we're going to be you if he says that i'm more benefits than probably there are in the congress so that's just one aspect of that. the fact that the people asking me
4:43 pm
gandhi's me definitely was of a bit of big they could have said but i think you know what's really happened is that we're going to move the animatronic to movies because anyone with a child with child the man who will do a. managing everything on the ground but marrying for a movie can only decide i mean and runs i mean christine pointed to something that was lacking last just one of one foxy was just looks like in all the institutions through all the 5 years that the word flowered be had the hat completely all the institutions maybe you will agree they did some work did because it's a division a and that would be n. the election commission as you begin distinguished from me yes i mean disney exactly everything the p.g.p. wanted. and then the media does and i don't pretend it has never happened before even during in iraq and the sense that we have was and that's a soviet the media barring i think one or 2 general meakem of the crane for
4:44 pm
instance 7 that were focused on would be and that's the project you go to the rebellious all you see is will be you know rangers really true or just more be laughable it was unworthy versus the realms of the or anyone else so also the good scenes that are working that when you want to avoid them that's a big one the he was there i mean he opened their eyes this boy there i often read you know it's hard to write well there was bad for us it was an election read the all the in speaking to the media last more the spirits want we're all involved together and it was and that's who doesn't he for anyone to flag that ok rather my own folks through through rahm how the very congress renew itself going forward. absolutely and i don't see a major you know in the recent situation i think that are not coming along in this and the party should not be about you don't be surprised if it fragments picks up
4:45 pm
into my devoted smaller parties or that always happens when major parties i do not non-compliant i don't see these sort of resignation of around on the as a single very significant that he will transform meet i would rather be skeptical and watch really that he's a new generation that he was just going to be all they can bring in more can be do the leaders who don't put into the matchup tonight into more the the future but at the present our current prime minister since most of the aspirations of the people of the year he has not mobilized institutions i don't think even the view that easy to sions have adapted to a very very kind is mighty and magnetic center and they know that the pulse of the public easement more the soul of this i don't know if you did it with these many belated rather by some of the people have spoken in favor of all the and around on the id guys a lot of catching up to do on of the congress party off the road on the and off to
4:46 pm
the gandhi dynasty hopefully you'll have a 2nd on that are i don't see it happening right now but you know what churni politics happens new forces emerged and contend with the order forces and eventually you can see light if we have a genuine democracy to be an opposition right now it's more the other way ok i will leave it there on that note thank you very much ed for joining us to my guests through a charlie all video so rouhani amen man drought not the poor thanks for joining us from new delhi and thank you for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion you can go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for a day inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. and type story for myself and a whole 2 here in doha the bye for now. plans
4:47 pm
to abolish the death penalty. with more than 1200 prisons in iraq one a 150. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than 12000 structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. they watch us. they gather evidence so we. american cyber
4:48 pm
activist develops and used in brazil the moment police. we have more cameras than they do because we're the people they. told. the deal in khartoum that sets up a power sharing agreement between the military council and the opposition. headquarters in. also coming up an international ride over the seas of an iranian
4:49 pm
oil tanker in iran says it's illegal is appalled. also student protesters in hong kong said they will hold talks with city leaders but insists those talks must be in public. and residents of one of the world's most polluted cities take legal action against the government for failing to improve quality. welcome to the program sudan's ruling military joined the coalition of opposition protest groups have reached an agreement to share power and mediator from the african union says a council will be set up with rotating leadership between the military and civilians the council will operate for 3 years leading up to elections next year bryant has more. in khartoum the crowds gather chanting for the revolution just hours after opposition groups announced a deal with the military council
4:50 pm
a reminder to join to it will be held accountable for its actions. revolutions against injustice they say the military is just a chose the scale of the challenges facing the partners in sudan's new power sharing deal. this agreement paves the way for the creation of transitional authority to to sions that will implement political economic and social reforms one of the most important priorities of this government will be to ensure pace and conduct a thorough and transparent investigation into the killing of protesters and bringing the killers to justice the coalition of opposition groups and the military council have been at loggerheads for months they only came back to the negotiating table this week after intensive mediation by ethiopia and the african union but over the 2 sides agreed to establish a sovereign council to. we shared between the military and civilians for 3 years or
4:51 pm
more but also agreed to create a civilian government that is nationalist competence and independent and the ablative ship of a prime minister that has the same qualities. the talks broke down in may over who would lead a transitional government in the crisis deepened days later when security forces stormed a protest camp killing more than 100 people forces led by this man mohammed harm done doug alone known as him 80 were accused of leading the violence. we would like to reassure all the political forces and military movements as well as all the youth the men and women involved in this transition that this is a comprehensive agreement that doesn't exclude anyone and reflects the aspirations of the entire sudanese people some say there will be no accountability while he may he's involved the problem is late he's we are not really sure what it. is not in the right. not. it's not our sharing it's not our. muscle
4:52 pm
and this is our this is where you know. it's going to be really hard. any sort of. anti-government demonstrations began last year with protesters calling for a long time leader omar al bashir to go the military took over in a code the process does argue the ruling council is a continuation of the shias regime demanding a transition to civilian government. opposition groups say they hope this day it will be the beginning of a new era for saddam brian al jazeera. this man is a political analyst at the solidarity group in south africa he says military and you do need to be restructured for any inquiries to be fair. of course we'll bring you that later in the program now iran has condemned what it describes as the illegal seizure of an oil tanker by britain off the spanish coast the u.k.
4:53 pm
suspects the iranian ship was trying to deliver all the oil to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions paul brennan how small a tanker in the shadow of the rock with police boats in attendance the oil tanker grace want to see maybe car but the ship is at the center now of an international diplomatic storm spain has revealed that the united states had been monitoring the ship's journey and passed that intelligence to the gibraltar government this action a rose from information giving the gibraltar government reasonable grounds to believe that the vessel the grace one was acting in breach of european union sanctions against syria in fact we have reason to believe that the grace one was carrying its shipments of crude oil to the ban yes refinery in syria. that refinery is the property of an entity that is subject to european union sanctions against syria the grace one is believed to have loaded with iranian oil off the coast of the gulf the ship made it this far as gibraltar a british overseas territory at the entrance of the mediterranean its final
4:54 pm
destination is claimed to be the bally ass refinery in syria but under cover of darkness a contingent of 30 royal marines under the direction of the role gibraltar police boarded the ship using a wildcat helicopter and rigid inflatables thrown into it eleanor's. naturally we were aware of the operation police patrols bodies were guarding the area but we're studying the circumstances in which it happened he was the man by the united states to an article kingdom we're looking into how it affects our sovereignty because it happened in what we understand a spanish waters the u.s. is applying what it calls maximum pressure on iran to try to force a renegotiation of the 2050 nuclear to european union those trying hard to support iran's economy against that u.s. pressure however this oil shipment was heading to syria which the e.u. definitely does have sanctions against iran being under pressure and the united states believes are and trying to use that are more of iraq of course the army and
4:55 pm
try to find a way that means to bypass it and export their oil and the fact that they did not go through so as cut oil and went around from africa around. the good hope south of africa coming back it may be i'm just guessing it way to avoid being tracked iran has reacted angrily to the seizure summoning the british ambassador to the foreign ministry in tehran and stuck in the middle of all of this is the grace want paul brennan al-jazeera. is a correspondent for some from tehran the foreign ministry of the city very angry as a state run in general i mean what are they saying. well so while the foreign ministry spokesperson our post was that he has called this move destructive and after officials met with the british ambassador here in tehran late thursday evening they said that they provided documentation about this ship's legal
4:56 pm
cargo and movements and that they are demanding the british government release this ship and its contents they say it's a rainy and property and they want it back the foreign minister has said that they will do everything within their power and when it comes to the political and legal values they will do everything to try and get this vessel back they're saying that this is a hostile move and the british government is acting by pressure from pressure of the united states government here saying that they are only exasperating the current tensions in this region and they're not helping the situation at all and of course the operation. to god you might say with the nato sort of title underneath it yet while the e.u. the british are being blamed iran obviously has now got to decide in one way or another how it deals with these very different factions these international factions who the all have their own interests and all have their own pressures that
4:57 pm
they're putting on. yes certainly the iranians are saying that all the while the european countries have said they're with us into rough and so the 2050 uclear freeman and the united states sanctions on iran is not something the europeans want to force they are trying to be on the side of the iranians trying cooperate and trying to revive the country's economy but the iranians are saying listen we are seeing something different you're saying one thing but you're doing something else your actions are very different than your words and this is something we've heard over and over again over the past few weeks they are saying there cannot be trust that the europeans because the american government is bullying them they're forcing them to put more pressure on iran's economy to try and isolate them further to force iran to go back to the negotiating table to renegotiate the 2015 nuclear deal and that is something the iranians will never do they said they it's not up for discussion that the they will not be forced
4:58 pm
back into the negotiating table by any western power for them but also we'll leave it there thank you. student protesters in hong kong say they won't talk with the government unless the public leaders of the city's largest student unions are responding to chief executive kerry lamb's offer to meet in private a small number of demonstrators runs to vandalize the logistics council building on monday hundreds of thousands of largely peaceful protesters have been calling for to scrap a controversial bill that would allow extradition to mainland china. she actually has plenty of opportunities to communicate with the general public in the whole june but she did not and then she suddenly found to student union and communication and but show no sincerity and so that we thing that she has. is just
4:59 pm
a public show so we don't see why we should immediately. assess this invitation robert bryant has more from hong kong. it says a lot about the see the level of anger here in hong kong that this offer of talks was rejected out of hand by the students they have revealed that this was a law firm made in private to the students of just 2 of the universities here for talks that again would be held in private now it all seems to be part of the leader kerry lands promise of being more of a listening chief executive but the complaint against that has always been that she is incapable or and able to make any changes that she won't back down and of course the suspicion being that behind her beijing is also forcing her not to give way not to lose face what the students are demanding is that they have this dialogue with
5:00 pm
government not only themselves but also many other sectors of society what's more they want that to be held in public all part of their campaign of building on the impetus of these mass demonstrations to keep this issue very much in the public domain the concern for the government is that they want to try to defuse this situation by having a public debate that may turn into a rowdy shouting match between student groups and government officials they simply make matters worse well still ahead here on al-jazeera a march to malawi's parliament protests get louder over the election result. and killing without fear of punishment venezuela's government is accused of a brutal crackdown on its opponents those stories after the break.


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