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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 7, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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very did the right thing they did what was product pragmatic and practically feasible last year greece's eurozone partners who were its main creditors said it was no longer dependent on their emergency loans and was fit to return to the markets series or pronounces it a victory. we came to unite all greeks we combined our strength without this unity we would not have emerged from austerity austerity policies were so unpopular opposition parties could not resist attacking them that's why a conservative government unseated a socialist one and was in turn seated by serious political parties failed to form a national front to face the national emergency for the past 4 and a half years it has seemed that caesar was immune to the political cost of austerity because it was a new political force having never held power before it wasn't responsible for the
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bankrupting the economy but now that greece has graduated from its state of emergency the greeks appear more willing to accept that they too are to blame for overspending their way into debt and ready to come to terms with the global economy again jobs are open last al-jazeera athens. and italian rescue boats for 41 shipwrecked refugees and migrants on board has docked in the island of lampedusa but as a minister says he wanted to allow anyone to decide the ship's captain has been told to head to malta or the charity said the 11 hour journey would be too dangerous and too long italian m.p.'s passed a no last month barring rescue ships. still ahead of the bullet and breaking barriers why more and more women join the workforce workforce in gaza and people in hong kong how adventurous in memory of 3 pro-democracy protesters.
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we got a few showers just around the black sea around the caspian sea but across the middle east is hot dry and sunny for the most part just noticed a little cloud just trying to push its way into the far north of pakistan looking for the race to stop pushing in here will be a little time before they do that a couple of $3634.00 celsius the full kharaj the much just see the around almaty there we go with the showers around the coke says george you're armenia as a by john will see want to see showers over the next couple of days as far to drive meanwhile around that eastern side of the med by routes it 30 degrees celsius similar temperature as we go on 3 monday and set the conditions right across the region comes out the south we've got the mid forty's there for baghdad and also for kuwait city this is similar temperature across the reagan peninsula we'll see highs
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around 45 celsius in still quite a keen breeze as we go on through sunday on into monday possibility of the around the southern end of the red sea just over towards the gulf of aden but otherwise it really is normal service whole sunshine pretty much all the way all the sunshine present sunshine across much of southern africa equipped temperatures into homs around 17 degrees celsius so a little on the cools are. it's
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good to have you with us on al jazeera and these are our top stories talks aimed at ending the war in afghanistan and you to restart and other on sunday dollars of afghan delegates arriving in the capital doha negotiators have met u.s. special envoy zalmay honeymoon sob who says that progress is being made. french president to mango mccollum admits that europe has not been able to protect iran from us to action but promises that european leaders will do everything they can to
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protect the 2050 nuclear deal from collapse back on spoke to iran's president hassan rouhani on the phone just a short while ago. the prime minister of greece has told supporters that a last minute upset still possible despite opinion polls predicting he'll lose sunday's election alexis tsipras called the spat poll after has left wing so as a party was heavily defeated in the european parliament elections in may the conservative new democracy is predicted to replace after 4 and a half years in power. now rival rallies are underway in the u.s. capitol right when protesters are opposing a social media baron on some of the movement's leaders or counter protesters are nearby responding to calls to curtail white supremacists and our correspondent shihab rattansi is at those protests in washington d.c. to talk us through what's happening there shihab. white supremacist rather to lose
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all the way down the other end. of the counter protest. i mean it's a very good natured about there's a go go party going on there that's a particular d.c. form of funk music people in town saying it will be regulated what's happening is every now and then provocateurs apparently from the other side have been walking through in that full trump ira finale and clearly trying to provoke that most pretty swiftly towards the police barricades by the that that you know the group that was recognizable whether it was dressed in black and they had supposedly just and everyone here so that they then pushed towards the barricades and at least on one occasion as the trump folks were being were being handed over to the police side there was some kind of skirmish between the police and the. last a few seconds it was very very minor but no doubt those are the pictures that all the national networks will lead on because at least it gives them the excitement i think of their craving for this event which is right now you know isn't terribly i mean they disappeared a few 100 people down there police are separating everyone quite quite well and
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would see but let's talk to them sort of more about what's going on because trump is a big factor overshadowing everything we're doing michael show from d.c. united in hate and it's interesting that i mean that trump signs it suddenly appear every now and then it sort of sort of puts into focus what is happening on the other end over there because in the old days white supremacy and and almost you know it's time to focus on the soldiers to know they were there all over the place but now they seem to be finding some kind of unity parents well i think we're seeing with the you know election of donald trump the rise of a global far right. not and as well as a movement in the streets here in the united states that we haven't seen for many years now i mean but they way they do have a point over the having the freedom is just because you see a rise in speech that we don't agree with it doesn't mean it should be censored facebook and twitter shouldn't be deciding what is acceptable political speech than
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the point by doing ok well yeah i think that issue of free speech really has to do with. you know basically. what the what their speeches is doing is a bunch of reading hate and we've seen through vigilante violence against synagogues and mosques the car the terrorist attack in charlottesville how this sort of hate speech is interpreted by their supporters and so people are out here today to oppose the far right opposed hate speech. we're going to progressive groups like your own actually have been affected by facebook and twitter deciding no dogs hate speech is not a problem they want to yeah issue so what happened to us last year during the one the 1st anniversary of charlottesville we had our counter protest against the same people who organized in charlottesville our facebook event was taken down because it had there was some issue where facebook thought it was not a real events and so days before the event we had our site taken down our event
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taken down which caused us you know made it harder for us to mobilize so you know private institutions private corporations being in charge of who can say why it is not only undemocratic but it's unreliable so i think you know for me we should allow free speech for all. but when it comes up more right and what they're saying it's actually advocating for violence and the end if they ever gain power they would take away the rights of all the rights of free speech for more minorities for women you know the people we have to think about the long walk i shall that you very very much. think you do come down a great deal about the police have mobilized that quite a bit the sort of corralling are so far more than they were out there we'll keep an eye on things she have thank you very much she have a tontine live in washington d.c. . now 55 is a common through the wreckage of a pizza store and the u.s. state of florida which was rocked the pond fine explosion the blast sent debris flying almost 100 meters away and during multiple people now one was killed in the
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instance but there are reports all of several injuries. the gas leak was to blame. police in hong kong are preparing for another weekend of demonstrations over the proposed extradition bill the suicide deaths of protesters are being linked to the ongoing demonstrations to her former and current students from the same university where she's held a memorial service it has more low hugh yand was 21 years old and the 1st year student in creative arts at this campus this time last week she took her own life jumping from the 24th floor of a building just before doing so door being on the wall that she was taking her life because of the over the extradition bill and saying that the sacrifice of what she called her little life was being made in the hope of fulfilling the dreams of 2000000 people that a reference of course to the numbers of people who've been out on the streets
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because of this issue people who have gathered here for a memorial service to hear messages in her memory to seeing him not only the people she knew her fellow students and staff here at the college but also fellow protesters who didn't know her but certainly knew what she was fighting for and how valuable with don't we want to encourage people this is more than a memorial service we want people to carry on with a struggle to actually youngsters something frighten them selves just for the future i don't want people to die any more because of the happenings around. happened in hong kong today psychologists and counselors are reporting an increase in the incidence of depression here in hong kong as this political deadlock and social unrest continues at least 2 other suicides have been linked to the protests for whom memorial services will also be held the organizers of these events have to
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be extremely careful that they get the right balance between giving people the chance to pay their respects without. giving the person the hero martyrdom status that might encourage others to follow which would add to the tragedy. to gaza now where more women than ever before are making up the workforce with unemployment at record levels women are setting up their own businesses to raise money for their families but they have to deal with the cultural as well as economic barriers as rob matheson reports from gaza. 17 year old mina simoun studies computer programming at school she's also learning from her brother how to make coffee in her mother's cafe because she says she doesn't have much chance of getting a job in gaza it isn't what i just read i think women should work because in gaza out there are no job opportunities when i work it means i can provide for my family my husband and my son in his mother's supreme started selling her food through a facebook page 2 years ago business became so good customers had to order 2 days
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in advance after her kitchen cook rope broke down supreme decided to open her cafe and it's my life it's security for my children it's the sweetest thing and it has a lot of meaning for me i want to expand and open more shops there are 2000000 people in gaza and it's estimated that in 2852 percent of them didn't have a job 2 out of every 3 young people including graduates were unemployed for the same period the number of women who were in work went up by 26 percent even though that's just a small part of the workforce according to the world bank up to 80 percent of gaza's economy has been propped up for several years by money from the palestinian authority and foreign aid donations but that funding is dropping gaza's economy shrank by 8 percent in 2800. well isn't cousin da started selling her t.
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shirt designs online in 2014 that's her business expanded she became a mentor for other female entrepreneurs here but. the biggest problem i face is that i'm a woman and being a woman is a big deal in gaza society especially because my profession is printing people say how come a woman is invading a man's profession the dalai association project is one of several that gaza which supports women who want to start their own businesses. because the society has traditional views it allows a woman to become part of a project but just as a worker the woman cannot be a leader in the society people know she can do it but according to traditions they don't accept it gaza's businesswoman like supreme maybe creating live jobs they may also be helping to shape the attitudes of gaza's new generation rob matheson al jazeera gaza. now african leaders are meeting in the shared a move forward with a joint free trade pact aimed at creating the world's largest trading bloc the
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african continent or free trade area agreement aims to unite all 55 members of the african union and to a single market 1200000000 people the agreements designed to boost trade between nations by removing tariffs taxes and other barriers as and allow african businesses to grow by giving them access to new markets and neighboring countries the pact was 1st proposed in 2002 and was given a boost this month when nigeria the country's biggest economy committed to signing up at the summit in our address has more from the army. they're trying to imitate the leader of the union. to form a free trade agreement what this is the world's largest trade free trade bloc if it goes if it takes off i se the i want to watch it too in 2020 so basically all the protocols are in place for the heads of state and government 20 meeting in this building right behind me tomorrow to ratify already their ministers of trade
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ministers according to close friends security and all of us have been discussing the various protocols and various aspects of the negotiations but what we probably will see before these agreements take itself in 2020 will be something countries are asking for concessions before they fully join in nigeria was dragging its feet its feet until last week when the president announced that yes they're going to sign 2 more countries to the option from the agreement dineen and direct result of seizures of the african union commission are telling us that everything had been indicated its intention to be part of the process and join to sign these agreements nobody is talking about it which we are right now because there is no direction did the russian asked where it's going right now however experts and either producers on the continent. afraid in fact that when this agreement comes it is hard considering the weak production values in africa africa will be one big white house
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for hoarding goods. now the opening stage all faiths are to fall has been won in a function to finish by them like turn a certain income for some odd and the serious race to wed and lead as yellow pages a 100 years since it was 1st handed out by the mccain has more from brussels. stage one of the tour de france delivered spills and thrills for the many thousands of people who'd come to watch the sprinters and this in the main field race through the belgian capital on their way to the finish line spills in the form of a spectacular crash that took place within the last 3 kilometers of the stage bringing down several of the fancied riders notably the defending champion welshman thomas from team in ales also the dutch cyclist dylan in front of a guy who many people had thought perhaps might win the stage on saturday here in brussels in the event they came down but were able to get back into the saddle and finish the stage and they will finish with the same time as the eventual winner
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according to the rules of the tour that eventual winner mike tyner from the netherlands he becomes the 1st dutch cyclist to wear the yellow jersey in 30 years he out sprinted the man many people believe will win the overall sprinters green jersey in paris that's peter saigon from here there will be a 2nd stage taking place on sunday when there's a team time trial that will favor the teams who are trying to vie with each other to win the overall prize in paris so it means it's quite possible that mike telling us and the joy on saturday wearing the yellow jersey winning it and wearing it on sunday might be his only day in that jersey. again i'm going to have a problem and that the headlines on al-jazeera french president emanuel that car has admitted to iran's leader that europe hasn't been able to protect iran from due
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west sanctions but he promised that european leaders will do everything they can to stop the 2050 nuclear deal from collapse backhand spoke to president hassan rouhani on the phone just a day before 10 and expected to reduce its commitment to the agreement talks aimed at ending the war in afghanistan are due to restart and catherine on sunday dozens of afghan delegates are arriving in the capital doha taliban negotiators have met a u.s. special envoy zalmay khalilzad who says progress is being made. we have made stand of progress on all 4 elements that make the framework that we have agreed to for a peace agreement which is as you know assurances on counterterrorism that's important for the united states on the war. would draw all of foreign troops which is important for the taleban interact can negotiations including a dialogue. and an agreement on
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a road map for the brutal future of afghanistan a complete comprehensive permanent cease fire. for the 1st time i can say we have had substantial progress on all 4 yemen's who the rebels have carried out a drawn attack in saudi arabia they say they've targeted more plain hangars and other military sites in jaison airport saudi officials are yet to confirm the attack the greek prime minister has told supporters that a last minute upset is still possible despite opinion polls predicting he'll lose sunday's election alexis tsipras called the step poll after his series a party was defeated in the european parliament elections in may the conservative new democracy party is predicted to replace there is a after 4 and a half years in power and fire fighters a common through the wreckage of a pizza store in the u.s. state of florida a blast sent debris flying about 100 meters away injuring many people well those
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are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us inside story is coming up next thank you very much for watching. it's probably the biggest case of modern slavery in europe again in britain preyed on hundreds of honorable people from poland they put them to work they took their money and they kept them and rats infested houses why is slavery still happening and how can they be stopped this isn't a story. hello
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welcome to the program i'm in wrong cause they were told they'd get jobs they'd get money and they would enjoy a new lifestyle but hundreds of desperate people from poland became victims of a huge slavery operation and they were forced to live in horrific conditions 8 members of a crime gang have now been jailed for a total of more than 55 years in the u.k. but it's just one example of a growing international problem as a marriage how drink now reports it's been described as the most extensive prolific modern day slavery network ever exposed in the u.k. a human trafficking gang tricked hundreds of fundable people from poland with the promise of work and a better life in britain but they exploited them and made millions of dollars for themselves initially everything seemed to k. but later on they started treating me like a thief following me controlling me every step you can leave the house because you
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were being followed. the gang 5 men and 3 women made their victims live in squalid cramped rat infested conditions many were homeless ex prisoners or alcoholics who were forced to work for next to nothing we've dismantled. an organized crime group which had exploited to our knowledge to over 90 victims and probably over $200.00 victims in total because victims would come forward we put the main offenders from that group in custody for a long time with no electricity or hot water victims washed in canals and were forced to go to sea kitchens to get a meal investigators believe it is the largest criminal prosecution of its type in europe but modern slavery isn't just a european problem latest figures from the international labor organization reveal an estimated $40000000.00 people worldwide are living in slavery more than $24000000.00 are trapped in forced labor and
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a quarter of the total 10000000 are children. according to the rights group book free foundation britain is home to at least 136000 more than slaves as one of her last acts as prime minister to resign may is promising to bring it to an end no leader worthy of the name could look the other way while men women and children are held against their will forced to work for a pittance or no pay at all routinely beaten raped and tortured. those of us who can speak out who have a platform from which to be heard have a juicy a moral duty to raise our voices on their behalf. it took british police and the crown prosecution service nearly 4 years to bring this case to trial and although often modern slavery investigations are under way activists say the focus needs to be more on protecting victims and marriage choudhry from inside story.
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let's bring in our guests who are all joining us from london detective superintendent phil bryant is the head of the modern slavery and kidnap unit at the metropolitan police joining us james is the executive director of the advocacy group freedom united and toby cadman is an international human rights lawyer welcome to you all i'd like to begin with detective superintendent phil brewer quite rightly west midlands police force a very proud of this operation it's certainly a very significant operation just give us an idea of what type of scale of problem modern day slavery actually is it's something that's much bigger than we perhaps realized before i think i understand. depending on the context that you put it in and you know we talk about more slavery if you
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expand that exploitation whether that's reported this case highlights or one of the ever one of the many outbursts or facets of slavery it's a significant issue and there are a lot of people do exports is making significant money out of their people's misery i mean some of the reporting that i've read on this case was extraordinary these guys the people responsible were driving around in bentleys they had access to bank accounts and there's a lot of money involved what queer sort of numbers are we talking. well maybe. the . moments like seconds of drugs. criminal so money that you can buy and you can see why you know one of the unique faxes of. your commodity are human beings already use it and you can use a really different and i could continue to make significant amounts of cash let's
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bring in john a james here. when we say modern slavery what do we actually mean by that when it's not whips and chains and people being shipped off in boats anymore is it oh absolutely and i think that's part of the problem what if avery is an umbrella term and encompasses in lots of different forms of extreme exploitation such as we saw in this case and the use of chains and rape is something that we often see in pitches when one of the safest described and illustrated that is actually far from the truth and i think that's a real failure of the anti slavery movement which is why the problem really thrives today because if we don't recognize and understand what it is that we're dating with cases of force labor of debt bondage you know and then other forms such as domestic servant cheat and sexual exploitation then it's not a surprise but it's often overlooked and it takes
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a lot of work and effort to bring these cases to court so just to help us understand what modern day slavery might entail so we're talking exploitation people in this particular case the west midlands police broke open bank accounts been taken over by the exploiters that they were given very little money they were kept in rats infested houses. but that's just one part of it is that there's there's there's a lot more than that. you know those things are really indicators and they should be these are the kind of fines that make you want to look further and find out if it doesn't she meet the definition of forced labor for example which is one of the . common forms of modern slavery and then we'll be looking for the fact that this work is given without being voluntarily voluntarily offered so there and
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through coercion with some sort of threat or punishment and this case is incredibly clear that all those aspects of forced labor were present clearly. and threatened through various means and the payment of the financial aspect is how they the slave holders how they actually benefited from that control and effective ownership of those people with the clear the trade is clearly global let me bring in toby cadman the head of your international human rights lawyer what is the international position here is there enough corporation going on between interpol the u.s. and the you all the members states to be able to tackle this or is everybody just simply discovering this now and not entirely sure what to do about it. well i think that there are law enforcement agencies that are probably further along in dealing
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with this problem than other countries i think that the u.k. is is very much advanced in the way that it is dealing with it but in terms of the list station to be used. in terms of the investigative powers that are used. other countries it's also going to highlight it's just so who last week that there are very serious problems in spain with the with the fruit picking industry for example it doesn't sound like the traditional route for full slavery but it has been highlighted the moroccan women have been have been used in very much the same way as what we're seeing in the case i'm talking about there is so i think there are countries that are rather ahead in terms of cross border co-operation cross the function's affectively you mention the u.n. but it's important to note that the u.n.
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doesn't have any criminal investigative capacity that's that's not the role of the united nations it obviously highlights it as a human rights issue but it doesn't necessarily get involved where it. actually best occasions and that falls on national parties to do i think with many cases of this of this kind where you talk about cross border crimes that it is quite often the cooperation that breaks are between between different states regrettably we see there in many different order was crying. and because you know one of the i would say that because areas are one of the biggest problems with cases this current news is actually getting forward and is very vulnerable people are used on communities very difficult to to penetrate some of those communities and it is set up in such a way that makes it very very difficult mortal's them to crop investigate that
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sector superintendent phil railway your thoughts a lot it's very difficult investigate these cases. now i do agree with pretty much everything. and i think kate points and i mean the collaboration sickly across europe is really good and just to give you an example where they might say we have an embedded remain you know. and that has. run a number of joint investigations were to remind us and the great thing about that side of chile means we're not just the rich the end result we see that you. we actually have your pictured seats at this moment so how criminal networks prevent the victims from filling the void when we when we manage to find victims and rescue them from that scenario but it scale of this is they are already difficult you know for example some of the communities have ferry that we trust. they set up in
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a while she exploits is an exploit seed off from the same community and so you know to speak out against your community is effectively worse than actually trying so improve the situation that you find yourself in let me bring in john a you know james. just talk us through the difficulties faced when you are when you have found these kinds of cases when you're trying to help these people not from a legal point of you know from a police point of view but from a from a perspective of can you help these people if they don't want to be helped if they don't want to be found. i think really one of the big areas helping people such as they is in this case and you can say and i think sample they organization and he uncovered the scale of this and trafficking ring spent years working with the community i'm sorry that with these victims to get access to them
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and i think that's a real suffice for a question of recognizing that this is a crime. and that people have a free right to freedom from slavery and this particular case i think it's there's no question about the criminality of it however we see plenty of examples which are perhaps to some people less convincing and it's on us to explain how controlling somebody in order to make game through exploiting them and coercing them is not ok and so our job is to explain how that actually manifests itself because there are lots of different ways in which this crime. is yeast and which people find themselves unsavory and was the conditions that these were. particularly a poor and and you know there was the levels of violence very extreme it's not actually that unusual and we see in much more formal settings around the world.
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in supply chains or in private homes situations are really not that different so we need to one recognise that this is something that nobody should go through and to make sure that people feel that they have the protection necessary that going to the authorities isn't something that's going to. cause a backlash against them and one of the big. sure the least by exploiters is immigration law and so one of the tenders we have is to make sure that the protections are there so immigrate so that a victim does not become a criminal of them of an immigration offense that is kind of confident that they'll be recognized as a state as a victim and be treated as such to get the support they need to get out of that
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situation and to enjoy life after that situation where they can be rehabilitated and we're saying that so many cases it's still a massive challenge today so immigration or war until that can be used to be had then what are the international tools that might be able to brought to bear on this problem are there things like legislation that could be passed other protocols that could be put in place that will allow this trade to stop but i think that. will work when you're trying to sound the. organized crime become increasingly transnational it becomes more more more difficult to to break the tyrant and target crime such as this. do we think that the tools. to remove it no i don't think it's it's far too. powerful and as far as money. to disney pretty terrible. i don't necessarily think it's
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a question or a lack of legislation. or decision to do both in terms of criminal prosecutions and in terms of cooperation between states through mutual assistance and through creating joint interest. also between between stary there's also sufficient guidelines for tolls a little part of gratian so don't think it's a question of creating more earthly controls or hearts. the existing legal framework which is already there and sufficient to proceed i think a lot of it as i said was down to $2.00 to $3.00 core problems one is going to speak out to is interacting. these communities and getting them to trust more important but also i think it is also it's a question of being able to. to demonstrate
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a will to trust investigate and prosecute now because as we heard from the secretive group there's there's very clearly that desire to do that on the e.u. level but there are also the states that are not confronting this go back to the case and i mean just because there is a case that we're involved in and here you have numerous complaints being made you have victims coming forward there is a legal framework in spain to do with it and they're not in the not investigating it there are 30 turning a blind art to that and there are allegations against your impulse in itself in spain that they are complicit in a lot of what is going on so i think that yes there is there's a question that you need to create greater awareness i think it is far bigger problem than most people would would readily admit it is it is
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a very serious problem and it's getting worse and i think that the case that we've seen successful prosecution can have an impact on targeting this but it is largely going to end our great equilibration tween states. in transnational prosecutions and that's that's where i think what is lacking there is no regrettably there is no international jurisdiction so to do with this level of into criminal courts all or equipment so the any international jurisdiction you have is not really going to address the cool problem because that's that's human rights awareness human rights monitoring that's that's that's not sending any deterrent message to these criminals that flourish by the lack of coordination the lack of accountability let's bring in. detective superintendent phil bro ahead there are other issues it's not just about international law or trials that still and organized crime across
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borders. which clearly is you know one of the drivers of this it's a lucrative business but in your investigations it seems to me that there must be some sort of tacit cooperation between the people who are actually employing these gangmasters these i mean they must the people that employed these people. to get these people to get work in their fields for them it's a bit convoluted i know but surely they must have known what they were getting into that you know big you can't get cheap labor without a cost somewhere surely. yeah i mean it depends really on what we say you. put it exists or simple categories we say direct exports i should absolutely employees must know i must be aware because it might be that i'm the gang mouse that. something isn't right that. well a lot of minimum wage that i have to be exploited but we're also seeing. a rising
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trend in the number of people who pay it's that they employed legitimately sarah's followers employers are aware they are paying the minimum wage will more money directed at bank accounts the fact sais in the backgrounds that he's exploiters are controlling those bank accounts and that is very very hard for any process in place to prevent you know without significant intrusive so we're looking at how people live their lives and that doesn't necessarily sit with an employer it is a complex issue and one of the challenges we don't why is is that as we upped the ante in terms of lowered foresman activity within the same area exploited become book smart and start picking sites guards in place to prevent them being prosecuted joining us james is the employer is an issue for you the people who actually pay
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the guy lost is that something that you think is worth pursuing in order to try and change things well i mean i think we take facial me from an upright to this problem and i think it works very well even in this case and in the case of the life and a palace of describing elsewhere in the world and that is that you know it was there isn't a. movement of people who understand and who share the idea that this sort of form of exploitation is not only busy unacceptable but should everything should be done to stop it and to make sure the. people whoever they are can live freely then it's not going to happen when we heard about how the question around the spanish police's role in investigating well if there's no real will from society in general it's not surprising there's no pressure on the police to
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investigate and we see a big change in the u.k. where the awareness levels of racism if kony and the give space for and it is we're in it is power and it means that we can move further more quickly because we know we're looking for we still got a long way to go without a doubt but it is at every level of society i mean in this particular case we know that a paramedic visited the home we don't i understand when one of the workers died it's reported that the the. the slaveholder say took the id out of this worker's pocket so that he couldn't be identified but still by paramedics would have seen the conditions in which the person of the living now of course i'm not suggesting that paramedics or anybody else in society should be performing in the role of the law enforcement but these are all opportunities that
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could raise alarm bells and trigger an investigation process because as we know it's very difficult to either. expect everything or the responsibility to be the victim to come forward or the law enforcement to be able to access we think this needs to be a societal solution and so for that reason yes the employers have a liability to be sure that they're doing everything that they can do to nt to check that the labor that goes into their supply chain is legitimate but also as a fighting all of us you know just need to be well educated what it is that we're looking for and be clear about the fact that this isn't something that we accept in our society we are running short on time but i do want to ask a question to the detective superintendent phil brewer you heard there about the idea that you know members of society can help the people if they notice these patterns of behavior that might be linked to exploitation they can come forward
2:45 am
they can they can do that however at that stage it's too late isn't it where do we need to stop this at the border surely we need to stop this at the the international criminal gang level that's where we should be is that where you should be concentrating your firepower as it were. i think there's a number of different fronts that we should be concentrated in order that salute you know with members of the proper excited so i'm so. to contact us or contact marcus like we have long suspicions they're absolutely retracts on that but you know you're right this is this is a bigger this is bigger than that and so there is work that makes the government level to look at how when my complete will run when the 1st place and actually were collaborative to try and reduce the chances of someone trying to say i was in a situation where they've been exploited and that is that isn't just police in
2:46 am
a situation you know or not and i use a cliche that we can't place at wideout of martin's life and as joanna say they sees this is a role for everyone in society where every walk of life whatever your role might be . is actually working to get fixed traumatic a difference and that is the only way we will really make a difference. or reducing the risk from the individuals that funds it was in these situations i want to thank all our guests detective superintendent phil barone joining us james and toby cadman and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting a web site i was there at dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story for me in wrong and the whole team in your life and you.
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i really am. july on al-jazeera will the conservative new democracy be victorious in the snap elections we bring you the latest as greece votes a new documentary examines the use of modern technology and policing its impact on individual rights and civil society on the 50th anniversary of be apollo 11 lunar landing we look back at the 1st human steps on the moon and an ancient statue of apollo disappears in gaza a stunning archaeological mystery unfolding witnessed the 2nd round of democratic
2:48 am
presidential candidate debates in the u.s. will be long been detroit july on al-jazeera. can the unrest in mali be stopped the situation is not easy our look at there is not a magical one has the united nations failed to protect the people and help end the violence special representative of the un security general from ali mohamed salah and a d from talks to al-jazeera. mole this is al-jazeera. hello welcome to the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters and with me and of the product coming up in the next 60 minutes the stage is set for talks and among afghans from across the political spectrum including the taliban. as
2:49 am
a rom prepares to step up iranian and vets. and the un's nuclear watchdog a special meeting on nuclear program. i maryam namazie in london with the top stories from europe including greece get set for sunday's snap election as opinion polls suggest a victory for the conservative opposition after nearly 5 years of leftwing rule. suspected gas explosion at a shopping mall and just several people of the u.s. state of florida. are all part with sports as the tour de france gets off to a bumpy start in belgium a big crash takes out many of the prix race favorites allowing a flying dutchman to write history on the start.
2:50 am
2 days all the more talks aimed at ending the. start here and cup or on sunday dozens of afghan down the gets a driving following a pause in the other discussions which will also here in doha negotiators have met the u.s. special envoy zalmay khalilzad he says progress is being made. we have made substantial progress on all 4 elements that make the framework that we have agreed to for a peace agreement which is as you know assurances on counterterrorism that's important for the united states and the world. would draw all of foreign troops which is important for the taleban. interact can negotiations including a dialogue and an agreement on a road map for the political future of afghanistan and a complete comprehensive permanent cease fire. for the 1st time i can say
2:51 am
we have had substantial progress on all for. early and i spoke to al jazeera charlotte about his who has been following those meetings and all. the 2 things that have been focused on this week have been the u.s. troop withdraw foreign troop withdrawal and also that the taliban. guarantee not to allow afghan soil to be used to stage foreign attacks groups like al qaeda it's been very difficult so they were meant to conclude and come to some type of agreement within 3 days and that's now been extended it's run into this interest and talks that begins here to more and then they will reconvene after that but they're always optimists optimistic you talk to the taliban you talk to the americans they say we are making good progress substantial we're right on the cusp of this but they're just going back and forth and they have to go to the leadership and all the details that go into this draft agreement and we're talking about the taliban we're talking about the u.s. where is the afghan government in all of that all of this the u.s. is saying that they are hopeful that the taliban will eventually talk to the afghan
2:52 am
government that it will happen by september 1st is that likely so that's what happens next and today a delegation of more than 60 people arrived in doha this is the it's historic this is the 1st time that some members of the afghan government will actually sit down with the taliban this hasn't happened before however they are saying that we are here in a personal capacity so we're not here as minister members of high peace council as the what have you and the taliban saying the same thing we're not here is the taliban we're just here as afghans and we want the best and that is how they are approaching these talks start tomorrow so good that the afghan. government people here but they're not here in that capacity and that should and is expected to happen in the coming weeks. moving on to other news now and french president hollande has admitted to iran's president that europe has not been able to protect iran from u.s. sanctions but he promised that european leaders will do everything they can to stop the 25th day nuclear deal from collapse spoke to her son rouhani on the phone just
2:53 am
a day before that aren't expected to reduce its commitment to the nuclear deal. we'll do if we not initiated. anything to withdraw from the nuclear deal unless the other party does the other party has step by step americans directly and europeans in directly violated the deal we will show reaction exponentially as much as they violate it we reduce our commitments as much as they reduce it if they go back to fulfilling their commitments we will do as well this will happen at a rational and gradual pace. has more on what to expect on sunday. iran has never actually pursued the enrichment of uranium to weapons grade levels now iran currently produces. at around 3.67 percent enrichment purity i think to make weapons you need about 90 percent purity of your
2:54 am
radium server and said all along that it is not pursuing weapons grade nuclear material it does not want to build a nuclear bomb but the very reason the 2015 nuclear deal was signed in the 1st place is because many world leaders many countries simply didn't take iran at its word this deal was meant to bridge the trust gap between iran and the international community now what the iranian leadership is saying is that it's been patient enough it's held up its side of the bargain it's maintained its commitment to the nuclear deal it's carried out all of its activities in line with the tenets of the agreement with the articles of the joint comprehensive plan of action or as its better known as the g c p a way and now that world leaders have either been unwilling in the case of the united states or are able in the case of europe and other signatories to the deal been unable to fulfill their commitments iran will roll back its part of the deal it will roll back its cooperation with the j c p
2:55 am
a way what that means in practice at the moment 2 months ago present us ronnie announced that iran would begin its reduction in cooperation by ignoring stockpiles limits 300 kilograms is the limit on interest uranium $130.00 metric tons is the limit on heavy water produced as a result of nuclear activity and what president and rouhani said is that it is decided to do this because u.s. nuclear sanctions affectively made it able to hold up the nuclear deal iran as part of the deal was exporting excess material u.s. nuclear sanctions past an event make it impossible to do so iran has chosen to ignore a more compromised his nuclear program and what leaders here are saying president hassan rouhani himself has said that iran will enrich uranium to any level that it sees fit. yemen's healthy rebels have carried out a drone attack in saudi arabia they say the target of one plane hangars and other military sites in jamestown airport saudi officials are yet to comment now
2:56 am
thousands of yemenis are protesting against the presence of saudi forces in the country demonstrations and the province are accusing the other and the u.a.e. of economic occupation they have been several protests in the area in the past against saudi involvement in the conflict tens of thousands of people have died and millions have been displaced now opposition leaders in sudan say the deal than elsewhere the military will be finalized by monday. now sudan's military hunter says the time has come to rebuild the country and i believe we heard from the. the head of the military general earlier. the 5th of july agreement with freedom and change and other powers is considered a win win situation and we are now lightening the way of the revolution because we will be seeing different practices in our country against corruption and against
2:57 am
racism and against the dignity of the citizen and the honorable people of sudan we are now starting a phase of building a new sudan where everyone will face a transparent procedure and the law will be above everyone. and let's hear brian has more on that story. from early morning until late at night and main square is mosques and on street corners. sudanese people kind together. facing the drums of change and chanting civilian revolution. hailing what some say as the 1st step towards ending decades of dictatorship. oh no i'm telling the youth that the revolution is not all over the revolution has just struck. with the internet shut down by the military jumped to news of the day and spread mostly by word of mouth and in public meetings held by opposition leaders.
2:58 am
the agreement will be signed off to its finalized and some heads of state from different countries will be attending the signing it we are expecting this to take place within the upcoming week before says of the freedom and change have already picked their candidates for the announcement of the sovereign council and the prime minister the sovereign council will include 5 military and 5 civilians plus an additional civilian a grade by both sides the council will 1st be led by the military will hand over to civilians in just under 2 years they'll lead it until elections june and 2022. now we have started a new era in the history of sudan that we all have to join and accept we all have to bring stability and in the long suffering of the sudanese people. there are mixed feelings in sudan for some the deal's a victory for others it's a surrender. would. still have demands and these demands have not yet been met we
2:59 am
have the blood of the martyrs in the main city inside we still want rights that haven't happened yet part of the deal includes an investigation into a violent crackdown by security forces which saw more than 100 protestors code. amnesty international says this agreement must be judged by how those in power now live up to their responsibilities to respect people's fundamental rights something the sudanese people have been deprived of for well over 3 decades amnesty called the deal a testament to the resilience of ordinary people who chose to stand up for the rights alexia brian al jazeera now opinion polls show greece's ruling party faces a major battle against the conservative opposition and sunday's general election for all its customary man say and i european broadcast center merriam. yeah that's right elizabeth it definitely appears to be an uphill struggle for them because it looks as though people in greece might have had enough of prime minister alexis
3:00 am
tsipras and his radical leftists or it's a party which promised quick fixes on the economy but imposed years of austerity measures instead there is less brings us the story now from the capital athens. this charity shop in the center of athens has more and more pensioners as customers under the sea these are government they have had their benefits cut to twice despite it promising it wouldn't follow the austerity policies of previous administration this after 49 years of work and that is you know received a pension of $1600.00 a month it is now down by a quarter but when you're familiar. i used to buy a newspaper i stopped that i used to go out for coffee with friends i stopped it i used to buy a packet of cigarettes a week i cut that now i just sit locked in my home pensioners one of the.


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