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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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mainly from poor and marginalized communities philippines president. has voted to continue the war on drugs one of his final 3 years in office will be the most dangerous for people in 2 drugs general allen duggan has borne from manila the amnesty international report released today is a continuation of what it is shared in 2017 but this time it focuses on one key area the province of bullock on in the northern part of the philippines according to its researchers it says the drug related operations by police and killings are linked with armed groups on the air is similar to the patterns made in different areas in the past since president lee good had to launched his so-called war on drugs in 2016 but it there is one pattern that strikes the most to researchers of amnesty and that is that commanders coming from different parts of metro manila
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have been moved with higher ranks and positions in brooklyn and that follows the sharp rise of killings in the area and as expected based on the different kinds of statements issued by the philippine government in the past when it comes investigations like this the philippine government through it spoke spurs and has been dismissive of this report according to the spokesperson today it says amnesty is politicizing. the situations and there should be other avenues in which amnesty can try to compile its reports with other human rights organisations and instead of going to the media according to the philippine government it should fall cases instead but you see amnesty international is saying that statement alone is problematic because out of the thousands of killings believed to be linked with police and other armed groups there has only been one prosecution that has happened since the so-called war on drugs was launched in 2016. that as well as opposition leader says he'll resume talks with presidents nicolas maduro as governments the
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meeting is expected to take place in barbados as early as this week. quite those representatives last month's government officials in norway back in may but those discussions stalled on which venezuela has been ravaged by 5 years of economic chaos by shortages of food medicines and other basic necessities it plunged deeper into political turmoil in january 1 choirs were declared himself the acting president. still to come on al-jazeera russia tourists are coming for exactly this kind of experience but best turbulence on the horizon for georgia flights between d.c. countries are granted. and we're in alaska where there are signs of trouble for one of the state's most iconic sites.
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because some thought and try whether it's in much of indonesia malaysia full thought in parts of southeast asia we have got usual rough the showers coming through there so you'll see some showers in the heat of the day that into the philippines northern parts of borneo pushing across into thailand but for the most part more sunshine than showers still see some lively down poles just around those northern fringes of smarter pushing up crossed singapore into kuala lumpur 3132 maybe 33 degrees a little change as we go on through where the state southern parts seeing that dry weather as is the case across a good part of the same one of. the spells of brightest easing across the southeast and colder just rolling over towards that eastern side of it toria southeastern parts of new south wales 2 areas of high pressure a little convergence has cropped up so some wet weather but with high pressure
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lossy in charge we're looking at plenty of sunshine a set in the case over the next few days $3040.00 celsius for melbourne and for adelaide began it's around 70 empath at a similar value for sydney as we go on into well when this time all the same a little bit of wet weather just making its way into that western side of victoria sliding down towards port fairy and slowly moving east. fly qatar airways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together.
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this is al jazeera could provide all the top stories for unite the international criminal court sas convicted former congress war lords basco attack on the off war crimes convictions include murder rape and sexual slavery for his role in an ethnic conflicts in the it to a region the democratic republic of congo between 20022003. pieces conservative opposition leader smith so tackiest will be sworn in as prime minister in the next hour or so the democracy party won a snap election on sunday defeating the left and prime minister alexis tsipras far
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right golden dawn was not sites of parliament. and amnesty international is urging the u.n. to investigate the so-called war on drugs in the philippines describing it as a murderous rights group says extrajudicial killings are still going on 3 years after brazil president retreated to territory came to office and most has cracked and. they only functioning airports in libya's capital has reopened following a series of missile strikes on sunday through. airline employees were injured and an aircraft damaged in the attacks but he airport's has been repeatedly targeted by forces loyal to warlords khalifa haftar and his 3 month campaign to capture tripoli and suppose the un recognized governments. there were some violent outbreaks in hong kong on sunday after a mostly peaceful rally as protesters confronted by police over a controversial extradition bill standoff followed the march outside
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a train station which links the territory to mainland china write reports from cullen. this was the 1st major demonstration since the storming of hong kong's parliament last week and it proves this dispute isn't going away. my protesters said the change in the law would mean critics of china could be extradited from hong kong to face summary justice in mainland courts the hong kong government has suspended the bill but protesters are still demanding its complete withdrawal tell me alfredo coming out i'm also psyche efficiency delivers a message there's no no absolutely no disposal of the government it's also the 1st time the protesters have taken their campaign to the kalou district of hong kong. with its luxury stores the area is a favorite destination for mainland chinese shoppers and many seemed bewildered by
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the crowds of demonstrators who goes ok hong kong is the only chinese city that permits demonstrations like this. the organizers said they wanted to tell the visitors about their struggles tonight and i don't really understand it said this visitor so i don't want to comment because i think they're very brave said this woman. the destination for the march was the terminus for the high speed rail link connecting hong kong to the mainland seen by many as a symbol of china's encroaching influence initially the organizers had been hoping for a couple of 1000 people to take part in this march but even before it began it was clear that numbers would be far greater than that. also very obvious by this demonstration by anger the spirits of resistance is still a strong people thought the spears of possible clashes with mainland tourists
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proved unfounded the many of the protesters seem to direct their anger at the police i was in they accuse of using excessive force in breaking down largely peaceful protests was as darkness fell a breakaway demonstration blocks streets around county. sparking angry standoffs with both police and local residents i can ill tempered ends to another day of anger on the streets of hong kong with the prospect of yet more protests public pride al-jazeera hong kong. place and haiti have opened fire on mourners and protestors at the funerals funeral of a journalist shot dead last month respite if it's your own was investigating government corruption is killing by gunmen in port au prince sparked speak street protests demanding the resignation of president chavez and maurice at certainly as an economist and professor at the scare university and author of france he says
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there are underlying problems feeling re armrests. except the case of this new role yesterday i would consider moving right now it's very slow. and we don't have any recent street protests. let's say for the last 2 weeks and but in very uncertain. hope that the president should step down while the government supported thank you for the sustained power. but meanwhile the economy in new software and that's the main issue right now so the president has to change because lately we have. soccer competition and the national team was incumbent for 2 weeks so people who are. watching who. were being very rate at the goal cough and then said that size that
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we had asked that the gays and the west in the case and come here to push for the arabs of those situation actually made lower in our blood. and make it more certain a little different result is staying power for a while. germany's deutsche bank is planning to cut $18000.00 jobs and expects a $3000000000.00 net loss in the 2nd quarter as a result of restructuring the bank has been struggling for years but the decline of its investment arm and the failure to agree on a merger of the 5 or comets bank its hopes the reorganization will lead savings of over $1000000000.00 by 2020. georgia's tourism industry faces a difficult summer after russia impose the ban on flights russian state media reports president vladimir putin made the decision because of anti russian demonstrations in the capital tbilisi or been forced to walk or reports from the
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georgian mines a result of the dari. russians will no longer be able to fly direct to georgia from july the 8th. that could take the wind out of the sails of georgia's tourism industry. who guides like gear are trying to stay upbeat. or. if the number of russian tourists go down there are a lot of other visitors from other countries so we're going to just adopt. the flight ban is moscow's response to russian demonstrations in the capital tbilisi protesters were infuriated by georgia's parliament inviting russian politicians to visit demonstrators accuse their government of collaborating with the enemy russian troops continue to occupy 20 percent of georgian territory it's
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breakaway region yes and south ossetia. now we are sharing with our georgia man this place called the arch of modern america about the friendship between georgia and russia saw in reality colonialism communism and conflicts have all too often defined relations between the 2 countries though georgia has a special place in the hearts of many russians maybe even the one we love georgia with so happy to be here. nearly one and a half 1000000 russians who are ists came to georgia last year that's around 20 percent of the total number of visitors georgia's national bank estimates that fewer russian tourists could cost the economy as much as 300000000 dollars this year and there may be worse to come russian tourists are coming for exactly this kind of experience being the great tourist. the beauty of the place.
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but georgian wine exports may be next on russia's banned list russian officials talk of tightening controls on georgian food and beverages russia is a major market it's very difficult to quantify the impact of the tourism ban or even the ban on flights and potentially the ban on wine and vegetables and fruits it's going to be difficult to quantify in terms of g.d.p. impact but what i think we can't quantify is the number of people who are going to be affected the number of people is going to be tremendously high it's going to be at least a half the population. right back but that's because more than half of georgia's population works in tourism and agriculture. russian rubles they force george it's a finds new markets but until then the country could be in for
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a rough ride robin 1st you walk i'll just 0 good dowry. alarming signs of global warming are appearing all over the world including in alaska the northernmost u.s. states a sweltering in an unprecedented heat wave that's happened is that the fastest rate for centuries and the calico puts it. in a state known as the last frontier there's no easy way to reach a glacier on foot for climate research of brian brettschneider though it's become an increasingly important part of his work below as the stunning site of the portage glacier a vast structure of ice and rock puts been here for tens of thousands of years in recent decades this another glaciers in the region a melting at an alarming rate we're used to thinking about things changing over time spans that are longer than human lifetimes but when you come back here year after year and you notice with your own eyes not with any kind of fancy equipment
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but you notice how much it's changing it's really dramatic and it really causes you to think about you know where we're at and where we're going and what we can do about it all kind of a limited show the rate of change a transformation researchers say is driven by rising global temperatures one startling example of just how far and how fast this glacier is going to perhaps this building it was constructed in 1986 for one reason alone and that was to give tourists a direct view of the face of the glacier but if you look out here now all you see is water and to get to the glacier it's a half hour long boat trip. the tom again cruise ship has been taking tory's out to the glacier for decades and deckhand david mazak joined the crew in 19971 tells us back then the portage glacier was very different. giant buyers of oyster shell. up like bankers. they went up over 130 feet into the air. on the fly
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to declare you sure you had a huge bottle west of ice like big walls of ice sure they would come crashing down . like the many of the tourists that take the cruiser away glaciers are disappearing for those who have traveled far to see one of alaska's most iconic sites there's a sense that this might be their last chance it can treat me kindly nature. with kind of can find the best we can carry children and if it is wasting away like this then they will have anything to think only years. yeah you showed us a picture a while ago i think it was 114 and the lake was just like writing there and i look up it is it looks like it's like 100 times bigger so. some. researchers say the effects of global climate change can be reversed getting glaciers the chance to slowly recover but time is running out and the gallacher al-jazeera botticelli alaska. in sports new siberia say has won the women's world cup for
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a record 4th time defending their title against the netherlands back in rypien open the scoring with a 2nd half penalty see her top the goal scoring sheets for the gold and base awards and rolls of our school with the winning goal to make the usa the most successful team in the tournaments history well it's a muslim is a cut above the competition through its intimate started with a $130.00 defeat against thailand's but it's also in the middle of searing its own soccer federation for gender discrimination players won't same pay as the u.s. men's team. without a syria these are the headlines the international criminal court sans convicted former congolese warlord bosco target and of crimes against humanity and war crimes the convictions include murder rape and sexual slavery for his role in an ethnic
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conflict in the to region of the democratic republic of congo 20022003 malcolm what has more on the gunners there has been involved with groups ever since he was 17 years old which according to the un means he was a child soldier himself when he joined in the early 1990 s. at the rwandan patriotic front which later came to power in in rwanda and he's been involved in a commander in several rebel groups that have operated in eastern congo since then but the international criminal court's jurisdiction only began in 2001 and it's specifically this conflict in a very in 2002 in 2003 that you've been charged in are found guilty the prime minister of greece is due to be sworn in korea smith's attackers as failing to abide by his campaign pledges to cut taxes attract investment and create jobs the leader of the conservative need to mock crissy party comfortably one
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sunday snap election victory and 4 and a half years in power for alexis tsipras and his series a coalition of the vatican left amnesty international is urging the un to investigate the so-called war on drugs in the philippines describing it as murderous the rights group says extra judicial killings are still going on 3 years after prison president rigol deterred say came into office and launched his crackdown. the only functioning airport in libya's capital has reopened following a series of missile strikes on sunday but seek airports has been repeatedly targeted by forces loyal to world who if i have to are in history month campaign to capture tripoli and the usa has won the women's world cup for a record 4th time defending their title against the netherlands mega repeat no a score at the open the scoring rather the 2nd half penalty and was the vote score
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the winning goal to make the usa the most successful team in the tournaments history allows for updates is continues on al-jazeera after witness. on counting the cost $3.00 decades after the collapse of the soviet union russia is engaging with africa to raise its political clout and we look at the economics behind said his decision to buy the s. 400 and f. $35.00 stealth bomb counting the cost and i just.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. this is al-jazeera. coming up in the next 60 minutes. of
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war what is fun guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. a conservative comeback in greece the new prime minister about to be sworn in. is vowing reform and. amnesty international wants the u.n. to investigate the philippine president's war on drugs citing widespread human rights abuses including. for brazil one the 49th time hauspie peru 3 wanting to clinch the title. a congolese warlord who led a campaign of terror in a corner of his country has been found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity bosco ntaganda directed mass rape sexual slavery of children the recruitment of child soldiers and a mass murder during a conflict 16 years ago the panel of judges delivered
6:50 pm
a verdict of guilty on all 18 counts he faced in connection with the killing of thousands of civilians in the it turi region of the democratic republic of congo will be sentenced at a later date. nicknamed the terminator not on gandhi was 1st indicted in 2006 for allegedly recruiting child soldiers at the time he was a leader of a rwandan backed rebel group then his troops were integrated into the congolese army in 2009 and he was made a general the deal collapsed when he was an uprising in 2012 and then formed the m 23 rebel group but after losing a power struggle turned himself over to the u.s. embassy in the rwandan capital in 2013 welcome web joins us live from nairobi your reading of this verdict. when he was found guilty according to the judge he read out the sentencing so the read out the
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verdict found guilty of all 18 of those counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity which included conscripting child soldiers murder attempted murder sexual in slave and force of the the spacing civilian populations. but then did the judgment itself include very detailed lists of killings or events that happened villages and towns that the prosecutors had said had been attacked by militia on them to ganders command and to get in there had denied many of the season previously and he's got 30 days now to launch an appeal if he wants to. but members of his political party or rather the political party to which the militia that he commanded that political party the u.p.c. in the democratic republic of congo they've refuted his responsibility and many other people in the east of the democratic republic of congo who were affected by these conflicts or have a victims of some of the atrocities committed by an armed groups that he's been
6:52 pm
connected to will see this is there is a little with a justice in a context where accountability for the many atrocities that happened there is actually a fairly rare thing on the issue of accountability malcolm this happened when he was deputy chief of staff so the people that he was on soaring to what's happened to them. that's a very good question and one that many rights activists and people who monitor these international justice in this region. have been asking because many of these conflicts in eastern congo the rebel groups on the ground are often in fact proxies for much more powerful people politicians in kinshasa also in other neighboring countries and in particular one and uganda which are very close both close to it to a region where this province in this province where this conflict was fought and both the government of rwanda and uganda have been accused of supporting arming
6:53 pm
rebel groups there different times than one campaigner who i spoke to this short while ago said it seems once again it's a question of the international criminal court managing to hold somebody to account but somebody who is very much in the middle of the power structure in terms of these conflicts that happened in the 2nd half of the ninety's and the early 2000 in which millions of people in eastern congo were killed and the government of the people many of the people in the government that were in power then still in power now throughout that region so she was saying that it's not the biggest fish it's all involved in this conflict that has been held to account for the court behavior i see you see clearly for them and for the people who listen to the case this was particularly significant because what he did the scale of it was big and it had a particularly vicious systematic dynamic as well.
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that conflict around that time in 3 districts 2002 to 2003 had become a very brutal interesting conflict between militias connected to their. to their hammer and to the lendu ethnic groups although as i said a minute ago is also in some ways a proxy war between neighboring rwanda and neighboring uganda. sides are accused of massacring hundreds of civilians and going into villages killing everybody of of of the group the group in which they were we have a conflict really quite ruthless way of fighting and the judge said in the ruling just a short while ago this was quite deliberate and he said that the gun was found guilty of ordering quite deliberately ordering some of these terrible crimes to be committed certainly not the only place where the only time in eastern congo where we've seen that kind of brutal violence is targeting civilians and we've spent quite a bit of time there over the years and it's very normal among these rebel groups to
6:55 pm
live by the sword die by the sword expedition killings targeting of civilians tragically become a very normal thing for armed groups in the way that they operate there definitely was there was a very heinous level of violence that once again that was accused of and now found guilty of by the international criminal court there are other allegations longstanding allegations surrounding alleged similar incidents in the province of north did that province north keevil sigur in this particular case or is that still the yet to be dealt with. no yeah i didn't figure in this particular case and to get into itself has been involved with the armed groups ever since he was about 17 years old in their around their early 1990 s. and 1st joined the one to patriotic front for everyone they were brought to go to.
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the government still the regime still in power then now the jurisdiction of the international criminal court began in 2001 and it's atrocities only of atrocities that he allegedly committed in 20022003 that prosecutors brought charges but as you say when he was involved in rwanda back rebel group called the c n d p 2008 men under his command massacred about 150 civilians in the village of. but that wasn't part of this trial it was specifically crimes that the prosecutor said were committed to the end 2002 the beginning of 2003 which he was tried and now found guilty malcolm thanks very much. it's well the international criminal court was founded in 2002 saying there seemed to bring to justice perpetrators of major crimes such as genocide war crimes and crimes against humanity however it's been accused of political and regional bias most of the 27 cases opened by the i.c.c.
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were connected to crimes in africa the court has 122 members but it does not include the united states russia and china they don't accept its jurisdiction the u.s. has imposed travel bans on i.c.c. officials over attempts to prosecute americans for alleged war crimes committed in afghanistan. plenty more still to come for you here on the news hour including calls for police reform is right after the shooting of a young black man by an off duty officer. russian tourists are coming for exactly this kind of experience. but this turbulence on the horizon for georgia as flights between the 2 countries are grounded. and in the sport we'll have reaction from from as the united states celebrates on historic title when the women.
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police officially has a new leader with the head of the new democracy party sworn in as prime minister just moments ago in athens his kid cos mr tucker is promising to cut taxation attract investment and to create new jobs the leader of the conservative new democracy party won sunday's snap election the victory ends 4 and a half years in power for alexis tsipras and his sort of coalition of the radical left as it was john psaropoulos joins us live now from athens so john the newmans just been sworn in just as we are here with the news out his victory not exactly a complete surprise. just well it was expected but what we didn't know was whether he would win outright and the fact that he's done so gives him a free hand to do all the things you've been saying and this government plans to move very fast by tomorrow the cabinet is expected to consult on in the 1st half of
6:59 pm
wednesday there will be legislation later on this month normally the parliament enters a sort of estimation it during the summer that will not happen again get into your plans to table some of those measures immediately and here is alleging behind me you know you're going to take over the prime minister's office now we have been covering at length. what happened in the house of the election. shapes up on sunday here's our account of how that victory. the leader of the new democracy party got what he asked for not just a majority but an outright one that allows the conservatives to rule on their own for the 1st time in 50 years. we took ickes says it will allow him to implement an ambitious reform program unhindered by coalition partners at least in ascii close but this wasn't just an expression of the will to close a painful chapter for our country it was much more than back to the fate of the people in their strength is the desire to take our fates into our own hands and use
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to prove that we can do great things in our own country. the pressure is now on me to thank you's to deliver on his promise to bring growth to the greek economy and help create 700000 jobs in his 1st term he's planning to do it partly through tax cuts but greece can only afford them if international bailout creditors agree to cut repayments it's a goal that eluded previous governments since the beginning of government austerity measures imposed in 2010 when greece faced bankruptcy because of its massive debts the victory of me to thank yous and 4 and a half years of rule by cities a prime minister alexis to put us raised the coalition of the radical left from obscurity to seize power from the new democracy party in the last election in 2015 promised he would be the vanguard of a left wing revolution across europe to defeat the austerity policies imposed on greece that caused recession and on and.


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