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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 27  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2019 7:32pm-8:02pm +03

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driven by rising global temperatures one startling example of just how far and how fast this glacier is gone is perhaps this building it was constructed in 1986 for one reason alone and that was to give tourists a direct view of the face of the glacier but if you look out here now all you see is water and to get to the glacier it's a half hour long boat trip. the tom cruise ship has been taking tory's out to the glacier for decades and deckhand david mazak joined the crew in 19971 tells us back then the portage glacier was very different. trying to buyers avoid shot up like bunkers and they went up over 130 feet into the air. and on the fly into the glacier you had huge bottle was. like big balls of oyster they would come crashing down. like. many of the tourists that take the cruiser away a glacier is a disappearing for those who have traveled far to see one of alaska's most iconic
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sites there's a sense that this might be their last chance it can bring me frankly me. with kind of have to find the best we can carry children and if it is wasting away like this and they won't have anything to actually hear. you showed us a picture a while ago i think it was 114 and the lake was just like right here and now look how big it is it looks like it's like 100 times bigger so. some. researchers say the effects of global climate change can be reversed getting glaciers the chance to slowly recover but time is running out and the gallacher al-jazeera footage valley alaska. georgia's tourism industry is facing a difficult summer with a russian ban on airline flights russian state media says the russian president vladimir putin made the decision because of anti russian demonstrations in the capital tbilisi al-jazeera was robin for a stay walker reports now from the georgian mountain resort of good diary. russians
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will no longer be able to fly direct to georgia from july the 8th. that could take the wind out of the sails of georgia's tourism industry. who guides like a trying to stay upbeat fiercely near or over stuff that are singing if the number of russian tourists go down there are a lot of other visitors from other countries so we're going to just adopt. the flight ban is moscow's response to and russian demonstrations in the capital tbilisi protesters were infuriated by georgia's parliament inviting russian politicians to visit demonstrators accuse their governments of collaborating with the enemy russian troops continue to occupy 20 percent of georgian territory it's breakaway region yes and south ossetia. now we are sharing with our georgia
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man this place called the arch of modern make up out of friendship between georgia and russia so in reality colonialism communism and conflicts have all too often defined relations between the 2 countries though georgia has a special place in the hearts of many russians most people because we love georgia with so happy to be here. nearly one and a half 1000000 russians who are ists came to georgia last year that's around 20 percent of the total number of visits has georgia's national bank estimates that few russian tourists could cost the economy as much as 300000000 dollars this year and there may be worse to come russian tourists are coming for exactly this kind of experience. during. the beauty of the place. but georgian wine exports may be next on russia's banned list russian officials
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talk of tightening controls on georgian food and beverages russia is a major market it's very difficult to quantify the impact of the tourism ban or even the ban on flights and potentially the ban on wine and vegetables and fruits have going to be difficult to quantify in terms of g.d.p. impact but what i think we can't quantify is the number of people are going to be affected the number of people is going to be tremendously high it's going to be at least a half the population. right back but that's because more than half of georgia's population works in tourism and agriculture. russian rubles. the country could be in.
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one of the biggest stock.
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the sport is far greater thank you so much house brazil have won the cup america they beat peru in the final the game was full of drama including a red card for one of brazil's biggest stars so how malik has the action. a nice copa america time loom for brazil in rio de janeiro but beating crew is never going
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to be easy brazil did get off to a great start the grammy afford everton put them ahead just 15 minutes in was. there was to be a twist just before half time the video assisted referee confirming a handball inside brazil's box. through relied on paolo guerrero to hold his nerve and get the level and he did just that was their joy it was to be short lived though gabrielle hay zeus reestablished brazil's one goal advantage in 1st top stoppage time was. but his night was to end the manchester city forward was dismissed on 70 minutes for the referee deemed to be a 2nd book a ball of fence. hey zeus was clearly not impressed. through now playing against 10 men try to capitalize the old but any hopes of a comeback were killed off by the video system referee he confirmed the found in the proof box and awarded brazil a penalty it was up to
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a charlatan to deliver the coup de gras and he made no mistake. this penalty sealing a 31 win and once again confirming brazil's place at the summit of south american football. so helmet. al-jazeera. the usa are celebrating women the women winning the women's football world cup for a 2nd time in a row on sunday they beat the netherlands to nail in the final in the all the usa are now 4 time champions with this being just the 8th edition of the tournaments our reporter paul restrains us now live from leo and paul the morning after there what the reaction been and has the turn mint been a success well far as throughout this tournament the women's world cup has been getting lots of play in the french press front page of keep this morning great again showing alex morgan and megan rapinoe
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not just referring to the u.s. being great again by winning a 4th world cup title but a play on words of donald trump's campaign slogan make america great again referring to rypien nose running with him over it refusing to visit the white house in terms of the tournament it's been a massive success undeniably fee for releasing figures of a $1000000000.00 viewers throughout the world breaking records in every country fuel to the u.s. is campaign to get equal pay with their men's team it's cost free for to double the prize money for the next women's world cup says that's not enough we'll see if the figure gets any higher over the next 4 years ok paul reese for importing live for us from leon thanks for now algeria have cruised through to the quarter finals of the africa cup of nations they were 3 male winners over again me in cairo riyadh marez amongst the scores as algeria aim to win the title for the 1st time since
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1990. we played a very solid match against a good team that it was not easy we have scored 3 goals i think it was a very good evening for us and we are very happy. in their 1st ever appearance at the tournament madagascar into the quarter finals they won their last 16 tie with the democratic republic of congo on penalties after the game ended 22 following extra time it was crazy like even where do some was crying some was laughing was like i. was crazy you know i'm not one of the wards because we do what we are living but yeah. kenya is hosting this year's 4th round of the african rally championship depending on how it goes will also determine whether the country will rejoin of the world rally championship next year catherine so i reports from the coral and kenya's rift valley.
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when president who king out of flood off the sea a safari rally in the copy told it was not just about the competitors at the race. this event to determine whether kenya will return to the championship next year it was removed from the international serious nearly 20 years ago because of logistical financial technical and safety reasons rally drivers say being back on the international stage is hugely significant well i think it exposes us a lot more you know that the t.v. coverage for w.r.c. is huge so hopefully tourism industry all aspects of the country and of the continent and i think it'll just put us back in the limelight because there's so many people that follow motor sports around the world. kenya was really down for its tough raising and challenging terrain but the competition and opened roads
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proved too dangerous sporting officials say the safety standards are now in compliance with international regulations but they're both. in place if you know all following all the new regulations of a. completely compliant. those who grew up watching the wall series of the safire rally in kenya are excited that it could come back in 2020 w.r.c. observers are mourning turning how safe the routine is how organized and how committed the organizers and the government all the fans here say they just want a good today. and they got its high speed adrenalin pumping action on the dusty gently. which provided for spectacular viewing. muckraking mathy had a decent finish he's
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a young as competitor he says racing internationally will be a big boost for many african drivers and also gives us. an opportunity to showcase our skills because at this moment in time we have our other championship which doesn't incorporate the african continent. good drivers in africa they don't have an opportunity to actually focus what they're able to do. kenya sporting officials are confident they've done everything right to ensure the country once again hosts the world safari rally and that it will leave up to its past reputation as a destination of one of the most thrilling international rally series a decision will be made in october catherine sorry al-jazeera kenya. ok and that is all your support for now much more coming up later but for now it's back to you peter for thanks so much we'll see you later i'm sure on the other side of the break how is here she'll have an update live updates on 2 main top stories
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verdict being handed down today of the i.c.c. the international criminal court in the hague plus there's a new prime minister in greece mr mintz attack just how long will this honeymoon period actually last and can he deliver on his tax cuts a deal with al-jazeera. driven
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by outrage and spanning generations the rohinton demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was palpable if you don't like was so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 2030 or if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minorities in the world. mexico's most loved so
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exposes the reality of more than life through fiction. soap box reveals the drama behind the camera this week the producers focus on the difficulties facing indigenous women and the power superstition still holds over a large section of society oh good look up the 2 worlds episode 3 of soapbox mexico on al-jazeera. he directed a massacre in a village a mass rape fire a former congolese warlord a spent guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. and how well he did in this is al jazeera life from doha also coming up
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a conservative comeback in greece the new prime minister is sworn in the promises of reform and jobs. amnesty international wants the u.n. to investigate the philippine president's war on drugs citing widespread human rights and. uses including murder. and calls for justice in israel after the shooting of a young black man ryan off g.t. police officer in. palo a congolese warlord who led a campaign of terror in a corner of his country has been found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity tighter and directed mass rape sexual slavery of children the recruitments of child soldiers and mass murder in the conflict 16 years ago the panel of judges
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delivered a guilty verdict on all 18 can't see faced in connection with the killing of pheasants of civilians in the 3 region of the democratic republic of congo will be sentenced at a later date well nick named the terminator gonzo was 1st indicted in 2006 for allegedly recruiting child soldiers at the time he was a leader of a ones and backed rebel group then his troops were instigated into the congolese army in 2009 and the 2nd was made a general well the deal collapse when he led an uprising in 2012 and forms the m $23.00 rebel group months after losing the paris struggle to gondor turned himself over to the us embassy in ones capital in $2813.00 markham webb joins us now live from nairobi markham's quite the charge sheet that he was facing he tell us more about it's the the charges against the gander.
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those 18 charges the council of war crimes crimes against humanity really great conscripting child soldiers murder attempted murder forcibly displacing civilian populations among others and the judge read out these charge. one by one many of them quite detailed cases of a specific murder or specific village that the prosecutors had said to get in there and attacked his soldiers to attack on certain dates in 20022003 nights when there was a conflict going on in congo turi provence had become a very brutal conflict between militia connected to 2 ethnic groups but it's also quite widely seen as a proxy war between the governments of congo rwanda and uganda. and malcolm just how well not guilty verdicts be received in the democratic republic of congo. there are still some
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people who support to gun the political party that his militia was connected to the p.c. some of their members told us that they believe that these charges the evidence rather was fabricated in the i.c.c. quite simply have the wrong people but many others who've been affected by the trustees of connected to the rebel groups that once again there was a commander in which isn't only the u.p.c. but also later the c.n.d. piero on the back rebel group the m 23 also backed by everyone there in subsequent conflicts the people who were affected by those conflicts and they will see this as a little bit of justice but many rights groups are saying well it's good to have some justice in a context where often people responsible for atrocities are not held to account at all on the other hand. many many of these rights groups are saying that once again
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the i.c.c. has managed to get someone at the middle level of the power structure and the governments in congo in neighboring countries who are actually behind these conflicts and behind these rebel groups still there are people in those governments who are in power time still in power now and actually not held to account and it's interesting that just within the last few weeks people are still being displaced in the story province by fighting to have his behind that now definitely hasn't been shaken by this ongoing trial and now this verdict the international criminal court came outcome have to leave it there but thank you very much indeed to mark where joining us from nairobi. well let's look at the some more detail the answer national criminal courts was finds its in 2002 as seem to bring justice to her various perpetrators rather of major crimes such as genocide war crimes ants crimes against humanity however it's been accused of political and regional bias
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most of the 27 cases opened by the i.c.c. were connected to africa the code says 122 members but the united states russia and china don't accept its jurisdiction the us has imposed travel bans on the ice on i.c.c. officials over attempts to prosecute americans for alleged war crimes committed in afghanistan. that greece officially has a new leader the heads of the new democracy party sworn in as prime minister earlier in athens. it's attack us is promising to cut taxes tracks investment plans create jobs the leader of the conservative new democracy party once on these election experience 4 and a half years in paris from nexus to press and his series a coalition of the radical left while john psaropoulos is live for us tonight from the greek capital athens john the new man is being sworn in and see would you say
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his victory was a surprise after the campaign. the extent of the victories surprised many people close to 40 percent of the vote giving him an outright majority in parliament of $158.00 seats out of $300.00 in the greek legislature that's a comfortable ruling majority. of the greek voters on sunday night for giving him that comfortable margin and he plans to move 1st there's going to be a swearing in of the cabinet ministers tomorrow tuesday and the 1st cabinet meeting on wednesday early next week we expect him to thank yous to announce the program of how he will govern and by midweek the 1st plenary session of parliament which will not go into as division this july and august it will be a full time research and throughout the summer because this administration plans to legislate from the get go and to move as quickly as possible that is a fulfillment of an electoral promise and he has been to thank you says shown
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throughout the campaign that he can still provide political surprises to friends and foes alike we followed the election yesterday when the the outcome of the 1st exit polls and then the vote count as it gradually emerged showed that he had. after winning 33 percent. the popular vote in european parliament election 6 weeks ago leapt forward by another 7 points to take this outright majority here's what we reported on sunday. the leader of the new democracy party got what he asked for not just a majority but an outright one that allows the conservatives to rule on their own for the 1st time in 15 years the others who took ickes says it will allow him to implement an ambitious reform program unhindered by coalition partners at least in ascii close but this wasn't just an expression of the will to close
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a painful chapter for our country it was much more than back to the fate of the people in their strength is the desire to take our fates into our own hands and use to prove that we can do great things in our own country. the pressure is now on me to thank you's to deliver on his promise to bring growth to the greek economy and help create 700000 jobs in his 1st term he's planning to do it partly through tax cuts but greece can only afford them if international bailout creditors agree to cut repayments it's a goal that eluded previous governments since the beginning of government austerity measures imposed in 2010 when greece faced bankruptcy because of its massive debts the victory of me to thank yous and 4 and a half years of rule by cities a prime minister alexis to put us raised the coalition of the radical left from obscurity to seize power from the new democracy party in the last election in 2015 but as promised he would be the vanguard of
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a left wing revolution across europe to defeat the austerity policies imposed on greece that caused recession and unemployment. ultimately capitulated to those policies in order to keep greece in the eurozone despite cities are raising the minimum wage cutting sales tax and offering more benefits to pensioners this year it seems to have been too little too late but it. looks like i will receive mr mr tarkus into the palace so to head over to him the office of prime minister as he's done in the democratic stage. i would like to from the bottom of my heart thank all the members and friends of our party who gave a good fight viable conditions. in order to double its growth rate of growth much faster greece will need huge levels of foreign investment in the coming years and that will be perhaps the biggest challenge on the economic front and that needs a lot of structural reform which sometimes takes time there's more at stake here
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than the economy for the past decade greeks have watched their politicians being dictated to by their creditors the international monetary fund and the euro because those politicians didn't want to assume ownership of unpopular reforms. like his predecessor it's a thank you says he wants to restore greek sovereignty and dignity but unlike when he wants to do it in collaboration with european union partners. well the on the left a series has been sent from office but the election seat a crushing defeat for the far right golden dawn what's behind all this. golden dawn was an outgrowth of the vote of flights that took place in 2012 from the 2 major parties the socialists and the conservatives that have alternated in power for the last 40 years in may of 2012 golden dawn entered parliament with about 7 percent of the vote weakening the conservative new democracy but in that
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election also took 16 percent of the popular vote having come up from 4 percent a few years earlier and they took those voters from the socialist but so there was a process there was an explosion of those as from the political center outwards and that that holds throughout the years of austerity now we're seeing a return of voters towards the mainstream not for the socialists who seem to have lost their constituency for good series which has set itself very convincingly as a powerful opposition to me so thank you for the next year. yes but in the case of new democracy yes there does seem to be a migration back from those from the far right parties and there have been a number of splinter parties not just golden dawn that we've seen enter parliament the independent greeks that was in coalition with the series was another of those parties that broke off new democracy and took away from their voters now is seeing new democracy consolidate itself again and. it could be
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a return to normal politics but then again it all depends on how well the economy stabilizes how sustainably it goes and how fast it grows over the next few years because that's what's going to convince voters here about whether they can trust mainstream parties again to do their bidding not the bidding of international creditors and bankers ok john psaropoulos live. thank you very much. still to come on al-jazeera tears for the innocent dance the rising number of children killed in syria. and we run alaska and there are signs of trouble with the state's most iconic sites. how she tried weather across to pass the process.


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