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al jazeera. hello there i'm barbara sarah this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thanks for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes president trump steps up his twitter tirade against the u.k. branding its prime minister foolish and her washington ambassador wacky and pompous european powers urge iran to return to full compliance with the nuclear deal and
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call for an urgent meeting of the parties to the agreement plus the bill is stet hong kong's leader kerry says she's killed the extradition bill that sparked mass protests but fails to convince her critics and why flying out of france is about to get a little bit more expensive. in sports arena williams's through to her 12th wimbledon semifinal williams beating out of risk in 3 sets to start on course for a 24 grand slam tart. u.s. president on trump has ramped up his diplomatic row with the u.k. in his latest tweets he called british prime minister to resume a foolish and branded her ambassador in washington wacky and pompous this comes 2 days after the publication of leaked diplomatic cables which criticized the white
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house the british foreign secretary jeremy hunt has hit back calling trump's comments disrespectful and wrong get more now from alan fischer in washington d.c. alan it's quite extraordinary especially considering how close a relationship the u.k. and the u.s. have historically enjoyed so what is the actual status right now when it comes to the u.k. ambassador in washington. well this is not having real world implications there was a meeting due to be held it been planned for a very long time between the commerce secretary and liam fox is a senior member of the british government i was due to take place the last couple of hours here in washington but the commerce department suddenly cancelled it because of the row over the ambassador know what kim data did is what ambassador is are meant to do they're meant to deliver very frank assessments of the political diplomatic cultural social and economic situation in the countries where they
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represent the government and that's exactly what he did and there are bound to be other diplomats who have done exactly the same the problem here is that those cables were leaked know back in the u.k. there's an investigation an inquiry underway to try and find out who leaked cables and why but here in the united states donald trump simply didn't want to hear what kim data thought about him or his administration. president friends it was a high profile dinner for qatar's amir she brought together political and business leaders as well as washington's top diplomats push missing the uki. disinvited by the white house after the publication of leaked memos sharply critical of president donald trump conduct a career diplomat has been the u.k.'s man in washington says 2016 part of his job is to file reports back to london it's been revealed he describes the trump white house as uniquely dysfunctional clumsy and inept he described u.s.
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policy on iran as incoherent chaotic and his summary we don't really believe this administration is going to become substantially more normal less dysfunctional less unpredictable i worked for the state department for many years and we were always encouraged to be direct and frank with our superiors here in washington about our interactions with the host government officials with no doubt so technically he did not do anything wrong but politically it probably would have been wise to be extremely cautious donald trump has said he will no longer deal with the ambassador and in a series of tweets on tuesday said the wacky ambassador that the u.k. forced it upon the united states is not someone we are thrilled with a very stupid guy i don't know the ambassador but have been told he is a pompous fool came down and could have expected to move on from his position in the near future and it's unlikely he's the only foreign diplomat sending back stock
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assessments of the u.s. administration but if a new u.k. prime minister was to decide he had to go because of donald trump's anger there's a what that would create a dangerous precedent of foreign leaders being able to veto countries ambassadors there's a lot of history here there's a lot of shared interests and values. this this is a relationship that can withstand you know an awkward period of time. over these cables. just last month donald trump enjoyed a state visit to the uki and talked of the historic and deep links between the 2 countries this diplomatic spat has undoubtedly damaged those links alan fischer dizzy to washington. well for more on this story let's speak to star ivor roberts he's a former british ambassador to yugoslavia arland and italy and he's editor of the diplomatic handbook south wales diplomatic practice he joins us now via skype from
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oxford survivor thank you so much for joining us here on out now many years ago you were involved perhaps in a similar spat where you ended up being quoted as saying that president george bush was his best recruiting sergeant just tell us a little bit more about that and the differences between what happened to you and what we're seeing happen right now. well my comments about george w. bush were meant to be an entirely accurate portrayal of of who. the al-qaeda would most like to see in the white house and i thought that faced with the choice of john kerry or george w. bush they preferred to see george w. bush who would be more like teacher prosecutes the war on terror but i made the mistake of making my comments conference with that was a strict rule but you could quote people ready but you couldn't attribute it and
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someone of that content broke that comment but broke that confidence and began headline news with them fairly comfortable results from a difference with him and eric is that what you said was absolutely true that salute the it remain confidential because it was sent on diplomatic channels from but then simply through a very restricted number of people in london and that should have been no way that rang because that would have been repeated or reported and not just repeated and reported but picked up by the us president himself and we've seen that tirade of tweets said that inspired that study with the u.k. reaction 1st of all what have you made all of the way that both leading politicians here and of course the contenders the 2 men that might become a one of them will become the next prime minister their reaction to all of this. i
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think it has to be seen in the context hesitate to use the words of bricks it i think whoever leaked it maliciously and mischievously to it it to undermine kim derek who they regarded probably as an arch. euro file he was ambassador to the european union for several years and they probably thought that having him in washington was not conducive to the store swashbuckling relationship between the u.s. that they hope to study. and i think the reactions of the. jeremy hunt. be supportive but the ambassador. and it's just that's the worst thing because respectable to the u.k. politically mrs may's handling of that negotiation. boris johnson has boasted
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of. close links to the white house and has made no comment that i've seen which could be read out at the expense of the ambassador i think it's worth saying that if we could. intercept the war but the telegrams from the american ambassador in london reporting on the space of british politics they would make pretty unpleasant reading or on senior politicians and prime minister but these things shouldn't be revealed otherwise you have a many frank assessment so i think you know the fault is with the leak not with what the frank assessment of the best has come up with which is what he's paid to do and what do you think that we can read now into the position of kim that is it tenable for him to remain as the british ambassador to the us and if it doesn't
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then do we create a situation where actually the u.k. is allowing a foreign power no matter what the circumstances are no matter what their relationship is to effectively dictate who they send their don't send the to to be their top diplomat. well it certainly makes his life a great deal more difficult if he is banned from interacting with the leading members of the administrations and alternately that could prevent him from doing his job properly. which is fairly in from tyler reaction because as i said. the american ambassador in london is probably making a quickly just. uncomfortable and disrespectful comments about the ready british administration over its mishandling of it over the last few months so that it is but complete misunderstanding what the ambassador was there for ready and so very briefly forgive me for interrupting you but if you were still an
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ambassador now what all of this change the way that you could munich 8 with the foreign office yes yes it would i think it's very sad and it's very bad for the history because the diplomatic record will be lost i would make most of my comments in a confidential call between myself and my capital and i think that could be very damaging for any historian trying to work out what people were thinking or doing in years to come so i have a roberts former british ambassador to yugoslavia arland and italy as her thank you so much for having joined us and shared your expertise and he's with us thank you it's a pleasure. well the diplomatic spat with president trump and bret said both featured in the final t.v. debate between the 2 candidates vying to be britain's next prime minister bias johnson and jeremy hunt are competing to replace terrorism a conservative party leader writes lee has more on the debate which wrapped up just
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over an hour ago. given the seriousness of the situation is genuinely extraordinary that this is the very 1st time these 2 that face questions from the public there have been seen in advance as to what the next prime minister should do to get through the maze of bricks in it and yet again the same false promises that boris johnson arguing that the u.k. would leave with no deal in october and then implement a trade deal with the european union even though one wouldn't exist so the problems of the irish border where they properly belong in the context of the free trade agreement that we will do after we come out on october 31st try to attack john's when this kind of thing he presented himself as the details man despite that not by his opponents being prime minister is about telling people what they need to hear not just what they want to hear and the difference between you and me is you are peddling optimism and i'm saying we can make a tremendous optimistic why don't you we thank the diplomatic war that's
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broken out between the u.s. and u.k. came up of course once again demonstrating that gap huntin sisted he would stand up to trump and support his ambassador in washington sometimes things that you have to say to your friends that you rather not say like i said to president trump today because i think its comments about treason may well acceptable and i don't think you should have made them. while johnson refused to promise to defend the ambassador and refused to say that he would keep him posts well i'm not going to be so presumptuous as to thank you i got a good position the program was called britain's next prime minister much of it was excruciating to watch. yes or yes i will i will get. you know is the question allow him to respond boris you haven't answered any. question about what it was you know both are to raise their hand if they believe the u.k. will leave the european union at the end of october well that's the spirit germany
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. of course the one thing that both johnson and hunt both have in common is an insistence that through sheer force of will they can balance the european union into coming up with a new deal before the end of october when those people in brussels understand that they mean business they will surely capitulates of course those people in brussels watch the television to a know perfectly well that that is the threat they now face and nothing has changed and both the kind of the snow as well even though they won't admit it that there is no time whatsoever to come up with a new deal before the end of october once come across is the more serious candidates but johnson remains favorites find out soon enough if he's telling the truth about his intention to say goodbye to the european union leave without steady don't sleep. well coming up on this hour from london china demands that the u.s. cancel a $2200000000.00 on the sale taiwan italy's hardline interior minister officially
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closes what was once europe's biggest vibrant reception center and this part of polo hits new heights part of an attempt to boost tourism in northern pakistan details. a commander in iran's revolutionary guard has issued a new threat against u.s. bases and aircraft carriers within range of its missiles america several military bases in the gulf including. the u.a.e. and rain the u.s. moved a strike group to the region in recent weeks the commander warned that. rands missiles with the story washington's aircraft carriers if the us make an stink tensions between iran and the us have been escalating for weeks now iran recently began breaching the 2050 nuclear deal which the us withdrew from a year ago
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a french president manuel mccrone stopped diplomatic advisor has flown to tehran for 2 days as part of an urgent effort to deescalate those tensions e.u. countries that signed the nuclear deal live issued a statement calling for an urgent meeting after tehran's decision to increase its uranium enrichment france germany britain and the e.u. expressed deep concern that iran is pursuing activities inconsistent with its commitments under the deal they called on tehran to fully comply with the agreement well general is live for us in the austrian capital v. and us so the europeans have issued this communique explain to us what exactly they're trying to achieve i guess are trying to play the middle ground but what incentives of any of they presenting tehran with. but what essentially as you say this is the response by the europeans to greece the j c p o a britain france and germany v p 3 they're called collectively along with
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the e.u. of course to iran's upscaling of its uranium enrichment process is in excess of the limits set by the deal the europeans as you say calling on iran to come back into the deal urgently if as they say they do they want to remain in the deal and calling on all parties in terms of this joint commission that they want to see set up under the deal how to act responsibly to deescalate tensions now what is europe trying to achieve here where there are 2 things to point out i think the 1st is that this is not a triggering by the e.u. 3 of the formal dispute resolution process is under the j c p o way it's considered that these breaches are not yet sufficient to take that step it could have the effect of escalating tensions it could also have the effect of shutting down what minimal room there is for maneuver at the moment remember the 3 the europeans that want to keep this deal alive they are as you say playing a rather delicate middle ground here on the one hand they're compelled to express
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their concerns but on the other hand they're holding on to some faint glimmer of optimism that they can talk around and find some bridge between washington and tehran faint hope admittedly and to the 2nd point therefore france effectively taking the lead here has dispatched this envoy to tehran for meetings on wednesday the hope seems to be that they can have some success in urging iran to take a backward step although as i say that's a fairly limited hope a french government official reportedly saying that what they're really looking for at the very least are simple gestures of iran's intent to remain within the deal joining you in vienna because actually there's a big meeting on iran taking place there on wednesday what are we expecting to come out of that. well this is if you like the other arm of the international response to iran's latest move a meeting called this time by the united states of the full complement of 35 board
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of governors of the i that's the un body tasked with verifying iran's compliance in terms of the deal the americans of course would love nothing more than for the i.a.e.a. to formally declare iran in full breach of the j c p a the americans in their mission statement calling on the international community to hold iran's regime accountable diplomats low say on what this meeting can but gee when you consider on the 183 aren't ready to trigger this formal process to declare iran in full breach and russia and china the other signatories of course to the deal tend towards the view that iran is here acting in more or less legitimate response to the united states owed an unjustified unilateral withdrawal from the j.c. last year of joining you be reporting on that means moving on wednesday and bring us the latest for the moment john howard well i thank you. china is the man being
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that the united states immediately cancel a potential $2200000000.00 arms sales to taiwan it would be washington's 1st big ticket military sale to the island in decades the move could worsen america's ties with china which considers taiwan to be a breakaway province when he reports now from beijing. taiwan's military is built on equipment from the united states its main supply of announcements from washington of sales are always met by an angry response from china and this was no difference it's a crude interference in china's internal affairs and a harms china's servant and a security interest china is strong least dissatisfied and the thoroughly opposed to this and has already made a stern representations to the u.s. side. china regards taiwan as a breakaway province that it will one day retake that threat is why taipei feels the need to regularly upgrade its weaponry this deal may be viewed by beijing as
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particularly provocative if it's approved by the united states congress at $2200000000.00 it would be the largest since donald trump took over as president taiwan in the u.s. continue to consolidate our security partnership together will guard the democracy and freedom of the taiwan strait and stability in the indo-pacific region the type of equipment included in the deal is likely to further anger china in a bid to modernize its defenses taiwan will buy craft missiles and battle tanks the timing of this deal is also likely to be viewed as provocative by beijing it comes amid a truce in a trade war between china and the united states with negotiations possibly restarting next week the u.s. and china have imposed tariffs on each other's goods over the past year but the 2 presidents agreed to pause hostilities when they met at the g 20 summit in japan last month and also reiterated their close personal friendship which may be put to
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the test again if this latest oms deal goes through. beijing. after weeks of huge rallies and pressure from protesters hong kong's leader says a controversial extradition bill is the dead carry lamb admitted her government's work on the proposed law was a total failure sparking the territory's biggest political crisis in decades but pro-democracy activists aren't convinced that the announcement marks the end of the bill mcbride has more now from hong kong. after more unprecedented protests hong kong's chief executive power lamb appeared to yield. with an admission of failure in mishandling this controversial legislation she promised it is now dead there are still lingering doubts about the government's sincerity. aware is whether the government will restart the process in the legislative council . so i reiterate here there is no such plan the bill
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instead opposition to the bill has resulted in mass protests with some violent clashes between a minority of demonstrators and police pro-democracy groups fear the bill would allow china to extradite political opponents from hong kong to face summary justice in mainland courts a claim the hong kong government rejects but carry lymes concession doesn't go far enough for the protesters to speak we feel safe. to. say he should feel the legislative power is a little bit. was that feeling that we cannot find a way that if those. protesters believe the chief executive is playing with words and that although her government has given up on plans to introduce this legislation there's nothing to stop a future administration from trying again part of what many people here believe is
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a gradual erosion of hong kong special freedoms within china the demonstrators are also demanding a full independent investigation into what they claim has been the excessive use of force by the police and breaking down largely peaceful protests. the government's strategy seems to be weathering this period of unrest hoping public support for the protesters will wane and that it's concessions will have an impact this kind of kate's counter productive it don't handle the crisis is play now has to be when. he has failed to do so. on a.j. the support and all of the. and we'll have all heard for the pro establishment camp the fact the people have taken to the streets in such numbers is evidence that hong kong's freedoms like the freedom of expression are alive and
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well. the bad news for the hong kong government the protesters a promising more rallies of macbride al-jazeera all cost. a funeral has taken place for the youngest known victim of the philippines war on drugs 3 year old was killed in a policing operation last week officers say the girl was used by her father an alleged drugs dealers as a human shield during a shoot out east of manila but the girl's mother has than i did that account and says that she was inside sleeping her death has sparked renewed criticism of the government crackdown which is killed around 6000 people since president through took office in 2016. and here is that assembly went into lockdown earlier after shots were fired during clashes between police and a group of shia protesters demonstrators say police fired at them killing 2 people after they tried to enter the assembly building the islamic movement of nigeria
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a group that represents the country's minority shia muslims has protested regularly outside the parliament there calling for the release of their leader who's been in the tension since 2015. internet services are slowly being restored in sudan after a court ordered that telecoms providers to end a week's long blackout 2 of the main operators have now fully restored access to customers sudan's military council had claimed that the blackout was needed to protect a transition reached with opposition groups following widespread political protests the power sharing arrangement was announced last week sparking celebrations across the country. the united nations is warning that the world is likely to miss a key deadline for ensuring universal education global leaders have agreed that by 2030 all children should be able to complete free quality primary and secondary schooling but
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a new report by the un's education agency unesco says one in 6 children will still not be enrolled in school by then and at the current rate 40 percent of young people will not finish secondary schools. learning rates are expected to stagnate in latin america and middle income countries and dropped by almost a 3rd in french speaking african nations by 2030 the un says funding gaps are holding back progress and drastic measures are needed to change projections show one 5th of young people in nearly one 3rd of all adults not being literate by 2030 well helen clark is a former prime minister of new zealand and now an education advisor for unesco she says investing in schooling must be a priority money's never everything but it does help we need donors to step up and support for the most vulnerable and poor countries and countries themselves need to be dedicating more money to the us that's about a quarter of the u.n.
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member states are not meeting the benchmarks for for investment in education from their budgets and tombs of gross domestic product news going to be a focus also on hold on trying teach isn't plasterers a lot needs to be dumb but i think the real value of this report from eunice because global education monitoring report is wake up call if we carry on as we are now we reach the goals that have been sick for 2030. still to come on this news hour a turnaround the entire chapter signs a deal with the u.s. to buy aircraft from boeing when the occupied west bank looking at how israel's the separation wall is creating ghost towns and lighting thousands of lives 15 years after it was ruled illegal and then sport in india thanks on new zealand in the cricket world cup semifinals but it's the british weather that has the final say.
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hello countries bordering the adriatic in the mediterranean been remarkably stable we recently we get an idea of just in these what top players here they're moving fairly quickly but the generating an awful lot of damage from wind or flash flooding anyway from spain than towards the croatia and serbia and the forecast maintains that so the middle of italy and right across the balkans is towards rumania that green center could well produce some big thunderstorms once again a little bit better of course further west over southern france and spain it's a sunny looking picture for wednesday and this is rather obvious you shape when the area is a little bit disappointing july 19th to 22 likely to be rainy anywhere from poland to western russia and then if i take you into thursday you'll see the big storms
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disappear eastward so they could well affect the black sea this weather's not quite as we need but still disappointing and spain and portugal still sunny but it has carved up in france and all this is happening cause over land partly generated by the strength of the sun but the wind direction so a different effect again through north africa we've seen temperatures in tunisia and sardinia of course crupper to the low forty's it's much colder now in tunis. burford you problem is something which is a geopolitical issue that's for governments international institutions to manage under $1000.00 refugees don't have the right to walk freely on the other hand gord's can will freely as far and as much as they want it's a multinational colonialism this is a v i'm not and over the democratic process these companies they just want the mum
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europe's forbidden colony episode one on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks as more people moved here for opportunity space get flooded. with details coverage with fevola say that they've been without electricity and water for some of those day. from around the world although they did over 30 years ago i get this area remains one of the most heavily following in the world.
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welcome back as a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. president has again attacked the british prime minister and the u.k. ambassador in washington after the publication of leaked diplomatic cables which sharply criticized his white house branded terrorism a foolish call diplomat canberra. and the very. countries that signed the 2015 nuclear deal have called for an urgent meeting of all its signatories to discuss tehran increasing its uranium enrichment and china is the landing of the united states immediately cancel a potential $2200000000.00 arms sales to taiwan it would be washington's 1st big ticket military sale to the island in decades. qatar has signed several economic deals with the u.s. says the 2 countries seek to strengthen their relationship the agreements were announced that the white house with a catheter in me a shake been hollowed out sunny that president trump the meeting marks
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a turnaround in ties between the 2 countries as our diplomatic editor james bays reports now from washington raytheon what a difference 2 years makes in front of the emea of president trumps trade and defense agreements between the 2 countries was signed said to total billions of dollars but the long term allies didn't look so friendly and 2017 just weeks after president trouble made his 1st foreign trip to saudi arabia that country the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain. blockade of. suspicion that some around president trump give the green light the president himself was talking tough stop funding stop teaching hate and stop the killing for kids are we want you back among. the unity of responsible nations today it's all very different like it's
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a great honor to be with the emir of qatar a highly respected man a real leader in a large part of the world in a very important part of the world as you mentioned we enjoy a very great relationship between qatar and the benefit of america we're doing a lot together so what's changed the energy aviation and defense they all signed here at the white house a part of it president sees every relationship between the u.s. and other countries in transactional terms what is the profit and loss on the balance sheet but it's also about the missteps that have been made by the countries that continue to blockade cattle. saudi in the u.a.e. bogged down in a war in yemen and the military operations there continue to cause the death of civilians the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi is believed by many human rights experts including a un special rapporteur to have been a planned execution conducted by the saudi state and the reputation of egypt's
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president sisi continues to be tarnished by his country's repression and human rights abuses the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o is well aware as tensions rise with iran katter has a pivotal role hosting the biggest u.s. airbase in the region doha is also the venue where american diplomats in the taliban are talking no breakthrough yet but it is the diplomatic initiative that's made the most progress towards ending the longest war in u.s. history james bay and washington. palestinians say they're being imprisoned in their own neighborhoods by israel's separation wall the israeli government began building it in 2002. to prevent attacks exactly 15 years ago the international court of justice ruled the war legal but that hasn't stopped israel expanding it. 1st sections around 475 kilometers in and around the occupied west
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bank other segments stretch for 22 kilometers to the north and south of jerusalem since then it's expanded to more than 700 kilometers dividing palestinian communities keeping them from their farmland and separating them from illegal israeli settlement blocks which have expanded thanks to the. more than 620000 israeli settlers now live in the occupied west bank while the wall is had a devastating impact on the west bank town of since 2002 its population is the creased and those who have stayed say their livelihoods have suffered as. reports the town of. has been living in the shadow for 15 years its economy was booming in the 1990 s. when the town doing jerusalem to many cities in the occupied west bank. it looks more like a ghost town now since the israeli government ordered the building of the separation
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wall 2002 the wall has blocked the town's mean limiting access to people and products hundreds of shops have closed their doors and thousands of townspeople have left carpenter metalcore is one of a few who decided to keep his business open but it's very different to when he entered the workshop in the year 2000 and employed. no the only carpenters there are him and his partner. like the town's economy their business has been cut back. this is one of the most vivid areas and were a few meters away from an israeli industrial area this area was bustling with businesses and people going back and forth now we rely on a few customers the contrast between the 2 sides of the wall can be seen vividly here and heard on the israeli side there is the loud noise of construction works on the palestinian side. as palestinians are being pushed out on their side of the
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wall because of land confiscation more israelis are taking advantage of such. in the north of the occupied west bank and is really military order confiscated. building the wall israelis business. palestinian fears have increased since israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu announced plans to annex parts of the west bank if you died had the federal main goal in the israeli agenda is to grab more lands push more people out especially those living in east jerusalem the wall helps israel build more settlements extending existing ones and consolidate them in the palestinian territories around 65 percent of the israeli separation wall is complete their rest is under construction and when it's finished is expected to take up to 10 percent of all land in the occupied west bank many palestinians say the main purpose of israel's policy is to make life so unbearable they have no option but to leave. the occupied west bank.
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xico has the point thousands of security personnel as part of the national guard it's intended to provide extra security and 5 crime in the most violent areas because the force is militarized troops are meant to get special training in human rights and its own homeland reports now. that doesn't appear to be happening. let's close new police force the national guard that looks militarized that's because it is made up mainly of soldiers and marines and commanded by general the government hopes it will. boil and many are worried that in doing that it could trample over civilians rights. much a little those worries were at least calm. when the government made a deal with the united nations that the u.n. would help give human rights training to the new force would be seen as a big moment. this is
12:40 am
a really important act i could say historical in a quote of the q. if it ma'am him with the agreement shows our shared interest in a paradigm shift which puts human rights at the center. public security forces actions. the united nations sources have told outages era that 3 months on from the deal not one member of the national guard has got the training despite they say un efforts to get the program kick started the fire meanwhile the government's already sent thousands of new national guardsman to deal with a particularly vulnerable population central american migrants heading through mexico. we talked to a dozen guards at checkpoints and patrolling the suit the river which marks the border with guatemala all of them said they had been given some internal human rights training but they know they'll need to learn more on the job. they told us
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how to treat the c.b.d. population and we have to respect everyone's human rights but it's a very short time for training where here with our eyes closed and we're just hoping now we'll have to see what happens. in a written statement 120 the mets come for a ministry said the government's been working on how to update the national guard members existing human rights training and on how to implement the un agreements but it's not just the un training that this force is missing the rolling out the national guard has definitely been a bit ad hoc most of those we've seen here don't even have the new uniforms they still wearing that armed forces gear and some of the country's federal police officers who were due to be drafted into the new force instead went on strike against what they worried would be cuts to their salary and benefits. and every corner that's cut is only going to bring more questions about the government's
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great hope to tame miscues security problems john home and al-jazeera tapachula. politicians often show up to officially open buildings but italy's hardline interior minister made sure that he was there to formally close a large migrant center in sicily but their serving me toward the center as it was shut down and speaking to reporters he underlined at the drop in migrant arrivals to the country it was once the biggest reception center in europe it had been due to close for a number of years due to prosecutors uncovering what they said were illegal activities there severely is refusing to allow humanitarian rescue ships into italian ports resulting in thousands of standoffs since italy's populist government took office in june of last year. this was a promise i made not only to the sicilians but the italians the biggest migrant cents in europe a business of dozens and dozens of millions of euro's and it had become as proven
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by the prosecutor's office ascent to base for the nigerian mafia for drug dealing prostitution theft and stolen goods aggression violence rape and homicide in public gunyah i was considered to be crazy when as a minister i promised i would shut it down because it was a center housing more than 4000 people in the past we kept reducing those numbers and today it's 0. the french government is said to introduce an eco tax for all flights taking off from the country's airports the other facts owed will depend on the type of ticket bought varying from $2.00 to $20.00 money raised will be invested in public transport within france or has more now from paris. flying out of france will become more expensive for air passengers from next year the new eco taxes parts the french government's environment policy ended fighting climate change that. france is committed to what europe is putting forward on taxing air
12:44 am
travel there is increasing awareness and things are beginning to move but this is urgent like other countries we have decided to put in place an acre tax on air transport on all flights departing from france the tax will only apply to outgoing flights not to those flying into france or transiting fares will increase by $2.00 for an economy class ticket within the european union business class flights outside the you could cost an extra $20.00 the paris is all the airport the response to the tax was mixed posable depreciation is good in principle i suppose but how can we be sure where the money will go a lot it's really thought went on to take for granted but specific goodness of biofuel it's always the ordinary people that pay and companies should take more responsibility for the state of the promise climate campaigners say that the aviation industry is responsible for nearly 5 percent of global carbon emissions the french government says of the new eco tax always grow $200000000.00
12:45 am
a year money they say that they will spend on less polluting modes of transport such as rail. the eco tax has already proved unpopular with some investors shares in a france fell after the announcement last year french president demand or mark cost scrapped plans for similar eco tax on diesel fuel that sparked months of year levesque protests but some activists well. on the move by france governments historically have seen aviation as a bit of a no go area intensive taxation way or other measures that could help subtle emissions let's hope that at the moment there's that there's a bit more consumer readiness to accept that if we're going to tackle the climate emergency we're going to have to make changes in our lives air passenger numbers are expected to double in the next 2 decades the french government says the situation is urgent and that other evasions should do more to crack down on an
12:46 am
industry which is one of the world's biggest polluters natasha butler al-jazeera paris well joining us live in the studio now is the travel journalist simon calder thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera so what do you think of this eco tax for france especially comparing it for example to a similar attacks here in the u.k. well in the u.k. the tax is far more it's basically almost $20.00 for a short haul flight in economy and that rises to $250.00 for almost any moral right french long haul yes still not clear that that's much of a deterrent and certainly at the levels that you'd be talking about something from $2.00 to $20.00 that's probably not going to have too much of an effect having said that where we've seen before places like the netherlands and ireland actually starting these taxes if there are significant level them because there are as an opportunity to cross the border in the case of metal and to belgium to germany and
12:47 am
in the case of the republic to northern ireland actually those were short lived because the government realize that people were removing this french tax won't have that effect but besides gathering in the full year maybe $200000000.00 which could then be used to boost green transport difficult to see what what's going on here because the u.k. certainly amounts to 3 or $4000000000.00 each. here and so is it only countries like the u.k. and france i mean you mentioned examples of ireland and the netherlands is it only countries that are already big tourism magnets that can even afford to think of something like this well it all depends because there's all sorts of little taxes here and there and if you imagine it a couple of dollars that's not even it's not going to buy you a cup of coffee on a flight so it's probably not enough to put people off and certainly as we were hearing in the turtles report lots of environmentalist say well this is just a tiny tiny move when you need global action of course the airlines say look we're
12:48 am
not we're not making excessive products profits we're employing an awful lot of people they're paying taxes we pay overflying right we're paying all fair share of contributing to to the world exchequer we don't need any more tax and certainly air france which of course is going to be more hit than anybody else says this is going to cross the $80000000000.00 and he $1000000.00 a year we can't afford that when we're losing about 200000000 or our domestic flights which somebody would say so has your domestic flights and climate change is very much at the top of the agenda certainly in most countries in the west when it comes to plastic for example we see consumers changing the way they behave air travel is such a leading cause of pollution if you noticed travelers changing the way they'd be used flights that's a great question at the margins certainly travelling around europe i think the slightly more propensity to use high speed trains where if she exists but time and
12:49 am
again i'm afraid if you're planning a journey across europe it's really easy really affordable to buy a low cost for it it's really difficult to string together maybe half a dozen different trains to get from say paris to athens in greece with some cold air thank you so much for that thank you. now russian president vladimir putin says he does not support imposing sanctions on georgia a day after banning flights between the countries he made the statement in the television address after russia's parliament recommend that the sanctions it's in response to weeks of mass protests in georgia against russian influence in its government putin said it did not want to negatively impact on relations with georgia. as for sanctions i would rather not do it as respect for the georgian people for the sake of the story for russia and georgia or anything that.
12:50 am
i would i. was still ahead in this news hour former world number one moves a step closer to her 1st the wimbledon final perhaps the girls in school. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. and now here is wrong with this point. barbara thank you very much the radio williams says she sought the help of a therapist following her verbal clash with an umpire at last year's us open williams has just made it through to the semi far as that weldon williams beating
12:52 am
fellow american allison risk this time out the 2018 year cycle follow suit he's the last part of being a thief on how whites are surprised if it's against their near soccer field one in 3 said it's time out but has been for a $10000.00 to damaging. during a practice or. hearing just american and then. i got. up and all the damage was done and mean i guess i mean if you could tell me i would appreciate it so. well next up for williams is a match with us to cover at $33.00 the czech play had a career harder with victory out of apartments joanna contest because of a winning this match 7661 to reach her 1st grand slam semifinal. so now that is the highest seed left only women's draw the former world number one and
12:53 am
current 7th seed with a straight sets with or against china's jenks wife. how it will play a little leaner in the last $48.00 seed became the 1st ukrainian woman to lead the semi at wimbledon for the straight sets win of the catalina over. it was a busy day for serena williams is also playing mixed doubles with andy murray the former singles champion murray is on the comeback trial for hips really parent to the last 16 after a straight sets win of a fabulous model and and a battle at the last. all right to cricket in india new zealand will resume their world cup semifinal on wednesday this off the rain and apply early in manchester before the rains came it was new zealand who won the toss and decided to back box it was the indian bowlers who seem to enjoy the conditions once again very captain cain williamson and veteran batsman ross tell you to rescue the innings but is getting 50 east hollywood on base on 67 on the plaza forced off the field with the
12:54 am
kiwis 211 so far the 46.10 this play will now resume weather permitting at 930 g.m.t. on wednesday. garners national football team a suffered another setback the 4th tar african champions have gone out in the last 60 at the cup of nations this at a time when the country's football association is the subject of a corruption investigations how moloch has more. anguish for a guy named football fans they stayed up late enough to follow the action in egypt as ghana faced tunisia in the round of 16. what they got was the elimination in the cruelest possible way the 4 time champions crashing out on penalties. i'm so disappointed i was getting to about what this was last and as you can well you know i've been gonna. have that stuff want to stick it out to us it looked like the black stars might pull through trailing one nil
12:55 am
a late own goal by tunisia sent the game into extra time but when it went to penalties forward caleb ebel can couldn't hold his nerve his misfortune is it take the shoot out 5 for it concluded a campaign that began to. the black star's all time leading scorer last more jan had threatened to pull out of the squad as he was replaced as captain with andre are you. janet eventually agreed to go and was given a largely ceremonial title of general captain to work alongside are you more over their preparations are taken place on a backdrop of chaos than gunny in football last year the country's f.a. was disbanded following a bribery scandal the bodies former president question chief was banned from football for life and a committee installed by fee for has been running gun in football since september the corruption allegations and things just. opened up the problems i'm gonna you know where germany was
12:56 am
a couple of years ago before the and i went to make a whole spanish football was before the end i went to systemic hole and saw it as you forgot where you guys are that moment so this is is because you know a few corruption allegations and system and i'm talking about starting from the grassroots football is problematic such an early exit from the tournament would be difficult for many fans to extent they'll be hoping that things can get back on track soon the qualification for the 2022 world cup in qatar starting later this year so highly malick. partner star has just hosted one of the world's most spectacular sporting events played at an altitude of $3700.00 metres the highest appollo ground on the planet is the venue for the shandor festival our correspondent come out hard to witness the sports and the spectacular scenery near chitral in northern pakistan. if all don't for noise play dog around the word i
12:57 am
don't want to feed their child to the boss he always told the guys did you're funny sometimes all of your arm in the words sometimes from the get go by this don and should try. every year after shortish years in horsemanship atlantic able falls and also known or just give off and keep it off the games industry thank you so much this is also an opportunity for pakistan to showcase if you keep your identity i wish you could find this starting to draw you because the security situation has improved drastically thousands of people have been washed for more discourse and the rueful still working lives of those are not words which are given focused on to send a signal to the outside warning that detroit is sure to come and they should feel secure and safe to finish region. and that is always spoken out about see about in london thank you so much and that is it for this news hour do stay with us still
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going to be back in just a few minutes with more of that they said to help try to get an expert watching by . he lived in brazil's largest favela. one day the police. like thousands of others he disappeared. witness follows a family's epic struggle for justice which became a national cause and sent shock waves through the upper echelons of the political establishment in the shadow of the hill on al-jazeera.
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a. president trying steps up a twitter tirade against the u.k. branding its prime minister foolish and her washington ambassador wacky and pompous . hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera life from that also coming up a u.s. general says washington wants an international military coalition to safeguard strategic waters off iran and yemen plus the bill.


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