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including relating to is jerusalem and this is why the court has specifically said including in his use of them the wall building is illegal and the court has found that the route of the war is meant to in compas this appetite which is meant to annex and steal and then put its hand or no more palestinian land so the colonial attent by is really to grapple a senior land is what has been very obvious before the court yes there has been cases where other walls has been built and there has been cases where others has a grasp on others land and the court has specifically said that no one has the right to do something that is beyond legal domination it's legal to a nation to do such practices and israel is doing exactly that and this is why the court in line with international humanitarian law align with international law and
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in line with international practice and in line with so many other precedents and international know has made that determination crying wolf and saying that israel is the only busy one targeted by this is a game that israel always tries to to play in relation to international israel refuses to implement or respect any court of norm that the civilized nations live by israel is the vote the more violator of more the largest number of international resolutions for a national arms including international human rights law which the court ask is really to the man why does the occupation the not i the palestinian people their rights their human do the basic human rights and that's a question that israel should be asked why does israel moves its own population into occupied territory and tries to grab the lead. ok let me let me.
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i'm sorry to cut you off so we are running short on time well if i could raise that point with you we heard there the suggestion that it's not security which is the reason for this war it's annexation of or keypoint lands how would you respond to that. well there's some very simple statistics on this in the years before the barrier was created roughly in the 4 years beforehand palestinian terrorists murdered roughly a 1000 israeli civilians in hundreds of different attacks all those attacks were violations of international law not only were they violations of the laws of war they were crimes against humanity and according to the special tribunal. from lebanon there's a also violated international customary crime against. terrorism and since the barriers been constructed the number of successful palestinian terrorist attacks is
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down drastically there is nowhere near the number that there were beforehand so it's very clearly affective as a security measure now it's true that palestinian critics like to imagine all sorts of parades of horribles about future plans of things to horrible things that israel intends to do these future terrible things that israel tends to do don't seem to ever materialize and i think that's maybe because they are only in their heads but if they in people's heads the fact that this war has been built not on the the the the greens of itin line from the 1967 boards but it is in fact encroaching at well in salon that should be under palestinian jurisdiction where is the justification for for for shifting and lifting the barriers around settlements in strategic areas of the west bank well as you know israel to construct a very for political reasons to do so for security reasons and has a security route rather than
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a political geo political route that said i have to say there's also a longstanding dispute between the palestinians and israelis which for all of your viewers i'm sure know about the standing of the 194-1967 armistice lines are they in fact borders as the palestinians selectively either claim yes or no depending on where they are or are they simply cease fire lines as. israel claims now once of one of the interesting things is that in the palestinians have since filed a nother claim with the i.c.j. just in the last year in which they've claimed that the 946449 armistice lines do not constitute a boundary which is why according to their claim the none of jerusalem can be claimed as part of israel it's inconsistent but one of the things about making a palestinian claims on behalf of the palestinian authority legal claims by have the palestinian authority is that you don't have to be consistent ok we were down to the final minutes of this discussion i want to put the same question to all 3 of you we're at this point. just
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a species when it comes to the small not least the legal definitions of what validates a valid claim but i want to know what the end point is where do you see this going what do you see is the end point for this discussion does the ball stay up and remain and territory remains on these on these bones or is or is there or d.c. this moving somewhere else and if you keep your answers fairly brief please let me stand with you start with you dale ashanti obviously only a political will when will be the mean to executive decided decisions we've seen this at the level of the international criminal court where even state parties to the i.c.c. did not comply with decisions issued by the by this court such as the warrant of arrest for this with annie's. previously president of. bashir so in the absence of political will of the major players at the level of the
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security council no international justice to be really achieved so hopefully this could be. more willing fully discussed through a political peace process agreement in the future ok if i could turn to you now i'm a has i don't see what's the end point with this d.c. international law being implemented at some stage. yes we do and we think that the twisted logic and the bent justification that israel's tries to sell to the war is coming to an end its colonial enterprise is very obvious one does not have any interest in peace it has enjoyed impunity for over and this will come to the end of the line when the international community and the whole war will find that this is a threat to international peace and security and will start doing with it as such when israel is held accountable just like any other state that on the ward then we think this is is the way forward ok the why is continuing to
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justify its own gail practices by hiding behind certain aspects is not going to sell anymore and that matters as i am afraid with that we have run out of time i'd like to thank all 3 or from my guests for taking part in this discussion on her jazzy avi bow and she heidi thank you to for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting the web site al-jazeera dot com this is a question continues online to take part head to our facebook page at forward slash e.g. inside story or join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story on to you directly at how much he did for me and the entire team here in doha it's by fanatic. i. this is a dialogue a meeting about it for not as yet on international media and on t.v. impression stop this conversation with skepticism because there's
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a lot of it on my and everyone has a voice mail being taken advantage of just because you know small community without any network just eat healthy join the global conversation on al-jazeera all they want to do is start the debate the same kind of debate that we have here in st. louis really still liberated as a journalist wildland isn't going to the truth doesn't lie with. all those jobs but . one of the last remaining ancient forests in southeast asia is a lifeline to hundreds of lumber jacks and drivers. we follow their treacherous journey as they walk through extreme conditions. together and transport this dangerous but precious cargo risking it all.
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on al-jazeera. it's my privilege to name al-jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the cartels are fighting each other we've been told that we can still hear these are still largest demonstrations it's been held there refugees since over 700 dollars you hear some of the emergency rules of the fund for you or they think the big bucks that you do. here 80. percent of the new interest comes to. the u.s. announces plans for a military coalition to patrol strategic shipping routes in the gulf a move likely to raise tensions with iran.
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richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up as the internet is switched back on in sudan the world finally sees what really happened during the military crackdown on the protest camp. where in chad were a national emergency has been declared as the country scrambles to contain a missile is outbreak. and turkey rejects accusations by greece and the european union that its gas and oil drilling off cyprus is illegitimate. and a move likely to further raise tensions between the united states and iran washington is trying to put together a military coalition to patrol waters off the iranian coast that the u.s. says it wants to protect the crucial shipping route near iran and yemen donald trump's administration blames tehran for recent talks on oil tankers in the gulf
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iran denies. that european powers meanwhile are focusing on saving the 2015 nuclear deal french president's top advisor is meeting with iranian officials urging tehran to stop pulling back from its commitments to that agreement president rouhani insists that its uranium enrichment is still within the framework of the deal all of this will be the focus of an emergency meeting of the international atomic energy agency in vienna later on wednesday we'll get more on the french envoys visit from our correspondent in tehran in just a few minutes 1st though john hendren has more on the planned military coalition. the united states is developing a military coalition to police the strait of hormuz general joseph dunford the highest ranking u.s. military official is the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says the u.s. is working with a number of nations to identify who has in his words the political will to join in this coalition and offer military forces for that operation president donald trump
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says the united states should not pay for this that it should be an international military force but that does present the potential for conflict with iran after all it was only weeks ago when the united states almost launched an air strike on iran that's according to president trump who says we were within 10 minutes of a conflict in that region meanwhile brian hook the u.s. special representative for iran policy spoke to al jazeera this is what he had to say about sanctions we have taken iran to new lows in revenue and they're feeling it and they're hurting and their proxies are hurting and we want to deny this regime the revenue that it needs to export revolution to run an expansionist foreign policy that drives a lot of the sectarian violence we see in the middle east so the united states position has not softened meanwhile iran has announced it is violating the nuclear enrichment levels that it agreed to and that multinational agreement from which the
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u.s. has pulled out so that standoff intensifies and the potential for conflict only increases the live now to the iranian capital tehran so or so what are we hearing from rouhani. well the president has been speaking at his weekly cabinet meeting here in tehran he said that he started off by actually talking about the grace one oil tanker that's been seized in the gulf. from by the british last thursday morning on july 4th the rain ians are saying that this is an act of piracy and the iranian president had some very very strong words for the british government he said that britain has seized this ship in the waters of a country that they are occupying and that this act is their loss he also has that the warning that the british to the british that you are there initiating in security and that they will see the consequences of this act later and that the
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seizure of this iranian oil tanker is a foolish act the iranian president has also said that the europeans should be concerned about the withdrawal of the americans from the nuclear deal of 2015 that is their number one priority the iranians are saying that the u.s. withdrawing from this deal is what is causing all this instability in this region so what do we know about what's been going on with the french advisor a top advisor who is in tehran right now. yes emanuel born is meeting currently with connie who is the secretary of iran supreme national security council that is a body that's in charge of the country's nuclear program according to the elysee palace in paris the bomb is here to try and collect the elements to try and deescalate tensions that is his goal now he is a career diplomat who actually lives in iran for 3 years and he worked at the british the french embassy between 20032006 he is currently meeting with me and
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then he will meet with iranian foreign minister zarif later in softer knew all this is in an effort to try and convince iran that the remaining european signatories are committed to this deal but the rain ians are saying that until they see some tangible commitments and results they are not really convinced that the europeans are serious about this nuclear agreement in code or sort of are alive and tehran dorsett thank you of course iran has an ally and russia want to president vladimir putin's aides has held talks in tehran and says there will be no sustainable regional security unless iran's interests are met step one has more from moscow. mosco has not officially responded to the u.s. plan to have this coalition in iran but it's not likely to go down very well here because russia has been urging european nations to stick to the nuclear deal and this of course is a concern that some european nations could join this u.s.
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coalition on tuesday alexander left for empty of the special envoy for syria here in russia have seen that with some kind in iran the head of the national security council there to discuss and to confirm russia's position being the strong ally of iran it has asked that if the interest of iran are ignored then there can be a new regional stability and also this maximum pressure being pushed by the united states on iran is not beneficial for anyone so basically russia has gone from this strong deja ally but the other hand there are some reports about some cracks between the 2 countries especially on their cooperation in syria in recent weeks of course the interests of the of russia and iran of very different in syria for russia for goods and it's more putting pressure and influence on the middle east and increasing its role there for iran it's
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a very different political battle also because the relationship with neighboring countries like israel is very different russia has very good relations with israel and increasingly so so while russia is confirming its support for iran it's not carved in stone that this coalition will hold on forever sudan has begun to restore internet access to mobile phones allowing people to finally see what happened during that military crackdown last month services were cut after more than 100 people were killed by government forces during a peaceful sit in. on has more. for the 1st time in more than a month these type of images are be shared through more bio for. they show the aftermath of sudan's military crackdown on protesters during a peaceful sit in in khartoum more than 100 people were killed by sudan's military joint on june the 3rd was much of the violence was recorded on cell phone
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videos internet services were cut shortly after on the orders of sudan's transitional military council. lawyer adela seem hazan filed a lawsuit requesting the internet be restored the court agreed services were brought back 1st to fix landlines on tuesday the ruling was extended to mobile phones he along with several human rights groups believe the shutdown was an attempt to hide evidence of crimes committed against civilians. the argument was that interrupting internet services would protect the general public but in fact it was the opposite it was for the protection of private into taste and full people that have committed crimes. social media platforms like facebook and twitter were widely used to organize protests that ultimately toppled longtime leader omar al bashir in april once the military to control for weeks protesters took to the
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streets demanding the formation of a civilian led government. since the military crackdown trust between the military and civilians has been damaged. but last week progress was made generals and protesters agree to form a joint civilian military ruling body together they plan to install a new government for a transitional period of 3 years oh despite recent violence many civilians say they will keep pushing for change but these pictures that can now be shared on mobile phones prove the path forward could be challenging katya a little. al-jazeera.


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