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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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type of images are be shared through mobile phone. they show the aftermath of sudan's military crackdown on protesters during a peaceful sit in in khartoum more than 100 people were killed by sudan's military joint on june 3rd was much of the violence was recorded on cell phone videos internet services were cut shortly after on the orders of sudan's transitional military council. lawyer adela seem hazan filed a lawsuit requesting the internet be restored the court agreed services were brought back 1st to fix landlines on tuesday the ruling was extended to mobile phones he along with several human rights groups believe the shutdown was an attempt to hide evidence of crimes committed against civilians but that you probably know the argument was that interrupting internet services would protect the general public but in fact it was the opposite it was for the protection of
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private into taste and for people that have committed crimes. social media platforms like facebook and twitter were widely used to organize protests that ultimately toppled longtime leader omar al bashir in april once the military took control for weeks protesters took to the streets demanding the formation of a civilian led government. since the military crackdown trust between the military and civilians has been damaged but last week progress was made generals and protesters agree to form a joint civilian military ruling body together they plan to install a new government for a transitional period of 3 years oh despite recent violence many civilians say they will keep pushing for change but these pictures that can now be shared on mobile phones prove the path forward could be challenging katia llopis with
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a gun al-jazeera. or i still ahead on the program the indian women juba to removing that i would say so that menstruation cycles don't interfere that plus. we're in chad where a national emergency has been declared as the country scrambles to contain a measles outbreak. hello again we're here cross parts of turkey things are going to be changing over the next few days and the reason being is we have a frontal boundary coming in from the balkan peninsula brings a very heavy rain potentially severe weather through istanbul as well as on grass so expect to see very gusty winds as well possibly some hail and once that front goes through from thursday to friday the temperatures will also be dropping there
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for a level though it is going to remain quite hot at $38.00 degrees and for baghdad attempt a few of $45.00 where here across the gulf the winds have finally subsided they were quite gusty at times bring the visibility down as well we do expect to see here in doha on thursday about $45.00 and that will continue as we go towards friday down along the coast though for salon it is going to be quite a nice day with attempted there of about 28 degrees and then very quickly as you make a way down here across parts of southern africa things are not looking too bad in terms of clouds you notice in the interior those that gray that you see right there that is the overnight cooler air across much of the area so overnight we get down into the single digits but as we rebound during the day we're going to be seeing those temperatures it come back into the low twenty's so for jana's were $21.00 degrees for you there durban is going to be about $23.00 with plenty of sun in your forecast and the down here across capetown it is going to be a little chilly with a tempter of 16.
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hello again and reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera a british prime minister to resign may says the resignation of the u.k.
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ambassador to the us is a matter of deep regret kim dark says it was impossible for him to continue after the leaking of diplomatic cables describing president trump's administration as inept. iranian president hassan rouhani says his country's uranium enrichment is for peaceful purposes and does not violate the 2050 nuclear deal if follows a warning from donald trump that he will substantially increase type sanctions on tehran soon. mobile internet access is being restored in sudan after a blackout was awarded following a deadly crackdown on peaceful protesters last month. france's military has admitted that antitank missiles found during a raid in libya belong to the french army the us may javelin missiles were recovered from the libyan warlord holy father after all space on the outskirts of tripoli france's military says the missiles were originally intended to protect french antiterrorism forces in libya and did not violate an arms embargo the talk
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about what has more from paris. a of p. and where it is news agencies say that they have received a statement from the french defense ministry and in this statement the french defense ministry says these missiles are indeed french they are u.s. made javelin missiles or the french gave to their forces operating in libya now that's interesting in itself because france has always been very vague about its presence in libya now the french defense ministry statement also says that these missiles were in fact defective they were supposed to be destroyed what the statement doesn't say those how on earth these missiles ended up in the hands of forces who are loyal to. i have to i mean that's the big question and potentially a very embarrassing one for the french government because the french government have always said that they are not supplying any weapons or to libya that would be
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in breach of a u.n. arms embargo and over the years campaign is and critics have accused france of supporting. in the sense that france perhaps feels after is someone that they can partner with in the fight against fighters in the region but france has always denied that they've denied that support and said that they backed publicly the u.n. peace process the republican chairman of the u.s. senate foreign relations committee has introduced a bill seeking to hold saudi arabia accountable for human rights abuses it also aims to criticize crown prince mohammed bin sell man but does not go as far as stopping weapon sales to the kingdom the republican senator ted cruz joined democrats in criticizing the state department's. the process that the state department followed for these weapons sales not to put too fine a point on it was crap under the law under the arms export control act
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the administration needs congressional approval and has a 30 day notification period that apartment had 30 days to take it to congress and follow the law and it was foolish not to. the 1st ever global conference for media freedom is underway in london the event aims to establish legal protection for journalists around the world rights groups say 2080 was the worst year on record for violence against journalists charlie actually has more from the conference so this is the 1st ministerial summit on global media freedom bringing together some 70 foreign ministers international organizations and about a 1000 journalists so here you can probably see behind me and what they're trying to do is work out how to best defend media from censorship abuse attacks and misinformation and they've started the conference by promising investment the u.k.
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has pledged $15000000.00 to developing countries who want to improve their independent media and they've earmarked that for bangladesh sierra leone and ethiopia to start with they've also him up $3700000.00 specifically for the middle east to support media freedom there and the intervention side we've seen foreign secretary jeremy hunt make 5 pledges he's going to be creating a global media defense fund administered by the by unesco he's going to be creating an international taskforce to help governments meet their targets move that ranking system of the world press freedom index and that's going to be reviewed by the united nations he's going to be helping to advise countries on how to strengthen the legal protection for journalists and that will be headed up by human rights lawyer and now to me the most interesting lee he's going to be forming a group of governments who will act as a rapid response unit when crimes are committed against the media freedoms and lastly he's going to be getting the countries who've attended here to sign
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a declaration promoting freedom of expression but i think the most interesting point that's been made today was one from a guy named journalist and a nurse and backed up by that human rights were saying at the moment the west is being incredibly contradictory giving aid to promote. prosy with one hand while with the other hand taking that money back and putting it in banks and private accounts often from the very people who are in charge of those initial countries so lots of thorny issues to unpick here and also calls from journalists to really make sure these measures have some teeth to consider sanctions in the future at least 24 people have been killed in fighting between rival tribes in papua new guinea it happened in the remote province of head up pregnant women and children are among the victims police say the killings could be a retaliation for an earlier attack italy's deputy prime minister has denied receiving money in funding from russian investors following the release of
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a secret recording buzz feed news obtained what it says is a tape of covert talks in moscow between close aides salvini and 5 other men he says the recording shows russia trying to funnel millions of dollars to the italian labor party led by itself the means. the german chancellor angela merkel has downplayed concerns about her health saying she's fine despite another bout of shaking the 1st occurred last month the 64 year old says she's working through the issue after the latest episode at a military ceremony with the finnish prime minister in berlin. pro-democracy activists in hong kong of held a memorial service for protester who killed herself a week ago the demonstrator had been passed of widespread rallies against the government's controversial extradition bill which led to the territories biggest political crisis in decades she is reported to have left a collection of protest paraphernalia asking others to keep up the fight on tuesday hong kong's chief executive kerri lamb said the proposed law has been scrapped.
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high tech companies in south korea are being warned they face an unprecedented emergency because of japan's ban on exports of crucial chemicals south koreans oppressed protested outside the japanese embassy in the capital seoul and the south korean president as well business leaders say to expect a prolonged trade dispute japan tightened restrictions last week on exports of 3 materials used in smartphone displays and chips citing security concerns. a national emergency has been declared in chad cheechoo an outbreak of measles of african countries are also struggling to contain the preventable disease while health organization says cases on the continent have surged by 700 percent this year it was hot reports. it is so much it hurts. the fever won't go down. and this baby's lungs are filled with.
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these are children on the brink of death because they were not vaccinated against measles we didn't know what it was we thought it was malaria it's only here that they told us she has measles you don't understand we are so scared of losing her they keep giving her injections but she isn't doing any better this preventable disease has become an epidemic spreading faster than it can be contained. doctors without borders have set up one crisis center after the other vaccinating children to stop them contracting measles. so we're very worried because measles combined with malnutrition is a dangerous mix and there aren't enough international actors helping child the ministry of health to tackle this growing outbreak it's an outbreak that isn't just affecting chad take a look at these numbers according to the u.n. there has been a global increase of cases of measles by 300 percent in the last year how many of
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you here are worried about autism at the heart of the crisis is both fear and belief that the measles vaccine is dangerous by an increasing number of people in the west and the lack of access to vaccines in other parts of the world. you know your me more than 90 percent of children have not been vaccinated because they don't have access to health centers and so most children under 5 are infected with the measles virus. it is highly contagious for both children and adults and so despite new efforts to fight this age old virus measles is thriving indeed during the lives of thousands here in chad and around the world. it was hawk out 0. kenya is hosting a counterterrorism summit for african leaders the u.n. sponsored talks are designed to share information and form a united front against violence the threats into attacks by al qaida and isolate fillets in the west and the heller region the joint regional task force there has
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so far failed to stop the killings. the indian government is investigating doctors accused of performing thousands of unnecessary operations on female farm workers the women say they were duped into paying hundreds of dollars to remove their reproductive organs dozens of privately run hospitals are being investigated in the western state of maharashtra as elizabeth purana reports and yet. these women in gen get more harville it have 2 things in common they work in sugarcane fields and they've all had their booms removed. last year 29 year old beemer by mom they went to the doctor complaining of abdominal pain. the doctor said my womb is not in a good state he said if i don't take it out i'll get cancer and i should take it out immediately for the hysterectomy operation to remove her reproductive organs beaver by monday borrowed more than $700.00 that's as much as she earns during the
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entire 6 month harvest season. because i don't that the potato is educating women in 30 villages about the impact of the medical procedure the doctors on the private hospital they can easily fooled them because these are the men they cannot leave because they most of human they are illiterate she says doctors also tell them having the uterus removed will allow them to do the hard labor required on sugar cane farms without taking time off when their menstruating the money's already bored and because these are the men did they do not have any kind of property or. what they want a big 8 money only in this season so they don't want to miss any one day i'll see the indian government's national commission of women along with the maharashtra state government has asked the district's head of health services to investigate the allegations that around 4000 women would do into paying for unnecessary
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hysterectomy as in the past 3 years. we will definitely take action against him. investigators are thought to be making inquiries at some of the 101 private hospitals in beach district al-jazeera has tried to contact the doctor who operated on some of the woman we interviewed but we haven't been able to find him. by monday as his her doctor didn't tell her what might happen to her body after a hysterectomy and she hasn't been the same sense that live up to have the by the way my body always hurts my stomach and back always in pain i can't work as hard as before from the time my womb was removed my life has been very difficult she remains in debt from the load beeves top administrator has told al jazeera more than 350000 women are being interviewed as part of the inquiry and that all has selected me as must be obtained by the public health authorities until that inquiry
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is complete elizabeth al-jazeera astra. and celebrations are underway in new york city but that's where the u.s. women's football team is being honored with a parade following their world cup victory the captain making rypien 0 lead the parade on a float with the new york mayor bill de blasio the squad's to know whenever the netherlands in the final on sunday capped a world cup campaign that has attracted huge television audiences and unprecedented public interest it is the 4th time overall that the u.s. women's team has won the trophy. ladies and gentlemen at this time we used to. remind our top stories on al-jazeera british prime minister to resign may says the resignation of the u.k. ambassador to the us is a matter of deep regret kim derek says it was impossible for him to continue after
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the leaking of diplomatic cables describing the us president donald trump's administration as clumsy and in it in a televised debate on tuesday the favorite to become the next british prime minister boris johnson refused to support barack. the iranian president hassan rouhani says his country's radium enrichment is for peaceful purposes and does not violate the 2015 nuclear deal follows a warning from donald trump that he will soon substantially increase sanctions on the islamic republic to iraq trump is accused of secretly enriching uranium for a long time for terror and says washington is the one violating the agreement. isn't problems over so. you believe he's divorced do you think national leaders hope of the leave it is the most the now the of of of not implementation or seizing implementation of song for those of you wasn't
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a geisha under the d b b this is the if it is a good deal and if the only true search by the have been drawn by your pushing the others to follow suit france has military has admitted that antitank missiles found during a raid in libya belonged to the french army the us made javelin missiles were recovered from the libyan warlord leave a hostile space on the outskirts of tripoli france's military says the missiles were originally intended to protect french antiterrorism forces in libya and did not violate an obstacle. italy's deputy prime minister vajpayee salvini has denied receiving money in funding from russian investors following the release of a secret recording buzz feed news obtained what it says is a tape of covert talks in moscow between close aides to salvage any and 5 of the men trying to show russia trying to funnel millions of dollars to be italian lega party let's buy sell the name he says he plans to sue over the allegations.
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and those of the latest headlines here on al-jazeera more from me in about 25 minutes inside stories next. can georgia and russia result their differences the kremlin response to insults and protests with flight bans and threats against georgia relations haven't been this bad since their war 11 years ago what's behind their latest disputes this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm the stasi it's a georgia and russia have had a tense relationship for decades stretching back to the days of the soviet union they fought a war 11 years ago over 2 disputed georgian regions relations are bad again now an invitation for a russian politician to speak in georgia's parliament provoked riots in the capital tbilisi and regular protests have demanded the withdrawal of russian troops from the breakaway regions of up and south ossetia president vladimir putin responded by banning russia's airlines from flying to georgia a popular holiday destination for russian tourists and russian m.p.'s demanded trade sanctions after a georgian t.v. host launched a foul mouth tirade aimed at prison. sunsilk machinery as for sanctions i would rather not do he has respect for the georgian people for the sake of restoring full toss for in russia in georgia or anything the great complicated i
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would actions. simmons has more outside parliament in tbilisi. it all started here june the 20th appearance by a russian member of parliament addressing the georgian paula months that caused uproar now the road to months with the resignation of. the interior minister the demonstrators have been here every evening since many were injured in what they say was heavy policing ordered by what they say is a pro russian interior minister and they said the government has to be less pro russian because georgians don't have what they deserve from the present paula but the demands their particular books of a saw a demand for proportional representation in parliament which is being granted at the bottom a tick on the release of prisoners that's said to be political prisoners taken during the demonstrations the red well busy that's the question mark over the interior minister these demonstrators say they're serious giving in despite.
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softening the power softening in his insistence that the lower house of parliament in russia should not go ahead with sanctions against georgia they're already planning flights here and that's affecting the tourist industry there's a lot of concern although many people believe that this is being over heights in some areas although there really is an underlying concern about russian actions against georgia. now diplomatic ties have been broken since the 5 day war in georgia 11 years ago georgian troops launched a military operation against separatist forces and the breakaway regions of south acetyl and russian troops invaded to support the separatists hundreds on or science were killed when the war ended a russian built permanent military bases and what they call independent states georgia and its allies condemn what they call illegal military occupation over the
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years trade and tourism gradually improved but russia opposes georgia's aspirations . to join nato and the european union. well now let's bring in our panel in paris we have 20 k. good he's a former deputy foreign minister of georgia who is in charge of relations with the european union and nato in london we have done a tele cyber most or she is a lecturer at the department of war studies at king's college in london and in moscow we have a russian defense and a military analyst pavel felgenhauer welcome to you or. 20 k. i'd like to start with you because you're a supporter of these protests and they and we are expecting more today i believe the georgian prosecutor general's office actually charged an m.p. who is a leader of the opposition party with inciting violence amid the unrest so how involved is the opposition party at the moment and with the demonstrations that we've been seeing and what are the demands of the demonstrators. so there was 3
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tourists are mainly you know unhappy with the with the report of the georgian government visibly russia because in recent years we saw the. clearly the increase of russian influence in this country both in the society of the the attempts of those of hybrid warfare from the russian side and also on the georgian government so russia is spending a lot of money in promoting some pro russian an anti worst on groups in georgian politics in georgian society these groups are highly aggressive. for being anti worse than anti muslim by the way and so my enormity generally speaking . of the georgian government has been very passive in opposing russia's policies in this country so today since the june twenty's are all these people who are gathered
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and they did not rip with the you're not representing. any political party in georgia this is the georgian society all together who is mobilized and who is rallying against these. let's say a piecing or not not very active policies of the georgian government to defend the interests of the country and it started as you mentioned in the beginning with the visit of of the russian delegation and they were invited by these governments and these delegations as part of the russian soft power because they were present and into a parliamentary assembly of orthodox nations and we know how the how russia is many if you lead in north of the ox religion especially in the countries like georgia so the fact that georgian government tries to show that this is an attempt of one political party former party that we're in it was in government in georgia this is
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simply not true so most of these people are against also this many people accusing only. representative or one of the leaders of this party as being the the author of a coup d'etat attempt is simply ridiculous well done to you say that the government has behaved in a in a passive way i want to read you a statement now from the georgian president that she posted on facebook after that initial unrest that we saw on june 20th she she said russia is out enemy and occupy on the 5th column it manages may be more dangerous than open aggression only russia benefits from a split in the country and society an internal confrontation and it's the most powerful weapon today now pavel in moscow we're hearing the president accuse moscow of being involved in triggering some of this unrest in order to sow division in georgia is there any truth in that. well the you should understand of course that the georgian president is the more worse a figurehead and she doesn't have any real power but of course you want to have
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more power and more influence and that saw as a kind of more p.r. statement that russia has of course there's been seeking of pockets of support and once a pro russian government and believe that that's absolutely true. right now i'm apparently moscow is very much. in their anguish that there is something bad really happening in georgia this began some time ago but now they see the kind of a possible outline of a colored revolution or my done i can i can ukraine in 14 of kind of pro russian government or at least partially pro russian being violent we replaced by a pro western one and that's of course very bad and russia is trying to put
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pressure on the on the b.b.c. to afford to kind of prevent this happening while seeing as that's what you're thinking from moscow and i see it on the tele and is not being there in london and let me ask you because last year russian prime minister dmitri medvedev and he he had ambitions for a full scale dialogue between moscow and tbilisi and now we're seeing the threat of russian sanctions and insults being held by sides what's changed how much of this is about russia georgia tensions and how much of this is about domestic georgian politics. i think it's very hard to sort of separate or decide brigade the 2 because they too are very much interconnected and of course as was mentioned by the other speakers russia has a strong influence on affairs in georgia and as we know there is a very powerful. league only garcon figure in by me shmuley who is really behind a decision making and he has tried in the last years since he is people have been
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in power to sort of soft their rhetoric against russia and tried to sort of mend fences but at the same time there is a there is a trend in georgia towards closer rapprochement with a west with a european union and nato so to a certain extent of course there are issues of concern of a domestic nature related to the economic situation the corruption there heavy handedness of the police and above all the perception that he vanished really sort of overpowerful and his interior minister is sort of his representative in government so there is a great dissatisfaction which is domestic but is in a way related to russia and also to the fact that russia still has a very strong presence of an almost occupation if we want to call it of these 2 regions of south ossetia and abkhazia and there is a process really of an existing these regions to russia there were agreements
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signed in 20142015 which to all intents and purposes really brought these regions almost into russia especially if we think about selfless asia and this occurred after georgia has signed an association agreement with the european union and there is a lot of concern of course about nato membership because this is constantly being rated rated in nato on it is a desire expressed by georgians and it is in the constitution so of course these store elements are together their domestic and the external. the presence of russia is important in that way and i think there are the russian warrior above all if i if i have a moment if i may say is also that these demonstrations have a very strong sort of i'm tired putin undertone and i think that from the perception of the kremlin it is not good to have a revolution sort of a change of government succeed which has as one of its main sort of inspirations
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and slogans you know to insult the president of russia and i think that that is probably something which creates a lot of concern in moscow let me tell you talking about all of this and sentiments and we certainly heard some of that on sunday and tanika i want to ask you about that georgian t.v. host who launched this tirade speaking in russian seemingly addressing russian president putin himself calling him a filthy invader insulting his mother and he said at one point putin flavor should get out of georgia how have georgians reacted and dimia of them share that view. they are said there were a series of reactions 1st and foremost of people were to be honest quite shocked because even if 99 percent of drew just population dislike strongly put him because he's the responsible for the occupation of georgia for the invasion of this country etc etc for the for the embargo setter for many bad things for this country but they were still quite surprised and many of them found that. the t.v.
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presenters the raid as you said was a bit. interstate softly tasteless but then the reaction of the georgian government was even worse because immediately and it was a sunday evening they made statements. condemning not only the journalists that we can understand and that. calling the international community to condemn the journalist of the private television because of. outrageous remarks about the president of the occupying country so the paedos people who 1st were surprised and disappointed or angry about the journalist became even more angry against the government because this is not the reaction of a government of a sovereign country and they manage the government i mean the government menage do . to attract the all these criticism towards the government and the next
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day putin made extremely strange remarks about the georgian history and style starting to lecture the whole georgian not only georgian but the international community about the history of georgia starting from the 18th century they are totally fake a version of the georgian history so all these. this incident is is just revealing what is very old russia trying to undermine the independence and the territorial integrity of georgia since georgia's independence at least i'm not going farther into history but since 1901 georgia had. 2 separatist wars numerous attempts or for a c. nation of the presidents etc and all behind all this. are all these things where was russia and russian secret services. russia's reaction after the members of georgia to the store georgia's independence and to to prevent this country from
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getting closer or with with europe and with the worse and that was the choice of the georgian population again there what's happened last week is your only one more months one. of these many years of position between russia and georgia don't want to hear you say that putin then gave his own version of history but one of the things that he did do was push back on the duma when they wanted to impose sanctions against georgia so problem must go can you explain that to me what's the rationale for for going against parliament and saying no no let's not impose sanctions on mineral water and wine and remittances and let's rather continue pursuing and better relations with georgia after you've been insulted in that way. well putin said this journalist doesn't matter that he is just kind of a journalist and we had him say we're out here wishers and in general is trying to put a good policeman of course i mean parliament does not decide in moscow anything about
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sanctions even weaker they can't it's only the president can impose sanctions are not so parliament vote to ask the government to propose to putin to impose sanctions and put and said no i won't do all that he is that even we go he in his power and de facto the russian duma is that just a rubber stamp that. puts forward. that the kremlin tells it to. this yes it's sending a very putin was sending a very powerful message to believe that the you should put the president busy georgian government should put their house in order that they should clamp down on the. demonstrators and on the opposition impose order and then the there will be no sanctions then the ban on travel on these direct their travel between russia
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and georgia will be lifted and there are things going to be ok it's clear that moscow is very been upset for some years increasingly with the georgian policy of the georgian government of the georgian party of the georgian dream the kind of balance between the west and moscow to increase economic relations with gerard you know with russia at the same time with the european union and having a military exercises with american troops this year landing in church and having exercises with heavy equipment and moscow doesn't didn't like it i mean this what's happening right now. preferred story of russia wants to see georgia solidly inside the russians fear losing georgia allowing it to become a say ukraine
2:39 am
a senior. war for post for the worst is absolutely unacceptable for for moscow well i want to ask you a little more about this flight banned on the tele in london because it's not a small thing it sounds like a small thing cutting off flights but that's $1400000.00 russian tourists who traveled to georgia just last year and that's something like 10 percent of georgia's annual tourism revenue and they could lose $300000000.00 how much of an impact would that have on georgia and subsequently we've also seen this this campaign to try to get more people to come to georgia as tourists and that's been supported by a lot of western diplomats so following along with this theme of russia russia sorry georgia trying to cozy up with the west could that galvanize more support this flight ban could potentially actually bring the western georgia closer together. well i mean there is no doubt as you mentioned on the figures that you
2:40 am
gave you know accurately portray you know the relevance that georgia that russian tourism has for georgia and also the say you know the trade of agricultural products wine and mineral water if there would be a band would be very serious so it has an impact on on the economy and george is trying to find ways around by trying to 0 to help her joya russians arrive in georgia because tourism is a very important source of income for many so it is going to hit the economy as they did when there were many other sort of trade embargoes in the past starting in 2006 so georgia has already faced these sort of pressures. i mean both sides both governments have to sort of walk this very tight rope of trying to keep good relations going but at the same time addressing this reality for the georgians to address their demands and their requests of the people in the
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street which would seem not to want to go away and russia at the same time trying to do something not losing face but at the same time not going too far to the point of really weakening the georgian dream coalition and then paving the way for a government that is a lot more sort of anti russian and a lot more pro western i think georgia is already on a path of closer rapprochement with the west anyway and that i think is not going to change and to a certain extent moscow is trying to limit the damage because their presence it has in these 2 republics and its policies in georgia have really pushed the georgians a lot more into the western hands and that was a policy they really wanted to pursue already since i made or you 990 s. so i think that. is going to be a big a big challenging for the 2 leaders in the other 2 regimes in the 2 countries to
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address this crisis. mean to talk about being further into the hands of the west i think is not really they add a good way of describing this because most christians or most governments in georgia have generally supported close a rapprochement with the west but they have have done that in different approaches and this government has tried in a certain way to to not to antagonize moscow so that they could at least develop better economic ties and visa regimes but the past towards close the rapprochement with the west is there and this is shown not only in the economic side but also in the military field as was mentioned their military exercises their close cooperation very recently the secretary general of nato again reaffirmed that georgia will become a member of nato but of course this is also remains sort of in a limbo so russia war is that this process of membership on close
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a 1000000 for approach more could happen and i think that is the real worry of the kremlin as was mentioned by by probably in moscow i want to bring to an occasion here because you were very involved with georgia's relationship with both the e.u. and with nato and some people do argue that conflict with russia gives georgia more opportunity for continued western patronage and it gives them more defense aid makes them more important for a relatively small country and it potentially strengthens their bid to join nato so it's in their interest conflict with russia is in georgia's interest. just come back we will be to what what was said i mainly agree with the both of speakers about the economic relations with russia and political relations with russia and the fact that severe putin said so so far he's not going to impose sanctions is that russia doesn't want to punish
2:44 am
a government which is the last. governor less critical government towards russia almost since the independence of georgia in the ninety's so if they . impose again sanctions or eat they adopt some aggressive measures it will punish of course these are government and that they that they don't want it now coming back to the to the to europe and to the west. in several years ago i was the person who negotiated the association association agreement and free trade agreement with the european union so after that into 2014 the agreements in answering to force each should have really helped georgia to increase share in georgia's foreign trait what's happened in parallel was that russia in order to thank or to encourage the government the of georgian dream they also. lifted sanctions against georgia so we
2:45 am
saw the russia's share in georgia's foreign trade really growing faster then. european union share in georgia's foreign trade this is something that is politically very dangerous because okayed give some some you know some some some dynamics to the local economy but at the same time we know that the trade with russia is very much dependent on political circumstances and we have seen that in the past in the ninety's in the year 2000 when it entered you burb look it was imposed on georgia or book a don't agree cultural foodstuff. that was sent to russia was blocked all of for political reasons so georgian government should have been more. more prudent or precautious when they started these relations with the group with the comic relations with russia and did not put all the energy to develop more economic ties with the with the european union of course it's bad to to have nor normal trade
2:46 am
with russia or the russian tourists nor one wants that in georgia the georgians are those who wants to to disassociate and georgians were the 1st after the war in 2008 to lift the visas for a russian citizens to come going to visit georgia despite the war the despite the absence of diplomatic relations it was already 2011 that the russian citizens could come to georgia of it out of business and that there was no reciprocation by the way because georgian citizen still need a very long and complicated procedures to get to visit russia so this attempts were positive and were made by the way by the former government at the beginning but georgia should be very very cautious about not making the country dependent on russia economically because we know that all these at the end is very political to want to say and. and pavel felgenhauer thank you very much for joining us today and
2:47 am
thank you to you for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website out of there at dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for the slash a.j. and side story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. and the story for meanest our detail and the whole team here by that my. every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens.
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stories of loss go untold. a sweeping association of islam with the violence. in muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life. twice evict and on al-jazeera you. paula. al-jazeera. hello everyone i'm from and welcome to this news hour live from london coming up in
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the next 60 minutes britain's ambassador to the united states resigns following the diplomatic dispute with donald trump. emergency talks in vienna to discuss iran's uranium enrichment program tehran says it has nothing to hide plus a crackdown the world can now witness pictures a shared of the sudanese military's break up of a peaceful protest as an internet blackout aids. all the sports news the wooden tennis the africa cup of nations armed on target for the final how new zealand dumped favorites india out of the cricket world cup. britain's ambassador to the united states has resigned saying it's impossible to stay on after president donald trump said the u.s.
2:50 am
would no longer deal with him he follows the leaking of diplomatic cables in which the camp direct describes the trumpet ministration as comes easy and inept out as there is lawrence lee reports. there is no precedent for this kim derek hall of the u.k.'s most senior diplomats in the most important world capital forced from office after a concerted attack on his credibility by actors in london and at the white house prime minister in parliament spoke a prime minister and leader of the opposition expressed what you can only call thinly disguised outrage at what they see as an assault on the integrity of the u.k.'s diplomatic service good government depends on public servants being able to give full and frank advice i want all our public servants to have the confidence to be able to do that. the parliament's foreign affairs committee met to try to make sense of its asking the head of the country's diplomatic service if he'd ever known anything like it not in his career he said nor in anyone else's in the last 150
2:51 am
years the last time i know that we had difficulty with the united states was 856. when the incumbent was accused of recruiting americans to fight on the british side in the crimean war president franklin pierce was in the one. on one level derek's position had become untenable since president decided to blackball him from official events following the ambassador's leaked criticisms of him and his administration although all go on tell us where the last straw was a come on but the straw that broke the camel's back was that barack watched the t.v. debate on tuesday night's between jeremy hunt the foreign secretary and boris johnson in the race to become the u.k.'s next prime minister hunt said he supported barack and said trump had no business interfering in the u.k.'s diplomatic service but johnson didn't he refused to say he had
2:52 am
a direct hit back as the u.k.'s man in washington so i will keep him until east you . and i think would like to know if you get well i'm not going to be so presumptuous as to thank you i got a good position it seems derek decided that johnson was prepared to throw him under the bus in favor of his support for trump and the favorable trade deal with the usa as part of brecht's it the logic of this is there's none better than a country with which the u.k. might want to do a trade deal china say or brazil will have to think twice about expressing their opinions openly even in secret diplomatic cables for fear that they might get leads and that in itself undermines governments but apart from that if boris johnson becomes prime minister he'll be faced with the foreign office furious at his perceived role in bringing down one of their own. johnson himself assuming he becomes prime minister will pick the next ambassador to washington the question is will it be a neutral diplomat or
2:53 am
a political appointment breck's it is taking yet more victims this time at the heart of government lawrence lee al-jazeera in london a 2nd life now to our diplomatic editor james bass he's in washington d.c. for us and james also a recall there is this causing in the diplomatic world. total shock i think considering these are supposed to be such close allies among the trunk administration no formal statement from the white house no tweets from the president at this stage although one thinks at some point he might want to go on twitter and gloat but an effort at damage limitation from the state department a spokesperson saying the u.s. and u.k. share a bond that's bigger than any individual we remain committed to the u.s. u.k. special relationship and our shared global agenda but diplomats telling me diplomats from other countries that there is shock that the countries that say they have a special relationship end up in
2:54 am
a situation like this and i think everyone is a little wary now if you're a diplomat in washington of what could come your way of course for now it's the u.k. matic service that need to be the most worried because they still don't know the source of that leak was it someone in the u.k. system trying to do it for political reasons because of the leadership contest or was it a foreign actor of some sort and if that's the case could there be more leaks out of the cables of the embassy in washington or more of a nightmare for the u.k. could there be more leaks from embassies all over the world questions too about what happens next in terms of the success. in this job in washington as ambassador to washington the most important what some would say posting that the u.k. has to offer a diplomat will it go to a senior diplomat as it always has done at the summit in their career their final post before retirement or could it go very unusual in the u.k.
2:55 am
system to a political appointee certainly president trump has made it clear what he would like he's already said some time ago that the perfect u.k. ambassador to washington for him would be the head of the brics it party nigel farage jane thin washington thank you. and i'm joined now in the studio by robert cooper a former british diplomats and european commission official welcome to you thanks for joining us to the outside world this does look a little bit like the u.k. is kowtow ing to the wishes of a u.s. president is somehow weakened to what extent is that true well i must say i am not surprised that that kim has quit if it was me you kind of wake up with horror when you discover this thing. all over the press and then 2 days later you see president reaction and then you say to yourself actually i can't do my job. if they're going to if they're serious if they're going to basically deny me all access and he says
2:56 am
we won't do business with this guy meaning the us system in that case you can't do your job could he not have stayed though just for the remaining here he had 6 months to go and maybe if he had the support of both the tory leadership candidates maybe boris johnson lost in last night's debate and said look i would back him to stay for the remaining the remaining part of his contract could he have stayed a tour 6 months is quite a long time you know you know if the if the u.s. government is serious and they're cutting you dead everywhere then that's not the ambassador you need you can't do your job if they're if you are a person a non grata how will all of this affects the ability of other you can basad us around the world to do their job to provide this honest analysis which is what they're there to do. i doubt if it will change it at all i mean maybe people will become just a little bit more careful about how they classify things in the distribution but
2:57 am
there's just no point in being that if you're going to if you're going to assume that every document you write is going to leak then you can't do your job period so you might as well give up you could say that in 2900 might expect there to be a more safeguarded way of ambassadors to be able to send these what they call diplomatic cables all that the. the way that they're being sent at the moment i mean how many people actually have access to those cables when they're sent well that depends on i haven't seen the particular cable and i haven't seen what distribution they've got actually he was saying pretty much what everybody was saying all over the media and what every other embassy in washington was saying i'm sure to save problems to clean up the whole place you could do that too what about going forward. we've heard james bays our diplomatic editor alluding to the fact that you know normally this is north a political appointment made by the prime minister such of the day the next u.s. ambassador is going to have to be one who treads quite carefully did you see this
2:58 am
going down the political appointment route or will it go to a career diplomat i mean there have been there have been political appointments in the past peter j. there's way back he's a chokehold i am. at one point curiously a former diplomat. nico henderson was ambassador in washington and a stunning ambassador he was too but he'd actually retired the time when he was appointed by margaret thatcher. partly big on the basis of a dispatch from him the to delete his final dispatch from paris the dispatch saying how awful it was being the british ambassador when the british government was so awful but that was the labor government and that got him the job with the new government and indeed then performed it was a terrific ambassador we'll have to wait and see what happens that something will have to happen fairly fairly quickly interesting times what the people get to talk to you thank you. now u.s.
2:59 am
president all trump has warned that he will increase sanctions substantially only wrong soon and accuse terror on of secretly enriching uranium for a long time but iran insists its actions are peaceful and says it has nothing to hide so bus r.v. has more from terra. as the 2050 nuclear deal continues to fall apart the task of trying to save it now falls to france in meetings in tehran the french president's top diplomatic adviser walk the line between american economic pressure on iran and iranian diplomatic pressure on europe to ignore u.s. sanctions if they want to keep the nuclear deal alive but if emanuel baan had hoped he could convince iran not to continue reducing cooperation with the joint comprehensive plan of action he likely left disappointed iran says the rollback will stop when sanctions do on recall yah i guess it is really funny that the americans who broke the deal completely and now asking for an emergency meeting of the i.a.e.a. to complain about iran reducing its commitments the u.s.
3:00 am
says iran has bad intentions well if enrichment is bad why do they enrich themselves the only country that has used nuclear weapons against innocent people is the united states the 2015 deal is essentially transactional iran curbs nuclear activity so it can sell oil and generate revenues that process stopped working when the u.s. restarted sanctions and now it's playing out on the open seas earlier this week the british royal marines seized an iranian oil tanker off the coast of gibraltar to herat is called it an act of piracy that undercuts london's commitment to the nuclear deal and a breach of the j.c. . and on wednesday u.s. officials once again put out a call for countries willing to form a military coalition to patrol shipping lanes off the coast of iran and yemen a move that could make things even worse the potential of things going on without.
3:01 am
getting an agreement. is very difficult as well every nation. regardless. agreement direction french president emanuel mccraw.


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