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tv   In The Shadow Of The Hill  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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investigation could lead to washington imposing retaliate tree terrorists on france that's something the french government would want to avoid but there's little doubt that there is a growing sense of frustration amongst many french politicians with trump's approach to international disagreements here you should mr trump threatens everyone in all areas he's become an article amity when you're head of such a power you have a responsibility you don't amuse yourself by threatening states that are as responsible and democratic is france and that seek to the find the sort of regulation needed to address today's new economies so that there can be justice that the european commission has been pushing for tech firms to abide by e.u. competition law rules and pay more tax in europe france's new law is a major step in that direction it also fulfills $1.00 of the french president's campaign promises emanuel makr all of the us but taxing wealthy tech companies was one of the yellow vests main demands so french public opinion is likely to be on
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macro side. al-jazeera paris still to come why academics in israel are being targeted in a so-called witch hunt by right wing nationalists. and where in ethiopia where villagers say the water wells have been in desperate need of repair. hello there it's been a very unsettled picture of course across much of southern europe this is an improvement the weather picture as we head through the next couple of days saw a bit of chat on the satellite and actually quite a bit of activity across central regions of western europe but what about the rain just yet but the good news is a sigh is that much of the south in the southeast those strong thunderstorms that really are clearing through certainly by friday the rain pushing using say across much of the black sea quite a bit radical central areas and there is
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a band of rain stretching really from germany down tools and old and if they more widespread rain here on saturday carrying out towards the west and i say london with a high of 23 and pretty good su across into turkey wants us to some upholstery so 24 in ankara and 28 celsius with my sunny skies in athens then we had down to northern africa has been very warm into tunis for really the last few days and again the temperature here is pretty high compared to the average but no so a lot of cloud to talk about and sunny not really anything in the way of range 35 is the temperature on friday a very warm day in cairo for she wanted degrees celsius then as we head off into south of d.c. that time it comes back down again but as you can see tunis up to about $38.00 so that's about 6 degrees above the normal but sunny skies but it will be a hot day. what went wrong in society that opened up the space. race is the
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european problem and it's not accountable and it's impossible for the people to bear the costs for link up our people ready don't want to take more of a lead that if not a stronger man or song woman while getting the growth of rejectionism it's probably because the models of europe's forbidden colony episode 2 on al-jazeera. going to one of the top stories here now to 0 police in gibraltar have a rest and the captain and chief officer from a detained iranian oil tanker they're accused of breaching e.u.
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sanctions on syria the rest come amid claims iran tried to impede a british oil tanker late on wednesday leading to an intervention by the british warship. the un human rights council has agreed to begin a preliminary investigation into what it calls a staggering number of murders in the philippine government's war on drugs. and france has passed a controversial tax bill targeting tech giants like google apple and facebook has prompted u.s. president donald trump to order an investigation into the planned levy a move that could result in the town a tree terrorists. a master's from 22 nations have condemned china's treatment of ethnic and religious minorities in unprecedented move they shoot a letter calling for an end to the detention of week of muslims here in experts say at least 1000000 are being held in camps but you know what i am has one. this fun stuff building is called a vocational center in china critics say it's more like
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a prison one of many detention camps run by the government. the target they say are ethnic and religious minorities mostly wigger muslims in the northwest region of change young activists say at least 1000000 people are detained in similar camps where extreme surveillance force assimilation and abuse are common the camps have long sparked international criticism in an unprecedented move 22 nations signed a letter to the un human rights council condemning disturbing reports australia canada and japan are among the signatories along with britain france and germany they call on china to stop the mass detentions respect religious freedom and grant independent experts meaningful access to the region. countries that did not sign the document raise just as much interest out of the 22 nations assigned as none of them were muslim majority nations which is really quite telling because china is
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using their pocketbook to gain influence in many of these nations as well. china defends the practice the government says it's not about eliminating people's identity but about teaching employment skills and pushing out what it calls extremism year far surely by ceasing up locational education and training centers in accordance with the law we aim to education save those who were influenced by religious extremism and committed to mine it legal or fix it. the letter is not tied to a vote or a resolution but it will be published as an official document of the un's human rights council activists say it's a good sign but china's government has long stood defiant against foreign criticism katia locus of the young al-jazeera. when haye is monitoring reaction in beijing china his ministry of foreign affairs has responded to the letter signed by 22
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countries regarding the situation in shin jang province and predictably i guess it was dismissive of this letter saying that this was an attempt to politicize the issue of human rights and that this was a domestic affair for the government in china to deal with and it wasn't up to anyone outside china to comment on the situation there it also pointed out that there has been no terrorist attack in the region for the past 2 years evidence it says that this program is working remembering that the government maintains that these are not detention centers in shin jang province they are vocational schools with one of the main aims being to prevent terrorism and extremism and also responded to a request in the latest sign by these countries that inspectors experts be allowed meaningful access to the area the government saying that it has already organized
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trips involving media and so-called experts diplomats to the region and what they reported when they returned it was quite different to what has been put trade in the western media the important word to emphasize here is meaningful in those trips in the past those trips have been very much controlled by the government controlled by the security forces and the government really only showing the people on those trips to shin jang exactly what it wants the outside world to see. a car bombing in the libyan city of benghazi has killed at least 4 people and wounded dozens of blast targeted the funeral of a former military commander who was aligned with the former libyan leader moammar gadhafi the head of libya's special forces which is one of the control warlord honey for have to was attending the funeral but was unharmed. and he said evan people have been killed in a car bombing in northwestern syria 35 others including children were injured the
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explosion happened in the rebel held city of a freend which is near syria's border with turkey observers say the blast was near a checkpoint where vehicles were lined up to enter the city. it's been a year since the syrian government and rebels in the province of dera reached a cease fire agreement observers say violations started immediately after the deal and the government has since done little to fulfill its reconciliation promises it's been hotter has more. it was a symbolic moment in syria's war when the opposition surrendered in july 2018 the southern provinces where the pro-democracy movement began back in 2011 we taking it had special significance for the government even though the opposition remained in control of some towns as part of russian brokered reconciliation deals that avoided further fighting a year later state control seems weak and fragile well the situation has really regressed over the previous 3 months where we've had
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a spate of different assassination attacks by unknown attacks on syrian army which is something which we haven't really seen in areas which have been agreed upon reconciliation the state hasn't been the only target for rebel commanders particularly those who joined units of the army as well as civilians who joined state institutions have been killed it's not clear who is behind the violence the opposition believes the government has much to gain. there have been many assassinations of civilians and former leaders of rebel groups who agreed to reconcile they've been killed so the aim is to create a state of fear eventually change the so-called reconciliation deals. some say the rest and there are is linked to the battle for influence between government allies russia and iran they have been recruiting locals and former rebel fighters into the different government affiliated military and security branches they control. rising tensions between the reins on the russians across syria on on different levels 1st
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militias backing each other and do senior positions the latest of which was basically changing all of the heads of the security agencies in syria in all different sides on the ukrainian within the iranian callers are reporting rising tensions with russia and its allies. to return. the state to the southern province has not improved people's lives syrians have shown their anger they have protested in towns where security forces aren't present speaking out against the lack of jobs and essential services as well as the arrests and detentions international rights groups have accused president bashar assad of reestablishing repressive rule if there are people continue to strive for freedom in the birthplace of their revolution senator beirut. at least 14 people have died in a train crash in central pakistan a passenger train hit
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a stationary freight train iraqi media in southern punjab region dozens of injured people are being treated in nearby hospitals. palestinians say at least one and a half 1000 olive trees have been destroyed in attacks by israeli settlers they were set on fire in berean south of nablus according to the un the illegal settlers have destroyed more than $4000.00 trees since the start of 2019 the same year it recorded $178.00 incidents of settler related damage to palestinian properties. in while israel's intelligence agency has reportedly been enlisted to counteract a palestinian led campaign against israeli oppression and some academics who back the campaign say they are being targeted by right wing nationalists very force that has more from occupied east jerusalem. in january this video of a university professor arguing with
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a student over her decision to were army uniform to class turned into a major controversy for the hebrew university in jerusalem. loss of the professor carol hill frisch can be heard telling the student she's naive if she thinks she can wear the uniform and expect to be treated as a civilian university apologized taking out advertisement encouraging students on mandatory national service to attend in uniform professor who preach maintained that the student to deliberately initiated the confrontation she later decided to stop teaching following hate mail and reported death threats the video was released by a right wing prosiness organization called him ted sue it has long campaigned against what it calls attempts to undermine the state of israel from within in recent weeks it's launched a website publicly naming dozens of leftwing academics who made accuses of doing exactly that the website new york professor lists 85 academics of public institutions nationwide who have among other things advocated boycotting israel or
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refusing to serve in the army the site encourages interred souse thousands of student members and others to suggest further names to be added to the list israel's council of university presidents has called the project a witch hunt carried out by political extremists loss of the professor and a martyre is one of those named she says as a known far left activist with a permanent job or tell of university she doesn't feel under pressure but there's a broader threat there are trees young faculty. all of these i know it affects the way they think their way they react they were the right even the choice of topics for writing to the surprise of many of these same tactics are being applied within israel itself into denies it's created a blacklist or that it's seeking the sacking of individual professors it says it student members have been threatened with unfair treatment by leftist academics what's not completely acceptable or desirable is to say i believe my country should
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be boycotted on the world stage i believe my country should be viewed as an apartheid state as a pariah state that's not to my way of thinking acceptable especially when the state is paying your paycheck into it sue says it's in gauging the continual fight to preserve the zionist state its critics say that by naming and shaming individual professors is threatening something vital to the health of that state freedom of expression for israeli academics are a force it out to syria occupied east jerusalem. almost half of the people living in ethiopia don't have access to clean drinking water and when a well is dug the upkeep of the pump is crucial to ensure water keeps flowing but as they are hoarding reports wonder going it in the southeast but i just say the wells have been urgent need of repair the women in ethiopia carry the burden of the water crisis fetching water is their responsibility when aid agencies dig wells the
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pumps inevitably break from wear and tear for some girls that means missing school . back in dozens of boy don't fetch water they keep up with this school better but because i'm a girl i help with chores at home as well as take long journeys to fetch water. the well pump in asters village broke 9 months ago she spent hours a day tracking to get water why accounted for this well boseman taint we used to fetch water from a far we have benefited a lot of to this will was dug which freed us from struggling and it broke down soon after and we are back to the struggle we have asked the local administration for them to fix but they didn't life is infinitely harder when the water stops flowing in ethiopia half of well pumps stopped working within 5 years when a water pump breaks the only a media solution is to find an alternate drinking source now there is a spring but it's about a 3 hour round trip journey from here the other option is to drink from this river
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now while people still use it to bathe and wash their clothes the issue is that livestock use it too so if people were to return to drinking this original water source it's incredibly likely that they'd get very sick. after nearly a year of waiting help finally arrives here to diminish the works with nonprofit drilling groups as a private contractor to fix the pumps when agencies leave and the parts break with hundreds of broken wells like this to keep him busy he's finally in town to fix this one. he's like royalty here everyone knows his name. after disassembling the pump he finds a problem. hours later. there's a break through to the pumps fixed the other local work they have and the girls and women living nearby those wells that don't work are 1st to travel long distances to fetch water fixing this well makes me very happy because it will leave you the
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burden off women and girls. the hours of back breaking water carrying are over astor can go back to class. but 8 now that this wall to wall is fixed i can finally attend school on time and we focus. on this sacred resource hidden below their feet is finally accessible again to our good to. be a hardy an al-jazeera one to go net in southern ethiopia. and one you can always catch up with all the stories we're reporting on by checking out our website address for that is our dot com. a lot of the top stories here now jazeera police in gibraltar have arrested the captain and chief officer from a detained iranian oil tanker there accused of breaching e.u.
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sanctions on syria the developments follow u.k. allegations that iranian vessels tried to impede a british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz leading to an intervention by a british warship iran though denies any such confrontation took place the british foreign minister says the u.k. doesn't want to increase tensions in one of the world's key oil shipping channels. where we're very concerned this is a very serious escalation of the situation and you know we are proud that the royal navy was that to protect their heritage. but we are monitoring the situation very closely we don't want to escalate tensions we want tensions to come down. the un human rights council has agreed to begin a preliminary investigation into what it calls a staggering number of murders in the philippine government's war on drugs it's accusing president. of inciting violence against drug dealers as well as intimidating judges and degrading women human rights watch estimates at least 12000
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filipinos have been killed since 2 tatars campaign began in 2016. france has passed a controversial tax bill targeting text giants tech giants like google apple and facebook the 3 percent tax affects any digital company with a revenue of at least $844000000.00 of which at least 28000000 is made in france but the u.s. says it unfairly targets their companies and president donald trump has ordered an investigation into the potential effects ambassadors from 22 nations have condemned china's treatment of ethnic and religious minorities in unprecedented move a sheet a letter calling for an end to the detention of we have muslims u.n. experts say at least 1000000 are being held in camps. police are fired gunshots and tear gas to disperse a demonstration by a shia group in nigeria's capital hundreds of members of the islamic movement of nigeria gathered outside parliament in
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a butcher to demand the release of their leader who's been in detention since 2015 his headlines a stream is up next more news feed after that by fire. ok imo we could be here in the stream ridicule threats of bodily harm and scorn this is what is really after us and play right i'm not weitzman endured for participating in art and activism focused on israeli palestinian politics today where we explore how actors and artists like her are using fear to as
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a tool to break down barriers in israel i mean i'll keep my palestinian territories have questions be sure to leave them in the us chat and we will do our best to get them into the conversation. you should die and shade in the occupation people can be occupiers in the room last night so i managed to moan. that. we. don't have the right incarceration organization under siege and the house arrest this is sure to point out with comments from iraq if you want a blistering documentary from today. that was the trailer for the documentary play shame to point written by israeli a right a not wise man and palestinian at to moderate has an innate they explore the difficulties of producing politically driven theater and the challenges they have faced because of their activism. and what i'd share their narratives in individual monologues recounting the hurdles they have to overcome to advance their respective
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careers and a contentious political climate in each performance the actors are periodically interrupted by news footage of israeli culture minister mary raghav whose efforts to pull government funding from organizations or events. disloyal to the state has been criticized as a form of censorship. us now via skype in tel aviv israel with us in studio mirage has some who co-wrote shame 2.0 and colin delaney who has been performing as i announced during the productions run here in washington d.c. welcome all of you to the stream it is really good to have you here i want to start with mourad so this is going to be tricky having this double conversation together the idea of shame the original production what was it. you know one of the gun enough. yes i can begin though is another shame was about events that happened during 2014 during their israeli attack on
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gaza. i can tell my story and then my dad can tell he is and afterwards i can tell how i expand the play so. the name was a. belt of. a 12 matic event i went through in 2014 someone show the fault of mine wearing a t. shirts with palestinian flag on the. air on facebook. during their gaza war and i was in there and that is well and people know me and i was like whoa facebook clinched and because people know me. they hate moved to districts and they couldn't really go safely on the street i was there this event was such as
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to a magic event for me and been pushed out of the public's fur. what i did is the opposite it's a put this whole experience on stage and this was my narrative in. shame. and maybe more but cannot share. and i love how i not always like directing as chatting to us. over to you. i 1st met and not when i was. assistant to a place she played and i was supposed to edition for the role in it but i was a bit too young. i mean comparing turn and have a good scene i say that i want you to be my assistant ok so the assistant director on this is old but not that time i'll be done theater where i used the word got
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closed and not just for me maybe we had the story of the story of the comments she get and we make. artists experiences walking it. made me dance theater my suggestion was. interview me as if she writes all the details documentary like all actions you want from here. and the brothers and sisters and how many better to play yourself than yourself yes exactly . my story everything is written the. happen except for that one name we had to change just for you know similarity in names that we don't really point and someone particularly and then we started rehearsing actually the original television live. more not because we were invited to international it's called.
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festival it's like pieces of theater that not only relate to kind of a specific genre in theater but a mentor one and then this is where we start performing. and culling of course then you join the production you are playing i not i want to bring up this week here. every viewer of the play that's here and you see it most a theater. d.c. metro theatre arts rights shame to point out goes to the heart of what's dangerous about dissident art anyone who cares about art that matters most not miss this inspiring instance of what makes the your work that's a hole in the idea of dissident art is that what you thought you were signing up for was that what you see yourself as doing. well i have to confess there was a bit of naivete when i took on the project. my a path to the production was through some personal relationships they felt i was a match for the role so rather than the content pulling me to the piece it was the
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relationships and the faith on their part that i would be a good match for the role and it is only as we were that i came to really only begin to get to know the stakes involved for rod and for a not and for all israeli artist i saw you all on the opening night in washington d.c. so shame is called shame 2.0 because this is a production that it's playing in washington have a look at my computer here colleen and i know standing there together you can see the connection between the 2 of them this is this wasn't planned this one wasn't planned this one was them really embracing each other on the opening night i want to play you just a little scene we recorded it earlier in the stream studio that gives you a little insight into what is happening in this production have a look have a listen sometimes it's the little decisions that make all the difference
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that sunny morning in 2006 i chose a t. shirt from my closet it was a political statement of course but it was also a rather naive one. what started out as a torrent of abuse from members of the internet public went on to push us to perform this little play shame which led to others what i didn't know then was that these voices of public abuse weren't merely fringe voices but would go on to become the voice of the mainstream that my plays would be heatedly debated in parliament that the government would push for laws to try and stop me as a friend to terrorists and so my personal transformation from t. shirt wearer to playwright is also the story of the radical dissent of my country
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while despairing the worsening and critical situation in gaza and in all other parts of palestine for israeli artists for my country that i love there is also a little hope that art even if stumbled upon by hazard or chance can make a difference. at your facebook page in that quote is on your facebook page on the post here there's also a little hope that arts even if stumbled upon by has little chance can make a difference what difference is your art art making. i think the most. a good example for what they import and so far is there. is
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a. loyalty law that the minister of culture was trying to pass in the israeli parliament. a law that. every artist should be loyal to the states. and if not funds will be taken from him so i think this law that the minute i gave was trying so hard to pass is that is like testifying to the importance of art because if. there is a need to or a whole government pass a new law in order to to fight against a playwright or or a palestinian institution that meets that power in it that out indeed has power and i think there. is this struggle here is about narratives and
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about perception and i think that art has its role to gather. history we need. this politics in your so. yes so i believe in art. and mary wreckage is the current minister of culture faith israel and has tried and succeeded in banning some of your productions in the past. you mentioned they're testifying to the power of art and it brings us to this comment we got live on you tube says when you asked if they believe that art can inspire influence and that maybe our it could bring about political and social change so that is a question someone's asking before you answer it what odds i want you to hear someone the perspective of someone who thinks that it can this is a professor who sent us a big comment his name is john johansen out of london and he talks to us about
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using art as a tool a political tool because it told us performers can be quite significant to us political resistance especially if it's based on social engagement participation interaction so for instance the freedom feature on the west bank in the palestinian territories they both build their scripts on interactive exercises with your audience and when they tour the also discuss the shows after performances with audiences so they keep alive an absolutely topical conversation about the state of military occupation and. it's an argument you know i think they will contribute with more participate with democracy in pursuit of political freedom. do you see your work as a political resistance will i can't agree more with what we have now because theater is a very very powerful tool 1st of all it connects people together it's
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a reason to come together it reminds us maybe of mosques churches or synagogues it's a very holy place if you might call it this week it's power is that it's its general it doesn't really specify one member of the audience and then the other it reaches to everyone so imagine that you as a group of people come to watch a play and then you see this play is similar to your home similar to your stories similar to your struggle for let's say and then you realize it's far away from my state but something is happening it's like the political theater a bit of bread for example what he wanted to do either i mean i can't speak for him for him but what he wanted is that people lists emotionally involved. mentally and the. like more comparing what they're seeing on stage to life so when they go
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out of fear that they will think about i'm not going to let this happen to me again or i'm not not going to just pass away as if it's normal i remember one of the pieces that affected me as an actor actually was a. project in jerusalem the empathy towards other people and you realize as a man that if you don't have something in return you don't give him pretty it's a kind of proven science the project was to deal with it and if you're allman it's a class thing to give him but various i know but then we come to our plate. theater can. change the incentives the family yes definitely yes does all of. one point or we've had many critics saying that what you're sending to the choir we are convinced convincing us we know what you're saying when we had a month you guys you know what we're going to keep saying it again and again to lose just completed something wrong we need to change it it changes even if you
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know all that it is on stage it will change something in your mind. theatre and all art i mean i love the way not in the plays conclusion talks about art and not just theater because. i see so many parallels in the play shame to the situations we face and struggle with in america obviously different situations different stakes different consequences but similar themes what did you see from working on this production that you saw this is just like the states where . the notion that the screaming loud fringy voices have moved into the mainstream and that this is you know. there's no discussion it's just shrieking on either side you know or reacting to that or i think it didn't make it into the final cut of the play but certainly part of the
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situation is this mass incarceration of palestinian men yeah which we used to mention in the play felt very reminiscent of our situation here and i think of like you know again drawing a parallel to our country and our struggles with race for example. how you know. black americans can't seem to protest they can't seem to take any they can't seem to demonstrate but childish gambino can make the video this is america which is like who can who can deny the deep and difficult messages in that and so that to me is like another example of resistance through art the well 1st of this is america by the way back home we feel connected to everything that we see each frame of that clip. because we'll have for people who are not in the know is an artist and that video went viral around the world because other people could
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connect with the sentiment of the being i think it's oppression like a feeling of oppression i want to just pause for a moment because mariah you recorded in our studio just a little bit earlier an excerpt from saying to point. have a look few days after the mess started with the i'll be done theater yousif comes to the bar a friend. on and asks for busy white bushmills no i saw the peanuts and. he sits down with a smile and he tells me you wanted to be an actor there medan theater right you always wanted to be right here is your new manager with an interview to the press is me cell phone and i knew that i came in order to stabilize the company i came to bring back the theater into a cultural. this shouldn't be. a political
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one we are the citizens of israel we pay taxes and we're proud to be part of the system. i give him back a cell phone and he looks at me with a bigger smile now and he tells me are you proud to be part of the system why do you represent what does that does the country represent you your idea the next thing you're going to do is to present israel in the euro vision all this theater of yours only for the israelis to feel better with themselves to give your money just to even the freedom of speech flag but in order to do so you have to be a good arab the freedom you have is to choose whether you're an arab in the nablus method or in the nazareth method and then i tell him listen we can make a change from within or the liberating movements use the colonizer suits to undermine him this is possible this is how you do it then he tells me show you show me what it succeeded show me where it succeeded why do you need this country for detach completely brained money from outside a klystron have a total freedom because let me tell you something about israelis israelis you
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cannot talk to them you can only talk about them only then they would listen when you said something about them outside but here inside they couldn't care less they are the winners you can try and talk to them about colonialism ok occupation cool but say it outside and see how fast they will listen to the need told me. i will teach you and you look like a nice guy let's go to the 3rd. base drink vodka now because of the holidays were some spices to make it stronger. no he wanted to play with said live it drink from me today so much step
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then that one clip that seemed there are audiences reacting brad any on facebook says being censored is a badge of honor it means you are being effective keep it going and i do you see it as a badge of honor censorship. well. sometimes that like . one of my plays prisoners of starkey patient that was banned. yes i thought it was on though to be censored both is well and also. so what happened was display that was banned this display was there about political prisoners and. whatever the result of it of bennett may play it was. programmed to wear theatre
4:42 am
festival and that band steering committee and the whole festival collapsed and all the artists are left of the festival and a big media storm began and then people started to discuss the power far and discussed also what was so important to me about it to discuss the issue of political prisoners and for quite some time i thought as if i woke the walls of the theater and the whole country was discussing a play that was so important to me. there's a tweet here speaking of censorship because of course you guys are getting it both ways so jonathan cook writes in here that i not weitzman broke israel's great cultural taboo last year with her play on palestinian political prisoners this is a separate play the government banned it from the aker festival and now she plans to revive it through a cat crowd funding campaign so that censorship from the government but here
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someone else writes that israeli artists who speak out these are just examples that they've listed actors and not twice one has had people in her neighborhood shout and spit at her these of course are speaking of the circumstances that i not his face have you want a similar circumstances lately because of the incitement that is going on by the system by the government. against palestinians and as you see it if i have 2 dogs if i take the beach i need to be really careful that there will be no disturb because it's going to be immediately racist i mean the comment is going to be immediately racist if i you be cast also to play it's going to be on support because i mean everything. everything is there in this racism. when it comes to an artist a palestinian artist in israel you are acting against the system it's no surprise to anyone if you are straight and alone with the system that's your choice no
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judging may be. made if you're not i think i mean if you're not certain of the name of the system don't expect the system to be like welcoming you but still what they're not really important because if the government is investing so much to change a narrative. it's a great indication that she's afraid this government is really afraid of this narrative and if this narrative goes viral for example like. that it really got there is that it goes viral it might be dangerous to the state of israel for example maybe jewish now israeli jewish want to hate i want to know what happened with the palestinians in 48 and we know this for example when they see a plea but then comes the day give back up with all of the government of the right wing of. shut down the theater and there is nothing you can do about it because you don't have these we don't have infrastructure and that our struggle today is only
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to. the month of a surviving strike that would not even to have been a critique in our. see the system we're just busy doing or not. getting shot and then we try again and then skip getting shot on the new program of the development. of the. rides and i not it's been such a pleasure having you here on the screen we could talk for another hour a little rough about right now i have to tell you about this if you're in the washington d.c. area in the next 5 days check out shame 2.00 it is on at the mosaic theater in washington d.c. thank you guests really appreciate your your company today now on to wednesday it will be the 1st of 2 special shows on nigeria's upcoming election a double live episode we will meet a young political candidates pushing for
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a major change and one of the well to a youth or countries has an assignment for you take a look at this week here we want to hear from you what issue is your voting on or if you're voting at all sin them to us in a video comment 30 seconds on your phone stream that al-jazeera dot com slash join until then we'll see you online. one of the last remaining ancient forests in southeast asia is
4:47 am
a lifeline to hundreds of lumberjacks and drive as. we follow that treacherous journey as they walk through extreme conditions. to gather and transport this dangerous but precious cargo risking it all. on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks as more people move here for opportunity space get flooded. with details coverage with the full faith that they've been without electricity and water for several days. from around the world although they did a lot of good years ago and get this area is one of the most heavily volume in the world. in the year 1271 a deep a gun attack in merchant sent out on an extraordinary journey haven't travelled the
4:48 am
furthest reaches of the muslim marco polo knows world view is radically altered beijing the city of stablished by cooper the cop is still today china strong featured knocked now and china is again a superpower we reflect on how the relationship between east and west has changed. marco polo on al-jazeera. coming up. hello i'm lauren taylor in london the top stories are now jazeera police in gibraltar have a rest of the captain and chief officer of an iranian tanker that was seized by british marines last week it was stopped on suspicion of breaking news sanctions by taking oil to syria new developments follow you k.
4:49 am
allegations that iranian vessels tried to impede a british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz leading to an intervention by british warship iran though deny as any such confrontation took place the british foreign minister says the u.k. doesn't want to increase tensions in what is one of the world's most important oil shipping channels where we're very concerned this is a very serious escalation of the situation and you know we are proud that they're all navy was that to protect their heritage tanka but we are monitoring the situation very closely we don't want to escalate tensions we want tensions to come down so in misrata has been monitoring reaction in the iranian capital. diplomatic relations between iran and the united kingdom have been suffering for many months now and the events of the last 24 hours will not help that situation and the arrest of senior officers of the graceful one the oil tanker
4:50 am
that was detained last week off the coast of gibraltar by the u.k. oil. that is likely to bring the same level of anger for leaders here into iran that the detention of the best of the seizure of the vessel the oil tanker brought from the senior most levels of government last week iran's president and other senior leaders calling it a violation of the sanctity of international waterway something that was creating insecurity many senior iranian leaders also called the u.k. a move that was by all accounts taken at the behest of the united states an act of piracy now iran is very angry about the fact that $2000000.00 barrels of crude oil were in the cargo vessel at the time of its seizure something that iran will find especially difficult now is trying to continue to sell oil in the face of unilateral u.s. economic sanctions and iran's economy is certainly continuing to teeter so this is
4:51 am
something that leaders will have taken very seriously and the arrest of these 2 officers will no doubt escalate tensions even further earlier today iran denied reports that islamic revolutionary guard corps naval vessels tried to capture and seize a british vessel iran's government flatly denied any truth to those reports saying that in the past 24 hours there had been no encounter with any foreign vessels iran's foreign minister zarif calling the u.k.'s version of events again another attempt to escalate tensions with iran. the u.n. human rights council has agreed to begin a preliminary investigation into what it calls a staggering number of murders in the philippine government's so-called war on drugs is accusing president tatty of inciting violence against drug dealers as well as intimidating judges and degrading women human rights watch estimates at least
4:52 am
12000 filipinos have been killed since detaches campaign began in 2060. france has passed a controversial tax bill targeting tech giants like google apple and facebook the 3 percent tax affects any digital company with a revenue of at least $844000000.00 of which at least 28000000 is made in france but the u.s. says it unfairly targets their companies and president all trump has ordered an investigation into the potential effects of the mystery surrounding the disappearance of an italian teenager 36 years ago has deepened after 2 graves at the vatican which were thought to hold her remains were discovered to be empty investigators were looking for the remains of a man to a lower landy the 15 year old daughter of a vatican clark who failed to return home following a music lesson in rome but to me it did not even contain the bones of the 219th century princess is supposed to be there on and his family says that they were sent
4:53 am
a letter with a photo of an angel above a tomb in the vatican's teutonic cemetery there's the headlines europe's forbidden colony is up next more news feel after that bye for now.
4:54 am
the european parliament brussels where the people of europe send their representatives. because of the boxes of the of the m.p.'s. they belong to the people who will jump at these to hold the european union to account. a look you can hear us look inside. what do they do here. nothing. my there's a hugely important debate about the future all to european union today and i'm trying to see. i mean it's impossible for them to people but there is a european parliament that's not accountable. like even in croatia in the parliament you have a balcony with ordinary people can come every day and look what's happening but you
4:55 am
know. the closest i can get is the press room where we get to see our representatives on t.v. . but then the european parliament is unique. normally parliaments the wise their own laws but here they can only accept or reject legislation from the under like that the european commission you know 7 years ago it's one of the reasons you believe there nigel farage says britain while it's to leave the e.u. leave the euro and just days after the break sit while he's relishing his. success what i have to say you're not laughing now are you. that you know that. as a policy to impose poverty on greece and the rest that are traded you've done very well by stealth by deception without telling the truth you would get the ball that i gave you. the 1st thing is that he's right everything was put out that's correct even if you love his own people and indeed
4:56 am
a sight make as much as what they'll do if you don't think. i may not agree with what he stands for but that's the paradox of europe today that's what i'm saying so what has cause he's saying you're against europe. one question yes how do explain the rise of you'll keep on trying less and you'll become europe until i die how do you mean squat and how do you explain the rise of foot i must tell you how do you explain the rise of some reason you know how do you explain it's a failing over opinion i want to turn yes ok here. you are getting the growth of houses across the political spectrum growth of rejectionism of this model right because the model doesn't apply just not me so what do we have then i mean we have nation states because of nation states borders walls and there isn't this dangerous oh and democracy here but where is america safe but is not here. so i'm going on a journey to understand how come the far right and claim to be the savior is
4:57 am
democracy europe. never sold one we sold how europe is facilitating gets own colonization privatization the extraction of resources and secret trade deals like the t.t.p. . the nature of the agreements. it's a construction of ultra neo liberal system will cement culture here if we believe in your. view and the financial forces behind the politicization are driving governments into wars abroad. which in turn are producing refugee flows the challenge an already anxious population. the major decisions that determine how life is lived are made without popular participation and that causes anger
4:58 am
frustration and contempt for the parliamentary system leech to erratic and often frightening reactions that's couple little severe economic growth. in deceptive and examine how the anger and frustration generated by this wailed politicization of p.b.s. the few opium democracy as we know. in november 2015 terrorists attacked paris killing 130 people living on a fake 100 injured. attacks on brussels airport and nice followed all carried out in the name of i.c. . so how did you don't make sense of this we discussed it as coming out of northern in explicable acts committed by evil people because of their
4:59 am
adherents to a religious ideology. but just because a neck this inexcusable doesn't mean it's inexplicably. known tomsky is a prolific writer only international relations and the riches of terrorism you look at news international these are people from living. miserable sober person it's internal problems that are leading to terrorist attacks again people with the people involved people been picked up by the police at least . very few. shallow islamic groups they're drawn to jihad. kind of a way out of their group ration and humiliation the. internal pressure.
5:00 am
the belgian and terrorist attacks were carried out by a man from brussels. runs a youth center here in the district of small and. i find nice to meet you yes welcome to a little bit of things when you show us around a bit yeah. you'll encounter any kind of discrimination maybe already in your childhood because you are all my stories and there are lots of places in my school. and the like to find them just springing from posting some boats must seem. to trust. to believe that some of the terrorists or committed the terrorist attacks in madrid in paris and also here where from back is the level of discrimination higher today after the. terrorist attacks when you.


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