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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 13, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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when zimbabwe gained independence from britain nearly 4 decades ago it had a strong currency but rising inflation over the years gradually eroded salaries of civil servants these notes were years from 1918 up until 2003 often land reform economy collapsed inflation was one of the highest in the world that's when the government introduced these they were called to barracks highest notes was $100.00 people would have to carry a bag of cast just to buy a loaf of bread the money was worthless. been 10 years ago there's a dollar was abandoned as an official currency in favor of foreign money cash shortages continued in 2016 introduced to try to long side foreign currencies but things kept getting worse last month the government of the 10 prison bob and donna known as. the only legal tender. after shopping charles and linda joined the queue for fuel another scarce commodity and for some after finding fuel there is no
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guarantee they will be power when they get home because of daily and frustration electricity cuts to struggling civil servants and millions of others this is now an everyday reality in zimbabwe. al-jazeera. still ahead on the monitor nor have the latest on heavy monsoon rains causing havoc in their class. party stands largest coal mine i'm a farmer been in the paradigm and i'll tell you why workers here claim that this could be progress on solution to it and if you price is 100 years the cup. and i think arguably it's luzon that wants the right in the philippines it's been rather short this season but it's certainly running as far north as maine where
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it's basically the central and southern sudden philippines where the rays falling it is heaviest and that's the case in the forecast as well the darker green is where the expect to get the big southern philippines but it does just about reach. south of always in particularly almost all of indonesia is the dry season so it's fairly reliably dry in jakarta it's much the same in bali for most of sumatra as well but in singapore in kuala lumpur chances are you will get a sheraton certainly in the forecast area and the time next couple days just one share the concentration of rain the say in the philippines this jump to midwinter where of course it's been stirring in the victorian house and there's more to come this rush here these are shower clouds and probably start to be honest certainly rain in the dark in tasmania except the really highest ground but only 18 hobart told of course cold in melbourne that we have feels the same is true in sydney evening breeze been up in tropical queen's and when you've got the warms eventually
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$23.00 degrees and to be honest even percy's getting close to 20 which isn't bad. 3 decades of the collapse of the soviet union russia gaging with africa to raise its political clout and we look at the economics behind. counting the costs.
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hello again these are the top stories on al-jazeera thousands of protesters out on the streets of hong kong to voice their discontent at china's growing influence of gathered and the border district of a where they say mainland chinese supporters rather have pushed up prices and the local community turkey has received the 2nd shipment of a russian missile defense system components are expected over the next few days and defiance of a warning from the united states which is threatening to sanctions and retaliation and the u.s. house of representatives has voted for a 12 month freeze on weapon sales to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates but the amendment aimed at stopping the killing in yemen still needs the approval of the senate and president trump. now hundreds of yemenis have been protesting outside the u.n. office in the capital demanding action against fuel destructions imposed by saudi
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arabia the shortages of force to choose between by. fuel and food because they can't afford. fridays a day of prayers for much of the islamic world for these people in yemen's capital sanaa they are praying in front of the u.s. office as a sign of protest they want saudi arabia to left its sections and. we've been protesting outside the un's office for nearly 100 days to put more pressure on the world body to uphold its main responsibility and allow fuel shipments to interest yemen as they have even been sold from countries involved in the war. officers from an oil company here see the saudi. is preventing 6 oil tankers from docking of the southern port city of. the last of what the out of. busy saudi restrictions on fuel continues to increase the burden on yemeni civilians 6
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or oil tankers have been checked and given permits by the un but 120000 tons of fuel have been prevented from entering her data support that could have helped the company ease the suffering of civilians and reduce the severe shortages of fuel. most of the protesters being outside the office for $100.00 days now they say they don't want any saudi restrictions on fuel and thousands more are lining up outside the gas stations for hours hoping to get through all this is the result of the fuel shortages in the city and the risk of car. drives a taxi tells us he spends a lot of his time at gas stations and. i spend most of my own ins at gas stations and on food most of the time my family does not have enough. gas station owners say they are also struggling from the lack of fuel in
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the city. we suffer a lot from restrictions on the flow of fuel into the market but i have a big responsibility towards my staff my rent and many other financial commitments . this gas station has been set up for women but some say it is not enough. that i look at the input. we suffer a lot from severe fuel shortages sometimes i'm forced to leave my car on the road and we travel long distances to this women's gas station. fuel may be crucial for millions of people here and abroad but despite the war and with the continuing crisis in yemen many turned up for this exhibit in the capital i lighting the benefits of clean energy on the bomb and. some. now president says raids aimed at deporting undocumented immigrants will begin in
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10 u.s. cities this weekend is coming under new to tackle the his immigration policies but some democrats accusing him of cruelty because of conditions and detention centers on the border mike hanna reports from washington d.c. the trumpet ministration is trying to change the narrative of 2 weeks of negative attention vice president mike pence toured a migrant detention facility along the us mexico border different from what we hear from many of the critics. i couldn't be more impressed with the compassionate work that our cause and the border protection to doing here at this facility on capitol hill the house oversight committee heard a different version of conditions inside the centers and what was worst about this mr chairman was the fact that there were american flags hanging all over these facilities that children being separated from their parents in front of an american flag that women were being called these names under an american flag.
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we cannot allow for this as we have seen this current strategy unfold intentional in cruelly created by the top administration duds and sending a hate filled message that those seeking refuge are not welcome in america in our america president trump has dismissed the claims of mistreatment of their forty's or says that even afterwards they write whatever they want but the scrimmage he made clear considered the details of maltreatment are fully substantiated a report considered by the committee was based on data provided by president tram's own administration officials under subpoena among the facts that they confirmed is the fact that as many as 18 children under the age of 2 infants and toddlers were separated from their parents for periods ranging from 20 days to 6 months
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the house efforts to investigate claims of abuse do not end here the judiciary committee this week approved a number of other subpoenas to be served on those dealing with migrants the intention to establish whether the implementation of the administration's 0 tolerance policy contravened federal law mike hanna al-jazeera washington police in paris have removed hundreds of undocumented migrants protesting outside the city's pantheon mausoleum the demonstrators who call themselves the black best barricaded themselves inside the building for several hours they shared videos on facebook demanding their residency papers be processed and a meeting with prime minister ed wants to leave has more from paris. well hundreds of asylum seekers occupied the policy on central paris just after lunch time a local time here in paris is an historic building in the heart of the french capital that is where famous french women and men are buried it's
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a symbol of the french republic not symbolism has not been lost on those who have chosen this venue for their protests now the asylum seekers are saying that many of them have been here for years they have the right to ask for asylum they have papers showing that the french state approves that the sign of request but what they are saying is that they haven't had those papers changed into the sort of papers and permits to the allow them to work legally in this country therefore many of them are working illegally many of them do not have access to housing and they're saying that's simply unfair what they are demanding is to see the prime minister it was believed they want to have the legal right to stay in france they say it is right there was a promise to says i'm some of them have been here for a decade without the white papers. freedom is to have our papers to work we are here for violent trouble we here for our right to lose working illegally to slavery 2. so why did it work so that shameful to see this in front of the country of human
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rights. that's why we're demanding papers for everyone 2018 different government passed a new immigration law perfect president came out on marco said it was all about cracking down on illegal immigration but including the situation for people applying for asylum but the next here disagree the edges of tropical storm barry lashing the u.s. state of louisiana as it moves closer to land a state of emergency has been declared in several parts with a dangerous storm surge as heavy rain and high winds predicted that forecasters expect the mississippi river to remain below the levees protecting the city of new orleans and d.c. correspondent jake gray has this update. area says that it's prepared though you never know every storm is different i want to give you an idea of what they're dealing with the this the mississippi river already at flood stage and it's been that way for a record $260.00 days they stopped all traffic is
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a major thoroughfare for boats and barges and things like that it's shut down so nobody's going back and forth on the river as you come back across so you can see some of the lights in the power poles here in this area that's normally an area where kids play where they host little concerts and things like that completely underwater when you talk to people in this area a lot and we just saw it's a woman who says we've never seen the water this high and here and now we're going to add the effects of barry on top of that still a tropical storm right now will likely be a category one hurricane when it does make landfall in a pond at least 20 people have died and many more are missing after having monsoon rains triggered floods and landslides the bulk of it was a slow to banks to struggling void ways and flooding towns police have evacuated homes in the capital cutting into the rains are expected to continue for 2 more days to be distressed it has little from tuchman to. i'm here in the neighborhood a move in the outskirts of grassman due where 3 people including
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a pregnant woman yesterday when a wall fell on them there were a series of cottages over here and most of them. working as laborers around here one of the. men over here is going to tell us what happened then what he saw yesterday. we didn't know the war was dangerous we had our lunch and since it was raining all of us went to sleep by the time we woke up the wall fall across the country at least 20 people have died and more are missing because of both landslides and floods in a city like that. many people say that haphazard development has a lot to do with the kind of disasters that we are seeing early here we walk to areas around the river banks a lot of the rivers have been encroach it making it impossible for water to flow out of the government has spent millions of dollars in disaster preparedness but as
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scientists say because of climate change there are going to be longer periods of drought as well as intense rains which are going to cause more research disasters in the region now palin stations fuelled by coal are shutting down in many countries but pakistan is bucking the trend at 1st power plants burning coal and opencast mine as operational the electricity generated as lighting up villages creating jobs and cutting the cost of fuel imports barton's asama been jobber the reports from sindh province the projects causing environmental concerns to this community in a remote part of pakistan is changing brick homes are replacing traditional huts solar lights taking place of oil lamps and there's a new temple and a mosque. krishan tomorrow's family is happy to move in their new home unlike the old hut it has electricity and running water there among the 350 families who've received compensation for the land many residents are getting training for new jobs
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after the discovery and extraction of pakistan's largest coal reserves company i n n n n when this company got operational many people from other areas arrived here for jobs or youth were also inspired to get educated and good for jobs themselves the development of this place should be owned by us rather than others. this is pakistan's 1st coal mine which could be the answer to prolonged power cuts under the china pakistan economic oradour china is investing in $21.00 and it projects many of these are called powered while other plants include hydro wind and solar power as well the company running the coal plant expects more than $1000000000.00 yearly savings in foreign exchange wanted creatures full capacity for its mining coal plants there are 3 issues in the country the 1st issue is the supply and demand ok the 2nd issue is expensive energy and the 3rd issue is important for them
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and the answer to all these 3 questions is just one solution and that solution is relying on an indigenous fuel. the power company says all the call plans or the ones which have lived their useful life spans are being shut down internationally with an estimated 2000000000 tonnes of energy rich reserves call from her parker could be pakistan's indigenous solutions to provide electricity for 100 years but with coal power being replaced by eco friendly plants all over the world environmentalist here have also got some concerns called environmental impact include air pollution by burning sulfur and nitrogen particles in the air and very high extraction of water from the actor for. manual ground game lamentation implementation and monitoring of them. our mental plans is where the problem lies most plans include the environmental and social impact but unless it's executed properly the people suffer nothing can remove the negative impact of using coal but
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you can minimise it a plantation drive and renewable energy projects are being set up to offset the carbon footprint the company insists it's complying with all regulator requirements and following international standards the environmental impact from the cool their 3rd knowledge you will think your offer and you are very very within the limits are there are allowed by the regulatory authorities. pakistan must reduce its imports to stabilize the economy and it also needs energy those running the new called project c. it will be a win win situation if they can fulfill these requirements while minimizing the damage to the environment and bringing positive social change. some of the job it down to 0 called mind parker. hello again i'm elizabeth ron i'm in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera thousands of protesters are out on the streets of hong kong to voice their
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discontent at china's growing influence that gathered in the border district of shanks' way where they say mainland chinese shoppers of pushed up prices and disrupted the local community jimmy the island has the latest from there. here they are marching towards the station basically demanding for transparency regulation from the government they are shouting for caroline caroline to resign they would like her to step down from obviously believe that she's no longer * capable of running the government with transparency they say that it seems as though her focus and her lawyer the are actually with the government of beijing basically and that what they would like is for caroline says that. he has received the 2nd shipment of a russian missile defense system will components are expected over the next few days in defiance of warning from the u.s. which is threatening to impose sanctions and retaliation the u.s.
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house of representatives has voted for a 12 month freeze on weapon sales to sell the arabia and the united arab emirates but the amendment aimed at stopping the killing in yemen still needs the approval of both the senate and president trump. fighters in somalia say they attacked a hotel killing at least $26.00 people and injuring dozens it happened in the port city of conspire in the top autonomous region of juba land among the dead to people from kenya tanzania the u.s. version and canada. in the at least 20 people have died and many more are missing after heavy monsoon rains triggered floods and landslides the river overflowed its banks destroying roads and flooding towns homes have been evacuated in the capital cut london the rains are expected to continue for 2 more days and the edges of tropical storm barry lashing the u.s. state of louisiana as it moves closer to land a state of emergency has been declared in several areas with
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a dangerous storm surges heavy rain and high winds predicted well those are the headlines on al-jazeera counting the cost is coming up next. as iraq rebuilds itself following the years of conflict women struggle to play a bigger role politically and domestic violence also remains a problem. some of the brave women battling abuse talk to al jazeera about the struggles they face and their pursuit of justice. a lot has this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week 3 decades after the collapse of the soviet union putin's russia is in gauging with africa to increase more than its political clout missile systems that could still up and turkey's economy we look at the economics
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behind the s 400 and the f. 35 stealth bomber. and as google prepares to launch its challenger in the games industry we find out if it could be game over for the likes of sony and microsoft. so as the soviet union imploded it turned its back on the african continent in the 1990 s. but now under president putin russia is making a push to engage the reason a simple western sanctions the pivot to china hasn't been a huge success and hopes of billions of dollars in investment from the middle east haven't arrived in the quantities expected plus african votes count in the united nations. russia's trade with africa rose 26 percent to $17400000000.00 in 2017 moscow doesn't have the financial power of beijing just in 2017 trade with africa amounted to 170000000000 dollars the u.s.
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is of course worried its trade with subsaharan africa was $39000000000.00 in 2017 and this is what russia is doing in africa it has oil and gas deals with algeria egypt ghana nigeria and mozambique it has nuclear deals in place with rwanda zambia and south africa although that is in limbo while it is a big supplier of arms to egypt algeria sudan and angola moscow is increasing support across the continent that's not a comprehensive list by any means but let's get more on russia's interest in africa now joining me from london is charles robinson chief global economist and head of macro strategy at russian investment bank rene sands capital thanks very much for being with us so let me ask you 1st of all then how is russia's relationship with africa changing under putin and what's the most important aspect of it is
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a political economic or military influence. well i think there's a little bit of all 3 but you take the 1st 510 years and of putin's rule in russia very little focus on africa very little interest what seems to have shifted is with the sanctions getting imposed by the u.s. and the e.u. in 201415 we've then seen russia decide that it needs to build links around the world to china to india the gulf and we're seeing that with the saudis and i'm now to africa to. and does russia doesn't have the financial firepower china doesn't care can it really compete i mean is this is this a competition or does he just need friends for votes in the united nations i think it's about finding any export opportunity that they can they're not 100 percent sure how relations are going to pan out with the u.s. or with the e.u. over the next 5 to 10 years and so what we've seen is
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a concerted effort by putin to bring in the indian prime minister the japanese prime minister the chinese leadership and now african leaders to to to diversify the russian trade export routes and africa's boom in the last few years for russia and its exports to africa which just one percent a few years ago they're now running a 4 percent and i think that's caught the russians attention and how do you think china europe and united states are seeing this russian comeback. i was in congo last week and the russians are heavily involved in central african republic which is the country just to the north just over the border and i think that's it to agree of suspicion about that but so far you know puff in these isolated incidents in just one or 2 countries most of russia's in gauge with africa's being north africa so nearly 80 percent of all trade the russia does all exports go to egypt tunisia algeria this is so so the russians are trying to to
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spread south. i think the west is much more concerned by china at the moment and their engagement and that they're only beginning to pay attention to what russia might be doing and putin is hosting this russian african summit in sochi next october what can we expect there. i think a lot of a lot of leaders will turn up. they are also conscious the russia might have something that they need so one in 7 of russian exports to africa arms and weapons and just getting security continues to be a big issue and you see that in the central african republic you see that in somalia and other countries south sudan security remains an issue for for some countries in the continent and russia's got the experience in dealing with difficult climates of running railway lines around the world infrastructure electricity education
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a lot of africans used to get educated in russia in soviet times and they're coming back now in the last 5 to 10 years because because russian population is shrinking the number of young people is down by about 40 percent in russia so the universities are empty how do you fill those spaces get african students to come in and that's exactly what's happened the numbers have doubled in the last 10 years and what about african markets what can they offer russian investors mining oil gas that sort of thing there you've already got rosneft the oil giant which is a gas john which is which is operating in north just off the egyptian shore in the off shore gas fields there you've got gas from are afraid to go to resell which is building mines in guinea and a neural cam that fertilizer company is is seeing great opportunities in places like zambia and zimbabwe and thinks that it can can help the agricultural revolution africa is going to need to to develop so there's this opportunity for
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a whole host of russian businesses in the continent but russia's economy isn't doing too well the moment is it i mean 0.5 percent growth in the 1st quarter what can we expect going forward do you think that the thing that the program russia's got which many people don't focus on enough is the population shrinking there were . king age population shrinking so it's been dropping by about one percent a year so when russia's be getting about 2 percent growth a year that's 3 percent per person that's actually better than most countries and russia's could compare it to oil exporters like canada or norway in developed markets or colombia all cats or sound in emerging markets russia's done better in the last 3 years. than its peers but it does get capped you're not going to get growth much above 2 to 3 percent when your population shrinking and this year they've also done tax hikes and that's why we've seen the slowdown early this year
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they're determined to keep the budget balanced to try and keep themselves secure against potential sanctions risk from the west and just finally i want to ask you about the opec meetings this week why is russia signed up to extending all production cuts i mean remarkably it doesn't it doesn't need higher oil prices and it's built up this $100000000000.00 rainy day fund yet they they turn need it but obviously they benefit when when the oil prices higher and i think they're trying to play the long game so to putin's point a month ago is very much that based on the way they are calculated in russia russia can get oil out more cheaply than saudi arabia or i see it's not quite right the budget balance is at a low or oil price in russia that it doesn't saudi so the russians are playing a long game and they're happy to cooperate with the saudis and to try and ensure that oil prices don't do that terrible plunge down to the thirty's that would require big shifts in russian policymaking again good to speak you charles
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robertson thank you thank you. how the prospect of further u.s. sanctions on turkey over its decision to buy russia's s. $400.00 missile technology had been delayed for now president trump blamed the obama in ministration for the impasse ain't turkey had been treated unfairly by not being allowed to buy patriot missiles. the president was not allowed to buy the video just so when he got the other one it's the years 202400 when he was there. he wanted to do this but he wasn't allowed tell you about it was racially divided we deliver 3000000 deal to violence so goes the other misses a little of the solicit when you could now by yourself you know to get to this is that turkey has been a a friend of ours and. we do great things together would be very important we're
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going to be much bigger i think the $75000000000.00 it's more i think it's going to be well over $100000000000.00 of what turkey stood to be tipped back into recession just months after escaping the last one if sanctions were imposed turkey agreed to by the s $400.00 missile batteries for $2500000000.00 from russia washington isn't happy that at least 13 nations are interested or are buying the missile defense system including india vietnam and egypt but delivery of its 1st 4 f. $35.00 warplanes has been delayed over concerns its security may be compromised by the s. $400.00 missile each plane is worth about $85000000.00 and turkey has ordered $100.00 f. $35.00 ankara has invested more than $1250000000.00 in the f. $35.00 program since 2002 more the $900.00 turkish companies stood to lose participation in the building of the f.
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$35.00 over the lifetime of the plane they stood to make $12000000000.00 we're joining me now via skype from istanbul to talk more about this is c.n.n. and he is the chairman of the istanbul based center for economic some foreign policy studies and a visiting scholar at carnegie europe in brussels thanks very much for being with us now despite president trump's comments at the g. 20 word from the pentagon and washington is that nothing has changed and that these sanctions will go ahead if turkey takes delivery of the s 400 what do you make of that. well after the meeting between the turkish president are gone and i was president trump in all sucka there was an air of optimism erkki an expectation that the u.s. president could use his presidential prerogatives to either block or suspend potential sanctions against turkey but obviously we also know that the different pillars of the 1st administration and also congress is very much in
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intent on imposing those sanctions but to be seen to what extent trump can actually deliver on this promise made to the turkish president at the margin of the g 20 summit to actually prevent or block these potential sanctions and is it true that trumps pretty president obama denied access to patriot missiles what's more on that decision well it's let's say it's a half truth in the sense that yes those patriots were not delivered to turkey but that we did because there was a disagreement about the conditions of their didn't agree so it was not a categorical rejection but turkey wanted that purchase to be accompanied by a degree of technology transfer and that's not what the u.s.
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was prepared to accept under the obama administration and therefore deal went through didn't go through and what would happen then if turkey decides not to take delivery of the s 400 what will be the consequences. well i mean now the turkish government has iterated so many times that the s 400 that treaty was intent on the purchase of this 400 there would be difficult to explain to the turkish public opinion why at the last moment the government has decided to offer for a different scenario but nonetheless i think that if there is a diplomatic solution to this problem. that would enable the turkish government to explain in a convincing manner to deter shortens why they're often that they made that decision that this would be the best way forward because it would then diffuse the political tension with the united states and still allow turkey to
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a choir this time around the petreus is what will be the impact on that for the russians then. well turkey will have to manage the relationship with moscow if turkey at the last moment decides not to acquired s. 400. here i think we should underline that a mosque or would have 2 potential objectives associated with that sale the 1st one of misty's a financial one where turkey would still be committed to pay the amount agreed but secondly russia the problem we all saw or wants i weigh all over this sale to turkey to an escalation between turkey and united states which was also have an impact on nato and nato is cohesion so in that sense if turkey goes ahead and decides not to acquire this $400.00 then. at these turkey would
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probably need to compensate russia for the financial loss because of the leverage that russia has on turkey nowadays is about syria and particularly in the where turkey is afraid that. heavy handed intervention by the regime backed by russia could lead to a new way wolf refugees i'm from england so that's the leverage and for that turkey needs to be diplomatic about it and essentially compensate russia for any financial loss and if the u.s. were to go ahead with sanctions on turkey what could the input impact of that be. on turkey because this course not the 1st time the u.s. and turkey. have had difficult relations there was the whole episode with the u.s. pastor as well. yes indeed we've seen last summer the threat of sanctions or cold
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or sanctions were not applied but even the threat of sanctions was enough to destabilize the turkish economy now if. u.s. schools have had with the cuts a sanction. that is likely to have an impact on the turkish economy by raising turkey's risk perception is sold that it's really the main economy impact but. the and that this will have also implications for 30 defense to the street it's going to make it more difficult for turkish companies to pull trade with the with their u.s. counterparts and 30 this will also have an impact on the f. $35.00 program whereby the u.s. has clearly stated that you yes $400.00 come to turkey the u.s. will stop the delivery of the f. $35.00 aircraft to churchy but also exclude british defense companies from
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of the production line of of the f. 35 so there are many different aspects of or many of these full tracks of possible impact if need be if the u.s. goes ahead with the cuts of sanctions against russia and if we look at the domestic political situation in turkey right now president of one's party recently lost the istanbul election the merrow election there what's the potential impact of that going to be on the 2 ends approach to to running the economy in turkey. well i mean short term little in the sense that this was a dental they are local elections so it does not really impact at the overall national distribution of power in ankara and on continues to be the executive president of the country and therefore he will continue to dictates
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turkish policy but of course. being a stumble is a major setback and a lot of that is certainly due to the economy explored down that we have witnessed in the past couple of course orchardists in turkey so the direct impact of this will be for the government to refocus on the economy and try to create a reform agenda for a faster recovery very and but that will also be very much dependent on the it will not turkey's set of foreign policy goals and they're an escalation with the united states would certainly hinder this path towards faster recovery sinan organ good to talk to you thank you now x. box playstation and intended have dominated the videogame industry for the last decade and more sunnies next generation console will be available around december
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2020 and it's about to focus on hardcore gamers that decision shouldn't come as a surprise the big 3 have carved up a chunk of the $135000000000.00 industry for themselves by 2025 it could be worse $300000000000.00 and that is why some of tech's biggest players are about to introduce rival services alfabet the parent of google plans to launch its stadia platform in november this year stadia will be streamed from the cloud and does away with expensive consols apple will introduce its. arcadius service it's estimated that more than $2500000000.00 people play computer games every year and e-sports enjoy an audience of $458000000.00 a year so can google and apple make a dent in the games industry would joining me now from oxford england is vili lead invertor associate professor and senior research fellow at the oxford internet
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institute part of the university of oxford thanks so much for being with us so can google and apple change the gaming industry then well 1st of all i'd i'd say that they already have once op or app store and google play store popularized mobile gaming on the microtones action and advertising revenue models for games. and today something close to half of all the revenues in the global games industry come from mobile gaming sites say that they already have revolutionized the games industry once. now as for google stadia. and apple arcade i'd say that it appears to me that apple arcade is. more of a sort of complement to their existing offerings a subscription service perhaps for parents who are concerned about letting their kids in a marketplace with my concerns actions where they might end up spending too much
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money or for professionals who want to just play some games every month without spending too much time browsing the marketplace. whereas google sadia appears to be a much more ambitious effort something that is called platform and validation which means there's a. appeared to be attempting to become the customer interface to become the platform between the buyers and developers of games and relegate the hardware manufacturers to the role of pipes essential infrastructure which is what google has been thus far so they're trying to envelop. the existing platforms and become a platform of their own and what about sony it's aiming its next console and hardcore gamers and he sees itself as a niche player what do you make of that strategy. well i think that niche is
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probably still very viable because if you think about the 1st revolution that i referred to mobile gaming. those are the mobile games market is now half of the games industry but the rest of the games industry is still there didn't go anywhere so it's the total size of the market grew so it's very possible that there is still a need for those hard for hardcore gamers who value cutting edge graphics hardware and so on is one of the problem. as for something like google stadia a cloud gaming system is is a lag lag between controller inputs and visual feedback on the screen google state is by no means the 1st club gaming start up and even sony has playstation now which is a cloud based system but the problem with those services has been that the lag between
6:44 pm
the controller and the visual feedback has been a little bit distracting has been too high because it takes time for the signal to propagate to the data center and back now google thinks that because they have lots of data centers around the world that they're able to cop to slag to an acceptable amount but i think that what may happen is that there's still going to be a nice for those gamers who really want to play hardcore 1st version shooter games or east boards where the lag so having a small lag is extremely important and they will want to have cutting edge hardware locally of their homes and perhaps perhaps sony's targeting that nation and game makers would like to to sell their games across all platforms i mean that makes sense doesn't it yes although it can be helpful for a game maker to get more attention to stand out in the marketplace if they get that extra marketing push from a platform with
6:45 pm
a home they have an exclusive launch deal with and what technologies then should we be looking out for how will they change the industry distinct. well in terms of technology new technology is changing the industry there's of course a lot of talk about v. r. and now google status cloud gaming and it remains to be seen whether they can solve the problem of lag in cloud gaming but i would actually highlight 2 technologies on the production side under the under the hood. so one is motion capture is becoming cheaper to capture 3 d. motions from actors and transfer those onto. 3 to characterise and the other is a character animation so animating characters in a partly automated fashion and that's making the production side of games cheaper and potentially allowing it reducing then trade barriers increasing competition and
6:46 pm
allowing higher quality games to be produced a lower cost really large and better thanks for being with us thank you very much and that is our show for this week remember you can get in touch with us by tweeting me x. has him see can and do use the hash tag a.g.c. to see when you do drop us an email counting the cost that dot net is our address and as always there's more few online at c.n.n. dot com slash c.t.c. that will take you straight to a page which has individual course links and entire episodes for you to catch up on . so that is it for this edition of counting the cost as i'm seeking from the whole team here thanks for joining us the news on al-jazeera is next. every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens west stories of loss go untold. a sweeping association of islam with violence
6:47 pm
leaves erupt in muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life. twice evict and on al-jazeera. i'm going to go everywhere connectivity that's paramount for infrastructure and the
6:48 pm
patents on foreign corporations speech to many remain offline now our politicians and tech activists are building a homegrown solution connect one of you and secure the nation's technological sovereignty. rebel geeks the citizens network. this is al-jazeera. the whole ramadan this is the al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes 26 people including 9 foreigners are
6:49 pm
killed by al-shabaab attackers at a hotel in southern somalia. also fighting on the streets of a border town in hong kong was protestors turned their anger to a new target traders and shoppers from mainland china. and south african soldiers are deployed in cape town to help police with a surge in murders shootings and gun violence also we're keeping our eye on louisiana it's bracing for a deluge of tropical storm barry bears down on the u.s. state. and i'm we're hard in with sports on women's finals day at wimbledon history back in 1st serena williams as she goes for a record equalling 24th grand slam title with simona halep standing in her way. and so you straight to hong kong 1st because scuffles have broken out of the. protests on the border with mainland china these are live pictures coming into us
6:50 pm
in doha please of use batons and pepper spray to try and contain a group of protesters who are trying to set up barricades on the streets showing shway earlier thousands marched against traders and shoppers coming in across from the border and weeks of mass rallies over a planned extradition law have now widened into protests into how the territory is run of course these are live pictures certainly of well armed security services with batons and riot gear who were charging just a few moments ago a large group of unarmed you might say civilians they didn't see any scuffles except a charge by the security forces. it is our correspondent on the ground for us in hong kong the pictures we're seeing at the moment seem quite calm but the police are out in force and they did charge the public just a few moments ago. yes exactly i mean
6:51 pm
this is a protest that started quite peacefully people were marching thousands of them started to march from 1 sports complex near the station. but cited it became utterly chaotic some of the protesters accused police officers 1st of firing firing pepper spray it's unsure whether that is exactly true but what we've seen so far is that police officers about 10 or 20 who are assigned to basically manned the perimeters were completely outnumbered they were pushed back back to the station that's when rioters are that's when police are riots arrived police were asked to control the right the riot arrives there we've been trying to create a barricade but basically protesters have been pushing back i'm just going to show you exactly where we are at this point where about 500 meters where it's all happening there are journalists right over there together with protesters we're
6:52 pm
seeing riot police trying to keep this but we seem to have lost a jeweler there obviously with the movement of both people and security forces the technology also has to move around to keep our correspondents safe these are pictures just coming into us of those initial scuffles from local television of the you can see that the security forces have been charging in pushing protesters to one side certainly from a safer distance obviously it was quite peaceful during the early parts of saturday it seems have got a little bit heated now and we do know have seen. security forces charging large groups and we will continue to follow that story and get back in july when that situation develops those live pictures coming into us from hong kong. just me for the top story and that's finds in somalia so they've attacked
6:53 pm
a hotel killing at least $26.00 people and injuring dozens more though it happened in the port city of kids in the autonomous region of juba learned among the dead are people from kenya tanzania the u.s. and britain and canada welcome webb is our correspondent he joins me now from nairobi in neighboring kenya and what more do we know really about the circumstances around the attack and those that have died of the injured were just a short while ago the president of the jubilant region said that the death toll is $26.00 people that have died now as you mentioned including kenyans tanzanians americans and a briton as well as somalis there were politicians among the dead and also 2 journalists that's what the somali journalist syndicate has has announced i'm officially over there say that the attack began with a suicide bomber in a car who rammed the vehicle with a bomb in it into the building. to set off
6:54 pm
a large explosion and then gunmen followed up they came in and attacked security forces responded in a gun battle ensued that went on for some hours and eventually the security forces took control of the building but by that point there was a lot of smoke everywhere people survivors say this were bodies on the floor and only now within the last few few minutes we starting to get a clearer picture of what happened including that death toll of 26 from the president of the region indeed a welcome of course a claim of responsibility has been forthcoming it now means your thorough t.'s are on the hunt for the attackers. that's right al-shabaab the armed group from somalia has claimed responsibility for the attack they used to control the city of my up until 2012 when they were pushed out but they've remained present in some parts of juba land in the region not in the city or not in other cities for many years but they're still able to carry out these sporadic and deadly strikes
6:55 pm
like the one that we've just seen in the meeting that was going on in the hotel at the time that it was attacked was a planning meeting with local elders and legislators who were planning local elections that were meant to be held in august in case my in the city of kiev my so it's quite possible that disrupting the process of this elections was the intention of al-shabaab the attack ok we'll leave it there for now thanks very much for the update michael ware our correspondent in nairobi the u.s. house of representatives has voted for a twelvemonth freeze on weapons ols to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates but the amendment aimed at stopping the killing in yemen still needs the approval of both the senate and president trump has more from washington d.c. . in an effort to send a message and stop the killing in yemen the u.s. house of representatives voted friday to prohibit the sale of air to ground
6:56 pm
munitions to saudi arabia and united arab emirates for one year they have been used in the war in yemen the amendment to a u.s. defense authorization bill was sponsored by congressman tom our nowitzki and passed 236 to 182 mostly along party lines but 5 republicans also voted in favor of it breaking party ranks all it will do is stop something that is categorically harmful to our national interests the provision of offensive weapons that enable saudi arabia to keep defying our advice by bombing yemen and prolonging the war there. more than 200000 yemenis have been killed or died of starvation in the saudi and u.a.e. led war now in its 4th year the united nations estimates more than 22000000 people or 3 quarters of the population need humanitarian aid and protection before being
6:57 pm
elected to congress last year now and housekeeper was an undersecretary of state for democracy and human rights and on the house floor he said saudi arabia indiscriminantly wages the war in yemen under both the obama and trumpet ministrations we have given the saudis specific lists of targets not to strike we have told them do not hit this specific hospital or this port facility or that bridge and then repeatedly they have gone ahead and hit the precise coordinates on our no strike lists and then we just keep on selling them the bombs what does that say to the people of yemen what does it say to the leadership of saudi arabia as part of the same defense authorization bill the house also voted to require president donald trump to get congressional permission before he launches any attack on iran the senate rejected a similar measure last month the 251 to 170 vote was unusually
6:58 pm
bipartisan with 27 republicans joining all but a handful of democrats in support on both of the amendments iran and the saudi u.a.e. arms sales negotiations now are between the senate and house on which of those amendments might make it into the compromise final defense bill gabriels on doe al-jazeera washington. back to our top story of those protests in hong kong jubilant dugan joins me now. the phone overseas jim miller it's a very fluid situation. we're seeing pictures obviously of a standoff between protesters and riot police is in any way the best way to describe it what are you seeing right now. what we're right behind the barricades of riot police basically and they're trying a hard to contain the situation there clearly outnumbered by that around 30000 protesters here change surely what started as
6:59 pm
a very peaceful protest this is supposed to be test what they describe a perilous trager coming from mainland china were coming your trade and a call for better regulation became very can lock in a protest when all of a sudden some of the protesters a few police officers are firing pepper spray at some point protesters started to advance a police were. trying to watch the perimeter were pushed back to their station the riot police arrive we're seeing some injured police officers right here. and there there's there seems to be a difficult. 9 for going to be sequential and causing the situation. we're seeing more riot police arriving. some of the protesters also advancing. journalists as well and basically we are at the meter
7:00 pm
of where. where our rights act means council change the way unknown you know trading a at the border all phone call and and and and and i mean when china. by going to. basically. 5 point of what happened here. we can see the scuffles of local television between the police and protesters earlier if we look at the live pictures right now the distinct groups are very close to the scene one with holding large groups of umbrellas. and try to protect it seems an individual and another group not carrying a balance but heading towards you might say the police lines how would you describe the atmosphere right now well i think those working.
7:01 pm
group water bottles on other material well. i guess eventually what about. so far.


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