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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 14, 2019 12:00am-1:00am +03

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south africa's expect that's that's a good a good point i think it was the review it would give the list a good little something to go come on we believe and then that would be just what the approach will be a look at this summit in the sense of the fact that it really government the bulk of it really looks over from social the good of the benefits. to of education to all of the local government in the way we do environmental design. departments who will do good not only well what we were going with we will be you do goes you just described as i did when we had to because we didn't just grow up with it we will go you know we will assist all of us will really you know. it is to give young people the. protesters are rallying in sudan's capital to mark
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40 days since a crackdown by security forces they want an independent investigation into the killing of more than $100.00 protesters on june the 3rd and they're also demanding a civilian led government a political transition agreement between sudan's military gente and a pro-democracy coalition is there to be signed later on saturday the deal sets up a joint sovereign council that will govern for about 3 years until elections are held but here's a reminder of the significant events so far after weeks of protests against his rule the military removed president omar and bashir in a coup on april the 11th the generals then set up a transitional council while the mass sit in continued outside the army headquarters protest leaders held talks with the john top they agreed on a 3 year transitional period to democracy but talk soon broke down over who would lead the joint transitional government the military wanted a soldier to be in charge protesters demanded it be led by civilians on june the 3rd security forces raided the protest camp. outside the army headquarters killing
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more than 100 people and injuring many more all contact between the 2 sides was shut down and talks finally resumed on july the 3rd and within days they agreed to set up a council that'll govern for about 3 years while elections are organized leadership of this council will switch between the military and civilians morgan is monitoring developments from over the border in ethiopia's capital addis ababa we are hearing reports of protests ensued on him what are you hearing and how widespread are these protests. well there in the sudanese professionals association the body that has been spearheading calls for protests since december they're the ones who initiated this protest today the protests that marks 40 days since june 3rd now that day has become very infamous because of the number of people killed and the way the security forces attacked the monthlong pro-democracy
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sit in in front of the army headquarters we've spoken to some protesters in hospital and they're saying that the protests have been largely peaceful but we've also spoken to others because it is a nationwide protest so some of them are reporting that the security forces are using tear gas to try to disperse them to try to put an end to this march that started at around 1 o'clock local time and is still ongoing so it's been going on for more than 3 hours now they're saying that security forces are now using tear gas they're trying to disperse the protesters but they're saying that they will continue with their demand for just as they want the accountability for their for the deaths and the killings of their fellow protesters they do not believe that the military council which will be leading the transitional period for the 1st 21 months will be holding independent investigation because they see that those who attacked them at the sit in are the security forces and the videos show that security forces were the one that opened fire so they're saying that those investigations will not be free will not be fair and will be biased so they want an independent investigation into who killed the protesters and why did the same time
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have a very political transition agreement is meant to be signed between the 2 sides but we also understand there's an african union document right now in the works what's that one about. well mediation has been going on between the 2 sides led by the african union and if you've been mediation teams now today the constitutional the constitutional decree was supposed to be submitted to the 2 sides of the military council and the opposition coalition but we've spoken to some of the coalition some of the opposition members here and they're saying that there has been a request to the to the 2 sides to the african union and today if you can mediation to postpone the meeting between the 2 sides and the mediation which is supposed to be held today they're asking it to be postponed to tomorrow so that's what's going to happen right now they're saying that the african union and if you are in mediation has listened to their request and that this meeting that is supposed to be held today will be postponed they're saying that they need more time to look
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into the political agreement the words and the specifics they don't want any loopholes that could literally become an obstacle in terms of trying to implement that transitional agreement and trying to hand over power from a military government to civilian government so they're saying that the wording is in the constitution declination which will be the constitution guiding the government during the transition period and the wording in the political agreement between the 2 sides have to be very specific have to be carefully worded so that nothing is later misinterpreted and that the transition period go smoothly ok have a morgan thank you. plenty more ahead on the news hour including u.s. politicians take action to stop arms sales to saudi arabia and stop the killing in yemen. plus we'll have the latest. when the cricket world cup in front of their home fans at lord's. coming up.
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but 1st. banned his action is illegal following the killing of $51.00 worshipers in the christ church mosque shootings 4 months ago the government set aside $140000000.00 to buy back thousands of weapons the u.s. house of representatives has voted for 12 months for use on weapon sales to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates but the amendment stopping the killing in yemen still needs the approval of both the senate and president. reports from washington . in an effort to send a message and stop the killing in yemen the u.s. house of representatives voted friday to prohibit the sale of air to ground munitions to saudi arabia and united arab emirates for one year they have been used
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in the war in yemen the amendment to a u.s. defense authorization bill was sponsored by congressman tom aoun now ski and passed 236 to 182 mostly along party lines but 5 republicans also voted in favor of it breaking party ranks all it will do is stop something that is categorically harmful to our national interests the provision of off fence of weapons that enable saudi arabia to keep defying our advice by bombing yemen and prolonging the war there. more than 200000 yemenis have been killed or died of starvation in the saudi and u.a.e. led war now in its 4th year the united nations estimates more than 22000000 people or 3 quarters of the population need humanitarian aid and protection before being elected to congress last year now and housekeeper was an undersecretary of state for democracy and human rights and on the house floor he said saudi arabia
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indiscriminately wages the war in yemen under both the obama and trumpet ministrations we have given the saudis specific lists of targets not to strike we have told them do not hit this specific hospital where this port facility or that bridge and then repeatedly they have gone ahead and hit the precise coordinates on our no strike list and then we just keep on selling them the bombs what does that say to the people of yemen what does it say to the leadership of saudi arabia as part of the same defense authorization bill the house also voted to require president donald trump to get congressional permission before he launches any attack on iran the senate rejected a similar measure last month the 251 to 170 vote was unusually bipartisan with 27 republicans joining all but a handful of democrats in support on both of the amendments iran and the saudi
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u.a.e. arms sales negotiations now are between the senate and house on which of those amendments might make it into the compromise final defense bill gabriel zonda al-jazeera washington turkey has taken delivery of a 2nd shipment of a missile defense system from russia more components of the s 400 system are expected over the next few days in defiance of a warning from the united states turkish pilots are no longer being trained to fly the f. 35 warplanes and the pentagon's war in deliveries of america's most sophisticated stealth fighter will be counseled said in the latest from istanbul. the delivery of those $400.00 russian missile defense system still continues and it is expected to be complete by the end of summer according to turkish officials the missile defense systems will be operational by october following the 1st batch of the turkish an american defense minister had that ministers had
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a 30 minutes of call to the turkish side it reiterated that turkey is committed to its nato membership and its nato allies and the acquisition of the russian defense system was another choice but unless the city for turkey and also. the turkish opposition supported the acquisition of this russian defense system saying that if the turkish military says it is a mess the city then they will not be opposing this talk is the 1st nato country it to buy the russian air defense systems and it is the only one for for now and this is the debate that's why the u.s. congress still threatens that turkey should be sanctioned but according to turkey based on the meetings that of the president's address on and present donald trump by back in last month and during the g 20 summit turkey believes that it has promised not to impose sanctions but of course time will show whether trump will be
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able to persuade his congress in order to stop these sanctions monsoon rains in nepal have caused flooding and landslides killing at least 30 people many more are missing and a sabean shrestha reports from katmandu more is on the way. cars are moved to bikes buried in mud after rivers quickly rose above the danger levels and burst their banks streets have been flooded the water flowing into homes since thursday it's been raining steadily across the pond triggering flash floods and landslides hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes and rescuers have been searching for the. ported missing emergency services have also recovered some bodies in the skirts of the capital that men do the heavy rains brought one wall crashing down crushing a section of a heart. of iraqi of the one the wall suddenly crumble we thought it was an
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earthquake by the time we came out the house was broken 20 members of one family were asleep at the time 3 of them died 2 women one of them pregnant and a child were sleeping in this little cottage over here when this wall came crumbling down crushing the entire. most of the people over who have been living here are construction workers and the structures that they're living in it's very unsafe every monsoon season faces floods and landslides but in the cities people have been allowed to build houses and businesses to close to the rivers and the water then has nowhere else to go major highways have been blocked by landslides and the security forces have been called in to help in the rescue operations now but big you need to be 80 to 90 percent of all of our units have been deployed for rescue operation but disaster response is not only about human resources we need resources like
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a quick means and transportation as well. meteorologists say more rain is expected through to sunday scientists have been warning that because of climate change monsoon patterns are also changing and the region needs to prepare for more extreme weather severe droughts as well as more intense periods of rain it's been a stretch to us era that i do. tropical storm barry has been upgraded to a category one hurricane it's gaining strength as it bears down on the u.s. state of louisiana president donald trump has declared a state of emergency people have been ordered to evacuate outlying coastal areas tens of thousands of homes are without power but there is some good news for customers expect the mississippi river to remain below the levees protecting the city of new orleans and b c news correspondent wendy will focus more from new orleans the winds are picking up here along the mississippi river and we have felt
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rain bands from barry all morning long at this point at least 60000 customers are without power along the gulf coast right now there is a shelter in place order in the city of new orleans coastal those low lying areas are already taking on water with as much as $25.00 inches of rain expected in some areas historic flooding is possible this is the 1st time they've closed every floodgates surrounding the city because the mississippi was already so high before very formed the deadly storm surge that comes with these types of storms will put the levees that protect the city to the test right now officials are confident those fortified levees that are taller now and those improved pumping stations will keep the water back only though time will tell officials though say no matter how very comes ashore whether it is a strong tropical storm or
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a weak hurricane thousands of people in the state of louisiana as well as into mississippi and alabama are in the path of what could be disastrous flooding still ahead on the al-jazeera news our. this is pakistan's largest open pit coal mine i was on a big job in the power desert and i'll tell you why workers here claim that this could be progress on solution to it and if you price is 100 years to come. supermarket shopping in zimbabwe is a struggle against soaring inflation but the government has a plan to head off mass protests and. the best sprinters legs were working but his arrows cost him the race peter details and sport.
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hello is getting hot even in iraq now of course it is hot at this time yes throughout this part of the world apart from turkey the caucasus were quite often see clouds and showers and temperatures drop but i've overlaid the high temperatures there not surprising you wouldn't think at 1st glance but look at tehran at 41 degrees guess what the average is this time the is the cities for he said he arrived and the record is about 41 so tauren is approaching record values over the next couple of days because that heat extends a long way north as you can see and unsurprisingly further west but this is more usual the coast is clear a cooler bayrou to 29 degrees on shore breeze is probably very pleasant and baghdad's 42 is by no means hot we've seen 50 recently just to the science and in the western side of iraq but those temps are a little bit down maybe because he's transferred to try and knock the record up in tehran the hot breeze is blowing out of the iraqi plane of the gulf and so
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affecting bahrain qatar it's a little bit dusty but it's maybe just breezy but more humidity in the air but it's still $44.00 degrees max temp time and it's much the same further west in mecca and medina whereas the coast of amman is now expecting clouds and of course a breeze. traditional wrestling fan account have a village. now it's a national male and female school board in luxury and as a big prize money. colleges are love the focus unifying cultural fold. and a way out of poverty from. senegal wrestling with reality on al-jazeera. it was the deadliest year the aviation industry has
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experienced for some time examining. many foreign journalists including those from al-jazeera their licenses revoked their offices radio. programming. on al-jazeera. the top stories on the al-jazeera news our. visitors from china shop are. driving up prices by buying products.
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that killed more than 100 people a political transition agreement between. the pro-democracy coalition. 26 people in. the u.s. and canada. libya's coast guard is on alert as the battle for control of tripoli threatens to expand to the sea forces loyal to warlords who have been fighting for months on the capital's outskirts as. excuse not been well had reports in the coastal city of homs the u.n. recognize government is taking action. to prevent a naval offensive. the coast guard don't alert in western libya. they're
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more used to combating people a smuggling and illegal fishing now their daily patrols are keeping a lookout for naval forces loyal to their have to. we've been commanded by the navy commander of the volcano of wrath operation to secure the coast extending from search city to tripoli through conducting patrols and surveillance to spot and prevent any intruder ships. the caused the guards get from central command in tripoli but libya's naval forces are divided. here in western libya navy unit with the you enter recognized a government. in eastern libya have those warships patrolled the coast they were recently sent to the eastern part of ras lanuf eastern city to support his troops deployed in the nearby sidra oil terminal. this
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is a homeless poor it's about 120 kilometers east of tripoli it is one of the biggest and most important ports in western libya after his forces have threatened to block ships coming into and leaving this facility and other ports in tripoli and misrata but the naval officers here say those threats are unrealistic libya has been under arms embargo for the past 8 years despite that weapons are from foreign backers continue to be delivered. he says the u.n. recognized the government is entitle to import weapons. have terrorist forces have admitted they received arms through sea land in air so we will demand u.n. monitoring of the eastern ports if they target our vessels or shores they will be indicted by both local and international laws. as have those ground forces have
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failed to interest tripoli over the past 3 months and with no international intervention too in the fighting his naval forces could turn in these sure's into a new battlefield to try and turn the tide of the war. more than. a homeless president as raids and deporting undocumented immigrants will begin in tent cities this weekend is coming under renewed attack over his immigration policies with some democrats accusing him of cruelty because of conditions in detention centers on the border why can't i reports from washington d.c. . the trumpet ministration is trying to change the narrative of 2 weeks of negative attention vice president mike pence toured a migrant detention facility along the us mexico border different from what we hear from many of the critics. i couldn't be more impressed with the compassionate work
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that our cause and the border protection of doing here at this facility on capitol hill the house oversight committee heard a different version of conditions inside the centers and what was worst about this mr chairman was the fact that there were american flags hanging all over these facilities that children being separated from their parents in front of an american flag that women were being called these names under an american flag we cannot allow for this as we have seen this current strategy unfold intentional in cruelly created by the trump administration dead set on sending a hate filled message that those seeking refuge are not welcome in america in our america president trump has dismissed the claims of mistreatment of their phony sources that even after they write whatever they want but the scrimmage he made clear it considered the details of maltreatment fully substantiated
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a report considered by the committee was based on data provided by president trump's own administration officials under subpoena among the facts that they confirmed is the fact that as many as 18 children under the age of 2 infants and toddlers were separated from their parents for periods ranging from 20 days to 6 months. the house efforts to investigate claims of abuse do not end here the judiciary committee this week approved a number of other subpoenas to be served on those dealing with migrants the intention to establish whether the implementation of the administration's 0 tolerance policy contravened federal law. my kind of al-jazeera washington where you saw the vice president visiting one detention center in that report he also toward another facility crammed with almost 400 men in sweltering heat some
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said they'd been there about 40 days and complained of being hungry and said it was quote tough stuff and that he expected it to be overcrowded but he also said the facilities are something all americans can be proud of. women across latin america say men are literally getting away with murder cases of what's known as family side are rising in many countries with men avoiding prosecution for reasons including police interaction legal loopholes and sexual discrimination new government figures in bolivia so the femicide rate is at a 6 year high the highest number of reported cases are in brazil the latest data shows 4 women are being murdered every day thousands of women in $23.00 countries in latin america and the caribbean were murdered because of very gender in 2017 priyanka gupta reports. on the way to the funeral home in bolivia maryville last family screams for justice the 26 year old was allegedly hit in the
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head with a hammer several times till she died the police have detained her partner although we have got the local we say. she was all beaten her head was swollen her face was swollen it's such a shame that my daughter was killed by these murders man he killed my daughter i ask for justice that this man goes to jail. death adds to the rising number of femicide cases that believe you are 73 women have a ready been murdered this year it's the high street in 6 years. some survivors say they're free to seek justice in court others hide their identity in seattle i'm afraid of being murdered i fear for my life every. that of my baby i only ask for justice. and peace in bolivia passed a law 6 years ago making femicide a crime attackers can be sentenced to up to 30 years in jail but bolivia remains
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one of the most dangerous countries in south america for women activists estimate only 15 percent of all cases get a conviction one of the last 4 is one of the factors i think is that in all cases a family side there is impunity that is very serious because the signal that you give to the aggressor is that nothing happens here government ministers and bolivia say there are deeper issues. we have regulations in place that are recognized by pioneering international organizations but it's clear that the law is not enough therefore our strategy includes work in everyday life because it's what happens on a daily basis that needs to change many believe in women have taken their fight to the streets and on states to with a common goal of spreading awareness and demanding justice for the crimes committed by men priyanka cook the dizzier accorded in ecuador has upheld
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a ruling preventing the government from selling land in the amazon rain forest to all companies the ruling was celebrated by the indigenous people who argued they weren't properly consulted on the sale of their ancestral land. communities have been taking action against oil companies since the 1960 s. . financiers beaches are disappearing fast because of rising sea levels and erosion the economy relies heavily on the coastline where a number of you know world heritage sites are also under threat so reports. yes seen bran has been fishing for 40 years or longer to coastal town of higher element and while the traditional method of catching fish hasn't changed for generations the climate has you seen so the effects of global warming are evident in these waters. there's no 80 percent less fish than before we
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now live day to day we catch a pitiful one to 2 kilos of fish then head home with nothing else to do we have no other source of income. 2 thirds of the news is population lives along its coast but climate change is threatening their habitats and livelihoods plastic waste water pollution and illegal urban expansion are worsening the problem farmers in the heart and many say their crops are blooming too early pests are appearing and their bees are suffering too. yes jean says the government hasn't responded to their plea for help but they say they're trying to tackle the problem and raise awareness. of their food service and shops locally and would report to the government with a budget needed to tackle these issues cinesias coast is also home to ancient ruins a study last year found rising sea levels and coastal erosion are threatening
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around 90 percent of its unesco world heritage sites on low lying coastal areas along the mediterranean. we've been traveling from the north of the country and we're heading down the case moves decided to stop here and take a look at these finish and bar through ins now more than 2000 years old they're also one of 3 unesco world heritage sites incentives that in years to come will be flooded by the sea as you can see it's very close to the ruins. of this beach at the popular tourist town of how many it is expected to disappear and restaurant owners in the area are concerned they could lose their businesses in a matter of years 10 years ago by blows it was. 4050 meters of the sea. it's only going to move is. not going to have a breach since it is 80 percent of tunisia's economy relies on almost 2000 kilometers
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of coastline and with climate change taking its toll people here say it needs urgent protection before it's too late. al-jazeera along to museums coastline facebook's reported to be the facing the largest fine ever imposed by u.s. regulators for violating users' privacy and mishandling their information various media says the federal trade commission will find facebook 5000000000 dollars that's not expected to hurt the social media giant to march it made 56000000000 last year. soaring inflation in zimbabwe means many struggle to make ends meet shortages of food fuel medicine to bare problems government leaders are hoping a 2nd pay rise in 3 months will head off threaten mass protests by public sector workers or with asa has more from the capital harare its. traditional charles blunder and his wife glenda both take home $280.00 zimbabwean
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dollars a month after deductions that's roughly 30 u.s. dollars each combining both they salaries they agree to spend no more than $40.00 on groceries but when they get to the till they realize they've gone over budget things are just too expensive to make things worse some products they really need aren't available because of shortages things are tight. just taking issue as it comes to. troops the government is offering civil servants including teachers a cushioning allowance on top of their monthly salaries by that's only an extra 10 u.s. dollars. but. i'm dreaming all a kid. who does and if. you take. your door source.
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when zimbabwe gained independence from britain nearly 4 decades ago it had a strong currency but rising inflation over the years gradually eroded salaries of civil servants these notes were years from 1918 up until 2003 after land reform economy collapsed inflation was one of the highest in the world that's when the government introduced these they were called to barracks the highest note was $100.00 trainee and dollars people would have to carry a bag of the. just to buy a loaf of bread the money was worth less. been 10 years ago there's a dollar was abandoned as an official currency in favor of foreign money cash shortages continued in $2161.00 knows who introduced to trade alongside foreign currencies but things kept getting worse last month the government the temporaries a bargain dollar known as r t g s the only legal tender. after shopping chozen
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claim that join the queue for fuel another scarce commodity and for some after finding feel there is no guarantee they will be power when they get home because of daily and frustration electricity cuts to struggling civil servants and millions of others this is now an everyday reality in zimbabwe. al-jazeera had so had on the al-jazeera news hour things couldn't be closer between the mercedes drivers out silverstone the action from qualifying coming up in a moment. what went wrong in society that opened up the space for the immigrant ratio is the european problem and it's not accountable and it's impossible for the people to bear that is for link up our people don't want to take more of a lead and if profundity strongman or song woman was getting the growth of
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rejectionism of this world because the model doesn't was europe's forbidden colony episode 2 on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks as more people move here for opportunity space gets flooded. with detailed coverage with fevola favor they've been without electricity and water for several days. from around the world all the day over 30 years ago and yet this area remains one of the most heavily following in the world.
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power stations fuelled by corps are shutting down in many countries but pakistan is bucking the trend its 1st power plant burning caught from an open cast mine is now operational the electricity generated is lighting up villages creating jobs and cutting the cost of fuel imports but as a some of the reports from sindh province the projects causing environmental concerns to this small community in a remote part of pakistan is changing brick homes are replacing traditional huts solar lights taking place of oil lamps and there's a new temple and a mosque. krishan kamala's family is happy to move in their new home unlike the old hut it has electricity and running water there among the 350 families who've received compensation for the land many residents are getting training for new jobs after the discovery and extraction of pakistan's largest coal reserves company i n
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n n n when this company got operational many people from other areas arrived here for jobs or youth were also inspired to get educated and good for jobs themselves the development of this place should be owned by us rather than others. this is pakistan's 1st open pit coal mine which could be the answer to prolonged power cuts under the china pakistan economic oradour sur china is investing in 21 and edgy projects many of these are called powered while other plants include hydro wind and solar power as well the company running the coal plant expects more than $1000000000.00 yearly savings in foreign exchange wanted creatures full capacity for its mining coal plants there are 3 issues in the country the 1st issue is the supply and demand ok the 2nd issue is expensive energy and the 3rd issue is imported ford and the answer to all these 3 questions is just one solution and that
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solution is relying on an indigenous fuel. the power company says all the call plans or the ones which have lived their useful life spans are being shut down internationally with an estimated 2000000000 tonnes of energy rich reserves call from per parker could be pakistan's indigenous solutions to provide electricity for 100 years but with coal power being replaced by eco friendly plants all over the world environmentalist here have also got some concerns called environmental impact include air pollution by burning sulfur and nitrogen particles in the air and very high extraction of water from the after for. manual ground game lamentation implementation and monitoring of them. our mental plans is where the problem lies most plans include the environmental and social impact but unless it's executed properly the people suffer nothing can remove the negative impact of using coal but you can minimize it a plantation drive and renewable energy projects are being set up to offset the
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carbon footprint the company insists it's complying with all regulator requirements and following international standards the environmental impact from the coal their technology will think you're offered and you are very very within the limits that are allowed by the regulatory authorities pakistan must reduce its imports to stabilize the economy and it also needs energy those running the new called project c it will be a win win situation if they can fulfill these requirements while minimizing the damage to the environment and bringing positive social change. some of the job either 0 or part of coal mine that parker. it's time for the sports those who are peter green thank you very much similar help is the new wimbledon champion the remaining blitzed serena williams in the finals joanna gash has the story. with serena williams went into this final with history weighing heavily on the shoulders steve thank record equalling 24th grand slam title 2nd but standing
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in her way with simona halep and the world number 7 wasn't about to roll over. with halak brace to take the 1st set 6 to. the. williams hasn't won a grand slam since the 2017 australian open when she was 8 weeks pregnant and the frustration showed. with. her performance in this match was littered with 26 unforced errors. with just 55 minutes after stepping on court how it forced williams into the mistake that handed her the championship with 66 to the finals through the searing or it's the 2nd straight in britain finals
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that didn't go away but the simona halep the smiles just kept on coming as she lifted her maiden trophy at the all england club and the 2nd grand slam title. jonica just go on just. the mercedes over 30 about her small start on pole position for sunday's british grand prix he put a teammate lewis hamilton by just 6 many seconds in the qualifying session at silverstone it's the 1st time in 5 years that hamilton will not bleed from the front of the grid at his home grown premier ferrari. and red bulls max for stepan make up the 2nd row hamilton leads the f one drivers championship by 31 points going into this race. it's really good. i can just remind remind you why you do these kind of feelings but yeah. it's been pretty pretty cultural weekend today with louis and i just really really happy to get
12:42 am
a good laugh and you know not good enough you know i would work really hard throughout the session but i just got a little bit away from us and. sacrificed a lot in q 2 which would have helped kind of get a reading of how the car was but we ended up doing that and then just at the end i had a mistake in the 1st lap and the 2nd one just wasn't really that great so you know that much about 3 did the job and but it's a long race summer in england and new zealand are getting ready for sunday's cricket world cup final at lord's as both sides look to take the trophy for the 1st time the hosts of both up momentum in the recent games of victories over india and new zealand in the group stage and a crushing win over a straight in the same a final in the playing in the world cup final for the 1st time since 1992 it means a huge amounts to me and several in the changeroom it's a combination of for use of hard work dedication a lot of planning and it presents a huge opportunity to go and try and win a world cup i think for everybody around the country to support we've had
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throughout has been on questionable. new zealand were making their 2nd straight appearance in the final they lost to australia 4 years ago they've spent most of the tournament being labelled as the underdogs and captain kane williamson is happy to take their billing into the final as well and rightly so is it to be a favorite and coming into this tournament from the start they were favorites and playing really good cricket. whatever. you know it's it's it's just important that we focus on the cricket we want to play in which the night of the year is that. you know that anybody can beat anybody regardless of. the cricket's world cup is coming to an end while the european football season is only getting started in the continent's top players back in pre-season training this is christiane i remember though being given a big welcome back at you venters he was greeted by hundreds of fans as you
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reported for his 1st day back on duty in. preparing for life and the new manager city who spent last season a club chelsea. he looks set to be joined by one of the prized signings of the off season it's reported that you venters signed defender taste the 19 year old dutchman was one of the stars of i.x. amsterdam's run through the champions league semifinals. has no passion saloon. past alone or have been making a big deal of their latest big deal a club released a promotional video to announce a $135000000.00 signing frenchman and one griezmann from athletica madrid there is a new world record at the diamond league athletics meeting in monaco ending a 23 year drought and her son of the netherlands newmark in the women's mile and
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events that isn't run at many major meetings she clucked 4 minutes 12.33 seconds at 231 hundreds of a 2nd quicker than the previous space in the men's 100 meters justin gatlin lay down a marker ahead of the world championships later this year in doha he fellow americans know liles and mike rogers winning in a time of 9.91 seconds the 3137 year old will defend he's world title in doha in october. i was a rough race for 20 year old jonathan jones in the 400 meters another runner fall started but jones never heard the recall going he and several others started running some stop but jones finished the track he beat his personal best but ran it by himself in a race that now does not matter. sitting out for the real one. not ideal for him there in. peter thank you very much for that update thanks for
12:46 am
watching the news hour on al jazeera back in a moment with much more of the day's news all the day's top stories coming up right here on al-jazeera in a minute see you then bye bye. on counting the cost $3.00 decades off the collapse of the soviet union russia is engaging with africa to raise its political clout and we look at the economics behind that his decision to buy the s. 400 and f. 35 stealth bomber counting the costs and i just hear.
12:47 am
you responding 6 continents across the globe. al-jazeera is correspondents live and bringing the stories they tell of this was done enough to get the fuck up on a lesser scale. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian refugees i'll just 0 fluent in world news the story goes that the statue of an ancient greek god he beat the waves for millenia. until a palestinian fisherman on earth the priceless relic. the story continues but as the world's attention was drawn to. mysteriously the day the team disappeared once again. the apollo of ca's.
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we understand the difference. and the similarities of cultures across the world. no matter where you take it. will bring you the news and current of the. widening anger in hong kong thousands of protesters focus on a new target traders from mainland china. is not just there a life from a headquarters and. also. 26 people including 9 foreigners were killed by al-shabaab attackers that a hotel in southern somalia. people in sudan marked 40 days military crackdown
12:49 am
killed more than 100 protesters. are rallying supporters. and wimbledon has a new champion similar to how it takes less than an hour to close to read orleans away. hello what began as protests over an extradition law in hong kong has now turned into a much wider anger over the influence of china fighting broke out on saturday after thousands of protesters marched in the town of shang shui close to the border with mainland china riot police used pepper spray and battens to stop them setting up barricades the protesters say shoppers on traders on the mainland are driving up prices by bulk buying products to take home and sell well it's just gone midnight in hong kong and again is joining us from there with an update because what started
12:50 am
out as a peaceful protest turned into scuffles with police. exactly do you remember when we were there when deprived as sardou was supposed to be a peaceful march of about 30000 protesters from different parts of hong kong coming here at this border town to protest what they call were parallel traders those coming from mainland china to try to buy goods here to sell it for a higher price in china with they were mainland china what they were asking for basically was for the hong kong government for the office of carrier to better regulate and control what has long been a practice of trade here in shunk sure but that quickly changed basically and escalated and became very chaotic after a group of protesters accused police officers of spraying tear gas at them the police obviously surrounded by protesters were pushed back all the way to their police station rioters arrived were also pushed back by this huge number of
12:51 am
protesters what we're seeing here. over the last few days according to protesters we've spoken to are bottled up this content for those who have been frustrated by how the government of hong kong has actually been running many of the policies here it's moved beyond the extradition bill now as you can see it was all about it was it was all about a labor issue here it remains to be seen what will be the concessions that will be offered by the hong kong government that will appease many of the protesters what is clear here though is that after almost a month of protests there is still no shortage of anger and frustration here and that has been manifested by what's happening on the streets constantly. going thank you. al-shabaab fighters in somalia say they attacked a hotel killing at least 26 people and injuring dozens it happened in the port city of my own in the autonomous region of jubal and among the dead are people from
12:52 am
kenya tanzania the u.s. britain and canada malcolm wyatt has more from nairobi in neighboring kenya officials who survived the attack say it began with a suicide bomber in a car there was a bomb in the vehicle in the vehicle was rammed into the hotel causing a large explosion gunmen then followed on foot attacking the premises and a gun battle ensued between them and the security forces who were posted at the hotel the gun battle went on for hours but eventually those security forces were able to take the situation on the control is kind of violence is common in some parts of somalia but in recent years it's been rare in the town of kids of my own but it's widely believed to be connected to an upcoming election which is meant to take place there in august the time of the attack there was a political gathering going on inside the hotel elders plan representatives and legislators were meeting in preparation for that election and the armed group al shabaab have taken responsibility for the attack what's not clear is if it was an
12:53 am
attempt to disrupt the electoral process generally or specific candidates who politicians were being targeted soldiers are being sent to help police fight rising crime in one of south africa's top tourist destinations cape town has the country's highest murder rates troops will reinforce the city's struggling police force for 3 months important aber hoods identified as crime hotspots for the miller has a story. this isn't a new problem and if you speak to people here on the cape flats they say this has been going on for years and now it's out of control and this is why we're seeing government taking action by they say deploying soldiers to areas on the cape flats and just to give you an idea if you look at the number of these 10 areas within the boundaries of the city of cape town contributes to almost heart of the number of people killed and most of it related to gang violence the government has said it's
12:54 am
preparing to deploy these troops to try and stabilize the high level of crimea there are concerns around just that being a temporary measure one of the greatest concerns is the police and how they're under resourced and they've also been accused of corruption of protecting in some cases gang bosses and also just being under resourced not being it not having the capability to deal with the extent of the problem here in cape town almost 1500 people have been killed in cape town and that's province western cape in just the past 6 months turf wars between rival gangs are being blamed for fuelling the bloodshed western cape provincial leader albert fritz says it's become so bad that people are effectively living in war zones and my colleagues are hell raman spoke to albert fritz earlier. the government resources for policing unfortunately in this specific problems is a really really was lacking and so we had a shortage of words of this is going to have about 1500 policemen and sure.
12:55 am
we also think that what we need the army to go and do is just to assist with those resource problem you know human decency and to stabilize the situation so that the police can also go into the t.v. gunships and billy areas to go in and break the wrist and to do probably mr gates so that they business case him can stand up in court because real out of you know a role in society we are a constitutional democracy and where we can go and do all the areas we could to court agel build against their conduct and that's the only dream when we think of south africa we do we do what we have and we have heard of violence you know in johannesburg so just in case in cape town for example so what is the solution what's the end solution because at the end of the day as an elected government as a government minister you have to take responsibility for the whole of south africa
12:56 am
whether your in power in a particular area or not and that's what south africa's expect. that's that's we're going to go to court i think it was the review we're going to get the list in good right now doesn't have to go come on we believe and that would be just what the approach will will be a look at all in fact at this summit he's emphasizing the fact that it really government department it really looks from social development economic development to agriculture to of education to all of a local government in the way we do environmental design all i'll departments will we'll do good i'm not going to work together what we were going to we will be you do goes you just described as i did when we had the biggest problem so he didn't describe it we will go you know we will assist all of us will really you know i was just as it is to give young people the. protesters in sudan's capital are marking
12:57 am
40 days since the killing of more than $100.00 of their fellow demonstrators there demanding an independent investigation into the crackdown by security forces a political transition agreement was due to be signed on saturday but it is likely to be delayed further the deal sets up a joint sovereign council that will govern for about 3 years until elections are held meanwhile the military has been holding a rally of its own the deputy head of the ruling john tom how much time down the gallo also known as how matty addressed supporters in the capital hard to. the u.k. says it's willing to release the iranian oil tanker that was seized off gibraltar last week if iran can guarantee it won't go to syria the british foreign secretary jeremy hunt made the offer after his iranian counterpart told him he's not looking to escalate the situation the ship was detained by british forces off gibraltar on suspicion of taking to syria and breach if you sanctions for crew members were
12:58 am
arrested then later released on bail without charge top of the storm barry has been upgraded to a category one hurricane as it moves into the u.s. state of louisiana it's gaining strength as it moves towards the shore with winds of about 120 kilometers an hour forecasters say it's bringing off the charts amounts of moisture testing flood prevention efforts them after hurricane katrina devastated new orleans 14 years ago. monsoon rains in a pall have caused flooding and landslides killing at least 43 people and us to be no stress the reports from katmandu more bad weather is on the way. cars and motorbikes buried in mud after rivers quickly rose above the danger levels and burst their banks streets have been flooded the water flowing into homes since thursday it's been raining steadily across in the past triggering flash floods and
12:59 am
landslides hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes and rescuers have been searching for those reported missing emergency services have also recovered some bodies in the skirts of the capital katmandu the heavy rains brought one ball crashing down crushing a section of the heart. of a rocky of the on the wall suddenly crumble we thought it was an earthquake by the time we came out the house was broken 20 members of one family were asleep at the time 3 of them died 2 women one of them pregnant and a child were sleeping in this little cottage over here when this wall came crumbling down crushing the entire carters most of the people over who have been living here are construction workers and the structures that they're living in it's very unsafe. every monsoon season now faces floods and landslides
1:00 am
but in the cities people have been allowed to build houses and businesses too close to the rivers and the water then has nowhere else to go major highways have been blocked by landslides and the security forces have been called in to help in the rescue operations out of. 80 to 90 percent of all of our units have been deployed for rescue operation but disaster response is not only about human resources we need resources like a quick means and transportation as well. meteorologists say more rain is expected through to sunday.


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