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and show no sign of easing up with much of the activists frustration directive at the territory's chief executive as a home call people we love our place we often call is always filed yesterday by small rise only uses our cities are on the protocol. just to operate our people talk to our citizens here about $30000.00 demonstrators gathered to protest against traders from mainland china who make short trips over the border to buy tax free goods pushing up prices in hong kong but what began as a peaceful march turned violent. but was was was. the police clearly outnumbered struggled to contain this situation the. police officers who were initially asked the just man
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the perimeters had been pushed back they were clearly outnumbered what we're seeing here now at this point are the protesters basically advancing forward the riot police. they too are unable to hold their position and were forced to retreat around 500 meters from their original position i was this is shocking showing a border town between hong kong and mainland china young people here tell us of their bottled up this content at what they see as china's increasing interference in hong kong's affairs was. the 1st protests began last month when the government proposed amendments to a law that would allow criminal suspects in hong kong to be extradited to china to face trial public demonstrations forced chief exact. if kerry lamb to suspend the
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bill she said it was dead but that's not enough for activists who are calling for her resignation. many of these protestors were babies or not even born in 1907 when the united kingdom and it said ministration of hong kong and past could show all of its former colonies to china but they say they are the ones most this illusion about hong kong future their way of life they say is being threatened by creeping both henri tarion is a chameleon dog and al jazeera hong kong but a more ahead on the news hour including fears of widespread flooding in new orleans as tropical storm barry comes ashore. monsoon rains in the paltry to landslides and flooding killing at least 43 people and in sports peter has action and reaction from simona halep is incredible day at wimbledon.
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a messy international is calling on moscow to ease what it says is the harsh treatment of civilians in georgia it's the latest organization to accuse the russian backed administrations and south ossetia and abkhazia of stopping free movement and illegally detaining people for crossing the boundaries andrew symonds visited the georgian side of one of many communities split in 2 he's 85 he's frail and david furnish vili feels like a prisoner in his own russia sees his small patch of land as an international border georgia calls it the line of occupation on a map it's a dotted line on the ground it calls his heart break. divots daughter and grandson live on the other side. be a widow can cope with poverty but not the separation.
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i think they do only here. on the other side it's so important to be busier periods . to look after them but if i cross a line i'll be detained. we visit divots and he told us he feels trapped and like his daughter helpless. sometimes he comes here as far as the fence and cries because she can't cross and see her sick mother. it's hard to imagine but daf it frequently risks detention by finding a spot to cross the line at night in order to get his pension from georgia. the people here of paul they had an uncomplicated way of life yet the atmosphere now is one of repression more than 30 security bases built near the line only a few crossing points and they're strictly controlled. much of the messages by protesters are daily anti russian demonstrations in the capital is aimed at raising
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awareness that 20 percent of georgia is in their words occupy. georgia is renowned for its stunning landscape its traditions its fine cuisine and the bonhomie of its people but at the heart of it all is what happened here 11 years ago and its legacy razor wire and human rights abuses. the european union monitoring mission patrols the georgian side russia hasn't observed all parts of a peace deal and it's been engaged in what's called border eyes ation with fences amnesty international issued a report this month saying hundreds of people face arbitrary detention each year trying to cross the line it says there's been widespread loss of land loss of access to water and livelihoods most of the land vanished d.d. used to farm is the wrong side of the water he asks us if i die here who will find
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me andrew simmons whole village in georgia well michael carpenter's managing director for the pen biden the center for diplomacy and global engagement is joining us now live via skype from washington thank you very much indeed for your time so. give us i know overview if you will what do you think russia's intentions are towards georgia. well russia has proceeded with this policy of workers' sation which essentially means moving the occupation lie in both south that saudia and up. into georgian territory and this at the same time as its government tries to normalize official diplomatic relations between tbilisi and moscow out so there's a bit of a 2 step a parallel process going on here in reality then with jurors are being cut off from their livelihoods as you just reported on in the setup piece but at the same time
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the government is trying to normalize relations and pretend as if things are moving in the right direction unfortunately georgian society doesn't see it that way and so over the past 2 weeks we've had unprecedented street protests in tbilisi against russian occupation and precisely against this notion that somehow normalization and proceed as if russian were not occupying the country when clearly it is and it is not misstating people's lives especially in those border regions near south city and a possible for those of us on the outside who would be very easy to draw a power levels between this situation and of course the situation between russia and ukraine but i'm guessing that they're not the same what would be the difference do you think. so the principal difference is that in a policy and south to study it there is not a hot war into eastern regions of ukraine you see artillery fire each and every day
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there are casualties each and every day on both sides and so the war continues on and i wasn't south of the study of the war has stopped however russian occupying troops that remain we have expelled the north in athens both regions and now of there is this uneasy truce of course there was a cease fire that was adopted in 2008 and the conditions of that ceasefire that russia read to whether russia would pull back its troops to the status quo ante before the war they never did that they remain in the 2 regions and are occupying both and as i said earlier they are keep pushing the occupation line deeper and deeper into georgia which of course not only causes trouble for people's livelihoods and for humanitarian reasons but it also is a symbol of this continuing occupation that grates on jordan nerves as you mentioned earlier of course we've seen in recent weeks an increasing number of protests is there going to be a tipping point do you think in which those protests mind starts to become more
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active that we might actually see some some sort of retaliate if you like or action being taken against russian forces. no i don't think so i think the government understands that militarily the situation is relatively stable and they want to keep it that way what is amazing about these protests is that tens of thousands of people of come out in the street and these have been largely peaceful protests almost entirely peaceful they've been run by a younger generation of georgians that is dissatisfied with things at home with the government with the application of the rule of law but also most importantly they are dissatisfied with the continuing occupation of iraq and that is what is galvanizing these protests it's unclear where this will go but there is legally a lot of pent up dissatisfaction with indoor society and georgia has one of the most mobilized civic consciousness and civil societies in the whole region and so
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my guess is this will likely continue for some time and even if it peters out it'll come back to some point in the near future because this dissatisfaction is very optimal if i understand it correctly a significant proportion of georgia's economy is done to russia to russian to resume which is that the moment i find it if i'm right is being restricted because president putin has a restricted flights into georgia from russia it's a difficult situation for the georgians isn't it on the one hand they don't want to have this link with russia at the same time they are dependent on to a significant degree on the income from russia how does that factor. well since the 2008 war of this particular government the one that's been a towers 2012 has set its political future on the normalization of ties with russia bringing in over a 1000000 russian tourists here expanding business and trade ties allowing russians to buy real estate in georgia and on the one hand this is work because it has stabilized the relationship there haven't been as many frictions is that were prior
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to 2012 but on the other hand we see this growing russian influence in georgia and now with these protests when president putin decided to cut off all russian tourist poorest flow into georgia it is had that's repercussions on the economy and it's convinced georgians that wait a 2nd we're very vulnerable still to russian influence is this what we want going forward we're going we need to diversify our common mean look for other markets other sources of tourism or destinations for products and shouldn't we be looking at russia with a little bit more suspicion and skepticism and not rushing into this normalization perhaps keeping things quiet on the ground militarily but having a wary eye towards the northern neighbor and so that's where i think things are moving right now just let me ask you finally 7 very briefly if you don't mind because time is against us where do you think the west stands in all of this because georgia has made overtures towards being part of nato and so on the west
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hasn't exactly played a big role in this as this incident these incidents have been going on. well as far as georgia's sessions an 8 so there are a lot of west european countries that are still very skeptical france and germany principle about the uk and so for the moment there is not political consensus within nato to accept georgia into its ranks here in the united states however there is a strong bipartisan consensus supporting georgia and in fact when i was at the pentagon we launch a major defense territorial defense training program for georgia's troops and that is ongoing down the trumpet ministration one of the few examples of programs started in the obama administration that were carried over through the trumpet minutes into the trump ministry so there is support in the united states we're going to but i think in terms of priorities it's all a little bit now in the latter ukraine has taken up a higher place of course venezuela syria north korea other events around the world
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have a look have displaced north a little bit from the leading position that had say maybe 10 years ago good to get your view on this michael carpenter thank you very much indeed my pleasure tropical storm barry has made landfall in the u.s. state of louisiana despite weakening from the hurrican barry is still forecast to dump heavy rains that could last for days the storm made landfall near intracoastal city louisiana to the west of new orleans causing major power outages officials of one of disastrous flooding across a wide stretch of the gulf coast we are not in any way out of the woods and we will continue to reiterate this today tonight and into tomorrow the expected rain as you know could lead to flooding throughout the city of new orleans likely today through sunday to gray has the latest
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from new orleans. i'm in the middle of canal street in new orleans normally on a saturday it would not look like this they're known for their food for their music and for their party and the party here has been washed out at this point look people are taking this very seriously they're watching the storm the issue is it's just moving so slowly and that's really a double edged sword because it keeps everyone on edge but then as it makes it and it doesn't move out and that rain just continues to fall over and over and soaking into what's already a saturated area here so flooding is definitely going to be an issue you know new orleans below sea level it's a bowl and once that water gets in the bowl getting it out is very difficult in some of the low lying parishes there are mandatory evacuations in place and really they've been continuing today there are some other places where they've added evacuations during the day as the storms move to enlighten a bit in new all and proper there is no evacuation order in place what they're
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telling people is to shelter in place and that's an order that takes effect for the 2nd night in a row at 8 o'clock this evening so while there are a few people out on the streets not what you would normally see but a few people out it should clear out dramatically once we get to that time in a few hours here they're also telling people make sure you have plenty of food water all your medicines all the fuel you'll need for 3 days or maybe more because that's how long it could be that's how long these rains could last then and that's how long this could be an issue. at least 43 people have been killed in the pol due to flooding and landslides caused by monsoon rains many more are missing and it's a been a struggle reports from the capital katmandu more devastation is expected. cars and motorbikes buried in mud after rivers quickly rose above their danger levels and burst their banks streets have been flooded the water flowing into her since thursday it's been raining steadily across nepal triggering flash floods and
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landslides hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes and rescuers have been searching for those reported missing emergency services have also recovered some bodies in move on the outskirts of the capital that men do the heavy rains brought one wall crashing down crushing a section of a heart so not a real deal while the wall suddenly crumbled we thought it was an earthquake by the time we came out the house was broken 20 members of one family were asleep at the time 3 of them died 2 women one of them pregnant and a child were sleeping in this little cottage over here when this wall came crumbling down crushing the entire carters most of the people over who have been living here are construction workers and the structures that they're living in it's very unsafe. every monsoon season now faces floods and landslides
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but in the cities people have been allowed to build houses and businesses too close to the rivers and the water then has nowhere else to go major highways have been blocked by landslides and the security forces have been called in to help in the rescue operations out but big you need to achieve the he 80 to 90 percent of all of our units have been deployed for rescue operation but disaster response is not only about human resources we need resources like equipment and transportation as well. meteorologists say more rain is expected through to sunday scientists have been warning that because of climate change monsoon patterns are also changing and the region needs to prepare for more extreme weather severe droughts as well as more intense periods of rain. the us is into that and still ahead in all the immigration raids planned in cities across the u.s. but is announcing them in advance the best way to find and deport people there
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illegally plus. i'm stuff reporting from what used to be our all see in pakistan in those big stand where the government is trying to bring life back into the desert and things couldn't be closer between the cities drivers at silverstone peter has the actual phone call of our. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast or still seeing the very heavy rain here across parts of china now we are getting a break across at southeastern coast hong kong you'll be just on the edge over towards taiwan though it isn't quite nice not a lot of rain in your forecast there it is going to be the clouds though that you will see shanghai for. down here to an inning that is where the rain is going to be quite heavy over the next few days and as we go towards monday we're going to be
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seeing that rain really staying in much of the same locations hong kong though you are going to be a human day with attempted there of about $32.00 degrees and then as we make our way down here towards the philippines the heavy rain is going to be a big problem here as well notice the clouds on the satellite image for luzon you're out of those clouds but down towards the south we are seeing most of the heavy rain over the next few days here on sunday though for manila you can be and out of the rain that's what we expect to see with the temps are there of $31.00 but down towards the south things are looking quite nice here on sunday as well as into monday into karta we do expect to see attempts to there of 30 to well we're going to see some very heavy rain here across nepal we did see some deadly flooding and landslides here across much of that area particularly near katmandu and unfortunately the next few days that is going to continue it is going to be a little dry towards new delhi at $36.00 degrees and crotchety more sun in your forecast with a temper of 33 as well. the weather sponsored by countdown is. going
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to go like everywhere connectivity is paramount and yet more infrastructure and dependence on foreign corporations speech to many remain offline now a politician and tech activists are building a homegrown solution connect one of you and secure the nation's technological sovereignty. eeks the citizens network on a just. the latest news as it breaks as more people move here for opportunity space get flooded. with details coverage this people say that they've been without electricity and water for several days. from around the wilds all the day over 30 years ago and get this area remains one of the most heavily on. the world.
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you're watching on jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour tens of thousands of protesters have demonstrated across down to mark 40 days since a crackdown by security forces a plan signing of a power sharing deal between the protest coalition and the military front has been postponed for 24 hours the u.k. says it's willing to facilitate the release of an iranian oil tanker it seized off gibraltar last week if iran can guarantee the ship won't go to syria britain's foreign secretary jeremy hunt made the offer after his of rainy and counterpart told him he's not looking to escalate the situation there have been scuffles in hong kong between police and protesters angry over the presence of traders and
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shoppers from mainland china they're accused of driving up prices by bulk buying tax from products to take home and sell. an operation to raid the homes of hundreds of undocumented migrants is due to begin across 10 u.s. cities and sunday protests against the mass raids have been held in philadelphia and other cities the operation is expected to target families who have brazenly been told to leave the u.s. but haven't left resident donald trump announced plans for the raids on twitter last month but they were delayed partly because of disagreements within the administration every. every time the little it's become stricter it makes it all the more difficult it causes a pop it's more repression with the law but it's human beings we go on coming up with ways to survive in this country and i say survive in the. country because we a persecution that imagine how we are in our home countries.
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for us as the children of migrants we're scared to. hear a knock on the door because we think that it can be ice and it can take our parents . for example when going to hear someone not going to door i tell my sister be quiet you can't make noise because then don't think that somebody is inside the house and we don't we don't want anything to happen and we live with this fear day by day and we just we just wanted to stop myself as bad as it is from the san francisco immigrant and legal education network and she says people need to be aware of their rights. today i says operations are a lot more covert they conduct extensive surveillance and we outside of people's homes and wait for them to come out or to let people open the door and let them inside and then conduct collateral arrests. and that is why people need to be
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prepared and know that they do not have to open the door they do not have to let ice officers inside they do not have to give any information other than their name if they are arrested steven rogers was an adviser to president donald trump adjoining the 2016 presidential campaign he says the raids are part of trump's larger plan to address the issue of illegal immigration. he made this announcement 4 in advance to give those on the court order to leave the country to turn themselves in to turn themselves into ice and for ice to enforce that court order keep in mind that these are not random raids in fact they're not raids at all nobody's going to be banging on doors down a dragon people out of their homes these are apprehensions of individuals who are under court order if they wait they went through a legal process for the importation secondly he gave the congress of the united
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states advance notice he was going to do this so that they would finally get on the ball and do their job and start real good honest immigration reform apparently they're not doing that so these apprehensions will begin on sunday and let's see what happens where we go from there well he is focused on the border very very focused as i'm sure you're well aware that the mexican government actually deployed thousands of troops on their southern border to keep the immigrants from southern countries from from mexico to immigrate into their country and eventually into the united states secondly he has proposed before congress to get the money he needs in order to secure the border and that would be the border wall and the other. entries into the united states so he's been focused on that this is not a distraction this is part of his entire plan to take control of the problems that we are facing with regard to immigration turkey has received his 2nd shipment of us
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400 missiles from russia most shipments are expected over the next few days in defiance of a warning from the united states talking spotted so no longer being trained to fly america's f. 35 warplanes and the pentagon's threatening to council took his orders for the fighter jets simcoe seattle has the latest from istanbul. the delivery of those $400.00 russian missile defense system still continues and it is expected to be complete by the end of summer according to turkish officials the missile defense systems will be open racial by october following the 1st batch of the turkish an american defense minister has that ministers had a 30 minutes of call to the turkish side it reiterated that turkey is committed to its nato membership and its nato allies and the a question of the russian defense system was another choice but in this society for turkey also. the turkish opposition supported the acquisition of this
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russian defense system saying that if the turkish military says it is a necessity then they will not be opposing this talk is the 1st nato country is to buy the russian air defense systems and it is the only one for for now and this is the debate that's why the u.s. congress still threatens that turkey should be sanctioned but according to turkey based on the meetings that of presidents our don and president donald trump back in last month and during the g 20 summit turkey believes that it has promised not to impose sanctions but of course time will show whether trump will be able to persuade his congress in order to stop these sanctions. produce 100 died in a gun battle with armed fighters and northeastern afghanistan has targeted a government compound in the position of a nearby hotel in baghdad this province security forces killed 2 of them and before the rest in another 2 hours after the fighting began to tell about
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a spokesman has claimed responsibility for the attack. south african soldiers are being deployed to one of the country's top tourist spots to tackle a surge in shootings gang violence and murder cape town south africa's highest murder rate and police are struggling to cope almost 900 people were killed in the city and wider western cape province in the past 6 months in the year up to april 29000 nearly 4000 murders were recorded in western cape province that's an increase of more than 6 percent but nearly half of those killings were reported just 10 police stations. violent crime in south africa is a national problem last year more than 20000 people were murdered there that's 57 a day the police minister has likened it to a war zone father miller has the latest from the man about town chip and the cape flats. it may be a small group of people who are demonstrating their anger and really level of crime
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and violence in this community but i think i have a strong message to her to say no to drugs and no 2 gangs they're straight out they hold these type of marchers almost every weekend hoping it will raise awareness around the level of violence more than 2000 people have been killed in the western cape provinces the beginning of the year and almost home of those murders have taken place and it's just like. i asked what. life. was probably seeing is a reality for many people many of those reforms have told them how the government has decided through the floor of the army to 10 areas across the pay flats say. they realize the higher levels of crime is a true friend has reached crisis point 3 police are not
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a group to do their jobs they're now looking to the army to create an environment where they can tackle the problem of gang violence but it can free many children to go to school with a little. different this company near full stock market was a mighty house. i was meat is very strange theory going to the gym just members of the family richly strong on the streets raising the latest incidents of gang violence took place 3 nights ago 2 men were shot one of was killed and this is what these people are marching against they want an end to the price they want. a community where they are safe where their children are safe and where the government takes their concerns seriously. united nations has condemned an attack on a hotel in southern somalia at least 26 people have been killed in the southern port city of kasmir in the autonomous region that has more
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hotel a stasi is heavily fortified but it wasn't enough to stop a suicide bomber from ramming a car full of explosives into the building 4 gunmen stormed the hotel killing and injuring dozens during a siege that lasted hours. to see a little the death toll is now $26.00 those killed in the attack including somalis of different nationalities 3 of them were kenyans a canadian a brit 2 americans and pretends anyones $56.00 were wounded in the attack. and they are going on among the victims as prominent somali canadian journalist. along she had gained hundreds of thousands of followers a new chief for her video showcasing somalia's hidden beauty she wanted to tell positive stories from our homeland which has suffered from years of civil war negative things that are hard also targeted were politicians and clan elders who
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are inside the hotel discussing a regional election due to be held next month. we are very much worried about this gritty. about what you could say did. the big. al shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack in an area it was driven out from 7 years ago the african union's multinational force in somalia says it will continue to work to stabilize the country but this latest attack shows and cards are affiliated al-shabaab group still has a powerful presence. so to hide out and just. thousands of venezuelans have marched on the streets of the capital in defense of presidents nicolas maduro the rally follows a damning u.n. report of death squads and murders in the country the un human rights chief michel busson a released the findings after visiting venezuela last month the report claims killings
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were part of a government strategy to neutralize and criminalize political opponents. russia has launched a powerful new telescope into space with plans to observe more than 3000000 black holes throughout his lifetime the specter of g. developed was gemini is intended to replace an older telescope known as the russian hubble its hopes the satellite will create the finest ever detailed sky map of cosmic radiation to help scientists investigating dark matter and dark energy. and on monday india will launch an unmanned rover to the moon's unexplored southern pole the shandra 2 mission well analyze minerals and frozen water well marking the lunar surface india's 1st moon mission in 2008 helped confirm the presence of water on the moon's surface president emanuel muckle has and.


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