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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 14, 2019 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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she wanted to tell positive stories from our homeland which has suffered from years of civil war things hard also targeted were politicians and clan elders who were inside the hotel discussing a regional election due to be held next month we are very much worried about this gritty. and we are. about what you call so big. the big campaign al-shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack in an area it was driven out from 7 years ago the african union's multinational force in somalia says it will continue to work to stabilize the country but this latest attack shows affiliated al-shabaab group still has a powerful presence and so to hide out and jersey. the weather is next but still ahead on al-jazeera monsoon rains in the portrayal landslides and flooding killing
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at least $43.00 people plus. i'm andrew symonds reporting from georgia on what's at the heart of recent protests over russia what georgians see as the occupation long after the war with russia in 2008. hello again well tropical storm barry has made landfall here in louisiana and it's going to be bring still some very heavy rain across much of the region we're going to be seeing louisiana mississippi arkansas into parts of tennessee as well under flood risk over the next few days now the satellite you can see it when the system made landfall but take a look at the rain here across the region i just mentioned so the flood warnings are going to be affecting millions in this area and if you remember much of this area is still saturated and the flooding is going to come very easily across many
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regions so for sunday rain here across much of the southeast as we go towards monday the storm actually begins to dissipate but the rain with it will continue across much of this area and slowly make its way towards the north out here towards the northeast so looking quite nice for boston in new york with the temps there about 29 degrees where heavy rain is going to be a big problem here across parts of central america over the next few days and that rain is going to lead to some localized flooding anywhere from panama up here towards coast rick as well we do think it's going to be expanding as we go towards monday really here across parts of nicaragua as well as into guatemala mexico city expect to see a partly cloudy day with a temper there of $22.00 degrees and then rain here is going to be a problem across much of southern brazil with a temper for rio at about 29. fly
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qatar airways and experience economy class like never before. and wings going places to get. hello again i'm. a reminder of the news this hour tens of thousands of protesters have demonstrated across through dawn to mark 40 days since a crackdown by security forces a planned signing of a power sharing deal between the protest coalition and the military has been
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postponed for 24 hours. the u.k. says it's willing to facilitate the release of an iranian oil tanker that it seized last week if iran can guarantee the ship won't go to syria britain's foreign secretary jeremy hunt made the offer after his a rainy and counterpart told him he's looking to not to escalate the situation. there have been scuffles in hong kong between police and protesters angry over the presence of traders and shoppers from a lot of china they're accused of driving up prices by paulk buying tax free products to take them home and so. now amnesty international is calling on moscow to ease what it says is the harsh truth. of civilians in georgia it's the latest organization to accuse the russian back to ministrations and south a city and abkhazia a stopping free movement and illegally detaining people for crossing the boundary our correspondent andrew symonds visited the georgian side of one of many
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communities split in 2. he's $85.00 he's frail and david ben is really feels like a prisoner in his own home russia sees his small patch of land as an international border georgia calls it the line of occupation on a map it's a dotted line on the ground it calls his heart break. daughter and grandson live on the other side. which can cope with poverty but not the separation. i think here my relatives are on the other side it's so important to be busier periods. to look after them but if i cross a line i'll be detained. we visit divots and he told us he feels trapped and like his daughter helpless. sometimes he comes here as far
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as the fence and cries because she can't cross and see her sick mother. it's hard to imagine but davidge frequently risks detention by finding a spot to cross the line at night you know they get his pension from georgia. the people here of paul they had an uncomplicated way of life yet the atmosphere now is one of repression more than 30 security bases built near the line only a few crossing points and they're strictly controlled. much of the messages by protesters of daily anti russian demonstrations in the capital is aimed at raising awareness that 20 percent of georgia is in their words occupy. georgia is renowned for its stunning landscape its traditions its fine cuisine and the bonhomie of its people but at the heart of it all is what happened here 11 years ago and its legacy razor wire and human rights abuses. the european union monitoring mission
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patrols the georgian side russia hasn't observed all parts of a peace deal and it's been engaged in what's called border eyes ation with fences amnesty international issued a report this month saying hundreds of people face off a tree detention each year trying to cross the line it says there's been widespread loss of land loss of access to water and livelihoods most of the land vanished used to farm is the wrong side of the water he asks us if i die here who will find me andrew simmons al-jazeera whole village in georgia. south african soldiers are being deployed to one of the country's top tourist spots to tackle a surge and shootings gang violence and murder cape town has south africa's highest murder rates and police are struggling to cope almost 1500 people were killed in the city and while the western cape province and just the past 6 months in this
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year up to april nearly 4000 murders were recorded in the western cape province an increase of more than 6 percent but nearly half of those killings were reported just 10 police stations violent crime in south africa is a national problem last year more than $20000.00 people were murdered there that's $57.00 a day the police minister has likened it to a wars are in the media miller has the latest from the manenberg township in the cape flats. it may be a small group of people who are demonstrating their anger and really level of crime and violence in this community but i think have a strong message to say no to drugs and all to getting their freedom they hold these type of march was almost every weekend hoping it will raise awareness around the level of violence more than 2000 people have been killed in the western cape
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province is the beginning of the year and almost home of those murders have taken place just like. the. poverty is a reality for many people many of those reforms have children how the government has decided through the florey only 10 areas across a flat rate they realise the high levels of crime the situation has reached crisis point 3 police are not able to do their jobs they're now looking to be army to create an environment where they can tackle the problem of gang violence. thankfully. our children to go to school to lead. this company near full stock market was a mighty house. i was maybe a sparrow's good empiric going to the gym just members of the family recently
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a star on the streets waving the latest incidents of gang violence took place 3 nights ago 2 men were shot one of their it was killed and this is what these people are marching against they want an end to the while they want a community where they are safe where their children are safe and really government takes their concerns seriously. at least 43 people have been killed in the pool these are flooding and landslides caused by monsoon rains many more on missing and as to be nice restaurant reports from the capital kathmandu more devastation is expected. cars and motorbikes buried in mud after rivers quickly rose above the danger levels and burst their banks streets have been flooded the water flowing into homes since thursday it's been raining steadily across nepal triggering flash floods and landslides hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes and rescuers have been searching for those reported
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missing imagines the services have also recovered some bodies in the skirts of the capital katmandu the heavy rains brought crashing down crushing a section of the heart so not every day of the one the wall suddenly crumble we thought it was an earthquake by the time we came out the house was broken 20 members of one family were asleep at the time 3 of them died 2 women one of them pregnant and a child were sleeping in this little cottage over here when this wall came crumbling down crushing the entire quarter most of the people over who have been living here are construction workers and the structures that they're living in it's very unsafe. every monsoon season pieces floods and landslides but in the cities people have been allowed to build houses and businesses too close to the rivers and the water then has nowhere to go major highways have been blocked
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by landslides and the security forces have been called in to help in the rescue operations. 80 to 90 percent of all of our units have been deployed for rescue operation but disaster response is not only about human resources we need resources like a quick means and transportation as well. meteorologists more rain is expected through to sunday scientists have been warning because of climate change monsoon patterns are also changing and the region needs to prepare for more extreme weather severe droughts as well as more intense periods of rain. and the neighboring india floods and mudslides there have left a trail of destruction killing at least 10 people the brahmaputra river has burst its banks effecting the early 2000 villages and the state of the houses have been submerged and more than a 1000000 people have been displaced and tropical storm barry has now made landfall
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in the u.s. state of louisiana despite weakening from the hurricane area still forecast to dump heavy rains that could last for days the storm made landfall near intercoastal city louisiana and to the west of new orleans causing major power outages officials have warned of disastrous flooding across a wide stretch of the gulf coast. an operation to raid the homes of hundreds of undocumented migrants is due to begin across 10 u.s. cities on sunday protests against the mass raids have been held in philadelphia and other cities the operation is expected to target families who've recently been told to leave the u.s. but haven't president donald trump announced plans for the raids on twitter last month but they were delayed partly because of disagreements within the administration one u.s. democratic representative said some texas really religious leaders. facing deportation but it is
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a place where people like me. people. are prepared to fight against. the order from washington d.c. making a mockery of the broken immigration system steven rogers was an advisor to president during the 2016 presidential campaign he says the raids are part of a larger plan to address the issue of illegal immigration. he made this announcement for an advance to give those on the court order to leave the country to turn themselves in to turn themselves into ice and for ice to enforce that court order keep in mind that these are not random raids in fact they're not raids at all nobody's going to be banging doors down and dragging people out of their homes these are apprehensions of individuals who are under court order if they wait they went through a legal process for the port patient secondly he gave the congress of the united states advance notice he was going to do this that they would finally get on the
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ball and do their job and start real good honest immigration reform apparently they're not doing that so these apprehensions will begin on sunday and let's see what happens where we go from there well he is focused on the border very very focused as i'm sure you're well aware that the mexican government actually deployed thousands of troops on their southern border to keep the immigrants from southern countries from from mexico to immigrate into their country and eventually into the united states secondly he has proposed before congress to get the money he needs in order to secure the border that would be the border wall and the other. entries into the united states so he's been focused on that this is not a distraction this is part of his entire plan to take control of the problems that we are facing with regard to immigration now a blackout has hit more than 40000 people in new york city traffic lights were
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knocked out the subway system and other infrastructure also affected by the outs as you're watching live pictures now from new york you can see all the dock less than official said an apparent transformer explosion was the cause of that coincidentally it comes on the anniversary of the $977.00 outage the next most of the city without power. turkey has received a 2nd shipment of s. 400 missiles from russia more shipments are expected over the next few days in defiance of a warning from the united states because pilots are now no longer being trained to fly america's f. $35.00 war plane and the pentagon is threatening to cancel takis orders for that fighter jet so tim costello has the latest from istanbul the delivery of those $400.00 russian missile defense system still continues and it is expected to be complete by the end of summer according to turkish officials the missile defense systems will be operational by october following the 1st batch of the turkish an
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american defense minister had the ministers had a 30 minutes of call to the turkish side it reiterated that turkey is committed to its nato membership and its nato allies and the acquisition of the russian defense system was another choice whether mississippi for turkey also. a traditional position supported the acquisition of this russian defense system saying that if the turkish military say's it is a necessity then they will not be opposing this is the 1st nato country to buy the russian air defense systems and it is the only one for for now and this is the debate that's why the us congress still threatens that turkey should be sanctioned but according to turkey based on the meetings the of presidents are drawn and present donald trump back in last month and during the g 20 summit it turkey believes that it has promised not to impose sanctions but of course time will show
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whether trump will be able to persuade his congress in order to stop these sanctions. gun owners in new zealand have turned over their weapons in the 1st government buyback scheme after new laws following this year's mosque attacks police say they paid more than 288000 dollars to 169 people in christchurch possession of several types of semiautomatic weapons was made illegal after the march shootings there $51.00 muslims were killed in the attacks by a self-proclaimed white supremacist under an amnesty gun owners have until december to turn over banned weapons. hello again i'm a star with the headlines tens of thousands of protesters have demonstrated across through dawn to mark 40 days since a crackdown by security forces
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a plan signing of a power sharing deal between the protest coalition and the military has been postponed for 24 hours. the meeting that was supposed to be the sea between the coalition and the military council was postponed until sunday the coalition delegation asked for more consultations the military leaders accepted the demand so the meeting will be tomorrow god willing the u.k. says it's willing to facilitate the release of an iranian oil tanker that it seized off to roll to last week if iran can guarantee the ship won't go to syria britain's foreign secretary jeremy hunt made the offer after his iranian counterpart told him he's not looking to escalate the situation there's been scuffles in hong kong between police and protesters angry over the presence of traders and shoppers from mainland china they're accused of driving up prices by bulk buying tax free products to take them home and sell. the united nations has condemned an attack
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on a hotel in southern somalia at least $26.00 people were killed in the port city of kids mine in the autonomous juba land region a suicide bomber drove a car with explosives into the hotel before gunmen stormed the building an armed group the armed group claimed responsibility for the attack at least 43 people have been killed in the poor use of flooding and landslides caused by monsoon rains hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes and rescuers have been searching for those reported missing a blackout has hit more than 40000 people in new york city the state's utility company says 2 of the 6 networks have been restored traffic lights the subway system and other infrastructure were affected by the outage officials said an apparent transformer explosion was the cause coincidentally it comes on the anniversary of an outage in 1997 that left most of the city without power next up it's counting the cost to stay with us here on al-jazeera. as iraq rebuild itself
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following the years of conflict women struggle to play a bigger role politically and domestic violence also remains a problem. some of the brave women battling abuse talk to al jazeera about the struggles they face and their pursuit of justice. a lot has this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week 3 decades after the collapse of the soviet union putin's russia is in gauging with africa to increase more than its political clout . missile systems that could still open turkey's economy we look at the economics behind the s 400 and the f. 35 stealth bomber. and as google prepares to launch its challenger in the games industry we find out if it could be game over for the likes of sony and microsoft.
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so as the soviet union imploded it turned its back on the african continent in the 1990 s. but now under president putin russia is making a push to engage the reason is simple western sanctions the pivot to china hasn't been a huge success and hopes of billions of dollars in investment from the middle east haven't arrived in the quantities expected plus african votes count in the united nations. russia's trade with africa rose 26 percent to $17400000000.00 in 2017 moscow doesn't have the financial power of beijing just in 2017 trade with africa amounted to 170000000000 dollars the u.s. is of course worried its trade with subsaharan africa was $39000000000.00 in 2017 and this is what russia is doing in africa it has oil and gas deals with algeria
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egypt ghana nigeria and mozambique it has nuclear deals in place with rwanda zambia and south africa although that is in limbo while it is a big supplier of arms to egypt algeria sudan and angola moscow is increasing support across the continent that's not a comprehensive list by any means but let's get more on russia's interest in africa now joining me from london is charles robinson chief global economist and head of macro strachey at russian investment bank renee songs capitol thanks very much for being with us so let me ask you 1st of all then how is russia's relationship with africa changing under putin and what's the most important aspect of it is a political economic or military influence. well i think there's a little bit of all 3 but you take the 1st 510 years and of putin's rule in russia
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very little focus on africa very little interest what seems to have shifted is with the sanctions getting imposed by the u.s. and the e.u. in 201415 we've then seen russia decide that it needs to build links around the world to china to india the gulf and we're seeing that with the saudis and i'm now to africa to. and does russia doesn't have the financial firepower china doesn't care can it really compete i mean is this is this a competition or does he just need friends for votes in the united nations i think it's about finding any export opportunity that they can they're not 100 percent sure how relations are going to pan out with the u.s. or with the e.u. over the next 5 to 10 years and so what we've seen is a concerted effort by putin to bring in the indian prime minister the japanese prime minister the chinese leadership and now african leaders to to to diversify
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the russian trade export routes and africa's boom in the last few years for russia and its exports to africa which just one percent a few years ago they're now running a 4 percent and i think that's caught the russians attention and how do you think china europe and united states are seeing this russian comeback. i was in congo last week and the russians are heavily involved in central african republic which is the country just to the north just over the border and i think that's it to agree of suspicion about that but so far you know puff of these isolated incidents in just one of 2 countries most of russia's in gauge with africa's being north africa so nearly 80 percent of all trade the russia does all exports go to egypt tunisia algeria this is so so the russians are trying to to spread south. i think the west is much more concerned by china at the moment and their engagement and that they're only beginning to pay attention to what russia
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might be doing and putin is hosting this russian african summit in sochi next october what can we expect there. i think a lot of a lot of leaders will turn up. they are also conscious the russia might have something that they need so one in 7 of russian exports to africa arms and weapons and just getting security continues to be a big issue and you see that in the central african republic you see that in somalia and other countries south sudan security remains an issue for for some countries in the continent and russia's got the experience in dealing with difficult climates of running railway lines around the world infrastructure electricity education a lot of africans used to get educated in russia in soviet times and they're coming back now in the last 5 to 10 years because because russian population is shrinking the number of young people is down by about 40 percent in russia so the
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universities are empty how do you fill those spaces get african students to come in and that's exactly what's happened the numbers have doubled in the last 10 years and what about african markets what can they offer russian investors mining oil gas that sort of thing there you've already got rosneft the oil giant which is a gas john which is which is operating in north just off the egyptian shore in the off shore gas fields there you've got gas from are afraid to go to resell which is building mines in guinea and a neural cam that fertilizer company is is seeing great opportunities in places like zambia and zimbabwe and thinks that it can can help the agricultural revolution africa is going to need to develop so there's this opportunity for a whole host of russian businesses in the continent but russia's economy isn't doing too well the moment is it i mean 0.5 percent growth in the 1st quarter what
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can we expect going forward do you think that the thing that the program russia's got which many people don't focus on enough is the population shrinking there were . king age population shrinking so it's been dropping by about one percent a year so when russia's be getting about 2 percent growth a year that's 3 percent per person that's actually better than most countries and russia's could compare it to oil exporters like canada or norway in developed markets or colombia all cats or sound in emerging markets russia's done better in the last 3 years. than its peers but if it does get capped you're not going to get growth much above 2 to 3 percent when your population shrinking and this year they've also done tax hikes and that's why we've seen the slowdown early this year they're determined to keep the budget balanced to try and keep themselves secure against potential sanctions risk from the west and just finally i want to ask you about the the opec meetings this week why is russia signed up to extending all
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production cuts i mean remarkably it doesn't it doesn't need higher oil prices and it's built up this $100000000000.00 rainy day fund yet they they tend to need it but obviously they benefit when when the oil prices higher and i think they're trying to play the long game so to putin's point a month ago was very much that based on the way that calculated russia russia can get oil out more cheaply than saudi arabia or assess not quite right the budget balances at a low or oil price in russia than it does in saudi so the russians are playing a long game and they're happy to cooperate with the saudis. to try and ensure that oil prices don't do that terrible plunge down to the thirty's that would require big shifts in russian policymaking again good to speak you charles robertson thank you thank you. how the prospect of further u.s. sanctions on turkey over its decision to buy russia's s.
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$400.00 missile technology had been delayed but now president trump blamed the obama in ministration for the impasse a in turkey had been treated unfairly by not being allowed to buy patriot missiles . the president was not allowed to buy the video just so when it was the other one is the years 200 to 400 says when he was there. he wanted to do this but he wasn't allowed tell you about it we finished the budget we delivered 3 made a deal to buy a little missiles so close the other missile a little of the solicit when you could now by yourself you know to go to this is a. turkey has been a a friend of our and. we do great things together it would be very important we're going to be much bigger i think the $75000000000.00 it's more i think it's going to be well over $100000000000.00 well turkey stood to be tipped back into recession just months after escaping the last one if sanctions were imposed turkey agreed to
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by the s $400.00 missile batteries for $2500000000.00 from russia washington isn't happy that at least 13 nations are interested or are buying the missile defense system including india vietnam and egypt but delivery of its 1st 4 f. $35.00 warplanes has been delayed over concerns its security may be compromised by the s. $400.00 missile each plane is worth about $85000000.00 and turkey has ordered $100.00 f. $35.00 ankara has invested more than $1250000000.00 in the f. $35.00 program since 2002 more the $900.00 turkish companies stood to lose participation in the building of the f. $35.00 over the lifetime of the plane they stood to make $12000000000.00 we're joining me now via skype from istanbul to talk more about this is c.n.n. and he is the chairman of the istanbul based center for economic some foreign
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policy studies and a visiting scholar at carnegie europe in brussels thanks very much for being with us now despite president trump's comments at the g. 20 word from the pentagon and washington is that nothing has changed and that these sanctions will go ahead if turkey takes delivery of the s 400 what do you make of that. well after the meeting between the turkish president are gone and it was president trump in all sucka there was an air of optimism erkki an expectation that the u.s. president could use his presidential prerogatives to either block or suspend potential sanctions against turkey but obviously we also know that the different pillars of the universe administration and also congress is very much in intent on imposing those sanctions but to be seen to what extent trump
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can actually deliver on this promise made to the turkish president at the margin of the g 20 summit to actually prevent or block these potential sanctions and is it true that trumps predecessor president obama denied access to patriot missiles well what's behind that decision well it's let's say it's a half truth in the sense that yes those patriots were not delivered to turkey but busy that we did because there was a disagreement about the conditions of their didn't agree so it was not a categorical rejection but turkey wanted that purchase to be accompanied by a degree of technology transfer and that's not what the u. .


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