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tv   Australias Vegan Fight  Al Jazeera  July 15, 2019 8:32am-9:01am +03

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he desperately needs i just struggles to reboot. until monsoon rains have left behind a trail of devastation across 3 countries in the paul at least 60 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides dozens of people are missing and 10000 others are displaced continuous rain since thursday has inundated homes as well as troy bridges and roads across the country. and more than a 1000000 people have been displaced in northern india flash floods hit the region killing 10 people over the past 72 hours farmlands and residential areas have been submerged after their rivers birds their banks and west bengal ottar pradesh and bihar state farmers say their crops have been destroyed. and floods have left at least 10 people dead in bangladesh where some of the worst damage has been in refugee camps in cox's bizarre that area is home to 1000000 writing refugees who
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fled persecution in neighboring me and mine 5000 of their fellow shelters have been destroyed more than 200 rain triggered mudslides have been reported since april. and is struggling to contain a mountain of rubbish one site in east delhi is 65 meters high and growing every year that is despite the government banning its use 2 years ago when part of it collapsed killing 2 people elizabeth per annum has this report from gaza poor and easterly. a mountain of waste this is where 2000 tonnes of east duddies rubbish is dumped every day you're not love are you people living around the site say it's affecting their lives. as you can see the smell is unbeatable and if the wind blows towards us then it's difficult to eat food at home it is such a mess here the rubbish dump doesn't just smell bad it's also dangerous meeting gas from the way sparks fires releasing toxic fumes. began as
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a land for the 984 that reached its capacity needed 20 years ago they got engineered landfill it means that you have a big hole which is dug out and then it is lined with no one for me and. so that your doc sickly jered of chemicals which comes out from garbage does not leak into the soil and cause water pollution but in gaza where there's no such thing trucks continue to dump rubbish here despite delis govern abandon them after a part of the hell a collapsed 2 years ago killing 2 people. this is a cruel joke this is contempt of the people to sponsor will continue to dump garbage in the site they haven't stopped for a day after the border. we asked the east delhi municipal corporation why this is happening but because of the northern. they learned by the us so we continued to. dispose of all of. its estimated delhi produces $14500.00 tons of waste every day the problem of waste isn't confined to the cities
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and rubbish dumps around $3000.00 worth of the rubbish produced daily isn't collected leaving it longing on the streets and also in space just because charlie manages this recycling center and says waste isn't just the government's responsibility what i've got is that we feel that resegregation should begin to pull people start segregating reist then released can be recycled properly and the direct consequence will be that garbage mountains like the one it won't be necessary at all the east delhi municipal corporation has started testing a recycling program in 3 areas this year they hope to roll the top to the rest of the region within one year. they also say they'll start clearing gazi put in september and some of its waste will be used to build a national highway elizabeth purana al-jazeera east delhi. india space agency has
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delayed the launch of its 2nd lunar mission dry and 2 because technical snag the indian space research organization says a new launch window will be confirmed later the chandra into will carry a lunar lander and remotely operated rover to investigate the moon's unexplored south pole. and european leaders have joined french president emmanuel micron for the annual bestia day military parade more than $4000.00 military personnel took part in the event it's a tradition that dates back to just after world war one across that this year's parade showcase european defense and security capabilities but it was a flying soldier taking to the skies on a flight aboard who stole the show. well just a few hours after the parade french police fired tear gas to disperse protesters in paris so the city authorities had banned yellow vest demonstrations yeah the show that several groups linked to the movement organized gatherings. and still ahead
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we'll have the sports where it's 6 of the best it's been a record breaking day for lewis hamilton still for stone peter has the details. traditional wrestling in senegal has a village. now it's international male and female school board to log arenas the big money. the unifying cultural. and don't play all that. kind of wrestling with reality on al-jazeera. every. creates fear and division amongst its citizens with stories of loss no one.
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is sweeping association of islam with violence. in muslims facing the stalk reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life. picton on al-jazeera. their time for sports and here is peter thank you very much england have won the cricket world cup for the 1st time of the epic final with new zealand had loads that was settled on crickets equivalent of the penalty shoot out the super of the
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both sides posted the same school lee winnings watch the drama unfold. one thing was certain that the famous lord's cricket ground in london there would be new winners of the world cup england had been peyton in 3 previous finals but not reach one for 27 years new zealand to soften before the underdogs who had exceeded expectations and hope to finally land the big prize. received and made the decision to pass on the clouds in london a risky decision kept in kind williamson joined henry nichols to take new zealand past 100 with just one wicket down. but it looked like the faintest of touches might vary in new zealand tops the in plunkett had williamson behind plunkett then both top scorer nicholas a 55 he took 3 wickets as did was. use a human skull $241.00 for ice off the 50 overs by scope lest a shock intervene the semifinals but would it be enough to take the trophy. jason
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boy was lucky to survive the 1st pull is england tries to $148.00 so. he didn't last too long but henry making the breakthrough. rick since you dishes shots against the ground time started a mini collapse that included ferguson sensational catch to get rid of england captain morgan and good revealing take 6 before england they did heroes step forward just pot luck and question which born then starts by use the positive pick hitting the might that seem to one of the favorites and with each blow remove some of the failure and doubt this is home to england stokes kept going as wickets fell around him 15 needed from the final over but he hit sixes one from a bizarre overthrow most ball to mediate one money just before the 1st half a world cup super ifa stokes and butler returned to school 15 it was too much when using inside. the last
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ball to need it one schooled england one incredibly on boundary count but i 44 years of world cup cricket at last england hope on the trophy and what i regard as the home of cricket nords. world cup champions 29 say for the 1st time england's players proved themselves the best in the world in dramatic circumstances who new generations of cricket finds a pain inspired to see. the wellings al-jazeera along with cricket ground in london . concorde believe this one carrying it around as much as i can accomplish believe that we've got over the line it's been an extraordinary day you guys watching me like the most incredible game of cricket witnessing between the sides. so do you know sports sometimes is very very fine margins i think is the finest imagine today
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and it could have gone either way but i'm on time for the winter. pretty much do or you couldn't still not perhaps get across the line with some small margins and i think throughout this whole campaign and a lot of my press conference is a spike in about uncontrollable zz and there was a couple today that were. pretty hard to swallow and the epic final took place on center court as novak djokovic speed roger federer so we need 5th wimbledon title the match lost to just 5 minutes short of 5 hours loren smith reports with tennis giants meeting in the final roger federer a new refused to make it 21 grand slam titles he'd have to achieve something he's never done in the previous 20 beats rafael nadal and novak djokovic the 1st set was a sign of things to come trite all the way eventually going to the world number one i. it sparked federer into life he responded dropping just
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one game in the 2nd was with joke of each would restart dish easily but federal wasn't forcing the match into a deciding set with it was getting tense federer spend too much points his joke of it showed his fighting spirit was the deciding set tie break would decide a classic final was joke of each taking the title of his 1st at the all england club with grand slam number 16 and counting laurence smith al-jazeera. it was probably the most demanding and mentally most demanding match i was ever part of. the most physically demanding that against the darling finals of this trailer they went on the 6 hours i've been mentally this was this was a different level because of everything and. i'm just obviously. 3 olds in
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overjoyed with with emotions to to be sitting here in front of you as a winner i mean. it was one shot away from losing the match as well i mean this match had everything and you could have gone easily his way. try to take the good things out of this match you know tons of it. you know. and like similar to 08 maybe i will look back at it and think like well so actually not that bad after all you know but for now it hurts and it showed you know like every last words here at wimbledon there were thousands in the celebrating a record 6th victory in the british grand prix at silverstone the mercedes driver started his home race behind him at about 30 bought us but got in front following a safety car incident on lap 20 and stayed on in front from there until the finish the closing laps provided some drama as the red bull of max for stepan and ferrari sebastian vettel crashed into each other but it was hamilton taking the applause
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from his home fans again at the circuit it's the 7th win in the 10 races this season and he's extended his lead to 39 points in the f one drivers championship. you think you get used to something like that but i tell you feels like the 1st time and i'm just forever grateful for everyone has come out to spend their whole weekend here i really hope that you enjoy the day algeria will play said i go in the final of the africa cup of nations of the 2 dramatic semi's in injury time free kick from riyadh clinched algeria's 21 win against nigeria algeria had led through an own goal by william true state kong before. equalized with a penalty and a bizarre goal in extra time from dillon brawn gave senegal a wonderful victory over to near 0 both teams had 2nd off penalty save as well cynical have never won the title best still there the tour de france belonged to south africa's daryl impey he won stage 9 after the 170 kilometer trick over hilly
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terrain to believe you'd impi is the 1st south african to win a stage since 2007 frenchwoman julian alef in the parade saying the race leader's yellow jersey that's all sport we have for you for now stay tuned for more later. and that is it for this news hour but don't go out the back with more of the day's news stay with us.
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cut. and her husband gavin worsley when 4 teenagers broke down the back the teenagers described as being of african appearance a still on the run the full of this happened i wasn't scared out of black people or people of color. whatever the focus on african gang crime began in march 26th jane when violence broke out at the moon the festival at federation square in the center of melbourne to gird suit of african young people coming together in melbourne there was a far cry gather because of my rolling bowling feel or some of that was because the place because i'm involved only started choice and they just tables and that crowd already been in the media to talk a lot of political person. this people like me crunching through see the race holy month gets blamed for the actions of a few. people have to base cypher i have to feel saif side there's
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a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with as well you know a struggle you know a battle rages over the country's bomb and with activists inviting farms stealing livestock and intimidation from it's one o one ace os has these tactics gone too far on al jazeera. iran offers talks to ease rising tensions of washington as european nations call for dialogue.
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hello and welcome and debate of pollen you're watching out is there live from doha also coming up accused of racism president trump tells a group of democratic congress women to go back to the countries they came from. police and protesters clash in hong kong and another day of demonstrations against the territories leader. english fans celebrate a dramatic world cup went over new zealand. we begin with new diplomatic efforts to end months of heightened tensions between iran and the united states iranian president hassan rouhani says his government would be willing to talk to the u.s. but only if washington lifts its economic sanctions and returns to the conditions of the 2050 new clear deal. or direct it will go to. paris
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a bully we have to stand up to it must stop being the bully we have always believed in talks right this hour right this moment if a stop the oppression if they stop the belief if they lift sanctions return to the table return to logic we already are. well shortly after his comments european leaders who are signatories to the deal issued their own statements calling for dialogue between all the parties to resume and a joint declaration france germany and the u.k. said we are extremely concerned about iran's decision to store and enrich uranium beyond the authorized limits however they also said we believe that the time has come to act responsibly and to look for ways to stop the escalation of tension and resume dialogue there is such that it is necessary for all stakeholders to pause and consider the possible consequences of their actions natasha butler has more from paris. it was clear in the statement from france britain and germany that they
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are increasingly concerned about the future in the survival of the j c p o a now the 3 powers say that the 2015 iran deal should be supported they continue to support it they say is the best deal out there to ensure regional security and curb iran's nuclear ambitions but they say there is a real risk that this deal could collapse because of the ongoing pressure from u.s. sanctions on the iranian economy now what they are asking for is for all sides to deescalate tensions to really calm the situation they also once again urge iran to reverse some of the steps it's taken recently to exceed some of the uranium enrichment limits that it agreed to under the 2015 deal they are not to break any more commitments that is made to the j.c. a and they say they will continue to work as hard as they can to try and find some
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sort of solution to all of this now what we know is the french president a week ago spoke to the iranian president and said that the 2 had agreed to find some sort of climate or context for talks in the coming week so far we haven't heard anything more but in that elise a statement there was a date july the 15th now they lease are now downplaying that that date they say that it's not a deadline it simply shows that there is a sense of urgency and there is a real desire to try and find some way to break the deadlock and calm the situation or the iran says it is exploring legal options to force the u.k. to release an oil tanker seized of gibraltar britain says it would be willing to allow the ship to leave if iran guarantees it want to liver oil to syria and breach of sanctions. as more in this from terror on. for the 1st time since this incident happened on july 4th the rains are hopeful that the british government will soon
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release this vessel it's carrying 2000000 barrels of crude oil arabian oil and it's worth over 200 $1000000.00 now the iranians say that it is an act of piracy what the british have done and they are demanding that this vessel grace one be released as soon as possible we've been hearing from the iranian government spokesperson earlier today in the capital this is what he had to say it is almost. as to what we have adopted in a series judicial process in regards with the old tankers seized by the british military forces and we think courts in gibraltar are influenced by to publishers of britain were chasing up our legal measures fortunately the court itself hasn't found a strong evidence and they have released the sailors considering the situations and their comments i predict that soon britain will change its mind for now the iranian officials have said that they've hired a legal team and they're pursuing all the political and legal ways they can get this tanker back and they have said that the destination of this vessel is not
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syria but they haven't specified where it was going they say that the reason the british government seized this tanker was because of its destination that is under sanctions since 2012 and the iranians don't recognize those sanctions on the syrian government because they haven't been indorsed by the united nations for now it appears that this tensions that have developed between the iranian government and the british have said there is some hope that they will be deescalating them in the near future by the british government possibly trying to release this tanker in the iranians getting back what they've been requesting. the u.s. president is under fire for a series of racially charged tweets against democratic congress women so will trump called the foreign born troublemakers and said why don't they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came from democrats have described the tweets as hate filled and stoking white nationalism john hendren
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has more from washington. president donald trump is being accused of stoking anti immigrant fervor on twitter he wrote on sunday it's so interesting to see progressive democrat congress women who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe loudly and viciously telling the people of the united states how our government is to be run the president continued why don't they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came well as many people pointed out on twitter there's only one problem with that everybody knows the group of democratic house representatives he's talking about all of them women are mostly from the united states only one of them omar of minnesota is actually born outside the u.s. she was born in mogadishu but all 4 of the women in that group of democratic congresswoman responded on twitter rashida to leave who is a muslim but born in detroit says you want a response to
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a lawless and complete failure of a president he is the crisis he's dangerous ideologies the crisis he needs to be impeached of on a presley an african-american member of congress born in chicago and now representing massachusetts writes it always is and always has been about the voices of our district omar who was born outside the us as mr president as members of congress the only country we swear an oath to is the united states which is why we are fighting to protect it from the worst most corrupt and inept president we have ever seen alexandria kazuo cortez of new york also born there says mr president the country i come from and the country we all swear to is the united states so the president has launched something of a twitter war and as some people have pointed out on twitter if his issue is 2nd generation americans whose parents have come from elsewhere it might be noted that the president's mother was born in scotland. arsalan iftikhar is
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a human rights lawyer and senior fellow at georgetown university and he says the republican party is to blame for encouraging trumpet is that a phobic and racist behavior donald trump is clearly having a very racist weekend you know here he goes on a twitter tirade against for minority women of color members of congress 3 out of 4 of whom were born in the united states and told them to go back to this country to their country you know we also have to remember that this is a president who once said that he called for the total and complete shutdown of muslims entering into the united states once referred to mexicans as the replay this one started the barack obama birth or controversy and so it's really important when you see this sort of racism zina phobia massage any islamophobia coming from the commander in chief it's really important for minority communities here in the united states to act as intersectional allies to one another to ensure that he's a one term president today's republican party led by mitch mcconnell and others have essential emboldened donald trump's. his dream the wisdom and the white
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supremacy that's been coming out of the white house there's more of a spine to paul ryan's new book than to him when he was trying to deal with donald trump and so i think that the you know a large part of the political blame goes towards the republican party who have essentially emboldened donald trump by not calling out his reeses and his sexism his homophobia islam a phobia and massage any and so i think that a lot of the blame lies there as well. and immigrant families in the u.s. have been prepared to for mass arrests this weekend off the truck announced that be a crackdown religious leaders in houston texas pledged to provide sanctuary for those facing deportation the operation was said to target hundreds of families in 10 cities it's part of donald trump's larger program to discourage central american migrants from traveling to the u.s. . i have a lot of respect for our ice officers they're loyal they're compassionate but they
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have a job to do and it's a tough one and made a lot tougher when a lot of people in congress throw the vitriol at them that they are just for doing their job and enforcing the law as congress put it but what's going on why is the president telegraphing a big new effort to to deport will look if we don't have interior enforcement we don't have deterrents then people think they can get by that 1st line just as you described earlier and they're done it's over well it isn't over and over a 1000000 people in this country have who are here illegally have gone through extensive due process have removal orders and have not left that how many of those people are going to how many people are you going to forcefully well we'll we'll see we'll see how many rolls on with and it's shows how far we've fallen that it's even news that ice is doing its job this is their job every day is in well it will in fact the numbers are far fewer. under you are fewer people being deported oh that's right president trumping under president obama that's correct. and still
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ahead and there monsoon rains lead to devastating flooding across india nepal and beyond that day. and south africa's government takes aim at gang violence on the streets of cape town. welcome back to you in a national weather forecast well we are dealing with a new round of rain here across parts of china and in central areas we are looking at very heavy rain causing problems in terms of water rescues here in greenland take a look at the most current video coming in out of the area you can see the water has been rising rescuers have it out getting people out of the homes as well as businesses but unfortunately what is going to take a little while to go down.


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