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india's space agency is delaying the launch of its 2nd lunar mission chandra into because of a technical snag the indian space research organization says a new launch window will be confirmed later and brian 2 will carry a lunar lander and remotely and a remotely operated rover to investigate the moon's unexplored south pole franziska the ago is a senior research fellow at the department of physics and astronomy at university college london and he says global unity is key to future space exploration. he would like a kind of space race between the asian countries actually china india and japan but i think you saw a very healthy competition in this case india is going to continue with. the chandra and one that discover water in the near the south pole of the moon or no children 2 is going to be launching throughout the area with alum there and we thought rover to explore the possibilities of finding water you know more in
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a more direct way with more that the evidence so it is very complimentary to what all the nations are doing it is because. turkey has received a 3rd shipment of components of the s 400 air defense system from russia more deliveries are expected over the next few days in defiance of a warning from the united states turkish pilots are no longer being trained to fly america's f. 35 war plane the pentagon is threatening to cancel it turkey's orders for the fighter jet. dozens of people have been arrested in russia to rally demanding opposition candidates be included in the upcoming local elections a crowd chanted against moscow's election commission off to signatures found several independent candidates who rejected protesters say the board is trying to steal the election. georgians have launched a campaign to attract tourists to their country after. visitor numbers plummeting
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under 7 this report. continues to break up the many russians normally have at this time of year in this part of the world from the beaches black sea to the capital city to russian easy to find on the i'm going to the great group is for. some of the ethnic russians who are initially quite scared about making the trip. here because. nations should live. our history. shows that we love each other. without mentioning him by name many people are blaming vladimir putin for. what's happening now is a fight. a campaign to try to persuade people. to come to
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georgia busy. spend in georgia and start a growing and growing in. $65000.00 members around 40 percent of. what started as a small facebook campaign among young volunteers as quickly morphed into something much bigger the campaign is reaching out to russians. there are a lot of people who are against political position politics of their own country and they travel freely to this country they want to experience. this. is a russian business woman who lives in georgia she says putin has made false claims that russians safe here i don't feel it now. and i don't feel old time i live here i live here. and old people.
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are friendly. and change the georgian government good for $1800000000.00 russian tourists visit this year now world bank is predicting half that number $300000000.00 of revenue will be lost if the flight by. placing that shortfall with new markets will be hard if not impossible. european leaders have joined french president. for the day military parade more than 4000. in the event. of world war one. a flying soldier taking to the skies. it's been a record. we'll have the details. and
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here's peter with the sports. thank you very much england have won the cricket world cup for the 1st time off an epic final with new zealand at loads that was settled on crickets equivalent of the penalty shoot out the super over of the both sides post at the same school lee winnings watched the drama unfold. one thing was certain that the famous lord's cricket ground in london there would be new winners of the world cup england had been beaten in 3 previous finals but not reach one for
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27 years new zealand to soften before the underdogs who had exceeded expectations and hoped to finally land the big prize. easy didn't make the decision to pass on the clouds in london a risky decision captain kane williamson joined henry nichols to take new zealand past 100 with just one wicket down. but it looked like the faintest of touches might bring new zealand hopes the implant could have williamson caught behind plunkett then both top scorer nicholson 55 he took 3 wickets as did well i use a human skull $241.00 for a softer 50 overs place called lest a shock into even the semifinals but would it be enough to take the trophy. jason boy was lucky to survive the 1st ball is england triste 248 so he didn't last too long but henry making the breakthrough. routes in judicious shots against a ground home started a mini collapse that included ferguson sensational catch to get rid of england
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captain morgan in good reading at $86.00 before england they did heroes step forwards just butler and question which born ben stokes they used a positive pick hitting the might that seem to one of the favorites and with each blow remove some of the failure and doubt this is home to england stocks kept going as wickets fell around him 15 needed from the final over i but he hit sixes one from a bizarre overthrow last ball to needed one money. the 1st half a world cup super over stocks and butler returned to school 15 it was too much for new zealand was. england's new start the last ball to needed one stuart england one incredibly i'm bound to count but i 44 years of world cup cricket last england hope on the trophy and
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what i regard as the home of cricket lords. world cup champions 29 i say put a 1st try england's players proved themselves the best in the world in dramatic circumstances who new generations of cricket fans have been inspired to see. the wellings al-jazeera but what's cricket ground in london. can't quite believe this one carrying it around as much as i can a composite believe that we've got over the line it's been an extraordinary day you guys watching like the most incredible game of cricket with nothing between the sides. so do you know sport sometimes is very very fine margins i think it was the finest imagine today and it could have gone either way but i'm on time for the winter. pretty much do or you couldn't still not
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perhaps get across the line with some small margins and i think throughout this whole campaign and a lot of my press conference has a spike in about uncontrollable zz and there was a couple today that were. pretty hard to swallow and the epic final took place on center court of novak djokovic speed roger federer so we need 5th wimbledon title the match lost to just 5 minutes short of 5 hours loren smith reports with the tennis giants meeting in the final roger federer a new refused to make it 21 grand slam titles he'd have to achieve something he's never done in the previous 20 beats rafael nadal and novak djokovic the 1st set was a sign of things to come tight all the way eventually going to the world number one i. it sparks federer into life he responded dropping just one game in the 2nd was with joke of each would reestablish easily but federal wasn't forcing the match into
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a deciding set with it was getting tense federer spurned too much points his joke of it showed his fighting spirit with the deciding set tie break would decide a classic final was a joke of each taking the title of his 1st at the all england club with grand slam number 16 and counting laurence smith al-jazeera. it was probably the most demanding mentally was demanding match i was ever part of. most physically demanding their chickens and darling finals was fairly random 6 hours 5 but mentally this was this was a different level because of everything and. i'm just obviously. 3 olds in overjoyed with with emotions 2 to be sitting here in front of you is a winner i mean. it was one shot away from losing the match as well i mean this
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match had everything and could have call easily his way to try to take the good things out of this match you know tons of it. you know. and like similar to 08 maybe i will look back at it and think like well it's actually not that after all you know but for now it hurts and it should you know like every loss hurts here at wimbledon there were thousands in the celebrating a record 6 the victory in the british grand prix at silverstone the mercedes driver started his home race behind teammate felt that he bought us but got in front following a safety car incident on lap 20 and stayed on in front from there until the finish the closing laps provided some drama as the red bull of max for stepan and ferrari sebastian vettel crashed into each other but it was hamilton taking the applause from his home fans again at the circuit it's the 7th win in the 10 races this season and he's extended easily to 39 points in the f one drivers championship. you think you get used to something like that but i tell you it was like the 1st time
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and i'm just forever grateful for everyone to come out and spend the whole weekend here i really hope that you enjoy the day algeria will play said i go in the final of the africa cup of nations of the 2 dramatic semi's in injury time free kick from riyadh clinched algeria's 21 win against nigeria algeria had led through an own goal by william true state kong before it got equalized with a penalty and a bizarre goal in extra time from dillon brawn gave senegal a wonderful victory over to near 0 both teams had 2nd off penalty save as well senegal have never won the title. best still there the tour de france belongs to south africa's daryl impey he won stage 9 after the 170 kilometer track of a hilly terrain to believe you'd impi is the 1st south african to win a stage since 2007 frenchmen julian elephant in the race leader's yellow jersey
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that's all sport we have if an hour stay tuned for more later. and that is it for me david for the news hour but don't go away alamo idea is here with more of the day from you stay with us. every week brings a series of breaking stories this maximum jail term has jumped from 5 years to 175 years there listening post as we turn the cameras on the media donald trump shouldn't be the one deciding who is a journalist and who isn't and focus on how they would call it on the stories that matter the most they will closer and closer to a tire shut down both international and domestic news coverage on al-jazeera.
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in the year 127118 a gunman italian agent set out on an extraordinary journey i mean traveled the furthest reaches of the muslim marco polo as world feel radically altered beijing
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the city established by cooper the cop is still today china's strong economy now and china is again a superpower we reflect on how the relationship between east and west has changed. marco polo on al-jazeera. iran offers talks to ease rising tensions with washington as european nations call for dialogue. and how i'm hitting this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up no bullying no kind of attack to silence me is going to work donald trump under fire the u.s. president is accused of racism after a twitter attack on
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a group of democratic congresswoman. 18 months out of office spots former south african president jacob zuma is facing more corruption questions. and english than celebrated dramatic world cup win over new zealand. but we begin with new diplomatic efforts to end months of heightened tensions between iran and the united states iranian president hassan rouhani says his government would be willing to talk to the u.s. but only if washington lifts its economic sanctions and returns to the conditions of the 2015 nuclear deal or direct it was only when a big pair is a bully we have to stand up to it must stop being the bully we have always believed in top always right this hour right this moment if they stop the oppression if they
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stop the beleaguered rence if they lift sanctions return to the table return to logic way already. well shortly after his comments european leaders who are signatories to the deal issued their own statements calling for dialogue between all the parties to resume in a joint declaration france germany and the u.k. said we are extremely concerned about iran's decision to store and enrich uranium beyond the authorized limits however they also said we believe that the time has come to act responsibly and to look for ways to stop the escalation of tension and resume dialogue the risks are such that it is necessary for all stakeholders to pause and consider the possible consequences of their actions and has more now from paris. it was clear in the statement from france britain and germany that they are
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increasingly concerned about the future in the survival of the j c p o a now the 3 powers say that the 2015 iran deal should be supported they continue to support it they say it's the best deal out there to ensure regional security and curb iran's own nuclear ambitions but they say there is a real risk that this deal could collapse because of the ongoing pressure from the u.s. sanctions on the iranian economy now what they are asking for is for all sides to deescalate tensions to really carm the situation they also once again urge iran to reverse some of the steps it's taken recently to exceed some of the uranium enrichment limits that it agreed to under the 2015 deal they are not to break any more commitments that is made to the j c p a a and they say they will continue to work as hard as they can to try and find some sort of solution to all of this now
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what we know is the french president a week ago spoke to the iranian president and said that the 2 had agreed to find some sort of climate or context for talks in the coming week so far we haven't heard anything more but in that elise a statement there was a date july the 15th now they lease are now downplaying that that date they say that it's not a deadline it simply shows that there is a sense of urgency and there is a real desire to try and find some way to break the deadlock and calm the situation we're going karla's a former deputy national intelligence officer for the transnational threats at the cia uses iran is taking steps to encourage the u.s. to return to its former position on the nuclear agreements. i think it's an astute step for iran to take because here we are talking about an offer to negotiate the substance of position that iran is suggesting or or trying to move back to
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is really the status quo prior to the change by the united states towards iran withdrawing from the nuclear agreement and putting sanctions on iran it also is a stupid because it echoes or in forces or corresponds to position that the e.u. is taking which is that any negotiation is better than shooting and killing people which would have. fathomable. the potential consequences so from that perspective it's a useful thing in substance there's not a lot to it and the american response even from dennis ross who is no longer in america formal american official but for decades has been probably the premier american expert for the middle east. urges iran to stop its enrichment program and to stop its support for fundamentally the
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hizbullah in lebanon and syria and then in yemen yemen and that is. not a position that iran is going to accept yours so substantively difficult diplomatically i think oh useful step from iran's perspective. u.s. president says under fire for a series of racially charged tweets against democratic congresswoman donald trump called them foreign born troublemakers and told them to go back to where they came from gabriel and this on the reports from washington d.c. what do you mean ization is not only with those families but it's also with the agents that we've had told to do this to these families their 1st time congresswoman and vocal critics of the u.s. president and it appears they've gotten under donald trump skin he took to twitter to say in part progressive democrat congress women who originally came from countries whose governments are
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a complete and total catastrophe should go back to the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came however 3 of the congress women were born in the u.s. not elsewhere as he suggested alexandria cortez of puerto rican descent was born in new york ayana presley is from massachusetts and russia to tell you the palestinian american was born in michigan she responded to trump's attack on social media this is our country and no amount of heathfield bullying from the white house is going to change that we're going to fight back together and we're going to become stronger for it please know that i'll never back down no bully no kind of attack to silence me is going to work another target of trump congresswoman ileana omar was born in somalia came to the u.s. as a refugee when she was a teenager and became a u.s. citizen nearly 20 years ago omar responded to trump by tweeting mr president as
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members of congress the only country we swear an oath to is the united states which is why we are fighting to protect it from the worst most corrupt and inept president we have ever seen. the racially tinge tweets came on the same day trump said immigration officials would be conducting raids throughout the country to arrest any vict undocumented migrants with removal orders it stoked fear in immigrant communities of being caught up in a dragnet of mass deportations and earlier in the week trump threaten to go around the supreme court and demand people answer a question in next year's census on whether they are u.s. citizens analysts say it's all part of a troll pattern this is a president who once said that he called for the total and complete shutdown of muslims entering into the united states once referred to mexicans as the one start of the barack obama birth or controversy and so it's really important when you see
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this sort of racism zina phobia massage any islamophobia coming from the commander in chief it's really important for minority communities here in the united states to act as intersectional allies to one another ensure that he's a one term president trumps anti immigrant and racially divided undertones in the run up to the 2016 election did not prevent him from becoming president he won anyway he now likely thinks that his latest rhetoric will not hurt his chances for reelection next year gabriel's on dough al-jazeera washington. former south african president jacob zuma is expected to testify at an inquiry into government corruption he was forced from office last year q receiving the mass looting of state funds and was it was jus to appear for certain several days it's not clear if you respond to the allegations reports.
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a string of public protest media revelations and pressure from within his own party to jacob zuma as resignation as president now 18 months out of office zuma continues to fight allegations of corruption many of them linked to his relationship with the gupta m e the doctors are accused of using their relationship with zuma to influence government policy and when lucrative state contracts with businesses while zuma and the gupta deny any wrongdoing the former president is expected to make his 1st appearance at an inquiry into corruption those rumors really. you're not going to see his his direct fingerprints on a lot of things you know a lot of the corruption that happened was happening inside state owned so it would happen under c.e.o. c.f.o. that had effectively been appointed by him you know by the ministers that he had appointed. the accusations against zuma and the group has are just the latest in
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a long line of scandals zuma is you to return to court in september on charges of fraud corruption and money laundering a 180000000 dollars deal with the french military arms company teles zuma says the charges are political conspiracy the beautiful economic research estimates that and as soon as leadership to that because economy lost $70000000000.00 president has called as peter says his time in office 9 a wasted years and many south africans agree or enjoy some support especially in his home problems of course in a towel there is great public interest in seeing him held to account for his suspected role in state corruption. many saying zuma led the looting of state coffers the allegations extend to zuma spammy with his son to design a link to businesses owned by the captors mr zuma. tends to view the process. of justice the process of governance as we've seen when he's been called before parliament to answer questions as well as we've seen when he's
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been called before the courts to answer he views all of these processes as being beneath him in a very patronizing paternalistic way. while many south africans are anxious to hear zuma give his side of the story it's still not clear whether he would testify before the commission or cross-examine witnesses who have implicated in. janice berg still to come on i'll just 0 police and protesters clashing hong kong in another day of demonstrations against the territories leaders. and monsoon rains lead to devastating flooding across.


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