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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 15, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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to have some of the numbers that china is reporting right now but china of course needs to be looked at a little bit differently to most countries and around the world because of the remarkable economic growth that it has been through if we go back to the global financial crisis in 2009 even in that difficult time china didn't report quarterly growth below 6.4 percent well we're beneath that now so naturally that is going to be causing some concern both within china around asia and beyond and of course all this happening amid the trade dispute between china and the united states the latest trade statistics came out on friday as well showing that imports and exports a down and perhaps the most concerning thing is that we don't know when this trade war is going to end yes there's been a truce declared between the 2 presidents meaning no new tariffs are being placed on each other's goods but we still don't know when those face to face negotiations are going to restart still ahead right here in al-jazeera accuse the phrases i'm
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the us president targets a group of democratic congresswoman in a series of provocative tweets and monsoon rain leads to devastating floods across india nepal and bangladesh. welcome back to international weather forecast well if we're looking at some very hot and dry conditions across parts of southern italy and because of that we're talking while far as across some of the areas i want to take you down here across parts of where they are dealing with while far as right now in the wall fars have been deadly one person was reported killed because of the fires the trying to do everything they can to get the fires under control but for the last couple of days it has been without any rain across much of the area pete. have had to be evacuated
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over the region now as you can see here on the forecast map on monday dry conditions to the south now we do have some rain towards the north that is what we're going to be seeing coming into play as we go towards tuesday that's going to start to move a little bit more towards the south now we also have to watch the possibility of lightning as well in conjunction with the rain that could also kick off a few wall for us as well there so to the north them it's going to be a little bit cooler for worse at $21.00 degrees berlin at $22.00 degrees there but madrid we are looking at a very hot day for you with a temperature of $37.00 and then very quickly across another part of africa we are going to be seeing the tempter start to climb here across parts of northern egypt going to be starting at $38.00 degrees there for cairo but by the time we get towards tuesday we are going to see about $41.00 there in the gazi a temperature of 30. it indicates that you have or so this is a police department has the potential to be biased in
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a number of different ways. for sure for the computer. is wrong to be saying that your something is wrong to. kill becoming a fast facts before the actual crime and in-depth examination into preventative policing pre-crime on al jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera iran's president hassan rouhani says his government is willing to talk to the u.s. if washington lifts economic sanctions and returns to the 2015 nuclear european
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foreign ministers are due to meet in brussels or post for a dialogue. former south african president jacob zuma is expected to appear at an inquiry into government corruption he was forced from office last year thank you used of overseeing the mass looting of state funds zuma denies any wrongdoing. china's economy has grown at its weakest pace in more than a quarter of a century datta for the world's 2nd largest economy shows it grew at just 6.2 percent in the 2nd quarter of the year. well the us president is under fire for a series of racially charged tweets against democratic congresswoman donald trump called them foreign born troublemakers and told them to go back to where they came from. a report someone. what do you mean is ation is not only with those families but it's also with the agents that we've had told to do this to these families their 1st time congress women and vocal critics of the us president and it appears
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they've gotten under donald trump skin he took to twitter to say in part progressive democrat congress women who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe should go back to the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came however 3 of the congress women were born in the u.s. not elsewhere as he suggested alexandria cortez of puerto rican descent was born in new york ayana presley is from massachusetts and russia to tell you the palestinian american was born in michigan she responded to trump's attack on social media this is our country and no amount of heathfield myleene from the white house is going to change that we're going to fight back together and we're going to become stronger for it please know that i'll never back down no bully no kind of attack to silence me is going to work another target of trump congresswoman ileana omar was
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born in somalia came to the u.s. as a refugee when she was a teenager and became a u.s. citizen nearly 20 years ago omar responded to trump by tweeting mr president as members of congress the only country we swear an oath to is the united states which is why we are fighting to protect it from the worst most corrupt and inept president we have ever seen. the racially tinge tweets came on the same day trump said immigration officials would be conducting raids throughout the country to arrest any vict undocumented migrants with removal orders it stoked fear in immigrant communities of being caught up in a dragnet of mass deportations and earlier in the week trump threaten to go around the supreme court and demand people answer a question in next year's census on whether they are u.s. citizens analysts say it's all part of a trial pattern this is
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a president who once said that he called for the total and complete shutdown of muslims entering into the united states once referred to mexicans as the rapists once started the barack obama birth or controversy and so it's really important when you see this sort of racism zina phobia massage any islamophobia coming from the commander in chief it's really important for minority communities here in the united states to act as intersectional allies to one another ensure that he's a one term president trumps anti immigrant and racially divided undertones in the run up to the 2016 election did not prevent him from becoming president he won anyway he now likely thinks that his latest rhetoric will not hurt his chances for reelection next year gabriels on dough al-jazeera washington representatives a few yemen's government and who the rebel fighters have met for the 1st time in 5 months during the meeting on board a u.n.
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vessel both sides were tossed for pulling forces out of full data the redeployment from the key port city is a critical part of the sweden cease fire deal reached in december. tens of thousands of people returned to the streets of hong kong protesting against what they say is beijing's growing political influence in the city's affairs but what started as a peaceful march in the suburb of shots in ended in violence right police charged towards demonstrators in a shopping center leaving dozens injured and 2 protesters in critical condition. reports from hong kong. after bringing central hong kong to a standstill on previous sundays protesters are taking their fight to the suburbs. and government leaders are struggling to clamp down on the wrist system's movement that is largely leaderless most of the protesters here are young people who tell us they are disillusioned about hong kong's future. protesters set up barricades
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in the center of schatten and riot police arrived from different directions trying to close off access routes. the situation is tense protesters remain defiant and the patience of police is wearing thin and. by 8 pm the police sent out a warning. they are ready to charge but here you can see the benefit of moving i think the interesting thing to me to the moment the police even me you know yelling and yelling when you know it's going in the fact that she. wasn't even me because in fact am even using me any more you don't want to make it seem some of the protesters retreated to a nearby and more complex the police ran after them and that's when the situation became even more violent
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i like so many protests here this march is meant to be a peaceful one most of our people do not trust the. chinese and they did. go transpires for the past 5 weeks these have become familiar scenes in hong kong tens of thousands of protesters showed up here today surprising even the moment organizers. and president did for us suburban area like that and the message is quite clear to caroline's government enough is enough the controversy over the proposed law to extradite suspects to stand trial in china sparked large scale protests last month and now demands have broad and protestors want reassurances that their fundamental freedoms are
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protected britain returned hong kong to chinese rule in 1997 the so-called one country 2 systems handover agreement guaranteed the people of hong kong freedom is not widely available in mainland china. but people here tell as those freedoms are being eroded by creeping story tyrion ism from beijing it remains to be seen what sort of concessions chief executive caroline can offer that will be enough to pacify young people here for now protesters vow they will continue to push back until they achieve meaningful political reforms. dogon al-jazeera hong kong. bangladesh's former military dictator hussein mohammad irshad has died at the age of 89 the army chief turned president rolled the country for 9 years from 1982 to 990 despite being deposed and sent to prison he managed to remain active in
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politics until the end of his life or chavez was the leader of the opposition in bangladesh's current parliament's. annual monsoon rains have left a trail of devastation across 3 countries in nepal at least 65 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides dozens of people are missing and 10000 others are displaced continuous rain since thursday has swum tons and destroyed roads and bridges. 10 people have died in floods in bangladesh where some of the worst damage has been in refugee camps in caucuses bazaar the area is home to a 1000000 refugees who fled persecution in neighboring me and mar 5 thousands of their shelters have been destroyed in the monsoon rains have also cause havoc in northern northeast india with more than a 1000000 people displaced flash floods in the region have killed 10 farmlands and residential areas have been submerged off to rivers burst their banks several
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pirates. those living in northeastern india were prepared for the monsoon rains but not for this. so much rain has fallen the brahmaputra river has burst its banks watering entire villages. this family is safe and now. they are among nearly a 1000000 people who have been displaced by the flooding in the state. with thousands of homes under water some have been forced to take refuge on rooftops. while others are doing all they can. to protect their families from the ongoing rains. to tell each has also triggered mudslides and several people have been killed. those have turned to government run camps for relief. all farmers are worried about their crops so that. as soon as farmers began showing an irrigating the land that's when the rain began it's been extreme 72 hours of
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continuous rain the water level kept rising and then study submerged of farmland nearly all of our crops have been destroyed so it's not just india affected by the heavy rains dozens have been killed in neighboring nepal and bangladesh. while this couple didn't let the rain dampen their wedding there's not much to celebrate for thousands of others here in india more monsoon rains are for cost and the floodwaters are expected to continue to rise in the coming days so to hide out and josina. 7 people have died in northern india after monsoon rain caused a bolding to collapse there and police say rescue teams have pulled 13 people from the rubble but fear more are trapped under the debris the building housing small restaurant and the guest house 30 people were inside the time. india's space agency has delayed the launch of its 2nd lunar mission because of
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a technical snag the indian space research organization says a new launch window will be confirmed later chandrayaan 2 will carry a lunar lander a remotely operated rover to investigate the moon's unexplored south pole francisco diego is a senior research fellow at the department of physics and astronomy at university college london he says global unity is the key to future space exploration. he would like a kind of space race between the asian countries actually china india and japan but i think it's a very healthy competition in this case india is going to continue with. chandra and one that discover water in the near the south pole of the moon i'm not too is going to be launching throughout the area with there and we thought rover to explore the possibilities of finding water you know more you know more that way with more that they breathe and so it is very complimentary to what all the nations
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are doing it is called become pain has been launched in georgia to attract tourists ofter a dispute with moscow led to a big fall in visitor numbers president vladimir putin's imposed the flight ban and ordered russian citizens to return home and reports from tbilisi. putin continues to break up the phones so many russians normally have at this time of year in this part of the world from the beaches on the black sea to the capital city to russian tourists easy to find on the look i got into a group is from a study although some of them are ethnic russians who were initially quite scared about making the trip i was afraid of coming here because i watched and but i came here and i see him think it's ok if. nations should live to get. our history culture until
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a ship shows that we love each other. without mentioning him by name many people are blaming vladimir putin for all this problem what's happening now is a fight back online a campaign to try to persuade people of all nationalities to come to georgia to hash tag spend in georgia and start a growing and growing it really meant fire. and currently there are $265000.00 members around 40 percent of whom are for a nurse so what started as a small facebook campaign among young volunteers as quickly morphed into something much bigger the campaign is also reaching out to russians and you can also see that there are a lot of people who are again things political position and politics of their own country and they just one travel freely to this country they wanted experience georgia and they are more than welcome to do so. is
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a russian businesswoman who lives in georgia she says putin has made false claims that russians safe here i don't feel it now and i don't feel it the old time i live here i live here 8 years and old georgian people. were friendly. and now it's not change the georgian government good for $1800000000.00 russian tourists would visit this year now world bank is predicting half that number $300000000.00 of revenue will be lost if the flight. the placing that shortfall with will be hard if not impossible andrew symonds al-jazeera to please. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera iran's president hassan rouhani says his
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government is willing to talk to washington if it lifts economic sanctions and returns to the 2015 nuclear deal european foreign ministers are due to meet in brussels to push for dialogue. the one thing that we are watching for out of this meeting in brussels later today is whether or not the. clause that is written into this agreement to trigger a mechanism of this future will be called by the european signatories that this clause if it isn't acted by the europeans means that the single tories will have 65 days to try and resolve the dispute they have with the arena and over this agreement if none of the parties can resolve their issues then this nuclear deal will go back to the united nations where the future of it will be dealt with former south african president jacob zuma is expected to appear at a public inquiry into government corruption he was forced from office last year
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accused of overseeing the mass looting of state funds zuma denies any wrongdoing. china's economy has grown. more than a quarter of a century for the world's 2nd largest economy shows it grew a just 6.2 percent in the 2nd quarter of the year the us president is under fire for a series of racially charged tweets against 4 democratic congresswoman of color donald trump told the group to leave the u.s. and go back to where they came from democrats have described the tweets as hateful and raids by immigration and customs enforcement agents are reported to have begun in the u.s. trump announced there'd be a crackdown on undocumented workers intensities this weekend. annual monsoon rains have left a trail of devastation across 3 countries in nepal at least 65 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides dozens are missing 10000 others are displaced the rains have also displays the 1000000 people in northeast india and flooded
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refugee camps in bangladesh those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera inside stories coming up next. in one lifetime and we cannot see everything with our own eyes without testimony we would know very little witness documentary open your eyes on al-jazeera. more protests in hong kong despite the government suspending the controversial extradition bill that sparked the anger so what's fueling the demonstrations night and what will it take to end what's been dubbed the summer of discontent this is inside story. my . hello and welcome to the
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program i'm hala maher he'd seen weeks of protests in hong kong showed no sign of ending the parliament's in these summits on this chinese territory has been vandalized towns near the border with china have seen on precedented rallies and police and protesters have faced off in violence confrontations. well it all started with an extradition bill that would have allowed people in hong kong to be sent to mainland china for trial the government has since suspended that the chief executive even describing it as dead but now the protests happened volved and see why either frustration at what is seen as growing. interference from beijing to me that i'm going to can has more. tens of thousands of protesters have showed up here today it is unprecedented for a suburban place like shots and it hasn't seen anything like this in decades
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unexpected even for the organizers a lot of the protesters here are shouting they're asking for the police to open up the roads and so i allow people to move freely to speak up the message against kerry lam's government also is quite clear and to a greater extent beijing room will continue. to try to. go for. it remains to be seen what sort of concessions will caroline's government be able to offer the will be acceptable to the millions of young people who have been taking to the streets this is gone beyond just the extradition bill corsi all the other issues as what protesters here have been telling us this bottled up this content that has been simmering here in hong kong for decades they tell us the rule of law and the way of life here in hong
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kong is threatened they want better regulation and they want better protection young people who have come here have been accused of rioting it may seem like that at the onset if you look at the streets but the protest is so different from the 2014 umbrella movement here this movement is largely leaderless it has been decentralized and that has been brought to so many suburban areas like shut and it has been localized as well even the issues that have come forward now has become all about the protection of basic fundamental freedoms of people what they want they say is accountability transparency and justice. well let's bring in cities panel in hong kong we have emily lau she's a former counselor at the hong kong legislative council and a former chairwoman of the democratic party in london we're joined by james palmer
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a senior editor at foreign policy magazine who lived in beijing from 2004 to 2018 answers in hong kong via skype lauren smart the chairman of the hong kong we go exchange foundation and a member of the silent majority for hong kong political party welcome to you all if i could come to you 1st emily live. assurances have been given that this extradition bow which sparked the protests is dead so why in your view are these protests continuing well i think the chief executive kerry lamb has not really responded to demands of the protesters and the demands of many hong kong people and that is to say that the bill has been withdrawn which is the correct terminology not that the bill is dead i mean people don't know what that means and people pray that maybe the bill will suddenly rise up from the dead again and also
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of course the people would like to see an independent inquiry setup chaired by a judge to look into the police brutality and all the chaos in the last few weeks and she has not responded to these 3 months so it's a little only reasonable and that's why the people are very unhappy i request but word carry law to turn round and see we will withdraw the spill we will formally withdraw the sparrow and you can have the inquiry do you think the process would stop then. i think i think emotion will subside quite a bit of course not maybe not a 100 percent but i think that because these are the demands that have been articulated for so long and if she would come out and say yes i would do these things i think i think we would see
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a lot less protests lawrence more what do you say to that the simple way to end these protests once and for all is for a carrier to change her vocabulary and withdraw the bell rather than kill it i meant to say don't even know what i don't think i would do anything good in cooling down the well in stopping the protests i would say if i could on a bit but the whole the whole you know the business is not just about the bill i mean could have says and there has been prominent very about how importers so the reason has been moved away from the extra extradition bill it is due to other social issues which the people people do not feel happy about so the and also the stepping out of the chief executive is not a match up because whoever stands in opposition to be the chief executive will have to sammy sosa problem has on hand as an issue to tackle west and the same soren and
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brown in hong kong to tackle we've also been following the common interest so what are the social issues lawrence marvet you think are at the heart of this. well i think for so many years and china sentiment has been caught up has been. in calculated into the mind of the people so people there's a very subtle and the china and the chinese and the national identity the sentiment. so whenever we talk about china and then to talk about chinese stuff people are not happy about them and his his his picking up this antique chinese sentiment well by and large the large a very very popular newspaper in hong kong and which which are in constant. highlighting the negative aspects of chinese society china and even about china and
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hide away and downs any good thing the chinese have so hong kong people have been so also many is injected with all encountered in clanton with very many negative. ideas about china ok let me china let me put this to james parmeno james palmer. these protests began after the controversy surrounding the so-called extradition bill we hear from one side that if this extradition bill was formally withdrawn that may stop the process on the other hands were hearing the system and see social issues an anti china sentiment being fermented by the press was what's your reading of this why do you think these print these protests are continuing. well i would say well the extradition
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bill was the immediate cause the bigger problem is a much wider divide in identity between hong kong is and the people's republic as a whole the mainland young hong kong is do not feel themselves to be chinese only 3.5 percent of young callers when interviewed say that they're chinese the vast majority say that they are global citizens or even more so the hong kong is and those numbers have dropped sharply in the last 10 years but where of course i really disagree with lawrence is that this isn't the result of in calculation or some kind of propaganda it's the result of actions by china by beijing it's the result of things like the kidnapping of hong kong booksellers the political power now on the mainland the sense particularly over the last you know 5 years that the mainland has been rapidly de liberalizing and so from hong kong his point of view while they want could have believed that the mainland would move more towards where
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hong kong is in terms of freedom of speech rule of law and so on now they're seeing the mainland go backwards and attempt to force that backwardness on hong kong lawrence i'll give you a chance to respond to that. yeah it is true that because china containment policy as we we are well the us is wanting to contain china and hong kong is so serious that it would be political influences financial influences and there is enough the color because which is being used as part of the to the chinese government now where we have got independence since a couple of years ago and we even see it is quite apparent that hong kong is going out of credibility so i mean you cannot blame the chinese government so i don't think control over hong kong because hong kong is not controlled probably it would go on an independent city. and let me put these point to see you emily lie that
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says. this is this is an identity issue rather than the extra bit they actually. per say do you think that younger hong kong or so feeling less chinese and this is this is a wider pushback against. against a perceived oppressor. well i think it is an identity issue yes but the fear of being sent for trial in mainland china is real whether it is the youngsters or their families or other political dissidents who could be the target of this spill it's a concern of many people including the young and of course the young people who are also very very much put off by presidency chin paintings absolutely no respect for rule of law for human rights and look at the situation
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and seeing junk over a 1000000 people being locked up like that and also look at the human rights lawyer is the human rights defenders in china and there are many of them suffer a lot and so when the young people here young and old when they see the appalling situation in china of course they feel very very disturbed and they young people of course they don't want to be part of that country and they asked me because they they asked me to see that i can help especially those who hold a british national overseas passport of course these people are not that young but they asked me whether i can ask britain to help because they are british citizens lauren small let me pick that so you youngsters in hong kong are seeing very real concerns given some of the actions in china who to play the detention of weaker is
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in. which you don't say those are legitimate concerns that they could push back against. i don't think youngsters. i do not know about them so of course it is a conservative. but it shouldn't be a concern to them because really for someone who to be. crime in the mainland but a lot and that is an instance of our military modern man and then be extradited back to the mainland china many of these people do not go to the mainland china even to travel there is it this china but today don't go there to commit a crime impossible for them to extradite her back to the mainland china so the fear is totally irrelevant to them but back to play devil's advocate lauren smart they would they would say that this could be used as a pretext for the chinese authorities to arrest someone and say you have committed a lawyer an offense in china or we use this as
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a pretext to take you to the mainland no but they don't even go to the mainland china to get my one little ones of the people so that's that's not for them there might be some concern in the business sectors to do business in china but china hong kong this is a man who does this is china and may have that concern but not those protesters on the need you know charging riots against the glories not that not those people those don't have to stand at all because of asians then there's a lot so there are provisions in this law which words exempts people who would not normally go to mainland china is that your argument lawrence no longer the principle of law is you have to commit a crime you can bring in and china and absconded that has to be able to be to be able to have these critical to them to get you have to have extradited back to try and china for trial that's the whole purpose of the bill and the law i mean if you have been to china you don't go there there's no crime to be there you cannot be
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extradited back there i don't want to say on the extradition law for to you on but james farmer if i could come to you surely that this extradition bill in itself is a demonstration of upholding the principles of the one country 2 systems because surely if if it were one country one system you wouldn't need a separate law to cover these. fences and an additional point to you james palmer why if china wanted to bring people to justice on the mainlines they don't need a law as we've seen in the case of the causeway bookseller's they'll just make find a way of making you face justice on the mainland anyway it's just a trojan horse the world this debate. well in fact i mean the theory is that one of the reasons introduced this bill was in order to try and sort of formalize the process that was already happening of trying to kidnapping hong kong is from very
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you know seizing people anyway and to give it a sort of legal framework but from the point of view of the protesters you know that there should be no intrusion at all and they're worried i think rightly because we've seen china try to apply its law extraterritoriality in abroad so much over the last few years we've seen for instance last year china threaten lines that didn't use the term taipei. china that i threaten businesses that identified taiwan as a separate area or country we've seen. in the kidnappings we've seen. it we've seen people at conferences try to test things out of 10 things out of conference materials so there's a feeling that this is just a sort of stalking horse for that sense of intrusion into hong kong's you know once sort of inviolable. independence and coupled with things like the railway terminals
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where mainland global be applied the feeling of sort of hong kong's in hong kong sort of autonomy being sliced away bit by bit is really powerful i thought i'd let's put this question to you all 3 of you this is something which is interesting before why are we seeing these sorts of protests in hong kong but we aren't seeing them in other. in macau for example macau is of course another territory roll by the one country 2 systems they have a separate system but we aren't seeing the mass demonstrations that we have seen on the streets of hong kong emily live. well macau people do not enjoy too many freedoms my dear friend they don't have freedom of the press and macau is very small and it's very much control by the communists for many decades so but if we're not lucky how girl could be like my cat within weeks and that's something we're trying to prevent is is that something lawrence margaret what would you say
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to this why are we not seeing the protests and mco. i think homecoming has particular tradition because it has the english legal system it has a lot of foreigners it has a free press it has always been. the british has given a trade into trouble when there's a lot of groups here so and in the value system of hong kong people were pretty international ones to a certain extent british so i would have thought that they would want to meara the very western system of democracy and how people can protest. like you know other countries that's what they wanted in hong kong so i mean that's what and there's also some sense of going in for this but it's so that's why it's been hong kong and how i'm going has been. larger of course the more population they have i think
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$7000000.00 plus people in hong kong whereas in the towns only 50500000 the population is larger so it has more if it is done as the sphere is and serves. its use as a place to speak to these people in stabilize china hong kong has the power and force to achieve their objectives james palmer saw an assessment you would agree with that that hong kong is a better place to destabilise china than mco. i think the explanation for why macau doesn't protest is quite simple in 66 and 67 when the communists from the mainland pushed huge protests in both hong kong and macau the portuguese authorities effectively caved and gave the communist party a powerful role in control of macau many decades before formal before formally handing it back over so the communist party has been ensconced in macau for much
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longer its control is much deeper the threats and the coercion it can. apply to people in macau is much greater so like the mainland you know why do people not protest in the mainland because they're terrified it's not quite the same in macau but there's no tradition of resistance there's no independent press there's no or there's a long kind of established history of control and what about the economic factors how important are economic factors in the unrest that we're seeing because hong kong is rather in the jury is for extraordinary high rents for low who no home ownership ever just this play any facts or a toll would you say james palmer. i think it plays some factor but not as much as some apologists for the mainland would you we've seen them saying over soul really about housing prices or really about this it's not people you know young people are upset because of housing prices that angry they feel cut off but that plays into
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the sense of break with the older generation the sense of the older generation sold them out to beijing you can't separate out these issues the fact that hong kong is effectively controlled by a few powerful families who have thrown their lot in not is with the chinese communist parties and who also exert sort of monopoly control over hong kong of hong kong businesses is very recognized by young people but they see that anger as part of that the shared anger against the mainland against paging as well well we were coming to the end of our discussion with the few minutes that remain i'd like to get in the cessna different from all 3 of you where you think this is going to end what are the next steps for the process and what's what lies ahead if i kids come to you 1st emily like how do you see this ending. well i certainly think carrie lam should come out and gauge the public she cannot just
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keep hiding in government house and of course she should accede to the demands which i think are very reasonable but now there's a report in the financial times saying that she's offered to resign several times well i think if she goes it would be good then we just get some new person to come in and otherwise if she keeps hiding in government house is not going to help this situation will get worse ok lauren smart to you to you see the resignation of carrie lamas as helping to bring this to a cause where do you see this and well i'm going in because of the resolution and this is a good time and good opportunity for people to remind you there's an election in. this year and there is a more important election next year and people want oppositions want to keep up
4:44 pm
that sentiment and opposition sentiment so that they can get back to the propose if people are more scared about china about about the government they would go for the opposition and that's what they want to go wrong they want to drag on they want to keep the sentiment of the protests so that they can get moguls will be in an election in november not in which it seems of time but july july to emily like do you think that's the case that this is all just political posturing ahead of an election. well of course there is an election coming up and we would like to see pro democracy candidates winning but i think many of us do not want to see the violence in the streets if you have big a peaceful protest that's great but we don't want to see the protesters beating up i mean the policemen beating up the protesters and all this standoff i think many of us do not want to see that so far is completely wrong ok and james palmer i'm
4:45 pm
going to give you the last words here quickly if you could how do you see this and . i think that while these protests may die down on kong is going to be very unhappy very disturbed place over the course of the next few years or decades until something politically changes on the mainland that allows for more the proviso ocean hong kong is are going to keep drifting away from the mainland and we're going to see very fierce protests and in turn increased repression by the authorities ok and with that we'll have to draw our discussion to a close i'd like to thank all 3 of my guests and we live james palmer and lawrence mann thank you to you for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our web site that's dot com and the conversation continues online just head to our facebook page at forward slash a.j. inside story to take part or you can join the discussion on twitter we're at a.j. inside story or tweet me directly at our money team but for me and the whole team
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its point tonight. i. it's 50 years since the world watched as u.s. astronauts lost set off on a mission many adults impossible or whatever then marveled as they made those 1st uncertain steps. are. joining us as we look at the ingenuity and those who made the journey of a 111 possible. the moon landing 50 years on and the al-jazeera news special what went wrong in society that opened up the space for the image get out but it is the european parliament that's not accountable and it's impossible for the people to bet it is falling up our people don't want to take the
4:47 pm
lead that if i'll find a stronger man our song woman while getting the growth of rejectionism of this world because the model doesn't work europe's forbidden colony episode 2 on al-jazeera. with bureaus spanning 6 continents across the globe. al-jazeera is correspondents live in bringing the stories they tell of this was not like it is nothing on a lesser scale. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian brothers al-jazeera fluent in world news recruited to win a war exploited to on the battlefield the call the new regime faced a different value an effort from the right you know when your peers then abandoned for a lifetime we should be ashamed but for the same for for all country although i think
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you are over 3 people in power investigates the plight of imperial britons african troops begin tonight the forgotten heroes of empire on al-jazeera. new yorkers are very receptive to al jazeera because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. time to talk to iran urges the u.s. to end what it calls bullying on the nuclear deal and return to negotiations. to 0 life from a headquarters in doha i'm dead you know bill gates are also ahead he's accused of
4:49 pm
leading the looting of south african state finances former president jacob zuma faces a corruption inquiry. slowing down a trade war with the u.s. is one of the factors driving china's worst economic growth figures in years. of firsts for england's their crowns cricket's best after an epic final against new zealand. hello european foreign ministers are meeting in brussels to find ways to convince iran and the u.s. to start a dialogue after months of tension earlier iran's president hassan rouhani said his government is willing to talk to the u.s. if washington lifts economic sanctions and returns to the 2015 nuclear deal.
4:50 pm
when a big pair is a bully we have to stand up to it must stop being the bully we have always believed in talks. right this moment if they stop the oppression if they stop the belief if they lift sanctions. return to the table we turn to look we already well certainly after his comments european leaders who are signatories to the deal issued their own statements calling for a dialogue between all the parties to resume in a joint declaration france germany and the u.k. said we are extremely concerned about iran's decision to store and enrich uranium beyond the authorized limits however they also said we believe that the time has come to act responsibly and to look for ways to stop the escalation of tension and resume dialogue the risks are such that it is necessary for all stakeholders to pause and consider the possible consequences of their actions we've got teams covering this story in europe and iran in
4:51 pm
a moment we'll be speaking to dorset or bari into iran but 1st we'll cross over to dominic kane whose life for us in brussels and ahead of that meeting expected to take place dominic what should we be looking out for. world certainly from the e.u. perspective to remain pretty much many of the countries perhaps all of the countries have expressed their support for the deal with iran that deal which of course was repudiated by the trumpet ministration when mr trump came into the white house the point here is that the e.u. leaders the e.u. 3 that's britain france and germany were just mentioning in your introduction that they have been trying to find ways to help iran legally to circumvent to get around the impact of economic sanctions those crippling sanctions iran refers to and they have a scheme called instincts which helps iran financially to to offset the damage by sanctions but it has been a struggle to get it up and running and it isn't running at 100 percent the other thing to say here is we must view what's happening today through the prism of the
4:52 pm
events in the area itself in and around the middle east because from the united kingdom's perspective we know that the foreign secretary jeremy hunt has been speaking about the nature of tensions between iran and the united states saying that although united states. is its closest ally coach's ally they disagree about the policy that the mr trump president trump has arrived out of these are iran so clearly at this summit we will be expecting to hear a united front from the europeans which is they believe that negotiations must happen and that the deal that they arrived at some time ago now some years ago now is the only deal that can regulate this whole thorny issue with. dominic cain thank you for that update from brussels of her reaction from tehran itself let's bring in . she's joining us from there presumably the iranians will be watching events in brussels unfold very closely. yes certainly we have
4:53 pm
just been hearing from the spokesperson for iran's atomic energy organization mr campbell vandy who said that iran will return to its nuclear activity prior to 2015 if the europeans don't uphold their end of the deal this is something we've been hearing from the iranians but it's the 1st time that we've heard such a strong line coming from a official person within iran about what they're going to do if the europeans don't uphold their end of the deal until now we have heard that they will going to scale back their commitments step by step they were given the european 60 day period but now we're hearing from the spokesperson that the iranians will go back to preach 2015 conditions when it comes to the nuclear program and at that time iran was at 20 percent enrichment levels and all the nuclear facilities within the country were working now we've also been hearing from the iranian foreign minister zarif who is in new york a meeting a series of officials of the united nations here arrived on sunday evening where he
4:54 pm
spoke to reporters there he said that the europeans really have just been talking until now they have yet to see any action the iranians are accusing the european signatories of this deal of not upholding their end of the bargain because they're afraid of the united states and the sanctions that the u.s. has imposed on iran since withdrawing from this nuclear deal last year now it's noteworthy to say that the foreign minister zarif will be meeting the u.n. secretary general into tears during the 6 day visit that he will be in new york but we are also hearing that the visa that has been granted to the foreign minister is very specific and has very limited movements of for him that so when he's in the united states he is not allowed to travel to all around the country or within new york he's very limited where he can go with this is just another indication of how the united states government views this administration and the relationship that has been very very tense over the past few weeks and the past few months really
4:55 pm
since the united states imposed a series of sanctions on iran ok thank you. south africa's former president jacob zuma owes do it a public inquiry into government corruption he was forced from office last year and denies overseeing the systematic looting of state funds. is joining us from johannesburg to break down by corruption inquiry heroin to tell us if we know yet if the zuma himself is going to be testifying. or jacob zuma has arrived it's not clear whether he will be testifying this has caused a lot of interest here in south africa this public hearing some so that britain's blame azuma o.j. in the years in his prison of corruption they say he's responsible for a lot of money having gone missing and they say he's also responsible for destroying the economy what's going to happen is once he's proceeding start we will see just get some kind of a raise in sight at the room and in the way forward and how these proceedings
4:56 pm
happen the key thing of course to remember is that this is not a legal proceeding this is a commission of inquiry jacob zuma does not need to testify it's been a long road getting to this point for a couple of months zuma was insisting he wanted to see the questions all he came to testify at the commission because he needed time to prepare that was not allowed to happen he also said he wanted some of the witnesses to be cross-examined by him or by one of his lawyers we still don't know whether that is going to happen on sunday he had a media briefing where he was very defiant uneasy that he really wants to come and have a stay but he feels that this commission is a political witch hunt trying to tarnish his name. with a string of public protest media relations and pressure from within his own party to jacob zuma as resignation as president now 18 months out of office zuma
4:57 pm
continues to fight allegations of corruption many of them linked to his relationship with the gupta family. the doctors are accused of using their relationship would seem to influence government policy and win lucrative state contracts for its businesses while zuma and the captors deny any wrongdoing the former president is expected to make his 1st appearance at an inquiry into corruption. or is really. you're not going to see his his direct fingerprints on a lot of things you know a lot of the corruption that happened was happening inside state and so it would happen under c.e.o. c.f.o. that had effectively been appointed by him you know by the ministers that he had appointed. the accusations against zuma and the doctors are just the latest in a long line of scandals zuma is she to return to court in september on charges of fraud corruption and money laundering a 180000000 dollars deal with a french military arms company teles zuma says the charges are political conspiracy
4:58 pm
the beautiful economic research estimates that and as soon as leadership to that because economy lost $70000000000.00 president has called as peter says this time in office and 9 wasted years and some south africans agree while zuma enjoy some support especially in his home problems in a towel there is a great public interest in seeing him held to account for his suspected role in state corruption the allegations extend to zuma stanley with his son to design a link to businesses owned by the captors mr zuma. tends to view the process. of justice the process of governance which as we've seen when he's been called before parliament to answer questions as well as we've seen when he's been called before the courts to answer he views all of these processes as being the meet him. in
4:59 pm
a very patronizing paternalistic way. while many south africans are anxious to hear zuma give his side of the story it's still not clear whether he will testify before the commission or cross-examine witnesses who have implicated. and what are the implications if zuma does testify. if he does testify he could implicate some top officials which will naturally open up a whole new can of worms this is zoomers argument he says yes he was a prisoner for 9 years but he says his hands are clean he was never corrupt he accuses someone of using his name to further they personally interest for example. that maybe an official who would approach some investors and say i know jacob zuma very well i'm a very close friend of jacob zuma if you talk to me nicely to give me a cut then maybe you will be awarded government contracts those are some of the allegations he says are on the table and he was never read or really involved in
5:00 pm
any of this of course the commission will have to decide that after this spoken to several other people some of them are supporters are here at the commission and they insist that this is the kangaroo court they say this is a case of people within the ruling a.n.c. party different factions emerging trying to kind of subjective zuma and his supporters allegations of course denied by people from that particular faction but all eyes of course are on this hearing how is that going to pan out is zuma going to testify and if he does testify who is he going to implicate in the corruption scandals and as we can see in the live picture of that hearing now underway for the time being here with us i thank you for that update from johannesburg. where doctors have confirmed the 1st case of the ebola virus in a major city in the democratic republic of congo gomer's home to a 1000000 people experts are concerned the virus could spread quickly in the densely populated area close to the border with rwanda virus has killed almost a $1700.00 victims since the low.


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