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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 16, 2019 1:00am-1:33am +03

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prohibit migrants who resided in a 3rd country from seeking asylum in the u.s. it would make central american migrants traveling through mexico in eligible for asylum former south african president jacob zuma made a defiant appearance before a public inquiry today saying there's a conspiracy against him as he faced questions about government corruption during his time in office the commission is looking into allegations that he oversaw the mass looting of state farms it's also accused of allowing a wealthy family to buy influence over government policy and when lucrative business contracts zuma denies any wrongdoing i've been a subject of. talk in this country for. more than dick. i've been vilified and there is too. keen of.
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corrupt people. from johannesburg. a lot of time was spent talking about the gupta family jacob zuma was accused of using his influence back when he was president to help them set up a news paper it's alleged that he made a phone call to a government official a transcript of their phone calls without during the commission and as a lead's jacob zuma told this government official my brother they are these gupta guys we need to meet with you and need your help please help them so you know was in us to respond and he said i don't remember making the score it might have happened he did insist he is friends with the gupta says it is family does speak to the doctors but he says no law has been broken he says all this is part of a conspiracy theory that goes back to about 20 years any alleges they are players for foreign and local who are trying to remove him because he says he thinks it's because he knows too much when he started speaking at the hearing he claimed that
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he knows he has a list of people who are corrupt and he's threatened to release that list what will be the implications if he does or some people assume there could be some top officials on that list if it is released and the names are announced questions will be asked what did they do. and what is the way forward zuma will be making an appearance from monday to friday after the commissioners at the hearing say they need to bring him back then they will mark his testifying he came here to address some of his supporters who insist that he is innocent they also believe as part of a conspiracy theory and they plan to also be outside the hearing out of the commission every single day saying they support critics of zuma say that he is indeed guilty they're going to blame him for destroying the country who blame him for presiding of a corruption when he was president say they want him held to account still to come here on al-jazeera after another week and hong kong's leader risks further
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inflaming tensions and go 1st. protestors as rioters. monsoon rains lead to devastating flooding across south asia. hello again it's good to have you back well as i want to take you down here towards the southeastern part of china particular down here toward gone joe over the last few days we have seen some very heavy rain across much of the area this is due is video showing the flooding situation as it continues here now over $670000.00 people have had to be evacuated across much of this area and we're going to be seeing more rain as you can see it's going to continue over the next few weeks typical of the forecast map as we go towards tuesday the rain's going to continue across much of the area there but for hong kong it is going to be just cloudy conditions and very humid for you we do expect to see
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a temperature there of 33 degrees getting a little bit clearer so more sun coming into play in your temperature rising to about 35 as we go towards wednesday well here across india the rain has been quite hard across much of northeastern india we're talking a pall as well as bhutan as well you can see those clouds are there pushing through the rains going to continue here on tuesday so the flash flood threat is still a very significant problem up towards new delhi though we do expect to see some rain in the forecast that's going to bring the temperatures down to about 30 degrees maybe coming up to about 32 as we go towards wednesday but down here towards carola state rain very very heavy of the next few days bengaluru we do expect to see a temperature of 20 some degrees and i do about rain at 33. on counting the cost $3.00 decades off the collapse of the soviet union russia is gauging with africa to raise its political clout and we look at the economics
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behind so he's decision to buy the s. 400 and f. $35.00 stealth bomber counting the cost on a just. it's 50 years since the world watched as u.s. astronauts lost set off on a mission many adults impossible. then modeled as they made the 1st uncertain steps. to join us as we look at the ingenuity and those who made the journey of a 111 possible. 50 years on and the al-jazeera news special.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories today the latest diplomatic efforts to bring iran and the u.s. back to the negotiating table appears to have ended without any major breakthrough at a meeting in brussels e.u. foreign ministers downplayed iran's decision to enrich uranium above the limits of the 2050 nuclear deal but they failed to reach
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a solution to the growing us iran tensions. american president has once again lashed out at a group of 4 high profile congress women donald trump is demanding an apology for what he called horrible and disgusting actions. and he told the congress women to go back home to where they come from. former south african president jacob zuma has told an inquiry into government corruption that he is the target of a conspiracy mr zuma was forced from office last year accused of overseeing the mass looting of state farms. a roadside bomb has killed at least 13 people in southern afghanistan another 33 civilians were wounded in the explosion which targeted a truck in kandahar as car craze district. 2 health workers fighting the ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo have been found murdered in their homes the killings in north kivu province follows attacks on a boner clinics and stuff doctors have discovered the 1st case of the virus in the
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provincial capital goma the city's home to a 1000000 people experts are concerned the virus could spread quickly in the densely populated area close to the border with rwanda since the latest outbreak last august almost 1700 people have died. well the confirmed case has prompted the world health organization to reconsider whether it should declare the a break as a global emergency. the identification of the cure is in goma could potentially be a game changer in this epidemic we are confident in the measures we are put in place and hope that we will see no further transmission of ebola in goma nevertheless we cannot be too careful i have therefore decided to reconvene the emergency committee as soon as possible to assess the threat of this development
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catherine sawyer has more now from nairobi kenya so many history of health officials in the our congress say that the situation in. the couple of north kivu is pretty much under control they say that they have been preparing for months for such an outcome and have been sensitizing people as well as setting up hand washing areas in different places so they say it's unlikely that the disease is going to spread farther but it's always a concern because this is one of the may just cities in the are congo has about a 1000000 people living there it's right at the border with a random and this man whose case was concerned is actually a pastor who had traveled to the temple about 200 kilometers north of to pray for patients so he was quickly isolated on arrival in goma and is being transported and a very heavy security from the military back to the temple the people who were with him in the bassus traveling in have also been isolated and are being vaccinated as
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well but we also did speak to an official of the international federation of the red cross who has just come back from those areas and he's saying that he's concerned that this seeing the disease coming back in areas like benni where it had been contained. the flaring up in bernie again a place where we had cases of the beginning where the number of cases that gone down and where are we seeing now. the outbreak raging again and this is the new a.p. center of of the outbreak the ministry of health has also confirmed that 2 community health workers who were very involved in spreading awareness in some of these areas that have been affected in particular that they were killed on saturday night it's not clear who killed them but they have been receiving threats from their work they've been receiving threats since december and this just goes to show how
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precarious the security situation is in some of these areas the hong kong leader kerry for anger protesters demanding her resignation by calling them rioters she made those comments at a hospital while visiting 3 police officers who were injured during the clashes on sunday and thousands of people in hong kong are demanding the full withdrawal of an extradition bill all rallies are planned in the coming weeks. so korea's president is urging japan to resume talks on the escalating trade disputes g.m. says the japanese economy suffered from the recent restrictions imposed on high tech exports to south korea trade negotiators failed to reach agreement in talks last week. the u.n. security council has voted unanimously to authorize the monitoring mission in yemen's port city of data for another 6 months representatives of yemen's government and hoofy rebel fighters have been meeting for a 2nd day to discuss a pullout of forces from the city the talks are taking place on board a u.n.
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vessel through deployment from who data was a critical part of the sweet and ceasefire deal reached in december of last year. monsoon rains have left a trail of devastation across several countries in the pile at least 67 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides dozens of people are missing and 10000 others have been displaced at least 10 people have died in floods in bangladesh monsoon rains there sweeping away houses leaving thousands of people with no homes some of the worst damage has been in refugee camps in cox's bazar to 1000000 refugees and in me and mom heavy rain and high river levels of forced thousands from their homes the northern catchin states is the worst affected with 14000 people they're being displaced. well the heavy rains have also caused havoc in northeast india with more than a 1000000 people displaced flash flooding in the region killing 10 people farmland and residential areas have been submerged after rivers burst their banks so the
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carrot is more. those living in northeastern india were prepared for the monsoon rains but not for this. so much rain has fallen the brahmaputra river has burst its banks watering up entire villages. 6 this family is safe and now. they are among nearly a 1000000 people who have been displaced by the flooding in the state of. with thousands of homes under water some have been forced to take refuge on rooftops. while others are doing all they can. to protect their families from the ongoing rains. the deluge has also triggered mudslides and several people have been killed . others have turned to government run camps for relief. all farmers are worried about their crops so that. as soon as farmers began sowing and
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irrigating the land that's when the rain began it's been extreme 72 hours of continuous rain the water level kept rising and then slowly submerged our farmland nearly all of our crops have been destroyed so it's not just india affected by the heavy rains dozens have been killed in neighboring nepal and bangladesh. while this couple didn't let the rain dampen their wedding there's not much to celebrate for thousands of others here in india more monsoon rains are for cost and the floodwaters are expected to continue to rise in the coming days so to hide out and josina. campaigns being launched in georgia to attract tourists after a dispute with moscow led to a big fall in visitor numbers the russian president vladimir putin's imposed a flight ban and ordered russian citizens to return home under simmons' reports now from tbilisi. to news to break up the
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many russians at this time of year in this part of the world from the black sea to the capital city to russian easy to find. ethnic russians who are. making the trip. here. in. nations should live. our history. with. many people. now. to try to persuade people. to. spend.
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65. percent of. what started as a small facebook. as quickly morphed into something much bigger the campaign is reaching out to russians. who are. and they travel freely to this country they experience. this. is a russian business woman who lives in georgia she says putin has made claims that russians. i don't feel are now and. the. people. and now it's not change the
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georgian government heard forecasts more than $1800000.00 russian tourists would visit this year now one bank is predicting half that number and $300000000.00 of revenue will be lost if the flight band goes on the placing that shortfall with new markets will be hard if not impossible andrew simmons al-jazeera to please. india space agency is blaming a technical snag for the delayed launch of its 2nd mission to the moon chandrayaan 2 is jus to carry a lunar lander and remotely operated rover to the unexplored south pole it's pretty to say 11 years ago helped to discover water molecules francisco diego is a senior research fellow at the department of physics and astronomy at the university college london he says global unity is the key to future space exploration. kind of even like a kind of space race between the asian countries actually china india and japan but
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i think it's a very healthy competition in this case india is going to continue with. chandra and one that discover water in the near the south pole of the moon a notch and i and 2 is going to be launching through that area with a line there and we thought rover to explore the possibilities of finding what there you know more you know more that act way with more that the evidence so it is very complimentary to what all the nations are doing it is called. welcome if you're just joining us 30 minutes past the hour these are your top stories the latest diplomatic efforts to bring iran and the u.s. back to the negotiating table appear to have ended without any major breakthrough at a meeting in brussels the foreign ministers downplayed iran's decision to enrich uranium above the limits of the 2050 nuclear deal but there was no solution to the growing tensions between the u.s.
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and iran after that meeting in brussels that you use foreign policy chief for the record greeny said e.u. powers remain committed to keeping the nuclear deal alive different reality is that the deal has. avoided that you don't develop a nuclear weapon so it has been effective and i think that today everybody recognizes that there is no alternative today to that deal and so it is extremely important to keep it in place at 4 i can also say that a full implementation of the agreement to which we are definitely committed as europeans and ever see as an international community at large is also key in keeping the situation as calm as possible in the region the us president has once again lashed out at a group of 4 high profile congress women donald trump is demanding an apology for what he called quote horrible and disgusting actions comes a day after he sent racially charged tweets to the politicians telling them to go
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back to where they come from. one of the congress women whose face trumps rough is for a she to sleep she remains defiant this is our country and no amount of hate filled bullying from the white house is going to change that we're going to fight back together and we're going to become stronger for it please know that i'll never back down no bully no kind of attack to silence me is going to work trumpet ministration is tightening asylum rules in a bid to cut the number of migrants arriving on the us mexico border the new regulations will prohibit like wants to reside in the 3rd country from seeking asylum in the us jacob zuma has told an inquiry into government corruption in south africa he's the target of a conspiracy he's accused of overseeing the mass looting of state phones those are your headlines the news continues after counting the cost. of like.
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a law and has some say get this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week 3 decades after the collapse of the soviet union putin's russia is being gauging with africa to increase more than its political clout. miss our systems that could still up and turkey's economy we look at the economics behind the s 400 and the f. 35 stealth bomber. and as google prepares to launch its challenger in the games industry we find out if it could be game over for the likes of sony and microsoft.
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so as the soviet union imploded it turned its back on the african continent in the 1990 s. but now under president putin russia is making a push to engage the reason is simple western sanctions the pivot to china hasn't been a huge success and hopes of billions of dollars in investment from the middle east haven't arrived in the quantities expected plus african votes count in the united nations russia's trade with africa rose 26 percent to $17400000000.00 in 2017 moscow doesn't have the financial power of beijing just in 2017 trade with africa amounted to $170000000000.00 the u.s. is of course worried its trade with subsaharan africa was $39000000000.00 in 2017 and this is what russia is doing in africa it has oil and gas deals with algeria
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egypt ghana nigeria and mozambique it has nuclear deals in place with rwanda zambia and south africa although that is in limbo while it is a big supplier of arms to egypt algeria sudan and angola moscow is increasing support across the continent. well that's not a comprehensive list by any means but let's get more on russia's interest in africa now joining me from london is charles robinson chief global economist and head of macro strategy at russian investment bank rene sands capital thanks very much for being with us so let me ask you 1st of all then how is russia's relationship with africa changing under putin and what's the most important aspect of it is a political economic or military influence. well i think there's a little bit of all 3 but you take the 1st 510 years and of putin's rule in russia very little focus on africa very little interest what seems to have shifted is with
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the sanctions getting imposed by the u.s. and the e.u. in 201415 we've then seen russia decide that it needs to build links around the world to china to india the gulf and we're seeing that with the saudis and i'm now to africa to. and does russia doesn't have the financial firepower china doesn't care can it really compete i mean is this is this a competition or does he just need friends for votes in the united nations i think it's about finding any export opportunity that they can they're not 100 percent sure how relations are going to pan out with the u.s. or with the e.u. over the next 5 to 10 years and so what we say is a concerted effort by putin to bring in the indian prime minister the japanese prime minister the chinese leadership and now african leaders to to to diversify the russian trade export routes and africa's boom in the last few years for russia
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and its exports to africa which just one percent a few years ago they're now running a 4 percent and i think that's caught the russians attention and how do you think china europe and united states are seeing this russian comeback. i was in congo last week and the russians are heavily involved in central african republic which is the country just to the north just over the border and i think that's it to agree of suspicion about that but so far you know puff of these isolated incidents in just one of 2 countries most of russia's in gauge with africa's being north africa so nearly 80 percent of all trade the russia does all exports go to egypt morocco tunisia algeria this is so so the russians are trying to to spread south. i think the west is much more concerned by china at the moment and their engagement and that they're only beginning to pay attention to what
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russia might be doing and putin is hosting this russian african summit in sochi next october what can we expect there i think a lot of a lot of leaders will turn up. they are also conscious the russian might have something that they need so one in 7 of russian exports to africa arms and weapons and just getting security continues to be a big issue and you see that in the central african republic you see that in somalia and other countries south sudan security remains an issue for for some countries in the continent and russia's got the experience in dealing with difficult climates of running railway lines around the world infrastructure electricity education a lot of africans used to get educated in russia in soviet times and they're coming back now in the last 5 to 10 years because because russian population is shrinking the number of young people is down by about 40 percent in russia so the
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universities are empty how do you fill those spaces get african students to come in and that's exactly what's happened the numbers have doubled in the last 10 years and what about african markets what can they offer russian investors mining oil gas that sort of thing there you've already got rosneft the oil giant which is a gas john which is which is operating in north just off the egyptian shore in the off shore gas fields there you've got gas from are afraid to go to resell which is building mines in guinea and a neural cam that fertilizer company is is seeing great opportunities in places like zambia and zimbabwe and thinks that it can can help the agricultural revolution africa is going to need to to develop so there's this opportunity for a whole host of russian businesses in the continent but russia is a. kaname isn't doing too well the moment is it i mean 0.5 percent growth in the 1st quarter what can we expect going forward do you think that the thing that the
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problem russia's got which many people don't focus on enough is the population shrinking the working age population shrinking so it's been dropping by about one percent a year so when russia's be getting about 2 percent growth a year that's 3 percent per person that's actually better than most countries and russia's could compare it to oil exporters like canada or norway in developed markets or colombia all cats or sound in emerging markets russia's done better in the last 3 years. than its peers but if it does get capped you're not going to get growth much above 2 to 3 percent when you're population shrinking and this year they've also done tax hikes and that's why we've seen the slowdown early this year they're determined to keep the budget balanced to try and keep themselves secure against potential sanctions risk from the west and just finally i want to ask you about the the opec meetings this week why is russia signed up to extending all
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production cuts i mean remarkably it doesn't it doesn't need higher oil prices and it's built up this $100000000000.00 rainy day fund yet they they tend to need it but obviously they benefit when when the oil prices higher and i think they're trying to play the long game so to putin's point a month ago is very much that based on the way they are calculated in russia russia can get oil out more cheaply than saudi arabia or assess not quite right the budget balances at a lower oil price in russia than it does in saudi so the russians are playing a long game and the happy to cooperate with the saudis and to try and ensure that oil prices don't do that terrible plunge down to the thirty's that would require big shifts in russian policymaking again good to speak you charles roberts and thank you. thank you but. how the prospect of further u.s. sanctions on turkey over decision to buy russia's s.
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$400.00 missile technology have been delayed for now president trump blamed the obama in ministration for the impossible in turkey had been treated unfairly by not being allowed to buy patriot missiles. the president was not allowed to buy the video just so when he got the other one is we have 202400 when one of them. wanted to do this but he wasn't allowed tell you about it was a fishing device. or delivery made a deal to buy a little missiles so close the other missile a little of the solicit when you could now by yourself you know to go to this is the way that turkey has been a a friend of ours and. we do great things together it would be very important we're going to be much bigger i think the $75000000000.00 is small i think it's going to be well over $100000000000.00 well turkey stood to be tipped back into recession just months after escaping the last one if sanctions were imposed turkey agreed to
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by the s $400.00 missile batteries for $2500000000.00 from russia washington isn't happy that at least 13 nations are interested or are buying the missile defense system including india vietnam and egypt but delivery of its 1st 4 f. $35.00 warplanes has been delayed over concerns its security may be compromised by the s. $400.00 missile each plane is worth about $85000000.00 and turkey has ordered $100.00 f. $35.00 ankara has invested more than $1250000000.00 in the f. $35.00 program since 2002 more the $900.00 turkish companies stood to lose participation in the building of the f. $35.00 over the lifetime of the plane they stood to make $12000000000.00 we're joining me now via skype from istanbul to talk more about this is c.n.n. and he is the chairman of the istanbul based center for economic some foreign
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policy studies and a visiting scholar at carnegie europe in brussels thanks very much for being with us now despite president trump's comments at the g. 20 word from the pentagon and washington is that nothing has changed and that these sanctions will go ahead if turkey takes delivery of the s 400 what do you make of that. well after the meeting between the turkish presidents are gone and i was president trotting all sucka there was an air of optimism erkki an expectation that the u.s. president could use his presidential prerogatives to either block or suspend potential sanctions against turkey but obviously we also know that the different pillars of the universe administration and also congress is very much in intent on imposing those sanctions but to be seen to what extent trump can actually deliver on this promise made to the turkish president at the margin of
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the g 20 summit to actually prevent or block these potential sanctions and is it true that trumps pretty president obama denied access to patriot missiles well what's more on that decision well it's let's say it's a half truth in the sense that yes those patriots were not delivered to turkey but busy that we did because there was a disagreement about the conditions of their didn't agree so it was not a categorical rejection but turkey wanted that purchase to be accompanied by a degree of technology transfer and that's not what the u.s. was.


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