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tv   The Cure Revisited 2018 Ep 3  Al Jazeera  July 16, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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over the lifetime of the plane they stood to make $12000000000.00 with joining me now via skype from istanbul to talk more about this is c.n.n. again he is the chairman of the istanbul based center for economic some foreign policy studies and a visiting scholar at carnegie europe in brussels thanks very much for being with us now despite president trump's comments at the g. 20 word from the pentagon and washington is that nothing has changed and that these sanctions will go ahead if turkey takes delivery of the s 400 what do you make of that well after the meeting between the turkish president are gone and i was president trotting all sucka there was an air of optimism did an expectation that the u.s. president could use his presidential prerogatives to either block or suspend potential sanctions against turkey but obviously we also know that the different pillars of the 1st administration and also congress is very much in
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intent on imposing those sanctions but 2 means to be seen to what extent trump can actually deliver on this promise made to the turkish pres the at the margin of the g 20 summit to actually prevent or block these potential sanctions. and is it true that trump's previous president obama denied access to patriot missiles well what's more on that decision well it's let's say it's a half truth in the sense that yes those patriots were not delivered to turkey but that we did because there was a disagreement about the conditions of their didn't agree so it was not a categorical rejection but turkey wanted that purchase to be accompanied by a degree of technology transfer and that's not what the u.s. was prepared to accept under the obama administration and therefore the deal went
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through didn't go through and what would happen then if turkey decides not to take delivery of the s 400 what would be the consequences well i mean now the turkish government has iterated so many times that the u.s. $480.00 was intent on the purchase of this $400.00 there would be difficult to explain to the turkish public opinion why at the last moment the government has decided to offer for a different scenario but nonetheless i think that if there is a diplomatic solution to this problem. that would enable the turkish government to explain in a convincing manner to deter shortens why they're often the plane made that decision that this would be the best way forward because it would then diffuse the political tension with the united states and still allow turkey to
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a choir this time around the patriots of what would be the impact on that for the russians then. well turkey will have to manage the relationship with moscow if turkey at the last moment decides not to acquired s. 400 here i think we should underline that a mosque or would have 2 potential objectives associated with that sale the 1st one of mrs a financial one where turkey would still be committed to pay the amount agreed but secondly russia the problem we all saw or wants i weigh all over this sale to turkey to an escalation between turkey and united states which was also have an impact on nato and nato as cohesion so in that sense if turkey goes ahead and decides not to acquire this $400.00 then. at these turkey would
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probably need to compensate russia for the financial loss because of the leverage that russia has on turkey nowadays is about syria and particularly in the where turkey is afraid that. heavy handed intervention by the regime backed by russia could lead to a new way wolf refugees i'm from england so that's the leverage and for that turkey needs to be diplomatic about it and essentially compensate russia for any financial loss and if the u.s. were to go ahead with sanctions on turkey what could the input impact of that be. on turkey because this course not the 1st time the u.s. and turkey. have had difficult relations there was the whole episode with the u.s. pastor as well. yes indeed with last summer the threat of sanctions or cold or
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sanctions were not applied but even the threat of sanctions was enough to destabilize the turkish economy now if the. u.s. schools have had with the cuts a sanction. that is likely to have an impact on the turkish economy by raising turkey's risk perception is sold that it's really the main economy impact but. the and that this will have also implications for thirty's defense in the streets it's going to make it more difficult for turkish companies to pull trade with the with their u.s. counterparts and 30 this will also have an impact on the f. $35.00 program whereby the u.s. has clearly stated that if the s. $400.00 come to turkey the u.s. will stop the delivery of the f. $35.00 aircraft churchy but also exclude british defense companies from
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of the production line of of the f. 35 so there are many different aspects of or many of these full tracks of possible impact if need be if the u.s. goes ahead with the cuts of sanctions against russia and if we look at the domestic political situation in turkey right now president of one's party recently lost the istanbul election the merrow election there what's the potential impact of that going to be on the 2 ends approach to to running the economy in turkey. well i mean short term little in the sense that this was a dental they are local elections so it does not really impact at the overall national distribution of power in ankara and on continues to be the executive president of the country and therefore he will continue to dictates
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turkish policy but of course. being a stumble is a major setback and a lot of that is certainly due to the economy explored down that we have witnessed in the past couple of course orchardists in turkey so the direct impact of this will be for the government to refocus on the economy and try to create a reform agenda for a faster recovery very and but that will also be very much dependent on the it will not turkey's set of foreign policy goals and they're an escalation with the united states would certainly hinder this path towards faster recovery sinan organ good to talk to you thank you now x. box playstation and intended have dominated the videogame industry for the last decade and more sunnies next generation console will be available around december
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2020 and it's about to focus on hardcore gamers that decision shouldn't come as a surprise the big 3 have carved up a chunk of the $135000000000.00 industry for themselves by 2025 it could be worse $300000000000.00 and that is why some of tech's biggest players are about to introduce rival services alfabet the parent of google plans to launch its stadia platform in november this year stadia will be streamed from the cloud and does away with expensive consols apple will introduce its. arcadius service it's estimated that more than $2500000000.00 people play computer games every year and e-sports enjoy an audience of $458000000.00 a year so can google and apple make a dent in the games industry would joining me now from oxford england is vili lead invertor associate professor and senior research fellow at the oxford internet institute part of the university of oxford thanks so much for being with us so can
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google and apple change the gaming industry then well 1st of all i'd i'd say that they already have once op or app store and google play store popularized mobile gaming on the microtones action and advertising revenue models for games. and today something close to half of all the revenues in the global games industry come from mobile gaming sites say that they already have revolutionized the games industry once. now as for google stadia. and apple arcade i'd say that it appears to me that apple arcade is. more of a sort of compliment to their existing offerings a subscription service perhaps for parents who are concerned about letting their kids in a marketplace with my concerns actions where they might end up spending too much
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money or for professionals who want to just play some games every month without spending too much time browsing the marketplace. whereas google stadia appears to be a much more and vicious effort something that is called platform and vellum and which means they. appear to be attempting to become the customer interface to become the platform between the buyers and developers of games and relegate the hardware manufacturers to the role of pipes essential infrastructure which is what google has been thus far so they're trying to envelop . the existing platforms and become a platform of their own and what about sony it's aiming its next console of hardcore gamers and he sees itself as a niche player what do you make of that strategy well i think that niche is
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probably still very viable because if you think about the 1st revolution that i referred to mobile gaming. those are the mobile games market is now half of the games industry but the rest of the games industry is still there didn't go anywhere so it's the total size of the market grew so it's very possible that there is still a need for those hard for hardcore gamers who value cutting edge graphics hardware and so on is one of the problem. for something like google stadia cloud's gaming system is is a lag lag between controller inputs and visual feedback on the screen google state is by no means the 1st club gaming start up and even sony has playstation now which is a cloud based system but the problem with those services has been that the lag between
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the controller and the visual feedback has been a little bit distracting has been too high because it takes time for the signal to propagate to the data center and back now google thinks that because they have lots of data centers around the world that they're able to cop to slag to an acceptable amount but i think that what may happen is that there's still going to be a nice for those gamers who really want to play hardcore 1st version shooter games or east boards where the lag so having a small lag is extremely important and they will want to have cutting edge hardware locally of their homes and perhaps perhaps sony's targeting that nation and game makers would like to to sell their games across all platforms i mean that makes sense doesn't it yes although it can be helpful for a game maker to get more attention to stand out in the marketplace if they get that extra marketing push from a platform with
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a home they have an exclusive launch deal with. and what technologies then should we be looking out for how will they change the industry just think. well in terms of technology new technology is changing the industry there's of course a lot of talk about v. r. and now google status cloud gaming and it remains to be seen whether they can solve the problem of lag in cloud gaming but i would actually highlight 2 technologies on the production side under the under the hood. so one is motion capture is becoming cheaper to capture 3 d. motions from actors and transfer those onto. 3 to characterise and the other is a character animation so animating characters in partly automated fashion and that's making the production side of games cheaper potentially allowing it reducing the entry barriers increasing competition and allowing higher quality games to be
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produced to lower cost really large and better thanks for being with us thank you very much and that is our show for this week remember you can get in touch with us by tweeting me x. has him see can and do use the hash tag a.g.c. to see when you do drop us an email counting the cost of dot net is our address and as always there's more few online at c.n.n. dot com slash c.t.c. to take you straight to a page which as individual course links an entire episode for you to catch up on. so that is it for this edition of counting the cost on as i'm seeking from the whole team here thanks for joining us the news on al-jazeera is next.
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value and half inviting you to win your peers then abandoned for a lifetime we should be ashamed for producing for for our country our living over to people in power investigates the plight of imperial britons african troops begin to knock the forgotten heroes of empire on al-jazeera. the reality is that a deal has. avoided that you've developed a nuclear weapon. maybe you foreign affairs chief says she's committed to the 2015 nuclear deal and that tehran's breaches of it are in significant.
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hello again i'm peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up the u.s. president donald trump demands an apology from the democratic congresswoman he attacked in racially charged tweets. a defiant jacob zuma faces a corruption inquiry accused of the mass looting of state funds while president of south africa. also ahead of a renewed threat from a polar at the democratic republic of congo as an infection is detected in a densely populated. there is. a new foreign ministers to be meeting in brussels today to discuss ways to bring the u.s. and iran back to the negotiating table after the talks the e.u. foreign policy chief said none of the parties to the iran nuclear deal have signaled that they want to use a dispute resolution mechanism it's the latest diplomatic efforts to cool months of
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heightened tensions between iran and the u.s. however iran's position has remained unchanged tehran says it's up to the european powers to ensure the 2050 nuclear deal does remain in place well that foreign policy chief is federica mcgorry nishi says the e.u. powers are committed to keeping the iran nuclear deal alive if the reality is that the deal has. avoided that you don't develop a nuclear weapon so it has been effective and i think that today everybody recognizes that there is no alternative today to that there and so it is extremely important to keep it in place at 4 i can also say that a full implementation of the agreement to which we are definitely committed as europeans and ever see as an international community at large is also key in
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keeping the situation as calm as possible in the region. where we have correspondents following the story in iran and at the e.u. headquarters dorsett jabari is live for us and to iran 1st let's go to brussels and our correspondent dominic kane dominic good evening so where do we think this will head next. well in some senses the ball is in the iranian court because the arrangements put in place by the e.u. to help iran economically given the impact of u.s. sanctions well they require the iranian side to put in place arrangements which mirror those in the e.u. this in stack's trading scheme that means more greenie was speaking about in her news conference she gave where in the course of the last hour the iranian side has to have judea legend's in the same way that the european side has once that happens then this scheme can be up and running at 100 percent but the important thing to
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stress here is and this is something that most modern admitted herself that this cannot undo the effect of u.s. economic sanctions it can perhaps defray them they can make it can take some of the heat out of the situation but that's from the iranian side the question will be how this is perceived across the atlantic in washington d.c. because it's clear that the united states government does not want the european union to put in place schemes such as in the united states government believes that the best way to deal with iran is the threat of sanctions and indeed the imposition of sanctions so the point from the european side is they're trying to reassure the iranians they still believe that there is full compliance although there have been one or 2 minor violations of this deal but they're also saying to as it were implicitly to the americans that they should reconsider the position of they have
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taken dominic thanks very much. about correspond of the jabari door so there had been talk that they were going to try and in effect freeze the status quo to give tehran more time will this be perceived at the foreign ministry as that window of opportunity if you will. well i don't think it will be because this insects mechanism that the europeans have put together doesn't really deal with the main problem that iran is facing right now and that is the sale of its oil that country is heavily reliant on its oil revenues it is its main source of income and the iranians have said that because of the united states sanctions it has become very difficult for them to sell their oil on the international market they're calling that. way of economic terrorism and they've said that the european signatories of this deal are not really committed to because of those u.s. sanctions and the pressure that the u.s.
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government is putting on them they say that they will continue to scale back their commitments because they haven't seen enough from the european side to justify iran staying in this nuclear agreement now the foreign minister and the president have also said in the past 24 hours that they will need violation with violation and implementation with implementation the interesting thing to note is that this. mechanism that they could have in europe called on to a clause they could have called on to basically argue that iran is not complying with it they're not doing so this is a very important issue they call this it's cause number 36 in the nuclear agreement they said that all these minor violations by iran are not really that serious for them to trigger this mechanism which would mean that this whole agreement will go back to scuse me the united nations security council to be reassessed so for now it appears there is some more time but the iranians are adamant that this is not
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enough from the europeans for the time being thank you well in other news from iran the french foreign ministry says iran has detained a friend who iranian research especially booklet has more on that story from paris . well the french foreign ministry has confirmed that 3 adult car franco irena in research or base here in paris has been arrested by iranian authorities now what the french foreign ministry say is that they are in touch with the radiant authorities in order to try and gain more information about adult karr about the conditions of her arrest and also make sure that she has full consular access which it seems has not been the case so far now adult karr is a researcher with paresis prestigious seal s'pore university she researches and writes about iran and iranian society and so there's still a question over when she was arrested that's still not clear there are some reports
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suggesting that she was arrested in june and i certainly spoke to a professional colleague of hers also a research on iran here in paris who said that she had not had any news from model car for at least 2 weeks so that suggests that perhaps end of june beginning of july maybe the sort of period of time in which this researcher was detained by iranian authorities. the former south african president jacob zuma has today told an inquiry into government corruption that he was the target of a conspiracy commission's investigation corruption and allegations of mass looting of state firms during his time in office now most of the charges are linked to mr zuma is relationship with a wealthy family the gupta family there accused of influencing government policy to win lucrative business contracts zuma denies any wrongdoing i've been a subject of. talk in this country
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for. more than a decade. i've been vilified. of. corrupt people. from johannesburg. a lot of time was spent talking about the gupta family jacob zuma was accused of using his influence back when he was president to help them set up a news paper it's alleged that he made a phone call to a government official a transcript of their phone calls without during the commission and jacob zuma told this government official my brother they are these gupta guys we need to meet with you and need your help please help them so you know was in us to respond and he said i don't remember making the score it might have happened he did insist he is friends with the gupta said his family does speak to the doctors but he says no law
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has been broken he says all this is part of a conspiracy theory that goes back to about 20 years any alleges they are players for foreign and local who are trying to remove him because he says he thinks it's because he knows too much when he started speaking at the hearing he claimed that he knows he has a list of people who are corrupt and he's threatened to release that list what will be the implications if he does or some people assume there could be some top officials on that list if it is released and the names are announced questions will be asked what did they do. and what is the way forward zuma will be making an appearance from monday to friday after the commissioners at the hearing say they need to bring him back then they will mark his testifying he came here to address some of his supporters who insist that he is innocent they also believe as part of a conspiracy theory and they plan to also be outside the hearing out of the commission every single day saying they support critics of zuma say that he is
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indeed guilty they're going to blame him for destroying the country who blame him for presiding of a corruption when he was president say they want him held to account. to health workers fighting the brink of a bowler in the democratic republic of congo have been murdered in their homes the . killings in north kivu province follow attacks on ebola clinics and staff doctors have discovered the 1st case of the virus and differential capital. that city's 2000000 people experts are concerned the virus could spread quickly in the densely populated area close to the border with rwanda since the latest break last august almost 1700 people have died. all the confirmed cases and prompted the world health organization to reconsider whether it should declare the break a global emergency the identification of the cure is in goma could potentially be a game changer in this epidemic we are confident in the measures we are put in
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place and hope that we will see not for the transmission of ebola in goma nevertheless we cannot be too careful i have therefore decided to reconvene the emergency committee as soon as possible to our service the threat of this development catherine so it has more now from nairobi so ministry of health officials in the our congress say that the situation in goma the capital of north kivu is pretty much under control they say that they have been preparing for months for such an outcome and have been sensitizing people as well as setting up hand washing areas in different places so they say it's unlikely that the disease is going to spread farther but it's always a concern because this is one of the may just cities in the congo has about a 1000000 people living there it's right at the border with iraq.


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