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teams on the. line. a united states democratic congresswoman fight back against what they called racist hate filled bullying by the u.s. president. we are grateful for your solidarity your encouragement and your support in the face of the most recent. bigoted remarks from the occupant of our white house. down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up if we are united on
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the sight no body will fight us from the outside germany's defense minister makes her case for why she should lead the european union. pull struggle with days of flooding devastation dozens of dead and thousands stranded after monsoon rains. i'm fighting for the future as a way of grappling with drug problems and violence in a turbulent part of russia. for democratic congresswoman accuse the u.s. president of hate filled bullying for an attack many are calling racist the house of representatives is preparing a vote condemning his tweets that the women all u.s. citizens and 3 born in america were from broken countries and should go home but donald trump has kept up the controversy claiming many people agree with him. we ran on a mandate to advocate for and to represent those ignored left out and left behind
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our squad is big our squad includes any person committed to building a more equitable and just world and that is the work that we want to get back to and given the size of this squad and this great nation we cannot we will not be silenced as we all know the recent tweets and words from the president are simply a continuation of his racist and xenophobic playbook we cannot allow these hateful actions by the president to distract us from the critical work to hold this administration accountable to the inhumane conditions at the border that is separating children from their loved ones and caging them up and the legal horrific conditions for donald trump is not backing down he's calling on the 4 women to apologize to america for what he described as the foul language that used and the terrible things they have said a white house correspondent can help it has but these are people that in my opinion
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hate our country despite widespread outrage and accusations of xenophobia u.s. president donald trump on monday escalated his twitter tirade against 4 democratic congresswoman from diverse backgrounds arguing they should return to where they came from if you're not happy here then you can leave so far as i'm concerned if you hate our country. if you're not happy here you could leave trump's comments follow a series of tweets sent over 2 days attacking democratic party representatives alexandria cast your cortez of new york and omar of minnesota where she did to leave of michigan at a on a press lee of massachusetts of the group only omar is foreign born but all are u.s. citizens democratic house speaker nancy pelosi announced a resolution condemning trump's tweets as the congresswoman fired back this is simply a disruption and
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a distraction from the callous chaotic and corrupt culture of this administration all the way down i am not surprised at what he's doing. but i also know that we're focused on making it better because we don't leave the things that we love and when we love this country what that means is that we propose the solutions to fix it we love all people in this country despite pushback from democrats congressional republicans have been slow to can down one senator charged crossed a line another one of the few black republicans in congress accused of using racially offensive language but another top republican senator defended trump's attacks on the democratic congresswoman their socialist they are anti semitic they stand for all the things that most americans disagree with one analyst argues all
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this is part of trump's reelection strategy and the president believes that he got elected because he talked about the war he talked about the immigration he talked about the muslim being and so what we're seeing is donald trump $2.00 for his part donald trump denies any racial atomised boasts of his record of lowering unemployment particularly among people of color and despite the shock of millions who abhor donald trump's latest statements there exists in the united states millions who support the president's attacks kimberly help at al-jazeera the white house or jennifer appear on the limb is the co-founder of republican women for progress she blames the republican leadership for letting donald trump go this fall . this is no surprise republicans have been constantly tested under this administration and they consistently fail when it comes to leadership issues like this what's worse than their typical silence on trump's davis' defense of language
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is how they're trying to victim blame here and how they're trying to talk about how these women they don't agree with their political positions but you know this doesn't rise to racism or you know they're silent or like lindsey graham they're doubling down on this type of rhetoric you know as a republican it is despicable to me it is shameful and i am ashamed of our republican leaders and our republican leadership that they have let this go on for so long and created this environment where donald trump continues to feel like he can create that he can treat american citizens like this so our hope is that we can get more elected officials who can actually serve the people while republicans like us and republicans for progress why we keep speaking out as we don't want to lose the party to racists like this we don't want to lose the party to donald trump and we want to take back that party and create
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a new party that can actually stand up for immigrant stand up for people of color and women and minorities and you know we just aren't seeing that with our current public and leadership and led by donald trump because they are owning all of the racism donald trump has brought to america members of the european parliament due to votes in a few hours and with a woman should get the use top job for the very 1st time from the lady and needs to win a skeptical m. e p's before she she can become president of the european commission germany's defense minister needs a majority of votes in palm and to succeed. if she wins she's pledging electoral reforms a so-called green deal and a punt on a son in seconds. in the last 5 years more than $17000.00 people have drowned in the mediterranean which has become one of the deadliest border in the world at sea there is the jaunty to save life's.
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joins us live now from strasburg so we're expecting this vote in a few hours time but just talk us through what sort of obstacles the land faces now . well she's got to hope that she has been able to win over a significant number of doubting any peas in that barnstorming speech that she gave there with a series of pledges and promises ambitious some say overambitious designed to wooed the liberals the left and the greens. in the hope that they will give her the majority she needs to take the commission presidency the e.u. is top job for the next 5 years they doubt many of these any piece not so much her ability to do the job but the process by which she came to be there in the 1st place a subversion of democracy as many see it and they are angry about it she was not one of the key candidates selected by the party groupings who complained campaigned
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in the european parliamentary elections for actual votes of real voters instead her name emerged from the european council of heads of state an exercise in top down closed door backroom power politics of the sort that many want to see raised from the way the e.u. does business they want to see e.u. leaders more democratically accountable so this parliament when it votes later is going to make her sweat for this job if indeed they approve her at all and don't know what happens then of his rejected by m e p's what happens next. that would be quite unprecedented deeply unsettling for the european union it would be the 1st time a commission nominee has been rejected by the parliament after getting the unanimous backing of all the e.u. heads of state and frankly there is no plan b. replacement candidate for under the rules that have a month to bring another name forward but they've got this very delicate balance to fulfill in the 4 top jobs council president commission president the central bank
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in a foreign affairs portfolio having to balance power politics gender and geography it will be a difficult task indeed to get somebody in place with. crises and decisions looming for the european union not later not least brix it at the end of october or at the journal hold there in strasberg turn up thank you more rain is forecast in the poll as rescuers search for dozens of people missing in flash floods and landslides at least $69.00 are known to have died and thousands forced from their homes during 3 days of nonstop monsoon rains so we are stressed are reports now from the southern district of paso the commies firmly in villages are in mourning 16 year old girl me was drowned out with his friends in the city of their guns he had great dreams of being an engineer and working at nasa space agency his father says he had just built a drone. when anyone would visit he was the one who would pull up to 2 and make
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food. to think that he would be taken away from this world. this is what then tire southern belt of nepal looked like until sunday swollen rivers broke their banks forcing thousands from their homes 48 hours of nonstop rain all over the triggered floods and landslides both in the southern plains and high in the mountains to. monsoon season takes the lives of many every year that our government has a disaster management plan which is supposed to be activated in times like these. the water has receded from the village of para where people have lost all their belongings they crowd around us to tell their stories most of them said even in these disastrous times they feel exploited because of their cost or position in
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a party society this is one of the poorest communities in the path to call them with sars one of the so-called untouchables now every year they get flooded and every year they say that they have not been getting any help from the government and right now they have been trying to access a local school which they say has been locked despite the fact that this entire area was flooded for at least 3 days we went to the school and found the classrooms law to. their own body who was a hard as they've been badly affected in any investigation team but they'll start working as soon as possible the parties are relieved that the floodwaters have receded and they can get on with their lives they want the government to build new infrastructure as well as improve the amount of assistance but fear their pleas will be forgotten until disaster strikes again to be distressed and says there are parts of district in nepal. and staying in south asia at least 24 people are feared
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dead in heavy rain and flash floods in pakistan administered kashmir rose and homes are damaged and rescuers are struggling to reach the stranded in the valley at least 10 people have died in floods in bangladesh monsoon rains swept away houses displacing thousands of people some of the worst damage has been in refugee camps and cox's bazaar these the 1000000 rangar refugees from neighboring me i'm not. rain in 7 chinese provinces is causing major flooding in southern and eastern regions rescue teams are making their way through submerged towns search of people needing help flash floods destroyed roads and houses more than 80000 people have been forced from their homes. all right time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back european leaders take action against turkey in its search for oil and gas off the coast of cyprus plus. communities in cape town accuse the police of letting gang violence spiral out of
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control. however we have the usual rush of showers across southeast asia but look further north the big bulge of cloud just making its way across the philippines and this may well develop into a tropical system over the next couple of days locally this is known as falcon very heavy rain coming into luzon central areas of the philippines it punches that way a little further westwards as we go through thursday but there is the likelihood of widespread flooding across the region here for the south is the usual rash of showers stay dry there across indonesia largely dry to cross australia in fact 5 bands in force across northern parts of australia white breezy winds pushing in
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here high pressure in charge so so that does keep it lousy settle down even down towards the south blustery down towards the southeastern corner we've seen some much needed snow way for the ski resorts in the southeastern corner of the snowy mountains for example some wet weather just pushing its way into tasmania where at 1212 celsius the melbourne and also for adelaide 21 celsius there for pressman southern parts of queensland have seen temperatures around 8 degrees below the average race at least a little on the cool side certainly the nights as we go into thursday there's a 19 that the perth and a tad warmer for the southeast. discover new development in surgery i'm going to have it up when i'm in hiroshima japan to meet the surgeon and hearing new techniques in regenerating on. a breakthrough medical to try to provide some much needed own cystic fibrosis sufferers based on
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no idea behind me being my least 14199. revisited own al-jazeera. of the top stories on the al-jazeera the u.s. house of representatives is planning a vote to formally condemn donald trump's tweet telling for democratic congresswoman to go home the targets of the tweets are all u.s. citizens of hit back calling his comments filled only. members of the european parliament are due to vote in a few hours time with the woman who should get the top job for the 1st time germany's personnel from the land to be president of the european commission. and
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more rain is forecast in nepal as rescuers search for dozens missing in flash floods and landslides 6000000 people are known to have died in their homes during 3 days of nonstop monsoon rains. at least 2 people have been killed and dozens of feared trapped after a 4 story residential building collapsed in the indian city of mumbai the buildings located in a congested area is the 2nd such incident in india's financial capital in less than 10 days rains that last the city during the monsoon season often destabilize older and badly constructed buildings turkey says european union sanctions won't stop it from drilling for oil and gas off the coast of cyprus e.u. foreign ministers have suspended talks with turkey over an air transport agreement and called for the european investment bank to review lending to the country he's going to over the northern part of cyprus is not internationally recognized greek
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cypriots control the south of the mediterranean island so i'm costello joins us live now from istanbul turkey says it won't stop the drilling despite the prospect of e.u. sanctions just bring us up to date with what's been happening. well there are an turkey's foreign minister just had a joint press conference with their new country part and he just stated like our now record that turkey already has 3 ships in the eastern mediterranean 2 of them are drilling ships one of them is a suspect and research ship and he stated that turkey is planning to send a 4th ship to isn't meant to rain so it shows that turkey is determined then decisive about its position with regard to eastern mediterranean also turkey's foreign minister to wish all of that of these sanctions. to be imposed by the e.u. council to turkey are and are not something to be taken seriously sad that
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this is. actually a coup so your council. for one thing he said the e.u. has always criticised the parties who are who are it who will give recommendations to the financial institutions mainly the investment banks or other banks or central banks but right now they are doing this they're doing this because greece and the greek cyprus are pressuring the e.u. and they have to show that they're in solidarity with them that's why the e.u. is mistreating turkish side and turkey this is what his sad of course turkey and cyprus has a disagreement about the natural resources and under the eastern mediterranean because they have both sides have all lapping jurisdiction a claim then turkey turkey insists that the greek cyprus should not exclude the turkish sarpy at the northern side during their or the explorations and natural gas sharings so i'm thank you iran's foreign ministers of answer reeves as the door is
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open to negotiations if president donald trump lift sanctions on tehran has told us media it is not believe they'll be a military confrontation with washington. i do not believe the president wants war but i believe there are people around him who wouldn't mind do you think they have a service where you worry that they have more sway than the i think president trump has been on the record that they are trying but i don't think they'll succeed because at the end of the day i think prudence we appreciate people know that iran is a big proud country and we will not take a military attack like today when his comments came as european foreign ministers called for dialogue between the u.s. and iran to try to save the 2050 nuclear deal leaders held talks in brussels in the attempt to salvage the agreement which the e.u. top diplomat insists is still alive when it came reports from brussels. for more
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than a year the e.u. has tried to preserve the nuclear agreement with iran devising schemes to help the government reduce the impact of u.s. sanctions but now that deal is in danger like never before we are looking to find a way to preserve the nuclear deal which we think is the best way of keeping the middle east as a whole nuclear weapon free. iran is still a good year away from developing a nuclear weapon we think there are still some closing thoughts more window to keep the deal alive one of the brokers of the original deal known as the j c peer a is clear about what must happen next we want to see iran going back to full compliance that is that has been in this in this years. but we know it's that technically all the steps that have been taken and that we regret have been taken reversible so we hope and we invite you to reverse the steps and go back to full compliance with the
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agreements but how much sway do european voices have although the strength of feeling here in brussels is pretty clear no amount of words from the e.u. alone can compel the u.s. and iranian government's to negotiate with each other for vamp to happen there has to be a willingness on both sides to give ground and on that the view from the government into is clear. what one a big power that is a bully well then we have to stand up to it it must stop being a bully we have always believed in talks always right this hour right this moment if they stop the oppression they stop the belligerence if they lift sanctions return to the table return to logic we are ready so iran denounces the current us administration while maintaining its commitment to the nuclear deal it negotiated with the previous one and yet iran is also operating outside the terms of that deal in some areas for several weeks iranian your anian enrichment has exceeded agreed
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limits. all of which has emboldened the trump administration with the us president recently warning officials in tehran they were treading on very dangerous territory which means that on the face of it this meeting on its own risks achieving little and over while iran is technically in breach of its commitments under the nuclear agreement dominic a al-jazeera brussels underarm has just confirmed the arrest of a french iranian research or. was detained on monday the french president emmanuel micron demanded an explanation from tehran shortly after the detention was reported the reasons for the arrest and not clear. the foremost african president jacob zuma is back at a state commission hearing on corruption on monday he told the inquiry that he is the target of the conspiracy zuma was for some office last year accused of overseeing the looting of state funds he denies any wrongdoing during his 9 years
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as president also in south africa people in the city of cape town are accusing the police of not being able to control gang violence more than 900 people have been killed in the battles of the gang territory since the beginning of the year and the government is now preparing to send in the army to be the miller has the story. for people living here the cape flats is a boy's own turf battles between feuding gangs means hundreds of lives lost every year many of them bystanders unable to escape the bullets. michael ware not using his real name belongs to a gang he says he can't survive outside it a live i don't know police you know situation. we should picking through all of the stuff. you feel you have i've got a little ability i've got the skills but again i will do a reaping the power will go out even we need to going to do stuff but he just used to do it would you be making gangs make money by selling drugs the battle for
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territory means more customers and higher revenue 8 months ago the government set up the anti gang unit whose work is to root out gangs guns and drugs it conducts daily raids searching the homes of known drug dealers and drug dens while the unit has made hundreds of arrests the city of cape town says there are nearly not enough officers now the army is being deployed to help curb the violence special operations like this haven't stopped gang violence on the cape flats according to government statistics the number of murders has increased this weekend alone 43 people were murdered more than half of them by gunshot people in these communities say there aren't enough police and they think the presence of the army will make things safer. many people here accuse the police of being ineffective and corrupt
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in 2016 a police officer in charge of disposing confiscated firearms was jailed for selling the guns worth half a $1000000.00 to gangsters. this man who doesn't want to be identified and belongs to a gang in lavender hill says poor policing is common i don't think the people think the people they are only willing to put the lives are only interested in the closer so you know which will be a good hit in something in a in only a. in what did would you drop them directly what i'm going to think money they get you now a good guy that gets in i would worry she didn't go working again while they may be from different gangs and often find themselves on the streets at. all the gang members we spoke to agree on one thing cindy in the army would only bring a temporary peace and that violence would likely return to the cape flats as soon as it withdraws from al-jazeera on the cape flats in cape town the wrestling as
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a way of life in dagestan that's a region in southern russia produces many of the sports world champions a steadfast reports is not only the number one sport there but also a way to keep young men away from gang violence and only the drugs. rich or poor city kid village boy these tacky stein teenagers all share the same dream becoming an olympic champion many are brought to these wrestling schools by their parents who are worried about their future in what is known to be a turbulent part of russia that stan has seen violence by armed groups in the past and hundreds of russians many from this region are believed to have joined i sell the message on the school's banner is clear sports against trucks and terrorism. 13 year old. started training 3 years ago growing up without his mother in the outskirts of the main city. you found a new family in the wrestling school he says his coach did not only teach him
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wrestling techniques but gave him a purpose in life. i became calm my character has trained i became more respectful i now start to help people help them in times of trouble if i fail or if someone likes something i always give. ramadan and hundreds of dogs danny boice trained for many hours each day in an effort to reach the top but only if you make it there that's a frightening is in their blood try to better use it in a positive way even children from the poorest families can become restless but to these kids wrestling is not just a sport it's a way of life it keeps them out of trouble and gives them some moral guidance. for many this man is the inspiration undefeated mixed martial arts fighter people marco made of who was born in the mountains of dagestan president vladimir putin on of him after his last winter in 2018 to gather with his also famous father who was
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recognized with the title of a new rig coach of russia. or use my own methods my work is in the sports hall in my job is to prepare people so they'll be useful for. those people who destroy our society and what we have built we will always fight against them but it's difficult to tell how much impact wrestling has had on athletes to prevent young men joining armed groups but for boys like grandmas unless no means for an expensive education it has offered more than that one dream of becoming a champion could still. want to open a school and teach kids how to wrestle so they can stand on their own 2 feet become champions so they have success in life and make their parents happy and wealthy. and maybe one day he can teach abroad officials in pakistan are planning to open wrestling schools all over the world to threaten not only their sport but own way
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of life step class from al-jazeera sacristan russia. part time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera the u.s. house of representatives is planning a vote to formally khadem donald trump's tweets telling for democratic congresswoman to go home the targets of the tweets are all of us citizens have called his comments hate filled bully and as we all know the recent tweets and words from the president are simply a continuation of his racism zina phobic playbook we cannot allow these hateful actions by the president to distract us from the critical work to hold this administration accountable to the inhumane conditions at the border that is separating children from their loved ones and caging them up in the legal horrific conditions members of the european parliament are due to vote in a few hours on whether a woman should get the top job for the 1st time on the land needs to win over
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skeptical any peace before she can become president of the european commission germany's defense ministers pledging electoral reforms a fair minimum wage and a deal on asylum seekers. more rain is forecast in the poor as rescuers search for dozens of people missing in flash floods and landslides at least $69.00 on them to have died and thousands forced on their homes during 3 days of nonstop monsoon rains and at least 24 people are feared dead following heavy rains and flash floods in pakistan administered kashmir roads and homes were damaged and rescuers are struggling to reach the stranded at least 2 people have been killed and dozens are feared trapped after a 4 storey residential block collapsed in the indian city of mumbai was located in a congested area it's the 2nd such incident in india's financial capital and less than 10 days rains that lashed the city during the monsoon season often destabilize older and badly constructed buildings turkey says european union sanctions won't
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stop it from drilling for oil and gas off the coast of cyprus e.u. foreign ministers of suspended talks with turkey over an air transport agreement and called for the european investment bank to review turkish lending turkish control of the northern part of cyprus is not internationally recognized greek cypriots control the south of the mediterranean island. iran's foreign minister says the door is open to negotiations if president lift sanctions and japan's a reef doesn't think they'll be a military confrontation they use foreign policy chief says the 2050 nuclear deal is still alive european foreign ministers meeting brussels called for dialogue between the u.s. and iran to save it from collapse those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the cure revisited statement that's what i found. thank.
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