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if it but our. rebel education early learn in mexico on al-jazeera. united stand democratic congresswoman fight back against what they call racist hate filled bullying by the u.s. president. alone down jordan this is down to 0 line from doha also coming up iran's supreme leader accuses the u.k. of piracy and says it won't go. if we are united on the inside no body will fight us from the outside germany's defense minister makes her case for why she should leave the european union. fighting for the future is
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a way of grappling with drug problems and violence in the turbulent part of russia . for democratic congresswoman now accusing the us president of hate filled bullying the house of representatives is preparing about condemning donald trump's tweets which many labeled as racist u.s. leaders said the women were from broken countries and should go home all the congresswoman are u.s. citizens and 3 were born in america. we raised on a mandate to advocate for and to represent those ignored left out and left behind our squad has been our squad includes any person committed to building a more equitable and just world and that is the work that we want to get back to and given the size of this squad in this great nation. we cannot we
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will not be silenced as we all know the recent tweets and words from the president are simply a continuation of his race this is you know phobic playbook we cannot allow these hateful actions by the president to distract us from the critical work to hold this administration accountable to the inhumane conditions at the border that is separating children from their loved ones and caging them up in the legal horrific conditions but then will trump is not backing down he's calling on the 4 women to apologize to america for what he described as the foul language that used in the terrible things they have said all white house correspondent can really help get. these are people that in my opinion hate our country despite widespread outrage and accusations of xenophobia u.s. president donald trump on monday escalated his twitter tirade against 4 democratic congresswoman from diverse backgrounds arguing they should return to where they came from if you're not happy here then you can leave so far as i'm concerned if
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you hate our country if you're not happy here you could leave trump's comments follow a series of tweets sent over today's attacking democratic party representatives alexandria cast your cortez of new york ilhan omar of minnesota where she did to leave of michigan and they are not presley of massachusetts of the group only omar is foreign born but all are u.s. citizens democratic house speaker nancy pelosi announced a resolution condemning trump's tweets as the congresswoman fired back this is simply a disruption and a distraction from the callous chaotic and corrupt culture of this administration all the way down i am not surprised at what he's doing. but i also know that we're focused on making it better because we
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don't leave the things that we love and when we love this country what that means is that we propose the solutions to fix it we love all people in this country despite pushback from democrats congressional republicans have been slow to can down one senator charged crossed a line another one of the few black republicans in congress accused of using racially offensive language but another top republican senator defended trump's attacks on the democratic congresswoman their socialist they are anti semitic they stand for all the things that most americans disagree with one analyst argues all this is part of trump's reelection strategy and the president believes that he got elected because he talked about the war he talked about the immigration he talked about the muslim being and so what we're seeing is donald trump $2.00 for his part donald trump denies any racial atomised both of his record of lowering
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unemployment to take it literally among people of color and despite the shock of millions who accord donald trump's latest statements there exists in the united states millions who support the president's attacks can really help at al-jazeera the white house their own supreme leader has spoken for the 1st time on the u.k.'s seizure of an iranian oil tanker. the vicious british government committed piracy and a top down ship they commit crimes and legalize it they're trying to legitimize this maritime robbery the islamic republic will not leave such vicious acts without a response let's get more now from door such a bar is joins us live from the iranian capital tehran bowser so what more has iran's supreme leader been saying. well he was quite hard on the british government his views are very very clear that he considers the seizure of the grace one super oil tanker on july 4th an act of piracy and that the
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british government are trying to legitimize what they've done he said that this was a maritime robbery the british navy seize this vessel on july 4th in the strait of gibraltar because they said it was heading to syria on the syrian government's. sanctions so any oil shipments heading there would have been seized the rein in say that this is not the case that it was not for heading there and they don't recognize these e.u. sanctions on the syrian government because they have not been indorsed by the united nations so this is the 1st time we've heard the highest authority in the islamic republic saying that that this specific action by the british navy will not being left on and search so he also addressed another major issue that's been brewing here and that is the future of the 2015 nuclear agreement between iran and the world powers he said that according to the foreign ministry of the country the europeans have 11 commitments under this agreement and they have yet to fulfill any
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of them and now they criticize us for reducing our commitments to this agreement and he called this behavior insolent he said that iran will not stand for it and they will certainly continue to reduce their commitments to the nuclear deal of 2015 so very very hard the language that was used and we really get a sense of the direction that iran is heading they are not happy with how the europeans are abiding by this nuclear agreement and the supreme leader stating unequivocally that iran will continue to scale back its commitment to the nuclear deal some true. now members of the european parliament are due to vote in a few hours on whether a woman should get the top job for the 1st time. the lion is in line to be president of the european commission but she's facing opposition germany's defense minister and georgia votes in parliament to replace. a proposed policies into the
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minimum wage and a deal on asylum seekers jonah hill joins us live now from strasburg jonah's the vote takes place in just a few hours time but just talk us through what's obstacles as. well the obstacles to sit in the european parliament a large number of m e p's who doubt her not necessarily her ability or suitability for the job but the process which got her here in the 1st place the electoral process she was not one of the selected candidates of the parties who would have faced the voters in the european parliamentary elections in may instead to show her name emerged after 50 hours of torturous talks among european council heads of state a sort of throwback to the power a backroom closed door politics of the past that many people want to see completely raised from the e use executive playbook they see it as a subversive to democracy they want their leaders many of those any piece now to be
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more politically accountable and so. on and rather made a speech this morning in which she did everything she could to turn them around making a series of catching pledges many of them she may not even be able to fulfil electoral reform parliamentary reform higher taxes on multinationals big spending on education and here's what she had to see on climate change promising a green deal for europe in her 1st 100 days. almost pressing challenge is keeping our planet. this is the greatest responsibility and opportunity of our times. i want europe to become the 1st climate neutral country in the world by 2050 and john as you say she's facing a lot of opposition so what happens if she is rejected by these what happens next.
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and indeed that is a possibility a distinct possibility she needs $374.00 to get over the line she really needs $400.00 plus to have a comfortable mandate there's no certainty she'll get easier of those figures although it it does seem that the numbers are slowly moving in her favor as the afternoon with on what happens when it would be unprecedented it would be a 1st the european council would have to come up with another candidate there is no obvious plan b. candidate that could take a month meanwhile we're into a summer in which crises and big decisions loom a trade war with the united states and of course briggs it at the end of october it would be deeply unsettling if found elian's nomination did not go through jonah thank you. our time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back sanctions against turkey for drilling for oil and gas off the coast of cyprus last. album eastern cape town are under fire from all sides of that stay with us.
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how i once again welcome to another look at the international forecast the weather is not looking too bad across japan at the moment but space is a clear just skirting into the far south of the country to setting its way into the eastern side of honshu push a little further east as we go on through the next couple of days a seasonal rains continuing has certainly drier than we saw a couple of weeks back where we had the flooding concerns. and sweater weather does make its way in as we go on through thursday so watch out for some big downpours across south korea q.c. southern parts of honshu warm rain 29 celsius there for tokyo you can follow that area of cloud and rain it says central parts of china for the southeast it's
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generally looking settled and sunny $35.00 celsius in hong kong over the next couple days that what the weather will just edges way a little further south with your eyes majorly drawn the to what's going on in the philippines we have a tropical system papers may well develop into a tropical storm is locally known as falcon at the moment some really wet weather coming into northern and central parts of the philippines for wednesday and that will add to a little further west which as we go on through thursday but still further heavy showers and long spells of frank and the fighting set to continue. when pro king society that open topped the space on the image get a break she is the european problem and it's not accountable and it's impossible for the very people to bed it is for link up on people trying to take them on the phone and then leave that different from a stronger man or song werman you want getting the growth of rejectionism of this
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world because the model doesn't want us europe's forbidden colony episode to move on al-jazeera. welcome back of our top stories here on al-jazeera the u.s. house of representatives is planning a vote to formally condemn donald trump's tweet telling for democratic congresswoman to go home the targets of the tweets and hit back calling his comments filled bully. iran's supreme leader has won the united kingdom the seizure of an iranian tanker will not go unanswered is accuse the u.k. of piracy for detaining the grace one major brought up earlier this month. and
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turkey says european union sanctions won't stop it from drilling for oil and gas off the coast of cyprus either foreign ministers have suspended talks with the turkish government over transport agreement and call for the european investment bank to review loans to turkey. now heavy monsoon rains have caused havoc across large parts of south asia unleashing flash flooding and landslides and washing away buildings more than 130 people have been killed nepal india pakistan bangladesh have all been. in myanmar more than 21000 people have been forced to flee their homes rising rivers and lightning strikes have killed more than a dozen people in bangladesh some working the refugees and overcrowded camps buildings have collapsed in northern parts of india killing at least 14 people but the worst affected is nepal at least $69.00 people there were killed and more than 165000 displaced by the widespread flooding so minister reports now from the
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southern district of possum the commies family village are in mourning 16 year old was drowned while out with his friends in the city of. he had great dreams of being an engineer and working at the space agency his father says he had just built a drone. when anyone would visit he was the one who would pull up and make food. to think that he would be taken away from this world. this is what then tire southern belt of nepal look like until sunday swollen rivers broke their banks forcing thousands from their homes 48 hours of nonstop rain all over the park triggered floods and landslides both in the southern plains and high in the mountains to monsoon season takes the lives of many every year and our government has
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a disaster management plan which is supposed to be activated in times like these. the water has receded from the village of para where people have lost all their belongings they crowd around us to tell their stories most of them said even in these disastrous times they feel exploited because of their cost or position in a party society this is one of the poorest communities in the path the call the most r.'s one of the so-called untouchables now every year they get flooded and every year they say that they have not been getting any help from the government and right now they have been trying to access a local school which they say has been locked despite the fact that this entire area was flooded for at least 3 days we went to the school and found the classrooms locked. up their own body was a hard as they've been badly affected as in any investigation team but they'll
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start working as soon as possible the parties are relieved that the floodwaters have receded and they can get on with their lives they want the government to build new infrastructure as well as improve the amount of assistance but fear their pleas will be forgotten until disaster strikes again swedish rush to us is there a district in nepal. and staying in south asia at least 24 people are feared dead in heavy rain and flash floods in pakistan administered kashmir roads into homes are damaged and rescuers are struggling to reach those fandom and the neelam valley and tarantula rain in 7 chinese provinces is causing major flooding in southern and eastern regions homes and roads have been swept away and rescue teams are making their way through flooded towns to search for people needing help more than 80000 have been forced from their homes. turkey says european union sanctions won't stop him from drilling for oil and gas off the coast of cyprus e.u.
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foreign ministers have suspended talks with turkey over an air transport agreement and called for the european investment bank to review turkish lending turkish control of the northern part of cyprus is not internationally recognized greek cypriots control the south of the mediterranean island. and what are you up to them they make for many years we told if the greek cypriot side the e.u. or the un do not recognize the rights of the turkish cypriot side as a guarantor state and we shall protect it and we started drilling what comes next as we told the e.u. if they take measures like these ones we will increase our drilling activities we currently have 3 ships in the area and we shall deploy the 4th vessel to the area and of course you know who has more now from istanbul. as for our statement so far it seems turkey is position in this and mediterranean it stance will not be changed if following the decision to curb contacts and funding for turkey turkey believes
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that this decision by the e.u. is mainly politically motivated as a result of a pressure by greece and the greek cyprus this is what uncorrupt believes and the measures the measures that are mentioned will not be taken seriously turkey criticised the e.u. for giving political recommendations to central banks and investment banks and foreign minister cho schultz said that this is what the e.u. has always been against then why are they doing this now also tricky believes that it has the upper hand in its relations with the e.u. due to a reference a deal signed a couple of years ago for the syrian refugees turkey already holds 3500000 syrian refugees and it has the power to stop this in illegal refrigerate influx to e.u. that's why a turkish minister said that turkey will continue on its presence in this and mediterranean currently it has turkey has 3 ships once this weekend to address
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ships and they said mediterranean and will be sending a 4th one. as soon as possible and the force ship is as is expected to be a suspect one yet another detailed description of the continuing war in yemen has been published and it makes for disturbing reading the independent organization what time of human rights documented the killing of hundreds of civilians last year homes markets and roads all targeted in indiscriminate strikes and ground attacks and then to personally landmines kill dozens the activists say both a yemeni government and hoofy rebels continue to recruit child soldiers soldiers from the saudi led coalition are accused of torturing and sexually assaulting children and arbitrary arrests continue with yemenis being tortured and killed for their religious beliefs or for being media workers were rather more to walk hell as the chairman of montana for human rights which published that report she says both sides have been allowed to undermine civilian rights without consequences. there
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are no clean hands when it comes to parties to the conflict in yemen they are all committing horrible violations against civilians with a huge lack of accountability so it's the humanitarian crisis but through this and he will report we are saying it's also a human rights crisis which all the violations led to the humanitarian crisis what is the main obstacle to any accountability as you put it. because. no one cares about what happening in yemen each party to the conflict has its own on lies the fear that will never be accountable so for example saudis and. they are stronger by being supported by their allies us here can france and who think themselves they hide behind the violations of their saudi and immaterial coalition and other so it's the lack of accountability it just make it very difficult they have it's a very preventable violations and necessary violations but they all doing this
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violations because they don't care so human if even if there is a war human doesn't have to be the worst humanitarian disaster it's the worst humanitarian disaster because of the attitude of all parties to the conflict among the war and because they just don't care and no one pushed them to care saudi arabia's deputy defense minister has met the u.n. special envoy to yemen calling for an end to what he said was iranian interference comes as yemen's warring sides met to reinforce the cease fire in the around the key port city of the data which has repeatedly been violated the u.n. says representatives from yemen's government and who the rebels also discuss ways to pull back from forces. the lower house of the u.s. congress has passed 2 bills on saudi arabia condemning human rights abuses and seeking sanctions over the murder of the saudi journalist. who also criticised riyadh for detaining female human rights activists bill receive the overwhelming
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$405.00 to $7.00 vote requiring the director of national intelligence to name those involved in the killing but despite a strong bipartisan backing the measures may be challenged in the republican controlled senate former south african president jacob zuma is back in a state commission hearing on corruption he says he's received death threats on monday he told the inquiry he's the target of a conspiracy zuma was forced from office last year accused of overseeing the mass looting of state funds he denies any wrongdoing during his 9 years the president. also in south africa people in the city of cape town are accusing the police of not being able to control gang violence more than 900 people have been killed in battles over gang territory since the beginning of the year and the government's now preparing to send in the army has the story. for people living here the cape flats is a board zone turf battles between feuding gangs that means hundreds of lives are
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lost every year many of them bystanders unable to escape the bullets. michael ware not using his real name belongs to a gang he says he can't survive outside it i live i don't know police in a situation with the shipwreck in control of the stuff. you feel you have i've got a little ability i've got the skills but i think you know i could do a reaping the power would go out even when we need to busy do stuff but i just used to do it would you be looking at gangs make money by selling drugs the battle for territory means more customers and higher revenue 18 months ago the government set up the anti gang unit whose work is to root out gangs guns and drugs it conducts daily raids searching the homes of known drug dealers and drug dens while the unit has made hundreds of arrests the city of cape town says there are nearly not enough
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officers now the army is being deployed to help curb the violence special operations like this haven't stopped gang violence on the cape flats according to government statistics the number of murders has increased this weekend alone 43 people were murdered more than half of them by gunshot people in these communities say there aren't enough police and they think the presence of the army will make things safer. for many people here accuse the police of being ineffective and corrupt in 2016 a police officer in charge of disposing confiscated firearms was jailed for selling the guns worth half a $1000000.00 to gangsters. this man who doesn't want to be identified and belongs to a gang in lavender hill says poor policing is common the people think the people only with the lives are only interested in the closer so you know which will be
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a good as in something in a in an only a. in what did would you drop them directly what i'm going to think money they did get to now go the kitchen i would worry she did go walking again while they may be from different gangs and often find themselves on the streets at. all the gang members we spoke to agree on one thing cindy in the army would only bring a temporary peace and that violence would likely return to the cape flats as soon as it withdraws from al-jazeera on the cape flats in cape town the trumpet ministrations says facebook's digital currency could become a national security threat president donald trump has dismissed the libra of having little standing or dependability comments by the treasury secretary went even further steve minutia unworn of the currency could be used for money laundering or drug trafficking the u.s. congress is expected to start hearings on facebook's plan on tuesday. now wrestling
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as a way of life in dagestan the region in southern russia produces many of the world's world sports world champions a step vast more importance not only the number one sport there but also a way to keep young men in the way of gang violence and the legal drugs. rich or poor city kid or village boy these tacky stine teenagers all share the same dream becoming an olympic champion many are brought to these wrestling schools by their parents who are worried about their future in what is known to be a turbulent part of russia that has seen violence by armed groups in the past and hundreds of russians many from this region are believed to have joined i so the message on the school's banner is clear sports against drugs and terrorism. 13 year old. started training 3 years ago growing up without his mother in the outskirts of the main city. he found
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a new family in the wrestling school he says his coach did not only teach him wrestling techniques but gave him a purpose in life. i became calm my character has changed i became more respectful i now start to help people help them in times of trouble if they fail or if someone likes something i always give. ramadan and hundreds of dogs danny boice trained for many hours each day in an effort to reach the top but only if you make it there that's a frightening as in their blog how to better use it in a positive way even children from the poorest families can become restless to these kids wrestling is not just a sport it's a way of life it keeps them out of trouble and gives them some moral guidance. for many this man is their inspiration undefeated mixed martial arts fighter people marco made of who was born in the mountains of dagestan president vladimir putin on
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of him after his last winter in 2018 to gather with his also famous father who was recognized with the title of the new rig coach of russia. i use my own methods my work is in the sports hall and my job is to prepare people so they'll be useful for society those people who destroy our society and what we have built we will always fight against them it's difficult to tell how much impact wrestling has had on efforts to prevent young men joining armed groups but for boys like the last no means for an expensive education it has offered more than that one dream of becoming a champion. i want to open a school and teach kids how to wrestle so they can stand on their own 2 feet become champions so they have success in life and make their parents. and wealthy. and maybe one day we can teach it brought officials in dagestan are planning to open wrestling schools all over the world to crack not only desperate but own way of
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life that passes al jazeera. russia. and a quick reminder you can catch up on all the news on our website there it is on your screen address al-jazeera dot com that's al-jazeera. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera the u.s. house of representatives is planning a vote to formally condemn donald trump's tweets telling 4 democratic congresswoman to go home the targets of the tweets of him calling his comments hate filled bullying iran's supreme leader has won the united kingdom the seizure of an iranian oil tank that will not go unanswered he's accused the u.k. of piracy for detaining the grace one live to baltar earlier this month. the vicious british government committed piracy and attacked our ship they commit
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crimes and legalize it they're trying to legitimize this maritime robbery the islamic republic will not leave such a vicious acts without a response. to members of the european parliament are due to vote in a few hours on whether a woman should get the use top job for the 1st time germany's underly and wants to be president of the european commission germany's defense minister needs a majority of votes in parliament to a place called young turkey says european union sanctions won't stop it from drilling for oil and gas off the coast of cyprus. e.u. foreign ministers have suspended talks with the turkish government over an air transport agreement and called for the european investment bank to review loans to turkey. its ass and what are you up there in the mic for many years we told if the greek cypriot side the e.u. or the un do not recognize the rights of the turkish cypriot side as a guarantor state and we shall protect it and we started drilling what comes next
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as we told the e.u. if they take measures like these ones we will increase our drilling activities we currently have 3 ships in the area and we shall deploy the 4th vessel to the area at least 130 people have died in monsoon rains across south asia millions have been displaced as flood waters and landslides washed with buildings across the region former south african president jacob zuma is back at a state commission hearing on corruption he says he's received death threats on monday he told inquiry that he's the target of a conspiracy zuma was forced from office last year he was of overseeing the mask looting of state funds and denies any wrongdoing during his 9 years as president but as the headlines and news continues here on al-jazeera off the inside story of that so watching i thought.
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new this 65 metre high mountain of rubbish in india symbolizes a rapidly expanding global problem what should countries do with their garbage and how can they reduce the amount they produce every year this is inside story. i am. the a. teller i'm the stasi it's a it's become a problem of global proportions according to the wild bank around $2000000000.00 tons of waste is produced every year and world leaders are struggling to figure out what to do with it all so that the buried resign.


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