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you. don't trump's new criticism of for democratic congresswoman and racism escalates. sam is a guy and this is al jazeera live from coming up. rand supreme leader accuses the u.k. of piracy over the seizure of a tanker gibraltar. nepal struggle with days of flooding devastation dozens of dead thousands stranded. if we are united on the inside no body will divide us from the outside. germany's defense minister makes
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a case for why she should be the european union. now down trump has gone back on whether to further attack the 4 democratic congresswoman who accused him of hate filled bullying this time he's calling them anti usa and pro terrorist the house of representatives is preparing a vote condemning the president's early around which many labeled racist he said the woman or from broken countries and should go home all of them are u.s. citizens and 3 were born in america in his latest twitter attack the president says the democrats congresswoman have been doing some of the most vile hateful and disgusting things ever said bias. in the house or senate yet they get
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a free paulson a big embrace from the democrats party horrible anti israel anti usa pro terrorist and public shouting of the f. word why isn't the house voting to rebuke the filthy and hate laced things they have said because they're the radical left and the democrats are afraid to take them all sides for more than a moment but 1st tweet followed these comments by 2 of the congresswoman we ran on a mandate to advocate for and to represent those ignored left out and left behind our squad is big our squad includes any person committed to building a more equitable and just world and that is the work that we want to get back to and given the size of the squad in this great nation we cannot we
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will not be silenced this country was founded on the radical idea that we are created equal and endowed by our creator with in inalienable rights and yes we have a long way before we fully live up to those values it is for this reason precisely that we have to take action when a president is openly violating the oath he took to the constitution of the united states and the core values we aspire to as marsa luther king said all we say to america is to be true to what you say on paper let's get more on this now with the color line in washington d.c. this shows no signs of going away. now in the president's driving this narrative with his twitter feed he is but supposed to be behind closed doors most of the day
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but his press shop usually says that and then at the last minute opens it up for the cameras of the present to make a statement he is meeting with his cabinet in just about an hour and a half so we'll see if he decides to make this the headline for yet another day it's somewhat unusual because this is been really unifying for the democratic party up until the president started tweeting the focus had been on the fact that there was a big division between the far left of the party and the more centrist going into the 2020 campaign now the democrats are united and the republicans are on the really on the defense here but we're seeing is because they're in session they're not able to hide in their districts when a true trump controversy erupts this time so basically the members of congress the senators are being chased from room to room in the capitol with reporters of cameras trying to get them on the record as to what they think about the president's tweets and what's been very different this time is that normally in news organizations and members of congress try to go out of their way to not
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labeled these as racist comments but that is exactly what we're seeing is your even the most storied members of the media in the us they are now 6 declaring these true tweets absolutely 100 percent racist so that is having an impact on the narrative as well. is that is the perhaps a suspicion that all of this is deliberate on the part of mr trump this is part of him trying to repeat what happened in his election campaign. it is 100 percent a look at what he thinks is going to get him a 2nd term these are young women of color he thinks that he can make them basically rile up his base say look who i'm fighting against washington is trying to label them a socialist which is a very unpopular term in this country so that's going to be his playbook. there are a lot of political analysts who think that this is going to be a mistake for this president because if you look at the numbers if you look at the republican party he is hugely popular gives us some ways unprecedented popularity
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within the republican party but this is a country that's split $5050.00 republicans self described republicans make up about 28 percent of the voting populace voting public so he can't win a nationwide election with 20 percent support of the country but the president clearly thinks that the base was fired up last time he got into the oval office he can do it again all right thanks so much on that from washington d.c. iran's supreme leader has spoken for the 1st time on britain's seizure of the rain in oil time can. be good news that. the vicious british government committed piracy and attacked our ship they commit crimes and legalize it they're trying to legitimize this maritime robbery of the islamic republic will not leave such vicious acts without a response there's also jabari now joins us live from deference to the supreme leader there raising the rhetoric why. well it's
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because this ship has been seized and so forth and you have to remember it is a super sized tanker that has $2000000.00 barrels of iranian crude oil on the war worth about 200000000 dollars but also the fact that this is a very serious incident for the iranians they said that their supply is not negotiable they do not recognize what the british government has done as legal they have called the british ambassador in tehran to the foreign minister a number of times where they presented their case now the british government had said that they seized this tanker in the strait of gibraltar because it was heading to syria which is under e.u. sanctions now the iranians say that is not true that it was not heading to syria and also they don't recognize these e.u. sanctions because they haven't been indorsed by the united nations this is something that has been brewing here and the iranians have said they demand the immediate release of this vessel and they there will be repercussions and we've
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heard from the supreme leader himself that these this action will not go unanswered the supreme leader also went on to comment on the 2015 nuclear agreement between iran and the world powers he said that they are behaving insolently that the they've cut back there they haven't actually honored any of their commitments and the arrangements have been abiding by this nuclear deal but they have yet to see any benefit from it from the european side and he said that iran will continue to scale back its commitments as it has said over the future because they europeans are not upholding their and that the bargain. from to rome thanks for the. heavy monsoon rains of cause havoc across large parts of south asia unleashing flash flooding and landslides and washing away buildings more than 130 people have been killed nepal india pakistan bangladesh have all been hit in 1000000 mom more than 21000 he will have been forced to flee their homes rising rivers and lightning
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strikes have killed more than a dozen people in bangladesh some more reading the refugees in overcrowded camps buildings have collapsed in northern parts of india killing at least 14 people but the worst affected is nepal at least 78 people were killed and more than 165000 displaced by the widespread flooding so we mistrust the reports from the southern district of pass or the commies family in the village are in mourning 16 year old me was drowned while out with his friends in the city of beirut and he had great dreams of being an engineer and working at the nasa space agency his father says he had just built a drone. when anyone would visit he was the one who would pull up to and make food . to think that he would be taken away from this world.
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this is what then tire southern belt of nepal looked like until sunday swollen rivers broke their banks forcing thousands from their homes 48 hours of nonstop rain all over their power triggered floods and landslides both in the southern plains and high in the mountains to. monsoon season takes the lives of many every year and our government has a disaster management plan which is supposed to be activated in times like these. the water has receded from the village of para where people have lost all their belongings they crowd around us to tell their stories most of them said even in these disastrous times they feel exploited because of their cost or position in a party society and this is one of the poorest communities in the path to call the most r.'s one of the so-called untouchables now every year they get flooded and every year they say that they have not been getting any help from the government
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and right now they have been trying to access a local school which they say has been locked despite the fact that this entire area was flooded for at least 3 days we went to the school and found the classrooms law to. their own body who has a heart as they've been badly affected you are organizing an investigation team but they'll start working as soon as possible the parties are relieved that the floodwaters have receded and they can get on with their lives they want the government to build new infrastructure as well as improve the amount of assistance but fear their pleas will be forgotten until disaster strikes again it's been a stretch to answer there are parts of district in nepal. and staying in south asia at least 24 people are feared dead in heavy rain and flash floods in pakistan administered kashmir roads and homes are damaged and rescuers are struggling to
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reach those stranded in the new valley. and toronto rain and 7 chinese provinces is causing major flooding in southern and eastern regions homes and roads have been swept away rescue teams are making their way through flooded towns to search for people needing aid more than 80000 people have been forced from their homes members of the european parliament will soon vote on the e.u.'s top job and for the 1st time a woman has been nominated as sort of on the line is in line to be president of the european commission she's facing tough opposition though germany's defense minister needs a majority of votes in parliament to succeed john cold younker her proposed policies include a famine a man wage and a deal on asylum seekers john howard has more from strasbourg. the line that will be hoping that she did enough in a barnstorming speech to the european parliament during the course of the morning
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in which she desperately needed to win over doubters doubters both. looking at her record as a german defense minister which is not an entirely clean slate but also doubters extremely angry at the electoral process that got her here in the 1st place ocilla on the line he's not one of the candidates picked by the parties to be put before the actual electorate in the parliamentary elections in may instead her name emerged just a couple of weeks ago after 50 hours of torturous negotiations backroom politics old e.u. style behind closed doors among the e.u. council heads of state a subversion of democracy say many angry m.p.'s who want to lead is going forward to be far more democratically accountable she knew she had to make big promises big pledges to win over support particularly on the left and among the liberals and so she did parliamentary reform electoral reform big spending on education programs
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higher taxes on multinationals and a green deal for europe a big pledge on climate change as well in the hope perhaps the faint hope of winning over some of the greens unclear whether she's done enough the winds seem to be just about favoring a majority though what size of a majority will be questionable. still ahead on al-jazeera sanctions against turkey for drilling off the coast of cyprus plus why one of india's largest cities is run out of water. by the heavy rain that's continue for central and eastern parts of china fam out of cloud down towards the southwest but the main thrust of that wetter weather he's up
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towards shanghai you can see the darkest shading on a chart here is where we are now looking at latest spell of flooding rains to the south of that we have dry weather across the south but things will become a little more wise but this week i wanted to thursday that things a little further south is but for many southern fringes it will be dry for the time being you can see our next system that's pushing its way in across the philippines this case was unlikely locally known as storm falcon brings some very wet and windy weather into the philippines at the moment may develop into a tropical storm over the next couple of days flooding a problem too of course into the far north and the northeast of india into bangladesh me and ma plenty of cloud still showing up here western ghats also seeing further spells of those mom soon rains as we go on through the coming days increasing cloud and a day some rain peg in the temperatures back in new delhi to around 30 celsius so was starting to lose that intense heat that has been a problem for some time which up to 32 as we go through thursday elsewhere stays
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pretty wet for many western and eastern parts. i have been looking at your instagram account and reading. this is a dialogue when donald trump announce his candidacy for president after that everyone has a point best chance the democrats have to beat donald trump is to nominate an exciting inspirational callus mother nominee joining the global conversation in your thoughts get to where am. i now to 0.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines trump has gone back home to further attack the 4 democratic congresswoman who accused him of hate filled bullying this time is calling them anti usa and pro terrorist tweets he told them to go home. run supreme leader is one breaking the seizure of an iranian tanker will not go. to use the u.k. of committing piracy for detaining the grace one of this month. more than 130 people have died the monsoon rains across south asia millions have been displaced as floodwaters and landslides washed away buildings. palestinian man has died while in detention in an israeli jail palestinian rights group says the 31 year old is being held in solitary confinement after his arrest
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in a raid a month ago says he died as a result of medical negligence. let's get more on this now with birds with who joins us from the band's hometown of bait for jar in the occupied west bank so 1st of all ters a little bit about the palestinian reaction to this bernard. some we know that a 30 year on one year old man nasser type was arrested on june 19th and within just less than a month in israeli custody he's dead now we know that was kept in solitary confinement and that on the 11th just last week his lawyer saw him very briefly only once while his custody was extended and at that time he's a lawyer not his lawyer asked that his client be examined in a hospital that was done on the israeli said he was released from hospital without any anything untoward being found about him so they looked at him but the family say that the israeli authorities are responsible for nasa's death sami one of the
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israeli officials saying about the circumstances of his death. well the israelis have said very little the moment but what is the fact of his death touches a nerve really hits home for many palestinians because you'll be very hard pressed to find any palestinian who doesn't know somebody who's been arrested or hasn't got a relative who's been arrested or who is not currently in custody there are some 5000 palestinians in israeli jails at the moment and 220 have died in custody since 1967 so it is an issue that hits home for everybody here the palestinian authority is saying that it holds israel responsible for nasa's death and it wants an international investigation and it says the international community's communities in difference is allowing the israeli authorities to continue committing such atrocities sammy birth from both for jobs.
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he says european union sanctions were undeterred from drilling for oil and gas off the coast of cyprus and is sending a 4th exploration ship there foreign ministers of suspended talks with turkey over an air transport agreement then called for the european investment bank to review turkish lending turkish control of the northern part of cyprus is not internationally recognized greek cypriots control the south of the mediterranean island. and when are you up to them the mc for many years we told if the greek cypriot side the e.u. or the un do not recognize the rights of the turkish cypriot side as a guarantor state and we shall protect it and we started drilling what comes next as we told the e.u. if they take measures like these ones we will increase our drilling activities we currently have 3 ships in the area and we shall deploy the 4th vessel to the area. so course also has more from istanbul. as for ankara statement so far it seems the
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turkey is position in this and mediterranean its stance will not be changed if following the decision to curb contacts and funding for turkey turkey believes that this decision by the e.u. is mainly politically motivated as a result of a pressure by greece and the greek cyprus this is what believes and the measures the measures that are mentioned will not be taken seriously turkey criticized for giving political recommendations to central banks and investment banks and foreign minister cho she said that this is what the e.u. has always been against then why are they doing this now also turkey believes that it has the upper hand in its relations with the e.u. due to a refugee deal signed a couple of years ago for the syrian refugees turkey over the whole 3500000 syrian refugees and it has the power to stop this illegal refrigerate influx to e.u.
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that's why turkish minister said that turkey will continue on its presence in this and mediterranean currently it has turkey has 3 ships once this weekend to drill ships and they said mediterranean and will be sending a 4th one. as soon as possible and the force ship is as is expected to be a suspect one. well the u.s. has announced tough new asylum rules which aim to stem the flow of migrants crossing the us mexico border the plan blocks migrants seeking asylum in the united states if they have traveled through another safe country 1st without applying for asylum there however those who have been trafficked will be excluded from the ban the new rules are likely to affect central american families who travel through mexico to seek asylum in the u.s. in outspent comes as a courting what the blog for as and jim and more on this from signing a separate deal with the u.s. that would have designated the nation
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a safe 3rd country mexico has also rejected the new u.s. measures the un's refugee agency has raised concerns about the changes saying it will put migrants safety even greater risk the point about this measure is that we believe that it really puts vulnerable people at risk vulnerable families and it's also undermining efforts across the region to devise a response that is coherent and collective to deal with with the movement of people from especially the north of central america towards the u.s. so what we said last night and i'm going to repeat here we believe that this measure is severe and it's not the best way forward now mayor apollo has the reaction from mexico city. there was pushback in mexico in response to that change in policy announced by the united states the asylum laws and i'll give you
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we need to talk about the context here if you were a migrant traveling from central america say hunter is sort of solved or making your way through guatemala and through mexico that automatically disqualifies you from being able to seek asylum in the united states under this new policy now there's a reason why there's so much pushback here in mexico on one end mexico the united states have no agreement that would force mexico to house asylum seekers that's something that mexico would have to ratify via legislation it would be up to the mexican congress to determine that mexico is to be designated a quote unquote safe 3rd country without approval from congress mexico is in no way obligated to adopt or accommodate to this new change in policy in the united states this is something that the foreign minister of mexico my sent abroad has said is not going to happen the foreign minister has also said that he does not agree with this decision by the united states and and in no way will mexico be changing its own immigration policies or its own asylum policies to accommodate for this new
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change in the united states furthermore this is one aspect of the migrant crisis that keeps getting brought up in this stemming the flow of migrants it being up to mexico to stem the flow of migrants that's the pressure that the united states has on mexico yet these policies do nothing to address the root causes of migration in central america countries like honduras guatemala as well as solved or which are rampant political corruption widespread poverty and of course the high levels of violence plaguing these countries. the north is in india more than a 1000000 people have been displaced by monsoon rains but in other areas people are experiencing severe drought and government report found 600000000 indians are facing high to extreme stress because of water shortage that's around half the population $200000.00 people die each year as they're unable to get saved drinking water 70 percent of the water is contaminated by next year at least 20
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cities will have completely run out of groundwater including new delhi bengaluru and chennai taps are already running dry under schapelle has more. mana fills as many containers as she is able to carry after joining a queue for water but having to fetch supplies for herself her husband and 2 small children interrupt her job. numbers. they want the problem has become very troubling we got to work and then have to run back home under water tank arrives this has been our life lately in a single day and we come back from work to do free time to feed water it's very difficult not just for us but for the whole city. the region is suffering a severe heat wave and seasonal monsoon rains haven't arrived many reservoirs are almost empty this is one of the 4 main ones in chennai a city of around 11000000 people. he lives in
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a more affluent area than mohanna tanker supply those living in her apartment block with water every day but she says it's expensive and there's not enough there are times like when morning 7 o'clock we not have water and that's when we need to get ready to leave for work and sometimes you want to water. for the 1st few it is we have no other jars but to use the drinking water because there was no water but ok we had they offered ability so we did but looking at it it's a crying you know big bringing water out and then to use it for your satellite images show the city's largest reservoir at put a lake has emptied over the past year. from what i would think that you would have thought if you will do it one development expert says the city's authorities have wrongly invested in big projects like desalination plants instead of making better use of existing facilities and the moment to turn a city is facing a very severe water craze this and the government is also indulged in crisis
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management but cases management going to be the solution you really have to think very loudly i do is a means of storing it in water in that additional water bodies that are available are plenty i don't and they said it millions of leaders of water are being brought into chennai by train but the metropolitan water board authority says its water storage practices aren't to blame for the shortage it's the weather. still this sort of scene could be repeated in other parts of the country a government funded study says there are 20 other cities across india that are facing the same problem and al-jazeera. sharma is the president of the forum for organized resource conservation and in huntsman's she says india desperately needs a plan to ensure water supply into the future. there has hit on 2 sides one is that we are too many people we have about 18 percent of the world's population but only 4 percent of the world's water sources so we already have
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a water problem on top of that our problem is economic and administrative mismanagement of our water resources instead of focusing on sustainability measures before crisis hits us we actually run around scrambling for water when we haven't built the reserves or reservoirs to store the monsoon water that we get in just 2 months so mismanagement at source is certainly a problem one reason for loose not enough to handle a crisis of this proportion and even if the crisis goes of the for a couple of months it will return again i think what the country needs now is planning for sustainability self-sufficiency instead of planning from the supply side we need to start looking at administrative units as sense selfish and. uses a water sort of water port of budgeting to ensure that we use only as much water as
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we have access to now the united nations says the global fight against aids is stalling since 2010 the number of h.i.v. related deaths overall fell by about 30 percent the middle east and north africa saw a 9 percent rise 5 percent in eastern europe and central asia. and let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now donald trump has gone back home to where there's a further attack the 4 democratic congresswoman who accused him of hate filled bully this time is calling them and to us a pro terrorist tweets he told them to go home i think all high and has more from washington d.c. . it's somewhat unusual because this is been really unifying for the democratic
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party up until the president started tweeting the focus a bit on the fact that there was a big division between the far left of the party and the more centrist going into the 2020 campaign now the democrats are united and the republicans are on the really on the defense here but we're seeing is because they're in session they're not able to hide in their districts when a true trump controversy erupts this time so basically members of congress the senators are being chased from room to room in the capitol with reporters of cameras trying to get them on the record as to what they think about the president's tweet. iran's supreme leader's warning britain the seizure of ignorami and tanker will not go unanswered he's accusing the u.k. of committing piracy by detaining the grace one near gibraltar this month because. the vicious british government committed piracy and attacked our ship they commit crimes and legalize it they're trying to legitimize this maritime robbery these lawmaker public will not leave such vicious acts without
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a response members of the european parliament will soon vote on the top job for the 1st time a woman who's been nominated sort of on the line is in line to be president of the european commission but she's facing opposition she needs a majority of votes in parliament to succeed junk old junker. so if you says european union sanctions won't deter it from drilling for oil and gas off the coast of cyprus and is sending a 4th exploration ship e.u. foreign ministers have suspended talks with turkey over an transport agreement i'm called for the european vestment banks to review turkish lending. the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream it's 50 years since the world watched as u.s. astronauts lost on a mission many to impossible. whatever then marveled as they made those 1st
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uncertain steps. are. joining us as we look at the ingenuity and those who made the journey. 50 years on and she's here and you special. welcome to the stream team has bought health benefits to millions of people and trays but now there is a rising concern over potentially dangerous teens which claim to transform your body now some of the most popular up voted by celebrities on instagram. so it will look at the risks of drinking these t's and ask whether influencers are abusing the trust of their fans in your thoughts or twitter and you tube.


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