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tire shut down both international and domestic news coverage on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. well come on peter w watching the news live from our headquarters here and coming up in the next 60 minutes. but this isn't what our country is about nevertheless they are free to leave if they want donald trump says he doesn't have a racist bone in his body as he faces growing condemnation for what many call racist comments against 4 u.s. congress women. if we are united on the insight no
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body will divide us from the outside and less than the e.u. commission begins a secret ballot to decide if the former german defense minister. become the group's new president. sources say they'll be no federal charges against a new york city police officer over the choking death of eric garner a case that sparked months of u.s. civil rights protests and in sport northern ireland returns to the factor world golf for the 1st time in almost 7 decades tiger woods will be aiming for his 1st open championship when since 2006. top story the u.s. president donald trump is due to begin a cabinet meeting in front of cameras in the next hour it comes as he faces growing accusations of being a racist for his attacks on 4 u.s. congressmen he said they were. all u.s.
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citizens 3 of them born in america should go back to where they came from democrats in both houses according for a vote to condemn mr trump the resolution says his tweets quote have legitimized and increased fear and hatred of new americans and people of color but the trump is refusing to back down he's demanded that women apologize for what he describes as the quotes foul language they have used and the terrible things they've said to the women accused mr trump of trying to sow division and distract attention from his failed policies on immigration health care and taxation as we all know the recent tweets and words from the president are simply a continuation of his race this is you know phobic playbook we cannot allow these hateful actions by the president to distract us from the critical work to hold this administration accountable to the inhumane conditions at the border that is separating children from their loved ones and caging them up in the legal horrific conditions this country was founded on the radical idea that we are created equal
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and endowed by our creator with in inalienable rights and yes we have a long way before we fully live up to those values it is for this reason precisely that we have to take action when a president is openly violating the oath he took to the constitution of the united states and the core values we aspire to as martin luther king said all we say to america is be true to what you say on paper particle hain is our correspondent following that story for us in washington what's he been saying. well he's on twitter again obviously riled up about this controversy that he himself has created and there's something a little bit different about this particular trump controversy in the past most of
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the mainstream media in the united states and steered away from describing any of his comments as overtly racist and that is changing now the majority of american media coming out and declaring this racist tweets and now the president responding again on twitter and here's what he had to say those tweets were not racist i don't have a racist bone in my body the so-called vote. to be taken as a democratic congress came republicans should not show weakness and fall into their trap there should this should be a vote on filthy language statements and lies told by the democratic congresswoman so what the president's referring to is the democratic led house of representatives is going to have a resolution calling these racist comments the president obviously sending the message to republicans that they need to stay with him or there could be consequences and we've already heard from the republican leadership in the house they had a brief press conference and liz cheney representative liz cheney came out and she said this isn't about these women's religion or their gender or their color of
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their skin but about their policies hammering what she calls socialist policies but she can say that but clearly for the president this is very much about the way they look and the what their religion and the and their gender you get the sense when you apache that some people feel very much as if they've been pushed on to the back foot by the way mr trump has kept on going with this watching steve when you can today he seems to want to move on to go on so but this a.s.a.p. and move on to something else. yeah he said vito i don't speak for the president but he's not racist but let's talk about cryptocurrency and that's what's been interesting about this particular controversy because the so house and senate are in session so there can't hide in their home districts they're pretty much easy pickings for of these reporters on capitol hill who are basically chasing them from committing rooms to their offices and demanding that they respond to how they characterize these tweets so at the very beginning we saw republicans trying to wait it out very few said anything now we've seen more than a dozen say these statements are not helpful and below the office of the president
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but this still the majority of republicans are trying to stay quiet wait out this latest controversy from president trump he's not going to let them do that he is signaling here that this is exactly his 2020 strategy he thinks it is his base and that gets him in the oval office for a 2nd term actually thanks very much let's talk to steve clemons he's at the american political news site the hill he joins us from washington as well steve welcome back to the news of all these comments from mr trump just racially charged . oh i think they're racist i think you know it's very hard you know when you see the kind of statements that president trump has been making and he's been as patty said cycling along this way for some time you know he's appealing to a nativism in the united states a kind of neo nativism that is pug nation and trying to sort of define what the real american is and what the real american is not and he's saying if you're of
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brown skin then you're you know sort of a temporary american or on on on provisional status and so this is being decided by racial lines and so to say something's racially charged and not racist is i think walking away from the fact that the president is using this as a way to appeal to a base to solidify a base and to send a signal that this is where he stands i think it's purposeful and i think it's very uncomfortable for a lot of his republican colleagues but i think the president knows what he's doing and this is overt racism george conway you know what the husband of kellyanne conway who had a brilliant piece in the washington post today talking about himself being a young boy and being told to go back where he came from when he was with his mother and met somebody and this was the most awful thing that happened to him as a young man so this is hitting a lot of people very hard some members of his own republican policy a run doing on him over this is he damaged and if he is does he care.
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one very very hard to find time you know in a normal universe with normal gravity this would be damaging in donald trump's land he's using this as a. wedge to further push people out of the republican party that have doubts about him and to further increase the intensity of support that he has within his own party so he is not challenge and that he can ride into the 2020 election with a solid base without any doubt about where they stand this is this is a test and i think it's an interesting one because one would think that someone making these kinds of statements and dividing people and running people out of his own party is not a way to win the presidency but he showed the world that that worked before we'll have to see whether that happens again i don't think he's damaged i think this is part of donald trump's brand and what he wants and i think it's complicated because
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it's in really politically incorrect territory for so many for classic republicans that one you know just think for a minute about staff members who work for the senators and congresspeople who are not speaking out right that right now who may be hispanic maybe asian maybe black american and i can't imagine a senator who is not commenting on this right now facing his or her own staff after the president has made these comments this is going to divide america through its institutions and staff and it's going to be an enormous reverberation effect but again at the end of the day we're all talking about donald trump and he sees that as a win is not the point that's the point for him that's the point for his base i mean despite this resolution of disapproval you know doesn't i would suggest maybe that many teeth to to nip at the presidential reader and get him to come into line. there are no teeth he could have a party after the passage of the resolution unfortunately and like you know we've
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seen in many cases he is telling one audience that he is comfortable with this white nationalist racist nativism that he's brought out of people into our society and given it an element of legitimacy but at the same time he can go on twitter and others and say i know black people too i know hispanic people too i'm not a racist there's not a racist bone in my body so president trump is trying to be both things to both audiences and he's not being held to account but the resolution is trying to hold him to account and all of this is about positioning for the future 2020 election and trying to sort of tell the very important independent voter who is neither republican nor democrat they're trying to each make their case that president trump is saying look we have a problem with all these immigrants coming in the country go with me others are saying he's playing around with the constitution and he's engaged in unbelievable
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overrate reach of the presidency and he's violating the constitution so we're going to see a contest of this in the united states in just 18 months does this feel different this time around for this particular dog whistle issue steve innes much as this is not mr trump saying well there was good and bad on both sides i'm thinking about you know neo nazis when that young lady young woman got killed in a car when there was trouble in the side of this is not even the birth of the donald trump almost confected but he certainly ran with it for a long long time those issues kind of had a had a shelf life and the world moved all in the world of politics and journalism moved on this feels different and ironically it started with a few characters on twitter. it really such a great question because you can argue both points on one hand with charlottesville which i was very deep into and visited and saw the mass protests
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that came out of it and that kind of large scale public anguish that went on and the trumps positioning remember you had many people in his own white house that were so uncomfortable some resigned some threatened to resign over charlottesville statements this is is both ways this happened on twitter it's a feud within washington. a lot of people in the country aren't caught up with it yet it looks like. you know a fight within the beltway to some that is irrelevant to the other big problems that people have on the other hand it goes into this the questions about what does the soul and character of america today and i think that what feel so different about it is to watch so many in his own party the really great leaders in this country who have arguably done great things say nothing about this some have but most have not criticized him or come out and said anything that is that is very
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different and so he's created territory of non criticism of outrageous behavior but the other side of it is you know on the democratic side and you know we're just still early into this and we see the resolution but we don't have the in the streets protest either so there's an acquiescence to some degree that this behavior has almost become expected even as derisive divisive as it is and serious so you can argue that it's more serious than charlottesville in a way but it's kind of weird how we're not seeing a massive protest in washington d.c. right now i'm very surprised steve we really appreciate your insight on this story which i suspect will run for a few days yet thank you very much to clemens but in washington my pleasure thank you. staying in the states a new york police officer will not face federal charges of the death of eric garner an incident which played a key role in months of civil rights protests and the growth of the black lives
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matter movement daniel plan to leo kept ghana in a choke hold the spike garners repeated pleas that he couldn't breathe until you had stopped ghana on a staten island street for allegedly selling loose cigarettes let's just show you a live news conference is going on right now we'll keep on monitoring that for you that's the department of justice in new york as we monitor those live pictures let's get more on this drilling down into the story for us here in the news our correspondent kristen salumi in new york kristen take us through what happened today. well let me start by going back to 2014 when local authorities declined to press charges against officer daniel pants alayo for the death of eric garner after that happened federal officials looked into and began an investigation into possible civil rights violations on the part of the officer and they were facing a deadline of tomorrow as to whether or not to press those charges and we've just
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heard from the u.s. attorney in new york that they have decided after what he described as an exhaustive investigation not to move forward with those charges he said that there were just just insufficient evidence to do so in order to make a case against a police officer something that is notoriously difficult they would have to prove show 4 elements basically that the officer willfully used more force than necessary in attempting to subdue garner now there are many in the public you might argue that that was the case after that video that you mentioned surface which showed eric garner in a choke hold gasping for breath saying that he can't believe breathe launching as you mentioned on a national movement that made the case that the 2 often black men in particular were being subject to violence at the hands of police officer and certainly we've heard from the garner family in the wake of that decision that they are
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disappointed in that they feel let down but again the officials in this case arguing that. it was just too high of a bar to meet the charges in this case and that they will not be moving forward against the officer responsible for the death of eric garner and this who has now become a an icon in the civil rights movement here in the u.s. amid i should add very tense times racially in this country so just to be clear kristin is the legal avenues all potential legal avenues now completely exhausted. pencil aoe is still subject to disciplinary action by the new york police department a hearing was held on that matter it ended last month the way it works is that an administrative judge hears evidence in the case and then makes a recommendation to the police commissioner who has the power to take action against the officer he could still lose his job he could have his vacation pay
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his vacation time sure and other disciplinary actions could be taken the commissioner has yet to make a decision on that but we did hear from the mayor the police commissioner's boss essentially here in new york saying that the city put their faith in the federal government to act we won't make that mistake again there will be a lot of pressure on the police department surrounding this case and to take disciplinary action against the officer but at this time we don't know what that what that result will be christine thank you very much. plenty more still to come for you here on the news including why one of india's largest cities has run out of water. now the police in cape town are under fire from all sides. and in sport the world's most expensive footballer belatedly rejoins his team mates but his future in front stands remains in doubt.
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their own supreme leader has spoken for the 1st time of britain's seizure of an iranian tank brawl to let's get more from dorsetshire body she joins us live from tehran also what's the supreme leader been saying. well peter has been meeting with the country's friday prayers leaders and he said that this event that unfolded on the july 4th in the strait of gibraltar is an act of maritime piracy and he had a very harsh words for the british government who carried out the seizure of this tanker grace one which was carrying $2000000.00 barrels of crude oil worth about $200000000.00 let's hear what else the supreme leader had to say. if you will over the vicious british government committed piracy and
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a top down ship they commit crimes and legalize it they're trying to legitimize this maritime robbery these limits are public will not leave such vicious acts without a response. this supreme leader also went on to comment about the current status of the 2015 nuclear agreement he said that according to our foreign ministry the europeans have 11 commitments to fulfill under this deal and they have yet to fulfill one now when we decide to scale back our commitment they voiced their concerns he said this is an act of insolence of they will not tolerate at the set he also said that iran will continue to scale back its commitments under this agreement and advance its nuclear program and that is something the country is the side of to do because the europeans have not upheld their end of the deal the supreme leader of the highest authority in the islamic republic has made the position of this country very very clear when it comes to these 2 very important issues the tanker the seizure of the grace one oil tanker will not to go on never
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respond that the iranians will respond to this and the nuclear agreement is something the iranians will now for the foreseeable future slowly gradually cup back their commitments to because they feel the other signatories since united states withdrew from this agreement last year have not upheld their end of the deal so this. is the 1st time we've heard from the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei about the grace one tanker that is currently being held by the authorities in the strait of gibraltar and as well the future of the nuclear agreement and what iran tends to do will be had with it thanks very much other news of iran the arrest of a french iranian research has been confirmed. was detained on monday shortly after reports of the detention surface the french president emmanuel macro demanded an explanation from the authorities in tehran the reasons for the arrest and not yet clear in about an hour's time the european parliament will vote on who will replace
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her in the race for europe's top job and for the 1st time it could be a woman. vandelay and is in line to be president of the european commission but she's facing opposition going german defense minister needs a majority to take charge of proposed policies include a fair minimum wage and a deal on asylum seekers on the whole has the details from strasburg. ahead of the c evening's tight vote in the european parliament. and will be hoping that she was able to do enough in her morning address to any piece to sway the doubters but those who doubt her ability to carry out the job of commission president looking at her record as german defense minister and those who doubt and are extremely angry about the electoral process that put it here in the 1st place she was not one of the candidates selected by the parties to face the actual voters in the parliamentary election in may instead her name emerged about 2 weeks ago after
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a torturous negotiations among european union heads of state a subversion of democracy some any peace who want to see their leaders going forward being more democratically accountable well she's happy to make sweeping promises ambitious promises some safe overly ambitious promises to win support particularly on the left and among the liberals parliamentary reform electoral process reform higher taxes on multinationals big spending promises on education programs and this is what she had to say on climate change promising a green deal for europe to be unveiled in her 1st $100.00 days almost pressing challenge is keeping our planet. this is the greatest responsibility and opportunity of our times i want europe to become the 1st. continent in the world by 2050 so the vote very much on
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a knife edge we won't know whether she's done enough until those votes are counted they are going to make her sweat these m e p's if indeed they approve. at all. stay with us story piece a clip is head of the brussels office of open europe a think tank there he says when the lion's proposed policy passes might cost the top job. it's very hard to know simply because many of the social democrats have said that they will not support her but it is a secret vote so we can't really know for sure all souls' some euro skeptics from it to be in poland maybe to mclean vote for of on the line but it's really hard to know i do think that will ultimately ultimately she will narrowly be voted in the well the french president coleman he has secured the presidency of the
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e.c. before a french lady whose team that got it in a so it's very unlikely that they will open up the whole package again so there are very strong rumors that if the on the line would be rejected that somebody else from her own political group the centrists european people's party would be appointed now there are also rumors that within the e.p. many are not happy with some of the promises from the line has been made making particularly towards the left wing parties she has promised basically more europe more a concentration of power at the brussels level european minimum wage more control over national migration choices so this is something that is not appreciated by some people in the e.p. p. so perhaps because it's a secret vote many of them would actually not support her
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a palestinian man has died in an israeli jail a palestinian human rights group says as a result of medical negligence the group says that she one year old took a taka was being held in solitary confinement following his arrest on a raid a month ago. let's get more now from bernard smith who joins us from the man's home turf of the occupied west bank bernard what else do we know. well the israelis have just given us really the bare facts that 31 year old nasser to cap was found dead in his cell just slightly less than a month having been after being arrested so his family say a healthy working man 31 years old less than a month in israeli custody is dead we know that he saw his lawyer last week at the time i was the only time he was able to see any want to be kept in solitary confinement when it's always looked up just for a few minutes when his extension was when his detention was extended by an israeli military court his lawyer asked that nasa be seen by
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a hospital doctor the hospital saw him and dismissed him without finding any findings the israelis say and then about 56 days later nasser was dead pizza it was the reaction from the palestinians. the palestinian foreign minister ministry has said that it holds israel responsible for nasa's death and it wants an international investigation overseen by the red cross and the issue of palestinian prisoners touches everybody in the palestinian territories you'd be hard hard pressed to find anybody any palestinian who doesn't have a relative or you know somebody who's been arrested or detained by the israeli military there are some 5000 palestinians in israeli jails at the moment every night there are a day where another $10.00 to $20.00 are arrested at since 196-7220 palestinians have died in israeli custody so it's an issue very close to palestinian hearts
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peter bernard thanks very much. still to come here on al-jazeera fishing for a solution to plastic pollution in indonesia turned the tide be turned for its threatened coastline. and the sports world of boxing more to the one of the greats is former champion. how i once again welcome to another look at the international forecast we've got so lucky dry weather across the a middle east it was a chance of one or 2 showers pushing up towards the caspian sea towards the black sea sunshine for the most part 41 celsius the bag that hold is it has been recently hot enough 43 there in kuwait city season but some places the clout there just pushing across that will make his way
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a little further east which is we go through thursday and he say that wet weather just lingering around georgia and armenia much of the region to stay hot and dry as one would expect a 33 there for karate that he 7 in couple into the mid forty's by thursday that the baghdad i'm full q 8 city into the low to mid forty's across iranian peninsula plenty of hot sunshine here for the way it's just easing off a touch as we go on into the latter part of the week is still quite a brisk wind blowing through so why is the possibility some lifted dust and sand blasted right to across the southern africa we have got a little system just skirting with the western cape just pushing down towards the southern cape is we go through the next diety bringing some wetter weather into cape town by the end of this weekend highs here of 60 degrees. after more than a decade of civil war life remains
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a challenge in sierra leone. we follow the citizens of this war torn nation as they push their limits. for survival. risking is of sierra leone. on al-jazeera. when the news breaks these protesters and the story of billions. when people need to be had the advantage of that as we all know but if we don't have rights to move on the story needs to be told. how does iraq has teams on the ground to whom the old windows in the trees and the lightning storm on air and online.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera news. recapping your top stories the u.s. president is using a cabinet meeting watched by the media following his tweets attacking 4 female members of congress donald trump's facing growing accusations of being racist and having what's called a white nationalist agenda democrats of both houses are calling for a vote to condemn mr trump. iran's supreme leader has warned britain the seizure of an iranian tanker will not go quotes. this accuse the u.k. of committing piracy or detaining the grace one need to pull to earlier this month . and the european parliament is due to vote on who will replace john called in the
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race for europe's top job on for the 1st time it could be a woman. going german defense minister needs a majority to get the position. in india disaster response teams are searching for survivors in the rubble of an apartment block which collapsed or at least 4 people were killed in mumbai and others were injured a 4 story building came down during tarantula monsoon rain residents have been asked to leave the nearly 100 year old building but didn't. but the monsoon rains are also causing havoc in the northeast of india forcing more than a 1000000 people from their homes but in other areas there is severe drought a government report on 600000000 indians are facing hard to extreme stress because of water shortages that's around half the population $200000.00 people die every year as they are unable to get safe drinking water 70 percent of the water is contaminated by next year at least 20 cities were completely run out of groundwater
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including new delhi bangalore and chinoy or turks are already running dry. with more. fills as many containers as she's able to carry after joining a queue for water but having to fetch supplies for herself her husband and 2 small children interrupt her job. there was a problem has become very troubling we go to work and then have to run back home wonder with a tank arrive this has been our life lately in a single day and we come back from work to do free time for food and water it's very difficult not just for us but for the whole city. the region is suffering a severe heat wave and seasonal monsoon rains haven't arrived many reservoirs are almost empty this is one of the 4 main ones in chennai a city of around 11000000 people. syringe and he lives in a more affluent area than mohanna tankers supply those living in her apartment block with water every day but she says it's expensive and there's not enough there
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are times making mornings i'm not wrong we're not how i want and that's when we need to get the lever walk and sometimes you want to. for the 1st few it is we had no other giants but to use the drinking water because there was no water but ok we had the offered ability so we did but looking at it it's a crime you know to a big drinking water and then to use it for your satellite images show the city's largest reservoir at put a lake has emptied over the past year but only from that i would think that it would have sort of if you will do it one development expert says the city's authorities have wrongly invested in big projects like desalination plants instead of making better use of existing facilities at the moment and they city is facing a very severe water craze this and the government is also indulged in crisis management but cases management going to be the solution you really have to think very loudly i do isn't means of storing it in water in that additional water bodies
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that are available are plenty i don't and they said it millions of leaders of water are being brought into chennai by train but the metropolitan water board authority says its water storage practices aren't to blame for the shortage it's the weather . still this sort of scene could be repeated in other parts of the country a government funded study says there are 20 other cities across india that are facing the same problem and al-jazeera. is the president of the forum for organized resource conservation and in huntsman she says india desperately needs a plan to ensure water supply into the future. there has hit on 2 sides one is that we are too many people we have about 18 percent of the world's population but only 4 percent of the world's water sources so we already have a water problem on top of that our problem is economic and administrative
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mismanagement of our water resources instead of focusing on sustainability measures before crisis hits us we actually run around scrambling for water when we haven't reserves or reservoirs to store the monsoon water that we get in just 2 months so mismanagement at source is certainly a problem one rainfall is not enough to handle a crisis of this proportion and even if the crisis because of this for a couple of months it will get done again i think what the country needs now is planning for sustainability self-sufficiency instead of learning from the supply side we need to start looking at administrative units as so selfish and. uses a water sort of water port of budgeting to ensure that we use only as much water as we have access to heavy monsoon rains have caused havoc across large parts of asia
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unleashing flash flooding and landslides and washing away buildings more than 130 people have been killed the power of india pakistan bangladesh all being hit in me and more than 21000 people have been forced to leave their homes when as in rivers and lightning strikes have killed more than a dozen people in bangladesh some were in the refugees in the already overcrowded camps buildings have collapsed in northern parts of india killing at least 14 people but the worst affected is no power at least 78 people were killed and more than 165000 displaced by the widespread flooding subpoena stressed out as more from russia hot in the power. i'm here in the village about improving the district of row the hut. i'm on the banks of the budmouth the river which generally is a much smaller river this is an embankment that keeps the water from going into the village a locals over here along with security forces have been trying to ensure that the
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banks don't get swept away the river currents are quite high as you can see and this is after 3 days of dry weather now these people have been saying that in the past few years these floods have become more and more common and specially this year they have actually expected this kind of a flood the monsoon rains were not that bad it was not a cloud burst like a couple of years ago and this is what we keep going back to it which is that size is having morning that because of climate change it's either going to be prolonged periods of drought and then intense rain that is going to cause serious damage and flooding in areas like this and staying in south asia at least 24 people are feared dead and heavy rain in place lots in pakistan administered kashmir torrential rain in some chinese provinces is causing major flooding in southern and eastern regions homes and roads have been swept away more than 80000 people have been forced from
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their homes. turkey is sending a force ship to explore for oil and gas off the coast of cyprus in defiance of e.u. warnings that that is illegal and you foreign ministers met on monday. suspended talks with turkey over a transport agreement and they called the european investment bank to review lending to turkey greek cypriots control the south of the island turkish turkey controls the north but it isn't internationally recognized as up that i'm there for many years we told if the greek cypriot side the e.u. or the un do not recognize the rights of the turkish cypriot side as a guarantor state and we shall protect it and we started drilling what comes next as we told the e.u. if they take measures like these ones we will increase our drilling activities we currently have 3 ships in the area and we shall deploy the 4th vessel to the area.
6:39 pm
from istanbul. as for ancora statement so far it seems the turkey is positioned in this and mediterranean it stance will not be changed following the use the situation to curb contacts and funding for turkey turkey believes that this decision by the e.u. is mainly politically motivated as a result of a pressure by greece and the greek cyprus this is what uncorrupt believes and the measures the measures that are mentioned will not be taken seriously turkey criticized the e.u. for giving political recommendations to central banks and investment banks and foreign minister cho shoulders that this is what the e.u. has always been against then why are they doing this now also turkey believes that it has the upper hand as to relations with the e.u. do you to reference a deal signed a couple of years ago for the syrian refugees turkey over the whole 3500000 syrian
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refugees and it has the power to stop this in illegal refrigerate influx to the e.u. that's why it turkish minister said that turkey will continue on its presence in this and mediterranean currently it has turkey has 3 ships one says make and 2 drill ships and they said mediterranean and will be sending a 4th one. soon as possible and the force to pieces is expected to be a suspect one or 2 bills censoring saudi arabia passed the lower house of the us congress $16.00 sentients over the murder of the journalist from our show the other condemning human rights abuses the detention of female human rights activists was also censored the overwhelming vote for the bill requires the director of national intelligence to name murder suspects despite bipartisan backing the bills may be challenged in the senate dominated by republican. yet another detailed description of the continuing war in yemen has been published and it makes disturbing reading
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the independent organization or tunnel for human rights documented the killing of hundreds of civilians last year homes markets and roads all targeted in indiscriminate strikes and ground attacks and anti-personnel landmines killed dozens of the game any government and who the rebels continue to recruit child soldiers soldiers from the coalition are accused of torturing and sexually assaulting children and arbitrary arrests continue with yemenis being tortured and killed for their religious beliefs or for being media workers. south africa's former president jacob zuma says he received death threats after giving evidence at a public inquiry of corruption on monday mr zuma has also been at the 2nd day of the hearing in johannesburg on tuesday he's denying overseeing the mass looting of state funds and says he is the target of a conspiracy after 9 years as president zuma was forced from office last year or in various corruption scandals. staying in south africa the police in cape town are
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being accused of not being able to control gang violence the government sending in the army to help patrol crime hot spots more than 100 people have been killed in the city since the beginning of the year in fighting over territory for me to miller explains. for people living here the cape flats is a boy's own turf battles between feuding gangs means hundreds of lives are lost every year many of them bystanders unable to escape the bullets michael ware not using his real name belongs to a gang he says he can't survive outside it i live i don't know police in a situation. we should preclude all of the stuff goes through i've i've got run over by live i've got all the skills but i think you know i will do everything in your power will go out even though we need to go through the world and stuff but
6:43 pm
just lose to you would you be making the gangs make money by selling drugs the battle for territory means more customers and higher revenue 18 months ago the government set up the anti gang unit whose work is to root out gangs guns and drugs it conducts daily raids searching the homes of known drug dealers and drug dens while the unit has made hundreds of arrests the city of cape town says there are nearly not enough officers now the army is being deployed to help curb the violence . special operations like this haven't stopped gang violence on the cape flats according to government statistics the number of murders has increased this weekend alone 43 people were murdered more than half of them by gunshot people in this community who say there aren't enough police and they think the presence of the army will make things safer. many people here accuse the police of being ineffective and corrupt in 2016
6:44 pm
a police officer in charge of disposing confiscated firearms was jailed for selling the guns worth half a $1000000.00 to gangsters this man who doesn't want to be identified and belongs to a gang in lavender hill says poor policing is common and integral people think the people they only were going to get are only it's that couldn't deal gish in the closer so you know was when you're getting something in a in only a. little in what did would you brought them to clues is what i'm going to think my need to get to know a good guy that gets in i would worry she did go walking again while they may be from different gangs and often find themselves on the streets at. all the gang members we spoke to agree on one thing cindy in the army would only bring a temporary peace and that violence would likely return to the cape flats as soon as it withdraws from al-jazeera on the cape flats in cape town in the near 0 has
6:45 pm
been cracking down on illegal fishing by destroying unlicensed vessels flowing to foreign countries the measure has helped boost its fish stocks but as lawrence louis reports now from summering illegal boats aren't the only threat to marine life. after half a day out at sea it's time to sort the whole small boats such as these in tomorrow in the city's central java contribution 70 percent of the nation's catch a few years ago these waters were in danger of being overfished foreign vessels illegally worked off the indonesian coast stocks only recovered after the government started thinking unlicensed boats significant improvement compared with other country in the war one of the main reason because of the ferry that week on the on the reason and the impact impacted not on not only. the fishermen indonesia but also the other industrial like board but now the
6:46 pm
industry faces a new threat indonesia's fisheries exports may have improved but this country is also the world's 2nd largest plastic waste contributor some of that waste inevitably ends up in its waters and makes its way into the food chain as plastic degrades it breaks into small chunks some of which get eaten by fish and other marine life pieces smaller than 5 millimeters are called micro plastics food technologists in a kahan total is studying micro plastics in seafood in indonesia and its effects on humans so far relief from about. $200.00 samples we we've done with the digestion and microscopic observation we found that almost. all samples contain particles that we suspect at this micro plastics not far from the laboratory are fish farms movie has been working in the aquaculture industry for 15 years. more and more of his work involves clearing rubbish.
6:47 pm
pollution is a big problem every year the trash accumulates in the river making it more and more shallow it's really bad for the fish from fish caught in play. the government wants to cut. but until that happens. with this trophy.
6:48 pm
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welcome back wrestling is a way of life and back a star in the region in southern russia produces many of the sports world champions start passable plots is not only the number one sport but also a way to keep young men away from gang violence and illegal drugs. rich or poor city of village boy the stack east and teenagers all share the same dream becoming an olympic champion 2 many are brought to these wrestling schools by their parents who are worried about their future in what is known to be a turbulent part of russia that stan has seen violence by armed groups in the past and hundreds of russians many from this region are believed to have joined i sell
6:50 pm
the message on the school's banner is clear sports against trucks and terrorism. 13 year old. started training 3 years ago growing up without his mother in the outskirts of the main city. he found a new family in the wrestling school he says his coach did not only teach him wrestling techniques but gave him a purpose in life. i became calm my character has trained i became more respectful i now start to help people help them in times of trouble if i fail or if someone likes something i always give. ramadan and hundreds of d'agostini boys trained for many hours each day in an effort to reach the top but only if you make it there is a frightening is in their blood try to better use it in a positive way even children from the poorest families can become restless but to these kids wrestling is not just a sport it's
6:51 pm
a way of life it keeps them out of trouble and gives them some moral guidance. for many this man is their inspiration undefeated mixed martial arts fighter how people marco made of who was born in the mountains of dagestan president vladimir putin on of him after his last winter in 2018 to gather with his also famous father who was recognized with the title of a new rig coach of russia. i use my own methods my work is in the sports hall and my job is to prepare people so they'll be useful for society those people who destroy our society and what we have built we will always fight against them but it's difficult to tell how much impact wrestling has had on efforts to prevent young men joining armed groups but for boys like grandmas unless no means for an expensive education it has offered more than that one dream of becoming a champion. i want to open a school and teach kids how to wrestle so they can stand on their own 2 feet become
6:52 pm
champions so they have success in life and make their parents. and maybe one day he can teach it brought officials in the planning to open wrestling schools all over the world to prep not only their sport but a way of life that al-jazeera. russia. so his sports news is far peter thank you so much northern ireland is back the focal point of world golf for the 1st time in almost 7 decades the game's top players are gathering at the royal portrush course for the year's final major of the open championship tiger woods will be aiming for his 1st open win since 2006 port russia last hosted the event in $151.00 and the security situation in the country meant a return was off limits for many years northern irish player and former champion darren clarke will strike the tournaments opening tee shot on thursday. bombs are
6:53 pm
going off quite frequently and you know a lot of people. have been heavy penalty for being in the wrong place at the wrong time but that was not was our life back there about states. you know you think about. states when everything was going on whether we were going to have a tournament such as this you know it was beyond the realms of possibility just was never going to happen now woods hasn't played a competitive round of golf since the u.s. open 4 weeks ago after winning the masters at the start of this year the 43 year old admits his form and fitness isn't where he'd like it to be it's not quite not quite as sharp as i'd like to have it right now. trying to greens is right where where i need to have it. i still need to get the ball shape of the go a little bit better than i am right now. especially with the weather coming in and the wind winds are going to be changing. francesco molinari is the defending
6:54 pm
champion for the 148 edition of golf's all this major tournament he became the 1st italian to win the clare jug trophy with his success scotland's carnoustie course 12 months ago. i'm well aware of the challenges and you know there's a lot of you know it's capable this week of winning the trophy and. yeah all i can do obviously to do my best try to. put up a good defense and be in contention i'm somebody neymar has returned to training at paris a man for the 1st time since his unscheduled absence from the club released this footage of the brazilian striker arriving for pre-season training a week later he wants to leave the french champions and p.s.g. have said he can go with an acceptable offer common sense neymar was signed for a world record fear of 250000000 dollars 2 years ago. a few weeks ago
6:55 pm
french world cup winner paul pogba said he was ready for a new challenge away from manchester united all cops record signing is still right united and is with the squad in australia had a pre-season game against english 2nd tier team leeds we're going to have a strong team with players who want to give everything. there's always speculations about money and i think players split when the league starts we batten the hatches down and we stick together to city new chelsea manager frank lampard says he isn't concerned about the club's transfer ban claiming he doesn't need any new players chelsea are on a pre-season tour of japan a former player and club record goalscorer was appointed as manager earlier this month chelsea have been banned from making any new signings for the upcoming season this after he found them guilty of breaking rules in relation to the signing players. think of an era 2 very good players we can bring in the flyers and we know
6:56 pm
that this year. i don't need the guys with the squad it's coming to for us to be successful the world boxing has been paying tribute to former world champion personnel whitaker after he was hit by a car and killed in virginia the 55 year old american died late on sunday following the accident to according to police would occur was a welterweight and light middleweight world champion in the mid ninety's he retired in 2001 having lost just 4 times in his 46 professional bouts boxing greats like mike tyson and floyd mayweather have spoken of his legacy tyson describing whitaker as a flawless fighter. pete was the kind of guy that would make you miss you know our guys are quick to make you miss pete would make you miss and then make you pay so when he makes you miss it you. whittaker 1st came to prominence after winning
6:57 pm
gold for the usa in the light division light weight division of the 1984 olympics after the olympics he turned professional whittaker going on to become a world champion in 4 different divisions including welterweight and light middleweight from the years 1903 to 1907 whittaker was ranked as the best pound for pound boxer in the world in 2006 he was inducted into boxing's hall of fame and i fondly outgoing u.k. prime minister theresa may looks to be enjoying her final few days in the job cricket fan may has hosted a reception for england's world cup winning team she was also in the crowd for sunday's final against new zealand at lord's. ok and that is all your support for now much more coming up later but for now it's back to you peter flora thank you so much when we come back on the other side of this short break we'll have 30 minutes of al-jazeera world news i will see you very soon for the moment.
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conflict passion. making gradients to any successful side for mexico's most loved it is no different behind the cameras this week tensions run high as the producers are forced to balance creative and social issues with the dimanche of commercialisation. our sights of olives episode 4 of soapbox mexico on al-jazeera. the big
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breaking news story can be chaotic frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions and if you're trying to provide the best most accurate pop today's information as quickly as you can. it's when he come off air on things thinking to realize even witness history in the making. algis you know we're close to god just to be calmed down a trial. he used to lie on their expertise with snakes. but now performed their traditional music and down to adapt and survive the modern internet. gratis tans the dancers and out of the.
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well we were. but this isn't what our country is about nevertheless they are free to leave if they want donald trump says he doesn't have a racist bone in his body as he faces growing criticism for what many call racist comments against 4 u.s. congress with. peter w. watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha also coming up in the next 37 vesta geishas into this incident has been closed. u.s. officials say they don't have enough and.


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