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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 17, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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this is al jazeera. you know on our intended this is the news hour live from london coming up. the most vile horrible statements about our country the u.s. president renews his attack on 4 congress women saying he's not racist and they should love america. that the office of the mayor the officers are with such that they need to be locked up for a mother's outrage at the decision that charges would be pressed against the police
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officer involved in the church cold death of her song thus. i feel so honored and i'm overwhelmed by the german defense minister also left under law and is chosen as the new european commission president. relief efforts in south asia and huge areas of battered by monsoon rains and flooding. and in sports northern ireland returns to the center of world golf for the 1st time in almost 7 decades tiger woods will be aiming for his 1st open championship win since 2006. u.s. president says he doesn't have a racist bone in his body as he comes under increasing fire for his twitter attacks on 4 democratic congress women in the tweets donald trump said the women all u.s. citizens should go back to where they came from and has more from washington. it
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wasn't just on twitter in person and on camera u.s. president donald trump continued to stoke controversy and do what they want they can leave they can stay but they should love our country and they should work for the good of our country he's talking about these 4 new members of congress he singled them out for criticism telling them to go back to their own countries even though they are american but because of what they look like many say those are blatantly racist comments now the house says it will vote on a democratic backed resolution to condemn what they describe as his racist comments the president responded on twitter writing those tweets were not racist i don't have a racist bone in my body the so-called vote to be taken is a democratic congress same republicans should not show weakness and fall into their trap this should be a vote on the filthy language statements and lies told by the democrat congresswoman just over a dozen republicans of criticize the president but the leadership of the party the
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still clearly with him the president authorizes and i think the tone of all of this is not good for the country but it's coming from all different illogical points of view that's the point to single out any segment of this i think is a mistake democrats just aren't buying that but silence is an endorsement equivocation is an endorsement blaming both sides is an endorsement there is no gray area here there is a very clear right and wrong on the speaker of the house nancy pelosi one further using candid and controversial language on the floor of the house these comments from the white house are disgraceful and disgusting and experiments are racist how shameful to hear him continue to defend those offensive words words that we have all heard him repeat not only about our members but about countless others.
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throughout his presidency the controversies piled up republicans have been unwilling to go against this president that seems unlikely to change anytime soon petticoating out to 0 washington speak to mike hanna in washington d.c. mike the president continues to fuel the debate on this issue indeed yes he's continuing to tweet pushing back against this massive criticism that has mounted against his comments in fact creating even greater controversy as he goes along significant there one of the tweets that you mentioned saying that republicans would show weakness should they vote in that vote that will be happening in a few hours time certainly president trump in the past has insisted he will not show weakness in any form if he said tact he says he will return that attack with interest and certainly this is what he is doing here lashing out at the for congresswoman the initial tweet coming sunday shortly before he went off to go and
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play golf at one of his clubs was met with complete outrage many saw coming intrinsic racist language urging people to go back from where they came this is a term that's been used throughout the decades in america against people of color so certainly this is a massive controversy but president trump clearly not going to back away if anything he's up in the anti he's increasing the controversy and increasing the level of the surface debate and mike you touched on it on president a vote later about donald trump's comments tell us more about how that's going to play out. it is indeed in about 2 hours' time the house is due to vote on the bill introduced by nancy pelosi which basically calls into question the president trumps a language describing it as a discussed sting as vile but what is very interesting here is that this is a wreck asian when republicans who have kept quiet to mit's much of trump's controversial comments in the past all going to go for the 1st time on record on
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a controversial statement made by the president it is up to them now to vote yea or nay on this particular motion voting against it would imply approval of comments that many even republicans would find racist and certainly would find offensive to varying degrees so this is a significant point in which republicans may not be able to keep silent about these ongoing controversial comments a by the president mike hanna thank you very much indeed overwhelm this we can escape now to natasha instead to a professor of u.s. government at the university of essex thanks very much for being with us just on that vote to mean it how do you expect that to play out. well i think it is unprecedented and as a reporter had already stated because the house has has never really voted to condemn in a resolution the words of
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a president before and it is forcing republicans to go on record in the past republicans have always defended trying to reporters well not go at ghana's so far as to say well he's right to say the sort of things they've just tried to sidestep it or say as they have in this instance oh this is really about politics or they the policies of these 4 congresswomen have been divisive and try to place blame on the democrats so this gets the republicans in a corner they will have to vote on this and this will show up on their record and they may not want it on their record that they are tacitly complying to the types of statements that trump has been saying interesting that so far as you as you mentioned there's not been any concept particular in the higher echelons of the republican party and some republican politicians have spoken out against it but mostly at the high levels they haven't condemned for this language is it out of fear of losing support for themselves it was a fair of crossing trump an ending up the target of of
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a target for him. i think both the republicans have had a lot of support for truckers one of the most popular president for republicans he has you know over 90 percent support from republicans so i think for these republican senators and house members they don't want to go against them because they fear that will affect their support from their constituencies but also who we seem from trial when he gets attacked from his own republican colleagues he goes on the attack is very very personal an attack he will leave these republicans that try to go against them and they need this just it's really not worth it but i think that's going to be really important for trying to understand that while he can rattle up his base and energize his base with these types of racist comments if he wants any chance of winning in 2020 he has to win more votes he needs to increase his support base and these types of comments that are so divisive in nature are
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going to do that and i noticed that antony scaramucci who was briefly head of communications at the white house on a trump and he was he was actually fired by trump up until now had stayed entirely loyal to him. this time he's now said he called the language racist and unacceptable he said would donald trump ever tell a white immigrant were the 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th generation to go back to your country no that's why the comments were racist and unacceptable and tetra do you think that people like him who don't have a sort of an electorate as such he's a kind of a a republican but not elected can can afford not to speak out and you think that actually it's a tipping point for republicans that more moderate republicans will draw a line after this. you know i would have thought that the tipping point would have been charlottesville when he basically said that neo nazis were on the same level as people protesting. the neo nazis he didn't condemn
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the neo nazis very forcefully at all in fact he seemed to tacitly support them that i thought would have been the tipping point because that was so egregious so racist so awful that at this point nothing really would shock me but i think you're right that there's going to be a handful of republicans here in there that aren't dependent on boats that will come out and condemn this particular scaramucci who at some point had immigrant family it really remains true when you say you know go back to where you came from i think this is something that resonates with any person that had immigrant family in the not so distant past and it's a common trope a common theme very very racist that isn't really american in any way but it's something that americans had to deal with that often instead thank you very much leave your thought thanks for having we are. a new york police officer will not be
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facing federal charges for the death of eric garner in 2014 the case that triggered the black lines matter movement in the united states officer daniel plan to lay low held ghana in a choke hold in an attempt to arrest him leading to his death that's despite gone repeatedly pleading that he couldn't breathe the 44 year old was stopped on the street for allegedly selling loose cigarettes the u.s. justice department made the decision not to charge the officers involved are gone his mother says she's been let down. we have to go we have to fight this is not easy fight but we kept pushing. it make no mistake about it we're going to still push. you could push back but we're pushing forward because this is not a good. scheme. to make the right decision. that officer if it's a parent the mayor and all the officers who were then barred sidesteps that they need to be off the course the streets of new york city is that safe walking around
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. christus nummi has more from new york. well this is a big disappointment for the family there is no doubt but the department of justice disputed what has become a common cry of the people calling for panta laos dismissal and calling for him to be charged that he used an illegal chokehold so while it's been described as an illegal chokehold the u.s. attorney who gave the press conference announcing the decision richard donovan said that there was insufficient evidence to prove that in fact that was the case he described the maneuver that was used by pencil layo as starting as a proper maneuver and said the bar was simply too high for for prosecutors to reach and pressing charges after an exhaustive investigation of
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course that death was caught on videotape in the words the last words of eric garner i can't breathe became a symbol of a movement the black lives matter movement garners mother gwen carr says that her family feels let down by the decision. still to come on the al-jazeera news hour south africa's former president jacob zuma says he received death threats hours after giving evidence at a public inquiry into corruption. after years of work restoring fish stocks in the region fisherman facing a new threat to their catches. and sport a 1st setback in china for one of the world's most successful football managers. the european parliament has confirmed the nomination of. president of the european commission the german defense minister will replace when he steps down at the end
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of october becoming the 1st woman to hold the post trying to hoe has more from the european parliament in strasburg. approval from the european parliament tight vote . becomes the 1st woman to hold the e.u.'s top job as commission president she'll set the policy agenda for the next 5 years i feel so on notes and i'm overwhelmed and i see things you for the trust you placed in me you have the trust you placed in me is confidence you placed in your office your confidence in the united and a strong europe from east to west from south to north as a german a woman and a close ally of angular merkel will be seen as an extension of the chancellor's dominant role in european politics she owes her career to merkel like merkel she's a political conservative and
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a passionate supporter of european integration syfy nomo but big spending promises designed to sway any peace or a departure may prove hard to fulfill we must take bold steps to get. mrs fonda lion is indebted for their support to opposing quarters from the socialists to the nationalists which means someone will have to be disappointed supporters in the heavyweight center right european peoples party bloc to which belongs brush those concerns aside she managed to get the support of 27 out of 28 heads of government in the european union so western europeans eastern europeans were supporting her representatives from the different political families and what she also managed to do is together with voters to bring france and germany closer back together the french german cooperation is not everything in the good opinion that sure but without a close friend german cooperation things really don't move forward in the european
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union among the promises the lion has made is reform of the very electoral process that had failed to produce a democratically elected candidate with her name emerging instead from behind closed doors as the preferred pick of e.u. heads of government and state it's not only far right populists talking about a democratic deficit in the e.u. anymore many other any peas are saying it as well. and try as she might to be the consensus candidate for all her promise of a green climate deal for europe wasn't enough to sway the greens what is this dream for europe can you explain that to me i can't well if you can't i can't either i mean again a slogan is not a program what is it how much in which direction. but they'll be an abiding sense of relief an autumn of crises beckons a trade war with trump and britain sliding towards a no deal breaks it at least europe now knows who's in charge join
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a whole al-jazeera strasberg. she you know is the managing director of a think tank the vocal european joins us now mr good thanks for coming to talk to us so you've had to make some pretty bold promises to get voted in talk us through some of the main ones and how difficult they will be to deliver so in effect there were 3 main promises that's when so different camps 1st of all courting the sensorites rightwing party of the european parliament the european people's party and members of macros renew europe was a promise to reinforce the your opinion from tears in a short so simple difficulty of getting free borders for migrants and those escaping crises which doesn't play very well with left wing groups following on from that for the left wing groups there was more of a talk regarding a green europe a green a climate deal for europe but as many people have says there were the details there
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aren't many details in play not much is actually been so then quite frankly nobody is really going to see anything until october when there's a sort of come from a to reverse for the you're thinking mission president and the final one that was quite interesting form of policy point of view was that the promise for a reinsurance program to underpin national insurance programs of support in the vigils was quite interesting but against there's no cost thing there wasn't many details in place and the be quite knows if this is actually what the happen ok so one of the big things that so on the agenda. amongst other things is these bricks and she said on that that she she would support a breakfast extension if good reasons are provided does that give us any clues about the way she might handle any negotiations in a town that's left in between now and end of october well the clue is that it's the same line they use had for the past 2 years now or if since they've underwood or given that there will be if there's movement on the u.k. sides regarding the red lines or that would allow certain changes in the mentality
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or even the chance of a general election but could. leads a war for european governments or a 2nd referendum then the e.u. will reconsider its position and it may consider more dialogue more extensions depending on the result however this is the same issue that we're having in the u.k. here. is the words are changing ever so slightly but in the facts the start is the same ok so what about her leadership style how different will she be in style you think compared with you well i think that's in terms of style she may be similar to him for many ways were young could be very serious but very friendly at times and did have a love hate relationship with many people across europe by the way and maybe the same however. is also being followed by a scandal of sorts and allegations of improper behavior from her time
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in the defense ministry so we'll have to see how those will affect her management style over she'll carry over behavior from there that may have cause allegations and i believe there were some allegations of problems with using sort of contractors funds on approach projects which in your pink case may cause severe problems ok she i thank you very much indeed thank you thank you a british pound sterling has plunged 27 month low against the dollar and hit a 6 month low versus the euro markets are pricing a sharply higher risk of britain leaving your opinion on october 31st without any transition trading deal as a concern by rhetoric from the 2 candidates vying to win support from conservative party members to be the next prime minister at the favorites boris johnson and his rival jeremy hunt a both hardening their stances on negotiations with brussels as despite the e.u. saying the withdrawal agreement has been finalized and will not be reopened. that is foreign ministry says the former cattery miss are found among arms seized in
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italy this week was sold 25 years ago to a 3rd country a french made air to air missile was discovered during raids on near nazi sympathizers across northern italy qatar says it was part of a larger weapons sale made to what it describes as a friendly country but does not want to be named at this point a joint investigation by qatar and italy along with a 3rd country has begun a police raid to a focused on italians who'd fought in eastern ukraine with russian backed separatists as president donald trump says a lot of progress has been made with iran but his weekly cabinet meeting at the white house trump said he's not pushing for regime change in tehran but didn't give details of any progress made so after state might pompei oh i did that iran said it was prepared to negotiate on its missile program but iran says its missiles are non-negotiable with anyone or any country. meanwhile iran supremes leader has
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spoken for the 1st time about britain's seizure of an iranian tanker near gibraltar 12 days ago the grace one was detained by the u.k. as it tried to enter the mediterranean a move which further inflamed tensions between iran and western powers using. the vicious british government committed piracy and attacked our ship they commit crimes and legalize it they're trying to legitimize this maritime robbery the islamic republic will not leave such a vicious acts without a response. dosage of arias following the reaction in the iranian capital tehran. this supreme leader also went on to comment about the current status of the 2015 nuclear agreement he said that according to our foreign ministry the europeans have 11 commitments to fulfill under this deal and they have yet to fulfill one now when we decide to scale back our commitment they voiced their concern he said this is an act of insolence of they will not tolerate it the said he also said that iran will
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continue to scale back its commitments under this agreement and advance its nuclear program and that is something the country is the side of to do because the europeans have not upheld their end of the deal the supreme leader or the highest authority in the islamic republic has made the position of this country very very clear when it comes to these 2 very important issues the tanker the seizure of the grace one oil tanker will not to go on respond that the iranians will respond to this and the nuclear agreement is something the iranians will now for the foreseeable future slowly gradually cup back their commitments to because they feel that the other signatories since united states withdrew from this agreement last year have not upheld their end of the deal of the news that of iran the arrest of a french iranian research a has been confirmed very by car was detained on monday shortly after reports of the detention surfaced the french president demanded an explanation from tehran of
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the reasons for the rest not clear united nations says the global battle against aids is stalling the number of hiv related deaths has fallen by about a 3rd since 2010 but funding to keep up the fight against the epidemic has dropped significantly but we're in a hotel. almost 38000000 people around the world live with hiv aids while vaccine trials are just out this year decades of research have yet to yield a cure but medical advances in the form of n.t. retroviral drugs main fewer people are dying from aids there were $770000.00 aids related deaths last year down 30 percent from 2010 and down more than 50 percent since its peak in 2004 it's driven by progress in eastern and southern africa but globally it's a mixed picture the number of deaths in the middle east and north africa have risen
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by 9 percent since 2010 and 5 percent in eastern europe and central asia hiv infection cases have dropped 16 percent since 2010 but new infections among children have risen by more than 160000 last year alone passed on by hiv positive mothers during pregnancy childbirth obrist feeding the un says some groups of people as well as this sexual partners a particularly vulnerable to contract in hiv aids they include those who inject drugs game in a 6 workers and prisoners the un says they continue to be much in lies and left behind in the response to a vain antiretroviral drugs are helping millions to live full lives but not everyone in every part of the world has access to those drugs and despite global education if it's to make sure that 25 percent of everyone with the virus that's
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about 9000000 people don't even know they have it it's 35 years since the cause of aids the hiv virus was 1st identified the u.n. is warning worldwide gains against hiv aids are slowing ju-ju a shortfall of nearly a $1000000000.00 in donations to fight it. still to come on the news hour as northern india is swamped by monsoon rains the reservoirs of the south are running dry and the government's getting the blame. where it the london men whose only sister is still not allowed to visit her from nigeria thanks to the u.k.'s visa regulations. and sport to this former world champion says he's lined up a fight with one of the biggest names in boxing.
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hello there are some very unsettled weather call some parts of europe not too bad across the central areas the last few hours meanwhile it's across the south where we're focusing because we have again got the potential for some strong thunderstorms some damaging winds some damaging hail particularly across portions of southern italy and across into western greece you can see that storm system continue to work its way eastwards became quite nicely in the wake of that so finally some good conditions across the central med 31 in a few on wednesday quite a blanket of pushing in from the old west some rain pushing in all that on and of course discussion and and eventually that system will work its way across into more western areas also we could see some strong thunderstorms into madrid on whedon's day but again not clear as on thursday but quite a blanket of tragical so much of western aid in central areas of europe 22 in london but 25 in berlin some nice a clear sunshine view as well with that very pleasant temperature and a much better day in athens and generally across much of greece with
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a high there of 30 degrees celsius wednesday across northern africa it's dry we have got a little bit of travel on some coastal areas not feeling too hot in tunis 32 a lot better than it has been and as he had off into thursday a little bit warmer 34 more in the way of cloud but dry with sunshine in tripoli and a high there of 28. after more than a decade of civil war life remains a challenge in sierra leone. we follow the citizens of this war torn nation as they push their limits. for survival. risking years of sierra leone. on al-jazeera.
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water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognise water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very glad to water privatisation on anybody as the only field. goals people who seem ever to do something to invest the profit of a $1.00 up to the last drop on al-jazeera. we're going to run to the top stories here now to syria u.s. president donald trump says he doesn't have a racist bone in his body as he comes under increasing fire for his twitter attacks
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on 4 democratic congresswoman. a new york police officer will not be facing federal charges for the chokehold death of eric garner in 2014 case that triggered a back lives matter movement in the united states. as germany's underly has been narrative elected as the 1st female head of the european commission. heavy monsoon rains a spreading death and destruction across large parts of south asia causing flash flooding and landslides washing away buildings more than 130 people have been killed the poll india pakistan and bangladesh have all been hit in myanmar more than 21000 people have been forced to flee their homes rising rivers and lightning strikes have killed more than a dozen people in bangladesh some were referring to refugees in overcrowded camps buildings have collapsed in northern parts of india killing at least 14 people but
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the worst affected is nepal at least 78 people have been killed and more than 165000 displaced by the widespread flooding sabina shuster has more from right to her district in nepal. their fields are ruined many houses flattened this is the village of bottom in the district in the southern plains of nepal it's been 3 days since the monsoon rain started and the waters have just started receding here not one house has been spared even. when the water started rising i carried this child and started running away this is a 30 year davey's house the floors covered in mud then tired village more than $400.00 people and their cattle have taken refuge on an embankment here most of the stocks of food they managed to salvage has been drying out there's a banquet runs along the bottom of the river now on friday there was so much water
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that all you could see was just rooftops and people here are saying that this has proven to be a lifeline for them the bag with the river remains in flood further downstream local people are helping security forces fix embankments local representatives are struggling to provide assistance with roads closed food supplies are running low villagers say they have got very little to eat. we need a long term solution to these floods one of the main reasons our villages gets flooded is bad design of the new roads that are being built our villages are in a low land surrounded by 3 big rivers who can't resettle but we need the government to help alleviate the settlement people here say they are tired of the recurring floods and broken promises by national leaders they say they don't need sympathy but want help in building strong the houses that don't get washed away. others the
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district. only 10 people are being killed after a 4 storey residential building collapsed in the indian city of mumbai organ 20 additional people are feared to be trapped under the rubble of a building which was nearly 100 years. gold was in the congested residential area difficult for rescuers to reach is the 2nd collapse in mumbai in less than 10 days older buildings particularly vulnerable to the current monsoon rains. in parts of india people are experiencing severe droughts it's predicted at least 20 cities will have completely run out of groundwater by next year including new delhi and chennai where taps are already running dry under schapelle has more. mona fills as many containers as she's able to carry after joining a queue for water but having to fetch supplies for herself her husband and 2 small children interrupts her job. like they want a problem has become very troubling we go to work and then have to run back home
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wonder what's going on right this has been our life in a single day and we come back from way too much of free time to feed water it's very difficult not just for us but for the whole city. the region is suffering a severe heat wave and seasonal monsoon rains haven't arrived many reservoirs are almost empty this is one of the 4 main ones in chennai a city of around 11000000 people. lives in a more affluent area than mohanna tanker supply those living in her apartment block with water every day but she says it's expensive and there's not enough there are crimes like when morning 7 o'clock we not have walked out and that's when we need to get baby leave or walk and sometimes you want to want to you in but out for the 1st few it is we have no other jobs but are you with the drinking water because there was just no water but ok we had the offered ability so we did what you can under that's occurring you know the big bringing water satellite images show the city's largest reservoir at put
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a lake has emptied over the past year well you know what i would think that it would have thought maybe it would go to one development expert says the city's authorities have wrongly invested in big projects like desalination plants instead of making better use of existing facilities at the moment and the city is facing a very serious water plays this and the government is also indebted to in crisis management but cases movement going to be the solution you really have to think very loudly i do there's a means of watts storing it and water in that additional water bodies millions of leaders of water are being brought into chennai by train but the metropolitan water board authority says its water storage practices aren't to blame for the shortage it's the weather. still this sort of see could be repeated in other parts of the country a government funded study says there are 20 other cities across india that are facing the same problem and you should help out as. united states government is
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imposing sanctions on some of 1000000 miles top military officers the u.s. state department says the action is being taken over the ethnic cleansing of rohingya muslims sanctions also cover military leaders immediate family members washington says minimize government has taken no action to hold accountable those responsible for human rights violations and abuses. for a peruvian president aleksander to later has been arrested in the united states under an extradition order to later is wanted over allegations he took $20000000.00 in bribes from odebrecht a brazilian construction company the center of latin america's biggest corruption scandal the company has admitted to paying officials throughout the region in exchange for lucrative public works contracts a roof formally requested to leaders extradition from the u.s. a year ago the 73 year old has denied any wrongdoing a palestinian man has died while detained in an israeli jail according to
12:37 am
a palestinian rights group the 31 year old man was being held in solitary confinement after being arrested in a raid a month ago it's claimed the man was being interrogated at the time of his death bernard smith has more from bait for jar in the occupied west bank. 31 year old nasa took up was arrested on june the 19th and we know that in just less than a month in israeli custody he's dead the family described. as an active healthy man a working man worked on a construction site we know that he was kept in solitary confinement saw his lawyer only once last week for a few minutes when he was in court to have his custody extended and then his lawyer asked for nasa to be given a hospital check up but it was done and he was released from hospital without any unusual findings according to the israeli or forty's now a palestinian or 40 says the israelis are responsible for the nasa's death and they want an international investigation overseen by the red cross the issue of
12:38 am
palestinian prisoners hits home is very close to home for many palestinians to be hard pressed to find anybody here who has got a relative or know someone who hasn't been at some stage arrested by the israelis there are some 5000 palestinians in israeli prisons and since 1967 more than $220.00 have died in israeli custody there will be a post-mortem into nasa's death of course and the israelis say they were allow a palestinian pathologist to look in on that post-mortem. turkey is sending a 4th ship to the eastern mediterranean to explore for oil and gas in defiance of the european union it comes a day after the e.u. impose sanctions on turkey for drilling off the coast of cyprus they suspended talks over an air transport agreement and called for the european investment bank to review turkish lending turkey controls the northern part of cyprus but that's not recognized by any other country greece controls the south of the island. yup
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that. for many years we told if the greek cypriot side the e.u. or the un do not recognize the rights of the turkish cypriot side as a guarantor state and we shall protect it and we started drilling what comes next as we told the e.u. if they take measures like these ones we will increase our drilling activities we currently have 3 ships in the area and we shall deploy the 4th vessel to the area. south africa's former president jacob zuma says he received death threats hours after giving evidence at a public inquiry into corruption on monday remember the allegations on the 2nd day of the hearing in johannesburg inquiry is looking into accusations of the mass shooting of state funds while in office to measure served 9 years as president denies the allegations because he is the target of a conspiracy. has more from johannesburg. jacob zuma says his personal assistant received a phone call on monday night from
12:40 am
a man she does not know this happened a few hours after he testified at the corruption inquiry and this person said to must tell. that we are going to kill him will also kill is just. as well as some people around him. so she informed me this morning and. called that they said a lot about how my life has been. tempted but also my sin our consul. i've come. this follows threats that make 2 serious ones as well. zuma says he's a victim of a conspiracy to bring him down and he's afraid for his life the commission then turned their attention to the doctors the wealthy indian family zuma was asked if
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he allowed the gov't is to influence government policy or appoint government ministers he was also asked whether the govt is use his name to win lucrative government contracts zuma denied any wrongdoing denied breaking the law so that brigand who blames the for corrupt that happened when he was president say the last to take its course and they want him held accountable for his suspected role in government corruption scandals but those who support him say all this is just a political witch hunt in a south african city of cape town police have been accused of being unable to control gang violence well the 900 people have been killed in battles over gang territory since the beginning of the year from an emitter has more for people living here the cape flats is a war zone turf battles between feuding gangs means hundreds of lives are lost every year many of them bystanders unable to escape the bullets michael ware not
12:42 am
using his real name belongs to a gang he says he can't survive outside it only by them no clues in the situation. we should play quintals was the who's who threw us i've got little ability and got the skills but ultimately i will do even eking new car will go i'll be removed from the world and stuff but i'm just used to the. gangs make money by selling drugs the battle for territory means more customers and higher revenue 18 months ago the government set up the anti gang unit whose work is to root out gangs guns and drugs. it conducts daily raids searching the homes of known drug dealers and drug dens while the unit has made hundreds of arrests the city of cape town says there are nearly not enough officers now the army is being deployed to help curb the violence special operations like this haven't stopped gang violence on the
12:43 am
cape flats according to government statistics the number of murders has increased this weekend alone 43 people were murdered more than half of them by gunshot people in this community say there aren't enough police and they think the presence of the army will make things safer. many people here accuse the police of being ineffective and corrupt in 2016 a police officer in charge of disposing confiscated firearms was jailed for selling the guns worth half a $1000000.00 to gangsters this man who doesn't want to be identified and belongs to a gang in lavender hill says poor policing is common i don't think the people think the people only william good publicity that only it's that good deal gish in the closer so you know which will get it in something in the in only up to the in what did would you brought them to clues is what i'm going to think. they did get to
12:44 am
allow a good guy to get in i would worry she did go walking again while they may be from different gangs and often find themselves on the streets at. all the gang members we spoke to agree on one thing cindy in the army would only bring a temporary peace and that violence would likely return to the cape flats as soon as it withdraws from al-jazeera on the cape flats in cape town. new research has found that africans seeking short term u.k. visas are more than twice as likely to be refused and africans from other parts of the world the report claim significant financial discrimination and careless decision making by britain's home office and office say it's affecting british businesses art and culture if barker reports from london. katonah louis is twice the london bar of enfield before entering local politics she spent 40 years working as a midwife to many she's
12:45 am
a pillar of the community but her success hasn't helped her only sister to visit the u.k. from nigeria she's been denied a visa 3 times on financial grounds despite showing evidence that her costs are being covered by her sister in london on the way says her family of victims of a prejudice visa process is very emotional is very disturbing i'm 70 i'm not getting younger you know so maybe when i die and then they allowed to come and go to my remains you know she's not paying anything under one painted and if there's anything that i've gone which is the reason why they want to know. according to a new report african visa applicants are more than twice as likely to be refused to people from other parts of the world the authors blame a catalogue of careless often offensive decisions the cost applicants sometimes hundreds of dollars per application the home office fees are processing system is broken and africans are paying the price this has been outsourced to private sector companies and we find just to be all the cheap so so you have
12:46 am
a scientific delegation some of them will be refused others with exactly the same background qualifications finance. this is british gambian perform a solid job she's a rising star in the world music scene she recently attempted to bring over session musicians from gambia to record a new album but they weren't allowed in and she's not alone leading academics diplomats ngo workers and world famous performers have all been barred from entering the u.k. for seemingly arbitrary reasons and we've just found it really difficult. when we were applying to have people come over for the process takes so long it's so expensive sometimes they're having to go to neighboring countries to get the visa sitting around waiting for interviews in those countries flights i mean it's really a big hurdle we contacted the home office for comment and they gave us the
12:47 am
following statement that the u.k. welcomes all genuine visitors from africa and wants his visa system to support are important and increasing business and trade ties with the continent visa applications from african nationals are at their highest level since 2013 said the statement and decision makers do not discriminate on the basis of age gender religion or race the statement also says that the home office remains committed to making the right decision on visas 1st time every time after 3 successive rejections. determined to challenge the home office is to sit in regarding her sister a move she believes is anything right. london. the indonesian government has an ambitious plan to cut plastic waste by 70 percent over the next 6 years indonesia is the world's 2nd biggest plastic polluter after china much of that waste ends up in rivers seas and lakes and as far as new reports from
12:48 am
semarang is under in years of hard work restoring fish stocks. after half a day out at sea it's time to sort the whole small boats such as these in tomorrow city central java contribution 70 percent of the nation's catch a few years ago these waters were in danger of being overfished foreign vessels illegally worked off the indonesian coast stocks only recovered after the government started thinking unlicensed boats significant improvement bear with other countries in the war one of the main reason because of the ferry that we called up on the recent assaults and the impact infected. on not only. fisherman indonesia but also to other industrial like board but now the industry faces a new threat indonesia's fisheries exports may have improved but this country is also the world's 2nd largest plastic waste contributor some of that waste
12:49 am
inevitably ends up in its waters and makes its way into the food chain as plastic degrades it breaks into small chunks some of which get eaten by fish and other marine life pieces smaller than 5 millimeters are called micro plastics food technologists in a kahan total is starting micro plastics in seafood in indonesia and its effects on humans so far we've fallen from about almost $200.00 samples we we've done with the digestion and microscopic observation we found that almost. all samples contain particles that we suspect that this micro plastics are not far from the laboratory our fish farms movie has been working in the aquaculture industry for 15 years. more and more of his work involves clearing rubbish. plus the pollution is a big problem every year the trash accumulates in the river making it more and more
12:50 am
shallow it's really bad for the fish farms to fish caught in plastic waste can suffocate poor water quality also affects their growth the government wants to cut plastic debris by 70 percent by 2025 but until that happens plastic will continue to be on the menu for fish and us florence al-jazeera. indonesia. sports news including the world's most expensive football. team mates. to have. business updates. going places together.
12:51 am
business updates. going places together.
12:52 am
as far. lauren thank you so much golf final major of the year the open championship returns to northern ireland for the 1st time in almost 7 decades the game's top players are gathering at the royal portrush course ahead of the tournaments which begins on thursday harder woods will be aiming for his 1st open win since 2006 for russia last hosted the event in 1951 the security situation in the country meant a return was off limits for many years northern irish player and former champion darren clarke will strike the tournaments opening tee shot bombs are going off quite frequently and you know a lot of people go unfortunately to have a heavy penalty for being in the wrong place at the wrong time but that was not was
12:53 am
our life back there at that stage. you know you think about the stage when everything was going on whether we were going to have a tournament such as this you know it was beyond the realms of possibility just was never going to happen now once hasn't played a competitive round of golf since the u.s. open 4 weeks ago after winning the masters at the start of this year the 43 year old admits his form and fitness isn't where he'd like a debate it's not quite not quite as sharp as i'd like to have it right now. trying to greece's right where where i need to have it. i still need to get the ball shape of the golf ball a little bit better than i am right now. especially with the weather coming in and the one winds are going to be changing francesco molinari is the defending champion for the 100 and 48th and dition of golf's oldest major tournaments and became the 1st italian to win the clara jug trophy with his success and scotland 12 months ago
12:54 am
. well aware of the challenges and you know it is a lot of guys capable this week of winning the trophy and. yet all they can do obviously to do my best try to. put up a good defense and be in contention i'm on sunday rafael benitez has suffered his 1st loss in the chinese super league the spaniard now coaches dalian yes after stepping down as manager of english premier league side newcastle on tuesday he watched his team lose for want to get in squaring shout ever grand result follow as big a test overseeing 2 victories. neymar has returned to training at p.s.g. for the 1st time since his unscheduled absence from the club side released this footage of the brazilian striker arriving for pre-season training a week late he wants to leave the french champions and p.s.g. has said he can go with an acceptable offer comes in neymar was signed for
12:55 am
a world record feat of 250000000 dollars 2 years ago a few weeks ago paul pogba said he was ready for a new challenge away from manchester united or the club's record signing is still at united and is with the squad in australia head of a pre-season game against english 2nd tier team leeds we're going to have a strong team with players who want to give everything and yeah. there's always rumors speculations about money and i think play is spot when the league starts we batten the hatches down and we stick together city. former light welterweight world champion american claims he and manny pacquiao have signed a deal to fight each other by lower tier championship when he beat billy did in jeddah last week a briton who suffered 5 losses in 34 bout says the showdown could happen in november in riyadh back it was set to find key thurman on saturday 40 year olds
12:56 am
publicist denies any deal to fight khan and has has been made to. be back in saudi arabia again is going to be in riyadh this time. and he's going to be given a hopefully it could be the money pack your 5 we have both signed and i got the fight is done for this pastas fight on the weekend then we're going to fight if not there will be a debacle plans like said. based on this weekend's vote. has won his maiden soakaway braley title in china long with french navigator matthew bunn mal completed a clean sweep of stage wednesday secure the victory so quickly adds to the 48 year old 3 dakar rally wins agreed in the latest 2019 edition. i am most valuable player piano city to both showed us that basketball and baseball just don't mix and joakim buck started to batting practice with the new york yankees but
12:57 am
looked a little out of place holding a bat the 24 year old who says he'd never touched a baseball before probably won't need to learn any time soon a green form players already been touted as the favorite to be the league m.v.p. next season. ok and that is i used what for now it's now back to war and in london for a thank you very much exactly 50 years since the start of the apollo 11 mission that flew manned to the moon for the 1st time astronaut michael collins returned to the exact spot where he was launched into space with nearly armstrong and buzz aldrin on july 16th 969 neil armstrong who took the 1st small step on the moon died in 2012 a space suit he was back on public display after restoration and was unveiled by u.s. vice president mike pence it kicks off a week of celebrations for partner eleven's 8 day voyage. that's it for me our intel if there's news out of it back in a minute with another for one of the day's news thanks for watching.
12:58 am
a group of women a fighting for the right to enter a psych routine du temple that has long been the exclusive domain of man one i want to investigate the battle to overcome centuries of scream and nation in india on al-jazeera new leaders place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year olds in work his mother is dead her
12:59 am
father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. going behind the scenes of one of mexico's most loved soaks using fiction to mirror the struggles of real life giving a voice to those suffering in the doc this week the story line focuses on hiv and aids an illness still stranded in superstition and fear the making of him as if he was going to be the attitudes the writers want to tackle had on. soapbox mexico breaking taboos on al-jazeera.
1:00 am
the most vile horrible statements about our country the us president renews his attack on 4 congress women saying he's not racist and they should love america. and our intake of this is our 0 ally from london also coming up. that officer if it's up to the mayor and all the officers who are with them bob it might sidestep that they need to be off the porch a mother's outrage at the decision that charges weren't be pressed against the police officer involved in the choke hold.


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