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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 17, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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jets machine on al-jazeera. the u.s. house condemns president donald trump for racially charged comments against 4 congress women. hello and welcome and if you go polony your watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. i feel so much and i'm overwhelmed. germany's defense minister a lot of underlying essex elected to the top job but she's becoming the 1st female president of the european commission. who is former president of the radio is
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arrested in the u.s. on corruption charges linked to a brazilian construction giant. and the u.k. government is accused of discriminating against visa applicants from africa. well the u.s. house of representatives has voted to condemn quote racist comments by president donald trump against 4 minority congress women the resolution was approved largely on party lines with only 4 republicans 2 backing the democratic measure on sunday president trump posted tweets telling the for politicians to go back where they came from and he's refused to let up this despite growing criticism both at home and abroad mike hanna is in washington d.c. with the latest for some i cannot tell us how this has played out in congress. well it was certainly in moments of high drama within the house of representatives even
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before the vote republicans attempted to remove words used by the house speaker in introducing the bill from the record they object to to her using the term racist apply to the president the republicans delayed the vote for hours clearly more angered by nancy pelosi s use of the word racism than the president's actual original tweet but to the house then voted along party lines to accept the words on record and went ahead to pass the vote once again largely on party lines censoring the president only for republicans as you mentioned joining the democrats in censoring the president certainly a symbolic move but also a very important in that it is the 1st time there's been a formal record made of censure of intemperate and a comments made by the president now mike the house g.o.p.
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leader republicans to vote against the resolution trump himself called this a democratic con what kind of pressure wore the republicans under. well they were under immense pressure in a number of ways one must remember that this is a rare occasion on which every republican has to go on the record in support of the president now republicans have kept quiet informal controversial comments made by the president but on this occasion they will have to say yes or no to a sense year off those particular comments so that is the one point they are now on the record secondly of course that the republican party has been arguing about this but knol the stock realisation for many of them that this is no longer the g.o.p. this is a republican party that is largely controlled by president trump he called on republicans to vote against the motion arguing in
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a very president trump type way that to support it would show weakness he doesn't want any weakness showed but there are still many republicans within the congress who are well aware that the fact that they went on the record supporting comments made by the president may reflect against them in the elections next year and mike you know this has been playing out over the past few days can you give us some more context on how this all began. what it all began on sunday when the president issued a tweet before going off for a golf game in which he singled out for congresswoman all of whom happen to be women of color urging them to go back to from the countries they came now these 3 of the congresswoman are in fact u.s. born in the u.s. all 4 of them are u.s. citizens this much. and consternation among many within this
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country the term go back to where you came from seem very much as a denigrate tree and exceedingly racist comment particularly when you have people of color involved so there has been the debate raging in recent days president trump himself has shown no remorse whatsoever he's been pushing back continuing to tweak repeatedly in support of his comment and in anger against the congresswoman that he has singled out but another point must be noted in that day of drama at the house and that is at the end of proceedings for the 1st time a form of the temptress made to introduce articles of impeachment against president trump the sport by a representative from texas al green now what this means is that the democrats have been divided over the whole issue of impeachment are now going to have to take a decision more than 80 democrats in the house have been arguing that impeachment is the way to go others including the house speaker have been insistent that rather
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go through investigations by the house committees rather than risk a failed impeachment move well now because of the fact that it impeachment articles have been formally laid the democrats are going to have to take a decision one way or the other my can i with the latest from washington for us thank you. daniel lippman as a reporter covering the white house and washington for politico and he says that many republicans are reluctant to go against president. you know this is kind of a symbolic method to show that congress is against what president trump said attacking their own colleagues and so the fact that only 4 republicans voted for this resolution kind of indicates that this is president trump's party and has been for a while that he's taken over the republican party it used to be that the g.o.p. would welcome immigrants and want to show that america was
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a beacon of light for the world this is kind of what ronald reagan and many other republican leaders including george w. bush used to say but now that party is more of a. party that is suspicious of people from foreign countries so they don't want to get attacked by president trump for taking a stand against him and so they also fear the constituents in their districts about getting a primary challenge from someone closer to president trumps you know language and also just as visions as being more of a nationalist and so it's kind of raw political calculus that they are trying to preserve their standing in the local republican party which is more pro trump often and so they are very afraid to take a real stand with democrats in these types of controversial statements.
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the european parliament has narrowly elected or disallowed one deadline as president of the european commission the german defense minister will become the 1st woman to fall hold the post when shoe laces john kline younker in the vendor john howard reports from strasburg. just that daily approval from the european parliament in a tight vote means fonda line becomes the 1st woman to hold the e.u.'s top job as commission president she'll set the policy agenda for the next 5 years i feel so honored and i'm overwhelmed and i thing you for the trust you placed in me here the trust you placed in me is confidence you placed in europe your confidence in the united and a strong europe from east to west from south to north. as a german woman and a close ally of angle a merkel on the line will be seen as an extension of the
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chancellor's dominant role in european politics she owes her career to merkel and like merkel she's a political conservative and a passionate supporter of european integration. but big spending promises designed to sway down to any peace are a departure and may prove hard to fulfill we must take bold steps to get mrs ford a lion is indebted for their support to opposing quarters from the socialists to the nationalists which means someone will have to be disappointed supporters in the heavyweight center right european peoples party bloc to which belongs brush those concerns aside she managed to get the support of $27.00 out of $28.00 heads of government in the european union so western europeans eastern europeans were supporting her representatives from a different political families and what she also managed to do is together with us to bring france and germany closer back together the french german cooperation is
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not everything in the good opinion that sure but without a close frank or german cooperation things really don't move forward in the european union among the promises. that has made is reform of the very electoral process that had failed to produce a democratically elected candidate with her name emerging instead from behind closed doors as the preferred pick of e.u. heads of government and state it's not only far right populists talking about a democratic deficit in the e.u. anymore many other any p's a saying it as well. and try as she might to be the consensus candidate for all her promise of a green climate deal for europe wasn't enough to sway the greens what is the deal for europe can you explain that to me i can't well if you can't i can't either i mean again a slogan it's not a program what is it how much in which direction. but they'll be
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abiding sense of relief an autumn of crises beckons a trade war with trump and britain sliding towards a no deal breaks it at least europe no knows who's in charge join a whole al-jazeera strasberg former provision president alexander has been arrested in the united states for extradition on corruption charges that he's the latest politician caught up in latin america's largest ever corruption can scandal which centered on brazilian construction company order breath marianna sanchez is in lima for us and says this was unexpected. he's been living freely for some time in california and last night his lawyer said that he had spoken with him and there was no indication that little was a aware that this arrest would be imminent but this has been indeed a result of a very intense work by the government which is that it's. also
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very intense work by the prosecutors the prosecutor's office in peru that is working on the case and that has gone through thousands and thousands of papers paperwork to be able to prove that during that the little government between 20012006 there were bribes. paid as well another very important matter in this is that there's been intense work in brazil itself with the carwash investigation the other bridge scandal has put the man out that the link between peru. government proves companies and all the evidence. as a main test to testify in the old rich case he has given all the information he continues to give out information and a result of this is that this has had peru has been the country most impacted by the scandal. mainly with arrests from the most important politicians in
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peru to more importantly the house arrest of former president bill. and as we all know of course the suicide of former president alan garcia who killed himself just minutes after a thorough arrived in his home in lima to arrest him really in relation to the case . and still ahead on al-jazeera no justice no peace the rallying cry after the officer choked a black american man to death escapes charges. and why any kind of cell phone theft is prompting a response from mexico's government. and other slightly better weather picture across much of central and southern china
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we've been dealing with the floods lately but the last few as you can see actually some land appearing on the satellite or we all watching is this is massive cloud pushing across the philippines now this is tropical depression 6 w. or don this will be in the picture of the next few days producing very heavy very widespread rain so very wet couple days in manila 29 degrees on both days will keep an eye on this storm system because it could well develop into a tropical storm but it will continue produce as heavy rains and again on thursday a fine day in hong kong with a high of 35 degrees celsius then 2 was the southeast multi-byte it was born yes march a however where we all seen the weather is farther to the north vietnam thailand and cambodia some very have an extensive rain in the forecast here through wednesday and on into thursday time which is not in singapore on both days 31 in kuala lumpur but again we could have those often showers and thunderstorms for you then pushing across towards india it's been about the north it's also been about bangladesh some might break that again for the next couple of days though what we will see is more rain across much of the north particularly through new poll again
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through new delhi 32 braincells on wednesday sunny draw a better day there on thursday with a high of 32 and rain for the to the east of the country. as a sponsor. when. they open up the space. race is the problem with that. and it's impossible for people to. people don't want to take. a lead that is stronger man or song woman while getting the growth projection is in this world because. europe's forbidden colony. to.
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hello again you're watching out is there and here's a reminder for top stories this hour the u.s. house of representatives has voted to condemn president for racially charged comments against 4 minority congress women had told them to go back to where they came from for republicans back the democratic measure. the european parliament has narrowly elected to earth under lyon as president of the european commission the german defense minister will become the 1st woman to hold the post to ensure places younger and. and former president. has been arrested in the united states and he faces charges on faces extradition on corruption charges so it is accused of taking $20000000.00 in bribes from a brazilian construction company. and exchange for lucrative contracts.
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now iran says its ballistic missile program is not open for negotiation with anyone or any country that contradicts comments from the u.s. secretary of state's my pompei you said that iran is prepared to talk about its missiles earlier president donald trump said a lot of progress has been made with iran and that he was not pushing for regime change tensions between the u.s. and iran escalated last year after washington withdrew from the 2015 nuclear agreement well iran supreme leader has spoken for the 1st time about u.k. seizure of an iranian tanker near gibraltar the grace one tanker was detained earlier this month. the vicious british government committed piracy and a top down ship they commit crimes and legalize it they're trying to legitimize this maritime robbery the islamic republic will not leave such vicious acts without a response. new york police officer whose actions fueled
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a national movement against police brutality will not face charges for killing a black man he was trying to arrest the justice department made that announcement on tuesday 5 years after the death of eric garner kristen salumi has this report. that. officer daniel panta layo was caught on video putting eric garner in a choke hold that led to his dad police were attempting to arrest coroner on charges of illegally selling loose cigarettes. is the issue. but after what was described as an exhaustive review department of justice decided the evidence did not meet the high bar required to bring civil rights charges against the officer we evaluated all of those actions. his training experience. mr gardner. actions to resist arrest.
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and the duration and escalating nature of the interaction we determined that was insufficient evidence garners family and their supporters were quick to have jacked 5 years ago my son said i can't read. it today we can't. because they have let us down. by the way those words i can't breathe became a rallying cry for the black lives matter movement against police brutality after garners death in 2014 bringing thousands to the street in protest. the mayor of new york issued a statement expressing disappointment with the justice department's decision but clearly that wasn't enough for activists and members of their garters family who gathered outside city hall demanding that the mayor now fire officer panda leo while panta layo won't face criminal charges he could still face disciplinary action by the new york police department but the department is known for protecting
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its officers. u.s. attorney william barr a trouble point approve the decision not to charge panta layo a fact that was not lost on activists and local politicians it's a pretty clearly to communities of color. which on the mistaken is showing yet again they don't give a damn about those protesters are again vowing to hit the streets in a country where race relations are already strained and a city where the mare is running for president as a democrat the pressure to act will be intense kristen salumi al jazeera new york. a palestinian man has died in an israeli jail a polish center rights group says it's a result of medical negligence they say 31 year old was being held in solitary confinement following his arrest in a raid last month. now in the pali 78 people have died and thousands have been displaced after heavy rains triggered landslides and floods sabinus rest airports.
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their fields are groomed many houses flattened this is the village of part in both our district in the southern plains of nepad it's been 3 days since the monsoon rain started and the waters have just started receding here not one house has been spared even. when the water started rising i carried this child and started running away this is a 30 year davies house the floors covered in mud then tired village more than $400.00 people and their cattle have taken refuge on an embankment here most of the stocks of food they managed to salvage has been drying out this is a bank that runs along the bottom of the river now on friday there was so much water that all you could see was just rooftops and people here are saying that this has proven to be a lifeline for the bag with the river remains in flood further downstream local
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people are helping security forces fix embankments local representatives are struggling to provide assistance with roads closed food supplies are running low villagers say they have got very little to eat. we need a long term solution to these floods one of the main reasons our village is gets flooded is bad design of the new roads that are being built our villages are in a low land surrounded by 3 big rivers who can't resettle but we need the government to help alleviate the settlement people here say they are tired of the recurring floods and broken promises by national leaders they say they don't need sympathy but want help in building stronger houses that don't get washed away. district. the united states government is imposing its strongest sanctions to date on me and mars' top military leaders it's in response to the mass killings of
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running of muslims in 2017 other sanctions target me in march the commander in chief as well as several other seer senior commanders washington says mean mars government has taken no action to hold accountable those responsible for human rights violations and the abuses. south african singer anti-apartheid activist johnny clegg has died at the age of 66. clegg was one of the few white artists to define segregation laws and openly criticize the apartheid government nicknamed the wide zulu he was famed for blending traditional african rhythms and western music styles he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 4 years ago but continued to perform around the world until his death. african seeking short term visas in the united kingdom are more than twice as likely to be refused than other applicants that's according to
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a report that found the home office responsible for financial discrimination and careless decision making the barker reports from london. katonah louis is twice the london bar of enfield before entering local politics she spent 40 years working as a midwife to many she's a pillar of the community but her success hasn't helped her only sister to visit the u.k. from nigeria she's been denied a visa 3 times on financial grounds despite showing evidence that her costs are being covered by her sister in london on the way says her family a victims of a prejudice a visa process is very emotional it's very disturbing i'm not getting younger you know so maybe when i die and then. you know she's not paying anything painted and if there's anything that i've gone which is the reason why do i want to know. according to a new report african visa applicants are more than twice as likely to be refused to
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people from other parts of the world the authors blame a catalogue of careless often offensive decisions the cost applicants sometimes hundreds of dollars per application the home office fees are processing system is broken and africans are paying the price this has been outsourced to private sector companies and we find just to you all bitch so you have a scientific delegation some of them fused others with exactly the same background qualifications finance. this is british gambian perform a solid job she's a rising star in the world music scene she recently attempted to bring over session musicians from gambia to record a new album but they weren't allowed in and she's not alone leading academics diplomats ngo workers and world famous performers have all been barred from entering the u.k. for seemingly arbitrary reasons we've just found it really difficult. when we were applying to have people come over for the person long it's so expensive sometimes
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they're having to go to neighboring countries to get the visa sitting around waiting for interviews in those countries flights i mean it's really big we contacted the home office for comment and they gave us the following statement to the u.k. welcomes all genuine visitors from africa and wants his visa system to support our important and increasing business and trade ties with the continent these are applications from african nationals are at their highest level since 2013 said the statement and decision makers do not discriminate on the basis of age gender religion or race the statement also says that the home office remains committed to making the right decision on visas 1st time every time after 3 successive rejections louise determined to challenge the home office is to sit in regarding her sister a move she believes is anything right the. london. every
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year tens of thousands of mobile phones are stolen in the mexican capital and it's become such a huge problem that the government's been forced to act on or apollo has more from mexico city. but. this video is of a robbery taking place inside a commuter bus in mexico city in less than a minute everyone on board has already handed over their phones to armed men robberies like these have become exceedingly common in the city with mobile phones and other personal tronics being the top prize for thieves in response the city government has launched a new initiative to stop the sale of stolen phones at street markets look at this and when the and if you miss that in the body you can get whether you let me look at this is a government call center that handles everything from missing persons to suicide prevention recently they've been tasked with assisting robbery victims in blocking
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their stolen phones you can also register your device using its unique number one recommendation they give toward reducing cell phone is for people to stop buying stolen phones because those have been most in the street or here in des city we all know that when you go to the market you can buy a phone without a box and without a receipt and where do you think it came from you don't have to be a genius to know that these are probably stolen phones. while the new measure seeks to punish the sales stolen phones at street markets most actually end up at indoor elec tronics markets like this one t.v. cameras however are not welcome inside. we're not allowed to film where secondhand electronics are sold so we're going to have to hide the camera and go undercover you can find just about anything you're looking for here it's an open secret that most of these goods are stolen. one. i asked one vendor if i could get
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into any legal trouble for my purchase he guaranteed me there would be no problem. ironically there were several police officers present some of them doing a bit of shopping themselves critics of the new measure say authorities are going after the wrong people but they only back them any i think this is a populist policy that will only have an impact in the media there of a questionable as speaks for god in the policies such as banning the sale of stolen funs street markets as if that is the only place you can buy one more than 5000 people registered their mobile devices with the city within the 1st week of service authorities estimate that 2000 cell phones are stolen every day in mexico city alone many are now opting to purchase a 2nd dummy phone just in case of a robbery and up and i just needa mexico city. it's exactly 50 years since the apollo 11 blasted off on a mission that flew manned to the moon for the 1st time and to mark that day astronaut michael collins returned to the exact spot where he was launched into
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space with neil armstrong and buzz aldrin on july the 169698 large strong who took the 1st small step on the moon died in 2012 space suit he wore is back on public display after restoration it was unveiled by the u.s. vice president mike pence this kicks off a week of celebrations of apollo 11 safety voyage. hello there this is a desire and these are top stories the u.s. house of representatives has voted to condemn president donald trump for racially charged comments against 4 minority congress women trump had told them to go back to where they came from for republicans back the democratic measure my cat has more from washington to the house then voted along party lines to accept the words on record and went ahead to toss the vote once again largely on party lines censoring
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the president only for republicans as you mentioned joining the democrats in censoring the president certainly a symbolic move but also very important in that it is the 1st time there's been a formal record made of censure of intemperance comments made by the president the european parliament has narrowly elected or underly and as president of the european commission the german defense minister will become the 1st woman to hold the post when she replaces young claude younger in. and for a proven president has been arrested in the united states he faces extradition on corruption charges so it is accused of taking $20000000.00 in bribes from the brazilian construction company. in exchange for lucrative contact it's iran says it missile program is not open for negotiation with anyone or any country that
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contradicts comments from the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei you said iran is prepared to talk about its missiles earlier president donald trump said a lot of progress had been made with iran and that he was not pushing for regime change. and here police officer will not face charges for killing a black man he was trying to arrest the justice department made the announcement on tuesday 5 years after it garnered died in a chokehold and the united states government is imposing its strongest sanctions to date on main mars top military leaders it's in response to the mass killing of wrong give muslims in 2017 washington says the government hasn't taken any action against those responsible for the abuses. inside stories next.
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a huge stash of weapons found in italy with neo nazi sympathizers italian government says the seizure is unprecedented so how significant is this and what does it tell us about the reemergence of naziism and the far right movement in europe this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program and has an awful of weapons has been seized by italian police in a raid on a far right group authorities say the incident is significant and almost without precedent stop was discovered during an investigation into.


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