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degrees celsius wednesday across northern africa it's dry we have got a little bit of travel on some coastal areas not feeling too about in tunis at 32 a lot better than it has been and as he had off into thursday a little bit warmer 34 more in the way of dry with sunshine in tripoli and a high there of 28. information indicates that you have or associated. at least a part has the potential to be biased in a number of different ways there are too many opportunities for the computer to get . those officers who commit those data entry is wrong to be saying that your son the shinai is wrong to. kill becoming a suspect before the actual crime and in-depth examination into preventative policing pre-crime on al jazeera.
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welcome back a program out of the top stories here this hour sudan is one step closer to a joint civilian rule government after the military and protest leaders signed a landmark agreement creating a transitional power sharing body the deals the 1st step towards meeting protesters demands for a 70 government. and the us government is imposing its strongest sanctions to date on me in moscow top military leaders they target me and mas commander in chief and several other senior officers in response to the mass killing of bringing a musket and 2017. now the european parliament has now elected the lion as president of the european commission the german defense minister will become the 1st woman to hold the post when she replaces john called young. john hall has more
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now from strauss book. that daily approval from the european parliament in a tight vote means alone becomes the 1st woman to hold the e.u. use top job as commission president she'll set the policy agenda for the next 5 years. i feel so honored and i'm overwhelmed and i thing you for the trust you placed in me here the trust you placed in me is confidence you placed in europe your confidence in the united and a strong europe from east to west from south to north. as a german a woman and a close ally of angle a merkel on the line will be seen as an extension of the chancellor's dominant role in european politics she owes her career to merkel and like merkel she's a political conservative and a passionate supporter of european integration. but big spending
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promises designed to sway down to any peace are a departure and may prove hard to fulfill we must take bold steps to get mrs ford a lion is indebted for their support to opposing quarters from the socialists to the nationalists which means someone will have to be disappointed supporters in the heavyweight center right european peoples party bloc to which belongs brush those concerns aside she managed to get the support of $27.00 out of $28.00 heads of government in the european union so western europeans eastern europeans were supporting her representatives from a different political families and what she also managed to do is together with voters to bring france and germany closer back together the french german cooperation is not everything in the good opinion that sure but without a close friend cooperation things really don't move forward in the european union among the promises. has made is reform of the very electoral process that had
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failed to produce a democratically elected candidate with her name emerging instead from behind closed doors as the preferred pick of e.u. heads of government and state it's not only far right populists talking about a democratic deficit in the e.u. anymore many other m.e. peas are saying it as well. and try as she might to be the consensus candidate for all her promise of a green climate deal for europe wasn't enough to sway the greens what is this dream for europe can you explain that to me i can't well if you can't i can't either i mean again a slogan it's not a program what is it how much in which direction. but they'll be abiding sense of relief an autumn of crises beckons a trade war with trump and britain sliding towards a no deal breaks it at least europe now knows who's in charge join
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a whole al-jazeera strasberg. the us house of representatives has voted to condemn racist comments made by president trump about 4 democratic congresswoman on sunday trumped tweeted telling the politicians to go back to where they came from and he's refused to back down despite growing criticism both at home and abroad michaela reports from washington d.c. . without objection the motion to reconsider is laid on the table the vote went largely along party lines only for republicans joining house democrats in their rebuke of president. it was a rare occasion on which all in the house were forced to go on the record in response to intemperate comments made by the president these comments from the white house are disgraceful and disgusting and that comment are racist the vote was delayed by republicans who attempted to have the accusation of racism made by the house speaker introducing the bill struck off the record i urge you listen to the
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and you are that the balance of my house is going to the general speaker of the house if she would like to rephrase that comment i had actually read my remarks as a parliamentarian before i read them the unprecedented argument delayed the vote for hours many republicans clearly more angered by the speaker's words than by those treated by the president as a general making a demand that the words be taken down. a request for jones words or on parliamentary question to be taken down despite the republican fury a vote was taken and the house ruled the speaker's words should be kept on the record then another moment of drama for the 1st time a formal attempt in the house to move articles of impeachment against the president impeaching donald john truck president of the united states of misdemeanors the move is likely to intensify what has been a bitter debate among house democrats about impeachment more than 80
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representatives are in record as urging such a move others including the house speaker have been arguing that it would be better to continue investigating the president through house committees rather than risk a failed move to impeach therefore downall john traub by causing such harm. to the society of the united states is unfit to be president and warrants impeachment trial and removal from office a decision may not need to be made one way or the other my kind of al-jazeera washington a new york police officer whose actions feel the national movement against police brutality will not face charges for killing a black man he was trying to arrest the u.s. justice department made the announcement on tuesday 5 years after the death of eric garner kristen something. that. officer
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daniel panta layo was caught on video putting eric garner in a choke hold that led to his dad police were attempting to arrest are now on charges of illegally selling blue cigarettes. to. examine but after what was described as an exhaustive review the department of justice decided the evidence did not meet the high bar required to bring civil rights charges against the officer when we evaluated all of those actions and why his training and experience mr gardner's. actions to resist arrest. in the duration and escalating nature of the interaction we determined that was insufficient evidence garners family and their supporters were quick to have jacked . 5 years ago my son said i can't read. it today.
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because they have let us down. by. those words i can't breathe became a rallying cry for the black lives matter movement against police brutality after garners death in 2014 bringing thousands to the street in protest. the mayor of new york issued a statement expressing disappointment with the justice department's decision but clearly that wasn't enough for activists and members of their governors family who gathered outside city hall demanding that the mayor now fire officer panda layo while panta layo won't face criminal charges he could still face disciplinary action by the new york police department but the department is known for protecting its officers. u.s. attorney william barr a trouble point he approved the decision not to charge panda layo a fact that was not lost on activists and local politicians it's a pretty clearly to communities of color. which are mistaken to showing that again
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they don't give a damn about those protesters are again vowing to hit the streets in a country where race relations are already strained and a city where the mare is running for president as a democrat the pressure to act will be intense kristen salumi al jazeera new york. the former peruvian president got a 100 has been arrested in the u.s. for extradition on corruption charges is the latest politician caught up in latin america's biggest of a corruption scandal centered on the brazilian construction company owner bricked and they don't want to be taking $20000000.00 in bribes in exchange for new content public works contracts the 73 year old has denied any wrongdoing. to hong kong now where a group of elderly protesters is expected to march to government headquarters as part of a campaign. against what many see as beijing's attempts to tighten control early this month chief executive carol lam was forced to withdraw an extradition bill
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that would have sent suspects to mainland china but many of us say they'll continue the protests the reports being. to say yet how was he on solid data years among the smoke of the future knock on the golden. gong they hoit the light disappears and it starts to get dark you say look it's a silent policeman or barking in the deepest places of hong kong with. the words sandwich on convey anger grief and resolve can mean so you they only care about policing beginning not the people this is why i am inspired by these young people who take to the streets risking their lives to fight for the future of hong kong jason doesn't use his real name and wants to stay anonymous 22 years ago they're already dark to. hong kong. used to have
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freedom since june a proposed law change that could lead to hong kong extradited to china sparked huge protests and the level of violence and seen in years sealing chang is one of the thousands of mothers who staged a protest and filed a petition in support of the youth movement kerry alam claimed ourselves to be the mother of hong kong people who behave like unruly children and don't know what's best for them and she was there to help us this is our future our right of freedom of expression of assembly all these. a guaranteed by the basic law most protests are planned online where security logistics fund raising and exit routes can be decided without anyone having to meet in person across hong kong ordinary lives have been transformed by
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a wave of solidarity protesters tell us the 2014 and breland movement provided a lot of lessons because it led to imprisonment and factions now they've adopted a new wave of dissent a leaderless movement they say is harder for the government to pin down. hong kong is widely seen as the place of constant change and innovation and is one of the world's most visited cities. and many here want to make sure none of that's lost protesters here have adopted a slogan of the late famous martial arts star bruce lee the water my friend they say like water they'll be fluid and adaptable and accept that what do you see is a fight for fundamental freedoms will be a long term struggle to. hong kong. on the south african singer and anti-apartheid activist johnny clegg has died at the age of $66.00.
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johnny clegg was one of the few white artists in defiance segregation openly criticize the government during the 1970 s. and eighty's. he was famous for blending traditional african rhythms and western music styles. by time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera sudan is one step closer to a joint civilian rule government after the military and protest leaders signed a landmark agreement creating a transitional power sharing body it'll be made up of military members and representatives of the pro-democracy coalition known as the forces for freedom and change the deal's the 1st step towards meeting protesters demands for a civilian led government with. the transitional
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military council is reaching agreement with the freedom and change forces you have witnessed the signing of the document it is a huge achievement representing a step towards an all inclusive agreement among all the forces in sudan in a new era and paves the way for the upcoming step of the console the dacian and celebration and reinstatement of the constitutional document for the transitional period it's a glorious moment the u.s. government is imposing its strongest sanctions to date on me and mars' top lead the top military leaders they target me in mosque commander in chief and several other senior officers is in response to the mass killing of muslims in 2017 that crackdown led to hundreds of thousands of people fleeing to neighboring bangladesh washington says the government hasn't taken any action against those responsible for human rights abuses. the european parliament has now elected van de la and as president of the european commission the german defense minister will become the
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1st woman to hold the post when she replaces wrong in november. the u.s. house of representatives has voted to condemn brazil and donald trump's racist comments against for minority congresswoman from told them to go back to where they came from for republicans backed the democratic resolution. a new york police officer will not face charges for killing a black man he was trying to arrest the justice department made the announcement on tuesday 5 years after eric garner died in a chokehold his family say they are dismayed by the decision. the former peruvian president a $100.00 to later has been arrested in the u.s. for extradition on corruption charges is the latest politician caught up in latin america's largest of a corruption scandal centered on brazilian construction company owner bert. well those were the headlines that he's continues here on al-jazeera after inside story of those watching. after 25 years of importing the world's waste china through the
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global recycling industry into chaos. the growing pressure for greener skies eves resulting in change we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. a huge stash of weapons found in italy with neo nazi sympathizers italian government says the see here is unprecedented so how significant is this and what does it tell us about the reemergence of naziism and the far right movement in europe this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm hasn't and also of weapons has been seized by italian police in a raid on a far right group authorities say the incident is significant and almost without
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precedent stockpot was discovered during an investigation into the involvement of italy's far right movement in the conflict in eastern ukraine and it included in a missile rocket launches and automatic rifles described as latest generation neo nazi propaganda material was also seized police have arrested 3 people including a former candidate for the neo-fascist for the new all the party fabio yellow's house was found to contain a huge stash of alms as well as hitler memorabilia. the europe has experienced an increase in the popularity of right wing groups in recent years much of their rhetoric is based around national populism and attacks on migrants and muslims and they've gained more ground with the rise of far right political parties in european parliament's right wing movements have held protests against immigration and
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a slam in several parts of europe and violent attacks have been carried out by far right activists including near nazis and white supremacists germany's domestic intelligence agency the b f v says there are more than 24000 far right extremists in the country and believes almost half are potentially violent in france 10 people suspected of planning attacks on mosques muslim leaders and women wearing veils were arrested last year and in the u.k. the european union's law enforcement agency europol says 5 right wing terror plots were recorded in 2017. let's bring in our guest now to talk more about this in pescado italy via skype we have italian journalist stephano veggie in lisbon we have michelle believe it he is the chair at the center for research on prejudice at the university of warsaw
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and in new york also via skype we have. did george she she is the manager of the far right program at the social enterprise group moonshot countering violent extremism good to have you all with us so far let me start with you how significant is this development do you think the seizure. of these missiles that appear to be. pitted been acquired by this neo nazi group in italy. well according to to the telly and police the anti-terrorism police is one of the most significant seizure and the story of italy. is significant as in both near now the neo-fascist groups and one of the 3 people arrested. used to be in the can you gauge for a political party into the neo fascist political party called for time although. i
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have to say for some while there remains the statement right after the arrests since tensing itself from from this guy whose name is fabio the better. how how significant is it then in in terms of the the the large a far right movement not just in italy but throughout europe that is there is there a connection there so far we cannot say anything about this because the police didn't say any anything about connections with the other groups what is sure is that the investigations targets. because the police was investigating an etonians who had fought alongside russian backs the party's forces in eastern ukraine namely the dumbass region. so it might have some connections with the other people fighting there is from a logical perspective it's quite interesting on on a political basis in italy as for time and other neo fascists groups political
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parties have pretty much the same ideology as the italy's ruling party at the moment which is the league headed by moto salvini if you look at the political programs of sorts as a pound and believe they're pretty much the same michelle believe it's how serious is this sees you do you think. i think this this problem is relatively important and significant in the whole europe and for example the party forced on the war by the right wing extremist party in italia with whom those people that were front today were connected this party has a very strong connection also to the polish far right and they have been present almost every year at the at the rallies of the polish rightwing extremist parties the independence marches in november that we have every hour or so you see
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that this connections are relatively close and last year the police president was participating in wanted one of these marches so you could see that they are coming very very close to the mainstream politics and also in many countries for example in in eastern europe they are closely connected to football hooliganism and football stadiums are places where much of this will be least sation of radicalised far right happens. now the authorities have been tracking many of these far right movements across europe and there has always been this concern that it could spill over into real violence is this evidence of that with the siege of these weapons or is this is this just an exception is this the one of the thing. so i don't feel they. fired as an exception. not just across the country. states for example so according to the global
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terrorism in that the number of attacks has increased for example in the 13 years prior to 24 were trying attacks but 3 years prior to 22nd 261 attacks that recorded the you take on a program has recorded an increase of 300 percent of referrals to white nationalists so since 2012 or 20 percent increase in jihadism cases so this is an evolving terror threat. this is gone except. interesting if you some tries networks and then for talking about a small number of perpetrators of that have met these kind of activity with violence they have the sense it's safe for high impact attacks and to be more interest or. just broaden this out a bit and i want to ask you a little bit more back how you believe this may all be may or may not be connected
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with the rise of. the far right movements in italy in general which we have seen in the politics in italy in its government and in the recent european elections. well yes let me stick to the facts so this guy the guy arrested the better job is a former officer of the talent customs and border protection agency. he was one of 141 of us candidates in 2001 of the senate's. in his house police found large amounts of weapons and neo nazi neo-fascist symbols such as speeches of mostly me and hitler. so going to the political issue. on the other hand we have to notice that for a national leader. who used to be a member of the european parliament was sentenced in the eighty's bunnytown of
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tribunals for an armband and terrorism. these party forts and along with because of these are the 2 main fascist parties in italy as i was mentioned before if you look at the their political programs they're very similar they're both nationally east they both want to stop migrants to come to enter actually. their very traditionally catholic they say slum wants to invade europe they are against abortion. the most against the globalization both against the influence of the usa i need to be in both in favor for a russian let's say so if you look at the political program delete the party headed by so many you'll see it's very similar so what happens in the elections is that these 2 new fascist party and. didn't get you can get enough votes to have their representatives elected into the parliament at the same time the league got 34
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percent of the votes which is the biggest result they they have are ahead so according to many tali and political analysts much most of the. voters. in the end decided to vote for the lead and this is why the me was able to get 30 kircher cent of the votes all right michel if we if we could go beyond italy for a moment and look at look at europe more broadly in the rise of these these groups stefana brings up a number of issues there that are driving this like immigration globalization and so on to what extent do you see do you see this driving the rise of foreign movements elsewhere in europe. you know of course i mean the movements put on the agenda the problem so if you me gratian they are usually very const closely very much expressing homophobia and negative attitudes towards people and equality
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rights for gay and straight people in a society so there are some things that are very much common for them one thing that i think should we be mentioned is the connection with russia and of course when you think about these weapons found in italy i mean they are of no use probably in the current politico activity of movements and parties like forts and was going to home countries but they might be useful for their so-called international missions and unfortunately we know that in poland for example the far right wing movement. was active in the fights in don bus in the eastern or crane joining of the russian russian sponsored forces in that area and recently political capital institute in hungary made the whole list of right wing extremists the police the sions in the eastern europe who have very close ties to russia and to the and and to particularly in the context of war were you know crane's so this is
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context of. pro russian isn't of this party we just kind of historically paradoxical because they are the young nazis i mean they are very much referring to the nazi nazi rhetorics but the connection with russia i think seems to be also something which is very similar in many contexts and the last thing he said what already has been mentioned here they kind of mainstreaming of their ideas into the mainstream right wing parties because for example in poland the right wing extremist parties are losing popularity they're not gaining support significantly but what has really changed is that much of their a genda. can be now seen in the mainstream the same is true about hungary when it's no longer you'll be which is proposing that the extremist right wing views but rather the central right wing foetuses taking their their ideas so i would say. that their impact on politics is most the in terms of a gender setting rather than having their own members of parliament members of europe and parliament are having some power as parties as movements now you mention
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never did did did the russian connection michelle and i just want to explore that a little bit more what what what do you think is russia's motivation then if they're supporting these groups is it is it more about just trying to sow chaos in europe and to sort of upset the european liberal order. it's very hard to discuss motivations behind what we can know what's the consequence of that and the consequences this time please ation of political life in europe. creating a sense of couse and we know that in the sense of couse it's much you can much easier. create an impact on political decision making and this might be the potential for the listening russian influence in the region. we've talked a lot there about how immigration seems to be driving a lot of this increased immigration in europe their resentment towards migrants and so on but how much it has economics played
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a role in all of this because we had the we had the financial crisis just over a decade ago many people in europe haven't really fully recovered from that is to what extent is that feeding resentment do you think. i think that if. parties or individuals that are in power there might be. a crisis 2. years i do think. problematic. whether it uses the canal mates or immigrations of refugees certainly doesn't help the use of certain racist. terms to condemn attacks events like these so to whites all these groups and economic sometimes provide provides a useful ground for for some of these groups to perpetrate their i.d.'s it's much easier to condemn other groups these immigrants especially when there is an
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economic crisis they see. these kind of death rate because of all the games more talks and increases the support that can find a cause different countries but it gets italy. or. do you think their popularity. has affected mainstream political parties where many they seem to be giving ground to them in some areas of policy where they would have done a few years ago for fear of losing more ground to the far right. it's important. for the focus is on. it's actually really important for us whether that's with. the violence of. the share the violent end of the movements emboldened by
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a long violent one. by the use of the pity of etheric or narratives by political parties sure but little or no let me put that then to. think. that this kind of rhetoric has kind of seeped into the mainstream political parties across europe in that some of them have adopted. some of the some of the ideas the policies of restricting immigration and so on for fear of not of losing further support to them. i would say definitely yes at least need to leave as i was mentioning before a political programs of the new fascist party is the only 2 we have any julie. showing up in the elections cuz of course and are very similar to the ones of the italy's leading party of the moment the league i remember there was an
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investigation by italian could have been nearly a few years ago and they recorded a member an activist for fortes a member of force. and he was telling to a better future to the leader of the party well you should go to salvini and tell him that he's saying exactly the same 1000 of we've been saying for years so in this kind of recording we can see exactly what you were mentioning when you were asking before so yes the mainstream party were able to digest. ideologies that were there were something. that used to be only connected to far right political or political parties up to a few years ago and now these are becoming mainstream ideas and michelle to what extent do you think. you want to you want to chime in there to what. to what stefan i was saying 1st of all because exactly you have an impression that is also about
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sometimes a person personal decisions because recently in poland we had a person from this right wing extremist movements incorporated in the national government so the vice minister of to get that he's asian influences a person who was previously organizing marches safin dependence if you had very close contacts to for someone trying to tell you so you can see how close are these environments that we have more or less mainstream.


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