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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 18, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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gettin guzman will probably never get out no one's ever xscape from that facility. it's pretty much underground it's been described to some people scribe as a black hole but there's a very mean almost 99.999 chance he'll skate from a facility like that gerard bryant criminal justice expert says while all inmates at 80 acts are kept in solitary confinement it's particularly important for guzman someone like el chapo high profile. you know there may be some other inmate who might you know think he can make a name for himself by doing some arm to him 80 x. houses the most infamous convicted criminals and terrorists in america like ted kaczynski known as the unabomber zacharias moussaoui a $911.00 conspirator and ramzi yousef the mastermind of the $993.00 world trade
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center bombing during his sentencing guzman complained about being confined by himself for 24 hours a day calling it psychological torture but his complaints did not move the judge who sentenced him to life behind bars plus 30 years and ordered him to forfeit $12600000000.00 in assets as one prosecutor said after guzman's trial ended the world's most notorious drug kingpin now faces the rest of his life behind bars no chance of escape and no return kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. still ahead on the move the u.s. imposes new tougher sanctions against myanmar member training class. impeaching donald john. president of the united states of hard misdemeanors donald trump as a racist comments about 4 female congresswoman. want to tend to impeach him.
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we've still got plenty of showers longer spells of rain across central and eastern parts of china just trying to into the mix this big swathe of cloud which is just not in its way into the south china seas that will bring increasing cloud and right up towards southern parts of me got the scattering of wet weather through those central areas through thursday going on into friday as sings a little further southward so we could see further widespread flooding into some areas over the next couple of days you see was but flooding of course across northern areas of india up towards bangladesh nepal in particular we've also got some very dry weather in parts and this is a scene in a lot about where we've seen some very dusty conditions the blowing through until a whole different story here that wet weather stretches right the way across into central and northern parts of pakistan you can see the straits went there and it's
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best to make a business despite the poor weather lots of rain continues across a similar area northern parts of india up towards the pool showers there it's eastern areas of india as well in the west and gets should be dry in mumbai but we have got wet weather just to the south of that pushing a little further south which still will see some rather large ish i was making the way across flanker over the next couple of days with the possibility of widespread summing the some of the next day or 2. perception is validation we believe want to be seen but in one life time we cannot see everything. we rely on the experiences of others and the legacies of previous generations. of testimony we would know very little. witness documentaries that open your eyes on al-jazeera.
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land. the turkish deputy consul general in northern has been shot dead and at least one other person has been reportedly killed at a restaurant in a suburb of. the world health organization is holding a meeting in geneva to decide if an outbreak in the eastern democratic republic of congo is an international health emergency there's concern that the outbreak could spread quickly after cases surfaced in areas bordering rwanda and uganda and a u.s.
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court has sentenced mexican drug. life in prison plus 30 years was convicted in february of murder conspiracy and drug trafficking. now sudan could finally be on the path to a new form of government a political deal has been signed between the military junta and protest leaders after months of division they've agreed to form a power sharing body that many hope will eventually lead to civilian fall it will be made up of military leaders and representatives from the pro-democracy coalition known as the forces for freedom and change the deal is the 1st step towards meeting protesters demands for civilian vol and a separate constitutional agreement is expected to be signed on friday. the transitional military council is reaching agreement with the freedom and change forces you have witnessed the signing of the document it is a huge achievement representing a step towards an all inclusive agreement among all the forces in sudan it is in
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a new era and paves the way for the upcoming steps of the console the dacian and celebration and reinstatement of the constitutional document for the transitional period it's a glorious moment. the. it is with pleasure on this morning to bring the good news to the sudanese people that we have signed the political document between the transitional military council and the freedom and change alliance it is historic moment in the history of the sudanese people and their journey of struggle it's a new era of partnership between the brave forces and their partners in the freedom and change alliance and the sudanese people in this document is the fruit of the efforts of the people and us as well we honor the fallen martyrs the bereaved mothers and the youth the fuel of this revolution. the u.s. government is imposing its stronger sanctions to date on top military leaders they targets young commander in chief and several other senior officers it's in response
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to the mass killing of 100 muslims in 2017 the crackdown led to a humanitarian crisis hundreds of thousands were forced to flee to neighboring bangladesh washington says the government hasn't taken any action against those responsible for human rights abuses or during the crackdown harlan's farms and mosques were burnt and state forcing entire villages to flee and in a time over a month half a 1000000 people fled across the mountains to their settling in the still growing cox's bizarre a correspondent mohamed jump june has covered the one but the crisis extensively for us. many of the ringing the refugees and activists i've spoken with since news of the same sions was announced consider it to be a good 1st step but say it doesn't go nearly far enough one in particular told me bluntly that sanctions should have been imposed much sooner and while everyone i spoke with today wants to see justice done they're also dealing with more pressing
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concerns namely monsoon season conditions have recently improved but early july brought with it days of unrelenting rain that the world food programme calls the most severe weather since the massive row in the refugee influx of 2017 thousands of families were displaced making their already dire situation even more precarious last year heavy monsoon rains in southeastern bangladesh led to the deaths of 5 children many are growing fearful conditions could be even worse this year aid agencies are doing what they can to distribute emergency supplies and relocate the most vulnerable refugees as rohingya refugees work to guard against landslides and secure their overcrowded camps hillsides from erosion of on foreign minister says he believes that european palace want to preserve the 20 day nuclear deal that's making to al-jazeera at the united nations because the us have had too much control of the european signatories to the equipment. what do you think of europe's
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response to this crisis in the way they present. europe's response i think europeans want to preserve the j.c. pure. but unfortunately they're not prepared to pay anything they're not prepared to invest for their security and at the end of the day they're allowing the united states she said the edge and i don't know whether that in the interest of europeans or thank you very much for the international court of justice has ordered pakistan to review the death send a sentence handed down to a former indian navy officer thought i.c.j. wanted a stay of execution over the sentence passed to push on john doe he was put on death row for terrorism and espionage charges after he was arrested and baluchistan province the verdict as binding but it can't be enforced the case has been a source of escalating tensions between the nuclear neighbors the us house of representatives has voted to condemn racist comments made by president donald trump about 4 congresswoman on sunday trump tweeted telling the politicians to go back to
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where they came from mike hanna reports from washington d.c. . without objection the motion to reconsider is laid on the table the vote went largely along party lines only for republicans joining house democrats in their rebuke of president. it was a rare occasion on which all in the house were forced to go on the record in response to intemperate comments made by the president these comments from the white house are disgraceful and disgusting and the experiments are racist the vote was delayed by republicans who attempted to have the accusation of racism made by the house speaker introducing the bill struck off the record i urge you if you will and you know that the balance of my house is going to the general speaker of the house if she would like to rephrase that comment i had actually read my remarks as a parliamentarian before i read them the unprecedented argument delayed the vote
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for hours many republicans clearly more angered by the speaker's words than by those treated by the president as a general make a demand of the words be taken down. a request for jones words or on parliamentary cuesta to be taken down despite the republican fury a vote was taken and the house ruled the speaker's words should be kept on the record then another moment of drama for the 1st time a formal attempt in the house to move articles of impeachment against the president impeaching donald john truck president of the united states of misdemeanors the move is likely to intensify what has been a bitter debate among house democrats about impeachment more than 80 representatives are in record as urging such a move others including the house speaker have been arguing that it would be better to continue investigating the president through house committees rather than risk
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a failed move to impeach therefore darnall john traub by causing such harm. to the society of the united states is unfit to be president and warrants impeachment trial and removal from office a decision may not need to be made one way or the other my kind of al-jazeera washington. the european parliament has now only elected live on the line as president of the european commission the german defense minister will become the 1st woman to hold the post when she replaces the end of ember and as she met with german chancellor angela merkel germany's new defense chief was announced hong kong is getting out for another large scale protest on sunday as part of a campaign against what many see as the agents attempt to tighten control over the territory general out in the reports going. to say you know how this is
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unsolved dated 2 years among the smoke of the future knock on the golden. gong play hard the light disappears and it starts to get dark you say look it's a silent policeman are barking in the deepest places upon kong. the words which sandwich on convey anger grief and resolve can mean so you they only care about policing beginning not the people this is why i am inspired by these people who take to the streets risking their lives to fight for the future of hong kong jason doesn't use his real name and wants to stay anonymous 22 years ago they're already dark to slow us hong kong. used to have freedom since june a proposed law change that could lead to hong kong extradited to china sparked huge
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protests and the level of violence and seen in years. ceiling chang is one of the thousands of mothers who staged a protest and filed a petition in support of the youth movement carrie alam claim to herself to be the mother of hong kong people who behave like a movie children and don't know what's best for them and she was there to help us this is our future our right of freedom of expression of assembly all these. are guaranteed by the basic law most protests are planned online where security logistics fund raising and exit routes can be decided without anyone having to meet in person across hong kong ordinary lives have been transformed by a wave of solidarity protesters tell us the 2014 and breland movement provided a lot of lessons because it led to imprisonment and factions now they've adopted
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a new wave of dissent a leaderless movement they say is harder for the government to pin down. hong kong is widely seen as the place of constant change and innovation and is one of the world's most visited cities. and many here want to make sure none of that's lost protesters here have adopted a slogan of the late martial arts star bruce lee the water my friend. like water will be fluid and adaptable and accept that what do you see is a fight for the mental freedom this will be a long term struggle to. 0 hong kong. bell south african singer and anti-apartheid activist johnny clegg has died at the age of 66.
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1 of the few white artists to defy segregation and criticize the apartheid government during the 19 seventies and eighties nicknamed the what he was saying in traditional african rhythms and western music styles. one of the world's most famous fairs are festivals underway in the french city of allen yawn and europe's refugee crisis is a major same this year butler reports. a 14th century pope's palace dominates the southern french city of avignon and provides a spectacular backdrop for one of the world's oldest and most prestigious theatre festivals. with nearly 2000 performances and events it's a feast for theatre lovers was for surveillance a delicate and i love this best of all of the time that i've come it's an amazing atmosphere people talk to each other in the capitals and the lines to this commemorate what we love above all are the street performances you get lost in the
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streets and nothing is planned. to festivals director says he chose to focus on the theme of exile and refugees in the festival is not just a big list of beautiful shows itself so a place. where people tried to think the world we're living in and so the refugee crisis is also a big issue for europe so we in this festival this year we talked about europe and with. celine pernelle turned her experience as a volunteer working with migrants in the so-called jungle camp in cali into a play that condemns french police brutality and celebrates solidarity to dunedin and this daughter tiffany i wanted to give migrants identities names to people who have families who've taken terrible journeys and when you meet people face to face it changes the way you think that's gone. to festivals focus on exile and refugees has inspired
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a number of plays about europe that examine issues such as identity immigration and rising nationalism including one play with a special cameo appearance by former french president i kid for also our lord was in office at the height of your. refugee crisis and 2015 in the west but. a border isn't a dream a border can either scare you or reassure you the ability of this decades old festival in an ancient city to tackle contemporary issues and in thrall audiences is a key to its enduring success natasha butler al jazeera having your friends. hello again i will have a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera the turkish deputy consul general in northern iraq has been shot dead at least one other person has been reportedly killed the incident happened just after 2 pm local time inside
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a restaurant called hoka bars in a suburb of ed a bill that's where the turkish diplomat was dining. the world health organization is holding a meeting in geneva to decide if in a bowl outbreak in the eastern democratic republic of congo as an international health emergency there is concern that the outbreak could spread quickly after cases surfaced in areas bordering the one there and uganda a u.s. court has sentenced mexican drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman to life in prison plus 30 years he was convicted of february of murder conspiracy and drug trafficking a chap was a lawyer says the trial was unfair and that he'll appeal the judgment. this case was simply an inquisition it was a show trial and how it ended is exactly perfect for that description in that it didn't make a difference what the jury. saw what they said what they discussed what they voted
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on at the end of the day all that mattered was the government's evidence a matter how flawed it may have been the matter how many lunatics and sociopaths and psychopaths that it depended on all that mattered was the evidence and the jury be damned a deal has been signed between saddam's military junta and protest leaders they have agreed to form a power sharing body which many hope will eventually lead to civilian rule the us government is imposing its strongest sanctions to date on top military leaders as they target the commander in chief and several other senior offices it's in response to the mass killing of 100 muslims and 2017 the crackdown that to a humanitarian crisis they do national court of justice has ordered pakistan to review the death sentence handed to a former indian navy officer it granted a stay of execution over the sentence pasta called bush on jato the verdict is binding but it can't be enforced. well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do
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stay with us what myth is coming up next thank you for watching.
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