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tv   The Forgotten Heroes Of Empire  Al Jazeera  July 18, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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that i'm gone i don't want to say. it. recently she found a job working for the bobo quarry alongside has 7 children. the workers here don't use going to no pressure machines to break down to run into trouble 20 hundreds.
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so it does love the most one of the adults the days on the light. mostly because they go to bed it's up to much then it's all it's lights out. scott it's not good. but even when he takes for granted is extremely hard to break down. around a 100 men and women toiling away hit every day couple. of. cut cut cut. cut in knots and her children walk in the production line. on cats out on a it's only until this month. i'm out of the states rights. going
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back ask. us when you got back and we don't know about the. back why of all accidents at least. at the moment down to motown wants to bare bones need something we need until months well it's a new market. it's not. 100200000. you wait until you see. what i think about. the fates of the gravel walk as rests in the hands of one man ammara to foreman. that slightest challenge to his authority can lead to immediate dismissal. i don't want to. run up. the comedy about gay
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bashing ok i'll write it out with blogger but i don't want to keep dark you know to talk about it would be quite cool right where you know to go through that year but if you don't you're not going to die and probably 3 minutes of the game is what is going. on a little. m r a is as tough as he is shrewd he quickly understood that the country's reconstruction would lead to an explosion and demand for gravel. the quarry doesn't belong to hannity but he negotiated the right to mine it. be. sure and i think a decent. a ha as you and i had in the fight out ambition to do it in goodbye dorsai of us so i did not ok one last time ok. it's 3 years out of 3 ok shot 3.
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as saying at small. my aim. for a month i didn't get it now i mean it's in a month from us we've. got id. i'm a little. mundo but you're. still you know so over the you know. my ads right with them and they just fall back plan. recovering from 11 years of civil war takes time especially as the state has limited resources the country is burdened by a lack of public services and widespread corruption. the road connecting sierra leone and liberia is a major trade route between the 2 countries and yet it is practically impossible
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during the rainy season. it is van de 8th attempt of the day. this time these men have lined several metres apart with stones and branches. but just metres away from the top of the hill the trucks wheels lose their grip. stop. they have to try again. to. get on but there are a number of seats that will get mentioned not before my last from 6 o'clock this morning but it's our fault that if they'd mind from 6 o'clock just 15.
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behind avanti some of the drivers are getting impatient 000-000-0000 extension 0000 outlet. for him to. go for under pressure one taxi driver agrees to lend them the strap. oh no no i don't want to go there you cut the i really don't feel as if the road it was. to go into a final attempt vandy his work because and with the help of some of the watching passengers attempt to pull the truck. on the holy roller not. the end of the month.
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ironically the driver of the white truck gets by without any trouble unlike his own standing who stuck 5 hours. right there we're going to tell you little girl what the long. discussion from men today and yes. it's not boring. but. you can try strolling. from point one to point b. schooling once we. get through to the good it's only this damage of people's books is the only road up to gun. question really. the 2 guns i need from north. korea.
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thanks. to 18 hours on the road the convoy is only huff way through its journey. right. out to the muslim. sleep last night is designed to really.
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challenge their eyes. to. see. the. inside. history is repeating itself the bounty and his men just like this morning they find themselves facing another obstacle that was. an old building. trust me on that i'm i'm. 6 not the driver of the white truck is most concerned about the ditch running along the side of the road to the right from like i can to my car. from the. let me just right because i have it i don't get on that. because like right there on the
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table. thank. you you do sound you know you know. and when i'll be from. my get down. but i don't.
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bandy can only think of one solution to stop a strop from taking a filling in the dips in the road. but a lot of people using the road began snoring. as you see all some of the stories that uses it and i want to take it from there with the seat and make this one time until . i see how soon we need always just the bus. thank you. if. i feel.
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for. the men off the top. that they got out of the ball a moment when i think feel i want to fuck him up if you feel. the . way behind. on the flu cultural plane go to. the functional. level if you have one. possible to continue to get it.
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from. suffering so much. suffering. of knowing and so on that i'm feeling for in mine syndrome. after 24 hours travelling only 150 kilometers the convoy finally arrives. and there are so foul mouthed. with. the fish. that
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one start your. own family is that ok ok i would think that you're back of your vocal warm. and. setting the discussions here tim was the deadliest year the aviation industry has experienced for some time examining the headlines many foreign journalists including those from al-jazeera have had their licenses revoked their offices raided explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire that convinced me this was the conservation chance of a lifetime the world is watching. on al-jazeera what went wrong
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in society that opened up the space on the image that a gracious is the european parliament that's not accountable and it's impossible for going to people but it is for link up our people ready don't want to take any more of their need and if profundity strongman our song woman you're getting the growth of rejectionism of this world all right because the model doesn't was europe's forbidden colony episode 2 on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for it is you know it's very challenging but in the particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended used to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
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for 23 years mohsin has collected objects he finds along the coast. enough to pull his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with a story for every object he's become an environmental activist and inspired artist and a voice for the plight of countless migrants. march music. on al-jazeera. the u.s. congress votes to block billions of dollars worth of arms sales to saudi arabia. and how long he'd seen this is al jazeera life in doha also coming up.
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donald trump fires up supporters against 4 democratic congresswoman he's been attacking. the world health organization declares the ball i'd break in the democratic republic of congo when ensor national emergency. and the judge decides the fate of one of the world's most dangerous criminals mexican drug kingpin el chapo. the u.s. house of representatives has issued a sharp rebuke to the president's by vetoing block voting rather to blocks sale of some arms to saudi arabia the bills were passed by the senate last month but don't trump is expected to ease his feet so to overwrite the resolutions i canna reports from washington d.c. joint resolution is passed. the house passes 3 bills expressing disapproval at arms
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sales to saudi arabia 238 vote in favor 190 against the 1st bill dealt with the sale of precision guided missiles the 2nd with the export of smart bombs and the 3rd was aimed at blocking the sale of hughes's needed to detonate the missiles and bombs the bulls had earlier been passed in the senate and will now go to the white house but president trump has made clear he'll exercise is veto and it appears neither house nor senate could raise the 2 thirds majority that would be needed to reject the veto and pass the laws without presidential signature yet this bipartisan move by congress will have an impact this moment congress is clearly not interested in excel or reading american support for saudi arabia in its war in yemen and does not like having its authority usurped by the executive branch when it comes to approving arms sales it's making a statement it's laying down
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a marker it understands that the president will ultimately get his way but over time it can wear down the opposition and potentially even override a veto. there are layers of reasons for congress's anger about president trump's relationship with saudi arabia earlier this year the president vetoed a bipartisan bill demanding an end to u.s. support for saudi's war in yemen. then he invoked emergency legislation citing a threat from iran to override a congregational ban on weapons sales and thirdly they're still intense and gain congress at the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi and the steadfast refusal of president trump to hold the saudi leadership accountable but even if or when the president vetoes the latest round of legislation there will be more to come in particular a bull demanding a report from the u.s. intelligence community about the murder that has been included in the house version of the defense authorization bill 2020 that was passed by
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a resoundingly vote of 405 to 7 mike hanna al jazeera washington. the u.s. president has attacks on 4 democratic congress women of color while addressing supporters in north carolina it was transfer strongly since announcing his bid for reelection in 2020 white house correspondent kimberly. historic greenville north carolina is a southern town with a diverse economy centered around health care and education so it's not surprising there are many here unhappy with their president's tweets targeting 4 female congress women of color saying if they don't like the united states they can leave i think is where i think you will stick i think you just i think that anyone who does not look like him is someone who. no one can criticize him. for an idea that he thinks he.
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without him reacting over reacting and making it personal. and that's not how you bring people together. no matter how distasteful many believe donald trump might be across town at his 1st campaign rally since announcing his re-election bid trump defended his attacks on the 4 congresswoman and launch new attacks on congresswoman. she looks down with contempt on the hard working american saying that ignorance is pervasive in many parts of this country. has a history of launching visions anti-semitic screed. omar responded on twitter to the crowd chanting center back with a poem from american civil rights activist maya angelo still as trump addressed supporters he insisted he's helped communities of color by lowering unemployment
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also hailed a failed vote in the house of representatives to impeach him as a victory and they want to. and impeach it's a disgrace. polls show a majority of us voters see trump's twitter attacks on the congresswoman as un-american but polls also show most conservatives support the president's controversial statements so expect trump to employ more not less race baiting in his reelection campaign as he vilifies the female democratic lawmakers many now call the squad terms tactic of labeling a group of female congress women is vicious socialist the left wing cranks appears to be part of a broader strategy designed to use american pride to not only hold on to a base of support but also win new voters can really help get al jazeera greenville north carolina. the ball i break in the eastern democratic republic of congo is now
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an instant national health emergency the united states by the world health organization was made just days after the virus spread to the city of goma a major regional home on the border with rwanda has claimed at least 1600 lives in the region in the past year catherine sawyer reports from nairobi. after hours of deliberations by the margin see kmita of the world health organization over the status of the born in the democratic republic of congo members have decided it is a vigorous international response there is concern about spreading them from mom to get away. there's so far no cases were a newly infected in d.c. . these days appointment that there has been a recurrence of intense transmission in beijing says that the geographical
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expansion is now complete 500 kilometers. or define it is only going forward for you know. the meeting was called off top preacher travel to the temple about 200 kilometers north of the city of goma to pray for the sick tested positive on his arrival back he died this week at the border between goma and rhonda health because taking no chances randa has already told citizens to avoid traveling to goma. the w.h.o. committee has warned against closing buddhas and district trades. darcey government officials say many of those who came in contact with the preacher have been vaccinated and it's unlikely will spread fatah but asked still consigns is a key city. i can't afford to be afraid because if i'm scared of carrying someone i'll get no clients and that means no money so warshel i eat. what will be do now
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should be children because of this i'm very watered. more than a 1000000 people leave and sitting at the teep of lake it's easy to travel to other countries in the region as well as other parts of the. vaccinations in affected areas have intensified this is benny in north kivu province where there is concern that more people are getting sick there's also concern about the disease spreading to uganda health workers in south west uganda are vaccinating people who could have come in contact with the congresswoman who visited the bees in ponder market to trade a few days ago she died of a bullet when she returned home the government says she did not cross a formal border point where she'd of been screened this is the same region where a child tested positive for a bowler last month after his mother took him back to d'arcy to bury his father the
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child and later died adding to a death toll of more than 1600 in the past year cathy zoi al-jazeera. peter j. who is the dean for the national school of tropical medicine at baylor college of medicine he says that without the a ball of vaccine the situation would be worse. so the w.h.o. the world health organization is concerned because they've made a request for $98000000.00 to fight this epidemic and so far they receive less than half of it so i think the subtext of this is by declaring this public health emergency and might stimulate some of the donor countries to come up with the full $98000000.00 requested this vaccine has been a game changer i think if it weren't for the vaccine so far about 100130000 people have been immunized against ebola if it wasn't for the vaccine we'd be looking at a situation similar to what we saw in 2014 when the ball is spread across guinea
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liberia and sierra leone of course then we had no vaccine and if it wasn't for the vaccine and going on right vaccination programs going on right now we could be looking at a situation as bad or worse as what we saw in 2014 so it so far it's been highly effective by some estimates the vaccines been more than 90 percent protective and this really has been is what i call a game changer it's made a huge difference things would be far worse without it right now. turkey's deputy consul general has been shutdowns in the northern iraqi city over beal at least one other person was reports is killed in the attack at some restaurants some of the reports from baghdad it was just another meal at this local restaurant and they're below the capital of iraq snowden could. but soon after a turkish diplomat and his colleagues down a gunman entered and opened fire. goodish intelligence sources believe multiple attackers were involved but only one carried out the killings the turkish deputy
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consul general was shot at point blank range and died instantly so far no one has claimed responsibility iraq's foreign ministry has condemned the incident and kurdish authorities have launched an investigation the turkish president we did after the killing i condemn the heinous attack against our consular staff and their real i wish god's mercy for our personnel who were martyred we are continuing our initiatives with the local and iraqi authorities to find the perpetrators as soon as possible the turkish foreign minister says turkey is ready to assist. us according to information we gathered a turkish diplomat stationed in our consulate was attacked by 3 people while she was eating lunch in a restaurant a colleague passed away may god have mercy on his soul. with borders extending to syria turkey and iran northern iraq has remained a complicated international battleground in the eastern part iranian forces have been targeting and iran kurdish fighters.


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