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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 198  Al Jazeera  July 18, 2019 2:32pm-3:02pm +03

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but i am going to. push you on my. friend the jointness and the fact that he went to this could come back and no monopoly had to say what is. going to be calm. and which i. have. faith faith is a stance in prison and you. know. that adams.
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for your loss when you meals that is better than. leaving them in the us closest thing on the market call national. get things. started i learned the kid had to leave it all of which the council really hopeless balsall. thing. so cut away that is simmons then there is a reason to do it alone even though i don't. feel when menteri simplicius rejoicing in a. decent season they would be my 2nd wanted but still was to get an image of his imported. denouncing. look in iraq i'm going to look is that going to federal indictment demand we know about it seeing. how ready that are made to look then to the important channel even by luck last
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night get manners. when we'll be able to compared to wednesday's dickens. better in turns out on this than last minute they will check it in. full of the logs rather not in their district games like. mine in doing on house so not all hot dogs like me mom and me so we'll see who's. also on the stage and i don't know that it devolved just but they come and demand an end where a lot. of us may hold the noise down to give. i mean
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a lot of you have a j h one of. them up on. that bus but i know. that i've. got. no. escape from poignantly king did you feel a little mary's or is it is there less of a media grooming he said of marty her.
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less able to. get on this and i've got to guess he'll not want to live there but i mean 100 mass at the new currency and but i may do that if. i am us but when i ask you gentlemen in 111 minute about bonnie that money that money we're going to put i mean you got to know you and i felt. let me through that when we found. the enemy thank you jack you're going to go after me kind of thing. no money days get back think they mean this is. jordan the company had a case to guess a apposing i mean the. it's making. him other muslim women breaking. the law. is.
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not when my anunaki. where my another. big rallies get what i read. and. they tell you they mean demi beginning. then you are you. eat it like it is not about. this being hi julie. that i'm. kind of guy is going to get all this implied by me. if place
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a good thing moves ahead without a complaining enemy. or less city plus a new look a stammers present. week you know yeah it could get better and i see when. you. see a local magazine that the did they got into. their lives. that's good the only thing that. we can really care by 7 am maybe. here massive. but apart from our money i have heard me play a much. better see the case and make ways to. give you a star in a game but at the boy's head it was ai enough for a jacket western or much it is when looking to make a more tonight the. brutal murder limerick urlacher didn't.
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go. to him but i was. better and i'm with p.v.c. . then and only when i feel that it was time to let you have a. look at me i'm mostly looking at motion is coming diminished by almost and then. the original. the error is that imus is questionable not of the founder as opposed to on our side but. come on what they don't mean woman better but i would promote. her right when they're doing and then
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this and latest. sterilizes young male but it means. that they say that i mean. no inclusion of the let him into the new show ability in general but on the butt of . my opinion on the bickering. i. give them enough. to.
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spend the money to not only think they can't wait to. meet. the man to. beat.
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oh oh.
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let me begin you generally think in a global league in your character damon numbered boy. the lady i am a cia means i'm not only. looking at. it when i but they meet with. me simply by the symbolism they are mostly me you're putting up a. good
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bit of the buttons on. and of that but i mean it was a fairly. they need. to get. going because. but obviously what are they going to get out of it if. you have me to examples it would feel that i. will.
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say so. because he's going to so you can see that this is illegal and. so maybe they are looking beyond us so he maybe will. these. are. basically is the. way. that it would. be deal with it would look into. the study needs a little but. what
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about all of. the money and. the how that way. to manage it but let me. the story goes that the statue of an ancient greek god he beat the waves for millenia. until a palestinian fisherman on earth the priceless relic. the story continues that as the world's attention was drawn to her as mysteriously the day
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it disappeared once again. the apollo of gaza. on a. tibetan culture a down's thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to be a bright subdued tailback cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are or whether. this is a suburb of the idiot capital delhi to better serve the refugees here since 964. patents here have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient starting a pair of businesses and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. recruited to win a war exploited to on the battlefield to call the new regime placed in different value in africa inviting you to name your peers and then abandoned for
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a lifetime we should be ashamed for producing for for our country on this big offer to people in power investigates the plight of imperial britons african troops begin tonight the forgotten heroes of empire on al-jazeera. this is the opportunity to understand the very different way where there is something that we don't leave. i'm how he'd seen in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. house of representatives has rebuked the president's by voting to block the sale of some arms to saudi arabia the bills were passed by the senate last month but donald trump is expected to veto the resolutions mike hanna reports from washington d.c. the joint resolution is passed. the house passes 3 bills expressing disapproval at
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arms sales to saudi arabia 238 vote in favor 190 against the 1st bill dealt with the sale of precision guided missiles the 2nd with the export of smart bombs and the 3rd was aimed at blocking the sale of hughes's needed to detonate the muscles and bombs. the bulls had earlier been passed in the senate and will now go to the white house but president trump has made clear he exercises veto and it appears neither house nor senate could raise the 2 thirds majority that would be needed to reject the veto and possum laws without presidential signature yet this bipartisan move by congress will have an impact this moment congress is clearly not interested in excel or reading american support for saudi arabia in its war in yemen and does not like having its authority usurped by the executive branch
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when it comes to approving arms sales it's making a statement it's laying down a marker it understands that the president will ultimately get his way but over time it can wear down the opposition and potentially even override a veto. there are layers of reasons for congress's anger about president trump's relationship with saudi arabia earlier this year the president vetoed a bipartisan bill demanding an end to u.s. support for saudi's war in yemen. then he invoked emergency legislation citing a threat from iran to override a congregational ban on weapons sales and thirdly they're still intense and gain congress at the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi and the steadfast refusal of president trump to hold the saudi leadership accountable but even if or when the president vetoes the latest round of legislation there will be more to come in particular a bull demanding a report from the u.s. intelligence community about the call shoji murder that has been included in the
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hearts of the defense authorization bill 2020 that was passed by a resoundingly vote of 405 to 7. mike hanna al-jazeera washington. the u.s. president has stepped up his attacks on 4 democratic congresswoman of color while addressing supporters in north carolina i i. the courage jones had sent her back hours donald trump launched into a tirade against one of the women omar the progressive group has been the focus of days of presidential tweets condemns by the hundreds of represents this as racist. the world health organization has declared the ball i'd break in the eastern democratic republic of congo an international health emergency there is concern the virus could spread quickly after cases surfaced in densely populated areas bordering rwanda and uganda at least 12 people have died in
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a fire at an animation studio in japan police are investigating arson as a possible cause of the blaze in the city of kioto local media say a man has been taken into custody. turkey has called the u.s. decision to suspend it from the f. 35 fighter jet program unfair saying it will harm their relations u.s. made the move after turkey accepted the delivery of russia's s 400 air defense system. puerto rico governor ricardo resellers says he's staying in office despite days of protests calling for his resignation. the demonstrations respond by leaks online chats between the governor and his calls to sterilize the conversations included in a soldier's sick and homophobic comments. and a u.s. court has sentenced mexican drug lord chapo guzman to life in prison plus 30 years he was convicted in february of murder conspiracy and drug trafficking well those
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are the headlines the u.s. continues and i'll just say are after europe's forbid new colony.
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2 the european parliament brussels where the people of europe send their representatives. because of the boxes of the of the m.p.'s. they belong to the people who will jump at these to hold the european union to account. a look you can hear us look inside. what do they do here. nothing. there's a hugely important debate about the future all to european union today and i'm trying to see. i mean it's impossible for them and people to bet it is a european problem and it's not accountable. like even in croatia in the parliament you have a balcony with ordinary people can come every day and look what's happening but you know. the closest i can get is the press room where we get to see our
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representatives on t.v. . but then the european parliament is unique. normally parliaments the wise their own laws but here they can only accept or reject legislation from the unelected european commission you know. it's one of the reasons you believe there nigel farage says britain well it's to leave the e.u. leave and just days after the break sit while he's relishing his success well i have to say you know laughing now i. know that. as a policy to impose poverty on greece and the rest of that trade you've done very well by stealth by deception without telling the truth you would get the call that a political year here the worst thing is that he's right everything was put out that's correct even if you love him so it will be a seismic there's a tragedy over there in the thick. i may not agree with what he stands for but
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that's the paradox of europe today. i don't think so what has caused his anger against europe. question yes how do explain the rise of he'll keep on trying less and you'll become europe. i don't know how do you mean smart how do you explain the rise of i must tell you how do you explain the rise of some reason you know how do you explain that it's a failing on your opinion and i want to turn yes on this if. you are getting the growth of houses across the political spectrum growth of rejectionism of this model because the model doesn't apply just not me so what do we have then i mean we have nation states because of nation states borders walls and there isn't this dangerous i don't know and democracy here but where is america say what is not here. so i'm going on a journey to understand how come the far right can claim to be the savings of democracy europe.
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nepos old one we saw how europe is facilitating gets on colonisation privatisation the extraction of resources in secret trade deals like the t.t.p. . the nature of the agreements is a construction of ultra nearly broke system will cement culture here of liberalism within your. and the financial forces behind the politicisation are driving governments into wars abroad. which in turn are producing refugee flows that challenge an already anxious population. that major decisions that determine how life is lived are made without popular participation and that causes anger frustration and contempt for the parliamentary system leads
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to erratic and often frightening reactions that's couple little severe economic growth. in this episode and examine how the anger and frustration generated by this wailed politicization of p.b.s. the future pm democracy as we know. in november 2015 terrorists attacked paris killing 130 people leaving over 400 injured. attacks on brussels airport and nice followed all carried out in the name of i.c. . so how did you don't make sense of this we discussed it as coming out of northern in explicable acts committed by evil people because of their adherents to a religious ideology. but just because
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a neck this inexcusable doesn't mean it's inexplicably. known tomsky is a prolific writer only international relations and the riches of terrorism you look at news international these are people from the. miserable suburbs the persian culture its internal problems that are leading to terrorist attacks again people with you know the people involved people been picked up by the police at least. the very few. shallow islamic groups that are drawn to jihadism kind of a way out of their group ration and humiliation the. internal pressure.
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the belgian and pairs attacks were carried out by a man from brussels. if somehow runs a youth center here in the district of small and. i 5 nice to meet you yes welcome to a little bit of things when you show us around a bit yeah. you'll encounter any kind of discrimination maybe already in your childhood because you are all my stories and never let the faces in my school my. skin the look the family just springing from posting some boats must seem so but my luck on them but. to trust. to believe that some of the terrorists for committed the terrorist attacks in madrid in paris and also here there from falling back is the level of discrimination higher today after the. terrorist attacks. when you know yes or no because i tell you of course after that that's we felt like more like we were just
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that nothing in the machine on the on the thing in the morning i mean when you see the people who committed so i thought that they were not really you missed him we focus a lot of a nation they were people let's some months before they were standing in the coffee drinking alcohol so the prime is not the problem is the money big the problem is the do you feel the problem is when the are both are the feelings that that we did and did not do as politician and as media also that that make them feel that those people so it's clear that from the society so they were just like really enough to be on board it in some in some extreme areas. but could this just be an exultant i want to find some hard evidence. so we arrived at the free.


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