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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 19, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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about the most i can but he didn't come up with that more so now in. a lot of it got up was something i did on a mobile out of the slaughterhouse. i would love to live out of on the local from the bahamas and i had this go under sort of the bottom with just somebody. on the sector of the house so on the look i am to want to look at that i'm going to win over. the norm the heart
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of the machine little bottle good luck just because of. the smile you just say i didn't. then look at that i've been caring for half a year or. member half a year so i thought i'd been a model i'm in c. and i must serve with them on the floor i love when most of them didn't miss a call move. we got an amount of them stuff about them about how the us your human model from where you. live. if you know how us feel souther you know an escort girl is. a mask id. but i haven't had a yet for you how do you mean it when the ones i like in the ones i'm going to confront but i'm going to try to power some of them with water. aloha to govern or the. rock the i love it was written
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a few years it's one of it's not just a little bit of a cormac i come out of the enemy by the name of a quarter of an off. martin and all of them are no better than what the head was all this for the belle of the. moment on. a. whim and of course you might think. this is the show did looking more closely like evil 50 she. says if you read the cool
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reason for. your new event in then you want to read to veer and after along comes the last look oh i seen as you need done i'm a i love. a story there mark already. went on and you know for them available new and in many feel good and we need they known. oakley put there is jr dick revealed done by mail there's just some bit and multiple that i've got on d. to v. the i'm a if i get so we declare me and. so on no different at with on m.s.n. you. see did i learn therefore she not her for. you know 2 of people us.
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you know see if there are more laid out and he did it he did it the day i said no i guess i don't eat up here type of thing palatinate to the possibility. of a president to put on his energy then maybe he placed my sock yourself as he went to. the all. in and. the 1st not happy one can he saw. the corporate evil show
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and the. mayhem machine or in the with. a porn movie has buckets of a cd by the iraq t.v. we knocked him. with some of the show was. for i think the new. mission elegy the loddon in the us into the recent government was developed at a low budget. if you.
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can do. 8 it. in the can i live. in. and. the greek standard of on. was the head of. the medina medina the north of where the unit.
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was the height of. a lava deck and. the. vision of what a massive. and . saw the. inside of a mummy. just in the whole mess do they allow the lot and must. be. on the whole.
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the whole. german trying to have fun movie version where you. got to show you. without kind of doing a lot to observe luciana vote but if. you lived in one of the 3. not even. going to tell a very good. book on i want to. reduce i feel a mean willingness of. fairness up and up to. his image of a cut themselves. but they're not going to have. an
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income. shortfall. when the. i'm happy to underestimates the. going to know how to fish it's just. sort of good and most of it was really good was a man who won a lot of money out of the. blue going to move on ship. the ship had to. be cool to be out of the modeling for the. right kind of sinegal day if he was. i don't know from that you're on an awful. lot of ship because they have been asking me to join and said listen this
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happens in melbourne on the on the bus for a couple that's a little smaller than what do are very good with what. i have and all came into. a lot of so i mean i've got a little bit been. going to bed than most normal yeah i mean i would have had the most law feel but you know but yeah i mean it doesn't have to i'll solve oh oh yeah you can you can last my heart but. i mean. char in our new pollution our. new. initiative yet nancy and us what. they're in back a few 100 of us what more do with any kind of attention. to stuff them into good or more gifts. that i've said it. that's not actually.
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2223 more where they're going going out you know kids young. bores need to pop up soon need up their teen newborns or some for samples now or should do not business will continue on waited for though.
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so a new do more to slim their work if you spare us or where to suit we'll look and sound almost all of our normal most of the benefits of this and what we're also the excess in perth girl aboard the nouveau looking bird but today with this is a computer piercers a 1st for you only or whatever for other meshuggah we can agree or so because go perform the work for 4 men or get updated risk just like when i was there betty was up for support they needed only offer to look into us yorkie so he sold the boers remember our crucially as your militiamen convinced elected give us what the good door itself instead acted only mean of the need for me to be taken said to go show the. to depict the fog as i said mr noisy group on or you know new do vowing that he says she'll put her on the dish this is he says i call showing black
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off it kills it you see it you saw leverkusen left he said the spot where home was that's because celeste said take your bed you bought it i said take you a question is your policy a group only value lazy the lazy does it go off it don't go that way myself who can lead fair. nope we're not on our air. no let up on about had the arsenal are going to earn nothing so all she can you. should've been owns. them the house from them because the one i love my brother got me up more than us what was it about on one house but i will look here. and how this in kind of going to. be very i mean and the individual both at
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the baton pass all over and over there so there's a kind of fellow home that has a little song but 100 i was there as i had just realized that i had them so i think that and i'm sure many of those are those are under 4 on the news so you have bones became a you had the you know in the. limited ok let me kill osama christian can you because you could look it up on our. look a lot and then can hear mr will all come and vomit and. the piece. that i said at the aussie little disloyal if you look at the sort of body image in the blue. one is the one you well know of the. blossom in the snow and this can lead a mishmash more than and. i
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mean the baby a little bit of a thing you must not feel like you're jealous i would just assume a lot of i miss for your luck i celebrate and i'm going to have to go to vegas with a new item. i have i'm going to get him i get mad then the show can have madness meant to do what he. turman set a global call on a bit of a mongo if you heard about it it could look at all good hope of a limited 3 month service at them because of it but.
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this is you a few dozen you need here probably to fight it i'm also on medicare but tuesday a closer q.c. can i suppose it is a guinness above its new halls. was a hold on along with which if you. suck a sausage is a fall. there's also. a group of women fighting for the right to enter a cycle of hindu temple that has long been the exclusive domain of man one i want
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to waste investigates the battle to mow the come centuries of scrimmage nation in india on al-jazeera. with a big breaking news story it can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions in your ear you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air on things thinking that you realize even witness history in the making. how does you know we're close to god just to be called on the tribes. he used to rely on their expertise sneaks. mcalpin for their traditional music and down to adapt and survive the modern internet.
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brad just hands the dancers on how to see. al-jazeera. where ever you are. oh i'm giving up poland and these are main stories and i was there the u.s. president has an american warship has shot down an iranian drone over the strait of hormuz trump wants other countries to condemn terror and work with the us to protect their own ships boxer took defensive action against an iranian drone
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which had closed into a very very near distance approximately $1000.00 yards ignoring multiple calls to stand down and was threatening the safety of the ship and the ship's crew the drone was immediately destroyed this is the latest of many provocative and hostile actions by iran against vessels operating in international waters. but there are as foreign minister says he's not aware of any missing drone. the issue of the drone is still under investigation based on the latest information i received from tehran we have so far no information about losing a drone. u.s. congresswoman has returned home to a warm welcome in her state of minnesota a day after crowd chanted her back at the president's latest rally donald trump is
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now trying to distance himself from his supporters saying he felt badly about what's happened an emergency meeting of the u.s. capitol police board has been called now because of heightened threats against 4 democratic congress women who have come under attack from trump recent days british politicians are back to move to stop the next prime minister from suspending parliament so force through a new deal breaks it the vote adds a new arrival for boris johnson has to take over as leader next week. and the united nations is called out saudi arabia and the united arab emirates for failing to honor their aid pledges to yemen both countries promised to give $750000000.00 but the u.n. aid achieves says only a small amount has been handed over police in sudan have fired tear gas at protesters at a rally honoring those killed in the months long protests hundreds of thousands marched in khartoum to remember more than $200.00 people killed since december. and
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we returned to witness the apolo of gaza. it's 50 years since the world watched as u.s. astronauts lost off on a mission many to impossible or whatever then marveled as they made those 1st uncertain steps. are. joining us as we look at the ingenuity and those who made the journey home 11 possible. landing 50 years on an al-jazeera news special.
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by the. guy who by the fans who got our 1st shots. how about for a better new best be out of the new learn fancy in. her. new video issue during her career. and in the deck in my columbus. right now. a balloon bust maneuver that he.
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has enjoyed them. so how can president. nuland attempt sheriff show best stuff with the many best if. i can sure who was sure terry for sure but a child fishing. pressure only gonna learn a young president from back in the. shell of the mill a god looks might be really. pushed. some other fish and to different groups on the front group you can you. see many are. sorry for cantelli. slow mo talk among for the whole.
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feel like i'm often asked had. this one to do with their. monsignor standing in the stream and probably not does i'm a person of my ballot yeah just a year behind me now and evaluating my financial shape. while i'm in that my limited lending have now and. for anakin when i will my been bellweather been shut off i learned father led the nation killed. between shakeel best edition i will. be all come see 1000000 of the lot michele really i will. at least listen to another 30 min baby at that home in b.b. a hospital will be our 1st look. maybe and. the thought behind you are that are added in anna. belle and the other to numb and more careful and
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millie year a women call phyllis than ian or oba could if it is them in their heart robot aluminum the lot are minimal and the ice a bit of a balloon has. the. kind of. fall of article collision of of the for quality of care can i'll be able to shell out. but not for. you do your militia of the don't feel. you know no sure lynnette you have no shares keep up the education and. cheap you can be had in me you would not then don't be young. people version of people see did that you. sit up only to not repeat the secure name.
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exception in the process that i know he she. she is it i said don't set a new object of fear if you believe you're going there when men may do what a book would do it on orbs you know one of only if he did you know probably. let the international that a did. not do just make the fall. have a contactor they cannot expand. it it is clearly an effortless condition orderly as you nor did i push people who've was she the cause you eat the national do not. made all of us go forces should look it took it out it. well and live it where you're at i you know on my. own initiative i
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got on our political we're the dilla pull on especially off your shoes come sell you've had a prayer or 2 point when you're in a store as young. and buy to duck a putting your nephew to stand in. and looking market that is obviously a says a felony. to . the. to. the to the. i know that to somebody who was in
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touch with the museum to bring it here to restore these here and i think that. there was at the end stop and interrupt these negotiations. as you can see those are sculpture that are from all the pag on. d.v.d. and of course we have our beautiful in venice coming from but. we have. the ana sauce we have the matter we have artemis we have. never a tuna. we have. to issues of the goddess of the fortune. we missed the point of a theory. for me to to look at material culture to understand to find an object that is so rare is 20 percent
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better this time it's like to attach a piece of history it's like going back to to this moment. if you want to present to a lot of people. as sculptures these could be is. natural . place. was. my well it. had to do with kermit the sophos. what i would call with the simplest decision and you know we were clearly. i add that in 30 years when you are a few look young you just. came to mind though with 30.
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1 others with 3 years of up and moved on and i wasn't as. good looked at the clock let's see you show a little earlier but they are off limits was i read where your team also already has. 33. machines in law as to what was she doing. in his year let out if and used as well it's a nice as the mistress of. the movie does tell you that you are still. well they. had a hit of fi had the macand the. pima i highly edgy
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den of on in this bitty lead can barely keep the familiar how about i dida messel and feel what he there like when been one half of the holly had cold front men look of a woman a she. there to tara of on. would you that the medina if it were almost had it but about the left coast meter on talk leave them. in fairly old infant and one of the about that has me time. after that one in a few years will settle for not about us of hobbit akeelah a thought about that but i $35.00 and she did of course in saudi. a minute but on all of that it might have. been the other might have had the feel
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of the that had him but. how the thing fell a terminal and you know and when we were for a muggle. other off we had the muck and had. delayed the. american of our commander at the men with whom our will that colonel had the from in the early when had made the well a solemn half of the highly it. should have. no. key for the city love even i. heard the who had him i mean this.
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this if you got me something. to give the fight you got to leave me yeah i could have set our national key key new redefault asked me did we get a clue i said if. i clicked it like i could please will perform secretly she nicole messenger by the what does this mean eagerly dick would be by volume but he won last year now he took it up but you will know what i'll see it when grandma knew how much the dollar my love it knew it all feel in your shop but she added you got more optimal level up a bit of an. ebook about when it's going to maturity not after all. you have a beautiful home to love such issue she does a pretty good. gummy don't look at the blue.


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