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because they're obviously deeply involved in syria and they'd like the gaunts control of agreement so i guess we need done and the only good thing here is trump those not want to war because he has so poor as a telegram if you do this is going to really hurt your election chances because he campaigned to get us out of these middle east wars well president might not want to war but the problem is that key members of his cabinet such as national security adviser john bolton that particularly want to go shake hands either no they don't but i thought was interesting to go back in north korea with the president i have to the g. 20 meeting went over to north korea to see chairman kim john bolton was actually in mongolia the only took a spam really so i think he doesn't pay as much attention as presidents normally would to the national security team in fact he said that several several times i think bolton provides him some political cover with the neoconservatives but the
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president thinks he's a great deal maker and if the 2 sides can come to a face saving way to start the negotiations i think will be ok but i do worry about an accidental conflagration here with drones for example or seizing the ships that could get out of hand thank you very much joining us on the news out lawrence korb for us assistant secretary of defense thank you for having me. in all the developments u.s. president donald trump is blaming fake news for the backlash against racist chance that his campaign rally in north carolina on wednesday has been an outpouring of support for somali born congresswoman ellen omagh after transporters chanted send her back at the event in a series of tweets over the weekend trumpet and 3 other progressive democratic congresswoman to go back to their countries of origin. after trying to distance
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himself from the chance on thursday trump was back to attacking omar again when he spoke to reporters in the oval office. i'm unhappy with the fact that a congresswoman can hate our country among happy with the fact that the congresswoman can say anti-semitic things imo unhappy with the fact that a congresswoman in this case a different woman can call our country and our people garbage that's what i'm unhappy or not at those people in north carolina that stadium was packed it was a record crowd and i could have filled it 10 times as you know those are incredible people those are incredible patriots but i'm not happy what a congresswoman goes and says i'm going to be the president's my mayor he's going to be the president by. he's lucky to be where she is let me tell you. the things that she has said are displaced to our country. it with the news hour live from
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london much more still ahead prime minister resigns for a 2nd time after he summoned to the hague to answer questions about war crimes reports dozens of protesters from hong kong have fled to taiwan seeking refuge. and then in sport why the world's best female cyclists are continuing to challenge the organizers of the world's biggest race. south africa's corruption watchdog says it's found the president cyril ramaphosa deliberately misled parliament when questioned about the 2017 donation to his party campaign fund from a post had said he knew nothing of a 35 $1000.00 donation while vying for the governing policies top job with a public prosecutor says he was lying for me to man has moved from pretoria. cyril ramaphosa came into office vowing to fight corruption we must fight corruption we
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must pride floored and. as well as in the private sector with the same purples and intensity that we want to fight in the public sector but the public protector says he deliberately misled parliament when answering questions about a campaign donation made 2 years ago come up also who was defeated president of south africa at the time received a donation of the t. $5000.00 when he was running for president of the african national congress but he told parliament that the money was for his son and the deal is foundation it turns out there's no foundation from up close that issued a correction saying the money was for his own campaign and he didn't know about it i have come to the conclusion they do these in marriage to the allegations relating to their suspicion of money laundering as alluded to in the complaint last the interested exposed to serve to their risk of
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a conflict between his private interest and he's of a shared responsibilities the public protector says she has evidence that as much as $28000000.00 was channeled through various campaign trust and other beneficiary accounts linked to rama porsche and good one this is from a poor search should have declared the donations to avoid a conflict of interest she wants both the president and c.e.o. of the company gavin watson investigated for money laundering this is gone beyond the parameters of simply a parliamentary misdemeanor it has got into the realms of criminal justice and certainly it will provide ammunition for several romal pools as enemies within them within the a.n.c. who we know are many to go after his continued leadership of the party the public protector's verdict means that i'm up or so i will have to declare all donations to his campaign within 30 days the president says he'll study the report and make a decision on any further action corruption continues to be an issue the governing
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african national congress is battling not only is president so. from a process facing a scandal of his own his predecessor president jacob zuma is appearing somewhat say reluctantly before a commission of inquiry into state corruption during his 9 years in office zuma concluded his 4th day of testimony after withdrawing from proceedings saying he was being treated unfairly but later said he would return to the witness stand while solved africans are looking for answers the promise of a corruption free south africa appears to be elusive leader mullah al jazeera pretoria south africa. joining us now from gauteng province is caleb olga point he has a political science professor at the university of south africa thank you very much for speaking to us on the news out there were hearing anthony does report that corruption is appears to be the biggest challenge facing the a.n.c.
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right now how serious are these allegations against president. these allegations are very serious in my view miriam because as you heard in that leigh obviously corruption has been one of the major issues in there recently you know how the elections in may to indian indian and it was one of those issues that at present sitaram of course was competing was based on in other words he was running allies here on an anti corruption ticket given what's all of your experience in the past 9 yes so this years these allegations are very serious and they're quite. 6 of in nature that can upset a cut in terms of both the party that is leading the african national congress and of course in terms of his popularity out there especially for those people who feel that when the boys are. cleaning the mess is that recorded quote created by east pretty says. in terms of jacob zuma and his apparent says in court there are those
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who say he has been unfairly targeted and that he is not being treated fairly you also have supporters of run opposing to say that these allegations of politically motivated what how would you describe the general sentiment amongst the broader public in south africa how do they view this in simple terms of to summarize that as a divided to mixed opinion public opinion because as you rightly point out of the out those support us if 7 support us and ones might say who believe that he's being unfairly targeted in his victimizes a victim of what he himself calls political conspiracy you know there is this this this sort of thing as far biggest in 1000 ninety's during b.s. about the best and instructor again those. who believe that he's with the case go on and ask you i demand that you know they whose wealth they touch as it is called
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. or mullet decision his management have to point directly to the wall and therefore he cannot play the victim and. the fates what i gave you in the justifiable accusations and allegations. we've got local elections coming up in 2021 and then national elections shortly after that does that give the a.n.c. a few years to repair this damage. in my view there too will give in see very little time and you know to repair the damage already we have seen the impact of the damage or the effects of the damage of the previous era in one years of prison jacob zuma in the last you know elections in may when the agency you know failed to you know to achieve 60 percent just just in the under 60 as is the case and 57 percent of their vote that they're not so if you don't extend i think that
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there will be little time between the local government elections of 2021 or the next in the snowed in the relations in 2023 because currently their party is you know seemingly erupt out and they actually. said to have their functions and misfortunes are very very difficult to repair one would have thought that there there would not be in this condo at least. if we fall off a scandal such as what is going to be about to unfold in terms of the latest accusations of the prison from a poster size that this will give him time it released to put the party to get a bring it together make sure that you know he brings unity and they're full of it you know it is done what many believe and the party has been facing since you know jacob zuma was leading the party seems to in 2009 thank you very much for joining us kalibo got my point here from the university of south africa thank you
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the netherlands supreme court has ruled that dutch peacekeepers were partly liable for the deaths of $350.00 muslim refugees they handed over to bosnian serb forces in trepanning in 1905 a case is groundbreaking and might set an international legal precedent for countries which contribute troops to peacekeeping operations but the court also reduced the degree of state identity from 30 percent to 10 percent angering the relatives of the victims paul brennan reports. the bereaved relatives of the mothers of srebrenica group of 40 for more than 2 decades for justice emerging from court they were bitterly disappointed and i know i'm shaken i'm surprised but i will never forgive them i will never let go of this. at potter chary server need said july 995 a crisis became a massacre thousands of terrified muslim civilians crammed into the un compound seeking refuge and when serbian forces entered the town for 400 dutch un
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peacekeepers were outgunned and outnumbered women and men were separated and the only 8000 men and boys were taken away and murdered the supreme court case focused on 350 muslim men with the dutch peacekeepers had handed over to the serbs despite knowing the man would probably be murdered but the judges estimated that the men would have had only a 10 percent chance of survival even if they'd been allowed to stay inside the un compound the outcome is that the state bears very limited responsibility in the case of the mothers of subject matter. the responsibility of the liability is limited to 10 percent of the damages suffered by the remaining relatives of $350.00 male refugees who were staying at the compound of dutch about the dutch case is regarded as groundbreaking in establishing that governments can be held liable if the peacekeepers they send on un missions fail to protect civilians during armed
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conflicts but it's also being legally controversial on the dutch advocate general had called the liability irrational the claimants believe it's the 10 percent decision that's irrational oh and dared whatever those are called they admitted 10 percent of liability but that still means that the admitted responsibility of the defense ministry of the netherlands and their government are responsible for genocide in srebrenica it doesn't matter one percent 10 percent or 100 percent they are responsible it's not clear what level of financial compensation the relatives might finally get that will be decided in a separate court case paul brennan al-jazeera you know the developments kosovo's prime minister is resigning for a 2nd time because he's jew in front of a war crimes court in the netherlands next week high during i called on kosovo to hold a snap election to find a replacement for him deny was a rebel commander in the cost of the liberation army chairing its violent struggle for independence from serbia 20 years ago he then went into politics and became
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prime minister resigned in 2005 when he was indicted by the united nations war crimes tribunal for the former yugoslavia it was tried and acquitted twice by the court 1st in 2008 then in a 2012 retrial now harradine eye has been summoned by the specialist chamber set up in 2015 in the hague to try for my k.l.a. members for alleged war crimes. from this moment on we are in resignation as a government the reason is that they have been avoided to be questioned as a suspect but a special court where i will appear next week saw i consider that they cannot go to the question who is ahead of a governor and as an ordinary civilian as a revolutionary. iraq where thousands of people are taking part in an anti-government protest in the capital baghdad demonstrators gathered outside the office of prime minister abdullah abdullah the they say his government has failed
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to provide basic services like water and electricity or to tackle high unemployment and no shortages only get worse as the temperatures sause during the summer months . meanwhile thousands of algerians of return to the streets once again to demand a change of government. it's the 22nd week since the protests began across the country with demonstrations led to the prime minister to the president under those he's basically his resignation ending his 20 year rule the mass rallies continued when his ally stayed in government protests to say they want a complete political overhaul with the ruling elite held to account for corruption . but algerians also have something to celebrate after winning football's africa cup of nations for the 1st time in 29 years with a one meal victory of the sun a goal the scenes in the capital algiers in baghdad been a jam but algeria head off to just 2 minutes despite many attempts on goal from
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senegal algeria's journey to the college of africa's chaos on the streets of paris which has a large algerian community more than 200 people arrested during the riots off algeria's picture of a nigeria in the tournament semifinal we'll have more on this story coming up later this hour and. also coming up on the program for you destined for demolition palestinian houses built in the wrong place at the wrong time according to the israelis. with the sophisticated early warning system helping villages who refuse to leave their homes on the slopes of one of the world's deadliest volcanoes. and why some great shots like this one didn't help many goals biggest names at the chance to. annoy.
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hello the wood heat wave seems much overused to the moment and it would be in the immediate future in europe but it'll just be one continent going into a heat wave in the near future but right now we've got cloud in northern europe took in the northwest is bringing wind and rain not particularly cold weather admittedly but the breeze us take away what should be a midsummer glory and that's the picture for saturday 27 in paris probably with one storm certainly with cloud and rain nearby little bit less warm in london but we're over 30 now in vienna and this is the proper summery bit a few thunderstorms and as you say north and it stays prone mostly looks fine that's true through the balkans too a good part of ukraine is sunny but look at the heat building in spain in portugal 38 and betrayed 13 hour time to get to sunday that he's going to cross the pyrenees
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and i think much of western europe will see next week develop into pretty high temperatures not necessary middle or the east this is still nice but next year in germany it too cloudy breezy only 25 degrees now heading south mediterranean the weather is fine and that's true as you might expect throughout north africa was tempers not too hot on the coast although tunis once again is up to 36. after more than a decade of civil war life remains a challenge in sierra leone. we follow the citizens of this war torn nation as they push their limits. course avoid. risking years in sierra leone. on al-jazeera.
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the diagnosis he has been sick for 6 months now the challenge ahead in the long of these 96 could be the new cure for a brace of a new tool for color in your home and disability al-jazeera examines pio treatments so this is the. yes it's basically a wearable robot which we visited does iraq. welcome back a recap of the headlines iran has captured
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a british flag oil tanker in the strait of hormuz a 2nd british owned tank that was ordered by the iranian military but then it was allowed to then continue its journey this is iranian state t.v. has footage it says was filmed by a drone the u.s. claims to have destroyed proving it return to its base. and our other top stories south africa's corruption watchdog says it's found the president opposed to deliberately misled parliament when asked about the donation to his campaign fund. house officials have been struggling to contain the above the epidemic in the democratic republic of congo the world health organization has declared the situation an international emergency and there are fears a lack of leadership on the ground will need to an even bigger crisis of diplomatic editor james bias reports now from the united nations. once again africa is confronted with one of the world's most contagious and deadly diseases 1600
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deaths in the democratic republic of congo and for now cases of abode continue to rise the last major outbreak of the disease was in 2014 then the u.n. set up a special mission the united nations mission for a boat and sea response or. tony banbury was the u.n. official in charge he's been watching the response to the latest outbreak with frustration we need a much more comprehensive response and until that happens until there's political leadership in coal there's a crisis operations leadership on the ground we're just going to see the current a ball a crisis in the deer sea get worse do you believe that political considerations perhaps have trumped the the public health ones here i heard a very senior official from w.h.o. on the radio saying one reason they delayed declaring an international public health emergency was precisely because of opposition within the dear thing
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government it was said loud and clear by a senior official and for those of us who were thrust into the 2014 crisis very late in the game it was devastating to hear that frankly because that was one of the big mistakes from the 2014 crisis the un's top humanitarian official admits that the global response to a boat is badly on the funny did we hope there will be a much stronger international response one of the things i have been noting is that the response i think to the last outbreak which attracted to this this state has. involved $2000000000.00. in an area to graphically which is comparable. so that we do with the news to see now me the population which is not so wildly different we have at the moment only a fraction of that in 2014 the crisis was even seen as
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a potential threat to international peace and security the security council met to discuss the situation no such meetings are planned this time but mr bambery who 5 years ago was the one brief the security council says that shows there's not yet the global leadership needed to defeat this latest outbreak jamesburg al-jazeera at the united nations. a 41 year old man suspected of an arson attack on an animation studio in japan is said to have accused the company of stealing his ideas animation fans have been laying flowers outside the keratosis studio for the 33 people who died fire officials say the building did not have any sprinklers or indoor hydrants and still most of the victims were found in a stairway leading from the 3rd floor up to the roof japan's worst mass killing in 2 decades. at least 2 people have been killed and 12 a missing after a massive explosion at a gas plant in central china the impact of the blast shattered windows and
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buildings in a 3 kilometer radius of the plant and left 18 people seriously injured that industrial accidents have been common throughout china in march an explosion at a chemical plant in eastern john the shoe province killed 78 people. taiwan's president is saying a government will follow humanitarian principles when dealing with asylum seekers from hong kong citing when was responding to reports that a group of protesters fighting the controversial extradition bill in hong kong fled to taiwan to seek protection bittorrent case and he reports. during recent protests in hong kong millions of people rallied against him now withdrew an extradition bill that would have allowed people to be sent to mainland china for trial. protesters who stormed the city's legislature was so concerned they could be punished unfairly they flown to neighboring thailand to seek asylum its president has offered them support. regarding the hong kong people who've arrived in taiwan
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who would deal with them following humanitarian principles taiwan has had its own government since 1949 and is opposed to reunification with mainland china beijing sees taiwan as part of its territory taiwan has no formal refugee law but amnesty international says taiwan's government can provide hong kong protesters refuge based on existing regulations in article 18 there's saying the necessary assistance should be provided to hunker down in macau residents who safety and i mean for political reasons so we believe there is actually a way that one how and his government could step those those of syrians the protest is a hoping to follow in the footsteps of hong kong bookseller lam winkie he was held in china for almost 8 months for selling books critical of the chinese government he fled to taiwan in april the protesters who arrived in taiwan may not be the last
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at least 30 others are reportedly preparing to leave hong kong fearing for their safety victoria gave him be out there. turkey saying its war planes and drones hit multiple targets in the kurdish region of northern iraq in response to the murder of one of its diplomats on wednesday a gunman shot and killed turkey's deputy consul general and 2 other people in a restaurant in erbil the capital of iraqi kurdistan going to aim has mall. the assassination of turkish diplomat all small on costa was filmed by restaurant security cameras 2 iraqi kurdish civilians also died in the shootings now police are widely distributing these photos of a man they say is the primary suspect in what they're describing as a terrorist attack this is muslim dagg sources say the 27 year old turkish citizens cover was working as a cafe waiter in erbil but he was really
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a member of the armed kurdistan workers party or p k k it's deemed a terrorist group by turkey and the united states on friday morning turkey conducted air strikes on a people making a camp in northern iraq where sources say dag trained he allegedly visited the camp 4 times last week some analysts say pinpointing the p.k. k.'s involvement in the shootings is premature a spokesman with the military wing of the p.k. k. denies involvement now is that hanna a political analyst says typically that admits responsibility for attacks in this case he thinks this well executed hit exceeded the group's capabilities. will move this operation surprised everybody including the newly formed government . in the kurdistan regional government and also targeting the ration ship if you
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ankara. the suspect is the brother of a turkish member of parliament representing a pro kurdish party the party released a statement saying the accusation is politically motivated and intended to undermine its peaceful agenda security analyst murat aslan believes this attack underscores the need for turkey to continue its goal to get rid of the peace in iraq and beyond. and then because trying to trolls themselves it sets right to iraq's unity it's tried to iraq and also to toki and also to syria so why should. you know that single g.o.p. as the debate continues over exactly who and what motivated this attack there are 3 grieving families waiting for police to track down the people who killed their
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loved ones natasha going to aim al-jazeera erbil israel is due to start the militia in 100 palestinian homes next to the separation barrier with the occupied west bank after a 7 year battle in the israeli courts sphere the case has set a legal precedent that will lead to further demolitions and even more palestinians forced from their homes and it's now 3 ports. there are practical calculations to make when the lord decides to demolish someone's home how much explosive where to put it these israeli soldiers are doing the math and there are human calculations for the family they are where will they go and how will they find the money for a new home for the of them i will be all we do is think about our home we wake up thinking about it i don't sleep because i'm thinking about it we're going to become homeless i really can't describe how that feels it's very difficult for us to live israel is enforcing for the 1st time an 8 year old military order that says nothing
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can be built here within 250 meters of the separation barrier that's why it's miles house the pink one has got to be demolished but the one behind it which is just as close to the fence it was built before the law was enforced and so apparently it can't be considered a security risk that israel demolishes palestinian homes isn't unusual palestinian researches say $538.00 of what israel calls unauthorized structures were knocked down last year. but a legal precedent is being set in water al hamas it's the 1st time demolition orders have been issued for 16 properties built to with permits from the palestinian authority on land and its sole administration. and in a place where israeli control over palestinians is absolute even this tent put up to welcome visiting diplomats to be taken down on police orders they said it had no permit so the diplomats were ushered into
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a garage to listen to the fears of the people who live here it's a legal precedent so or so this is a myth a commander of the west bank decided to carry out the similar. demolitions i mean where in the west bank of them the president says that it's is. over dear family will stay here until the soldiers not commodore because they have nowhere else to go but one of us i'm thinking about that day about what will happen i'm concerned all the time the palestinian authority says the demolitions are in breach of international resolutions destroying the prospect for an independent state of palestine bernard smith out his era in the occupied west bank the german chancellor is insisted she is fit to carry on until the end of her term in office which ends in 2021 despite speculation over her health i'm going to marcus suffered several bouts of shaking in public in recent weeks conservative leader who turned 65 on
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wednesday has been in office since 2005 she said she understands the concerns but insisted she is feeling good it's meant as a person i also have a high personal interest in my health because 2021 is the end of my political work but then i hope that there will be another life and i would like to continue that healthy. it's been a warning of increasing volcanic activity around indonesia's not merapi the country's most active volcano thousands of people have been put on high alert but as florence li reports now some residents are refusing to relocate. imposing an unpredictable. mount merapi is one of indonesia's most dangerous volcanoes its last major eruption in 2010 killed 275 people and destroyed farms and buildings. yet some villages moved back within
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months ignoring the government's call to relocate. instead they worked on strengthening what's known as a network a community run warning system in the lobby and they collected money to buy a monitoring device as you know. this equipment warren says when he made up his becoming active very transmitters in the mountain that because his mic activity. it makes a steady sound if it's actively to be then we were in people using walkie talkies so they don't panic. to consume. there's also a radio service. busy but updates everyone on the volcano's status. this lookout point is part of the warning system there are several of these in each village built using community funds from these vantage points villages take turns to monitor mount merapi for activity for kate.


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