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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 21, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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saudi fighter does for over 4 years still ahead on al-jazeera. counter-protest in hong kong pro beijing demonstrators take to the streets after weeks of anti china rallies. for the 1st time millions go to the polls in pakistan's tribal northwest to vote for a political and suddenly details in a moment. how once again not too much right in the forecast across the middle east no surprises here as to get a little bit of cloud just around the black sea georgia could catch one of 2 showers over the next a day or so you can see signs of somewhat weather up towards the caucuses but for many it's going to be the sunshine we're talking about yet again $29.00 celsius there in beirut $28.00 in jerusalem or into the forty's the mid forty's baghdad and
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also for kuwait city to get it to $39.00 in terran a not too far off that for kabul and also in karate and a similar picture as we go on into monday the hot sunshine that stretches its way down across the arabian peninsula to again not too much bad to speak of but some pieces of cloud just around the southern coast of oman as one would expect 27 celsius with a horrific wind continue to push its way into the far south west of the country here in doha damages down on recent valleys 38 celsius is 100 in found by no means cold may look all sorts of pleasant sunshine across southern parts of africa but some places a cloud just a rolling across the southern cape it will be lousy dry for most wanted was a possibility just around the coastal fringes of mozambique on sunday but the sunshine returns about.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera this hour britain's foreign secretary has spoken with his iranian counterpart and expressed quote extreme disappointment over
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to iran seizure of a u.k. flagged ship in the strait of hormuz on friday the u.k. has warned all its ships to avoid the strait for now. meanwhile they want has released this footage of the actual moment the british ship was seems to tehran has opened an investigation into alleged maritime law violations by the vessel. and the 2 main suspects behind the murder of a turkish diplomat in northern iraq have been arrested ankara accuses a muslim dog on mohamed bess a search of killing the region's deputy consul general and 2 other people on wednesday. thousands of people are marching to the u.k.'s parliament hoping to persuade the next prime minister to stay in the e.u. organizers of the march for change say they want to send a probe europe message to boris johnson the man tipped to become the next prime minister and stop chaos. this update from the march in central london.
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this protest wasn't as large as the previous demonstration in london but there are a number of groups and people have trouble from all over the country saying that they're determined still to stop it but also to oppose them and that they soon will be the next british prime minister boris johnson obviously he said he's willing to take britain alex of the european union even without a deal at the end of october or the last few days. a number of events have suggested that perhaps that's less likely for example the chancellor of the exchequer philip hammond said he would vote against the government to stop or no deal and several other cabinet ministers took part in a vote in parliament which effectively stops the next prime minister from suspending parliament to force through a no deal who also hearing the brussels behind the scenes is offering the british government the next prime minister an extension which they could sell to the
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conservative party and peace as a technical delay but in fact that would be more time to negotiate some kind of a new deal what this crowd want is clearly no breaks it but they say for democracy to be seen to be done with this amp us what they want is either a referendum or a general election in which the parties clearly at least some of them come out and campaign for remain nobody knows if that is going to happen it's clear though that people are worried by the prospect of such a prime minister as boris johnson in power unelected by the general population right before the break we were telling you that the 2 main suspects behind the murder of a turkish diplomat in northern iraq have now been arrested we can cross over to natasha her name she joining us from erbil that is in northern iraq and it's also to tell us what you're hearing about these arrests. kurdish intelligence is confirming the arrest of 2 men they say are part of a team that assassinated
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a turkish diplomat at a restaurant here in irbil on wednesday they say they have their shooter and that he is 27 year old. dag his photo was widely distributed yesterday in the media by investigators they also made an appeal to the public for help. and a team or accused of walking into a restaurant on wednesday afternoon as turkish diplomat. sat with his bodyguard eating like sources say that day killed. and then also killed 2 iraqi kurdish friends who were sitting at a nearby table kurdish intelligence has also said that he is a member of the p.k. k. it's an armed kurdish group it's been deemed a terrorist group by turkey and the united states they say that he's been
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a member since 2014 and that he'd been training at a peak a cake camp here in northern iraq he'd been there are allegedly 4 times last week alone now in the last several days since the shootings happened very high profile shootings clearly there has been a scramble to track down the suspects and it appears at least in dags case that it was his smartphone that led investigators right to him sources say that he turned on the cell phone 4 times and that each time they were able to track his location sources also tell us that he'd been exchanging text messages with his turkish girlfriend and they'd been monitoring now as i said dag is accused of being a member of the band p k k group he also is during the brother of a member of the turkish parliament she represents. a pro kurdish party now dags
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family is not commenting on these accusations but the political party released a statement yesterday condemning the attacks and saying that is that this accusation is an attempt to undermine the party's peaceful agenda now when news of these arrests broke we were actually in a small mountain town several hours outside of irbil speaking with the family of one of the victims his name is. junior he is a father of 3 children between the ages of 5 and 12 his family as you can imagine is in a state of shock we asked them what they felt hearing that it appears that some suspects have been taken into custody and they reacted with cautious optimism his brother says it's good that it appears in a short period of time that this investigation is progressing but we still don't know the brother says if these men actually committed this crime in the end they
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investigation continues to remain investigators are continuing to look for more people connected with the deaths of the diplomat and the 2 iraqi kurds all right natasha going to him with an update from erbil natasha thank you. thousands of supporters are pro china groups have held a rally in hong kong organizers say the rally is to condemn violent acts during recent protests and to show support for hong kong's police reports. in a city more used to protests against its government this day belong to the pro establishment camp thousands turned out for a so-called safeguard hong kong rally calling for unity in a city that's become deeply divided and angered by pro-democracy demonstrators a minority of whom have turned to violence. if you break the law you go to jail they chant. among the government supporters this local business association
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worried the continuing on rest is hurting hong kong's economy. and i am not we are people but we seen on t.v. a lot of people coming out because of the chaos and we need to protect our home we need to create more positive energy but as well as people from hong kong it was clear many protesters were being brought in as organized groups from mainland china . still they would argue as a chinese city they have the right to defend it and it's in battled police force accused by protesters of using brutality to break up largely peaceful demonstrations far from using excessive force these people say the police have shown remarkable restraint against hostile demonstrators and have paid a heavy price in terms of officers injured it comes amid reports that morale in the police force is also suffering ringback and on saturday news of a new threat is this standoff continues police show off
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a cache of weapons they say they seized in a raid on a warehouse unit that included a large quantity of an explosive often used in bomb making along with material linked to the movement opposed to a proposed extradition law that's now been suspended at the moment we're still investigating the motive. of that offenses and whether the explosive one of the uses of that explosive we're still investigating with no concrete evidence to prove that it is relating or not relating to the incident the tomorrow he's referring to is sunday which will see another big rally by the pro-democracy groups still angry at what they see is the growing influence from mainland china rob mcbride al jazeera hong kong polls have caused them pakistan's northwestern tribal areas after the 1st provincial vote in the region's history official results are expected in 2 days the territory was merging with
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a chiropractor province last year and borders afghanistan come out spoke to politicians in khyber packed in quite province about how important these elections are for them and the region. at the historic and bogged down tribal area which was one known for all the militant outfit including al qaida movement of break it down. johnny dollar bond and the other one taliban however successive military operations have meant that the people are now feeling secure enough to come out and cost their ward for the 1st time they have been electing their members who of course will take care of their needs in the provincial assembly. it was a difficult task in tribal cultures for a woman to take part in the elections but i took this challenge and others will follow me. this area was once known as a no go area you had to seek permission to visit here today we got our identity and
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freedom everyone here is celebrating and healthy that after the marriage they will get the jew rights which they were deprived of august on of course still fated the challenge of having i located. in order to build it just for the 1st time in the history of the tribal areas there now they are celebrating this day is in one independence day off pakistan it is now people they are hoping for the arbitrament of their lives now the area as it is really much peaceful for the people of their tribal area they did a new beginning and of course david to be pinning their hopes and expectations on the representatives from the radio political parties and also independent candidates to take their problems to the provincial assembly budgets on has taken a major step by merging pakistan's tribal areas into the type of book while province and the government also has to give serious attention in order to develop
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this region which has been empowered patient and of course left behind the rest of the country the people of course will now be hoping that this is indeed a new beginning and a historic moment. july 20th marks the 50th anniversary of the 1st moon walk as this historic milestone is being celebrated the world is also looking forward to what could be the next moon shot we're also in jordan has more from washington d.c. . right there are. apollo 11 was the result of hard work little sleep and billions of dollars 300000 kilometers away a small blue planet watched in awe for. our. american neil armstrong setting foot on the moon we didn't get to see the the
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moon until we were just practically at the end of our trip to it and when we were when we rolled out and looked at it oh it was an awesome sphere really was the current head of nasa tells al-jazeera the u.s. is ambition was field both by science and by politics the president the time john f. kennedy said we need to have a vision and a goal. we choose to go to the movie industry again and do the other things not because they are easy but because they are and the goal is to get to the moon and so it resulted in this space race at the time that was i think. it was motivated by that basically competition return american astronauts to the moon establish a permanent base there and develop the technologies to take american astronauts to mars and beyond. nasa's new plan return to the moon by
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2024 hoping that naming its mission after apollo is twin sister artemis will be the key to success apollo had an infinite budget and skeptics wonder if artemis is limited by both time and money when nasa was. pushing during the apollo era they were getting something like 4 percent of the national budget now it's about point 4 percent of the national budget and it really depends on what the political will is to fund the agency buzz aldrin the 2nd man on the moon says the u.s. can't do this alone this is not just. us we have an alliance of nations that need to venture out a view echoed by space law experts we need to explore space as a human species not as americans and chinese and russians and indian see you know we are humans well in this together 50 years on the footprints left by 12 men are a challenge as one of them put it to return to the moon with peace and hope for all
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mankind rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington they were a child was a former nasa astronaut an international space station commander he says this anniversary is a huge deal such an amazing event i remember like it was yesterday i was 8 years old at the time and this is what inspired me started my dream one day wanting to become an astronaut myself and i think what it did it mean everyone around the world it matter what country you were from just amazed that humans could reach such a goal and i think it made everybody individually and collectively trying a little harder dream a little higher and reach a little higher yes speaking of frenching a little higher though how realistic do you think is the u.s. is planning to go back to the moon by 2924 and ultimately the plan is in fact to get to mars. right so it depends on the way that it's done i think
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1st of all you do need the political will you need the funding those need to show up and so i'm not sure that that is going to happen in time to make 2024 i think we're going to try but if you're creative about it and partner with some of these commercial companies companies like space x. and blue origin who are building spacecraft and launching rockets space x. has been resupplying i assess the international space station for a number of years now they have a heavy lift rocket how talking heavy if you're creative in how you do this and you do have the funding then it's possible. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera britain's foreign secretary has spoken with his arraignment counterpart and expressed quote extreme disappointment over to her own seizure of a u.k. flight ship in the strait of hormuz on friday the u.k. foreign office has summoned a top iranian all void to london and has warned all its ships to avoid the strait
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for now parker has the latest from london. a high level meeting of senior military intelligence and political figures of course jeremy hunt the foreign secretary is attending that meeting we believe that meeting may have already come to an end before that meeting started jeremy hunt did say the following that the seizure of the tanker raises some very serious questions about the security of british shipping and international shipping through the strait of hormuz we know that there was a phone call between jeremy hunt and the radio counterpart foreign minister zarif journey home so that he was extremely disappointed with the seizure of the tankers the reef said that the tanker would be held for the time being and undergo some sort of legal process so we don't imagine that this will be over any time soon the 2 main suspects behind the murder of her turkish diplomat in northern iraq have been arrested ankara accuses muslim guy again mohamed best of killing the region's
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deputy consul general and 2 other people on wednesday it's believed the 2 are members of the armed kurdistan workers party or the p k k the group is deemed a terrorist organization by turkey and the united states there have been explosions across yemen's rebel held capital of sanaa after a string of saudi u.a.e. led airstrikes saudi media says coalition jet fighters targeted military camps across the city destroying air defenses and miss our storage sites there have been no reports of casualties and times after a series of drone attacks from yemen who the rebels are targeting airports in the south of saudi arabia. thousands of pro-government protesters held a rally in hong kong organizers say it was to condemn violence during demonstrations against the now suspended extradition built meanwhile hong kong police say they've seized what is thought to be the largest amount of explosives uncovered in the city ahead of sunday's pro-democracy rally. those are the latest
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headlines on the news hour is coming up in 30 minutes time that's after inside story that's next. tensions between iran and the west our brains and another notch iran detains a british oil town for 2 weeks out in the u.k. seized one of its ships well tehran and london find compromise is a situation going to spiral out of control this is inside.
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and welcome to the program and fully back to full when the u.k. sees an iranian oil tanker 2 weeks ago tehran warned of retaliation when it appears iran has carried out that threat iranian revolutionary guards detained a british vessel in the strait of hormuz on friday it was sailing towards a saudi port when it suddenly changed course a powerful council that works closely with iran's supreme leader says a seizure is in response to the you came pounding any raney and tanka tehran earlier said the step in and para was involved in an accident with any rainy and fishing boat. before we were informed that a british flag to oil tank it collided with a fishing boat which tried to contact the tanker and find out how the accident happened but unfortunately the british tanker didn't respond and changed his direction changing direction in that fashion is against international regulations it could lead to new accidents therefore we requested help from military forces it
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should issue authorities in the region potential was directed to ponder about sports and distant custody of the order of judicial authorities while britain has summoned iran's envoy to the u.k. and its foreign secretary says he's worried iran may be going down a dangerous path need baka has more from london. britain has said that there will be a considered and rebuffed response to the seizure of a british tanker in the strait of hormuz if according to jeremy hunt britain's foreign secretary the tank isn't released soon there will be serious consequences the foreign secretary tweeted on saturday morning calling the seizure of the tanker illegal in sharp contrast to what he said was the legal detention over the rainy and vessel the beginning of july off the coast of gibraltar that vessel is accused of carrying oil to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions and on friday the authorities in gibraltar determined that vessel should
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be detained for a further 30 days this is very much being seen in the u.k. as a tit for tat seizure but as we know that the greeks one vessel off gibraltar is going through some sort of legal process it's not as simple as simply allowing the grace want to go free and hoping that the iranians will will follow suit as well when it comes to the strait of hormuz well it is hugely important strategically politically and economically 18 and a half 1000000 barrels of oil a day flow through the strait in comparison to 5000000 that goes through the suez canal it's hugely important for crude oil producing countries in the region when it comes to allowing their goods to go to global markets as well this will undoubtedly and will have a political and economic impact not only in the region but globally as well this is dave barker for inside story. well there's been
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a series of incidents around the strait of hormuz since president trump all the u.s. out of the 2050 nuclear deal and impose new sanctions on iran in may the united arab emirates said 4 of its oil tankers were targeted off its coast and saudi arabia reported 2 of its ships were attacked last month 2 vessels know each in and japanese owned were hits by blasts that cause major fires in the gulf of oman in june iran said it shot down a u.s. drone which violated its as space this month july 4th british royal marines seize any rainy and tanker brotha suspected of carrying oil bound for syria 2 weeks later president donald trump said the u.s. military had taken down an iranian drone that came too close to one of its naval vessels in the strait of hormuz but iran denied that john was shot down. to a stabbing in our guests for today's inside story joining us from london andrea's creagh assistant professor in the defense studies
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department at king's college london in tehran with. a political commentator and lecturer at the university of applied sciences and in washington d.c. joe rubin president of the washington strategy group a national security consulting firm welcome to you all gentlemen thank you so much for being on inside story mostafa what legitimate basis does iran have for seizing this british ship what rules have been broken for the revolutionary guards to seize this british tanker. hello as a mother effect there are a number of reasons that could justify this seizure 1st and foremost as you heard during the package your reporter said there's been a collision and unfortunately the tanker has defied calls by that fishing boat it never return the calls and it's switched off this tracking system in then the reigning boat filed
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a complaint at this state poort in shipping and maritime organization who asked the judiciary to issue a courtroom wing for the seizure of the tanker and the i i just the only comply with the court's ruling so that's according to maritime rules and regulations international maritime rules and regulations in to protect safety of navigation and shipping in the strait of hormuz which is very much crowded you know these days especially we need to protect the everything in the strait of foremost but but let me ask you a voyage and unnecessary isolation scene for this british to admonish tank not retaliation for the grace one iranian tanker that was season gibraltar 2 weeks ago . i was explaining the same fact that as a matter of fact you know a several 100 or all tens of boats and tankers. go through the
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strait of hormuz on a daily basis and some of them you know violate the procedures that are in place and have been in place for the last several decades but iran normally warns them and let them continue their voyage and sailing but when iran has been approached by the u.k. through a hostile action and its ship has been supertankers been seized then there wouldn't be any reason left for iran to show kindness and therefore it goes for a serious practice of us. rick rules that they need to practice actually in order to protect the lives of the people and the environment on the other hand according to international law when a hostile actions are taken by a nation that would harm a 2nd nation that 2nd nation is entitle to take reciprocal action according to international law as long as of the 1st nation continues to inflict harm on
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this harmed nation the only nation let me bring in andrea what they want honest done is totally justifiable you say what iran has done is justifiable andrea's creagh in london the rising tensions certainly couldn't come at a worse time for the u.k. jeremy hunt the foreign secretary is in the midst of a leadership election campaign to replace theresa may as prime minister he's one to serious consequences what do you expect those consequences will be and what can britain realistically do here were yes thank you i mean he said the response would be robust would iran not go further and actually release the tank immediately the question here is what can the u.k. do at the moment i think they're the u.k. is obviously both down in a lot of domestic internal political allies where it's very difficult to get out of that we need to look at the levers of power that the u.k. has at its disposal at the moment in the gulf and so the royal navy navy has a presence in bahrain they are sending another frigate and warship into the region
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but from a naval point of view looking at the platforms at 3 platforms at the royal navy's not the royal navy will have it's very very difficult to actually really you know make use make use of their power and and especially against an estimate rick threat that comes from iran and then looking at diplomatic leaves of power we shouldn't you know we need to understand that here from the western point to be more generally usually in this kind of situation you're using gauge me but you try to use you need to have a concept component to actually put pressure on the iranians and that. kind of course of measures these have been already kind of exploited to its maximum. because of you know this maximum pressure component where very very few means available now to bring more pressure on iran because the sanctions already have met been maxed out oh let me just ask you before i bring in joel in washington andrea's why did the brits seize you any in tanker in gibraltar 2 weeks ago the iranian police at the u.k.
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following us orders here what is the u.k.'s role in this dispute i mean look the maximum pressure can pay and obviously is an american thing but it obviously brings all the parties to the j. sapir way to the table and obviously britain is part of that a britain isn't a very ambiguous situation because on the one hand they do want to leave any back door open for negotiations and engagement with iran to make this a success despite all the pressure but on the other hand they're also trying to suggest to to washington that they will take action whenever you iran is in breach of international law and and sanctions and that particular the was the case with that oil tanker that went against your law and your sanctions to deliver all to the syrian regime so it was taking illegitimate unlawful actions in that respect and it's also about signalling to the us that you know that britain will not be soft on iran when it is in bridge and the same goes to the hezbollah decision a couple of months ago to basically target as bala as a terrorist organisation which again is in line with the truck ministrations hard
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line view on iran's activities across the region but all that being said they're trying to balance this with a diplomatic engagement trying to suggest to the iranians that we're still willing to talk but there are certain red lines that britain wants to enforce and that's what they did all right i see must have a question in tehran doesn't agree with you i'll bring you in in just a 2nd mustapha but let me just say get joel rubin is of you phrase joe how do you view this latest escalation in the region is it a foreseeable response to britain seizure of the iranian tanker engine brought to 2 weeks ago. well this incident is not just and was not just foreseeable but the entire tit for tat explanation that we had earlier of drones being shot down both sides that was all highly predictable the american policy in this president trumps policy is i believe ultimately to try to break the regime it's a maximum pressure policy and it has not led to diplomatic engagement so we're in
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a very dangerous spot right now we're in a tinder box of this back and forth about who's right to seize who's ship and who has legitimacy and who doesn't is completely the wrong conversation for what we should be having you think but here we are yet we should be having a conversation about actually diplomacy yeah do you think this incident gives admonition to hardline voices in the u.s. like john bolton who want to move on with. without a doubt this is this is intentional to create this pressure cooker to try to see if if the regime in iran of into iran will do acts like this that are dangerous and risky and provocative and they are that's that's intentional to try to find a predicate to launch military strikes we have to remember here in washington there's not a lot of support in fact there's very minimal support for military action just last week the house of representatives passed leg which on a bipartisan basis requiring specific authorization by the president to go to war
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with iran so the temperature here towards war is very very cold but that means that there have to be other avenues and so the administration they see this is a win win for them iran behaving badly maximum pressure still on and hopefully from their perspective getting allies like britain who wanted to stay in the nuclear deal 6 change their attitude towards iran and get more bellicose all right let's take a closer look now at why the strait of hormuz is so important it's the only sea passage linking the gulf spigot on produces to the rest of the world 17000000000 barrels of oil flow through this waterway every day that's a 5th of the well supply it's only 33 kilometers wide and it's now rests at its narrowest point and 3 if the brakes are temporarily holding shipping in the strait of hormuz this is a vital international shipping route how can freedom of navigation be maintained now. very difficult as i said before the iranians are not working in
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a conventional space the form of from a maritime point of view they're not using merit and conventional maritime power so by just putting and i think it's important 1st step that the united states already suggested i think britain will be on board as well is creating a multilateral maritime mission in the region to to basically create a deterrent regime against the r.g.c. as unconventional as symmetric methods and strategies in place but that on its own as i said is not going to be enough because you know if you use if you look at what how the iranians operate look using smaller skiffs smaller boats smaller vessels to harass a much bigger. tankers and then looking at the limited number of capacity that the us britain and also the g.c.c. states have in terms of naval capacity and we need more than just having warships in the regions to build that a terrorist regime up i think in order to enforce certain red lines we need to have people on board the ships and i think you know vessel protection teams might be
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a way moving forward they could be contractors they could be armed personnel in uniform but that's the only way you can create a deterrence by denial regime because by just posturing and putting a few warships in place that's not going to stop the g.c. from doing what they have been doing over the last 2 months yeah i must have a question in tehran what is the overall iranian strategy here on the one hand you have foreign minister zarif was in new york talking diplomacy and on the other hand you have the revolutionary guards making all these moves in the strait of hormuz what is iran trying to achieve what is the message here. or 1st and foremost this is a wrong understanding of the situation this is not the i.r.g.c. and remember they just say that spin fishing boat from the private sector filing a complaint to the state's run shipping and maritime organization the judiciary the court has issued a ruling this is the state that standing behind this is stands and i'll explain it why but before that as you just mentioned mr zarif he just few minutes ago he
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posted it to eat where he asked the british to stop their aid and helps in assistance to the united states economic terrorism against iran if they want to see their you know if they don't want to see any similar events in future because the point here is that iranians have shifted their strategies since a couple of months ago iranians waited for talks busy and they had talks for decades then they waited for the merits of the nuclear deal and they showed tolerance that they call a strategic tolerance but they came to realize that they are just in compliance and the nuclear deal that was supposed to be a win win game now it has become a win lose game so they'll rush if that strategy to show that the time and the air of heat and run is gone right that it's not just in the military field but in
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political economic and it is right at the rio going on eof at a time when when iran was was it seems that gaining allies with the with the germans and the french who were trying to find a way to 2nd vent the u.s. sanctions do these moves really pay off. they have never ever done anything they've just been expressing political support for the nuclear deal but as another effective done nothing in support of economic moves to copper it with iran despite all their 11 promises of cooperation after the nuclear deal was operated by the united states and that's a violation of the nuclear deal by the way tehran rest assured that if doesn't change this balance the situation with continue as such i mean similar to the status quo and it would be forced on their pressures to comply with the nuclear deal it is sending a message to the europeans that if the nuclear deal is valuable they should do
2:39 am
something and make the cost pay the cost to keep it alive otherwise they may not pressure to iran and expect iran to do nothing and endure the pressures to exchange for not only is sending this great message to the europeans ok told rubin a your response to what has just said on the iranian strategy is iran being counter-intuitive here well it's hard to see what alternatives the iranians believe they have but they do have alternatives and. attacking the europeans as the foreign minister just did is not the right approach if you want to build alliances against the american policy they're actually pushing the europeans towards the american policy which i think is a wrong headed policy i see our policy right now is driving this conversation in this direction and there are no good military solutions that the this idea that somehow ships and planes and drones are going to resolve the long simmering
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tensions that we have with iran related to its nuclear program related to its regional activities as just fantasy we need hard headed diplomacy and we need to be engaging but for iran to undermine its european allies right now this is not going to help it. it's cause right where the iranians are saying that for any talks with the u.s. to happen because the trumpet ministration of course has said that he wants to negotiate with the goetia the nuclear deal with no preconditions but the iranians say that for for that to happen that the sanctions need to be lifted some sanctions needs to be lifted do you see the administration giving up giving away or you know some of these sanctions at some point. well i think the trump a minister should she go back right now into the nuclear deal and and get to a next wave of nuclear negotiation so could there be improvement yes will there be will it help ministration do it there are no signals that they want to there have been some tiny signals though and that's for example senator rand paul
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a republican ally of the president did speak with the foreign minister and who knows where they've come out on this but we need to find paths to get into a discussion this president has said he wants to talk i don't believe it's fully genuine that said maybe the iranians should try it but we're in a space right now where the united states the same is that we have an active in violation of the nuclear deal they are causing this situation but this situation as we're watching it is leading us into a direct military conflict that really is not going to have any winners and craig in london where does this leave the europeans especially france and germany who have been trying to keep the j.c. peel a alive they've expressed solidarity with the u.k. in the sense that and what happens now as far as a european 2nd set a good question is i mean we all agree i think that maximum pressure let to maximum resistance and that's not going to go anywhere and the problem is that we've
2:42 am
exploited all other means of diplomatic engagement and i think the europeans realize that and the reason the iranians are behaving the way that they are behaving is because they feel like they're with the back against the wall they have nothing to lose anymore because you know they're living on the maximum sanctions it is hurting them it's for them they consider it an act of war and terrorism as they've set publicly so what can the europeans do in order to selvage that deal is basically allowing the benefits that were promised to the iranians to actually trickle down and and get to the people of iran that hasn't happened so far the in this. index. indeed x. that they were trying to set up. this kind of mechanism to allow for funds to come in bypassing this ancient regime by the americans by passing dollars saying sions hasn't really worked so far it is a concept that nobody knows how it whether and to what extent it is actionable considering that companies in europe will have to faced with the question if they do business with iran they cannot do business in dollar markets particular knighted
2:43 am
states and they know that there is very little in terms of incentive in doing business in iran because businesses there will be relatively limited and at the same time they might lose out on a lot more lucrative contracts in the united states so that in itself hasn't worked out this meccan i don't see whether there this mechanism can actually get off the ground and by just talking and not delivering they haven't given the iranians a lifeline and i think to run for the most but as given up the hope that there is something coming out of europe from that you 3 that might be actionable all right must have a cautious m. . and rest says tehran has given up hope so how far are they willing to take on this will iran go as far as closing off the strait of hormones. well 1st and foremost what would a what what were of people in london thinking when they seize the iranian supertanker at the request of the united states what did they expect iran to do did they expect that iran would sit idle ian do nothing when of course iranians
2:44 am
tolerated that for of few days and there was a good hope that the u.k. could reverse the whole situation and course of actions on thursday through courts ruling by digit brault or court released the uranium tanker and that would be escalate the situation now the u.k. seems to be very much worried about post brics it economic problems that it would have so it needs the united states much and they are dealing with a city with the u.s. that's run by the president and so they are i mean president trump and they are treating the right now german hunt is approaching to iran with an arrogant language posing very serious threats to tehran that they would show a robust response that is not going to work it would backfire if any would you know i create this situation let me give that joe robotically washington let me let me
2:45 am
give you the final sentence yes and go on final sentence of the the last sentence is what's wrong with the language of respect if the u.k. shows good intention releases the iranian supertanker and shows that it's willing for diplomacy i believe then iranians would try to have a positive look at the situation of this istana carol tanker ok joe rubin in washington you have the last word careful calculations right now by the british authorities at the same time the u.s. defense department has confirmed that it's deploying u.s. forces in saudi arabia to provide an additional deterrent they say to to the threat in the region you know does this deployment not fuel risking not fuel the risk of a full scale conflict. well it's all heading in the wrong direction and the signals of sending military forces to the region is completely counter to the idea that we're going to increase diplomacy these aren't forces that are going to lead to
2:46 am
a ground invasion it's a small number less than a 1000 the danger here is that something big is going to happen it was something big happens that mobilizes the forces in a bigger way and then we have a real major conflict and there are iranians they have other cards to play they have the nuclear program it's restart even more aggressively in the u.s. we have other cards to play the president believes that he can use our military in ways that he has publicly stated would be overwhelming and so this is a danger moment and this is where the europeans should be stepping in more aggressively diplomatically rather than creating more tensions and more dynamics on the shipping lanes i will leave it there gentlemen thank you very much for a very interesting discussion. andrea's creek and jill valving thank you very much and thank you as well for watching you can always watch this program again any time by visiting our website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash inside story you can of course also
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join the conversation on twitter handle is that a.j. inside story from the fully back to one whole team thank you for watching i found. i. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories joined the listening post as we tend the cameras on the media and focus on how they've caught on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera. on counting the cost the trillion dollar luna bounty for 50 years up to
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man 1st stepped on the moon we find out why there's a scramble to return and the number of people going hungry has risen for the 3rd year running we find out what's gone wrong. counting the cost on edge of the. new yorkers are very receptive to al jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from a headquarters in doha i'm dead you know coming up in the next 60 minutes we need to show you the illegal seizing of a british flag reversed me that should be released words of condemnation from the
2:49 am
u.k.'s top diplomat as iran releases footage of the moment a british flag ship was seized in the strait of hormuz. turkey arrests 2 men suspected of killing one of its diplomats in the kurdish region of northern iraq. i maryam namazie and london with the top stories from europe. including marching to remain thousands of people take to the streets here in a show of solidarity with a year or 3 months before the u.k. is set to leave the e.u. . and with their supporters algeria are given a hero's welcome the team known as the desert fox has returned home of the being crowned the champions of african football. hello britain's foreign secretary has spoken with his iranian counterpart and expressed quote extreme disappointment over to her on seizure of a u.k.
2:50 am
flag the oil tanker in the strait of hormuz on friday the u.k. has now warned all its ships to avoid the strait for now. but i had a fairly long conversation with the iranian foreign minister zarif this afternoon and it's clear from talking to him and also statements made by iran that they see this as a tit for tat situation following. grace one being detained in japan nothing could be further from the truth great spam was detained illegally in gibraltarian waters because it was carrying oil against e.u. sanctions to syria and that's why the gibraltarian of course is to totally with respects to 2 process and totally within the law the stand the emperor was seized in a money order to this clear contravention of international law it was then forced to sail into iran. this is totally and utterly unacceptable
2:51 am
and this is what triggered that response commanders from iran's revolutionary guard seen in this video seizing that british flags oil tanker on friday well france and germany have condemned the seizure and the u.s. central command has intensified air patrols over the strait in response to tehran's action it's also deploying troops to saudi arabia against what it says are credible threats well iran has opened an investigation into the alleged violations by the british flag tanker and says it was involved in an accident with a fishing boat before being detained we'll talk to chris a saloon in washington d.c. in a moment but 1st we'll cross over to me barker in london with the reactions coming from there uneven and britain's foreign minister condemning the seizure what more for the moment can we expect from london. well as you heard from cherami hunt what is clear from the outset is that there are 2 very different versions of events
2:52 am
as to what happened to the tanker and why the tanker with c. the u.k. firmly refutes iran's version of events that the tanker was in some way in violation of maritime rules collided in some way with a fishing vessel and that is the reason why it needed to be boarded and forcibly directed towards iran we heard from britain's defense secretary penny mordant who has described it as a hostile act an act that big very dramatically in the strait of homo's. this is the moment the british tanker was seized by iran's revolutionary guard in the strait of hormuz special forces dropped down on to the deck of the speeding bessel forcing it into iranian waters the 30000 ton stana imperio was on its way to saudi arabia nothing's been heard from her 23 crew since the revolutionary guard
2:53 am
who released these images say the tanker was being escorted by a british warship to try to stop the seizure britain's ministry of defense declined to comment on the claim the detained tank is now at the center of a diplomatic storm these images were released by news agency linked to the iranian government iran says the ship breached maritime rules when it collided with a fishing boat and has been taken to the nearby port of panda for investigation. a british flag tanker was involved in an accident with an iranian fishing boat on a transit route a distress call was sent to assist the causes of the accident unfortunately the british vessel ignored this and began to change course contrary to international regulations the 2nd tanker the british owned liberian flag was also briefly detained before being allowed to resume its journey the british government warned u.k. vessels to stay away from the strait. that whole moves for an interim period in a phone call with his a rainy and counterpart britain's foreign secretary jeremy hunt told mohamed javid
2:54 am
zarif he was extremely disappointed with the seizure serif said the vessel would face legal action this is totally and utterly unacceptable it raises very serious questions about the security of british shipping and indeed international shipping in the straits of hormuz the seizure of the tanker comes after british forces detained this iranian vessel grace one of gibraltar earlier this month saying it was transporting oil to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions iran denounced the detention calling it an act of piracy and senior iranian officials threatened to impound to british tanker in retaliation which is why many in britain's foreign office view the seizure of the stoner impera as direct tit for tat retaliation jeremy hunt britain's foreign secretary has said that he needs to find a delicate way of diffusing tensions over grace one without endangering more
2:55 am
british ships it will require very nimble diplomacy it's all about getting the greats one back and now they have a lot more leverage in this game because the the the british government now is to make sure that they get their tanka back as silly as it sounds but i think that's the kind of environment where the u.k. is in the middle of growing tensions between the u.s. and iran over the u.s. is decision to pull out of the iranian nuclear deal and impose tough new sanctions on the country the u.k. opposes the move but remains a key u.s. ally it might seem counter intuitive for iran to cease the stand imperio given britain's support for the nuclear deal but this could be one way of getting the u.k. and its european allies to encourage the u.s. to ease off it was to give you an idea of how vitally important the strait of hormuz is well every day. 18000000 barrels of oil are transported through the state
2:56 am
in comparison to about 5000000 through the su is camaro it's hugely important for the crude oil producing countries of the region to be able to ship their goods to international markets but already big questions are being us as to how politically diplomatically possibly even militarily the ships in the oil can keep flowing ok in the barker thank you let's now cross over to kristen salumi she's joining us from washington d.c. what's been the reaction in the u.s. to all of this welter in the united states has been ramping up its military presence in the middle east ever since the tensions with iran have begun escalating we know now that some 500 u.s. troops have begun arriving in saudi arabia to protect u.s. interests and u.s. troops in the region this was part of a boost in troops to the region that was actually lots last month but we're just hearing now that they're arriving in saudi arabia also the pentagon is working on
2:57 am
an international maritime effort they're calling this operation sentinel to escort ships in international waters in the arabian gulf particularly the strait of hormuz that choke point that's so important and so tense right now the idea is to help deescalate the situation to provide safe passage for these ships but also more eyes and ears on the ground for surveillance for the united states and its allies but the united states is really stressing the international nature of this effort the pentagon said in the statement that getting other countries on board to participate will be crucial to access its success and any idea as of now who else might be participating in that maritime operation. if the united states has received commitments from any other countries they have not announced that as yet they say they're reaching out to allies in the middle east asia and europe it will
2:58 am
be interesting to see how the europeans respond because as never was talking about the tension between the united states and its european allies on the issue of iran has been pretty intense since the u.s. pulled out of the nuclear deal with the europeans trying to walk this fine line between preserving the nuclear deal or reinstating the nuclear deal and also appeasing its most important one of its most important allies the united states and of course also protecting its assets in the region ok kristen salumi thanks for that update from washington let's talk to cronus a couple leaders he's an associate fellow at chatham house and maritime security analyst joining us live from oxford thanks very much for being with us on the al-jazeera news hour just to pick up on what our correspondent crystal was saying from washington that the u.s. has now announced this formation of a maritime force sentinel a base ace to provide to its merchant oil vessels. so is this plan on
2:59 am
risk increasing tensions in the strait of hormuz in the region or does it help to diffuse the. well whenever we have increased military presence in such a small area there's or was the risk of. accident so we need to be very cautious from the sipping perspective it would be very good to have the formation of an international coalition that will protect the convoys of soups it will make it much safer for them but if we try to look at the general stability of the region then certainly there are. such a decision and the british foreign minister meanwhile are saying this the iran seizure of that british flag tanker on friday according to him raises very serious questions for british and international shipping in the strait of hormuz 1st of do you agree with him and what further steps do you expect to see from britain on this
3:00 am
issue well i have to say that britain has put itself in a very difficult position because of the holding go for. iran has been saying for after that cup and that it will. get get a hold of a year to sleep and we see that this cup until the u.k. must be much more prepared and be much more productive to deal with that no as we can see there is no other solution apart from going into diplomatic means and more or less to respond to this tit for tat back to iran has a move gone with and we're seeing that probably the only solution would be for both ships to be released from both sides how likely is that to happen that the u.k. will in fact release that gibraltar for the iranians to release the ship that they detained on friday what could be going on behind the scenes right now where we're obviously hearing all the official and diplomatic talk.


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