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on this issue well i have to say that britain has put itself in a very difficult position because of the holding go for. iran has been saying for after that cup and that it will retaliate and get get a hold of you to sleep and we see that this cup until the u.k. must be much more prepared and be much more productive to deal with that no as we can see there is no other solution apart from going into diplomatic means and more or less respond to this tit for tat back to iran. moved on with and we're seeing that probably the only solution would be for both ships to be released from both sides how likely is that to happen that the u.k. will in fact release that gibraltar for the iranians to release. on friday what could be going on behind the scenes right now where we're obviously hearing all the official and diplomatic talk well we already saw that
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jeremy hunt had a discussion with the counterpart so discussion chivalric started up the higher level but there are definitely discussions at much lower level in order to try to come up with a concrete solution it seems that iran is trying to use these as a short term way of sewing that it sticks to what it is the clear that did want to allow anyone to risk its international sleeping but also this can be used as a leverage for further long term discussions in order to talk of the problem with a nuclear deal yeah and it is of course the context of all of this is that nuclear deal but just tell us what's at stake obviously the strait of hormuz. credibly important and strategic waterway what's at stake if these tensions continue to ratchet up. well as it has been discussed and as you presented. before 30 percent of global oil and 5 percent or so one 3rd in one 4th
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of global oil and global natural gust goes through the state of hormuz so if you interrupt that if you cause they should see the region then shipping companies wouldn't be going through there and visual call it goes in major disruption in oil supply in natural gas supply globally and the prices will go up so we can see that it means today and in such a specific area can have a month's global effect so this is why the story is so important ok we thank you very much a cronies company this for speaking to us from oxford so as you're hearing earlier from kristen the u.s. is deploying troops to saudi arabia as the situation in the region grows tense or the pentagon believes their deployments will provide an additional deterrent some of its over $500.00 military personnel have already arrived at the prince sultan air base south of riyadh's the u.s. with forces withdrew from saudi arabia back in 2003 commits is the former assistant secretary for political military affairs under president george w. bush and he explains the importance of a u.s.
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military presence in saudi arabia. well the united states has always been very clear about when they deploy troops i don't know particularly when these troops were announced but it is clear that over the last few announcements that are located in has not been revealed likely these are troops that are manning patriot units that are providing air defense protection in case of us in case of an iranian either missile or or aircraft attack or perhaps not knowing their location i can only speculate that they may be there to protect saudi arabia from some of the missiles that they see emanating from yemen but this would appear to be a routine deployment of troops think it actually demonstrates that the united states and its coalition allies are willing to protect their troops and protect their allies. the tensions would probably increase if the iranians continue to make these threats and the countries in the region felt that they had to go it alone i think when everybody takes
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a look at what's been deployed why it's been deployed in libya it is understood or should be understood that this is merely defensive in nature and it's there simply to send a clear message to anybody that would want to attack our allies that our allies have sufficient capability of their own and with us assistance to fend off a majority of any type of violence that they want to send their way on to more head on the al jazeera news hour including for the 1st time millions go to the polls in pakistan's tribal northwest to vote for a political assembly. protest encounter protest in hong kong pro brazing demonstrators take to the streets after weeks of anti china rallies. and from legendary champion to challenger manny quaid weighs in for his latest title fights top stories coming up with peter and sports. i.
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but 1st the 2 main suspects behind the murder of a turkish diplomat in northern iraq have been a red. ankara accuses muslim best of killing the region's deputy consul general as well as 2 other people on wednesday it's believed the 2 are members of the arms kurdistan workers party or the p.k. k. the group is deemed a terrorist organization by turkey and the united states natasha her name has the latest from erbil. kurdish intelligence is confirming that at least 2 members of the team that assassinated a turkish diplomat are in custody they say they have their shooter and he is 27 year old muslim dag dag and several others or accused of driving to a restaurant in erbil on wednesday as turkish diplomat osman corsa and his bodyguard sat inside eating lunch dag is accused of shooting and killing him he also killed allegedly 2 iraqi kurds friends who were sitting at
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a nearby table kurdish intelligence identified on friday and widely distributed his photo asking the public for assistance according to investigators day had been a member of the p.k. k. and he'd been training at a camp here in northern iraq he allegedly was at this camp 4 times in the last week dag is also the brother of a member of the turkish parliament representing a pro kurdish party no comment from dags family however the political party released a statement on friday condemning the shootings and saying that this accusation is intended to undermine the political party's peaceful agenda libya's high council of state has expressed concern over intelligence they received suggests france the united arab emirates and egypt are backing down if i have to forces the council
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says the 3 countries are helping the warlords and planning new attacks on tripoli. has the latest from tripoli. this statement by libya's you back to government of national accord is calling on the united nations support the mission in libya along with the international community to stop the military escalation by have to its forces on the capital tripoli this is following the intelligence information received by the high state council or the high state the high council of his state indicating that the united arab emirates egypt and france are planning a fresh offensive on the capital tripoli by supporting the warlord khalifa haftar with advanced weapons and also by intensifying air strikes on civil locations in the capital tripoli this is also coming after 2 fighter jets 2 french fighter jets c. 35 and boeing. 2022 french fighter jets were noticed
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over the coast of tripoli we understand that egypt united arab emirates and france are the major supporters of the world khalifa hefted and recently advances weapons including the anti tanks a.g.t. m j of the learned rockets were captured by the government forces as have his forces lost the city of that again we understand that both the united arab emirates and france are accused of supporting the warlord khalifa haftar the with advanced weapons fighter jets and drones and also advance of the rockets including their. tanks. rockets there have been explosions across yemen's rebel held capital of sanaa after a string of saudi u.a.e. led airstrikes saudi media says coalition jet fighters targeted military camps
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across the city destroying air defenses and missile storage sites there have been no reports of casualties it comes after a series of drone attacks from yemen the rebels targeting airports in the south of saudi arabia also closed in pakistan's northwestern tribal areas after the 1st provincial vote in the region's history official results are expected in 2 dates the territory was merged with chiropractor inquire province last year and borders afghanistan. well the merger and saturday's vote are bringing the region into the political mainstream with candidates vying for 16 seats in the provincial assembly the tribal region is home to 6000000 people and until now has been ruled by councils of tribal elders it's long been seen by the us as a stronghold for al qaeda and the afghan taliban come on haidar spoke to politicians in chiropractic or province about how important these elections are for them and the region it's a historic day and budget on tribal area which was once known for all the militant
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outfits including al qaida the movement of the biggest on the pakistani taliban and the other one taliban however military operations have meant that the people are now feeling secure enough to come out and cause their war for the 1st time they have been electing their members who of course really take care of their needs in the provincial assembly. it was a difficult task in tribal cultures for a woman to take part in the election but i took this challenge and others will follow me. to this area was once known as a no go area you had to seek permission to visit here today we got our identity and freedom everyone here is celebrating and the that after the merger they will get the jew rights which they were deprived of. august on of course still fated the challenge of having i located. in order to build it just for the 1st time in the
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history of the tribal areas there now they are celebrating this is in one independence day off pakistan it is now people they are hoping for the betterment of their lives now the area as it is really much peaceful for the people of their tribal area they did a new beginning and of course david be pinning their hopes and expectations on the representatives from the radio political parties and also independent candidates your day. their problem after the provincial assembly budget than have taken a major step by merging tribal area and your book don't cooperate and the government now also had to give syria shut down gen in order to direct this region which has been empowered patients and of course left behind their record of the country the people of course will now be hoping they dated indeed a new beginning and a historic moment thousands of supporters of pro china groups have held
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a rally in hong kong organizers say the rally is to condemn violent acts during recent protests and to show support for hong kong's police. reports. in a city more used to protests against its government this day belong to the pro establishment camp thousands turned out for a so-called safeguard hong kong rally calling for unity in a city that's become deeply divided and angered by pro-democracy demonstrators a minority of whom have turned to violence. if you break the law you go to jail they chant. among the government supporters this local business association worried the continuing on rest is hurting hong kong's economy. and i am not we are people but we seen on t.v. a lot of people coming out because of the chaos and we need to protect our home we
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need to create more positive energy but as well as people from hong kong it was clear many protesters were being brought in as organized groups from mainland china still they would argue as a chinese city they have the right to defend it and it's in battled police force accused by protesters of using brutality to break up largely peaceful demonstrations far from using excessive force these people say the police have shown remarkable restraint. against hostile demonstrators that have paid a heavy price in terms of officers injured it comes amid reports that morale in the police force is also suffering and on saturday news of a new threat is this standoff continues police show off a cache of weapons they say they seized in a raid on a warehouse unit that included a large quantity of an explosive often used in bomb making along with material linked to the movement opposed to
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a proposed extradition law that's now been suspended at the moment we're still investigating the motive. of that. and whether the explosives what other uses of that explosive we're still investigating with no concrete evidence to prove that it is relating or not relating to the incident the tomorrow he's referring to with sunday which will see another big rally by the pro-democracy groups still angry at what they see is the growing influence from mainland china rob mcbride al jazeera hong kong still ahead on al-jazeera he speaks only the language. nation of oppression benjamin netanyahu is israel's longest ever serving leader but how much longer can he last. for. what seemed impossible became
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a reality we exist for 50 years since humans 1st set foot on the moon. and we'll tell you why this our fleet had to wait 11 years to get her olympic medal that's coming up with peter inspired. how i once again not too much right in the forecast across the middle east no surprises here was to get a little bit of cloud just around the black sea georgia could catch one of 2 showers over the next day or so you can see signs of somewhat weather up towards the caucuses but for many it's going to be the sunshine we're talking about yet again $29.00 celsius there in beirut $28.00 in jerusalem or into the forty's the mid forty's. baghdad and also for kuwait city to get to 39 in terror around a not too far of that for kabul and also in karate cns similar picture as we go on
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into monday the hot sunshine that stretches its way down across the arabian peninsula to again not too much bad to speak of some pieces of cloud just around the southern coast of oman as one would expect $27.00 celsius with a hoary flame continue to push its way into the far south west of the country here in doha damages down on recent valleys 38 celsius is 100 in found by no means cold may well look all sides and pleasant sunshine across southern parts of africa but some places a cloud just a rolling across the southern cape it will be lousy dry for most wanted to show was a possibility just around the coastal fringes of mozambique on sunday but the sunshine returns on monday. conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis the only good michael have to die like this stock is hearts is really for sale and
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investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in the south the case is interesting to watch the amount of money involved yemen war profiteers coming soon. going behind the scenes of one of mexico's most loved so using fiction to mirror the struggles of real life giving a voice to those suffering in the dark this week the story line focuses on hiv and aids an illness still shrouded in superstition and fear the making of them is the result of either attitudes the writers want to tackle had gone. soapbox mexico breaking taboos on al-jazeera.
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hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour britain's foreign secretary has spoken with his iranian counterpart and expressed quote extreme disappointment over to iran seizure of a nuke a flying ship in the strait of hormuz on friday the u.k. has warned all its ships to avoid the strait for now. the 2 main suspects behind the murder for turkish diplomat in northern iraq have been arrested ankara accuses muslim dogon mohamed best search of killing the region's deputy consul general and 2 other people on. thousands of pro-government protesters have held a rally in hong kong organizers say it's to condemn violence during demonstrations against the now suspended extradition bill meanwhile police say they've seized the largest amount of explosives uncovered in the city. when back to our top story in
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iran seizure for british like tanker in the strait of hormuz is only the latest in a series of incidents that have raised questions tensions rather around the region let's take a look at some of the key moments over the last few months on may the 13th for oil tankers were damaged by explosions off the coast of the u.a.e. the united states accused iran of sabotage a claim iran strongly denies a month later it happened again 2 tankers were reportedly targeted in the gulf of oman and iranian vessel rescued the crews but the u.s. secures the iranians of attaching mines to the ships just 6 days later iran shot down a u.s. drone that it says violated its airspace the u.s. says the drone was over international waters on july the 4th british marines seize that iranian tanker of gibraltar in the western mediterranean britain says the ship was carrying oil to syria in violation of sanctions the iranians called it piracy
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then on july the 10th the british navy chased away 3 iranian vessels it says were threatening a british tanker then thursday the u.s. claimed it shot down an iranian drone threatening one of its warships in the region iran denies these claims the next day iran's revolutionary guard sees the u.k. flying stana imperio claiming it violated it maritime laws or so jabari has more from to run. the spokesman for iran's revolutionary guard has said that indeed there was a 2nd british vessel that was trying to prevent the iranians from seizing this tanker on friday in the strait of hormuz now the revolutionary guard has also released dramatic footage which shows the moment the tanker was seized by them we see a number of iranian commanders in a helicopter and they are parachuted down into this british navy british vessel
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rather before it was seized on friday because the iranians said that it was causing a dangerous situation in the strait of hormuz the iranians have said that those tanker had turned off the tracking devices and it was not responding to any communications that were trying to be made with the crew on board the iranian society decided to seize this vessel because they said it was traveling in the wrong maritime direction and also it was not responding to any of the calls the seize this vessel and took it to the nearby support city up on that up bus where the $23.00 crewmembers are now still there waiting to be questioned by the authorities the foreign ministers of all 3 for us also commented saying that this is a very very different incident the union revolutionary guard was simply upholding international maritime law by seizing this vessel and it is not comparable to what the british navy did in the strait of gibraltar by seizing the iranian oil tanker grace one on july 4th where they still kept it there we have said that this is
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a very very different situation and it's not comparable with the other one in the strait of gibraltar for now the crew members are waiting to be interviewed by the authorities and the foreign minister has stressed that the ship will have to go through the proper legal channels in iran before it can be released well 1st it was a giant inflatable of donald trump as a baby which was hoisted into london skyline now it's the turn of boris johnson the front runner to becoming the u.k.'s prime minister next week let's cross over to marry him in our european broadcast center in london for more on the. yes that's right terry and johnson hasn't been thousands of people attended a pro rally here in london and use the event to create a giant or a split depicting him as a crying baby with a new deadline for breaks it just 3 months away people wanted to express their solidarity with the e.u. former london mayor has been one of the figureheads of the movement to take person
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out of the e.u. and has pledged to make it happen by the end of october with or without a deal again baba was at the protest and sent us this report ok. demanding a rethink with time running out until britain's next brics it deadline campaign is from around the country rejected the idea of leaving the e.u. with no deal something both prospective conservative leaders say they can live with is dangerous and on democratic now the electorate probably think that bridge is a better idea to want to make sure that they know what we think we should now have a setting a friend in and so that now the people are well informed to know exactly what was being offered just nowhere near what we were told in the name of to reason may's replacement as conservative leader and prime minister is announced next tuesday these protesters accuse both candidates jeremy hunt and boris johnson of treading the same populist ground that's going to herat as leader of the brics a party but few doubt johnson who famously made the now defunct clay bricks it
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would say 350000000 pounds a week is headed for 10 downing street the urgency of the fact that we are about to get a prime minister imposed on us that a very very very small and incredibly on represents a sieve portion of the population has elected who is peddling the worst kind of bricks at a new deal crush out bricks that will hurt jobs young people's opportunities and potentially even peace clearly it's boris johnson and his commitment to leaving the e.u. home what may that's motivating many of these protesters ironically the chances of a no deal breaks it may have diminished in the last few days. this week britain's independent economic full cost deal breaks it would plunge the economy into recession next year chancellor philip hammond has hinted he could vote against his own government to stop a deal scenario the. me and some cabinet colleagues rebelled in
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a commons vote which effectively stops the prime minister suspending parliament to the run up to the brics that deadline at the end of october still the threat remains real with these marches and with an early election a real possibility they want the politicians to listen with the barber al-jazeera the. more than $10000.00 people also took to the streets of moscow they were protesting against the exclusion of around 30 opposition candidates from an election for the capital's legislature a barred hopefuls claim they secured the required number of signatures to run but were excluded for not being loyal to the president vladimir putin are now calls for authorities to let the candidates take part in september's vote. thousands of relatives from bosnia and across europe gathered for the burial of $86.00 bosniak muslims 27 years after they were killed and then dumped in a ravine the victims mainly prisoners from the war era detention camps for non serbs were told they were being released in
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a prisoner exchange but instead they were driven to the core economy cliffs lined up by the edge of the ravine and shot by bosnian serb forces in august 1900 to $200.00 bodies which included bosnian croat only found last year they were under rocks piled over them to conceal evidence of the atrocity. the vatican has started a new search in the hope of solving the mystery of the disappearance of a teenage girl 36 years ago experts are examining small chambers at the vatican's pontifical she tunick college following a tip off that emmanuel or landis' remains might be buried there she was 15 when she vanished on her way back home from a flute lesson in rome in 1983. cicely's mount at snow has been erupting sending lava and ash and smoke over its landscape. the over 3000 meter i'm ok no burst into spectacular action overnight forcing the
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temporary closure of nearby airports europe's tallest and most active volcano often erupts but rarely causes damage the last major eruption was in 1902. that's it for me for now i'll have more from london in about 20 minutes back to daryn in da am will see you later thank you very much well the u.s. president donald trump is blaming fake news for the backlash against racist chance at his campaign rally in north carolina on wednesday there's been an outpouring of support for somali born congresswoman omar after trump's supporters chanted send her back at the event and in a series of tweets trump urged omar and 3 other progressive democratic congresswoman to quote go back to their countries of origin. that stadium was packed it was a record crowd and i could have filled a tourney as you know those are incredible people those who are incredible patriots
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but i'm unhappy what congresswoman goes at so i'm going to be the president right he's going to be a president like. he's lucky to be away for years let me tell you and the things that she has said are just grace to our country all trumps commons continue to draw international condemnation imagine if people were saying to me in britain send him back i know how i'd feel but i'd like to think most of society would think that's just completely unacceptable more your liberal democracy to have that kind of situation and not be appalled over comments made. were hurtful wrong and completely unacceptable. and. i want everyone in canada to know that those comments are completely unacceptable. and.
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should not be allowed or encouraged in canada. i want to make it clear that america's strength from my perspective lies precisely in the fact that it's a country in which people of very different nationalities have contributed to the strength of the country so these are statements that run very much counter to this impression of mine which i strongly believe goes against what makes america great. at least 39 people have been killed and more than 5000000 affected by monsoon rains and flooding in northeast india animals are also at risk in india's national park home to the largest population of the protected one horned indian rhino more than $100.00 animals have died. victoria get the reports. marooned on what looks like an island these one honed rhinos in buffalo have no choice but to wait for the
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floodwaters to recede they've taken refuge on one of 33 artificial high lands built 3 years ago at castle rangan national park they almost certainly would not have survived otherwise mainly in case of rain or with but all over the island say del quite like me having a i didn't do too thanks to a concert that i wanted to be in new highlands and last year also we have concerts that are 19 kilometers old but they're old and so it's basically something about. this baby rhino didn't get to higher land in time to escape the flood water instead after numerous attempts a rescue team succeeded in dragging the panicked cough to safety. catherine a national park is home to several protected and endangered species but it's the conservation success of the one honed indian rhino this park into a world heritage site. but the animals still face 2 big threats the annual months in floods and poaches the park has 199 and watch towers they
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stood which are currently surrounded by floodwater ranges a working round the clock where the poachers may take advantage of the diet conditions to launch more attacks. there to here we've been very vigilant we keep a close eye on the animals day and night i'm expecting more poachers to come now because they take more chances during the rains india rhinos were once close to extinction today there are nearly 3000 and catherine good is home to more than 80 percent of them the demand for rhino horns in neighboring south east asia remains a huge threat as do the monsoon rains victoria gate and be al jazeera israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has become the country's longest serving reader netanyahu has survived scandals crises and conflicts winning election after election even though the country is growing more polarized burnitz with reports
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from west. to his supporters benjamin netanyahu has kept israel safe and prosperous maintained its jewish character and boosted its standing internationally but his opponents say he's ruined hopes for peace with the palestinians and tarnished politics with a culture of corruption you can't talk of it and your legacy in but by pointing at one thing but what we have seen in kenya i was years in office is a much more gradual shift towards taking the palestinian issue off the agenda israel quietly but constantly warming its relations with the major arab sunni states. netanyahu 1st became prime minister in 1996 beating being combin shimon peres by less than one percent of the vote. he won on a platform of opposing the oslo peace accords with the palestinians although when in office he continued implementing them and even met his enemy the palestinian
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liberation organization chief yasser arafat. netanyahu now considers the oslo accords no and void and with who many say is the most supportive u.s. president israel has ever had there's no pressure to make peace with the palestinians the embassy of the most powerful nation on earth our greatest ally the united states of america so do you see. i think the whole can be i don't want to say single handedly but i would say and most significantly it will be remembered as the person who managed to destroy the chances of peace and to plunge the whole region into a new. extremism of confrontation and of violence and instability because he speaks only the language of the power nation of oppression. but
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perhaps some of netanyahu is greatest challenge.


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