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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 21, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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egypt's vital tourism sector was already under pressure after a series of attacks on visitors now the u.k. has long advised all but essential travel to certain parts of egypt the government's website warns terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in egypt or though most attacks occur in north sinai there is a risk of terrorist attacks across the country finance or the is a foreign policy adviser at gulf state analytics and he says egypt's economy will suffer the suspension continues i do not believe it's going to really hurt. in the short term but because egyptian economy is heavily dependent on its tourism if it continues for a long period of time i think it will show impact it impacts on the egyptian economy egypt for the fiscal year of $2829.00 team has had a 5.6 percent economy growth which after years that has it's going to it is
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rebounding but as i said if it's going to this going if this is going to continue for for a long period of time it will impact the growth and the position of president sisi in egypt i believe president p.c. . is really on able to establish or maintain security in it in certain parts of parts of the country especially the time peninsula and the western desert and what i was looking at the state department u.s. state department's travel advisory website it's that i that as of july 2nd they have increased the risk of travel to egypt which as i said it's going to have a negative impact on actually gone to me by going back to what i was saying i don't think cairo is able to maintain security or
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sufficient security in some parts of the country. pente morehead on the news hour including a digital melendez kenya's easy pushing millions of to debt. and or the luck of the irish big machinery as it heads into the final round open championship the home will be here but the sport. a suicide bomber has killed at least 6 people at a hospital in northwest pakistan the attack happened in the city of bad cards and after a gunman opened fire on a police checkpoint killing 2 officers their bodies were being brought to the hospital when the suicide bomber struck the blast damage the emergency want and wounded more than 20 people the pakistani taliban claimed responsibility as the tax fall of the 1st elections in a nearby tribal region on saturday let's go to our correspondent kemal harbor he is
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following the developments from the pakistani capital flaws what more are you hearing about these attacks commom. for one taking this coordinated regard as you mentioned initially they were for right by who attacked a police checkpoint peppered. killing 2 policemen. in fact there were other people who received dangerous during that firefight and apparently they were right . where that suicide bomber aboard waiting in wait we're door it is the woman according to the security forces from there it's marathon and this of course would be a surprise because there are very few women suicide bomber drive been involved in attacks in pakistan but apparently there were like warded. taking place just a day after that landmark election and pakistan's former driver got it too late and
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a little bit becoming aware as that is in relation to where that historic voyage took place from quapaw on saturday. daters mohan is a strategic town given the fact that it is also bordering southwards into scar and there's all sorts of travelling the main highway which is known at the end. that connects to baluchistan richard also on the west bank of the river into syria did indeed an important town and also a main supply depot and also a base of operations particularly in that region so it did indeed significant by days outside their tribal region what was formerly the driving region and indeed because of the. borders red baluchistan and then the border where one is done make this. area we have seen attacks in the box. by democratically the dog ate
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according to the security forces sunday morning and because of the election which happened peacefully the security forces were probably taken by surprise thank you for that come on over the latest live in islamabad thank you now in neighboring afghanistan more than 60 follow bonfires have been killed during military operations afghan jets and ground troops targeted the group across 10 provinces we're going to get more on this we're joined by n.p.r.'s convened director of the center for peace and development studies and kabul and former adviser to the afghan high peace council and he's joining us live from the afghan capital very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so the operations against the taliban continuing what more you hearing about these attacks.
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it's an incident that's happening from both sides if you see that they're just doing that or bomb being in there just don't side attacks you have been witnessing all these kind of attacks in the number of provinces in evolution you see that somebody's bargeman killing off taliban leadership in some 31 foot soldier in a number of provinces it's quite sickening it's quite disturbing why the afghan nation are just hoping for a positive outcome of the peace dialogue that's happening right now in number of countries mostly after doha conference we were not expecting such things in that can really destroy the hope but we have to ensure that it's normal thing that to win the peace communication in negotiation happened between the 2 sides both sides try to show them i'm not a miti they would like to get a lot of. privileges that's why they're doing such things it's happens in that have to be stopped immediately so. what impact do you think both sides attacking each other whether it is the government operations against taliban or what you say
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a roadside bomb attacks and other attacks from the taleban what em packed will they have all. well the immediate impact will be demoralizing the public trust on peace dialogue in the current peace process that's happening in a number of other countries i call peace deal divided by 2 parts number one is psychological peace and 2nd is the material and physical peace for the time being what's happening right now between the 2 sides the truly did dame which the public trust on both sides and that lead back to to the situation where we can lose trust again the taliban will disbelieve on the american side of the afghan government side in the afghan government will also make some damages which will this
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displeasure to taliban leadership the impact is a lot and i think if that not is not that it will not lead us to a final sustainable peace deal and there is of course a lot to news and a lot at stake here because as we've heard from there is people involved in the talks including the u.s. envoy to the talks to afghanistan there has been more progress made this year than possibly any other time. well $2900.00 should be the peace in afghanistan special ally of america. he has shown a lot of optimism toward the next round of talk i think that he's realistic he's trying to talk with the leadership of the taliban i think there's a lot of agreement a number of disagreed. the afghan government also showing that there will be a conclusion after a lot along if peace efforts and also special why is this trying to ensure that is
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still consensus putting all these dots together it will again put a kind of picture in and we hope that something good will happen in the near future in afghanistan. a 2nd in fact you very much for your time on this we do appreciated that is having him live in kabul thank you now an end to a trade dispute between china and the united states may be a long way off from their concerns beijing isn't willing to bow to u.s. demands for political and austrian reforms talks appear to have stalled despite the declaration of a truce where the 2 presidents met last month i also want to weigh in hey takes a look at china's economic rise and what's at stake for the world's 2nd largest economy. the thousands of years people in china have been gathering around tables trying to outsmart each other in the game of my job and it's increasingly caught on around other parts of the world to a source of pride for experts in the game teach foreigners visiting the chinese capital beijing this game green people together you know during this game isn't as
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to winning but if a player does want to win they need to strategize something china's communist party has done very well to survive and succeed in the late 1970 s. the party changed its strategy of isolation to modernization by opening up to the outside world. by embracing capitalist ideals of business and trade china became the factory of the world with the 2nd largest economy behind its current trade war enemy the united states but economically china is slowing down recording its lowest quarterly growth in 27 years and the world is watching what happens next the great wall of china was built primarily to keep invaders out the greatest fear of today's rulers the communist party is of domestic political instability which could lead to their overthrow that's why they know they need to continue to reform and develop the economy to ensure most people have jobs and an opportunity to improve their
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lives the theory being that as long as it's delivering those things it can run the country largely the way it wants continuing to restrict free speech and stamp out disinter long the way. if the economy becomes stronger the party has a last incentive to change it will only change we did feel its roots challenged in the opening and the reform process only happened because the economy was collapsing if the economy grows there will think the model is successful with more than i. thought and it's been able to use that model to become an economic superpower while rejecting scrutiny of things like alleged human rights abuses most recently the government denounced 22 nations for signing a letter condemning china for the detention of we get muslims in shin jang province but it embraced a supporter of letter signed by $37.00 countries including several muslim majority
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nations that have large economic deals with china. but many chinese believe there's a lack of understanding about this country and its people which leads to what they say is unfair treatment by others particularly the united states they really feel that it's a look at another country they're revealed to look at and another perspective so they only hear what they want to hear china's strategy is to be a modern powerful socialist country it's proved it's a serious player and in some cases is rewriting the rules of the game like wayne hay al jazeera beijing. to kenya now where more people are using mobile phone apps to borrow money but as it becomes cheaper to borrow hundreds of thousands of kenyans are ending up on the government's credit blacklist some companies are being used. methods to debt katherine sawyer reports from nairobi.
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this is a hub of financial technology in africa so firey com kenya's leading more network launched the 1st mobile phone based system in partnership with some banks 5 years ago since then more lenders have joined the easy access loans markets do what it does it provides somebody who. wants to do business so the segment able to take a loan and be able to extend the business it looks at what we call. the ladies you can go to market or to get the. go to market buy products and services go to a construction site. and actually be able to make a profit from the business and repay the loan but here is a problem many kenyans are often aware of heated charges interest rates up to 200 percent and what it means if they don't pay many people.
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for their business. they use the money to place bets on events hoping to make a big week. that they struggle to pay back the loans and end up being blacklisted by the country's credit. comic conic joseph is one of them he took out different loans with the $100.00 from several digital lenders 2 years ago he was unable to repay the loans and now nearly $200.00 because of that he's been blacklisted by the credit trafford's bureau. i have to. buy food and took my children to school with money get businesses not been doing good even if i get $100.00 of the end of the month with all the responsibilities paying but my loan it will be swiped priorities . 54 percent of people polled recently by the central bank and kenya bureau of statistics say deafened non-chalant status had was and the poll also indicates
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a credit reference bureau has blacklisted more than 400000 boras some 4 defaulting bass littlest to dollars. 000 back of the garage and his friends discuss how hard life has become most are repaying several little and some are on the block at least all tell us that even if the loan companies have helped them in times of need they still feel and trapped in debt cats with 0 barrel be. in a few moments we'll have the weather whatever 10 but still ahead on the news our election day and to past watchers cost their ballots to choose their representatives in the opera house and coming up in support of the whole they skate park given severing children the chance to dream of a limpet gold. we've
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had another surge in those seasonal rains across southern parts of china recently they are money by front they plum rains you can see that law in that chain of storms which is made its way from the southwest up into that eastern side of the country and in this in the past couple of days has seen some really intense downpours coming across many southwestern parts is going ming we saw around 90 millimeters of rain here in just 3 hours on saturday and hence the widespread flooding something of a brief response i suspect as we go through monday will see slightly drier weather coming in here but the rain that the main rain that's a little further north not too far away as we go from monday into tuesday can see has sinks its way further south was much of the southwest of the country will see big downpours coming through in fact that line of very heavy rain pushes right across into myanmar into the northeast of india joining up with the monsoon rains
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that we we have here is wanting to see a law in the very wet weather also pushing up into parts of pakistan where we are officially saying the monsoon rains are right across india and pushing into pakistan lots of very heavy rain up the western ghats of india notice a darker shading coming in here just around kerala over the next couple of days we're going to see the rains really peping out once again across a good part of the western side of the country. the weather sponsored by catherine . banks to make loans to some friends because behind the suffering millions of taxpayers because the taxpayers never go away is a new one born every single day and it is an emerging national necessity visually request the education of the support mechanism we created together because i happen to live in greece somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera.
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as an instrument of brutal dictatorship a father tries to forget. but his son's quest for answers reveals there are often 2 sides to even the darkest of stories witness the color of the chameleon on al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news out of these are our top stories and hong kong tens of thousands of protesters are marching through the city
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for the 7th weekend demonstrators want to keep up the pressure on the government to officially withdraw a controversial extradition and to launch an independent inquiry into police crackdown against protesters. a suicide bomber has killed at least 6 people little hospital in northwest pakistan the attack happened in the city of. soon after a gunman opened fire on a police checkpoint killing 2 officers the pakistani taliban have claimed responsibility. now britain's junior defense minister says he's sending assets to the strait of hormuz after iran seized one of its tankers version and the ship was an armani territorial watches the u.k. government has rushed in to the un security council calling for the ships release now the unfolding tension in the gulf waters has highlighted the politics flagged ships panama leads the list of flags of convenience with the 7000 registered vests
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vest. panama has the largest shipping fleet in the world it allows owners to easily register ships avoiding tax as well as safety and labor laws in their home country and recent months panama has deregistered about 60 iranian and syrian linked ships as part of a drive to clean up the registry liberia is the 2nd largest ship registry in the world with 3726 registered vessels followed by the marshall islands with 3719 let's get more on this now we're joined by guy platen the secretary general of international chamber of shipping and he's joining us live from oxford very good to have you with us on al-jazeera before we talk more about the impact of what's happening in the strait of hormuz on shipping on the shipping industry i just want to start off by asking do you think how much pressure do you think panel was under today flag of the iranian ships that they have in the past few months i can't really comment on specific. cases so i don't ration but the general point is every
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ship must be registered animal as you go out there is a lower open burgess's. so it's a good quality flood so they have all sorts of rules and warships or. not but who. is it a fair system mr patten which allows these countries to avoid all sorts of things like taxes inspection labor laws that they want in their own country well you must remember of course it should be is a very international image and treat flags as the news of the black states as well and days regular interest is what the international maritime organization and the rules really there's a very straight now in terms of environment safety crew most countries have signed up to what's called the maritime lady convention which guarantees wages and rights for seafarers as well so it's such an international industry now that it's in its
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regular to quote the. so you don't think that what we're saying now could lead to some kind of an examination a reexamination of the flagging system you think if it works it does work yes and of course you must remember that every court states have the right to inspect ships that come in their waters the make sure they do but they have an obligation. of. all necessary international routes and it includes environmental issues right to the safety and safety is not the gauge. so what about the impact then on the shipping itself and things like oil prices the impacts of the current tensions the same between iran and other countries. well so we really concerns the shipping industry that is what just happening in the strait of hormuz you know and the impact as well on the same team well for crews who are from being concerned only will side not resolve this is soonest possible i mean freedom of navigation is a fundamental principle of international law and that right innocent passage to
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what is international shipping lane is as the fundamental has been portrayed so you know we are concerned primarily have the safety of the crews and we want the situation to be resolved. soon as possible and join has life an ox that there thank you very much for your time thank you. to japan now where polls are due to close in less than an hour in the upper house of action for the government coalition expected to win a solid majority promises shinzo needs 2 thirds of the vote to pave the way for planned constitutional reform including a change to restrictions on japan's armed forces now the upper house is less powerful parliament's 2 chambers made up of $245.00 seats of which hot off the contested every 3 years budgets and treaties can be enacted without its approval but it can temporarily block all the bills approved by the lower house japanese prime minister shinzo ruling bloc needs to win
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a 2 thirds majority in the upper house for you to have a chance of revisiting japan's pacifist constitution a constitutional amendment requires approval by 2 thirds of both chambers of parliament and a majority in the public referendum well let's get more on this we're joined by jeff kingston professor of asian studies at temple university and he's joining us live from tokyo very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so poll surveys showing so far that l d p r l d p and its coalition on track to win more than half the seats up for grabs but do you think that they'll get the 2 thirds supermajority needed to begin the process of revisiting the constitution's pacifist article. yeah there is a lot of speculation the risks that are paid basis right now is really arty and coalition partners and like minded r.t.s. he has 2 thirds seems as going to be rather close and he may not actually get over
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the line so the polls show he's going to win a solid victory l.d.p. is you know on track to get a majority but it's going to be tough maybe to get that 2 thirds but more importantly it's coalition partners nato is opposed to constitutional revision and the leader of that party made very clear during the campaign that they don't support base quest for rebuys he article. to sion that would legitimize the nation's military forces so i think abbate bases quite the uphill struggle but you know the electorate you're not interested in this thing the kings and yet we are expecting that we are expecting a lower turnout hallway than we did 3 years ago in 2019 so not inside not support no support from coalition partners what about the electorate is this going is this
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an issue that will get them out to vote. not really a recent poll shows that 7 percent of people think the constitution revision is a priority people are interested in pocketbook issues what's the state of the economy which where wages headed what about our pensions there is a recent report that was rather troubling for because it indicated that when somebody retires they're probably facing a shortfall of like $20000000.00 yen which is close 220-0000 dollars so if you don't have that and say maybe you're in trouble so that was a bit of a pick up particularly because they tried to kill that report so the pension issue the fact there's a tax coming in october the economy seems to be stagnant nobby nomics is pretty much dead in the water but he gave the ace up his sleeve is the opposition is fragmented and there's no alternative and if he's not in line then
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a promise to ave is not in line with what is on most voters' minds why does he want to revive the country's pacifism so much do you think. well i think he got into politics in 93 and 2 things he wanted to do was rewrite japan's wartime history which he has done rather successfully whitewashing the advocates and rewrite the constitution and so revising the constitution is this holy grail this is a legacy project and you know because the public is on him he asked his colleagues the diet are on the ask that he's had to really whittle it down to finally what he wants to propose is to recognize the big her and military forces are legitimate and even bat doesn't get many people excited and a majority of the opposes so as you pointed out in your lead you need to get 2
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thirds of quoth houses of the diet then a simple majority in a public referendum and i say it's got to be tough road to hoe or crimes problem. and it is great to get your expertise on this we really appreciate your time that is jeff kingston live in tokyo thank you it's not. now nicaragua was governing sound in this departing celebrating the 40th anniversary of the revolution which top 40 dictator. someone it made repost the world the time that a brutal crackdown against the opposition recently there are questions about what the revolution has really achieved john holliman has more. this week 40 years ago in the can i would dictate to pharaoh of the young sandinista rebels who toppled him at the chance to remake the country that lofty ideals education and health care for an end to crippling inequality and to the brutality of the outgoing regime 40
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years later we're asking some of those who took part in that revolution how things have turned out as a young man khaled spring is was a senior sandinista commander but now in his sixty's he's just spent 11 months in prison after protesting against form a comrade and now president daniel ortega. bernie says that he's become what they feel again. there's a slogan my i'm going to you there's no sector that hasn't been attacked for its political position so we've gone backwards in journalism in social and economic order it's an imperial aggressive punitive government. and the repression is get worse it's mass protests began last year hundreds arrested civil society groups some pressure down tens of thousands fleeing to neighboring costa rica it's a far cry from the hope of a 15 year old has a feeling of a hill fell when she joined the sundanese a successful literacy crusade teaching those in remote areas to read it off to be
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original advances she says education's been hijacked for political gain and i'm probably in my. the big problem is that successive governments in the revolutionary war and those who came after up to the president try to use education to get their political ideas across to change the story today evolution and 2 minutes. but for the country's poor has also been tight political patronage but here the sundanese to government has achieved more says next stop and daniel vice minister of planning in the early years and now a noted economist or not. this government have been as close with the poor as the previous 3 governments were with the rich that's very clear and it was aided by something that doesn't exist now the oil funds from venezuela 40 percent of those loans went towards reducing poverty. with the loans drying up and the current political turmoil fueling an economic crisis ever done you says those of pulses
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against poverty are being paid back not all of the famous or successes of the last 40 years can be tied to the sandinista front there have been 3 other of ministrations between their times in power for the growing of thora tarion ism and the brutal crackdown on protests with all that's fraught with it has to be laid squarely at their door. the question is if that rather than the early tribes will in the end define the sound of the. don't hold it out does it or an hour. to india now where millions of disabled children aren't getting the education they need new laws have been brought in to reserve a percentage of seats in schools all the way through to higher education but parents say attitudes still need to change shelob ellis reports. ashi yard of his just started treatment for cerebral palsy a mother manager brings her to this clinic in new delhi to improve her function she
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wants to she does her live a normal life but doubts in india it's possible to normal society doesn't like children with special needs i always face discrimination against my child when i take her outside because she can't walk properly. and she has one of nearly a 1000000 children living in india with a disability u.n. report discovered that 3. disabled children at the age of 5 among quarter of all disabled children are not in school there are a few girls whose disabilities are old them boys parents worry their children are being forgotten. actually and lot needs to be done to see because. after who will take care of them so there should be a support system by the guard meant when inside is one. such as the government has implemented laws to protect the disabled reserving 5 the seams of places in higher education and 4 percent of jobs for policing that is difficult with the stigma of
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disability service of a sieve in society one of the biggest challenge has been to remove stigma prejudice and you know not to treat them differently and look at that they have tremendous potential. to sort of learn numeracy literacy and they want to be left to be very. was an inclusion starts with parents and teachers according to the u.n. report the she has that support now 4 years old but providing her with an inclusive education and work life will be a challenge. al-jazeera. now high winds are fanning a 3 major wildfires in portugal more than a 1000 firefighters and 20 aircraft a battling fires in the mountainous and heavily forested branco region some villages have been evacuated and roads closed for firefighters were injured when their engine collided.


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