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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 117  Al Jazeera  July 24, 2019 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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bronzes equal is commercial good i took up so did i failed to disobey god this is what he's on did suggest that the early months. after the fall of lehman brothers european banks with close links to american banks risked bankruptcy in turn. governments only just managed to save them in order to avoid the collapse of the whole system. not on and off a separate issue one which other to keep down no bond to god you have to prove the devil look it is actually take you on to the proof it prescribes. proof dog proof was $300.00 proof or food near proven food in a prison in prison gone to prison on a sustained pleasure if it is was.
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in spain and in ireland after the advent of the euro and thanks to loans from german french and british private banks developers invested heavily in real estate . and a big don't need to back order to the good meaty danny and the rest buy new market is a or both back to on your longer. than yours morgan old labors why not speak you live on our own nuffin you do blair in gabby douglas cause you shift to new york on one dot. com you loudly grandma you are deliberately going to write an orderly book. about who are. it in blue sybil a plenty ski said country back they bet your salad bar a live cd movie yet you see it lit it up. norbu daughters well want to go
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on fellows for disability or circle that up sector if you know you don't usually want on that last program i added the drum are jazz i get hard at the helm are to play better at subi but maybe on bach to be out of it he also can face a cost that he been did indeed peavey equal down and eva do conventional mass that you can often do that that people. all jews in europe. where ever you are.
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information indicates that you have or associates or again there is a police department has the potential to be biased in a number of different ways there are too many opportunities for the computer to get a role. in those offices who commit those they to entry is wrong to be saying that your son the true night is rode the bus might save you a kilo becoming a suspect before the actual crime and then depth examination into preventative policing pre-crime on al-jazeera take the worst possible material eurabia gandhi into dust comparable to flour and make a whole lot of it and put it into place where people live it is a cause colossal event i was going to so many people are thinking this is the silent heat. but doesn't make you feel nice you feel like a movie we have created an enormous and little mental disaster. and investigation
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south africa toxic city on al-jazeera. hello i'm mr hall with the headlines on al-jazeera boris johnson will take over as prime minister of the united kingdom and i said on wednesday after winning the leadership of the ruling conservative party on tuesday johnson pledged to take the u.k. out of the e.u. by the hypothetically fast deadline. we're going to get bricks dug because we'll take advantage of that it will bring in a new spirit of can do and we'll once again get to believe in ourselves and what we could achieve unlike some slumbering giant we're going to rise and if the guy ropes so start the negativity with good education better infrastructure move police fantastic food for the brand sprouting in every household we are going to unite
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this amazing country and we are going to take it forward i thank you very much south korea is claiming that russian officials have privately expressed regret for flying into south korean airspace on tuesday russia and china carried out their fest joint patrol south korea says the planes crossed into its territory and the military fired warning shots in response russia had previously said its planes for the way of a neutral waters meanwhile china's defense ministry maintains that the aircraft did not enter the territorial airspace of any other country it made the announcement during the unveiling of its strategic priorities the ministry went on to highlight the issue of taiwan and blame to the u.s. japan and australia for increasing tensions in the region is lee denmark the netherlands and france are backing britain's proposal for a european led naval mission to ensure safe shipping through the strait of hormuz that's where iran seized a u.k. fact oil tanker on friday as
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a rounds deputy foreign minister says it will secure the straits and not allow any disturbance to shipping venezuela's opposition controlled national assembly has voted to rejoin a regional defense treaty adding more pressure on to the government of president nicolas maduro assembly members led by opposition leader one white oh were forced to hold the session outside because of ongoing nationwide blackouts. and marcus the has been sworn in as the new u.s. secretary of defense longest period the pentagon has been without a permanent top official he replaces james masses who quit last year i have a policy disagreements with president donald trump well those are the headlines and now it's back to debt machine stay with us. 2008 financial crisis threaten to completely disrupt the global financial system governments made the choice to bail out big banks and to rescue troubled economies
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. they get home. he said that the borg. say good. and safe. i'm only going to me. extraordinary extraordinary even. the fairly. pretty and ample to do. some. good some out of the. best lead. no thanks again for. the media.
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could you build a communal don't. ask you call it a says do p.c. signals c c c that it will be real label q.q. pretty. large and goes if you can see if you can roll a new will fix human will close to the donkey proper which you couldn't get. if governments had to bail out the banks it was because they could not be allowed to fail since those banks are us they are the accounts of millions of citizens we are caught in the debt machine. the economic crisis and the government bailouts of the banks led to a spectacular increase in public debt in europe the deck machine spiraled out of
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control. the 1st country to declare bankruptcy was greece in november 2009 the newly elected prime minister george papandreou revealed the real figures that had been hidden by the previous governments greek public debt had reached 129 percent of g.d.p. well above the 60 percent threshold set by the master cittie. he asked for help from europe. now you do some a good to see most. of the dead mice in a room. in n. it will be easy to miss and his most exes well you know in reason. that announcement was like a bolt of lightning striking. the german chancellor weighed in on the question
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didn't. did they all 3 did so good and obama is not an ignorant sort of those are hard work and so i learned the additional unfortunately some long last year they did so called and for tots not the common theme is a not we do mothers of a movie is a lot of them are on their list even being online for the see him of him of you don't he. was commonly used as a model. in 1902 the master treaty set out the terms for e.u. integration it forbade the european central bank from bailing out indebted countries would european governments respect these terms would they guarantee greece's debt should part of it be restructured or cancelled or should they help greece pay its creditors the heads of state could not reach an agreement as europe hesitated and markets speculated on the greek debt confidence collapse the fear
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was that if greece restructured its debt might the markets pull back from spain from italy from la belle frost and might not europe bring upon itself the catastrophe that it so wished to avoid and therefore the argument was it is far better to give greece all the money it needs to repay its and dead and then to run the risk that the market would perceive a sovereign restructuring in europe. as infectious as contagious. only after 6 long months of crisis europe finally decide its bite resistance from germany to lend greece enough to pay its creditors. a small or not so whenever it has you broke in new on brooke dog sitter and you could
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see that ice everybody logged as 1000 overpass unclear cement in his eye fell on i could problem in europe i would eclipse drop it off because it you know put it in a by you comment unless it be your bell on this you did with this looky as you know we do listen as we know it would dislocate if not it is that accurate last year in a pretty hot baggy accountable me you know number one our own territory all of us cool and want. to do or dip in it immediately. said product is off a discourse or so they set up or keep the soups they do at a kiosk the p.v. booth. as you say if you ask about it not one euro of debt has been written down in these years what has changed is the identity of the creditor so money was
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owed to bondholders in 2010 it's now on to the i.m.f. in the e.u. . if you can solve the debt crisis simply by changing the identity of the creditor and then this one is solved. being in debt isn't only about owing money it's also about being in the wrong there is the financial data but also a psychological debt that weighs just as heavily on the inhabitants of the indebted country. debt and. kind of double jeopardy. or did you it does say consult a decrease your it could be or not accept days to finish job us. says if one day i want to keep ability economy.
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just because i happen to live in greece somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person because of some political acts done by political representatives of one kind or another. therefore it's ok for people to have their lives destroyed it's ok for people to have to tax through garbage and not have anything to eat it's ok for cancer patients to be denied medicine if we're ever going to have morality in the world we need to absolutely reject that logic if there's individuals responsible hold them responsible but don't hold a college to very responsible for the deeds of. to resolve the greek debt crisis the e.u. granted financial assistance in exchange it imposed a draconian austerity program the country was placed under stewardship and lost
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part of its sovereignty it was placed under surveillance by the troika the 3 delegates of the european commission the european central bank and the international monetary fund. other over indebted countries in the euro zone will be controlled by the troika in turn and subjected to similar was $35.00 which. was. the sound of those protests reached all the way to brussels the troika had become a thorn so much so that the european parliament held a special session about the troika's actions national and european m.p.'s questioned european leaders besides they cannot be many up she may be years. to
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program others will be violent as the lover broke out of that other stuff we give a shit that asked them oh yeah could it because i'm sure there's the decrease. yet if you asked again i got these theories a bit bestseller frona yum of the 2 stars though the troika is the lover there make the human more p.c. caring for. yet the message. valid only we have a plan this is the problem. here to promote to close then i want to go. home and import a parliament in parliament in evolution parliament even. start to phone and democratic your own guns.


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