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tv   The Cure Revisited 2018 Ep 4  Al Jazeera  July 25, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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decide who would take over. the last few weeks because as you know the president was unwell for almost a month now and so for the last few weeks there were a lot of discussions inside the different corridors of the presidency of parliament that the prime minister's office to find a way. out without having the constitutional court therefore although it's a bit unclear for the moment but. for many observers solution was found and so what would happen is. what. they what the constitutional experts state and that the that the head of the parliament speaker would be the president the interim president for i think 2 months and. either elections will happen after 2 months which is anyway the elections
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are scheduled to take that between october and december. early elections or these elections which. has the old dog been able to make a comeback on the subsidies for oil. i didn't understand the question. has the old gods been able to make a comeback and said seize rule. yes. i mean in the in the last 2015. your grace not the president and then the former ministers and former officials from the. penalty or the book. came back to read or ministerial rules or to positions of power. and you know we are now 80 years after the revolution so the baby old guard came back but then. the number of people got used to it among
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a number of other newcomers. in the political team therefore their influence is. important but not as important as it could have been maybe. 4 6 years ago. with the challenges facing the country and facing huge economic challenges with the political process going forward is not clear the old guard has really stopped missed itself do you see that this could provoke instability in the country. no that's why i said there were discussions in the last few weeks to avoid any kind of instability and the other good things about the media is that people do not carry weapons so even if they did that it will not be violent but you rightly pointed to the economic situation which which kept the derating actually. last 2 years of former dictator ben ali the economy creates an irritant with very
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few. with very few positive points mark spend and that's what makes most people worried in tunisia in general and you're right he also pointed to the fact that the political situation does not make the economic situation better and therefore what we most need is hoping for is that once people exits take place the elections that are any rescheduled by the end of this year maybe new government would come new party because he thought this would come with a new program and hopefully try to improve the economy situation but once again that that was and would continue to be the main concern for most chinese economy tradition all right to leave it there thank you so much for your faults president trump has vetoed 3 matches to block arms sales to saudi arabia and the
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united arab emirates over the war in yemen while expressing his concerns to civilian casualties in the conflict dollar signs congressional efforts to block weapons sales would damage relationships with key allies in may he bypass congress to sell more than a $1000000000.00 in weapons to the gulf states. speaker of the house nancy pelosi condemned trance move saying the president's shameful veto tramples over the world of the bipartisan by camero congress and perpetuates is the administration's involvement in the horrific conflict in yemen which is a stain on the conscience of the world this and says it's to cut 9 percent of its global workforce by 2023 the arrest of its former chairman carlos ghosn in november is seen the automotive giant struggle to revive growth management says it's cutting costs by slashing 12 and a half 12 and
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a half 1000 jobs boeing has announced its largest quarterly loss on recalled following the grounding of its 737 max aircraft the company lost $3000000000.00 in its 2nd quarter sales fell by more than a 3rd and 737 max fleet was grounded in march after 2 crashes in 5 months killed $346.00 people a problem with software caused planes to nosedive kristen salumi has more from new york. boeing sold $104.00 fewer planes than it did last year in the 2nd quarter revenue is down 35 percent the announcement sent share prices tumbling the $737.00 max remains grounded as the company works to fix a software glitch blamed for those 2 fatal crashes boeing expects to have that taken care of in the coming months but it will still be up to federal regulators to determine when the $737.00 can return to flight boeing c.e.o. says the company might shut down production if the plane's return is significantly
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delayed beyond the company's october forecasts the company has said it expects to pay some $4900000000.00 to compensate airlines for the downtime it's also facing lawsuits from the families of the $386.00 victims of the 2 flights experts believe the company will rebound it's just a matter of when and boeing has been the leader we need them to get back on their feet and struggling again. right now there's a question of trust there's a question of the regulators and the government and everyone on board because that's what the airline business is all about having the trust of the people while the company did suffer its largest quarterly loss ever that was offset somewhat by gains in the defense and service contracts. well still ahead of al jazeera the young boxer who's following in the famous fall those footsteps. those the feels.
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barat on your blog sports fans because for i say the tigers through the told affronts right that's right sammy we are going to start with the latest from the tour de france and a big blow for the defending champion thomas one of the main support riders team in aeolus luke rowe is been kicked out of the race for fighting with another cyclist row seen here in these pictures had an altercation with tony martin during wednesday's 17th stage it means thomas now needs to work much harder to make up
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more than 90 seconds on the current leader in julien alef elite row and martin have made friends and believe they've been partially treated. i do feel like it was a bit over the top you know i spent a best part of an hour in the u.c.i. van with the video tapes and. i was trying to find more about. tony's i said you can throw tony on a contract to throw myself out for this if it's too much and what we miss is for both of us and it's like a 2nd chance to say really sorry. we take a penalty but. let us in a race and let us do better the next days and just give us a 2nd chance of some positive news for too many o. says chris froome is on the road to recovery a 4 time tour champion had a huge crash last month breaking his neck elbow leg and several ribs but he's already back on the training even if it is with just one like at the moment. now to new jersey and one of the worst mrs joe ever see and football if you aren't you
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know we're tied 11 with benfica in a preseason international champions cup game when marco benassi did this. completely missing an open goal he looked shocked while his team a credit hide his frustration and to make it worse in china went on to lose the game to one benfica won it in stoppage time with a great strike from later on thursday in the champions cup matches you know how to play fellow premier league side top. united are trying to sign sporting lisbon midfielder bruno fernandez he got a goal and an assist and their 2 all draw with liverpool in new york liverpool boss you're going to pope's he doesn't go to their english rivals. there is obviously a really good player. they have already if you will read
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a good player so that would make them probably stronger and it's not nice but. yeah it's not our cup of tea to be honest what contact has that been from them or any other club in terms of an approach for bruno you ask the wrong guy but he's. just a coach and it's not that when the eclipse. want to bruno it's not that they call me and be a star quiet leonard says he wants to make history on his new team the l.a. clippers finals m.v.p. was officially introduced by the clippers along with teammate paul george the press in l.a. leonard who helped the trotter raptors win their 1st ever n.b.a. championship in june when i went to the clippers and then help the l.a. side recruit his former indiana teammate george the pair are both california natives you know we're here together in l.a. both southern cal guys play right down the street with each other. and i wanted to
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know with each other game at their one another championship game we watch and of since then you know now we want to clippers and it is just i think we've got some special we can make history here. a vendor holyfield is one of the greatest heavyweights in boxing history and now is son is following in his footsteps this is 21 year old evan holyfield who is lighter than his father and fights that junior middleweight starting pro after 10 years and 80 fights as an amateur his dad was a 2 time undisputed heavyweight champion and evan is aiming high tea. i'm a libra i am as you career and i enjoyed the and quite frankly i did that for free and it makes a difference we get a base. so i just can't wait to really just take my 1st steps in and says put it dana for me you know the submission i'm going to do is one day at a time when. we want to reach our goal and become
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a champion collect all these bills tokyo olympic medal designer gina ciccone she is coming to terms with his new found fame a day after his designs were unveiled to the world the metals are completely made of recycled elec tronic gadgets nearly 80000 tons of devices including cellphones have been donated from around japan to make the 5000 medals needed. a graphic designer had won a nationwide competition to design the medals. ok and that is all your support for now. now the french inventor known as the flying soldier has failed in his attempt to cross the english channel on his jet powered fly board frankie's a patio was rescued after falling into the sea as he tried to land on about to refuel as a pattern i had planned to come down on the british coast around after a flight of 20 minutes before my jet skiing champion said he had hoped to soar above the channel like. he didn't down
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i'll be soaring back here in a moment with another for both of you so do stay with us and i'll just. take the worst possible material you radio grinded into dust comparable to flour and make up a lot of it and put it into a place where people live the physical colossal event. as well so many people are thinking this is the silent heat. but doesn't make you feel nice you feel like
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a murderer we have created an enormous amount of mental disaster. and investigation south africa toxic city on al-jazeera. for the last 2 years these students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the campus and helped build some of its facilities for every 2 killers of plastic waste they collect the school receives a brick made of plastic and cement. for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of plastic but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste can now be used to manufacture building materials. that could be the biggest land grab in history. as powerful nations lay claim to
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territories under the oceans $21.00 geologists are secretly plotting new borders. as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. oceans monaca on a 0. to his ears 1st democratically elected president is dead benji. was taken to hospital winds and i. alone down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. governor resigns protesters say just the start in the bankrupt u.s. territory. north korea fires missiles into the sea just weeks after going to
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restart nuclear talks with the u.s. . addresses parliament for the 1st time as britain's new prime minister these are live pictures. breaking news out of tennessee a 92 year old president. has died he was taken to a military hospital on wednesday is 2nd to health crisis in a month he had been in power since 2014 and was the country's 1st democratically elected leader in recent times imran khan reports. came to power in december 2014 after winning the 1st free presidential election his career began 40 years earlier and took him through various posts in defense security and foreign affairs he briefly served as interim prime minister in 2011. 0 was
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the 1st to experience a wave of protests that became known as the arab spring in 2010 the following year they led to the ousting of longtime president zain aberdeen ben ali and 3 and in the 1st 3 elections 3 years later at the head of a newly created party won a runoff that polarized voters he was often accused of giving in to many of the demands of the islamist opposition led by the in order party his opponents also accused him of trying to instill a return to ben ali style strongman politics. and a poll said she announced that he did not want to run in elections scheduled for later this year despite strong support for another presidential term from within his own native tunis party. the north african state has been held as an arab springs only democratic success because the protests that toppled didn't trigger the violent of people seen in egypt and libya but since 2011 successive governments
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have failed to resolve to newsies economic problems which include high inflation and unemployment on thursday as he was taken to a military hospital in the couple tina's his 2nd hospital visit in less than a week iran can't deserve. puerto rico's governor of colorado seo has announced his resignation after days of mass treat protests he's been at the center of a text message scandal that also led to 2 top officials resigning as on the reports from sun was. a victory for the people and this was the moment they found out after 2 weeks of street protests as near midnight her very close governor carter rocio said he would try to step down. the side of the call that is going on that full of well despite having a mandate from the people who elected me democratically today i feel that continuing in this position presents censored mountable difficulties adding heard
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the complaints spoken to my family thought of my children any prayers i've taken the following decision i announce to you today that i'll be resigning as governor effective friday 2nd of august. those on the street she laid it i. go. to see. if i felt i was still i said nothing except what are you feeling right now i'm happy that this is but because my dear you girls are the world and we're going to prove that the man. they're calling it i believe should others like me say it's puerto rico's arab spring i was i was euphoric i couldn't believe it i the 1st generation do you know
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how. proud you feel you know the 1st generation to get out of the island just because we said so we went to the streets and we took power over the change of power that began with 2 cabinet members to her arrested by the f.b.i. . for a ledge corruption one was a minister of education. and it was followed by the leaking of private text messages sent by the governor in them he insulted his own people made vulgar comments about women and appeared to joke about the puerto ricans killed in hurricane irene 2 years ago. but this was a transition also about a people who rose up and demanded more from their leaders on an island that's a us territory this was a resistance movement i would say finally you know all the power energy frustration came out we had everybody with us this is what it was it's and it's here to stay we
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are demanding big changes from our government not just his resignation this is going for long it's an overhaul of government and our institutions. 2 weeks of taking to the streets these people say they recall a man their government and now they can celebrate gabriels on al-jazeera san juan puerto rico well colin harding is a specialist in latin american affairs he says the latest changes in puerto rico are important but not enough to allow a different future. he reflects the terrible economic and social crises that the treasury has been going through. the 2 main parties and gregory go either stay the course or eco becoming a state of the united states continuing its current that this state says as a free associate state which is the sort of halfway house with certain privileges for an allegation that carries. very seriously the president of the supreme court
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or actually is a member of the opposition party and he can just use this little list this line but i think is just translate that into the car business is it's not going to work ross in years gone but the need the m.p.'s to live in our sleep the time being that's when they don't have to show that they mean business and they to make things up. corruption is not the only course who glittery trash is this and certainly want extra treats are. not north korea has conducted its 1st missile test just weeks after expressing more anger a planned military drills between south korea and the us south korea and japan say 2 short range missiles were fired into the sea off the coast at one side south korea's defense ministry is urging people to stop its tests. well not always on. always have korean government has been closely monitoring the related move of north korea and we urge north korea to stop such actions that don't help the effort 3
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leave tensions on the korean peninsula south korean government will step up its monitoring plus to under u.s. south korea cooperation and closely communicate regard with this well last month u.s. president donald trump held talks with north korean leader kim jong un during a surprise trip when he became the 1st sitting american president to step foot into north korea. has more now from the south korean capital. officials in south korea and also japan are analyzing data from this double missile launch working with their u.s. allies looking in particular at one of these missiles that traveled a total of 690 kilometers which they believe could be a new type of weapon with reports that possibly this missile has a guided capability unable to get to avoid interception now if this is true then it means that north korea while they have certainly stopped nuclear testing on the
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launch of bigger intercontinental ballistic missiles are still developing their weapons systems it's a message that has been driven home with the release of photographs earlier this week of kim jong un the north korean leader visiting a submarine in a shipyard now it's not known whether this is a new submarine under construction of the north koreans claim or simply an older type of sub that is being refitted but the consensus among analysts is that it is a submarine that is large enough to carry submarine launched ballistic missiles a technology that north koreans have been trying to develop over the last couple of years i think people are in south korea japan and the united states need to be more cons on the bar inspection breaking down of the new type of submarine. and test firing of short range projectiles because if north korea acquires
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nuclear submarines they can launch nuclear policy missiles then it would be a game changer thursday's missile launch it seems to be an expression of north korean anger at upcoming exercises between south korean and u.s. forces in august and also showing its frustration that once again talks seem to have stalled even after the heightened hopes of the surprise meeting between donald trump and. kim jong un at the d.m.z. barely a few weeks ago it is the fear of talks collapsing that has led to a guarded response from south korea saying that the launch of the missiles was a threat but not necessarily a provocation japan had a firm response saying that if this does turn out to be ballistic missiles even though they were short range this does violate u.n. resolutions and could and should possibly have consequences well then how soon is
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the japan and korea it is so with the east asia forum he says there are multiple potential messages still young is trying to have not great to be sending another a number of different messages. and you know the u.s. was hoping that after donald trump and kim jong un met in the demilitarized zone that it's a bigger kick start needed to revitalize the negotiations. and one possible message from north korea could be we don't you know if we want to many go she ate with us you should be cutting back on the military drill another possible message from north korea there is also be towards john bolton who don't the national security adviser to president trump who was in south korea to talk with south korean defense officials as we saw before when our north korea tested short range missile back in may. that. president donald trump sort of didn't seem too fast about this that
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a seems more concerned with longer range missiles that would violate the singapore agreement. and also you know that threaten directly the united continental united states. but the short and medium range missiles are a concern for u.s. allies for south korea for japan. and so we could be seeing you know not career sort of trying to test the line and or drive a wedge between the united states and its allies and say you know test the limits of where donald trump's patients would lie with such missile tests. to come here not just here including the u.s. government.


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