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i thought about this that a seems more concerned with longer range missiles that would violate the singapore agreement. and also you know that threaten directly the united continental united states. but the short and medium range missiles are a concern for us allies for south korea for japan. and so we could be seeing you know north korea sort of trying to test the line and or drive a wedge between the united states and its allies and say you know test the limits of where donald trump patients would lie with such missile tests let's also to come here not just here including the u.s. government slaps a multi-billion dollar fine on facebook we'll tell you why. hello
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there weather conditions across the korean peninsula not see bad of a little bit of cloud pushing its way across into south korea not bad either across both islands as you can see all the main out and i should say really across into japan now there's a bulk of clouds to the southeast of there and we all watching that is tropical depression 7 w. it may well not develop into a tropical storm but it will certainly bring with it a fair amount of rain now through friday it stays offshore but we've got quite a bit of cloud generally to a 30 degree celsius and soccer is the same meanwhile in seoul we could just see want to shower as on a friday a high there 27 degrees celsius senna's story as we head through saturday a warm day in beijing with a high of 38 celsius and then you'll just see this area of rain here just to the east of home shoe and that could bring some heavier spells of rain and that is that tropical depression 7 heading further to the southeast we have got better conditions across most central and southern sections of china hong kong we've got this on channel flow feeling slightly very humid with
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a high of 33 the rain is further to the south in the west as you can see and really sending much for the south was through much of thailand and on into cambodia vietnam as well but 35 and one on saturday it should be a mostly dry day there but not such a good day in hong kong with a high of 32. victims . being his posture as an instrument of pinochet's brutal dictatorship a father tries to forget. but his son's quest for onsets reveals there are often 2 sides to even the dockers to stories witness the color of the comedian on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here this president. has died at the age of 92 he played a major role in the country's transition to democracy after a revolution in 2011 the ousting of longtime leader. ben ali. puerto rico's governor of your has announced his resignation not the days of mass protests he's been at the center of a text message scandal also led to 2 top officials resign. and north korea has conducted its 1st ballistic missile test since u.s. president donald trump met kim jong il nearly a month ago south korea and japan say 2 weapons were thought into the sea off the coast at one. hour let's get some more now on our top story the death of tennessee
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as president talking to us now is a must and he's been lucky how is a freelance journalist and joins us on the phone from tunis we know that president to subsea had been ill for some time in the room as had been circulating all of his ill health had the country been prepared for his death do you think. actually these are the 1st issues not the 1st time he hears about the rocket a live issue the 3rd card a little a couple of weeks. earlier yeah the country actually is the people were correct the courage to use. this and and to mizzi of course was the 1st to experience this wave of protests that became known as the arab spring but the country is still crippled by economic crisis so where does his death leave the whole democratic process. baby and the kid free as you said is has still a very huge problem when it comes to politics but also to politics to the
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challenges for the little bit. that are away to the country ahead are the cultishness council that the country doesn't have yet because follow the president's health issue. the national assembly what it's to speed up the process started up. a constitutional council. this we don't know yet how is it going to fold welcome to that. also the country is ahead of elections presidential the legislative are said to be on the caliber of a bird and some of these social policies were particularly bold for an arab leader for example proposing equal inheritance for women do you think he was seen babs as a reformer. it which he doesn't reach for were actually officially he was one of those people believe he was elected by one but. strangely for the right of where the. or what it comes to such low he was supported date.
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and he denounced that he wouldn't run for reelection in november so what does this mean now for the presidency and the country and who do you think is likely to take over. take your word for the country for the burberry supposed to be the head of the cali but not really sure when it comes to medicare because he has also helped us. in this case that's probably we that's the problem with the constitutional troubles of the bloody existence of such a. political body be used that the judges will decide who will use good or old actually for the little bit. less and i say let me get a final thought from you i mean what exactly do you think is a set sees legacies i mean some people saw him as a strong man some saw him as progressive as a reformist what do you think his legacy will be colored by personal
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view is very good she will be the guy who made your country through the stroller it's transition actually. successfully ok lessons have been lucky how we have to leave it there thank you very much indeed for your time sir. now in his 1st speech as britain's new prime minister to m.p.'s boris johnson has asked the european union to rethink its refusal to renegotiate a brig's deal johnson also paid his government said his government would prioritise preparations for exiting without an agreement if there's no deal with the e.u. by the october 31st deadline as close of a live now to westminster and join john a whole jonah said this was bars johnson's 1st address to parliament one of the have to say and what does it tell us about his priorities going forward jonah. well his number one priority of course is pranks if this was bogus johnson's debut at the dispatch box as prime minister as you say there and of course what is now
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already becoming his trademark appeal to the senate can do spirit and optimism that will see this country through last he believed his 3 years of unfounded negativity he talked about the beginning of a new golden age for the united kingdom and this being the 1st day he said of a new approach that would end with the u.k. coming out of the european union on october the 31st necessary said to restore trust and confidence in our democracy a dealing with breaks it 1st he said he would prefer to deal with the e.u. but one that junked entirely the northern ireland backstop that's something we've heard before but we've also heard from the e.u. that that's simply not something they're prepared to do boris johnson said when he hoped that the e.u. would rethink their refusal to make changes to the withdrawal agreement if not he said we will simply leave with no deal and he gave notice that immediately preparations for no deal would be turbocharged paid for by the 39000000000 pound
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divorce settlement agreed with the e.u. that he's government would seek to withhold in the absence of a deal that he's he's number one mission and this is how he put it to the house. our mission is to deliberate it on the 31st of october for the purpose of uniting and reenergizing our great united kingdom and making this country the greatest place. on earth. but having dealt with how he would deliver breaks it he talked about how he planned to govern the country again as he did outside downing street on wednesday listing this incredible sweep of promises and pledges and policies very little detail attached to how he would actually achieve any of them and a sort of shopping list it sounds rather like an election manifesto better health care better policing education elderly care carbon 0 future by 2050 better
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broadband it will be the most connected country in the world he said tax breaks as an incentive to investment and free trade deals with the whole world boris johnson knows very well now that the numbers are against him in parliament that he could find himself fighting a general election by this autumn and he also knows that his party put him in position not just to deliver breaks it but also to defeat jeremy korb and he will hope that with this right wing cabinet that he's put together dedicated to bricks and breaks it alone along with this sweep of policies that the conservative party can win back the many many voters who went off to support nigel farage and the brics it party and he will hope at the same time that the opposition remains mired in division over leave and remain that in in a nutshell is his policy for an election to come join up thank you now 3 explosions have taken place in the afghan capital kabul at least 10 people
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have been killed one of the explosions was caused by a suicide bomber who rode a bike into a bus john government and. and a suicide bomb attack on a government building in the somali capital has killed at least 6 people and left mogadishu's met badly injured the group has claimed responsibility saying its target was the newly appointed u.n. envoy to somalia the blast went off shortly after james one met with the man. for u.s. special counsel robert muller has insisted once again that he did not exonerate donald trump of instruction of justice was testifying before 2 different hearings in congress about his investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is the 1st time he's answered questions publicly since his report which sharply divides democrats and republicans mike hanna reports. it was in president trump's eyes a victory lap appearing on the white house lawn to repeat his assertion that he'd been vindicated in dismissing the investigation one that he claimed had placed
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a phony cloud over his presidency i think everybody understands that i think everybody understands what's going on there was no defense for this ridiculous hoax is which. it's been going on for. a long time. earlier the special counsel was careful to show no bias to one side of the other disappointing those who wanted him to enlarge on his findings that there were 10 different acts that could be seen as the president obstructing justice what they largely got was this i refer to the report on that next because that along with the response that's trending on twitter as a new way of saying politely go away i take your question but he did confirm the president has not been telling the truth about the investigation so the report did not include he did not commit it to actually just. that is correct
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and what about total exoneration did you actually totally exonerate the press well you know in fact. your words expressly states that it does not exonerate the person it does republicans fiercely defended the president he said donald trump is not above the law he's not but he did i'm sure should be below the law which is where volume 2 of this work puts him the former special counsel did seem to indicate the president could still face trouble from his report could you charge the president with a triumph after he left office yes if you believe that he committed you could charge the president and states with obstruction of justice after he left office yes you know an evening news conference house democrats continue to reject the view of the president and his republican supporters and were insistent that miller's questioning was a crucial part of a congregational investigative process that could end in impeachment why i'd like
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it to be a strong case is because i don't it's based on the facts the facts in the law that is what matters not politics not partisanship just patriotism after a day that highlighted the political division in congress one thing is clear the investigation into president trump will not end with robert miller mike hanna al-jazeera washington president trump has vetoed 3 measures to block arms sales to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates over the war in yemen while expressing his concern for civilian casualties in the conflict trump says congressional efforts to block weapons sales would damage relationships with key allies in may he bypass congress to sell more than $8000000000.00 in weapons to the gulf states think of the house nancy pelosi condemned tom's moves saying the president shameful veto tramples over the will of the bipartisan bi cameral congress and perpetuates his administration's involvement in the horrific conflict in yemen which is
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a stain on the conscience of the world. in a sense says it'll send 12500 workers by 2023 to rest of its former chairman colors going into them but as seen the automotive giant struggled to revive growth its management says its cutting costs. boeing has announced his largest quarterly loss on the record following the grounding of its 737 max aircraft the company lost $3000000000.00 in its 2nd quarter and sales fell by more than a 3rd a 737 max fleet was grounded in march after 2 crashes in 5 months killed 346 people problem with software caused the planes to know who's died. facebook's been fined $5000000000.00 by the us federal trade commission for violating its users privacy is the biggest of a penalty of its kind imposed by the f.t.c. facebook now has to create a special committee within its board to put an end to a privacy decisions being made solely by the chief executive mark zuckerberg
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facebook stock rose shortly after the finals announced as newly released court and earnings showed a rise in revenue. i'm not rising facebook share price has prompted criticism from democrats in the u.s. that the fine is too small f.t.c. chairman joe simon says current legislation isn't good enough to affect the police silicon valley or authority in these types of cases is quite limited which is why we have encouraged congress to consider federal privacy legislation but for now the only real world choice here was to take a historic settlement that provides immediate and important protection to american consumers or wait for years to get far less relief well mitch stoltz than attorney who focuses on antitrust and competition policy at the electronic frontier foundation that's based in san francisco he says the f.t.c. settlement with facebook isn't good enough and won't ensure users prophesy. 5000000000 sounds like a lot but compared to facebook's annual revenues and profits it's not very much the
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more even more importantly the part of the settlement the deal with facebook's future conduct or really lacking the settlement doesn't restrict the way that facebook can use collect and share people's personal information and we're talking billions of people 2 plus 1000000000 users plus even people who don't use facebook this element also provides no transparency into facebook's privacy practices or even any transparency into facebook's compliance with the settlement i think it sends a message that regulators are interested in privacy but are not really willing to go. change the said it was that companies like facebook have to collect and share personal information about billions of people belgium in the netherlands recorded the highest of the temperatures on a wednesday and the mercury is expected to rise even further parts of france could also see temperatures exceeding 40 degrees celsius on thursday along with germany
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luxembourg and switzerland europe is sweltering in its 2nd heat wave of the summer . now the french inventor known as the flying soldier has failed in his attempt to cross the english channel on his jet powered flight board frank is a part of was rescued after falling into the sea during the refueling stop he was only allowed to refill once on a boat as a part of our plan to land on the british coast near dover after a flight of 20 minutes the former jet ski champion said he hoped to soar above the channel like a. part time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera to his ears president bush. has died at the age of $92.00 he played a major role in the country's transition to democracy after a revolution in 2011 which saw the ousting of the longtime leader. ben ali puerto rico's governor has announced his resignation after nearly 2 weeks of mass protests
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the crowds came out after the release of offensive messages between overtired or so you and his top advisors but there was already anger at the corruption in the u.s. territory that's bankrupt north korea has conducted its 1st ballistic missile test since the us president donald trump met kim jong il nearly a month ago south korea and japan say 2 weapons were fired into the sea off the coast at one stand in his 1st speech as britain's new prime minister to m.p.'s but as johnson has asked the european union to rethink its refusal to renegotiate a briggs deal johnson also said in his government would prioritise preparations for exiting without an agreement if there's no deal with the e.u. by the october 31st deadline. our mission is to deliver british on the 31st of october for the purpose of uniting and reenergizing our great united kingdom and making this country the greatest place. on earth. 3 explosions have taken place in the afghan capital kabul at least 10 people have
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been killed one of the explosion was caused by a suicide bomber who rode a bike into a bus carrying government employees. and a suicide bomb attack on a government building in the somali capital has killed at least 6 people and left mogadishu's mayor badly injured the armed group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility saying its target was the newly appointed u.n. envoy to somalia. nissen says it'll suck 12500 workers by 2023 the rest of its former chairman carlos go in the van the a c. in the automotive giant struggle to revive growth its management says it's cutting costs. and facebook's been fined $5000000000.00 by the us federal trade commission for violating its uses privacy is the biggest of a penalty of its kind imposed by the f.t.c. facebook now has to create a special committee with its board to put an end to privacy decisions but there's the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story stage and that's watching live from.
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can china be a military superpower and beijing has outlined its defense plans that include a modern and advanced on me it's also accuse the us of undermining global stability so how will this defense policy play out schools in the asia pacific region and beyond this is insight story. hello and welcome to the program i'm home he'd seen global military competition is
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on the rise and china believes it's lacking behinds beijing says the u.s. has increased its defense budgets modernize its weapons and develops its capability in cyber space and space itself but the chinese government wants to catch out its detail tyra's intends to do just that in a national defense paper released on weapon state beijing has declared it wants greater modernization of its own forces and weapons it says its ambitious plans are peaceful but not if taiwan tries to achieve independence from the mainland china defense ministry has warned it's ready to go to war to safeguard its national unity and says it will take all necessary measures to defeat those that call separatists let's hear what china spokesperson had to say. what up with one future of out of the building and growth of china's defense capability is based on its own justified
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security demands its growth has always been the growth of perforce for world peace the white paper has clearly demonstrated china's policy of not pursuing how to money. the theory that a strong country must seek hedging really will never apply to china no matter how china is developed in the future we will not threaten anyone neither will we seek fears of influence nobu emotional there are still big gaps between china's defense expenditure and its demands of maintaining the national sovereignty security and interests complementing its obligations as a major power and maintain the progress of its own defense level we will continue to keep a proper and stable growth of expenditure. well the island of taiwan is self rules but china sees it as part of its own territory the u.s. has angered beijing by approving sales of weapons to the island this month sales worth more than 2000000000 dollars well china says it wants
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a lie the island to splits from the mainland will not leave much money we are willing to strive for the prospect of peaceful reunification with utmost sincerity and efforts however we have to be very clear that seeking taiwan independence will meet a dead end if anyone dares to separate taiwan from china the chinese army will certainly fight resolutely defending the country sovereign unity and territorial integrity. well the mainland affairs council taiwan's top policymaking bosy on china condemns beijing for marks in a statement it says we are paging authorities to renounce irrational malicious acts such as the use of force and to improve cross straits relations and handle issues including hong kong rationally can be a responsible regional member. well let's have a look at china's military power china's people's liberation army is the world's largest military force with more than 2000000 soldiers on the ground in the air and
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at sea president city in pune says he wants to transform the pioli n.c. what he calls a world class force capable of winning wars anywhere by 2050 china has cut the size of its land based on me by around 50 percent and significantly boosted its naval and air forces as parts of that plan and it's investing heavily in modernizing its military equipment china's defense budget is the world's 2nd largest after the united states its military expenditure for this year a set at more than $175000000000.00 president donald trump has demanded the u.s. 2019 defense budget be increased to $750000000000.00. well let's bring in our panel in bangkok via skype we have john provides he's an analyst
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at jane's spy office markets its offense and security consultancy in d.c. it we're joined by lawrence korb he served as u.s. assistant secretary of defense and is now a senior fellow at the center for american progress and and berlin we have adam need he search china research or a korean aversive see in sydney and a visiting fellow at the university of hamburg welcome to you war i'd like to start and berlin if i could with that to me what would you say we've learned from this white paper. i think the white paper does is a strong play tickle statement. didn't present any real strategies or any surprise forty's of us that watches china's military but it's a very strong political statement about how china sees its regional and international environment. how he sees at the role played by the us which is
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counterproductive and they stabilising in the view of beijing but as well as some other bits which i think are critically important and one of these is. how internal security has become such a big part of china's national security that it's being that it's being elevated to the top of beijing priority for its armed forces but as well as a focus some political loyalty of the armed forces as well and if they thanks very much for that adamant let's cross it to war since in d c and lawrence korb as we heard that this is china's statements of defining its rule in the world what would you say china's message is with this with this document and how is the u.s. likely to interpret. well china's message is that unlike our own document they're not a strategic competitor us worldwide is that they're basically protecting their own
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interests and also that their military is getting more and more powerful particularly in their region what we call the indo pacific region and they will protect their interests and again as they've been doing ever since the revolution that taiwan is part of china and we're not happy with the united states continuing to provide military assistance there and if you should think about you know becoming separate we will use our military force to prevent taiwan from doing that even if the us aids them do you think lawrence korb this is a shot across the by then a more emboldened china. to say we are raising at this point to take military action and it's time for the us the back oh oh. well basically they are
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saying that you know better they're on their way to doing that and they said by 2050 they're going to be a world class military but the fact of the matter is in their region they're also very very powerful they also know mention they complain about the u.s. being a global power and messing around all the world they don't talk about their belt road initiative which is destabilizing a lot of parts of the world ok that reason t. very interesting points there lawrence korb the belts and roads initiative and their perceptions of the united states i want to raise these 2 issues at during the course of our discussion but jump of that if i could just come to see you how do you interpret this white paper in the state cement from china on the state of its military in the direction that it's going and what's the main takeaway for you well i mean the statement so far right in as much that this shows china's determination
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to. retain its sovereignty over taiwan and control that situation and also the message to the u.s. but there's also a lot of holes busy i think in the white paper that was issued today there's a lot of there's a lot of ambiguity and there's a lot of areas that china doesn't really come provide any d. many details on for example military bases international military bases it talks a little bit about the one in the whole of africa but very nothing else. other examples include the scope of military modernization and capabilities that china is looking to deploy very little information about the main thrust certainly is that that taiwan aspect that the taiwan situation was not apparent in the 2015 white paper only passing reference and so this is. the real mind takeaway
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in this in this 2019 white paper and the reason for that is because the united states has played a much stronger role as president trump i think in certainly in supporting taiwan. and that is the main message here but our cause so there is a number of ambiguities in the white paper you know trying to use is the white paper i think really to show that it is becoming more transparent more open about its military objectives but i think it doesn't really it's failed to do that i think certainly. not though i think it would be a noticeable aspect of it in the united states and abyssinia if i could come to you mentioned that the focus on this white paper it has. the contrast with the previous white paper in 2015 which is more focused on an external perspective now the focus one could interpret it as being more in sorrow one focusing on china's domestic
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stability what it uses its territories do you think in some way there is it signals a new determination for the chinese to take more concrete action when it comes to taiwan or is this more of a diversionary tactic to focus more on the internal and domestic policies for quietly expanding influence overseas. i think certainly in the domestic aspects has become top of patients agenda. if you look at the 25th defense white paper taiwan tibet and is not explicitly mention of though it is implied. but in this case they have been incorporated into the tocsin missions of the chinese military so it's very clear that this has elevated importance for the chinese party state the other thing is that there is at
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language with reference to maintaining political security maintaining social stability so very much code language for maintaining the control of the party ok one of the other big messages from this was at the fact that the u.s. is undermining global sibylla to say i'd like to examine that ad. saying with you in what way is the u.s. and so many global stability according to this white paper in this report yet so in beijing's view the u.s. is pursuing what it what it called hedge monism so essentially security a security at the cost of others and being able to exercise a degree of power that is seized as illegitimate. but also in the region in beijing's view the united states is increasingly antagonistic towards beijing.


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