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tv   Armenia Mining Out the Leopard  Al Jazeera  July 26, 2019 6:33am-7:00am +03

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and company providing automotive industry analysts with well in-depth reports he says that nissen is under growing pressure from both guns case and a global economic slowdown they are i think suffering from the vacuum that was created by far those guns ouster their own it is a very hard driven. powerful c.e.o. who constantly sort of whipped the global operation of nissan as well as the global alliance between nissan and renault to achieve profitability results well now you've got is this a time head of nissan without carlos. sort of whipping the system and he had a terrible 1st quarter. at the same time you've got auto makers like nissan ford general motors preparing for
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a global slowdown in auto sales we've already seen it start to happen in europe. and we are expecting a slowdown in north america as well between 20182025 . people living on the slopes of indonesia's most active volcano they used to thank jeff 275 people were killed when mount merapi erupted 9 years ago since then survivors have returned to their villages and farms but some have reinvented careers by bringing in thrill seeking terrorists aren't snowy reports on this now from mount merapi. when the weekend arrives so do the tourists hundreds of them by the bus and then the pollen to off road trucks and head off bumping along dusty trails both close encounter with indonesia's most active volcano. the alert level for mount merapi is now low it's 9 years since the last
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major eruption. turret's allowed to go into the danger zone as close as 4 kilometers from the crater. monteux used to be a cattle farmer but turned to off road driving after his neighbor persuaded him to give it a go but. we never there's been an interruption tourists are a bit weary and stay away but they come back when the government says it's a volcano is dangerous of course but there are also been efforts. he sold some of his cows to buy his 1st utility. now he has 3 this toll has become so popular that there are now about 900 jeeps that cater to visitors the highlight is the driving through a river rock and sand from the 2010 eruption and. it's not just nature and the spectacular views that attract the tourists this museum of
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sorts is a testament to the power of. a collection of household items destroyed in the eruption in 2010 that killed 275 people. and doug is on his 2nd visit to merapi. family i was very happy and excited my 1st time here but this trip i feel a bit sad thinking about the people who died but it's a good tour it educates people especially for people who live in disaster prone areas they know how devastating such a cure insists can be. r.c. knows just how deadly merapi can be. he's the volcano's spiritual guardian a traditional role going back generations. he succeeded his father who was killed in the eruption line years ago. people still come to pay their respects to him. though. take grass from a robbery we take rocks and sand to build houses we need to love more rapidly it's
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terrifying when it explodes but when it calms down we need to come back and take care of it. the people of morocco know they live in the shadow of danger but have learned to adapt and even benefit from it florence louis al-jazeera mount merapi indonesia. still ahead on the program italian football. isn't. and i'm in for the season ahead of him. to try again french. in his attempt to cross the english channel. little. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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from. the a. with. thank you so much myron rolle columbia's nora quinton has one stage 18 of the sort of friends. are fully state 1st overall as he attempts to become the 1st home winner since 985 quinton a pairing away in the alps to win by a minute and a half moving him into the top center for the colombian ego but now also on the move the team in the us rider is up to 2nd behind leader our felipe defending champion during thomas' drops the 3rd the race finishes in paris on sunday more bad news for thomas after support rider luke rose kicked out of the sword following altercation with tony martin during wednesday's stage the pair say they've been harshly treated. and
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a group of female amateurs are riding every stage of the top just ahead of the male professionals they're trying to push for a women's version of cycling's biggest race but sort of france organizers say it just isn't possible for now that's has more from the french alps. the spectacular peaks of the french alps still dotted with patches of snow despite the summer heat there is 0 hour mountain passes more than 2300 meters high for these riders it's a tantalizing test of strength and part of a campaign for a women's tour de france the world's most famous bike race is exclusively for men we want a women's race equal to the men's because the tour de france is monuments it's the race for the best way to encourage young women to cycle is with media coverage of a big women's race 5 years ago this group of women set out to raise awareness about the inequalities in professional cycling each july they ride all $21.00 stages of
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the tour it's a challenging route of nearly 3500 kilometers but they do so in conditions far less comfortable than the men's with traffic a modest support team no prize money or fanfare. ringback this year these international riders have joined them where every day girls have got full time jobs and if we can do it anybody can do it we've got a lot fatigue in the legs it's live in nations all over the place as well because it's quite draining mentally as well as physically because we don't have the support that the professionals have in the 1980s the organizers of the tour de france experimented with the women's race but they said that it failed to attract enough public and media attention but times have changed women's sport is popular and now the organizers are saying that they are considering an equivalent women's race. the a.s.o. company that runs the tour has yet to provide details of a future race but it's expected to be longer than they one day a women's event these tour enthusiastic say it would be
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a welcome addition to the cycling calendar. woman's world cup team had lots of coverage so why not a women's tour de france at the end of the 18th stage the galley be a pass is a grueling climb but. the prospect of a women's tour makes the efforts worthwhile today on to the yes no free euphoric at the idea that the organizers of the tour think it is possible to create a big stage race in france for women riders on the really deserve it. reaching the top is overwhelming for some but the sense of achievement is clear and with only days until the end of the 3 week challenge these women are riding high natascha butler the galbi pass the alps france. in goal for america's paula creamer has a one shot lead after the 1st day of the 4th major championship of the year in the women's top she showed a round of 60 for the evian championship in eastern fronts and walk remote targets
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of 1st major titles and 2010 england mel read here giving herself a chance of climbing the 1st major of her career eagle on the 18th putting her within 2 shots on the lead. manchester united have picked up their 4th straight pre-season when united beating champions league final a start and 21 here in shanghai and scheme r.c.l. scoring the opener some bad news for united arab by carried off with what appeared to be a pretty serious knee injury deflected lucas moore shot resulted in the lies of for spurs before teenager angel governments here grabbing the winner from. i fear and seen as a mark of an assay will be hoping an incident from a friendly against benfica isn't so i went for his season ahead when i see missing . and i'll prove goal in the game against champions this game played in new jersey turned out to be a pretty costly miss as benfica went on to win 2 warm. island
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still with a good chance of recording their 1st ever test match when having bowled england out for 85 at lord's on wednesday the hosts recovered somewhat on day 2 jack leach top scoring with 92 the world champions finishing the day on 303 for 9 leading by a 181 runs one of sri lanka's old simon greats is plying getting ready to play in his will last one day international policy to linger will retire from o.d.i. as after friday's game against bangladesh the 35 year old has taken more than 300 wickets in this form of the game he will continue to play seats onesies the salutes cardinals completed a 4 game sweep of the pirates in pittsburgh for the 1st time since 2004 paul goldsmith hit a home run for the full straight game in this 63 when the cardinals won and 11 of their past 13 games and now have a share of 1st place in the national the central to other defending super bowl champions the new not patriots were back at work on thursday the patriots and other
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teams in the league have begun their training camps ahead of what is the n.f.l. since he receives and star quarterback tom brady looking for his 7th title when the team get their season underway in september against fierce rivals the pittsburgh steelers ok that is how the sport's looking for now let's get back to mary in la thank you very much andy and now a french inventor has failed in his attempt to cross the english channel on a jet powered hoverboard frankie's a part also known as the flying man took off near the port of cali on thursday and planned to refuel on a boat midway through the 20 minute journey he was not into the war so when he missed the landing platform in attempt to mark the 110th anniversary of 1st powered flight between britain and france. the most locust of all the bus home movie overall it's all stories about that one up close brother told me just to go to the beach to see both the wife the mother and then it was lifted off their. butts
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a blue button friendly but that's on the radio and read again. maybe he will make it next time that's it and he's out soon. setting the discussions when he had seen was the deadliest year the aviation industry has experienced for some time examining the headlines many foreign journalists including those from al-jazeera have had their licenses revoked their offices raided explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform
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motivate and inspire that convinced me this was that conservation chance of a life that the world is watching. on al-jazeera. displays children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year olds the work his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home in overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace. how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. going behind the scenes of one of mexico's most clubs using fiction to mirror the struggles of real life. this week the story line
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focuses on the basis of systematic violence in mexican society and issues close to home for the producers and actors alike as they struggle to portray in fiction the man the face of reality soap box mexican every day mafia disease. saved from the sea some of the $140.00 migrants rescued off the coast of libya but many more affair dead. now i'm arianna mozzie and on daniel with al-jazeera also coming up a key figure in tunisia's transition to democracy president. dies at the age of $92.00. the tower. protesters continue their
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celebrations after puerto rico's governor called her a seo to pressure and resigns. and the new u.k. prime minister makes bold promises overbright sip at the e.u. hits back saying it won't negotiate the withdrawal agreement. we begin with libya the navy is saying that at least $115.00 people are missing and feared dead in a shipwreck off the coast but the un refugee agency is saying that as many as 150 people might have been killed 2 boats left from the town of homs east of the capital tripoli with a round. 300 people on board around 140 people have been saved by the coast guard and returned to libya the u.n. agency has repeatedly called for rescued migrants not to be returned to libya where they face conflict and possible imprisonment charney actually is the u.n. h.c.r.
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global spokesperson for africa in the mediterranean and says this is likely to be another year of more than a 1000 deaths on the mediterranean sea. well this is yet another terrible tragedy on the mediterranean it means we've now had more than 700 deaths on the mediterranean this year if current trends for this year continue but will see us past more than 1000 deaths on the mediterranean for the 6th year in a row that's a really bleak milestone really bears thinking about many of the people who are who are taking these desperate journeys are often refugees and we need to take action to prevent them getting on these boats in the 1st place and that can include expanding these pathways such as family reunification process is reuniting parents with children for example but also humanitarian missions private
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sponsorship schemes where private citizens can sponsor refugees educational scholarships there's many ways we can do this to get people out of harm's way. man who guided tunisia to any new democratic era has died at the age of 92. was elected president in the wake of protests that toppled the dictator and spot the wave of anti-government movements in the middle east where he's now been replaced by the speaker of tunisia's parliament he's been sworn in as interim president a new election will be held on the 15th of september catch up as her diane has more . a new phase in tunisia's government the speaker of parliament mohamed in a sewer sworn in to serve temporarily as a country's president he will take over while elections are organized. i swear by
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god almighty to protect the independence of tunisia and the safety of its lands to respect the constitution and law and fully take care of the people's interests and be loyal to tunisia. in this young democracy a vacant post for the country's leadership could spark a power struggle among tunisia's political party is definitely what candidates who are considered to be quite popular and quite strong but also very controversial who have been buying from running the presidential elections by parson parliament not too long ago this was not yet been signed by missteps and before he passed away and i think we'll hear a lot more about this controversy next couple of days president said speed who spent the last few weeks of his life in a not of the hospital was a leading figure in what was known as the arab spring uprising as prime minister and then tunisia's 1st democratically elected president he helped draft a new constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech thanks.
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i'm going to have his accomplishments though were often overshadowed by a weak economy and high unemployment rate there is despair nobody can deny that there is the sense of hopelessness nobody can deny that however in comparison to other countries there is still hope that we can fix the pot and go towards a more prosperous unity 7 days of national mourning have been declared as the country honors the life and legacy of a so speaking go on what is the start of this mission on a positive note and he finished that the same way may he rest in peace his predecessors heard the country but he was a good man who served his country no one did that before him no one charlotte if he she we hope the next president will be even better we hope our country will be stable and safe we had some terrorism but the country doesn't blame him it's unclear who will be the front runner in tunisia's next presidential election but the groundwork has already been laid out for what should be a smooth transition katia lopez so the yawn al-jazeera. david
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joins us now live from the capital tunis and. death is clearly creating a political vacuum in the country david what happens now and what's being done to fill it well as you saw in that report the speaker of the parliament under the constitution will fill in the position of the president selection wasn't to take place into november the 17th 7 had to bring it forward out of the constitution it says the speaker can sit in that president's position temporarily for up to 90 days so the constitution is being followed and that perhaps is the most important legacy of the president he's been in politics for something like 60 of his 92 years in this country he's seen the whole of the political development the revolution which we did from france right through to the arab spring rebellions in 2011 so it's been an extraordinary figure he's a he's
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a man who people could look for for stability and now that he's gone the country's in morning. trying essentially to make sure that the the whole period political period stays calm stays stable but there are dark shadows out there of course because this was a president who combined the religious and the secular in a unified way and gave real stability is this democracy now cannot be maintained can they keep the stability can they stop arguments breaking out not only between the politicians but also of course on the outside the number of people who are so disappointed that the moccasins surviving but frankly not the economy at the moment and that is the greatest problem we'll have to wait and see if his legacy remains stable thank you very much with the latest from tennis they've achieved. well to puerto rico now celebrations there continuing in the streets after its governor
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about to public pressure and announced his resignation there has been 2 weeks of mass protests calling for a card or a syria to step down demonstrations was sparked by the release of an offensive series of messages sent between resale and his top advisors there was already anger on government corruption in a u.s. territory that's bankrupt al-jazeera is gay would and is on know was that when she is 1st erupted in the streets of san juan on wednesday night. i. took a victory for the people and this was the moment they found out after 2 weeks of street protests it was near midnight her rico's governor carter rocio said he would try to step down. the side of the call that is going on that. despite having a mandate from the people who elected me democratically today i feel that continuing in this position presents censored mountable difficulties having heard
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the complaints spoken to my family thought of my children and in prayer i've taken the following decision i announce to you today that i'll be resigning as governor effective friday 2nd of august. those on the street she laid it i thank god. i. was my was that soul i think i said the fix i want you feeling right now i'm happy that this is but it does not appear it's just the world and we've got to protest the man. they're calling it revolution others like me say it's puerto rico's arab spring i was i was euphoric i couldn't believe it i the 1st generation do you know how. proud you feel you know the 1st generation to get out of the
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just because we said so we went to the streets and we'd said power over the change of power that began with 2 cabinet members to her arrested by the f.b.i. for alleged corruption and one was a minister of education. and was followed by the leaking of private text messages sent by the governor in them he insulted his own people made. holger comments about women and appear to joke about the puerto ricans killed in hurricane irene 2 years ago. but this was a transition also about a people who rose up and demanded more from their leaders on an island that's a us territory this was a resistance movement i would say finally you know all the power energy frustration came out we had everybody with us this is what it was it's and it's here to stay we
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are demanding big changes from our government not just his resignation this is going for long it's an overhaul of government and our institutions. 2 weeks of taking to the streets these people say they've reclaimed their government and now they can celebrate gabriels on al-jazeera san juan puerto rico and annie gallacher has also been out with a protest as in the capital san juan sent us this update. but despite heavy rains people are still celebrating out here on the streets of san juan and many of them feel like this is a brand new day but it's a day that's also tension with hope for the future and concern about this country's next leadership record only so you know may be gone but there are some concerns about. the future leadership of this country well that anything else will have to win the trust of its own people and that may be the biggest challenge ahead but something these people will never let go they say they will continue to protest
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until they get the leadership they do serve and many say they need. much while still ahead on the program we're looking at the case of the american rapper detained in sweden president appealing for his release and soaring temperatures break records across europe as the continent's wealth has an unprecedented way. i once again the weather still lost the settle across much of all stripes yeah big blue skies for the most part but that cloud just a rolling through the bite down towards the southeast and kona still quite warm in sydney all through.


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