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tv   Korean Dogs Friend Or Food  Al Jazeera  July 26, 2019 12:33pm-1:01pm +03

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we had a good old get it behind our back to someone else almost nothing and we're like the slum lord yes that's what has formed in costumes us that's a bargain that's the good nots i levels most economists that. with hundreds of thousands of supporters on the streets demanding he become prime minister instead of socks and pushing eunice yoon pilot in a velvet revolution. he immediately set about tackling corruption with high profile cases like the mayor of yerevan his numerous mansions were filmed by a drain the video of which went viral on the internet. people were incensed glaucon that there's your options to push an additional new. dish in your us 3 little well those 2 thirds of those that stuck in the copy. well not all. private lives to be something that in your bus on the.
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culture of corruption came from the soviet era and it was and it wasn't fought with in the early stages all army as independence just like it was the case on other in other countries it became a norm. the mining industry and body thought corruption say activists extraction permits given by politicians without due process or proper scrutiny had terrible environmental consequences. the armenian environmental front a volunteer group mana says pollution levels of mines across the country including kinds iran are manias biggest we have many mines in armenia and armenia is none that big we have a small country saw but we have huge mines here we have the tailing dom which is
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one of the biggest in the world. for decades the country's mineral wealth has been plundered by oligarchy at the cost of the environment lax legislation and very low fines on pollution lead to explosion of mining industry. that's a good corporate mind north of the capital is a typical example even before the mine began operations locals say many of them were compelled to sell the land to the company for a fraction of its value if they really enjoy about. your navy. job shrug or join the wish mannings on its chanel table tamang kids. your socks on your abundantly all is that getting you does a bonus also lets kids. worse was to come it turned out that the tail
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down had a construction issue and it was cracking and that was a major rescue off toxins leaking into that environment so they had to shut down but nor before did released a poisonous discharge into the river dead bed once one of the cleanest in the country contaminating land for miles around. iraq produces vodka from his sharon trees but there is no guarantee that it's free from contamination by heavy metals discharge from the mine. soil samples from farms in the vicinity shows serious contamination his past trees dried up completely and no longer bear fruit so he's had no choice but to start from scratch in the hope that new plantings fared better. arak films discharge from the mine going straight into the river bank mikado lanka company may
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link you don often to languor i think will make on either car think reality on the market on the chaotic but they're all biased and on casual villainies best news the protesters will saw fear they will suffer a similar fate if the mine goes ahead but director of sustainability philip you know mania arman step in human remains sanguine about any potential risk recombined them and the crushed material all the way down to this facility which is here the hitler just is about 1.12 moments away from the votes that he played facilities were crushed rock will be does to the cyanide to extract the gold right by the village of ken the vice. versa so. it's about 1000 pounds a year thousands of. and even before the mind has actually gone into production inhabitants of can devise complained of the
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incidence. well yet it can combine our stolen general good so you have shot meds of a bang there reschedule current work of a. marker you have to order in. the south caucasus is one of the richest regions in the world for biodiversity and nowhere more so than. the world wide fund for nature conducted numerous field studies on the mountain that are completely years old with the company's assertion that the mind poses new threats to wildlife we found these bought into therefore out that these are at least the species of plant . you for i'm not mistaken 15 species of birds we count one species of mammal that
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is brown bear. 3 species of snakes perhaps even more importantly than this the proposed mine is cited in the middle of one of only 2 corridos used by the endangered caucasian leopard got on city area because like you . have you seen monkeys here it's very important for me gratian and or lead part of that and also connect with these ranges in short by project just for the color of their. yeah one of the corridors the party the last big chart over europe and we should protect. well if there's a leopard or an odd endangered species you know we will we will produce the effects you know specific action plan. by by having by changing be environment you actually also create an environment for your species but that's what happens. but it's not
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just animal species that could be affected. i mean 9 miles from the i'm also mine is the sport and of jimmy famed for its spring water where there is also open hostility solidity and 70 percent of german community these. people are against these they are thinking about their future and german spa place of you know many people go to their house in the summer jimmy could try to visitors from all over the former soviet union it's a source of bolton borden of the south caucasus but this distinctly up market atmosphere might be about to change if the mine goes ahead according to libyan's environmental and social impact assessment similar projects have experienced increased alcohol consumption new or widening commercial sex networks and prostitution it solution distribution of condoms and information materials in
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local restaurants and entertainment areas. local businesses are understandably anxious about the future if. shut my 1000 accounts on me as yours of us i would jump off earlier i've had our time without all the meds or school right. for the ne jame came up with adults running on the wood from. a more fundamental concern is that the close proximity of the mine could i'd firstly effect jimmy exe famous mineral water. and maybe even further afield. this is lake 7 the largest body of fresh water in the caucasus holding some 25 percent of all main use freshwater. levon is captain of a soviet builds research vessel but mamma says the like your ideas of graham are
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not really worth over was a. yeah. small that's got the wrong it just got it was. trouble doing on your she were the other there nor does it start as there was a report she is. part of. the lake is connected to the catch at reservoir which is less than 3 miles from the mall saw so could any toxic discharge from the mine also threaten the lake. according to libyan's environmental and social impact assessment lake 7 will not be impacted if i recall the words correctly the practice is negligible or there's no impact. however many of all mean years leading the scientists on most convinced these are biodiversity experts are experts in hydrology or hydrogen ology they're concerned
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and they've expressed their negative opinion on them on the ballot in the off their risk assessment is the up with you a couple of little would give. you have to have what fear vomited that doesn't wash you probably recall of issues but almost all of our no not secured obfuscates of our daily visitor to read you another article about you know how to ski. to me. like a rut it is impossible to overstate the cultural significance of like serpentor media and the new prime minister has been obliged to take notice the position of prime minister is that there shall be proper or. in impact assessments and proper investigation understand. is it really that there is a risk for impact on later on as
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a result of. it's like this of almost i'm right or not so nobody knows whether he missed all sense or source the whole this region is going. based on current mentation yes no one really knows. the history of positive value of the war though we don't believe me really is if you are going to explore this those are things you know. such is the importance of this issue the just days before last december the snap election called to decide whether pushing in should stay in office he came to the blockade to hear the concerns of the protesters about investing or that and often i thought the whole don't give of people not respect but i was made to have a killer take to get it because it's like it's just in chicago models are make
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a demotion from the office mate i've been a card for numbers from the 3rd are called milling hard and evil men are going home cos numbers from benefits from the children. the prime minister moved on to jimmy page where he addressed by those in such an election rather he seems to hint where his sympathies lie on the minds future it 4 stars limbaugh topic the bus drama if aides are as if they only an hour before stakeout would sooner. he mob without god live for even. if that a minus is i think i got a little not a cheer you know i saw a lot but she. if she got a really cute little hot chick not made in china i asked bonnie some jack on the child id it made joel that t.v. guarantee will iraqi troops on the hunt got i'm on it i got maybe but not that cost
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me it make it hot so you need to make it they will walk by i've. known the last fishing in his safe oh mine inch through avoids taking a decision on the ammo saw mine the biggest investment project in the history of all mania. now he faces a stark choice that could either deter foreign investment or alienate the very people who put him where he is it's an uncertain time but one thing seems clear the blockade is on gang anyway. or america is divided like never before inside is so convinced that they're absolutely correct that the other side is dangerous people in power investigates
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how partisan politics are raiding the civil norms vital to american democracy every indicator shows america to be the least well functioning democracy of any establish democracy. one of the strange death of american civility on al-jazeera august on ages you want to want to use to investigate how illegal loggers a plundering some of cambodia's last remaining foreigners marking 2 years since the start of myanmar's military campaign the schools hundreds of thousands of ranger muslims into exile how you look in countries and billions of you supplying arms used in the gambit resulting in the world's worst humanitarian crisis another bid to preserve multilateralism within a group of the 7 most advanced economies will cohesion prevail over challenges for the g. 7 faces drawing on a decade of al-jazeera documentary weed line please visit the archives to find out
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how the story moved on august. after 25 years of importing the world's waste china through the global recycling industry into chaos. the growing pressure of agreement resulting in change we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost 0. south korea says the north economy has suffered its worst full in 20 years soon after pyongyang fired a warning to its neighbor. hello
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welcome to al-jazeera on live from my headquarters in doha with me elizabeth peron i'm also ahead more than a 100 microns are feared dead and dozens of those rescued after 2 boats capsized off the libyan coast. to new zealand gets a new interim leader after the death of the country's 1st democratically elected president. and a breakfast at reality check for the new british prime minister the e.u. says it wants renegotiate the withdrawal agreement. north korea says wednesday's missile launches were a warning to south korea pyongyang won't sell to stop importing high tech weapons and a joint military exercises with the u.s.
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the announcement on north korean state television can. suspicions that the tests were a new kind of missile but despite the tests u.s. secretary of state mike pompei remains optimistic that a new round of talks with north korea can begin next month kyung and want sanctions lifted in return for denuclearization while sanctions on north korea appear to be having a devastating effect south korea's central bank says the north's g.d.p. fell by 4 point one percent last year that's the worst drop and more than 2 decades and the 2nd consecutive year the decline let's go now to rob mcbride he's joining us live from the south korean capital seoul where the central bank released these figures about an hour ago so talk us through them rob because they're not good news for the north and they might have an impact on how willing the north is on compromising in any talks on denuclearization.
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absolutely lizabeth they do make for very grim reading and shows the extent to which the sanctions are hurting the north korean economy as you mentioned there last year 2018 the economy contract by 4 point one percent in 2017 there was a further contraction of 3 and a half percent not 2017 you remember was the year that was the height of the standoff over missile and nuclear testing when these extra sanctions were imposed it adopting this policy of maximum pressure so for 2 years running the economy very much taking a hit and that compares with 2016 when the north korean economy was actually doing quite well expanding at nearly 4 percent which in that year was actually more of an expansion than south korea's economy earlier this month other figures released here in seoul and has to be pointed out that these figures are do originate from south korea north korea if it does produce these figures it certainly doesn't publicize
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them figures released here show that trade between 20172018 fell by a half with a devastating impact on north korea's exports falling by 86 percent. sections like the sectors like the mining sector exports of coal particularly being hard hit to this is where north korea normally earns most of its money so it is does show how the the sanctions are biting or hurting the economy and also really impeding kim jong un's attempts to try to breathe life into the economy he has made it his goal his were one of the cornerstones of his leadership not to concentrate so much on military development but to try to develop his economy elizabeth the economy might be taking ahead but that doesn't seem to have had an impact on their missile program rob because the north koreans are frankly bragging about the latest test.
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absolutely in their position always is that sanctions don't work it just makes them more determined to. go on to force through and to carry on with these provocative tests these missile tests they the test that happened thursday morning they confirmed that kim jong un himself oversaw the test also saying that it is a new type of guided weapon which seems to be now confirmed by analysts here in south korea also in japan who've been studying further the data the defense ministry here in seoul seems to confirm that it is based on a russian design called an skandha missile which is a has a guidance system which can change direction and which worryingly for the military here in south korea and also in japan means that it is harder to intercept with the anti missile systems already in existence and those being developed so there is
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concern here further concern as well that a lot of the anger seems to be directed at south korea they have called south koreans warmongers for taking part in these exercises coming up next month also for importing sophisticated military hardware such as the f. 35 stealth fighter but a lot of the anger not directed interestingly at the u.s. the north koreans still following this line of trying to keep up friendly relations with the trump of ministration in the hope as they see it of trying to get back to the negotiating table and trying to get some relief from these sanctions rob thank you very much for that brought macbride with the very latest live in seoul let's move on to other news now in the u.n. says as many as 150 very g.'s in migrants may have drowned off the libyan coast they were on board to bother with that left the town of homs east of the capital tripoli with around $300.00 people on board only harf of them could be rescued and
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the chapelle reports. when sabbahi use of put her children on a wooden boat she was trying to make it to europe by any means possible instead the journey became the worst tragedy this year in the mediterranean sea nearly 150 passengers were rescued by local fishermen her son wasn't one of them she's blaming international organizations for lack of support among the analysts that i lost my 7 year old child i don't want anything now except to go back to my country sudan to die there. survivors were returned to libya a primary departure point for people fleeing poverty and war in africa and the middle east one person drowns in the mediterranean for every 6 that successfully reach europe's shores we've now had more than 700 deaths on the mediterranean this year if current trends for this year continue but will see us past more than 1000 deaths on the mediterranean for the 6th year in a row it's
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a really bleak milestone really bad is thinking about it comes just weeks after more than 50 people lost their lives in a detention center following an asse strike into giora and really once again stresses the edge and see if it was needed of a need for a shift in approach to the situation in libya in the mediterranean. libya's coast guard continues to take migrants to 2 jura the detention center holding mostly african migrants that was bombed 3 weeks ago by air forces believed to be loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar it's near the front line of fighting as have to are tries to take the capital the u.n. says the current model which is backed by the e.u. must change one where libya's coast guard intercepts and forcibly returns people caught trying to cross the sea. there's a conflict going on in my years and become a pawn in this game they're used to make money for people who have to pay their passage you know she servitude in effect and then there was the. not
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a happy situation. really away from her family was risky certainly not the way to go the u.n. refugee agency estimates that 6000 other refugees and migrants are being held in libyan detention centers even though they haven't committed a crime yet they remain highly at risk of getting caught in the conflict or dying at sea and are schapelle al-jazeera. mohammad the nasser has been sworn in and as tennessee is entering president after the death of president the subsea 92 orders have guided to nazir into a new era of democracy after protests in 2011 which toppled longtime leaders and 11 ben ali and sparked a wave of uprisings in the region a general election will be held within 3 months. and has more. new phase in tunisia's government the speaker of parliament mohamed in
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a sewer sworn in to serve temporarily as the country's president he will take over for up to 90 days while elections are organized. i swear by god almighty to protect the independence of tunisia and the safety of its lands to respect the constitution and law and fully take care of the people's interests and be loyal to tunisia. in this young democracy a vacant post for the country's leadership could spark a power struggle among tunisia's political party is definitely what candidates who are considered to be quite popular and quite strong but also very controversial. have been barred from running the presidential elections by parson parliament not too long ago this was not yet been signed by missteps and before he passed away and i think we'll hear a lot more about this controversy next couple of days president benjy kiters said speed who spent the last few weeks of his life in a not of the hospital was a leading figure in what was known as the arab spring uprising as prime minister
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and then tunisia's 1st democratically elected president he helped draft a new constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech. and then to have his accomplishments though were often overshadowed by a weak economy and high unemployment rate there is despair nobody can deny that there is the sense of hopelessness nobody can deny that however in comparison to other countries there is still hope that we can fix the pot and go towards a more prosperous than $87.00 days of national mourning have been declared as the country honors the life and legacy of the same speech go nowhere is that the start of this mission on a positive note and he finished that the same way may he rest in peace his predecessors hurt the country but he was a good man who served his country no one did that before him no one shot if he she we hope the next president will be even better we hope our country will be stable and safe we have some terrorism but the country doesn't blame him it's unclear who
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will be the front runner in tunisia's next presidential election but the groundwork has already been laid out for what should be a smooth transition katia lopez so the yawn al-jazeera because bond and david to has more fun that in asean capital tunis. the presidential elections were due to be held in but now they're being brought forward to the middle of september this is written under the constitution that allows the speaker of parliament to serve in a temporary position as president for up to 90 days so the constitution of course is one of the main legacies of the the president and it is that which is guiding the future and the future stability it has been extraordinary that this president has managed to steer this country to a successful transition towards democracy perhaps the only one in the arab uprisings which actually managed to do that now has yet to be seen how contentious
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this fight will be for the presidential election but there is the legacy of the president as much as he tried to weave together both the secular and religious elements of.


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